Megan Hauserman Speaks Out On Ryan Jenkins



In the Feb. 22 issue of People (on newsstands now), Megan Hauserman fills in some details of the Ryan Jenkins tragedy, and her contact with the Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant between the filming of the show and the murder/suicide. Among the things touched on: her deep infatuation with him (“I was smitten, which isn’t like me because I never like anybody”), her shock at finding out about his engagement to Jasmine Fiore and his resulting despair. It’s a sobering read, especially during its conclusion when Megan talks about making sense of the tragedy and ensuing fallout:

Most of the time, I just cried, feeling terrible for Jasmine and her family, thinking how the two of us could have been interchangeable. When VH1 called to say my show had been canceled, I understood why. Because of all this, people have a negative association with me. Now I’m rethinking my whole life, trying to figure out where to go from here.


Update: You can read the entire article on Megan’s blog.

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