VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 11 – With This Ring


VH1 Tough Love 2 is over, and nearly all of the women gave their promise rings away to their new matches during the finale.

But not without a few surprises along the way. Check out some things we loved about VH1 Tough Love 2‘s last show, and see screen shots from the episode in the gallery below.

– Adam and Angel’s close encounter.

Thanks to the ladies’ update on their current love lives we know who’s still together with their VH1 Tough Love match, and who’s moved on. The one couple making it work? Angel and Adam. Adam finally told Angel that he was falling in love with her during their romantic balloon ride. But their up, up, up close kiss made it obvious that their tiny balloon basket had to fit the two of them, a balloon pilot, and a camera man.

- Raising the bar on Alicia.


It was a big, big step for Alicia to commit to a man close to her age, and with the same values and goals as her own. But then Nick had his own commitment to make, asking Alicia to move from Chicago to Philadelphia to open a bar with him. It was as if he were saying, “Yeah, I’ll see your ring, and raise you a radical, life-changing commitment.” Too soon, guy.

- You shouldn’t put a ring on it.

Speaking of Nick–this episode taught the ladies something else about men: they don’t like to wear rings on necklaces. Nick pulled Alicia’s arms away from his neck when she attempted to put the ring on him. And other guys similarly asked to have the rings places on their fingers instead. Did these men think necklace jewelry wasn’t manly enough for them? Just tell that to Mr. T…or Willy.


- The best outfit in the world.

Ring ceremony: gotta look sharp! Or: you gotta look like this! Adam appeared to be the VH1 Tough Love joker (remember his outfit for the house’s pool party?). But Turner’s sweater/turtleneck combo was the season’s most amazing display of clothing irony. Most of Jenna’s dates were not hipsters–maybe that’s why she was unhappy with all of Steve’s matches.

- Did Tina know something the other girls didn’t?


As their updates show, most of the ladies’ relationships didn’t last long after the show wrapped. Tina, however, left the show without a match, having kept her ring instead of giving it away to Quincy. True, you had to be brave to go up there and ask someone to commit to you, but it took even more bravery for Tina to hold on to her principles. “That took guts,” Steve said.

- So many tears.


“This is supposed to be a celebration. So lets celebrate,” Willy said to Taylor when she began crying during the ceremony. But none of the ladies could hold back tears. Nearly all of them got what they wanted from their VH1 Tough Love partners, yet most cried when their housemates were up on stage. Their commitment to each other seemed just as strong–if not stronger–than their commitment to their new relationships.


— Jessica Suarez

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