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Below, the first-runner up of For the Love of Ray J 2 talks about getting over Ray, her loyalty to the Wolf Pack and why she thinks it won’t last between Ray and Mz Berry.

You cried after Ray announced he was choosing Mz Berry. Were you heartbroken?

No. I think I was more upset than heartbroken, although I did care about him. But life moves on and I know that the reason why he felt upset was my ex. I know that was a big issue. Ray felt like he was a rebound man. So it was understandable. I care about him, and I would care about him as a friend. I honestly, truly, deep down in my heart don’t believe that we would work well either way, because I would never be able to trust him.


No. Never. Not at all.

He chalked things up to just having a stronger connection with Mz Berry. Did you agree with that?

If he says that our connection wasn’t as strong, then I’m sure [he’s right]. I wasn’t one to go sleep with him, so I think that has a lot to do with the connection. I think we were more a friendship type thing. I know Mz Berry was all on him all of the time, and that’s just not me. That’s just not my personality.

For the sake of clarification, what was up with your ex issues? Were you really over him?

Honestly, the breakup was recent, and I was really, really depressed over it. It was probably a five-month gap between that and coming on the show. And of course, everybody has exes, so you’re always going to have feelings there, especially if the relationship was so long. I still cared about him. There’s no doubt about it that I did. But would I have been able to move on? Yeah, of course.

And it seemed like what Ray mainly took away from that was you’re honest enough to admit to that.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie about it. It’s obviously going to show in every emotion that I express with him, anyway. And at the time, if he would have come around, I would have talked to him at least. Not necessarily gotten back with him, but…we did end up talking after the show

Danger called you “boring.” Do you think people confuse being boring and keeping it real?

I’m just being honest. If they want to see fake-ass bitches, then go for Flossy and Exotica and all of them. But I’m not going to play a stupid game. It’s reality, so I’m being real. Danger’s just psycho. I see her running around the streets of Hollywood like a f***ing psycho. I’m being real, and I’m being myself. I’m not going to be some psycho girl. I mean, yeah, I have my moments, but they whole point is to be there for him, so I think I was being honest.

You’re considered the least aggressive member of the Wolf Pack. Do you agree?

I would say…I don’t know, I’m just me. I’m the one that’ll find s*** out and then tell them. I have my times where I’ll talk s***, too. They didn’t show that at all, and I know I’m not played out like that. I’ve talked my s*** and I’ve said a lot of s***. I’m just not dumb about it. I’m a bitch!

There were little incidents with you and the other Wolf Pack members, like when you grilled Heartbreaker during the lie detector, and when you told Brandy that you wouldn’t pick her to be with Ray. What do you think of that now?

I’d still say it. I didn’t see them together. I know how my friend is. If he wanted to end up with Grandma, he ended up with the right person. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, Luscious is my friend. I’m just being true about it. I did see them with him, and I could see that she was already kind of over it.

What would you say to somebody who watched that and questioned your loyalty to your friends?

I wouldn’t say it had anything to do with loyalty, because I’m just being honest. I don’t see her with Ray, and I don’t see Ray with her. It has nothing to do with my friendship with her. It’s me being loyal to the true feeling of how I know she would feel and how I know Ray would feel. And it would never work. So as far as being loyal to a friend in terms of being behind her back 24/7, then yeah. But being honest with a situation in general is totally different than being loyal. I would say I’m loyal either way.

You were particularly civil with Mz Berry when it was just down to you two.

She reminded me of my mom! And I felt like if I talked to her in any bad way, I would be disrespecting my mom. She would yell and I would get scared, because she really sounded like my mom, and I felt like if I disrespected her in any way on national TV, my mom would see that and kick my ass. So I’m not trying to disrespect my mom, or my elders. So it had to have been civil, either way. I did ask her, though, about going through menopause…

Do you think it’ll last with Ray and Mz Berry?

No, not at all. Being real, I don’t think anybody can fall in love with somebody unless they’re the one. I mean, there’s always love at first sight, but to be around so many girls and constantly think you have his attention, it’s just not possible.

At this point, do you feel like you’re over Ray?

Yeah. For sure. I think I can only see him as a friend, and even though he might try to talk back to me or whatever, I will never trust him or see him like that. It would just never ever, ever work. Ever.

Keep up with Platinum via her MySpace and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. awesome says:

    Is that all you have to say…did you read Mz berry interview. She didn’t even mention your….leave her alone…who talk about menaupose at 32….what an illeterate girl….beauty is not everything….you are pathetic.

  2. Teeny says:

    This girl was the fakest one in the house. She’s a follwer. AND she was sooooo boring. She keeps talking about Mz Berry being old, but Mz Berry and Ray J were closer in age than Platinum was. Plus she’s chubby and has really bad skin. kinda looks like a sloth or anteater.

  3. Bethany says:

    no matter who Ray J picked it isn’t gonna work with her or mz berry. its all fake.

  4. Susan says:

    Hey awesome, you’re calling her illiterate and can’t even spell the word. Nice job.

  5. victoria says:

    its okay ray j is not 4 you or mz berry your awesome shes pathetic

  6. Derrick B. says:


    and that chick did look like a damn anteater…. lol

  7. lisa lisa says:


  8. rach says:

    Plat seems nice enough, but she was not the most beautiful or charismatic girl on the show (at least from what was shown), and it really says something about her that she’d ask a 32 year old about menopause.

    I know these relationships never last, but I’m glad she didn’t win just from the competition aspect of it. Honestly, I’m surprised she made it as far as she did. I thought for sure it’d be Luscious vs. Mz. Berry.

  9. Amanda says:

    Good luck on finding someone else who wants to be with you.

  10. E.A says:

    We all said @ work
    Yuk what the heck was he thinking it will not last
    it’s ok older chic younger man ei Demi Kutcher but Mz Berry is a NOBODY OFCOURSE they won’t last she is a cry baby and and old one at that she has kids she needs to care for come on he dated Kim K What the F
    You Hang in There He will come to his Senses
    Beg you Back

  11. HATERS!!! says:

    why are u really reading about her n really tryin to clown her???????!!!!! if u didnt lik her in the 1st place den why did u sit here and read what she had to say…..yall act lik she started talkin about mz.berry out the blue..the interviewer asked ok…n its a tv show obviously u gotta talk about something i kno i wasnt gunna sit there and watch everyone be all hunky dory with everyone!!! yall’s hella hatein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. boy says:

    Ray J is a player and once a player always a player. He does these shows not to find love, but just to have sex. Just watch his eyes when he’s around the girls. I say Girls becuase thats all they are. They are not women, only miss berry, but they had to throw a women in the mix of sluts. If I was any of these girls mothers I would be totally ashamed of how my daughter behaved on national TV. Platium is so stupid to say menopause at 32 years old. Just goes to show her immaturity. Wait till she is 32 years old and younger girls call her old. Gezz, Ray J grow up!!! Maybe your next show will show you’ll show some maturity. Miss Berry do you always talk so whinning?

  13. sotaia says:

    what is so funny 2 me is that we are all getting bent outta shape…over a fake ass show…Platinum is talking smack about Mz Berry & throwin lil jabs..for what..whats her point..yo age is sumthin but unattractive ain’t cute at all..they hav about a 5 year top age was only 2 quality chics this season..Jaguar & Mz Berry..thats it!! Mz Berry didn’t act needy but she definitely acted like a chic he was screwing..cuz if I sex my man one night & then next day he act like I ain’t even there..I’d have a problem with it…& so what if she did screw him…thats what grown people do…boys & girls..

  14. heha says:

    bitter much?

  15. shaknbak480 says:

    Sorry bout all the posts… damn work computer

  16. Miss Amanda says:

    I think platinum is just selfish, why would she wanna get in the way of MzBerry when she was the one who wanna truly fallin for Ray. it was just a game to her and im glad Ray didnt fall for it!

  17. siryn says:

    Illiterate*** I believe that was the word you were looking for? Instead of bashing, how about you go and pick up a book or something, come back, and try again.

  18. Sugartastic1 says:

    This interview is just another clear sign of just how childish this girl is. That’s why Ray didn’t pick her. To try and suggest that 32 is being old or a grandma is ridiculous. Ray didn’t want trashy so he picked a real woman. That’s the bottom line.

  19. amiwright says:

    Mz. Berry has jealousy issues. I saw that when it was coming down to the last 4 ladies.

  20. MsMaryMac says:

    Platinum- you are a SORE LOSER!!!you crying harder than a newborn baby! and Mz Berry is a better woman than you on her worst day!! Ray pick her cause he knew you were a false B!TC#! you try to talk like you tough and all, but you ARE NOT! NOW YOU WANT TO SAY THAT you cannot trust Ray! One question? WHY DIDN’T you leave sooner!!! and you calling Mz berry grandma? is a joke. she better looking than you ANYDAY!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

  21. relly says:

    This Chick sounds a little bitter to me. And Why she keep disrespecting ms berry calling her old and asking her about going through menopause. First of all Ms. Berry is only in here thirty’s I never knew anyone to gr go through menopause at that age. She need to do some more research and find out what the age is for menopause.

  22. mackenzie says:

    miz berry is old and her kids are rayj age. platinum is lowbudget with skin to bad for tv. rayj was cute like back in the seventh grade when he was willie norwood. and the homies are the wackiest crew in the world OMG!!!iluv this show.

  23. justAfan says:

    Platinum, you are an immature child. You can only wish you look half as good as Mz Berry when you are 32. You look older than Mz Berry now. When you are 32 you are going to look 52. Maybe Mz Berry isn’t the right one for Ray but she is a better woman than you will ever be.

  24. Mizz Unique;-) says:

    B*&%$ Please, you was just fallen for the good life could have been living.

  25. jaimie says:

    platnum is fake, probably the fakest one there, she just didnt show it.. how many times in an interview does she have to say “im real, im honest, im me” coommmee onnnn…

    o and, you try being ms. barry’s age and looking the way she does… i dont think youll be half as pretty

  26. CS3 Fan says:

    Mackenzie you are right on! “low budget” is the PERFECT way to describe Platinum. Everything about her was so…cheap. All the way up to that ugly purple dress she wore for her last dinner that looked like it came off the sale rack at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

    Mz Berry was far from classy (I don’t think you can describe anyone on these shows as “classy) but at least she wasn’t an idiot.

  27. SilkBeauty says:

    Stop lying Platinum! You know you slept with Ray J. Nobody got picked. I watch the show strictly for laughs. And by the way, Ray J’s mother is his manager and she got this show all setup for her son to make a fat paycheck only. I here she’s a real bulldog when it comes to negotiating his contracts.

  28. MiltownPrincess says:

    Okay. I’ve watch the end of the finally twice. When Platinum walks away was that a sales tag peekin out the bottom of her dress on her thigh? Please say it ain’t so, Platinum if u returned that dress you are so BOGUS! Might I suggest you sell them earrings on Craigslist or Ebay and get ur weight up. Damn she cud have at least tried to auction the dress off to pay for it.

  29. dat girl says:

    idk how old is platinum but comparing mz berry w/ ur mom is just stupid. SHE’S 32 hello!!!! stupid @^_(!*!_)%(!)%( ^(_%~@!#~!+#*)`_$ and she says she’s the ^(_%~@!#~!+#*)`_$ let me LOL u are boring as hell, if it wasnt for heartbreaker i wouldnt even notice ur presence, u better thank her for that and u stayed to the end. u’re a hating mofo, and really stop hating on mz berry go back to school bc menopause dont come at age 30. DUMB!!

  30. dat girl says:

    idk how old is platinum but comparing mz berry w/ ur mom is just stupid. SHE’S 32 hello!!!! stupid ^^%+%!+`**%%`$$ #@_&~)$~^)~`**!~+ and she says she’s the #@_&~)$~^)~`**!~+ let me LOL u are boring as hell, if it wasnt for heartbreaker i wouldnt even notice ur presence, u better thank her for that and u stayed to the end. u’re a hating mofo, and really stop hating on mz berry go back to school bc menopause dont come at age 30. DUMB!!

  31. TVFan says:

    Platinum was one of the ugliest girls in the house but she made up for it by dressing nice and seeming to have a cool personality. The wolf pack was super lame and ya’ll just looked silly, Mz Berry is only 32 and she looks younger than you, she is stunning and a WOMAN, not a child…the only thing you chicks could talk about was her age and she’s not even old! lol silly girls

  32. dat girl says:

    idk how old is platinum but comparing mz berry w/ ur mom is just stupid. SHE’S 32 hello!!!! stupid ~)$#$)*`#*(@`(* @+*`(##^`_)~)@)&_ and she says she’s the @+*`(##^`_)~)@)&_ let me LOL u are boring as hell, if it wasnt for heartbreaker i wouldnt even notice ur presence, u better thank her for that and u stayed to the end. u’re a hating mofo, and really stop hating on mz berry go back to school bc menopause dont come at age 30. DUMB!!

  33. Marisol Solano says:

    she did look like an anteater!!

  34. Jana says:

    platinum is so damn annoying. she’s not even pretty, PLUS she’s a crater face! did you see how bad her skin is… gees! Mz. Berry aka “grandma,” GOSH… wolf pack are all haters. Mz. Berry is ONLY 32! If Angelina Jolie (33) and mommy of 6 went to fight for the love of Ray J–would she be considered as “grandma”… hell no. Besides, for being a “grandma” Mz. Berry had the nicest body in the house–even after two children! She’s a realtor–education… all this “baggage” talk, but never once did she say that she needs RayJ to be the daddy. CONNIE DEVEAUX has her ownnn money–did you not see her Gucci purse! OMG!
    Platinum, shut up… you’re so ugly! TREMENDOUSLY bad skin… yeah, nice body but you have NO ++*_&#)_!*)#+)@ Exotica had a bigger ++*_&#)_!*)#+)@ And seeing Ray J’s type–Kim K… he loves ++*_&#)_!*)#+)@ Mary Cherry, shut up about “keeping it 100″… you’re the fakest one… along with Luscious (who looks like a Mexican from Tijuana, plus she’s DIRTY too–freaking annoyed about “smashing the homies” thing, going celibate, away from the party scene… LMAO, fake. Plus, she’s not even pretty! her nose is way too big for her face; like a smurf… *(#@_~&#+^(%#_)&$ smurf) and Heartbreaker (who is pretty but wears wayyy too much on her face). Wolf pack = !#_&+_$)!*~*_@@(@ es, attention seekers, dramatic, FAKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEE, UGLY (Luscious and Plat).

  35. chenille says:

    It amazes me that all these girls keep calling Mz Berry old. She was 32 for goddsakes….32. In who’s book is 32 old???? Hell in my opinion Mz Berry looked younger than some of those YOUNGER girls. What I really think they mean to say is that Mz Berry is mature…to young 20 something yr olds mature equals OLD. I just thought it was hilarious that the ONLY flaw they could find in Mz Berry was that at 32 she was OLD. Hmmm sounds like a bunch of JEALOUSY to me.

  36. krystal says:

    well i think you were not right for ray at all, you are not that cute. so ms berry is ten times better then you. sorry i am being 100. lol

  37. Fatmata says:

    %@%#_^*~(`%`%^)!` yu are just mad that he didn’t you so stop saying thing like that

  38. DM says:

    Are Mz. Berry’s breasts real ?
    They seem to ride up mighty high and perky for a woman her age and having had two children.

    And does the term “overnight date” a nicer way to say they had sex, and that is why she was tripping about him talking to other girls the next day ?

    If so, she should have done a Jaguar, and kept her dignity.

  39. Valerie says:

    OMG! I can’t believe Brass…I mean Platinum! Mz. Berry looks good and 33 ain’t old…and I’m in my early 20′s. Mz. Berry was older than Brass and STILL blew her out the water in the looks, dress and classy attitude departments…what happened was Ray J was looking for a WOMAN not a lil dramafied girl. Brass is JEALOUS!!!!!! You can read it all through her interview…she couldn’t hide it if she wanted to. Mad cause she got dropped by her ex and a few months later got dropped…again…by Ray J! He could tap that if he wanted to. WACK!

  40. Rese Milton says:

    Bumpy you are such a hater!! Caliente is the same age, Mz. Berry is cuter than all of ya’ll you little B’s couldn’t stand it! None of ya’ll were really cute. The Wolf Pack is Right!! Ya’ll looked and acted like some beasts!! Get over yourself Bumpy. You barely had a nice body!! Kudos!

  41. shaknbak480 says:

    Oh god get over it people. When you’re trying to win a guy and you see him with someone ten years older than you of course it’s gunna gross you out, especially knowing she has kids only a few years younger than you.. Shame on mz berry for leaving her kids to go on a reality show. Aint no chance in hell will they be together at the reunion show

  42. shaknbak480 says:

    Oh and at least Platinum could walk around withour make up on and still look decent.. I’d like to see half those girls without their’s on… scary

  43. chris soso says:

    pla you are ugly and mz berry look more pretty and classy than you look and a mirror and look your face you and you friend luscious is to biches , ray j would never choose you and your friend . haters

  44. DramaFree says:

    You know that you were no….”Kim”….ray J would have just played with you a while and got board….you should be glad he saved you from another real heartbreak…and if he’s not with Mz Berry either…that’s the best thing for her if he proved not to be the “Man” we all witnessed that day…and has went back to being a little boy…playing little boy games….then he really needs to stay be himself! and leave all! woman alone!…..he may need to try…Men!….LOL….

  45. DramaFree says:

    (Monday) will tell us if Ray J is a Man now…or still a little boy who does not want to grow up yet…we’ll all vote on that Monday trust and believe that! and he will lose a lot! of fans if he turns out to be a young boy fool!

    So I hope that you stopped crying by now “platnium”…you may see and we all may see…that he! and it all was not even worth it.

  46. DramaFree says:


    And Brandy! had the nerve to Judge!…”Baggage”!!!! with all the baggage! she has….husband lies! lies! and more lies!…..that whole family has no right! to Judge anyone!….they raised some…Scandolous! kids!

  47. DramaFree says:

    I’m 24 going on 25 next month and you really make us “young girls” look! and sound! bad!….my brother is 22 and he say’s …”See that’s why I don’t date young dumb chicks like that”….

    Girl, girls like you push older men towards a woman there age….people tell me that I look younger then I am…I know they tell you that you look older! then you are…you looked like the….old tired boring….”grandma” of the show…Ray J looked high! every time he was with…you!…

    I know you feel reeeal! bad….your last boy friend dumped you! and Ray J dumped you! on national t.v.!!! for what you called a….”Grandma”… lol lol….I know you feel reeeeal! DUMB!

  48. DramaFree says:


    Always remember…..


  49. boy says:

    When is everyone going to get that this show is FAKE. Ray J is just out for a fat pay check and as much SEX as he can get at the same time. This is not a real show, so who cares who was picked or who was better. It’s not real folks!!! He doesn’t end up with them in his REAL LIFE. Just the $$$$ and alot of HONEY.

  50. TYE says:


  51. TYE says:


  52. byf says:

    Wow! The nreve of this loser! to say Ms berry was OLD!! Ms Berry looks as Young and much better than this loser!. I and many others who watched the show could not believe that she even made it as far as did ,she has NOTHING going on as for speaking and some whst dull! .She is not Petty and she looks as old as Ms Berry ! And she needs to learn how to be a Classy lady !

  53. Lisa Lopez says:

    You skin on your face looks like a 40 year old. The girls are intimidated by Mzberry. Alot of them should take lessons from her on how to be a tru lady!! Kuddos to Ray for going for a new kid of women and not the same old party girl. Those are a dime a dozen.

  54. Yana says:

    First of all yall right she dont look old.. Platinum is so UGLY with all them bumps on her face.. Wen Mz Berry didnt have on makeup she lookd good.. and i didnt call dat real her an her ‘friens’ was fake hoes lol.. and yea she was the mature one in da house… im glad he pick her.. but i jus finishd watchn the reunion an wow it was crzy yall need to watch it.. Is him an mz berry gon stay together???

  55. mzrhodes101 says:

    U have 2 be da most ignorant broad in the world. Mzberry was more of ray j’s age than this teeny ugly bopper! No 1 knew u even existed until da last 3 shows!

  56. Coutney says:

    All I have to say is Platinum is silly and unintelligent. Oh and by the way you had plenty to say when your girls were around. Oh that’s right, you were tough then. I got it. Grow up!

  57. MizzJacquetta says:

    But my honestly, Platinum not all beautiful and graceful at all she too immature and wrong.

  58. JazzieBabii says:

    wow the nerve of this manly a** chick!her luscious and heart breaker always talkin bout mz.berry or someone else!have they looked in the mirror lately!heart breaker looks like she smokes cr**k! lucious and plat are 2 dumb strippers hu went on the show just to be on tv how luscious sed they auditioned doesnt even make sense they need to just go back to strippin and geta LIFE!!!!!

  59. marie says:

    i cant believe ray treated mz berry like that , she is a decnt woman and she is the only one that does not have severe dirt on her so i dont even know why they r all saying she is old thats envy and see even though they keep saying she is old she won . but the problem with ray is he is just not ready to settle down .