Tool Academy 3 – Meet The Cast!



As promised, below is your first look at the 10 significantly deficient significant others that will begin competing when Tool Academy 3 hits VH1 on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9/8c. Obviously, there are some women entering the tool fold this time — of the two “toolettes,” one is part of a lesbian couple. So that’s new! Take a peep, and as always, try to avoid drooling over the tools.





















Remember: Tool Academy 3 premieres Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9/8c.

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  1. Amelia says:

    I bet that one of the male tools will have sex with the straight female tool.

  2. Derrick says:

    Is that Jennavecia from “The Bad Girls Club”?

  3. Shayla says:

    You know, some people might give VH1 some slack for casting a few contestants from the Bad Girls club (Jennavecia, `*`@@!$^$*&(~!$% tail, and Tanisha), but these characters are all casting gold to begin with.

    I hope the host or Trina embarrasses Jennavecia, because to quote New York, “There’s just something really gutter-butt about her”.

  4. Jaclyn says:

    haha omg that kid jordan looks like such a herb. who casted him?? is he wearing biker gloves????? omg i hope someone from Harley Davidson kicks his $`&_%#%#`$~*%)+ this is the funniest thing i’ve seen all day, thanks vh1!

  5. JAMIE says:


  6. AMY says:

    Angelo is super sexxyy

  7. ERICKA says:


  8. texASS says:

    where are all of the girlfriends? I want to see them!

  9. Felicia says:

    isnt that kevincraft from youtube?

  10. Christie says:

    This may be the best season yet. Look at all these TOOLS!!! Angelo is hot. Cant wait to watch.

  11. Olivv says:

    Jennavicia from the bad girls club!!

  12. Gerae says:




  13. Samantha says:

    jordan is f****** hot!

  14. gross says:

    you LIKED Jennavecia on bad girls club? that girl lost custody of her 7 yr old for being a wh*re. you have to be a complete loser to let your life get that bad.

  15. G*YTOOL says:

    why is jacob wearing lipgloss and lip liner?

  16. Christielyn says:


  17. linda. says:

    omgggggggggggggg yayyyyyyyyy jennavecia !! i loveeeeee her & tanisha on celebrity fitclub !! omggggggg i love vh1. now wheres ilm4?

  18. Ileana says:

    That is DEFINITELY Jennavecia from “The Bad Girls Club” – wowwwwwwwwwww that is TRAGIC LOL

  19. BonishkaRai says:

    i want I LOVE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. IluvPitbulls says:

    i want I LOVE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz air that show ALREADY!

  21. yumyum says:

    haha whats halarious is that i bet the tools wrote positive aka “OGM HES SO HOT” comments on themselves…hah ruh tards. cant wait to watch

  22. Argiris Karras says:

    mm angelo

  23. Farren says:

    I want to lick that wet lipgloss right off Jacob’s sexy lips.

  24. elle says:

    Why the hell would that Daniel kid be a tool? What in the world would he have to make any woman swoon at first glance? He looks like DJ Qualls from Road Trip and The New Guy…ick!

  25. lauren says:

    What is up with the girly, suck you off, lip look that Jordan has going on? If anyone is having sex, it’s going to be him chasing after the other guys.

  26. shari says:

    Chasyn is hot!

  27. Sh Arnold says:

    I have seen Jacob in person and he is really hot. I can’t wait for a pool scene with him.

  28. Sh- Arnold says:

    I still cannot stop staring at Jacob, i think about him all the time now

  29. Sh-Arnold says:

    jacob is gorgous, i have seen him in person and i cannot wait till he takes off his jacket

  30. jodi says:

    That Jacob looks lucsious! Where can I find him? I am a straight male, but I would do him over those girls.

  31. C.J. says:

    Jacob is HAWT N SEXII!!!!

  32. C.J. says:

    Jacob is HAWT n SEXII!!!!!!!!

  33. ishatonu says:


  34. Bri says:

    OMG…Shawn is RIDICULOUSLY hot!!! I could stare at that ass ALL DAY LONG!

  35. STACI says:

    Oh snap…I hooked up with Shawn one night in HB. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! One word: stallion!

  36. STACI says:

    Shawn is so RIDICULOUSLY hot!! And you guys know that’s Stiffler’s brother right?!?!

  37. sk says:

    So, obviously the tools’ friends, family and f-buddies are alive and well on this board. Seriously, what’s up with shiny-f-me-lipped Jacob?? NOT HOT. And, according to the comments here, VH1 is apparently eating it’s own face, casting pseudo-non-celebrites from other media outlets rather than actually finding new “talent.” Yawn. Can’t wait for the straight toolette and/or Jacob to hook up with one of the tools and cause that VH1-brand o’ drama. Oh, who am I kidding; so long as Rich writes up the recap, I won’t give two poops if any of these people fell off a bridge.

  38. Liz D. says:

    Jacob looks like the caveman from the Geico commercials

  39. Liz says:

    Jacob’s cute he should cut his hair

  40. Bre says:

    Haha I remember Jennavescia from the Bad Girls Club.

  41. Jamie says:

    yeah, I agree Jacob would look a lot better if he cut his hair off or did something with it. He has a nice bod, I would get with him. :)

  42. drew says:

    me & my boyfriend watch tool academy all the time & can’t wait til season 3. Jacob is the hottie tool fo sho!! Holla…

  43. I Love Jacob says:

    Just kidding! But seriously this has to be a Jacob the Tool posting all over this board. “Lip Gloss Tool!”

  44. Carla says:

    This will be a great season. Angelo and Jacob R HOT!!

  45. arthurlina says:

    yh1 has a winner with jacob the girls and i used to stare at him when he worked out at th Y

  46. Robby says:

    Chasyn is so hot. Ugghhhh I want him so bad! He has a come-F-me look to him!!!!!

  47. Rich says:

    Chasyn is so hot. Ugghhhh I want him so bad! He has a come-F-me look to him! Woooeeeee

  48. Rich says:

    Chasyn is so sexy!!!! I want to eat him up and cook him for dinner!

  49. HA! says:

    I dunno about y’all, but my money is on Jordan to win it all.

  50. Chelsy says:

    i’m glad their are girls on this season.. Some of the girls from the past two season should have been on the show.
    such as Jamie (shaws girlfriend) she shouldn’t have brought shawn.. She should have brought herself.

  51. guilla says:

    I want Jacob to take me for a ride again in his black suv. It was like paradise!!!! I want that bod again!!!!

  52. early1989 says:

    ewwwww that jennavecia girl was on the bad girls club. shes so gross!!!

  53. pippy says:

    Jennavicia was on Bad Girls Club she is just look for another 5 min of fame

  54. alicia says:

    Tommy is absolutely gorgeous!! Cant wait to watch just to see him!!

  55. JacobsUgly says:

    Oh and p.s. its probably Jacobs gf writing all of those things…think about it.

  56. Allison says:

    so….no hot guy this season…and two slutty looking girls?…ok, looks like we got a show LMAO!

  57. Raivyne says:

    This year’s cast is ugly! Season 2 was the best one hands-down!

  58. lauren says:

    Jacob you are such a tool you belong on the show. You made me such promises….. The night after you drove me around in your suv telling me how you love touching my long brunette hair then not calling me tne next day. What a LIAR! But girls if you hook up with him it’s like nothing you have ever experienced…WOW!

  59. HALO 25 says:

    TOOL 3 looks decent, Daniel has to be gay and maybe Jordan.

  60. Julia says:

    Angelo is cute the rest look ugly. TOOL 3 looks boring

  61. Z POOCH says:

    Angelo cry9ing was funny in the commercial. Should be a funny show. Season was great 2 sucked. Cant wait for this.

  62. Larry says:





  63. JESS says:

    I would love to party with Jacob!!!!!!!!!

  64. Trueblue575 says:

    what the hell thats kevin craft he is a comedin and him and his wife give love advise on youtube what the hell is he doing on this show he is no where near a tool wow this must all be actors or people trying to fake it and win some money

  65. C.J says:

    Jacob doesn’t need to post anything about himself…just look at him! You wish you could get with him. HOLLAAAAAAA!!

  66. Nicole says:

    Courtney is so amazing! Cant wait for the show!

  67. sactoe says:

    whats up with jacobs hand. its orange like hes been giving an oompa loompa a handjob.

  68. Erica says:

    courtney’s gf Cheron she is such a lier just like her gf, She once had an amazing man and he treated her like gold! She is Such a golddigger and lie’s about everything!

  69. Destiny says:

    I know Jacob. I met him downtown in Tampa one night less than a year ago. I don’t know why, but I took him to the back of my car and…ya know. Not the best, but not the worst. At least I can say I slept with a tv star!

  70. Mandy says:

    My comment about Jen, I would just like to say that she needs more help then just being a tool on the Tool Academy. Its sad to say that she ditched her daughter out on Thanksgiving “who she never sees”, and lied to her about how her boyfriends father died , but really the truth is that she was fliming on this show. “wow” what a great mom.

  71. Chelsea says:

    Hot cast! cant wait to watch but i wish it wasnt on vday i probably wont be home!

  72. Mike says:

    I dont know whats the big deal is about this guy jacob he doesnt deserve his girl. I know his girl and she is amazing we dated on and off for 5 month and she knows how to get down if you know what i mean.. She needs to call me because ill make sure to treat her right and and give it to her the right way he doesnt know what he is doing. I want her long blonde hair again and i been missing those big lips all over my body. She knows how to ride it and take it hard…Call me you know who i am the best lover you had and will always have.

  73. Mike says:

    I dont know why everyone is making a big deal about Jacob he is a no body. His girl is amazing we dated on and off for 5 months. Lets just say she knows how to ride guy and knows how to take it hard. She needs a real man and she needs to come back to me. I miss her long blonde hair and those big lips all over my body. You know who i am so call me when you come in town and when your at your mom house..ill make sure you get whatever you want and right i know your boy isnt doing his job right.

  74. san says:

    Yeah i was with christie to she was the hottest girl
    I have ever been with! I think of her every night when i am doing my girlfriends. I would go back to her in a second she was unbeliveable. I cant stop dreaming about her I need her and I want her!!!

  75. MITCH says:

    I had Dayna for a few nights she was great, she would let me hit it from every position. I miss that a lot..

  76. Erica says:

    Jacob looks like he can tear something up….yuumm

  77. Kristi says:

    These tools look ugly, Jacob might be the hottest one. Jordan is ok.


  78. courtney says:

    are you guys serious??!!! your talking about how hot these guys are or arent…who cares. And you actually wanna hang out with them??? They are douche bags and treat women like garbage…no wonder they keep doing it, because of stupid a** girls like you!!!!

  79. MICHI says:

    UMM Courtney your the one on the blog reading them and posting your LAAAMMMEE _!&~+#&@@)@&^$^~+ TOOL 3 BEST ONE YET!!!!!!

  80. SUSAN says:

    CANT WAIT for the show to air. I want to see some hot BODS.

  81. Meredith says:

    wth! Jennevecia is BACK!!! oh well at least the show will be entertaining, lets just hope she won’t be doing reruns of the bad girls club, spitting in people drinks and peeing in the sink. .

    that’s not a TOOlETTE . . she just doesn’t have any CLASS.

    – - o h – - w e l l – -

    and who knew she was into girls!?

  82. tony says:

    The guys are definitely hotter this season. Can’t wait to see more of Jordan and Angelo. xoxo

  83. Collette says:

    I dont know why people keep saying Jacob is so hot.It must be him writing that about himself.He looks like a hobo with that nasty mop top unbrushed hair.Someone needs to buy him shampoo,a brush and razor.

  84. Torey says:

    This has got to be fake: Kevin is a Youtube celebrity, look up Asathecomic. But can’t wait!

  85. james says:

    Jacobs girl looks like a DUDE!!


  86. Pretty Boy Pitbull says:

    Represent the Y.R.R. Chasyn

  87. Ash says:

    Jennavecia = Bad Girls Club 2 how does this cast get picked?!

  88. LUKE says:

    Seen Jacob years ago he was skinny, this guy has been taking something because you cant get like that out of no where. HHMMM I wonder steroids maybe…

  89. SUE 500 says:

    This season is wild, last nights episode showed some crazy stuff. Huge long haired tool was a monster. Crying tool was funny as well. Thats basically the entire show.

  90. JIM says:

    LOL she does look like a dude, nasty nasty.

  91. Ashley says:

    Show is so goooood. Angelo the cry baby and Jacob the ticking time bomb. Ugly girlfreinds this season. Cant wait to see this season.

    YAY im excited

  92. okay seriously says:

    saw the first show last night, id like to know WHY people kept posting things about Jacob having a “hot bod” and Jordan being hot.

    are you SERIOUS?

    Jordan wears more jewerly than me AND biker gloves. someone please let me know if this kid even knows how to ride a 3wheeler.

    and Jacob does NOT have a nice body! six pack?? there isnt even a 2 pack!!! if i wanted to hook up with a fat monster with long dirty nappy hair.. id go to my local parking garage and find a homeless guy! AND THEY ARE ALL TOOLS, gross you guys. have some dignity!

  93. LARRY B says:

    You can tell Jacob is on JUICE, thats all water weight. BIG IDIOT>

  94. Kaci says:

    If Courtney doesn’t want her girlfriend this girl will certainly show her how a woman should be treated!!!

  95. Kaci says:

    Courtney’s girlfriend is really pretty..I have yet to figure out why most lesbian’s feel they have to treat their girlfriend’s like crap… I have never been like that!

  96. Moose says:

    so Kevin from whopper freak out and ASA guys lol… How he get picked..HMMMM

  97. matt says:

    Jennavecia is a slut and doesnt deserve to be on this show and her boyfriend should realize this becuase ive only seen the first episode and i realized it..stupid (@`~%()~%%($~($%^

  98. lisa says:

    i agree with matt jennavecia is a nasty ((*@$*)&$)!@%@**~ hell she was worst on the bad girls club no one liked her and now she is on the tool academy 3 hell i love this show but lets face it jenna needs more help then what the tool academy can give her i think she needs to learn how a real girl acts someone needs to teach that female first and for most to have some dam class..

  99. Mark says:

    Boy, this show is full of idiots!! Very entertaining idiots though! Chasyn, what a doofus…gets his `^++@!#*_@#@&`~ beat by a girl in wrestling and he call himself a world champ?? That is funny. He obviously has little man syndrome and thinks he’s some ladies man…you”ve got to be kidding me. What a joke…he looked like he was going to cry when he was leaving…”they keep saying mean things to me …stop it guys….quit it…leave me alone, don’t you now I’m a world champion in my fantasy world? And Jacob…don’t even get me started on him. What a fat `^++@!#*_@#@&`~ Lose some weight dude and then ask someone if they wish they had a boduy like yours…not beofore you drop about 45 pounds idiot. Your body is nothing. Angelo the cry-baby has a body….you have fat…get over yourself already. Glo-stick guy almost started crying to when they talked about his glo-sticks…grow up man!! Why is jennavecia’s boyfriend with her?? Can anybody rationally explain that? What drugs is he on. Trust me dude, you could do 180% better than her and I’m not even a girl who’s telling you that. Move on already!! Wow..can’t wait to see more dysfunctionality from these losers….the laughing-stocks of america.

  100. Mark says:

    Boy, this show is full of idiots!! Very entertaining idiots though! Chasyn, what a doofus…gets his `$+%(*@%_#&!)!( beat by a girl in wrestling and he call himself a world champ?? That is funny. He obviously has little man syndrome and thinks he’s some ladies man…you”ve got to be kidding me. What a joke…he looked like he was going to cry when he was leaving…”they keep saying mean things to me …stop it guys….quit it…leave me alone, don’t you now I’m a world champion in my fantasy world? And Jacob…don’t even get me started on him. What a fat `$+%(*@%_#&!)!( Lose some weight dude and then ask someone if they wish they had a boduy like yours…not beofore you drop about 45 pounds idiot. Your body is nothing. Angelo the cry-baby has a body….you have fat…get over yourself already. Glo-stick guy almost started crying to when they talked about his glo-sticks…grow up man!! Why is jennavecia’s boyfriend with her?? Can anybody rationally explain that? What drugs is he on. Trust me dude, you could do 180% better than her and I’m not even a girl who’s telling you that. Move on already!! Wow..can’t wait to see more dysfunctionality from these losers….the laughing-stocks of america.

  101. Lindsey says:

    Angelo is a cry baby, I bet he will go far in the show. Jacob looks like a STEROID MONSTER. Chaysm is a midget shouldnt of left his girl. Cant wait for next week…

  102. Mellisa says:

    Looks like Jacob is the whole FN show amd angelo.


  103. sam says:

    wasn’t jennevacia on season 2 of the bad girls club ?

  104. kayla says:

    wants to find jennavecia’s boyfriend,so i can treat him better:)

  105. Reality TV watcher says:

    Jennavecia was on Bad Girls Club couple seasons ago… interesting how they get to be on multiple shows.. this is all fake.. not reality …. but very entertaining. I wonder which other reality show any of these people will show up on.

    At least we can sit here and say that we are not in the same situation as these people (even if this is all a show not reality). Be thankful for what you have… not an idiot.

  106. Evan says:

    I would love to get Jacob in front of me and try to explain that a girl you had your hands all over, and were hoping to jump into bed with, does not become a slut or `#$&)&)`$%@*&++`$ just because your girlfriend shows up.

    It’s such a double standard. He’s so hypocritical it makes me sick. He’s afraid of his girlfriend so he has to lie and make it look like it was all her. Atypical and pathetic.

    But being he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks I’m sure all of this wouldn’t sink in.

  107. Kim says:

    I think Jacob like girls that look like dudes

  108. jackie says:

    jennavecia is such a %`&@$@~“#&)`~(+& i mean she made kyle sleep with anguy just to get money when she was stuck at a motel 6 in ohio back in october 2008. so i dont feel sorry for the couple i mean she is a nobody and always will be a nobody. would you lie to your own kid on thanksgiving just to be on tv show, she did poor jenni harper her real name dont be fooled by her i hope jacob and his girl wins

  109. lalacheree says:

    where do they get these ppl??? do they just recycle cast members from other show?? jennavecia was on bad girls club…shes far from a tool…shes trash…actually trash is even too good for her….shes the dirt at the bottom of a landfill….watch her season of bgc and u will see why i say that…

  110. smokahontas says:

    I just heard on Facebook that Jacob is a guy i went to middle and high school with…. crazy!!! I looked up his photo and i almost cant beleive he is the same guy!! Wow people change!! And not for the better some times!! Oh yeah… his dad was our principal!! lol

  111. Rena says:

    Thing that I don’t get…is how you lot are judging based on looks. I watch this show as a show to watch with my mum to basically kill time and laugh about how crazy people are.
    Granted, I do have some form of pity and anger towards the certain contestants.
    You all have been saying Jacob is cute. Forget Jacob, what about Jen’s boyfriend? He is much better looking, kinder, and will probably LOVE a girl. You all saw when he was moving in the “Ladies/Partner” Villa. He was being nice adn the girls adored him.
    And not to mention…Kyle doesn’t have to front the tough guy act to get his point across. That man probably is stronger, and (better) than majority of these fools.

    Oh and? The best looking guys were Season 2. Not Season 3.

  112. ABC says:

    Really? Tommy is a good friend of mine. I wouldn’t call him a tool but he does choose friends over girl.
    And this show is real dudes because Tommy can not act worth sh**. Haha.

  113. MARIA says:

    Jacob is best looking by far, his anger scares me though. Chasyn is a punk for leaving and ANGELO will prolly win.

  114. Lindsy says:

    JT EXTREME IS GOOD for the show,without him it would be laame. SEXY

  115. chris says:

    is kevin off the burger king whopper freakout youtube video?

  116. cesar says:

    shaw and tommy if u girkl friends after the show no want stay with u i can stay with u look sexy and cute

  117. SUSAN XOXO says:

    Jacob needs to get rid of that amazon dude and get with a real woman. Angelo is not bad looking, Tommy is cute. Sunday will be great.

  118. Marissa says:

    This season seems to off gotten off to a crazy start, with jacob the huge monster tool starting problems. Reminds me of charm yet he can prolly stand up for himself. I see something major going down this season. Cant wait. GLO STICK TOOL is FUNNY.

  119. xxMina.Methxx says:

    Dude… Tommy, has the cutest face. He is like really cute x-x

  120. Dizzy says:

    The glowstick dude is from my hometown him and his girl used to by ounces of pot from me on a weekly basis…..they were like my best customers. Cool people though….this is trippin me out

  121. Dosker28 says:

    Who are the blonde models from the show? They are not in the cast, but are the models that fool around with all of the “tools”?

  122. Ashley says:

    I think that Tool academy is a very good show, My boyfriend and I watch it whenever it is on and sometimes we talk about some of the things that the couples do and some of the things that we do…I just really wanted to say how much I like this show.

  123. cici says:

    What a bunch of worthless people. Most of these guys are not even that good looking…alright Shawn, yeah I get it. He’s pretty hot, but what a douche! These girls need to have some respect for themselves. These seem like great confident women and they are ALLOWING themselves to be treated like trash?! I just dont understand! And Kyle…umm what? He is such a good looking guy, and he is with that ~&)($~*#!+##^@!@` SERIOUSLY?!?! She is nasty. He seems like a great guy. I dont know if I am buying that whole relationship. It just doesnt all add up to me.

  124. lynn says:

    I think u all are such tools and none of u will make it to the end!!!!!!! oh and jenavecia ur man is hott

  125. Marie says:

    The wierdest thing just happened to my best friend. She swears she seen Daniel at Walmart in our home town. Can you tell me where Daniel and Lesley are from

  126. Tyra says:

    This crap is effen funny!! Can you imagine the looks on these peoples parents faces? Hahahahaha. I guess that’s what you get when you get with trash. Huh?

  127. Bob Pito says:

    this show is fake jennavecia is from bad girls club reality shows are reusing other cast members how pathetic

  128. Laura says:

    I love TOOL 3 cant get enough of the huge guy NEANDER TOOL. Sooo HOT. Jordan is 2. Im hoping Neander and his girl win. Just saw the sneak peak for week 3 and ITS AWESOME>

  129. Meagan says:

    I want to ride JACOB sooo bad. So cute.The rest our ugly 2 me. I think TEARY TOOL WILL WIN.

  130. Sandra L says:

    UMMM first of all Jacob is not the hottest its JORDAN but I still would do JACOB and treat him great.

  131. ansley says:

    I love Tool Academy 3. The best season is yet!
    I love Jacob & Tommy.. Super sexy and hot!! Hope they get their next badge!!!!!!!

  132. Janelle says:

    OMG I love Jacob to death!! I only watch the show to see him! I don’t want the show to end! PLEASE let Jacob do another show. My friends and I want to start a fan club just for Jacob!!! I HOPE Hollywood would hire him for a new Tarzan movie. I will pay to see him in it. I know that Jacob will be a star one day!!!!!

  133. Janelle says:

    Does anyone know where to send the fan mail to Jacob? We have around 20 friends in the fan club for Jacob…

  134. jkidk11 says:

    “we gonna make it work” “we gonna make it work”. The only thing Kevin wanted to work, waz dat azz.

  135. someone says:

    I HATE Jacob!!!! He needs to realize he is the tool and Kyle is not. He is insecure and not hot! He thinks he’s bad (@@!(*_^$_@))^^ and he needs to realize there is a limit of muscle before you just look stupid, and his hair looks so dirty all the time! Kyle seems like a nice guy I don’t understand why he is with Jennavecia, he can get any girl he wants and for some reason he wants to stay with that girl, who will never change!

  136. CLEARLY says:

    JACOB himself or his girl keeps posting “jacob is so hot, bla bla bla” OVER and OVER, its obnoxious, and incredibly obvious. that isnt what this wall is about. obviously they learned nothing.

  137. oli says:


  138. Pretty says:

    Jermika is dumb as rocks if she’s stays with Kevin after this show airs! He’s thoroughly embarrassed her and we’ve only seen the first few episodes! Run, girl! Run!!!

  139. MARIA says:


  140. LUKE says: rest of tools ahve myspace and a few have facebook i think.

  141. LADY J says:


  142. sarah says:

    angelio is Hot tommy is HOT jordyn is Hot all the guys on here other then danile are hot and the girls but there oretty but if i was in these girl pasitions the guy would stop cheatin or i would leave but these girls r lucky to have so hot guys

  143. Kandise says:

    I think Angelo can be fixed. Jennavecia is just flat out a child. Look how she laughs at herself when she watches herself on the tv. Jacob is a ^$&@)(_~*&~_+!(+ y SOB and his gf needs way better. Courtney seems she wants to git help but wants more females than one.

  144. valerie says:

    what is the deal with Jennavecia and Jacob…they are nuts for each other. I wonder how many times they hooked up??

  145. Lisa K says:

    Only one that is good looking is Jacob. His attitude isnt that bad, its obvious he loves his girl. Angelo is nasty 2 me.

  146. MARY M says:

    Caveman is freakin HOT, his chick looks like a drag queen, her facial structure and smile is ugly. He can do way better. Kate is the only hot one.

  147. Mandy XO says:

    Cant wait to see next weeks tool academy . I think Jacob will do something crazy and finally be kicked off. No way he should still be there.

  148. Larry says:

    KATE IS HOOOTTT and so is Dayna. Rest of those hoes are ugly as helllll….

  149. Jess says:

    I saw Jacob last week in the gym, he is sooo hot. Very nice guy I heard he is nice when he is approached about being on the show. On tv he looks crazy…

  150. Kerry P says:

    Saw him back in the day and Jacob looks way different now. Hes gained about 50 pounds and now has long hair. He has to be taking something.

    K P

  151. Ericka says:

    These guys are prolly not that bad, its a TV show. come on people. I hope Jacob wins.

  152. Lorrie says:

    Does anyone know if Kyle or Tommy have a myspace??

  153. NuAwlinz says:

    Love the show. Can’t get enough of Cheron!

  154. NuAwlinz says:

    I fell off the chair laughing when Angelo said, “You complete me.”

    I don’t care if these ppl are acting or not, I just want to see more CHERON!!! :-)

  155. CHEN says:

    Out of all of them, I think only Jennavecia and Kyle even has a slight chance of making it. Kinda weird couple though, Kyle looks like a gentleman, and Jennavecia looks like a Party Girl.

  156. LUTH says:

    I saw Jacob at a Orlando Magic game, this guy is an !_+&_!@(!!_$+)+ my freind asked for a pic and he blew her off. I should of beat his !_+&_!@(!!_$+)+

  157. Jennie says:

    OMG Jacob’s girl is ugly. He can do way better. Hes the hottest on the show. Hope he wins.

  158. Jeni says:

    Saw Mr.Jacob in his bedazzled clothes at the Magic vs Lakers game Sunday. He was wearing do rag and was with someone who is not the girl on the show. I wanted to say hi but to avoid the hassle I just was blinded by his bling and kept to myself…He’s hot and scary all at the same time. Screams “Danger”…which we all love…lol

  159. April says:

    I saw him at the Magic game Sunday to with another gurl.I bet he dumped that gurl on the show and found someone else.

  160. Jarod says:

    Kate is so damn hot. Dayna is sexy 2. Rest of them are busted. No wonder why the TOOLS CHEAT….

  161. Laura says:

    I can’t wait to watch this Sunday again! I miss Jacob going off on everyone in the house. I live for Sundays now because of Jacob. Don’t get rid of him or I wont watch tool anymore. It would suck without him. He is the only hot one there. I could see him on a book cover riding a white horse off in the sunset.

  162. James578 says:

    Everyone seems to like Jacob a lot, he is the entire show basically. Thats sad when he is the main source of entertainment. This guy must be getting chicks easily these days. Its sad but ture. I saw this weeks promo that Jacob is in some dudes face. Whats new? Tool 3 is a great show with lots of drama. I remember when I saw a promo before show aired Jacob and Angelo were geting into it, CANT WAIT!! Maybe someoen will step up 2 him finally…..

  163. Jayden says:

    The Beast(Jacob) needs a sexy women not what he is with on the show. He’s way 2 hot fer her, she looks a little manly. Hope Jacob goes all of the way because his $!#)^(%+$**`@~! sss is hot and deserves the 100g’s. Rest of those guys our nasty punks. Angelo is sooo wack and Jordan is gay. Kevin is funny.

    Jayden xoxo

  164. Matt says:

    My boy saw Jacob’s girl chiilin with some dudes last weekend. He said she looked busted but I guess Jacob and her broke up.

  165. Lisa says:

    What is Jacob’s last name?

  166. Denise says:

    Omg i just wanted to say that Tommy its so hot hes the most hottes boy i have ever seen and hes gf its so ugly thank god he left her he should find someone else someone preety and a message for tommy if you ever see this comment I think its good that you like to party and theres always a limit to something so I think you should stop drinkinG i mean put a limit to it and dont croos the line
    Love You your number 1 Fan

  167. PAUL says:

    Man I hope Jacob breaks up with his girl. She looked sooo damm hot last night. Christie has been all quiet and sweet on the show. Now she is wild and beautiful. I want to F—- Her so bad. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. What a hot bod. I have wet dreams all night about Christie. I want her real bad. Please Jacob do me the favor and dump her. I will send my jet for her and be the real man she deserves. I will give you everything you Christie!

  168. Chris says:

    Christie what a hot, sexy, powerful chick. Dump that $~$(^@*!_%((!&% you are with. You are too good for his loser $~$(^@*!_%((!&% You were great on this week show. So sexy!!!

  169. RICHARD says:

    Christie you spoke tonight and I was so hot watching you fight the other girls. I didnt know that you had it in you to speak up. Now dump that moron that you are with. You are the sexiest girl in the house. You can have any man out there including me. You are so beautiful and smart. What a complete package. You are so darn hot.

  170. ALEX says:

    What a hot SEXY ~*_~!&#“~#~`(((& Christie!

  171. mariiah says:

    oh,maaaan :D jordan and tommmy ;) theyre so hott :D

  172. TONY says:

    Love your girl Christie. What a hot _+)&(@^)@^+!@+*&+ She was so sexy last night can’t get enough of her sexy ways telling those girls off. You have no game Jacob you are all talk no action. She has the game and the looks to go far not you. I can see her being a star of her own show. I never knew she had it in her. She needs to stop sitting by your side quietly. Christie you go girl! I watched all of the episodes so far and last night was the best one so far with Christie showing what she is about. I can see Christie getting a wrestling contract not that fat punk ~((__`%!%!+&#&) Jacob. She is beautiful and I want to see more of Christie.

  173. NiciC says:

    i saw kristy today at planet fitness and i dont know what you guys are talking about the girl is stunning. So i’m probably guessing dana and kate are the ones leaving the negative comments about her (haters) fall back !%@^*~$$^!^*(@*_$ es. dana go cry kate go get facial reconstruction for your jay leno lookin $~~!()(!)`$!_+)

  174. Ealden says:

    Angelo … dude … you are hideous you shouldnt even be acting like your &*(~@^~)^$(_%~`( dont stink go crawl in a cave with the neander tool and stay there for as long as possible.

    wha wha whaaaaaaaaaa your ugly.

  175. WHYAREU says:

    christie is sexy THE END.

  176. 307trek says:

    kate looks like a damn bull dog.. woof!

  177. David says:

    Dana dana dana.. you and your boyfriend are a match made in heaven. You both cry when up against a wall .. what a pu$$y move. stop cryin’ pass it on.

  178. Jarett says:

    Just saw jacob at pizza hut _)$*#~)$@_(@!~_#)* needs to put the pizza down ..order a salad

  179. Vsheea says:

    Rachel and jordan both need to see a rhinoplasty specialist.

  180. youzahoe says:

    DIDNT CHERON HAVE A TUMMY TUCK AND A BOOB JOB? what a waste of money!your still saggy and chunky

  181. bboychosen says:

    kate is so beautiful. now that she’s not on the show anymore i don’t look forward to it as much. that’d be cool to see her around like some of you guys are seeing others. i’d lay my game down flat on her!

  182. 1234 says:

    I love kate xoxoxox.

  183. cassie says:

    I love to see Tool Academy. Tonight, however I was very ofended by the financial advisor that was giving the lesson on financial stability. Contrary to his statement, not all people who are poor are poor because they are “stupid” in the mishandling of thier finances. A lot of people suffer form illnesses which are out of thier control and as much as they want to pay off medical bills, it is overwhelming and too often not an opption due to their financial constraints. So get a clue before you talk trash like that to those people you refer to as “tools”. When a so-called self-professed expert makes comments like your guest did, it is very demeaning and offensive to individuals like myself who are not poor because of “stupidpty”.

  184. Danny says:

    Cheron is sooo fat and gross just like her lesbian partner. They should have stayed together they were both disguesting. Maybe Cheron should try being bulimic she might look better.

  185. Mikey says:

    Kates facial structure is Hideous. Her lip goes inward like she is missing bottom teeth lol she looks like a old lady with a fu**ed up HUGE chin.

  186. NuAwlinz says:

    Oh, please! Cheron is.. er, was.. the most attractive person on the show. She’s soooo gorgeous! imho

  187. Julie says:

    I have watched tool academy faithfully since t.a #1. I watched this week and was appauled that Jacob did not get eliminated!!! I think he is a total tool and should have not made it passed the first week.

  188. baddawter says:

    jacob is soooooo gross looking! ugh! i would puke all over him if he tried to touch me!

  189. unknown says:

    We all have our opinions IMO Cheron isn’t the most attractive

    1. Dayna
    2. Kate

    and the rest I don’t give a )$~@@~_`@@“*_#*

  190. The Realest says:

    Damn Courtney is Cute, but her Girl is SUPA Fine!!!!
    Hit me up ladies
    -BTW imma Lesbian-

  191. Tommy says:

    Naw Dawg def Christie numero uno the rest of those hoes nasty as hell.

  192. b says:

    Kate is the most attractive girl on the show..she is the hottest girl on any season of tool academy. I wish i knew her…her personality and looks are everything i dream about in a girl..wish i could be the lucky guy in her life her face is sooo pretty! I love Kate!

  193. Brielle says:

    I’m glad kevin left he was OBNOXIOUS!!!

  194. Jagger says:

    Aww, Kate did the right thing leaving that 3 DUI loser!! who cares if you guys don’t think the girls are pretty, they are all just trying to help the ones they love. Kevin was so disgusting, 6 `@#%!`@@%`~(&`%`!)^~ s and he’s MARRIED, meeka should have left him!! I’d love to know what these tools are doing now, they’ve probably all reverted right back to where they were before. We are forgetting this show is about idiot guys, and turning it into a beauty contest.. If u ask me NONE of the guys are cute and their personalities suck, and only a handful of the girls were, cute, but this isn’t Miss America, what were you expecting?

  195. Tenisa says:

    Ummmm ok, why has this blog turned into all about the girls? You people are stupid. If this is really an annonyus posting war between Christy and Dayna you both should get lives didn’t you learn anything.

  196. Angelina says:

    I think the girls that left their tools did te right thing, Courtney wasn’t changing and neither was Tommy, Rachel should have left her tool!! Kevin was gross and jermika should have left his a**. oral sex is not a mistake if it’s done SIX TIMES.

  197. Bryant says:

    Jermeka should have left kevin someday their kids gonna watch and think its ok 2 do that to their husband/wife.

  198. K says:

    Just cuz a cast member was on a diff show doesnt mean they are reusing other reality show members or is fake! dumbasses. they apply for the show and get picked. maybe they get picked because of who they are but doesnt mean its fake. the show doesnt cast, people apply for it.

  199. Nikki says:

    jennavecia….you are trashy as hell get some class please…white trash.

  200. kbree says:

    It would really suck to be jennavecia. Lisp and all. Her boytoy needs to come my way. Give him his own show, and lets show him how he should be treated! He is so damn cute. I hate seeing that sad face that dumbass +$)`&)#!@&#$%!#~+ puts on his face. Im sure she is going to need body guards, no one is going to walk past her without smacking a ho! Roll bens on that +$)`&)#!@&#$%!#~+ Pathetic.

  201. klbree says:

    jacob jacob jacob, those tears i felt were real, well as much feeling i could get from the tv….but i really hope you treat that girl right. you can tell she really cares for you. just do the right thing. no i am not one of his friends, but i can def get what your saying about that though.

  202. linz says:

    Jennavecia should have never made it that far. She is never going to change. Who brags about sleeping with all of these people then calls someone else an std? Jacob is playing the game, you can tell he isn’t sincere in his changes.I thought kevin should have left along time ago. I was sad to see tommy leave, but he should have been eliminated instead of courtney when he was drunk the whole time.I’m rooting for angelo and his girl since courtney and cheron got eliminated early. All you people sit here and say horrible things about the people you have never met or seen in person, I wonder how we would take it if the tables were turned and people were saying stuff about us? Good luck angelo!

  203. Amanda says:

    I LOOOOVE Jacob!!!!

  204. Amanda says:

    I hope Jacob wins! He is way too adorable. I wish he were my tool.

  205. sara says:

    jacob is HOT!!!!!!

  206. GaryLager says:


    Jennavecia…she is the MOST immature and insecure FEMALE that I have ever seen…I didn’t think a woman could ever be classified as a “TOOL” but she is the epitome of the word, which in man-cave world terms means “is just dumber than a box of rocks”…will never get a clue….and is self-centered!
    Definitely not at all attractive either. Her insecurity about herself really was exhibited with her child-like name calling and screaming rude, distasteful, and vindictive comments that showed she definitely has no tact and proved that she will never change. Kyle will never be happy with her… and will always have drama in his life!! Train wreck just waiting to happen…

  207. Vanessa says:

    Thank god jennavecia got kicked off, kyle deserve so much better than that, all she does is try to pick fights, she sure isn’t going to change, KYLE open your eyes buddy, girls like that ruin it for the rest of us girls that are faithful to their men.

  208. John says:

    Popeye looking needs to grow up and act like a real man. His character is totally ridiculus. Jordan is too lucky to have someone who really care for her but she has to go for her bad behavior.

  209. Channelle says:

    Hahahahaha….. Jennifer AKA Jennavecia you are crazy, and I knew you where going to make a fool of your self! I always knew your mom was just as crazy as you. I am embarrassed to even be *~&`*~&+&()!(#+ ociated with you. Well on that show you showed your crazy side over a fake baby. ( I told you u needed to get back on medicine) Your family looked like total trash on that show, you can tell your mother raised you. You got in a fight once again… You think u are so tough but your like a little dog with no bite. For everyone that said that Kyle is just as lame as her they are right! That guy is still chilling with her. Why? Because he is a absolute fool. I have had to deal with this woman for years.. and not by choice. There is no changing her, she just doesn’t have any class or brains. She is a low class, nasty, tore up little girl in a 30 yr. old body.

  210. ski says:

    angelo is the biggest cry baby i every seen, and when he crys, he makes the ugliest faces i ever seen, man he is ugly. and how do u get your girl beat up and u get beat up, man he is terriable, thats all i got to say for now

  211. Spencer says:


  212. Jasmine says:

    Jordan is the biggest $~$*^`_*+!(+(()`^ I have ever seen even if she were to have a baby it probably would not even be her mans cause she is such a $~$*^`_*+!(+(()`^ and I would whoop that stupid (_`@(*(^~)#~)(~$@ es _!@*#+(!`_%+&&@ if she ever talked to me the way she talks to others and I would not pull hair lol scandalouse $~$*^`_*+!(+(()`^ she is..I want to punch her now just watching tv come get me (_`@(*(^~)#~)(~$@ see who win lol

  213. Nacier says:

    jennavicia she can’t just like her boyfriend

  214. Nay says:

    sorry to bust yall bubbles all dis is fake, dey are called “actors” this is jus added to their resume

  215. Sarah says:

    angelo should have won tool academy, jacob and kristi are entertaining and jacob is beautiful but angelo deserved it! He changed genuinely unlike Jacob. And Angelo is pretty hilarious although he is obnoxious. That is so rigged.

  216. Whitney says:

    I absolutely Hate Jacob and his ugly girlfriend. Seriously whats with the piece of sleeve he wears on his head he is a douche bag. He thinks hes the #+@^)#~~~&$!#_@+ but he is definately not he is ugly as hell and his girlfriend looks like a transvestite!!

  217. whitney says:

    whats with angelos funky huge noggin??

  218. karissa says:

    Hay im like a huge fan of tool academy and my favorite couple of all was in fact jenavecia and kyle!1!!!!!!! theyt were really opposite she’s like ”bicth i’ll whoop @_+!^(_^@@!$~`% type girl and kyle is like ” please let’s handle this more calmly we’re making a crowd” thats y i liked them sooo much!!!! but i truly belive dat jenn adoes love kyle for his sensitivity because she’s lucky its hard to find men like that girl keep him under ur arms because theirs girls out there more out cold than jenavecia and thats when the `*&$&`~#%&^*%(@! really get’s copmnpetitive I jus wish them both goooood luck and talk about b 4 arguing about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Realta Hennessy says:

    how do i sign up my boy friend for this show?! haha hes a huge tool but i love him. can you send in a video or pics anyware?

  220. Realta Hennessy says:

    help me guys, im quite conversational!!!

  221. mindy says:

    jenna was on bad girls club season 3 aswell shes just an mtv $_@$(!^)`_~@($#*& tryin 2 b noticed but damn shes hot its hard 2 like her but u cant love her

  222. mindy says:

    JACOB IS FAT N UGLY i cant stand that TOOL

  223. Taneka says:

    OMFG !!!! Tommy is sooo daym fine he is sooo hot !!! and those blue eyes they are so adorible. his tatto on his arm is hot but the won on his chest man that even better. Lolz. Tommy you’r hot , really hot,(Hehe) and don’t change if you don’t want to. k. Hehe.

  224. tootsie1954 says:

    When is the next Tool Academy going to begin?

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