Let’s Talk About Pep Recap – Episode 4 – Watch Yourself


First thing’s first for this week’s Let’s Talk About Pep.


Pep’s still got her four years of celibacy intact. And she’ll drink to that.

This show should come with a sign like one of those “We have gone 160 days without a workplace accident” ones, since “Is Pep still celibate?” seems to be the question each episode. But Pep’s sex-free streak could be over soon. Joumana made a prediction this week: Pep’s date Tom will be the one.


He’s a doctor.

And he’s a chef. The ladies are excited about this. A chef/doctor is a pretty rare combination, it’s like catching a falling star while riding a unicorn.

He’s also Asian, which is not rare (62 percent of the world population), but it’s something new for Pep, who tells him that she’s never dated outside her race before. But as she said at the beginning of the episode, this week she was all about trying new things.


As for Kittie, there is practically nothing she hasn’t tried. Like, if you asked, “Have you ever gotten intimate with a hookah?” she would be all like, “Yeah, duh.”


Kittie had another date with Markuann, the Harlem businessman and entrepreneur, and, as Pep put it, “The Toe Sucker.” That’s the thing with being a foot fetishist. It’s like the Hugh Grant problem: sure he was in Love Actually and Music and Lyrics, but he’ll forever be the guy who picked up a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard.


But the day after their date, Markuann wanted to keep hanging out, which is something that Kittie does not do. He accompanied her while she bought a gift for a friend with a baby on the way.


Then he went with her to get a pedicure, which, as Jacque observed, is like taking an addict to the crack house with you.

And Kittie was no longer able to hold his attention in this den of iniquity and mani-pedis. She caught him foot-cheating. He had to go. Besides, it’s time to catch up with Joumana. The recent divorcee (her ex-husband is Jason Kidd), hasn’t been featured on the show much, yet, but this week she had a big date with Brandon, a model-esque athlete whom she’s known and flirted with for a while. The only problem?

He’s 24-going-on-25. And Joumana says she knows better. But Jacque asked her why she would go out with him in the first place, and Joumana can’t really answer.

Except with this. Cheekbones win a lot of debates.

Her date seemed to go the opposite way of Kittie’s–instead of anything goes, it seemed like Joumana wanted to make sure nothing happens. She spent most of the date telling Brandon why they couldn’t continue the date.


Her protests began at the restaurant.

Then they continued to argue at his place.

Then she made her point clear when they kissed. Somehow he may have gotten the message mixed up.

Still, no one does restraint like Pep. Not that her date Tom didn’t try to break her streak. He came over to make her a five course meal.

Which ended with his chocolate covered finger. And wiping chocolate off of Pep’s lips…with his mouth.

Pep’s celibacy streak is in trouble. Somebody call a doctor/chef!

— Jessica Suarez

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