Tool Academy 3 – Coming Soon!



The new season of the bad-boyfriend reform show Tool Academy is set premiere on VH1 on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9/8c. (Hard to imagine a premiere date more appropriate than Valentine’s Day given the romance Tool Academy is oozing with.) Anyway, this time, there’s a twist: it’s not just for bad boyfriends anymore. That’s right, joining the cast (which we’ll reveal shortly) are two female tools (one of them is part of a same-sex couple). Details in the press release below…

Tool Academy is back for a third season with bigger egos, even bigger secrets and a shocking twist…Tool Academy is going co-ed! That’s right, 2 outrageous “toolettes” along with eight other hopeless “tools” have been secretly enrolled by their better halves into the Tool Academy, a relationship boot camp designed to shape up their relationship skills and change their selfish ways. The new season premieres Sunday, February 14 at 9PM.

The first two seasons of Tool Academy documented the journeys of dishonest boyfriends as they participated in weekly therapy sessions and relationship schooling on topics such as honesty, fidelity and communication. Viewers witnessed the shocking arrival of secret extra girlfriends, a surprise wedding and the phenomenon known simply as “Matsuflex.” Each week, the tool that showed the least progress was dismissed, leaving him to plead his case before his girlfriend who chose to keep him or kick him to the curb.

This season welcomes the Academy’s first female tools, or “toolettes,” including the first same-sex couple. But make no mistake: these ladies lie, cheat and strut just as much as their male counterparts. After the most elaborate reveal yet, the new class will undergo lie detector tests, hidden cameras, focus groups and all new physical challenges until just 1 tool remains to collect the $100,000 grand prize.

Jordan Murphy will return to hosting duties and attempt to help these two-timing tools become reformed partners. Also helping to rebuild these broken relationships is couples counselor Trina Dolenz. Ultimately, Trina has the last say in which tools stay and which are expelled from the academy each week.

Jordan Murphy’s previous hosting duties include all four seasons of NBC’s For Love or Money, USA’s Before & After’noon Movies, Reality Remix, and seasons 1 and 2 of Tool Academy. Murphy is represented by IMG Broadcasting’s Babette Perry and continues to be managed by Kathy Carter.

Trina Dolenz trained as a couple’s counselor in Cambridge, England, obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Marital and Couples Counseling, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Therapy from the University of East London. She has run private practices in couples therapy in London as well as her adopted home of Los Angeles.

Viewers can catch a sneak peek of the season’s first episode on on Monday, February 8 – one week before the on-air premiere. Subsequent episodes will be available on the morning after they air. Additional video content from Tool Academy 3 including extras and bonus footage from each episode will be available on and on VH1 Mobile throughout the season.

The series is executive produced by SallyAnn Salsano for 495 Productions. Jim Ackerman, Dave Hamilton, Mike Riley and Jeff Olde oversee the series for VH1.

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  1. esha160656 says:

    i think tool academy is a waste of money that can be used for something more interesting…this show is not even entertainment. it’s just a bunch of morons running around saying how amazing they are( dont’t we already have a funnier show like this called jersey shore).

  2. Mike says:

    I hope the chicks are hotter than last season!

  3. graham walker says:

    C’mon Vh1 don’t waste your money and tapes on this pitiful show. Bring back multiple seasons of I love money instead of this stuff. Its so boring and the characters are lame.

  4. Mike says:

    Love this show, hope to see some drama! Coed wow huge twist!

  5. nikki says:

    i love the show i should put my boyfriend on there.

  6. BonishkaRai says:

    when will vh1 air i love money? people are saying the 4th will be premiering on january of this year and that hasn’t happened yet.

  7. JENNY says:

    Hope the guys are hot! I love those tools!!!

    Cant wait

  8. Mason says:

    US FANS ARE SICK of all of these alternative shows. We want our I Love Money series NOW! We have waited long enough! and if we dont get it, than we are just going to have to boycott VH1

  9. lilksweezy says:

    I like this show but VH! needs to start filming a new I Love Money. We’re overdue!

  10. cbabygirl says:

    i love this show they should also have a tool academy show 4 girls

  11. cbabygirl says:

    i love this show they should also have a tool academy show 4 girls because some times the females can be the tools

  12. tom says:

    They should do I love money 4 and Bring back Frenchy on it!!she is so funny&sexy!

  13. Sarah Wood says:

    Someone plzzz tell me how to enroll me and my boyfriend on the next Tool Academy. I guess it’s to late to enroll in Season 3 but I am VERY interested in enrolling in the Season 4. We’ve been together for 5 yrs. and have a 3 yr. old son together. My boyfriend has never held a job and we are CONSTANTLY argueing. We really need your help, we are in desperate need. We have tried everything and nothing seems to make our relationship better. My son needs his father in his life but I don’t know how much more I can take. I am 23 and have been with him since I was 18. I feel like this is the last effort I can make. I’m not Miss Perfect myself and I need help with my anger issues and I can’t seem to let past things that have happened in our relationship go. Plzz someone let me know what to do to get on this show. Thank you! Sarah

  14. chelsy says:

    it’s not just guys that are che cheaters. If you seen what the chicks do to their boyfriends you probably wouldn’t feel so sorry for the girls.

    girls are just as guilty..
    GLAD they are on here.
    btw.cheaters suckk

  15. C.J. says:

    Finally…..some hot looking tools this season! Can’t wait to see how the girl tools fit in the mix!

  16. bez336 says:

    Yo, that dan guy is the man. He is my bro and i think he is the coolest guy I know. He is a party animal. you just dont even know folks. Yall are missing out on a cool ass guy

  17. kevstar6942 says:

    It’s about time! It’s not always the guy’s fault a relationship doesn’t work.

  18. krayzieprincess says:

    Answer to cBabygirl this season is supposed to be about both men AND women being tools, should be interesting. BUT WE NEED I LOVE MONEY!! VH1 PLEASE

  19. jaxmolly says:

    Looks like the same Jennavecia from Bad Girls Club??

  20. cherrybabe says:

    Im looking forward to the new show I have watched all the seasons. This one looks like it going to be interesting and fun. So lets get it started.

  21. Robert Steffen says:

    Tool Academy premieres its third season on VH1 on Valentine’s Day. Jordan Murphy is back as the host of this reality show that tries to make seemingly incompatible relationships stronger. Jordan spoke with in an exclusive interview about the new season, as well as his own efforts to help people; especially aspiring actors navigating the tricky waters of L.A.

    Check out the exclusive at:

  22. Noneya says:

    Seriously…The guy with “two girl friends”? Have you guys heard of a hoax? Believe it or not, this world actually produces a great deal of natural born actors, and these three are the most talented I’ve ever seen. Well, at least the most desperate for $100,000 I’ve ever seen. This really brings shame to reality TV, as much of an oxymoron as it is. I really like the other contestants, but if they don’t get ride of Shaun, this show can suck it!

  23. Stephanie says:

    I’m sorry but the couples are all TOOLS!! The girls are just as much of TOOLS for being with them in the first place. They should all be ashamed to act the way they do on national tv. Watching the 1st episode made me seriously sick to my stomach. VH1 your wasting your money on these idiots!

  24. Sharri says:

    This season is so fake. I watched and loved the first two seasons. they seemed genuine. But I can tell that this season is fake and scripted. Im not going to watch it. And that girl gennevecia has been on other reality tv shows. This is pitiful VH1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ma3sgirl says:

    So that Jen girl was on bad girls club also, she’s trying to be the next New York!!!

  26. Teighlor says:

    Dude Chasen is a prik… How can he walk out on Amanda…. Chasen ur the biggest tool there is… ur so ^`))!~)&`_%)*)%_ y….

  27. Teighlor says:

    Dude, Chasen ur a prik… U walked out on the best thing in ur life…. Ur so _#(^_!#!!!#$&*~_ y…

  28. Lexxy says:

    As someone else said, there are some real actors on this show. I have known Cheron for years and there is NO way she is a victim. Those are the worst crocodile tears I have ever seen. She even told me once that she could make herself cry whenever she wanted. I wonder how her husband and 2 kids feel about her making such a fool of herself.

  29. ROSE says:

    glad that it went co-ed it shows thats girls arent perfect either ..n i like this show ..because it gives guys a wake up call that maybe the girl they are with really does love them and they dont need to go looking anywhere else and need to grow up when you hit a certain age .. come on now..great show.teach them tools a dam lesson

  30. sammy says:

    This season is so fake . . . I really liked the first two seasons but not this. After watching the first episode I am disappointed in the “actors” (they aren’t even cute at all) and the overacting . . . it is really bad and I won’t watch anymore . . .

  31. Amiee371 says:

    I really like this show but it is really hard to take anything any of these reality shows are doing anymore. I mean come on, the producer’s couldn’t find anyone else to put on the show other than Jenivenncia( or however u spell her name)? I mean come on, the chick was already on the bad girls club, and I couldn’t stand her on that show. Come on, they gotta do better than that to have the same ppl on different shows. We just was one chick on that same show, on Ray-J. Back to the tools….if you guys are acting, u suck at it!

  32. Eibray89 says:

    There is nothing interesting in this show I dont know why they keep it on the air, besides with that girl Jennavecia that doesn’t know what else to do to be on Tv she had been in most of the Tv realities show I saw on differents channnels , one of them was The Bad Girl’s Club 2, the other about tatoos, etc. and the rest of the guys are a bunch of idiots and more idiots the girlfriends that like being treated as a mop. really what a waste of time!!

  33. Cassie says:

    I won’t be surprised if the toolettes get the most slander and bashing this season. We expect men to be unfaithful as we have for centuries but if a woman openly does it its pure sin! Neither sex should be appraised or looked upon as cool for their fedelity problems but chicks always get the nastiest of responses for it. Swingers belong with swingers. And faithful monogamist belong with monogamist. If you feel you have to try and CHANGE a person to keep on loving them then you shouldn’t love them at all.

  34. ladyb says:

    Why in the hell would they not keep Kevin and his wife on the show for god sake they are married and have much more to lose. Not to mention that it seems like VH-1 does not want a black couple to win anything on any of their shows that involves given away money! I will never ever watch another episode of this lame BS. Some of theses guys are just meat heads that need to stay in the GYM!!!!

  35. 1579360 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1579360! SCK was here

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