On The Next Celebrity Rehab 3, Is Tom Ready For Treatment?


Last week’s episode of Celebrity Rehab pointed to “no” — after his initial check in, Tom Sizemore panicked when he realized he’d have to commit to the process. He promised the skeptical staff that he’d be back soon. Surprisingly, this preview of this week’s Celebrity Rehab 3 (premiering Thursday at 10/9c) shows Tom keeping his promise–sort of. In this clip, Tom returns to the Pasadena Recovery Center, but just after he’s gotten loaded. This isn’t uncommon for Dr. Drew’s patients, of course. Lots of them go on one last bender before checking in. But after Tom checks in and passes out in bed, the night staff discover that he still isn’t ready to get clean…

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  1. Joseph A. Rinella, L.P.N. says:

    I’ve never done this before, but I couldn’t contain myself when I viewed this last episode. I am a detox nurse and I just got off work. I cannot believe that a client/patient who got sick in the middle of the night did not have staff awake to hear his distress. In addition, we have medication, i.e., Phenergan or Compazine to relieve the nausea, as well as Clonidine to help fill in the Opioid/Opiate Receptor sites, helping fool the brain into not being so dope sick, Ultam for pain control, Bentyl to help the GI track, as well as Phenobarbitol and Benzodiazapines like Librium, Valium, Ativan, etc… I understand the need for drama to make money, but you are giving the general populous the wrong image of what detox can be like, thus instilling fear so they will not seek the help that is available. I have been a nurse with many years experience in this field. My attending Physician is a kind, caring and competent individual and we have a wonderful staff of kind, caring people who, for the majority have walked that path and have found Freedom, Grace and Peace. Help is out here if you really are “Sick and Tired…”


  2. Sandra says:

    Well as far as showing the horror side of detox is real.. I live in an area where Dr.s WILL NOT do anything for controlling the symptoms severities they let the addict just suffer through it as to show them some kind of message.They constantly talk about do they need this or that. They try to get to them before they start “kicking” but some just either don’t take the meds or they just have more in their system to get rid of then the other meds can completely contain. I honestly am NOT an expert BUT seeing how addicts are treated in my hometown it is heart breaking…. I know my brother is one…..And they will not do anything to make detox easier they make them suffer.

  3. Marjorie Harris says:

    I’m really pulling for Tom Sizemore.I’m a big fan and always have been.He’s such a brilliant actor but I feel if things don’t soon turn around for him he will kill himself with these drugs. It will be another Hollywood tragedy.

  4. Leslie Kay says:

    Tom! I wish you could see how amazing you are!!! I am in your cheering section. If you can’t hear the cheers then find the volume ~`+&%+~!)!`~@&)+ snd turn it up!! You have it in you to get through this. I believe in you! Maybe consider letting Monroe go, so you can hold on to yourself. Keep on, keepin’ on!!! I will be right here in the cheering section that has your name on it!!! Show me something!!!

  5. howell russ says:

    It’s really sad to see television trying to make hero’s out of these spoiled celebrity drunks and drug addicts. Being a recovering alcohalic, I have been through detox four times. It aint pretty, it aint easy, and I sure as hell shouldn’t have been that way in the first place. Your not a hero if your trying to kick something you shouldn’t have been doing in the first place. Drugs are illegal for a reason. I knew I had a problem long before I got help. I was an abused child, I was molested by a neighbor, and my ex used my child as a weapon against me, but that’s not why I drank. I drank because I wanted to. I stopped drinking 23 years ago because I wanted to. Nobody held me down and poured a gallon of Vodka down my throat every day. I had two siezures and my heart stopped, because of my own actions. Your always ready to sober up, but it’s easier to follow the path of least resistance, which in the case of an addict is to use. It’s less painfull. Tom Sizemore is ready, he just doesn’t want to because of the withdrawl he HAS to endure.

  6. Tim Teasley says:

    It’s hard to pity these self-absorbed celebrities, who are have had every opportunity to succeed, talented or not. I would have thrown most of them out after the first week, especially the little !)`^!~#$&%&@_&^)^ who demanded her cigarettes in a “hard pack”. Screw’em all.

  7. Nancy Breznay says:

    I agree that Tom Sizemore is a brilliant actor and a creative genius. I do not understand what drives him to take all of these drugs. But he has to get rid of his “friend” Monroe. I truly hope that Tom Sizemore can get and stay sober. I did some volunteer work for Art & Creativity for Healing In Orange County, CA. They also serve various organizations in Los Angeles County. Maybe Dr. Drew Pinsky can utilize their ^^&~#)@_+_@(^`@ istance as well.

  8. Wendy says:

    To Tom,
    Don’t give up…your doing so good..we are all proud of you..Just remember your 2 beautiful boys that you have..

  9. Michelle says:

    I believe that in order for Tom to succeed, he will need to leave Monroe at the door when he leaves. I am a recovering opiate addict and I would like to think that I can see a person suffering when I meet them. Monroe reminds me of the plethera of crack addicts we have on the streets of Dallas. She is definately not good news for him at all. If he is serious and determined to fight this disease, he will wish her the best and cut all ties. I don’t feel that she is sincere in her desire to get and stay clean.

  10. julie munson says:

    Mr. tom, my name is julie, im from san diego,ca. I was an addicted for 21 years.Today i have 6 years clean and sober.This the first time in recovery no relaples. Dude im 42 and wasted over have my life ,sure it was fun at first years later it became a coping skill for me. When i heard the other you say i want to kids my heart ached for and them…ive been hun. do it for them. ive see in many movies through and your hot dude. nice looking ,please stop the on this train your on tom. i feel for you dude, when i saw hitting the pipe in the show ,oh boy stop. it will suck the life from u i saw in your eyes. i know your kids need you u ,u need u dude. i feel so silly im not computer litrate. i dont do stuff on the the , my 10 year does. i hope u get this message hun. meetings NA and AA helped me and an out patient program and my sponsor. this message is coming from the meth capital of america so cal. this is powerful and cunning. it will take and keep you if you dont stop now.i buried my boyfriend, best friend and many many friends. i speak periodically at my treatment to women my heart aches for them.and for u and the their in treat ment. your beautiful man probly inside and out. dont waste on this +@^^~#)^~_)&!+(% meth is like powerful and cunning like i said before. god be with you dude

    much love to you and the rest of you there
    sincerly, my name is julie and im a recovering addictand acholic

  11. Robin says:

    You ladies must have had sex with Tom or want too. Your committing out of jealousy,Lol. Your never gonna get it. Especially this way. Ms. Addicts. I will pray for you. Godbless

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