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Returning to A Basement Affair (remember that?), we finally caught up with the most recent eliminated contestant, Christi. You’ll remember that she was bounced from the show, after her ex told Frank by phone that they’d recently hooked up. Christi, of course, denied the claim. Frank’s brother, Sal, ignited and then fueled the fire. Below, she sheds more light on that story, talks about why her ex lied in the first place and shows that she’s extremely forgiving to at least one member of the Maresca family…

What is your take on all that went down?

I thought it was extremely unfair. Obviously, there was a lot of editing that made it look a lot different than what happened. But just the fact that Cathy was asked and it was, “Oh, OK. You didn’t have a boyfriend,” but I had to explain myself when I was so honest about it — I thought it was extremely unfair and it just seemed like it was a just a reason to get rid of me.

How was what played out different from what we saw?

You didn’t see that I actually had a more extensive conversation with [ex] Evan and he said, “I didn’t know what I was supposed to say!” It was very confusing. I called my Dad right after and you can hear me saying Evan lied and him getting very upset. That’s where you see in the previews for the show when I say, “My dad wants to beat his ass.” I didn’t talk to Evan for a whole month after the show because I was so mad at him. Cathy informed me that Evan actually called the next day thinking I was still there and he talked to Frank and apologized for lying. No one ever saw that, but it’s honestly what happened

So you have talked to Evan, then.

We made up. It took like a month. I was like, “You’re an idiot, but Frank’s a loser in his basement anyways so I’m not going to ruin a friendship over this.” We are friends now, but that’s it.

Did he ever explain why he said what he did?

The way that Frank worded it – “You guys hooked up?” – was in such a way that Evan thought that’s what I was claiming to Frank. Evan said he went along with what he thought he was supposed to say and he later admitted drunk that he was very jealous. I knew that was the case. I think he didn’t want me going on the show from the beginning.

So, in other words, he’s saying that Frank asked a leading question?


The issue of you being the youngest in the house also repeatedly came up. Did that bother you?

No, because I thought I was more mature than a lot of the other girls. The whole time I was there, Frank’s mom would tell me how mature I was, so I thought it was funny when I saw the episode at the end when she said I always said she was too immature. Honestly the other girls are only a couple years older than me, so is it really that big of a deal?

Did you make friends?

Cathy was my best friend and there was a group of us that everyone called the A-listers. It consisted of Kerry, Felicia, Jenny and I.

Was there anyone you didn’t get along with?

Renee. There was actually a huge fight when I was eliminated between me and Renee that no one got to see. Basically she came up to hug me while I was so angry and I didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t stand her and I couldn’t believe that she was still there and I wasn’t, so when she went to hug me I’m like, “Get away from me, Renee. You couldn’t even get on Tough Love. You couldn’t even pay to eHarmony to find you a date. What are you doing here?” Frank’s parents were like, “No don’t go out like this!” and all the girls were laughing. Renee was like, “You’re really acting your age.” She and I clashed from the beginning, but we are fine now. She’s a sweet girl, she’s just creepy sometimes.

It came through that you were really upset.

Literally a half hour before elimination, me and Frank made out. We were fine. It was like out of nowhere. Honestly, I was frustrated with myself. After watching it, I realized I was very tipsy at the barbeque I thought, “Wow maybe I should have held a little back,” but I don’t regret it because I was being totally honest. Even though I hadn’t hooked up with Evan for months, I doubt anyone in the house wasn’t hooking up with people before they came, including Frank. What’s he trying to say, he was celibate all summer?

Frank interviewed that you’re just not the one for him. Agree?

From the get-go, I wasn’t all over him like the other girls. I really liked him when I was there, but when I was coming home I was like, What am I doing? This guy lives in his basement! You couldn’t use a big word around him, and he’s just not my type. He didn’t have the same sense of humor. It was just a sexual attraction — there wasn’t really much else there between us. I am happy with how it turned out. He did me a favor.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Me and Sal talk everyday. I am sick of him playing his little games. Sal totally wants me and we talk every night. As soon as I got home, Sal found me on Facebook and apologized. He’s like, “I’m sorry but you were never Frank’s type, anyway.” We’ve been talking ever since, it’s really funny.

Is it going anywhere?

Yeah, which sucks because has a girlfriend, who I totally respect so that’s where I end it. Sal said if I was in New York, we would probably be together. I never saw it happening, but I don’t care. Sal’s awesome. I am fine with it.

Keep up with Christi via her Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Sam says:

    Why is it that Frank Claims to live the clean life. Did he forget his flunkie days of drug use ? What about when he stole from his sisters. I guess all is forgiven during 15 minutes of shame

  2. First Comment says:

    I KNEW SAL WOULD GO AFTER HER! THESE GUYS ARE SUCH _`$`()$*_@_$!&+&@#+ PLAYERS! That’s crazy! Poor Renee, everybody takes out their frustation on her? How awful. As for the editors, give us everything. WTF? You could have showed the fight btwn. Renee and Christi. You could show the REAL THING, like Maresca’s saying Christi was mature instead of a scripted line for Susan about about her being immature.

    I’ll betcha he picked a blonde. If not Kerry, he picked Melissa. I know these types, _`$`()$*_@_$!&+&@#+ s! At least Sal went for a girl with jet black hair.

    Vh-1 better have a reunion of this show.

  3. Doo doo doo says:

    Why do they have plastic on their sofa?

    Sit, crunch. Sit, crunch.

  4. Wisteria says:

    It looks like Frank has a big d–k. Look at it in the picture above, siting on his plastic covered couch.

  5. To Frank says:

    Went to a fortune teller. I didn’t know what to tell her. I had a dizzy feeling in my head. Then she took a look at my palm. She said Sonny, you feel kind of warm. She looked into her crystal ball and said you’re in-love. I said how can that be so? I’m not passionate about none of the girls I know. She said when the next one arrives, you’ll be looking into her eyes. I left there in a hurry, looking forward to my big surprise. The next day I discoverd that that the fortune teller told me a lie. I went back down to that woman, as mad as I could be. I said I didn’t see nobody, why’d you make a fool outta me? Then something struck me, as if it came from up above, while looking at the fortune teller, I fell in-love. Now I’m a happy fella. I’m married to the fortune teller. We’re as happy as we could be, and now I get my fortune told for free.

  6. To Frank says:

    went to a fortune tella, ahh ahh ahhh….ahh ahh ahhhh….


  7. shaknbak480 says:

    Bahaha he sure do look like he is $`)#++()!@`^!!^^+ n! Maybe that’s why some of these girls don’t care he lives in a basement lol

  8. Angelo W. says:

    Sal’s gf – doesn’t anyone care about her? She should drop him like a HOT POTATO! An attention seeker & a real player??? The mature Christi shouldn’t waste her time or her thoughts on him. Don’t blieve everything U hear Miss C.

    Aren’t there any good guys out there? So sad. I hope Frank finds the love of his life very soon – for real.

  9. blah says:


  10. cathy says:

    I STARTED THE A-LISTERS b&*%$!!! haha actually my underwear did. i feel like im talking to you while reading this because i’ve heard it all already. GO CHRISTI!

  11. amy says:

    seriously what woman in there right mind would even think of competing for and old ~$^(@~@#`$!!#*~ man that has nothing to show for himself. Hell he still lives at home with his mom.Hello there are more younger and good way better looking man than him. I’m and my man is 22 we have our now places and cars live a really good social live all beacause of something call education FRANK get one…ps he is ugly and i a sure you all he is not that in the shack

  12. jennifer says:

    want to let you all know his not good in bed at all. that Italian sausegue is more like a hotdog if u know what i mean i bet his like a 30 sec guy