On The Season Finale of VH1 Tough Love 2, Not Everyone Says I Love You


After watching and rooting for the ladies of VH1 Tough Love 2 all season, we’ll finally learn who received a promise ring, and who went home heartbroken. As this preview from the finale (premiering Sunday at 9/8c) shows, the ladies are waiting until the last minute to make up their minds. And really, the decisions aren’t entirely up to them — their partners will have to accept their promise rings and the commitment they symbolize. Taylor’s guy Willy seems up to the challenge — he tells Taylor he loves her, and she finally opens up about her past. After leaving Angel hanging last week, Adam reciprocates her love. On the other side, Liz still doesn’t know whether Dave should get her promise ring after their argument last week. Find out Sunday whether he and Liz–and the other eight new relationships on VH1 Tough Love–get a happy ending.

–Jessica Suarez

Steve has two events in Atlantic City coming up — click the image below for more details.


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  1. daquinn says:

    I think Ms.Taylor is ridiculous! She acts like she has control of her situation, when her life is burnt out. I know shes a golddigger! Be independent first, and raise your child right! Shes not doing it for love, its all for t.v. get it right Taylor!!!!

  2. Fan says:

    To the comment above. I agree that Taylor needs to figure herself out…but did you watch the 1st season of Tough Love? Taylor admitted to giving up her child for adoption b/c she was too poor to be able to provide even the basic necessities for that child. I don’t agree w/ Taylors behaviors or attitudes but can understand that she never wants to be in that situation again, which kinda explains her gold-digging ways.

  3. LadyFace says:

    Angel and Adam should have their own show. Period. All the other couples are boring.

  4. Jessica says:

    okay so i just got done watching the last show and was soo upset to see that they didnt tell what happend :( were do i find it on here bc i soo want to knw!!!!!??????????

  5. Ramona says:

    The episodes were great, I enjoyed them very much. I really hate to see the show end. I am hoping that this show continues for years to come, of course there are many women out there that can use the help that Steve and his mother have to offer. I like to see the girls grow and learn how to love themselves. Many women are use to being the victims and won’t humble. But in this show they humble or get out! lol.

    Anyway, hurry up Steve and get some new girls.

  6. Gigi says:

    I would just like to know the updates on the couples. How may of their situations actually worked out with the people that they matched up with on the show.

  7. Gigi says:

    I would just like to know the updates on the couples. How many of their situations actually worked out with the people that they were matched up with on the show.

  8. (Ex) Fan says:

    After watching the season finale and reading what’s going on now.. I can’t help but think that the show is a crock. I’m so disappointed. Only one couple is together… WTF?!

  9. T says:

    So, I wonder if any of these relationship continued after the show. At least 1st season had some follow-up. I am curious…

  10. curious fan says:

    They said we could find out the after-story if we got on line. Where is it?

  11. Dianna Pogue says:

    Has anyone found out where we see if the ladies are still with the men they gave the rings to?

  12. TiffanyG says:

    I loved the show! Taylor really has issues and should seek help before finding love. Not that thats a bad thing but the poor girl wants to be loved but she doesnt truly love herself yet! Adam and Angel better work as well as Liz and Dave.. both great couples.. Jenna needs to grow up! Shes too dang giggly and needs to learn to be serious on occasion! Other than that I loved them all! Rocky I think is a beautiful woman! lol.. cant wait to see the updates! Im hoping for the best for them all!

  13. Toriano Fortineaux says:

    I think Willy Northpole should have his own show, he talks well and has a nice face for tv , he also inter acts with the other cast ,I would like to see more of Willy to see what he is like in a reality show setting, and hear more of his music.