Let’s Talk About Pep Recap – Episode 3 – It’s About Time


“I ain’t getting none, nobody getting none,” Pep declared at the beginning of this episode. And for better or worse, it held true for her and friends Kittie, Jacque, and Joumana until the end of the show. But there was much hilarity in between.

The above quote was really directed at Kittie, who just moved in with Pep. Pep laid down one rule for her new houseguest: “You do you…but I don’t want nobody doin’ it in here.” Fair enough. But Kittie had a way around the rules.

phonesexShe did her.

This was the closest the ladies got.

Pep found out that Kittie’s been phone sexing (next to “sexting” it’s downright old fashioned and romantic!) for three years without ever meeting the guy in person. She encouraged Kittie to set up a real date with the guy.


Joumana had a little phone matchmaking of her own to do, setting up Pep with her actor friend Dennis. “We’re like, in the same circle!” Pep said after running down a list of mutual friends with him on their date. This was a good sign until she realized Dennis was also friends with her ex-husband Treach. And that…come to think of it, he looked a little bit like Treach. “But does he kiss like Treach?” asked Jacque. Oh Pep kissed, but never told.


Jacque is still all about business, and right now her business is finding man sperm. “I don’t have time to waste,” she explained. Without time to waste she went decided to go speed dating. Her questions were direct: “Do you snore? Have you ever been to prison?” The best answer to to the latter: “Not for anything out of the ordinary.” Oh good, she could check the box for “common criminal.”

Jacque finally thought she’d found the one. He was handsome (check), tall (check), smart (check), and focused. “All you need is five minutes…I’m sold!” Joumana said. Then Jacque spent a few more minutes with him, and found out he couldn’t hold a conversation. The 10-minute date? About five minutes too long for her.


Meanwhile Kittie’s phone sex partner wined and dined and held hands with her. But when it came to sex IRL, he wouldn’t come through. “Can I turn on the TV?” he asked. Kittie kicked him out of Pep’s apartment instead. “We’re gonna find you a whatta man,” Pep said. “Whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man!” Whether it takes five minutes or three years, Pep’s friends won’t settle.

Some other great moments from Episode 3:

– Jacque’s displaced baby fever


Even Pep (who’s got a cute dog of her own) couldn’t believe Jacque’s got a stroller for her dog.


Look how wise and knowing her dog looks though. He’s got an awesome case of humanface.

– (Almost the best) luck you could have on the Internet.


So Kittie’s internet hookup turned out to be a dud in the end. But for a guy who wouldn’t come to meet her in person for three years, he was pretty good looking. Just look at that precise facial hair grooming. It’s like he spray-painted that on with a stencil guide.

– Doughty by Nature


When Dennis told Pep that he knew her ex-husband Treach, she reacted as calmly as could be expected.

– Jessica Suarez

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  1. c. o. says:

    good afternoon ladies:

    i have been watching your show and i truly do enjoy it.
    and i can total relate to jacque’s predicament about
    having a baby. i just wanted to say that i wish her
    much luck in achieving this because it is difficult at
    any age. i also wanted to ask jacque how is it that
    you were able to keep your age a secret. (not that
    i was checking for your age but i noticed on the bios
    that all the ladies didnot include their date of birth.
    i agree with that because then people judge you according to your age and not who you are. there are
    so many men and women who want to know how old you are
    and then it becomes Jacque who is age blab blab. it should never be about anyone’s age. i want to know
    how is it that you were able to conceal your age even
    from the internet and wikipedia? there is a a site on
    google that says you were able to do this. i just want
    to know how you manage this especially being a celebrity
    and a journalist? thank you


  2. eric says:

    hey its okay i love the show but i dont think a grown man can hang wit u.u need a young man around the age 22-28 thats what u do need…an this for u Kittie’s

  3. *ESQ* says:

    It’s a sad day when we crticize a man for NOT giving in to a womans sexual advances. I commend Alan for being such a stand up guy and not taking the “easy” way out, LITERALLY! Much is to be said about his charater as a person. Kittie played herself. She just knew that she had it all in the bag and he showed her who was really in control. I love the “christmas” comment. It just proves that one doesn’t have to be EASY to gain a man. And….phone sex? Ummm…that seemed really suspect to me. You only heard her talking….not him! It’s about time that someone put her in her place. She actually showed a human side when she cried…and she should have cried! A real woman would NEVER throw hersel out there like that.

  4. Real says:

    I share your sentimaents “ESQ”. Ant of my friends would have done the same thing. She played herself. He jsut laughed at her. sorry..I did too. All while he and I were thimking the same thing. “She is soo cheap, She would do anytthing for `@$(^_^`$(#$(!_@* I wonder WHAT she has done for `@$(^_^`$(#$(!_@* On camera she jump straight on top of me. This is too funny, Let me go back home to my girl before I catch somthing from sitting on this couch, I take this yummy wein though, and e-mail you the glass”. lol

  5. OCDIVAMOMMA says:

    I love Mis Kitty…. She is a stone trip. Girl you need to leave your online lover alone or jusat keep him for you online affair. He can talk a good game but he can not perform. Look Kitty is real she is not all about keeping it closed hse is very open about what she wants. Love her.

    Pep… you are so wonderful… you are everything I thought that you were not. I misjudged you and I am sorry sister… Love you Much

  6. Debonair says:

    Hello Ladies:
    This is for Kittie the reason why homeboy acted like that is because he either has somebody in VA or he is married cause any man who gets that type of opportunity
    would not have fronted so just look out for key signs of behavior!

    Brooklyn, NY

  7. lvsmenot says:


  8. latonda says:

    so whats the deal w kitties date

  9. Kevin says:

    Think Kittie is hot and needs a real man to cool her off.

  10. eric rice says:

    if it was me she would of gotten it and he was from va beach she needs a good country man to handle her

  11. Kevin says:

    Think Kittie is hot and needs a real man to cool her off. Love all you girls but Ms. Kittie, I really dig, shes smoking.

  12. eric rice says:

    if it was me she would of gotten it and he was from va beach she needs a good country man to handle her come see me

  13. eric rice says:

    if it was me she would of gotten it and he was from va beach she needs a good country man to handle her come see me. sorry that happend

  14. KevaMichelle says:

    I really love this show so far…I believe that it shows perfectly how imperfect and vulnerable that all women can be. I think the ensemble cast is great. Everyone is different but it just adds to the energy of the show….anywho, I am loving Kittie….she is really bold and don’t think I would have had half the balls to put myself out there as much as she has already. She obviously doesn’t give a damn about what anyone has to say or think…I love it! As far as her meeting up with her 3 year phone love…it think it was a bad idea. Unfortunately, like most women she allowed herself to get caught up emotionally with this dude. She had to know that what she provided for him beyond conversation was a fantasy release…so for them to meet was like him loosing that fantasy world. Plus, he was pretty smooth and cocky…he knew just how much she wanted him and he got off on that. I guess you could say women want their fantasy to become reality while men want to keep their fantasy a fantasy…

  15. Michael says:

    What can I do to help to make this show a big success? It is probably the most funny,sexy,informative half hour show on television. I am a 49 year old sucessful gay physician and yes I liked sex and the city but this blows it out of the water. It needs to be an hour show. The women are smart, funny, sexy, beautiful and give real truth to the dating scene whatever your preferences may lead. I have postedshow times on my face book page and encouraged people to watch. I would even do a letter writing campaign to help to show continue and increase it to an hour format. Of all the reality based shows it holds my attention, makes me laugh, makes me think and leaves me wanting more at the end. Bravo to Pep and to VH1. To Pep: if they look like the are not going to renew you I would shop it at Bravo or Lifetime. Sorry VH1 but business is business. You need to promote this show its good. I am writing Oprah and hopefully she will do a show on this show around dating. This show needs more visability VH1 finally has a show about people especially woman fawning over some D list celebrity acting like gold digginig, breat enhanced street walkers. Kitty is more sexy than any of those Rock of love or For the love of ray J or Frank shows

  16. Greg says:

    This whole show is horrible!… And I liked Pep before this. What a disappointment. It seems so fake and contrived. There is no drama! The episodes are so boring. Everyone is always sitting down. The women wear 50 pounds of makeup each and would never in real life date any guy that makes under $1,000,000 a year unless it was just to get their middle age groove on! VH1 needs to cancel this bomb!

  17. belizepassion says:

    I loooooooooooove this show!It’s like the black “sex and the city.It’s good that you looked out for your girl(salt)and put her down with producing?(I don’t know,I justr see the little “avatar of you and her at the end)good luck!!!!

  18. ERICA says:

    i want to say that i really love this show! i agree with michael when he say’s that this show needs a hour long slot i can’t get enough of it. i laugh and smile the whole time. i think the lady’s are great strong black women. you go ahead pep and vh-1 i love u for giving black women our own black SEX IN THE CITY!(smile) have not miss an episode yet and don’t plan on it either.(lol)

  19. ERICA says:

    i just had to comment on this awesome show. im truly happy that VH-1 finally has a show that i can relate to as a black women. women of every race can relate to this show. i truly think that this show does need an hour slot. i can’t stop smiling and laughing when im watching it. it is the highlight of my week, and i have not missed and episode and i don’t plan to. lol! thanks PEP AND VH-1 for giving us the black version of SEX IN THE CITY!! it is the best show on reality t.v.!!

  20. ld says:

    I think all you ladies are classy. What I appreciate about all of you is that you are real about who you are and you love being women and that is positive for us black women. Pep I believe and understand your choice to abstain from sex. Continue to be strong ladies and hold your own because you are all beautiful and I love the unity between you. God Bless

  21. Jay Day says:

    Kitty is my girl. Im not at fast as she is – but I commend her on being “real.” Ole boy from Virginia… well Miss Kitty, yall talked on the phone – “How was he (on the phone)???” He may have a intimacy problems (down there)… I don’t think Kitty played herself, he had to know what he was coming to New York for(3-years of phone sex)… I mean come on!… a grown A*@#! man.

  22. she's a divaaaa!! says:

    I love the show!!!! The urban sex in the city…about time!!!! Do it VHI… finally a show I Love!!! not the foolywang you usually put on the TV.

  23. MiMi says:

    I love the show. Way to go Pep. I wish it was more than 30 minutes and a week is too long to wait and see the next episode. This is better than Salt N’Pep’s first show. Pep you have a winner. I love the insight and you all letting us see what really happens when women are introduced to this crazy dating phase of our lives–it really can be very crazy and full of “What did you just say!” moments. I mean some times you find yourself trying to make sense out of a dating scene when it’s just crazy and makes no sense at all.

  24. Herm says:

    Alan(Champain Era) Did Wht any Real Gee Would do… Men Have standards 2 and she was coming off like a +@&_^+~(_%`&$`_@# I commend him for shutting her down with Respect!!! Pimpin 101 “Lead With Your MITT not with your +&%))&@!*`~_*`(` CHURCH!!!