Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 4 – Faces Of Tasia


Get ready for a big surprise…


Our first face of Tasia this week is one that’s well-earned: her careworn face.


As Tasia meets with a life coach…


…she explains that she put Teeny out because she’s tired of taking care of grown folk. Fair enough: everyone’s endurance runs out eventually. Fantasia says this relationship is taking up “all” of her energy, as further revealed by her zapped face…


But then, just as it seems that she’s cast him out and OK with it, Teeny messages his way back into her heart via a greeting card. It’s kind of the best card ever in its virgin form: outside is a bulldog looking up guiltily and inside it simply reads, “Are you still mad at me?”



That is exactly what a bulldog’s bulging eyeballs would say if they could talk.

Anyway, Fantasia reads the letter…


…and it is momentarily heartwarming, until Fantasia gets word that Teeny is on the phone and has requested that she read the letter out loud. What results is Fantasia’s Teeny, for real? face.


“I got it,” says Fantasia, who will not be addressing the family with Teeny’s words. “Who he tryin’ to make a point to?” Oh, just the entire world, probably. He knows the cameras are rolling. Wonderfully, Fantasia then sings in an interview, “Now you guys get to see all the bulls*** I go through!” It’s a catchy tune. I smell a first single!

Speaking of which, here’s Fantasia’s I-ain’t-moving face:


That’s her showing determination to keep “Move on Me” as her first single. Keith, the new record-company guy she’s been assigned to, calls “Move” a flavorful album track that’s “probably really good live.” Commence shot-down face:


But! Keith does have a possible solution for her: a disc with demos that Tasia could possibly record. It could be home to the hit she needs.

Pushing the career to the side for a moment, Fantasia gives us her grandma-love face…


Grandma Addie is coming to town, which means “there’s something seriously wrong.” At last we’ve turned the corner from semi-serious street!


Grandma’s excited to lead a family meeting for the sake of reuniting Teeny with the rest of the family. There’s just one problem:


After agreeing to come, Teeny never shows up. Fantasia’s mother says, “After he told my mother he would come, and he didn’t show up, that really bothered me. So, he’s a lot angrier than I thought.” He’s a lot more enraging than I thought. Funny how people can interpret situations differently. It seems like even Diva’s patience is worn out:


Canine side-eye FTW!

Here’s Fantasia’s own don’t-make-me-wait face:


“He knows better,” says Fantasia of Teeny’s absence, and seriously? Does he?

Whatever, the meeting proceeds without Teeny. Grandma preaches unity and, I believe, at one point speaks in tongues. She says that she is “suited up for war” and that “chaos is goin’ on.” As a result, we see Fantasia’s liquid-prayers face:


It’s so anointed by Grandma: “It’s all right to cry. Those are liquid prayers,” she says. That makes something like Steel Magnolias seem like a revival.

Speaking of revivals, Fantasia is still appearing in The Color Purple, and it is via this musical that Teeny starts on the dirt road to reconciliation…


As he watches, it’s clear that his estrangement from Fantasia is somewhat similar to the estrangement between Fantasia’s character Celie and her sister Nettie.


The only exception is that Nettie didn’t spend quite as much money when building Celie’s recording studio.

Anyway, you see where this is going, right?


Fantasia and Teeny finally sit down to talk and he apologizes, and admits he’s inconsiderate and may be taking advantage of Fantasia’s situation. He doesn’t want to be a hindrance on anybody, but he does want to come back home, so yeah, try reconciling that. Anyway, Fantasia agrees to let him back, with the condition that he’s out by the New Year. He agrees. It seems really big of Teeny to admit that he was wrong for a second, until we see him interview, “I went from renegade to boss again…well, I always was a boss…” What, like a boss of cockroaches? Ugh. In the words of Fantasia, TEENAY! Rico later says that nothing’s changed, but for now there is harmony in the House of Fantasia…


Adorable, right?

In other news, after listening to those demos, Fantasia comes to the conclusion that her first single is, indeed, on it. It may not be “Move on Me,” but she’s keeping it movin’ all the same.

And indeed, the first single has been found — Fantasia’s brand new track, “Even Angels,” is now streaming on Fantasia’s official site and available for purchase at the Sony Store.

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