For The Love Of Ray J Recap – Episode 12 – Grown Up For Real


Who won For The Love Of Ray J last night? Here’s a hint: there’ll be a lot less of this from now on:


That’s right. Fun went up against mature, and fun lost. More on the For The Love Of Ray J finale, plus bonus clips and screen shots from the last episode below.

Poor Platinum. She had so many qualities Ray J wanted in a woman, qualities that he thoughtfully enumerated out loud during their final date in Las Vegas. In short, she was:

  • so original
  • real
  • sexy
  • super hot
  • but in a mental way too

But there were other things he liked about her as well. She was laid back. She was fun. And, when they were out to dinner on their last night together, she gently made fun of him for not wanting to eat foie gras, which made him appreciate her even more. “She’s starting to see my hang ups and she likes every part of me,” Ray J said.


Platinum even survived the show’s toughest challenge: the dreaded ear exam. But she also let her insecurities show a little bit, telling Ray J that she didn’t trust him as much as she could. To be clear, Mz Berry had her own jealous/untrusting streak, but she put it on Ray J to meet that challenge. “I just expect you to control yourself,” she told him during their final date.

This was Ray J considering his future with Mz Berry. But Mz Berry was as upfront with her emotions as she was with her expectations.




In fact, she made her feelings pretty clear the entire episode.


Platinum’s signals were a little less clear, except for this one. This dress was solely designed to make Mz Berry nervous about Ray J’s date with Platinum.

And it worked. Platinum also antagonized Mz Berry by saying she felt hot flashes when she got sick. She asked Mz Berry if that was what menopause felt like.



But Ray J chose Mz Berry over Platinum despite Mz Berry’s tendency to get jealous of other women. As he said at the end of the episode, laid-back Platinum reminded him of his past relationships. He wanted to move forward. And this season’s winner, Mz Berry, made him think about his future: “Platinum connects with the man I am now, and Mz Berry connects with the man I wanna be.”

In the bonus clip above, Platinum predicts that Ray J and Mz Berry won’t make it, but also shows that she had no hard feelings toward him.

— Jessica Suarez

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