Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business – Coming Soon To VH1!



Ray J recently said on Twitter that this season of For the Love of Ray J would be the last. But, that doesn’t mean he’s leaving VH1 anytime soon — a new series about his family is set to premiere Sunday, April 11 at 9/8c. Check out the press release below for details of this, as well as the For the Love of Ray J 2 reunion:

Superstar siblings Brandy and Ray J Norwood are famous for their incredible vocal talent on the stage and screen. But they wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and guidance of their parents – entertainment manager and mom, Sonja and talented musical father, Willie Norwood. In this new VH1 series, viewers will get a first hand glimpse into the lives of the Norwood family unit and their family business – Rn’B Productions. Run by Sonja, Rn’B Productions features an impressive roster of musical artists including Brandy, Ray J and their father Willie, who also serves as the company’s vocal coach. But with Sonja ready to take a step down, Brandy and Ray J will have to fill her shoes quickly all the while taking the family business to the next level. Will they have what it takes to continue to stay in the limelight while growing an entertainment empire? Watch as the Norwood’s join forces and reach new levels of success in Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business premieres on VH1 Sunday, April 11 at 9:00 PM.

From an early age Brandy and Ray J were exposed to the spotlight. Brandy blew the world away in the 90’s with her soulful voice as a teenager, scoring numerous hits on the pop charts and earning her first Grammy® at the age of 19. Popular for her starring role on the long running hit series Moesha and for her roles in films like Cinderella along side Whitney Houston, Brandy quickly became a household name. Following in his sister’s footsteps, Ray J emerged onto the scene in various TV shows and films and became a power player in the music industry with platinum selling hits like “Sexy Can I” and “One Wish.” Ray J is also famous for his reputation having dated many of Hollywood’s leading ladies and staring in two seasons of his own hit VH1 reality series, For the Love of Ray J.

“The Norwoods are an incrediblytalentedfamilywho truly love each other and I think our viewers will relate to that,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, VH1. “They are also a family in business together in a rapidly evolving industry, which offers a whole other level of complexity in their relationships. I was struck not only by their bond and honesty with each other, but also by their ability to put family first amidst all the rewards and struggles their industry can provide.”

In their new 11, one-hour episode series, both Brandy and Ray J will expand their roles in the family business. Brandy will step back into the music scene and team up with famous producer Timbaland for a new album all the while raising her seven year-old daughter Sy’rai. We’ll also see Ray J stepping out of his notorious bad boy image and collaborating with Rodney Jerkins and other popular R&B heavyweights. Father, Willie will continue to sing and coach his famous children while being the original voice of reason. And the matriarch of the family, Sonja, will strive to keep her famous family on the right track, while passing the family business down to her two superstar children.

Despite their success and celebrity status, the Norwoods’ are a typical American family who stick together. Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business premieres on VH1 Sunday, April 11 at 9:00 PM. will be home to show information, video clips, full episodes and more when Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business premieres in April.

Don’t forget to tune in when all your favorite ladies from the past 10 weeks reunite at the For The Love of Ray J 2 reunion show on Monday, February 8 at 8:00 PM. Watch as this season’s eliminated women finally give Ray J, and each other, a piece of their mind.

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  1. Jen says:

    Will anything be mentioned about Brandy and Ray-J’s older half brother Dove??? Considering he is a part of the family and this show is supposed to be about the entire Norwood family. I know they deny he is related to them, but trust me, all you have to do is take one look at Dove to know that he and Ray-J are brothers, the only difference, age.

  2. prescious says:

    Ray Jay, you look soooo handsome in this picture. All the best with your new show.

  3. Pat says:

    Great, another boring show. Vh1 please stop making boring ass shows like this, fantasia for real and lets talk about pep. These shows suck!

  4. Showviewer says:

    Another boring show, VH1 is getting worser & worser.

  5. Jack says:

    Are you kidding me! We need more love shows not shows like these. We need more new york, rock of love, charm school, and i love money! Real and Chance would be better then this too! (even tho I think that they arnt actually looking for love.)

  6. Concerned says:

    Maybe Brandy will kill some more people with her car for the show! Excellent ratings!!

  7. I know! says:

    Jack, shut up, people like you are the reason reality TV even exist.

    Concerned, aw man, that was ice cold, people died man ):

    I laughed at the eybrow comment. Oh wow. LMAO

  8. Chris says:

    I am Really Excited about this show,I’ve wondered what Brandy’s been up to, She still has a loyal fanbase, but we’ve been in the dark about her future plans.

  9. mimi says:

    oh cant wait to see this show i love ray j and Brandy seem so sweet cant wait

  10. jon says:

    Ray j is cool. But Brandy fixing to get back on top of the charts with this new show appearing out. her 6th album fixing to be the bomb. GO BRANDY!

  11. Roxanne says:

    It sounds boring!!!!

  12. Glynnis says:

    What happened to Brandy’s eyebrows???????

  13. jmi says:

    REALLY? Why VH1??? These two are NOBODIES!!! Hmmm, I guess paying these two has-beens is cheaper than actually paying music companies to show music videos.

  14. Elliot says:

    I think it’s time to walk away slowly from the strange beast that VH1 has become…
    The only way I’ll return is if Angelique, Buckwild, Saaphyri, DJ Lady Tribe, or New York show up again.

  15. SMH says:

    am i the only one who notices tha vh1 totally f-ed up Brandy’s eyebrows???? They just brought the crazy right to her face…WOW!!

  16. rach says:

    Concerned hit the nail on the head– why are we giving Brandy a show and presenting her as a wholesome family girl when there is a family missing their loved one because she killed them?

  17. Mz. Levette says:

    I think that show will be great I love Ray J and His Family…

  18. trinib says:

    yeah… why show something positive… this is TV… smh… bunch of idiots VH1 attracts

  19. trinib says:

    would even touch the ‘Brandy killed people’ comment… another idiot

  20. Huh? says:

    trinib Says:

    February 5th, 2010 at 7:37 am

    would even touch the ‘Brandy killed people’ comment… another idiot


    But…that’s true…they’d only be an idiot if they were like you and wanting to see this show.

    And didn’t you mean you ‘wouldn’t’ touch the comment? But…in a way…you did by speaking on it. Not touching on it would be ignoring it.

    Great job.

  21. Crab Two Face says:

    Oh no! Not another “reality” show – ugh! The only ones I like are the dating ones. I can’t believe this! Now his mean Mom and his Dad and Brandy have a gig too. Ugh!

  22. Debra says:

    After the reunion nobody wants to see or cares to know what Ray J’s doing. We already know he’chasing PANTIES He better slow down or he’s gonna be in the groung with the VIRUS!

  23. unknown says:

    Jack is right 100% we need I love Money.

  24. KEVO says:

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  25. bublik says:

    where is bz berry though, or she is not the part of ray j’s family? :0 oops I forgot, ray j dumped her right after she won his show and didn’t even bother sending a sms for 5 month.
    ray j ratings sucked on his for the love show 2, so now he is trying another try. hmm. such a desperate family. well i am not watchin. vh1 – hire yourself better branding dept, so your ratings will not suck as ray j’s ratings

  26. Lisa says:

    There is a half brother named C-Dove that made a video about Ray called “DNA”. I just listened to it and I have to say its messed up. My opinon is Dove got jelious becuase his music went no where and Ray’s career took off. Yes they do look alike..sorry Ray. Anyway if you want to check out the Video, copy and paste the link below. OH and 1/2 sister to

  27. Jessica says:

    Wow, Really? I’m not watching. VH1, please stop playing these stupid shows with Ray J, Forgoten Brandy, and parents. I’m watching less and less of VH1 these days because they are just too boring. Now this one? Forget it!

  28. Riri says:

    No one is forcing yall to watch, which you probably would regardless of saying you wont. Ray J’s show was #1 for a second season so…. What you say means what exactly?

    I’ll be watching I love the Norwoods.

  29. tjohnson says:

    People need to shut the hell up about that car accident. What’s done is done she CANNOT take it back! Grow up stuff happens. My prayers go out to that family AND the Norwood family because they were all affected. Anyway, i love brandy she is a talented, true singer and I will be watching the show. Anybody that has anything negative to say can kick rocks and get a damn life. @%~^$`*_$(`&*`& holes

  30. Coorreeyy says:

    Brandy is my alltime favorite singer
    Im goin to watch this show everyday i dont care what u haters say

  31. cleftomaniac says:

    everyone who posted a comment including the haters will watch the show, thats why you took time out of your day to click on this page, im sure brandy didnt set out to have an unfortunate car accident, the same thing can happen to any of you and im sure you wouldnt appreciate completely inconsiderate unsensitive comments about the situation that happened years ago….and while you want to call them nobodies, is it them who are the nobodies with albums movies and tv shows, or you who are unkown and at home on windows 95!!! whats your name again? oh i dont know it because your the nobodies!!!oops

  32. CeCe says:

    @Jen…Dove is not a member of the Norwood family. You don’t have to be related to someone to look like them. Everybody has a twin. I would know if he is related because I am Sonja and Willie’s neice.

  33. Marc says:

    I can’t wait for this show! Brandy and Ray J have awesome personalities and I can’t wait to see her recording her new album! She is coming back hard this era. As for Ray…well he is cute

  34. Stop says:


  35. t j says:

    i jus don”t get people now a days….let #+~&%$^@&&&~!&$~ go she did not kill that lady the lady was high on weed did u guys know that, no u didn’t,you was jus so quik to say BRandy did it let it go move on cause she have. guess what Brandy still makeing money and you the person who’s talking so bad about Brandy is at home with no life get one cause she sure got hers if u not gone see the show keep it to urself if you not gone buy a cd keep it to urself cause she has already been paid to do the show and to put out a new cd……..

  36. relthang256 says:

    I say they should take a DNA test to prove that Dove is a Norwood or Dove isn’t a Norwood. That’s really the only way to prove it. Me personally, if there was a someone out their claiming to be one of my children and there was a resembalance of between me and the child, I would want to know, esp if I had dealings with the mother. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of someone who very well may be apart of you? True, only God can judge because God knows the TRUTH about this situation.

    Who doesn’t want to know their father…or mother for that matter? This can be fixed, but only if both parties want to fix it. Why not take a DNA test and give closure to this situation. I willing to bet Dove would take it…

  37. relthang256 says:

    A DNA test will clear up whether or not if Dove is a Norwood or not. Why not take it? If he’s not a Norwood the DNA test will tell us. That’s the ONLY way this matter will get resolved. Take a DNA test…

  38. timothy payne says:

    i luvv brandy

  39. WbEN says:

    CANT WAIT!!! love brandy and shes recodin her new album

  40. Amanda says:

    I’m not watching nothing with “Ray J’s” wack a$$ on it. He aint nothing but a WOMAN ABUSER.

  41. truthhurts1 says:

    I agree with relthang256. Instead of being on VH1 they need to be in Maury’s studio. Not passing judgement but who knows what our parents did when they were young. One thing for sure though, the truth always comes to the light. Over the years there has been plenty of speculation on people in the lime light having paternity issues. When someone has doubt what do they do…take a DNA test. When they feel guilt…run. There are too many children fatherless. Fathers shouldn’t run but own up to things they have done. How can Mr. Norwood call himself a Christian, and deny his children? I hope he reads this and finds some compassion in his heart because God is a forgiving God.

  42. Tarsha says:

    i watched the first episode and i will be on the couch sundays 9 pm to watch

  43. JACQUE says:


  44. Quintana clark says:

    u guys have such a wonderful show that why love to watch it have a very good season please brandy go wit him to the red carpet and ray j u is so fine.u have such a wonderful family

  45. Amanda says:

    Brandy should be in jail for manslaughter, not having a reality TV show. This is just sad VH1.

  46. lauren hawthorne says:

    I like the new show I think it will be a great hit .

  47. yasmeen says:

    Im not `)&)!^!_*#)~$)~$ y with my talent but i defiantly feel like i could have done good with american idol but really wana not do anything until i MEET brandy Norwood SHE is absolute my idol and will do anything to meet her and maybe let her help me establish my career before i turn 16:)

  48. tiise says:

    sum ppl dnt like seeing other ppl going forward with thier lives,,,,,,its true pple will never wish u well and praise u when u doing gud things,,,,,,bt if the person passes on then they will start feeling sorry,,,,,to all the brandy haters,,or noorwoods haters,,,,jst get a life ,and leave the noorwoods alone,,,they are very successful ppl,if u busy lukin at what they doing u cud be doing sumthing with ur life that is very productive,,,,,,,,,,,,BRANDY I WUD LIKE TO SAY U ROCK GIRL,,,,NO MATTER WHAT ,,,,ALWAYS EN WILL BE YOUR FAN 4EVER,,,,

  49. TIISE says:


  50. relthang256 says:

    @tiise-but when does a father or a mother ever stop being a parent to their children???

  51. fleason says:

    Do you realize that Ray J already `#`!+%_%*`)*^&!! ed up the family name? Does the family realize that????

  52. Candy Thomas says:

    I Love the show a family business will it is a good show
    i seen the frist show and ray j mom know best people not going to take care of ur stuff like u do

    P.S i love u brandy and ray j

  53. Maria says:

    Ray is Sexy, I like this show will be watching it… :-) Such a nice family!!!

  54. Pay Attention says:

    Just a observation, Brandy is the responsible adult and R.J. is this irresponsible child. How unfortunate that is, the daughter is held to a higher standard than the son. He’s excuse from being a responsible gentlemen/man WOW.
    R.J. KARMA is a real thing we all have to deal with. What you do to others come back to you. Its unfortunate people close to us have to pay for mistakes made by others. R.J. be careful your sister or niece may end up with a man like you.
    His behavior is very inappropriate and his dialogue is unbelievable, especially knowing his family is a part of this show. Some things the public don’t need to see.
    I truly was excited to see Brandy again she has all ways been someone I enjoy watching but R.J. WOW. That’s sad…

  55. Ms Connie says:

    The show is OK. You never hear anybody mention The Thea Show. That is the first place I ever even hear of Brandy. I also hears there was a lot of bad blood between Thea and Brandy’s mom during those years because her mom thought Brandy show have more airtime. It is sad to say but watch her mom on the show she looks like she could be a real #%`_`&!^(%%(!$_+* She is all in their business. Even telling a grown *&$^*(^#)&&#**) man who he can date. She is living off the talent of her kids since she has no talent. Why don’t you bring Thea on your show and made things right.

  56. zariha says:

    you rock Rayj i love u

  57. alisha says:

    i wanted to send brandy and ray j a personal e-mail so can u e-mail me so i can send it to yall please

  58. Rochellethatsme says:

    Ray J you are so full of crap!! You so wrong for doing a show about love and had no intentions on coming through for love. You speak about being 100 but you can’t even practice what you preach… Perhaps you should just stop preaching that word until you figure out how to be ’100′… You are so old and you are still acting as though you are a 16 year old- that’s a shame. You come from a classy family and yet you still fail to have any kind of class.

    Figure it out!!

  59. dally says:

    this show is the best all caz ray j is in there. i luv u ray j. brandy is a little more responsible than u but u r still d best.

  60. Tiffany says:

    Hello,Mrs. Norwood, I’m a mother who has 6 year old daughter that is an actor and i wanted to know if you had any tips for me on how to be an manager and what to look out for.

  61. crystal lite says:

    I think the family realizes that Ray is growing and Ray probably realizes that also. Everything thats happened with Ray and Brandy is apart of them growing. Family is family and that should neva change regardless of what family does. RJ did look good tho on the show. I think this is one of the Realities that I will be watching on the regular.

  62. crystal lite says:

    I also wanted to say that I love what Ray said about a quote his grandma made, “you cant find love, love has to find you”. That is one of the best sayings I have heard in awhile. I am 33 going on 34 and just recently realized that about love myself. Its like once you start doing you and making yo’self shine others will notice that shine and start flocking, its just that simple. But everythang that says its love is not love. Its one of those action speak louder than words type thang. Love will find you and its unmistakable when its found. Much love to Brandy and Ray. Keep doing ’til its done :-)

  63. Sara says:

    I just want to say that I have been a REALLY BIG BIG FAN of Brandy’s. I think our personalities are almost exact from what I read and see on TV. We share the same B-Day but I was just born in ’83. The one song that hit me the hardest, like “hitting the nail on the head” was ” have u ever”. I cannot wait for her next album. Girl don’t change your music. I. Love those ballads like your mom says. I am learning that mama is always right. I just don’t let my mom know that.

  64. lily says:


  65. deangelio says:

    brany is realy sensative
    but she is still my favre person

  66. Pam says:

    I have watched every episode and think this show is a hit! A great way to open up dialogue with our own family members. Thanks for sharing your family dynamic.

    P.S. The fight in the office over the stripper?

    Brandy why would you kind of front your mother in front of Ray J’s friend by chastising your mom about her saying that Ray J’s friend wasn’t nothing? That’s kind of passive aggressive don’t you think? Could you not have saved that and spoken to her after the guys left? You kind of seem to relish in putting your mom on blast, at a kind of inappropriate time. Ask yourself why? Just a thought.

  67. AfromBK says:

    Ray J is so immature, that’s from his mother spoiling him and not letting him grow into a man she’s hard on brandy and soft on ray.Classic case of mother’s that are partial to boys and ruined them for life. Brandy has all the talent ray J or the parents would be no where without her and the father should had put a stop to the favoritism when they was young he same like a sucker the father needs to man uppp. Back to ray he’s thinks he’s the only black handsome brother with BIG ick wit his ^&)^^!%&@^~!*!*% y self he aint got no real paper he’s riding off brandy’s riches.I wish they would drop him off in BKLYN in brownsville and see how tough he is then, he’s a punk. Brandy keep ur head up and f-them you are a star. Sonja needs to right her wrong before she loose her daughter when so get old a fable who you think gonna take care of her it’s always the girls the boys are gone doing whatever. I glad I have 3 girls and that is comforting to me once reach old age atlease I they will wash me up and provide when need be..

  68. Kikeea says:

    I was somewhat of a fan of Ray J until I watched the show with his family. He seems extremely arrogant and he is very self centered and childish. I don’t even feel like he has a real talent when it comes to singing, I think Brandy has a talent and I hope this show makes her more successful. Sometimes I feel like entertainers forget about the little people that buy their cds, and not the bootlegs. Ray J may not care but he has lost at least one fan, me.

  69. mjh11 says:

    okay im sad for brandy and her mom. someone needs to help mrs. sonya cause she does not like her daughter she tolorates her. the dad needs to step up and save is wife and daughter. rj grow up stop acting like a pimple on the $@##**+*_“#@_$ or a boil. brandy dont give up on your mom keep tryin. mrs. sonya look at the previous shows so you can see you treat rj better with is sad self

  70. deonsome says:

    Ray j I am 14 years old you know what I’m prayin for you. RJ you are very disrespectful and pathetic with your attitude. Grow up already for your own good. help your mom and sister’s relationship. Man help your family. Get serious about your career and by the way having a lot of women is not a career. what every you do to others is already done to you. STOP DISAPPOINTING YOUNG PEOPLE.

  71. Being Real says:

    Ray J is the worst guy ever. Girls you are very stupid if you like a man who only wants to have sex with you. life is more than that. You reap what you sow.

  72. Cecilia says:

    This is a horrible show – please remove it off the air. There’s nothing more annoying than watching that old miserable, Debbie downer of a mother than they have. I feel sorry for her children.

  73. kim says:

    hey brandy and ray j i really like your show and brandy u are right but it looks like things are lookin up for u and your mom and ray j’s relationship here is an idea i came up with for u and brother a his & her’s fragrance set sold together since u 2 are doing the singing this is just one more thing ray j & brandy can do . p.s. i have more ideas so. p.s.s.s. no one has done the fragrance set sold like that its good if u want to buy a gift for a couple or husband & wife let me know what u think. i also own a beauty salon in kcmo named family affair inc.

  74. Yolanda says:

    This is a beautiful picture…

    Real Family, Real Problems/Issues, REAL LOVE!!

    I know I am not family, but may I suggest I manage (personal ()_#~~()(`+_@(# ist Brandy) and Ryan can continue with Ray J?

    Just a thought/suggestion.

    Much Love…

  75. Caitlyn says:

    its funny how Ray was telling that girl to check his bank account…haha..what she should’ve said…RAY CHECK your RECORD sales LMAO! dude hasn’t even went gold (only 500,000) sold…brandy however has sold way more, but isn’t treated as good as RAY is which is totally sad…overall BRANDY needs to leave her family alone (except for Willie,SR)…she sells the records…she’ll do just fine without them!

  76. Robin says:

    i love brandy. she’s sooooo sweet.

    sonya, the mother…she’s seriously a !*#~_*`)_`@%_&~`~ an old !*#~_*`)_`@%_&~`~ at that…

    willie, SR. he’s very spiritual, supportive and just seems like a great man overall.

    & finally ray J, he’s seriously soooo WHACK. he doesn’t sell records at all, he can’t even sing. haha. it’s hilarious.
    he only makes money to party and he throwing out money to get his own fragrance; clothing lines and etc. which he needs to, and leave the singing to BRANDY…

    forever a brandy fan…although her last two albums have STUNK! go back to FULL MOON and NEVER say NEVER girl!

  77. Gregory King says:

    I may be out of line for saying this but if it weren’t for Brandy…nobody would know who the Ray J is. She’s smart, articulate, talented and expresses herself that is free of emotion. I don’t understand how the family isn’t able to see and understand where she is coming from and respects her point of view. If this is how the family truly view her…then I suggest you sit and re group. Brandy is the brand behind this label. But I also understand that this is TV….come on guys…..give her her props.

  78. jaitoy says:

    Where is Brandy’s daughter?

  79. lanny says:

    forget brandy ND RAY J !

  80. Rochelle Washington says:

    I have been watch in vh1 family business and other shows .It’s a great thing to stay together and work as a family.To brandy and ray it’s a wonderful to have parent’s still together and around don’t stop being there for each other. To Ray and brandy you will find the right one day don’t rush it take time.I’m a business woman in maryland.I could stay much and don’t trust everyone P.S love alway.

  81. susan says:

    where is brandys daughter? is brandy ever with her?

  82. susan says:

    Brandy is now 31…she depends WAYYYY too much on her Mother..time to cut the cord!

  83. wanda riley says:


  84. Eleanor Scott says:

    The “Brandy and Ray J Family Show” is a good family setting show that has substance. Sonya, I love you. You are a GREAT MOM! You remind me of myself, always giving of yourself to your children. You are right, what is LIFE if you cannot devote yourself to raising your children? Taking care of our children(no matter how old they are)is what we live for; furthermore,it makes us happy! Keep on,keeping on Sonja. I admire you.
    Shaw, MS

  85. Eleanor Scott says:

    The “Brandy and Ray J Family Show” is a good family setting show that has substance. Sonya, You are a GREAT MOM! You remind me of myself, always giving of yourself to your children. You are right, what is LIFE if you cannot devote yourself to raising your children? Taking care of our children(no matter how old they are)is what we live for. I admire you Sonja. Keep up the good work.

  86. JASMINE says:

    i love this show! What a beautiful family picture!:D :P

  87. Tony Legere says:

    I was watching the episode about the accident where someone lost their life. Everyone looked at Brandy because of your celebrity. I believe that you can use that celebrity and have $1000 a plate dinner and use the money to start a foundation in the victim’s name for scholarships etc. It’s just an idea. I wish you all the best and I’ll be praying for you.

  88. EXTREME says:

    Maybe I can bring an understanding to the shorty mac situation. When you try tto build a career on lies and deception, how can you bAre fruit. Ray J, look at shorty mac and ask him to tell you the whole story of who I am and my involvement in his life and his mom’s. Blast back soon.

  89. Farosha says:

    your media publist is correct. Eventhough you don’t want to talk about your accident it is necessary. I have been a fan of yours since I was in high school. We are actually the same age. I have been a faithful fan and follower that long. When your hit show with your family came out, I was like “Yes” she’s back, but I’ve aalways had that thought in the back of my head like, “ok she’s brandy, but she was in a car accident were a person died and instead of addressing her faithful fans, she sends her publist out and then goes into hiding. Not cool!I was sadden by that. It made me feel like you did not have any remorse. So,I know you stated on your show that you could not understand hy you should talk about it, well from a fan stand point, you should talk about it because the fans want to be able to continue following someone we though we knew, someone who was fithful to her fans and shared her thoughts and feelings through her music, and becase we and your fans hell! Lol!! We love you Brandy!

  90. Tiara says:

    This show is a family show it shows love, care, hope, and dreams it a show that shows how to creatate a business and the mom is a hard person when it come to business and when it come to family she is always there.

  91. Lynn Jones says:

    Brandy I think it’s great that you made the decision not to discuss the accident in more detail the little you told said a great deal and let your fans know that you weren’t at fault, it’s very hurting to you even today, and that you really feel bad about the accident, keep praying the Lord will heal those wounds…, take care and keep up the good work.

  92. youngconstance says:

    I have been a fan of brandy’s for a long time since “I wanna de down” and have followed your career for a long time and I’m want to tell you that you are a good person and a good mother you should look at the situation with the accident as just that and “accident” you were not at fault and people just need to mind their on business and let sleeping dogs sleep. Always remember that people are going to talk weather you rich, poor, ugly, pretty, fat, and skinny, so my advice to you is that if they are gonna talk then you shine on them and give them something else to talk about feel important cause they pick you out of the whole world to discuss keep up the good work and congrates on the rapping you rocked that !`@`+)!+_%!`$!*@ at the house of blues with timberland. Oh tell ray I said Whats up!!!!!!!!!!

  93. youngconstance4rm houston,tx says:

    Brandy you are a good person and everybody who has something to say about the accident yall need to mind yalls business and stay the hell out of hers. Thats why so much is going on cause so many people are in everybody else’s business and can’t even figure out their own. So Brandy keep your head up and stay focus cuz there going to be haters everywhere just keep that hateraid spray and shine on them hoes.

  94. lovely love says:

    first of all ray j is a cool person but what he failed to realized is that his sister made him who he is cause first brandy was an actress than she did music so actually ray was living off of brandy fame.

  95. keisha says:

    she’s soo annoying.i hate her weave!who is she trying to look like KIM KARDASHIAN???????

  96. Irene Allen says:

    Such a beautiful family!!!:)

  97. Yolanda says:

    Mr. Willie Sonya’s song was so beautiful. It’s always great to see black women celebrated and honored. Mr. Willie we need more like you. Black love is beautiful.

  98. Brown Sugar says:

    I think thats a nice family pic?

  99. missit2003 says:

    i love brandy and ray j. and their parents.. I love the episode when they went to mississippi. my brother and i have a close nit relationship like theirs. I hope their family stays strong. Keep up the good work guys and ray if you like southern girls hit me up. we really know how to treat and stay down for our men!!!!

  100. Ann Lashandra Norwood-Holloway says:

    Hi, how is everyone today? Any new shows yet? What’s new with everyone?

  101. Ann Lashandra Norwood-Holloway says:

    hi, how is everyone today? Are you working on the new shows yet?

  102. TLw says:


  103. celia palitos says:

    Brandy I just want to tell you that I think you were robe on Dancing with the Stars. You should have won. When u got voted off I stop watching I was so upset. So know that I love you and wish you a wonderful Xmas Holidays with your family and freinds.
    And GO SPURS GO!!!

  104. angela banks says:

    ray you need to settle down,when you ready to setle down there not going be a women there for you,its to much disease out there,so listen to someone that no ,time to settle down.

  105. Angela BANKS says:


  106. Monica from California says:

    Brandy I love you but let Ray do what HE wants to do. We all have to learn on our own. He knows you love him but he has to love his relationship with Brittany enough to save it and change it if SHE is what he wants. He may be making a mistake but HE has to learn from his own choices. We can’t make ppl do what we feel they should do. All we can do is share our feelings and experiences and allow them to make their own decisions. After all he is the one who is going to have to maintain the relationship and NOW is just a moment.

  107. thomas says:

    RJ there is clearly woman thats loves you. I’m a man from Louisiana that had to experiecence trure love things may not ting out the way we want but they do happen god damit you need togrow up and be a man the women you missin up may be good for some other man hollywood is good for some but some womane want a thats is true

  108. ashley says:

    where is brittany at ! are there togther now

  109. pertrice says:

    brandy and ray j. look just like there parents but i love all there songs they make good songs….

  110. ilse says:

    ray i love you so much you are the realist guy out there and you make wonderful music and brandy you hot to keep the business going and stay hot

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