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After a supposedly shocking reveal of a supposedly “incredibly sexy” photo (that turned out to be pretty tame, actually), Jenny was bounced from A Basement Affair. Below, she talks about the damning shot, her lack of a connection with Frank and how she’s managed to go 23ish years without a boyfriend.

Did you ever think this picture would come back to haunt you?

No, because I didn’t think it was a XXX explicit picture. I also didn’t think that the show or even Frank would portray the picture as if I was nude by blurring it out. That was of course disheartening and it made me upset. They tried to make the viewers think that I am naked in a picture, which is completely false.

Obviously, the picture works as an explanation for your elimination much better when it’s blurred out. Was it weird to be there live and have something so tame be used as damning evidence?

When Frank pulled the picture out, I was like, “Yeah, that’s me in the picture, yeah I took a sexy picture.” I wasn’t like, “Oh my god you found out about me! You found out my dirty secret!” It wasn’t a dirty secret. He saw the picture and said, “You are in your panties and bra and a T-shirt and you are being extra sexy. Why don’t I see this girl?”

Did you see where he was coming from by sensing a contradiction?

I can see how he thought that I was being Miss Goody Two-Shoes and extra shy and quiet. I can understand how the picture is a shock to him, but I am a young woman. I am 23…ish and I feel like what is the big deal? It would be completely different if I was butt-booty-naked and he brought the picture out and I was pretending to be Little Miss Shy and Conservative. But on the show I never dressed conservative in sweaters and button up shirts. I’m young and sexy, and I felt like, “Where you are coming from with this?”

It seemed like you spent a lot of time talking about stepping it up, without actually ever doing so.

I was only in the house for five days. I wanted to get to know Frank and ask just general questions you would ask someone to get to know them. I didn’t feel the need to jump on him when we are still getting to know each other. Yeah, I know it’s a show and I know we have a limited time frame. But what if I don’t like your personality? What if I don’t like you? What if we don’t click? Maybe I don’t want to kiss you. Like I told him, you are going to remember my kisses because they are going to mean something more when I am into you mentally and physically.

So you never came around to being attracted to him?

I was attracted to Frank’s body and it seemed he had a nice personality, but there wasn’t enough time on the show for me to really want to kiss him and be up on him. There are 15 other girls in the house so it was difficult to get that alone time with him and when we did, I wanted to get to know him, not jump on top of him.

What do you think about the feedback from Frank’s mother?

I can understand how she could feel as a parent. But when I am trying to get to know someone and I am in their parents’ house, why is it wrong to behave like a young lady? I can take a sexy picture but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be running around the house ripping my shirt off because that’s what I did in the picture. I think she was a little bit harsh on me because ultimately we were in bikinis the night before.

Not to mention the Bikini Softball Challenge.

Exactly! What is the difference? We were sliding around soaking wet in bikinis. I feel like she was attacking me as if I am this horrible person for being basically in a bikini.

And obviously, your image does not necessarily reflect your behavior.

It doesn’t. I feel like the picture doesn’t define me as a person at all. There are plenty of celebrities who take nude pictures in Playboy all the time and they are still classy and they are still conservative and they stay true to themselves. Just because the picture is sexy doesn’t mean I can’t be classy. Frank’s mom just seemed like a very mean person. The things she said to girls in the house and the things she was saying to me as I was leaving were just rude and disrespectful.

You didn’t seem to torn up in your exit interview, though.

I wasn’t upset about leaving because we didn’t connect besides him being attracted to me. I wasn’t going to sit there and be fake. Maybe we didn’t have enough time to get to know each other well enough for me to take it to that level. I was fine going home. I didn’t want to waste his time.

How is it that you’ve never had a boyfriend?

Through high school and even a little during college, I wasn’t a pretty girl. People would always tease me: “Oh you have dark skin, a big head, a big nose. You’re ugly.” People like Annie were my friends because they were weird and different. I kind of just did me. I didn’t have any type of body. I was skinny with no boobs, no butt, no curves, nothing. When I got into college I started to come into my own and become a young woman. I was a late bloomer.

What about after you blossomed, though?

I was seeing a guy on and off through college it was long distance. He was seeing other girls and doing his own thing and I really cared about him. We never made it official because of the distance and once I came back home from college I could never trust him. I guess that made me a little guarded. Maybe I don’t want to get my heart broken by a man. I have a lot of girlfriends who have been in physically abusive relationships so I am scared to get in a relationship. I do want to find love and I do want to be happy and I do want to get married and have babies. I guess I have to stop being so scared.

The obvious question, then, is why start looking for love on reality TV?

Frank also mentioned that. Why not? It’s a dating show. What better place to try to find my first boyfriend than on TV?

Were you interested in the exposure that comes along with reality TV?

I have always been a fan of reality television. I even did my senior exit paper on reality television in college. Of course everyone knows you are going to get exposure because of being on reality T, but I wanted to do it because it was fun. I’m working 9 to 5 and I’m tired doing the same thing day in and do out. So why not go on a reality television show? Why not find your first man on TV? Why not?

Well, because something could happen that leaves you dissatisfied with your portrayal.

Yeah, there is a risk of lies.

Are you happy you did the show?

I am. It was fun. I got to meet a lot of great girls and I had a great time. It was great experience and I would do it again.

What do you think of Frank today?

Up until maybe a week ago, I thought Frank was a decent guy. I actually reached out to him and called him and we spoke for about three hours talking about all different types of things. Then I find out he’s completely crazy. I guess it was the episode where I said something like Frank has to work for me too aired, and so he got angry with me talking all fast: “What the f*** do you think this is? This is my show, you just want exposure!” He’s completely different from how he is on the show. On the show he seems like a nice guy and a gentleman. The truth will come out soon enough when the other girls can express how crazy he is as well.

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