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As promised in our behind-the-scenes write-up of the For the Love of Ray J 2 reunion, here is our extended chat with the Wolf Pack. Heartbreaker does most of the steering (with a series of amazing one-liners like, “In my face, you can tell I’m a bitch”), while Luscious and Plat back her up in a journey through smack talk. Keep in mind that most of the conversation transcribed below was delivered urgently, with each speaker regularly overlapping and interjecting the other. From Mz Berry to Exotica to Ray J himself, the Wolf Pack chews up and spits out almost everyone they shared the screen with. It just wouldn’t be like them to not.

VH1: How do you guys feel about being here?

Platinum: Great!

Heartbreaker: I feel like I’m at Disneyland.

VH1: I feel a sense of animosity directed at you from the other girls I’ve talked to. Do you feel that, too?

Heartbreaker: They’re jealous that we are the s***. I would be jealous, too.

Luscious: They’re boring!

Platinum: And they were mad about last night [when everyone arrived to town for the reunion] and they’re going to try to lie and say they went out. We live in L.A., and none of them hit us up! It was Grammy night, come on.

Heartbreaker: Not everybody can hang out with us.

Luscious: We don’t hang out with fake girls!

Heartbreaker: You’re either real and you don’t give a s*** and you can back it up and still be cute doing it…

Luscious: The other girls all talk s*** about each other!

Heartbreaker: …or you’re just a hot mess. They’re rats, we’re wolves, so we don’t care about them.

VH1: Are you mean girls?

Heartbreaker: Yeah! I mean…

Platinum: No, I don’t think we are…

Heartbreaker: …you could say that…

Lusicous: I don’t think we’re mean, we just back ourselves up. Nobody else speaks up for themselves

Platinum: I don’t necessarily think we’re mean girls. I’m saying that we’re just more real than them. If you’re not going to portray yourself as a real person, don’t be fake about it and don’t lie and talk crap…

Heartbreaker: But people see that as mean because not everybody can handle the truth. We just don’t have enough time to care to lie to you, so we’re gonna tell you how it is. We’re not trashy, we’re not skanky…well, we can be a little skanky, right? Yeah, obviously.

VH1: Elle, can I take a picture of you taking a picture of yourself?

Heartbreaker: We don’t really care, they’re jealous of us.

VH1: Is it fun to come here?

Heartbreaker: I think it’s funny that they have so much hate toward us when we really don’t hate them.

Platinum: Yeah, and they always talk about the Wolf Pack. I know they talk so much s***.

Heartbreaker: As rude as we may look, we’re very welcoming. We like hanging out with people. We like laughing and having fun. But at the same time, if you do something we don’t like, we’re going to put you in your place. They can’t handle that. They’re just too emotional for us.

VH1: Are you pumped about letting this out onstage?

Heartbreaker: Hell yeah, I’m excited. We’re going to be howling our asses off out there.

VH1: Something I neglected to ask all of you previously: what was the reindeer thing?

Luscious and Heartbreaker: Exotica?

Luscious: She is a reindeer.

Heartbreaker: There were pictures of us in the picture room, and we all looked pretty…well, us. (Laughs) And Exotica looked like a deer in headlights in her picture, so we started calling her the reindeer. And then right next to her picture just happened to be these horns, these, like, tree horns.

Platinum: We sang, like, “Grandma got run over…

Heartbreaker: So Mz Berry’s Grandma…

Platinum: “…by a reindeer…”

Heartbreaker: …and Exotica’s the reindeer.

VH1: Who else are you looking forward to giving a hard time?

Heartbreaker: We don’t care about them! Honestly, they’re more worried about us, like, “The Wolf Pack sucks,” “Heartbreaker ain’t s***.” In reality, they just want to be us. Look at Exotica, Flossy and Jaguar right now trying to be a threesome…

Platinum: …and they’re not. It just looks terrible. Just be yourselves. They can’t even do that.

VH1: What about seeing Ray?

Heartbreaker: I don’t really care.

Luscious: What? What about him?

VH1: Are you excited to see him?

Luscious: It doesn’t make a difference in my life anymore.

Platinum: I’ve seen him.

Heartbreaker: She hung out with him two days ago. She doesn’t give a s***. Honestly, I was more excited to come here and see them, and the people that work behind the scenes.

VH1: Is there anyone else you’d be cool hanging out with?

Luscious: Caliente.

Honestly, Jaguar. I have nothing against her.

Heartbreaker: Yeah, but she obviously has something against us because she has my number, too.

Platinum: Honestly, I kicked it with her when I went over there…

Heartbreaker: Yeah, I kicked it with her in Houston two weeks ago!

Platinum: I’m not one to hate people at all, I just don’t like Exotica, just because she’s so f***ing annoying on Twitter and she f***ing pisses me off.

Heartbreaker: We love Caliente!

Yeah, we love Caliente.

VH1: How could you not?

Heartbreaker: She’s our cougar. We’re the wolves and she’s the cougar.

Platinum: Elle! How many pictures of yourself are you going to take?

Luscious: Bitch, you are not one to talk!

I know!

Don’t even go there!

Platinum: Well, he’s talking to us!

Luscious: I’m listening. It’s not like I’m not listening.

VH1: No, I think it’s perfect.

Luscious: Thank you.

Heartbreaker: Those girls are such losers. I can’t believe they were talking about us.

VH1: I thought it was predictable.

Heartbreaker: They’re so fake that after we left the show…

Luscious: I just want to make sure we say that they all talk s*** about each other, and that’s why they’re so jealous of us, because we’re so loyal.

Heartbreaker: Exactly. Also, when we left the house, they started hitting us up, all trying to hang out with us, and now that we’re here at the reunion, none of them want to talk to us. They’re all hating on us. We’re not doing it to them. We’re not hating on them. We never said, “You guys can’t hang out with us…”

Platinum: If they woulda hit us up before they got here in any way, I would have totally went to get them.

Heartbreaker: Yeah, they’re separating themselves from us!

Luscious: That shows that they’re intimidated by us.

Yeah, exactly.

Luscious: Them being our Twitter buddies and then all of a sudden they get into town, and they’re forming a clique that never existed on the show, they’re obviously just jealous.

VH1: OK, say Exotica came over and said, “What’s up?”

Heartbreaker: I would say, “F*** you, go die.”

VH1: That’s what I thought!

Heartbreaker: Because at this point, she’s already got on my nerves being fake. I don’t deal with that. If you’re gonna hate me, hate me but go away. If you’re gonna love me, come hang out. But don’t hate me for five seconds and then come up to me, because I’m gonna tell you to f*** off. I don’t pretend like I like people. I’m not a good actress. In my face, you can tell I’m a bitch. We have a different approach for things. I’m not trying to be the crazy bitch you saw on the show, but I’m very capable of being that. But I got a really cute dress on, so I’m trying to look cute in it, too. If I have to kick off my heels and get a ghetto, fine! But that’s not my goal today. I’m trying to show them that I can act grown up. Why are we going to hate each other? All of you lost, I got eliminated, who cares? I don’t want this guy anymore. Why am I going to fight with you over something that doesn’t interest me? He’s not important. They’re [motions to Plat and Luscious] important to me. The rest are basically just stupid whores.

VH1: I just have one last question for you three: you called Mz Berry “old” on the show, and she was 32. I’m 31. Am I old?

Heartbreaker: No.


Luscious: I like older men.

Platinum: You’re a guy.

Luscious: Men are sexy older, but a woman competing with, like, 21-year-olds? Not cute.

Check out more shots of the Wolf Pack backstage and on set of the For the Love of Ray J 2 Reunion:

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