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Below, the first-runner up of For the Love of Ray J 2 talks about getting over Ray, her loyalty to the Wolf Pack and why she thinks it won’t last between Ray and Mz Berry.

You cried after Ray announced he was choosing Mz Berry. Were you heartbroken?

No. I think I was more upset than heartbroken, although I did care about him. But life moves on and I know that the reason why he felt upset was my ex. I know that was a big issue. Ray felt like he was a rebound man. So it was understandable. I care about him, and I would care about him as a friend. I honestly, truly, deep down in my heart don’t believe that we would work well either way, because I would never be able to trust him.


No. Never. Not at all.

He chalked things up to just having a stronger connection with Mz Berry. Did you agree with that?

If he says that our connection wasn’t as strong, then I’m sure [he’s right]. I wasn’t one to go sleep with him, so I think that has a lot to do with the connection. I think we were more a friendship type thing. I know Mz Berry was all on him all of the time, and that’s just not me. That’s just not my personality.

For the sake of clarification, what was up with your ex issues? Were you really over him?

Honestly, the breakup was recent, and I was really, really depressed over it. It was probably a five-month gap between that and coming on the show. And of course, everybody has exes, so you’re always going to have feelings there, especially if the relationship was so long. I still cared about him. There’s no doubt about it that I did. But would I have been able to move on? Yeah, of course.

And it seemed like what Ray mainly took away from that was you’re honest enough to admit to that.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie about it. It’s obviously going to show in every emotion that I express with him, anyway. And at the time, if he would have come around, I would have talked to him at least. Not necessarily gotten back with him, but…we did end up talking after the show

Danger called you “boring.” Do you think people confuse being boring and keeping it real?

I’m just being honest. If they want to see fake-ass bitches, then go for Flossy and Exotica and all of them. But I’m not going to play a stupid game. It’s reality, so I’m being real. Danger’s just psycho. I see her running around the streets of Hollywood like a f***ing psycho. I’m being real, and I’m being myself. I’m not going to be some psycho girl. I mean, yeah, I have my moments, but they whole point is to be there for him, so I think I was being honest.

You’re considered the least aggressive member of the Wolf Pack. Do you agree?

I would say…I don’t know, I’m just me. I’m the one that’ll find s*** out and then tell them. I have my times where I’ll talk s***, too. They didn’t show that at all, and I know I’m not played out like that. I’ve talked my s*** and I’ve said a lot of s***. I’m just not dumb about it. I’m a bitch!

There were little incidents with you and the other Wolf Pack members, like when you grilled Heartbreaker during the lie detector, and when you told Brandy that you wouldn’t pick her to be with Ray. What do you think of that now?

I’d still say it. I didn’t see them together. I know how my friend is. If he wanted to end up with Grandma, he ended up with the right person. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, Luscious is my friend. I’m just being true about it. I did see them with him, and I could see that she was already kind of over it.

What would you say to somebody who watched that and questioned your loyalty to your friends?

I wouldn’t say it had anything to do with loyalty, because I’m just being honest. I don’t see her with Ray, and I don’t see Ray with her. It has nothing to do with my friendship with her. It’s me being loyal to the true feeling of how I know she would feel and how I know Ray would feel. And it would never work. So as far as being loyal to a friend in terms of being behind her back 24/7, then yeah. But being honest with a situation in general is totally different than being loyal. I would say I’m loyal either way.

You were particularly civil with Mz Berry when it was just down to you two.

She reminded me of my mom! And I felt like if I talked to her in any bad way, I would be disrespecting my mom. She would yell and I would get scared, because she really sounded like my mom, and I felt like if I disrespected her in any way on national TV, my mom would see that and kick my ass. So I’m not trying to disrespect my mom, or my elders. So it had to have been civil, either way. I did ask her, though, about going through menopause…

Do you think it’ll last with Ray and Mz Berry?

No, not at all. Being real, I don’t think anybody can fall in love with somebody unless they’re the one. I mean, there’s always love at first sight, but to be around so many girls and constantly think you have his attention, it’s just not possible.

At this point, do you feel like you’re over Ray?

Yeah. For sure. I think I can only see him as a friend, and even though he might try to talk back to me or whatever, I will never trust him or see him like that. It would just never ever, ever work. Ever.

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