Kevin Federline Talks Fit Club Success


Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp doesn’t premiere until Monday, Feb. 8 at 9/8c, but Kevin Federline is already talking about his success losing weight in the program. Above, he tells Entertainment Tonight about putting on weight (he at one point weighed 240 lbs.), the effects that public ridicule had on his self-image and appearing together on the show with his ex Shar Jackson. []

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  1. lilkittykat says:

    just wanted to send koodoos to Shar loved you the first time you where on fit club and It’s great to see you back.. hate to see you go through hard times but we all do. hope you do great I got your back for a small town girl like me. later.. kevin is not that big of a deal he needs to get over himselve..

  2. doug g. says:

    You know, I to was duped by the MEDIA ^^(`!~&!~*)^)@%&( S! I’ve wanted so bad to think KEVIN FEDERLINE was a Major _$&!~#*_+(%~+^#^ head! But hes NOT! Hes a groovy dude!

  3. carey says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’d allowed the media to sway me to believe Kevin was a selfish pig. After watching just one episode… my heart goes out to him and I wish him nothing but the best. He truly seems like a decent, nice guy.
    Go Kevin!

  4. carey says:

    Kevin seems like a very nice guy who just got involved in the insane world of Hollywood. I hope he has a great life.

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