Tool Academy 3 Recap – Episode 1 – Game Done Changed


What show could turn a man from this…


…to this…

…in less than two minutes?

Welcome to Tool Academy 3, where Tools are reformed, manhoods are threatened, and dudes are really, really surprised.

By now you know how it goes: a dozen or so douchebags, cheaters, and clueless egomaniacs get ambushed into attending the Tool Academy, where they learn to behave themselves, stop cheating on their partners, and be better humans with the help of therapist Trina Dolenz and their long-suffering girlfriends.

The same old thing, yet totally different, because this semester’s class of Tools included two women: One straight couple (Kyle and Jennavecia) whose female half loved sleeping around, and one lesbian couple (Courtney and Cheron) whose Tool half made a sport out of poaching other people’s girlfriends.

This single change in the Tool Academy rulebook was more than a gimmick, it really revealed whole new ways in which our Tools are insecure. The first episode alone revealed that:

– Jennavecia became a “slut.”

The thing is, she started out “hot.” As on seasons past, the Tools didn’t know at the beginning that they’ve been signed up for Tool Academy. And before this surprise, the male Tools had no problem touching (and squeezing and groping) Jennavecia, and telling the camera how hot she was. Until they found out what show they were on.

Suddenly Jennavecia was damaged goods to the guys. Or, more bluntly, was a “whore” according to Jacob, who’d be pretty friendly to her before (even doing push-ups with her on top of him in Cancun). The guys ganged up on Jennavecia and made her move her bed so that she couldn’t sleep next to them. “Jennavecia is a slut. I feel like if I let my guard down, she’d be all over me,” Jacob says.

Later in the episode, Jacob confessed to cheating on his girlfriend. Maybe that wasn’t his fault either. The excuse was as old as Adam and Eve. But in upcoming episodes, they will probably address this double standard. I mean, is there even a widely-used pejorative term for man who sleeps around? “Man-whore” doesn’t cut it — dudes wear that as a badge of pride.

– Jennavecia’s boyfriend became the enemy.

The Tools also turned against Jennavecia’s quiet boyfriend right away. Why? He was good looking, kind, and sleeping in a bedroom with their girlfriends, who have made it clear that they’re ready to leave their boyfriends if they don’t change.


It might even change the way the challenges go on from here. For instance, the premiere episode’s communication challenge was to have the partners pull apart a doghouse with a box full of tools, with their Tools giving them verbal instructions. This challenge was created so that the Tools’ girlfriends, who–the show assumes–don’t know much about using tools, will have to struggle to finish. But with Kyle in the competition, their team won easily.


– And he became a cuckold.

This first episode was all about the difference between how the Tools saw themselves, and how the world/their girlfriends saw them. For example, Kyle, the lone male in the other room, must be, according to the guys’ logic, an idiot for staying with his cheating partner (Jacob called him “slime”). But Jacob never questioned why his girlfriend would stay with him, knowing what a Tool he was. And there’s a widely-used word for this: the cuckold.


– Courtney became an outcast.


Courtney is the Tool Academy’s lesbian Tool and her favorite hobby was stealing guys’ girlfriends, because, as she said, she’s most attracted to straight women. So here’s something else to boggle the Tools’ minds: she was a lesbian, her girlfriend was a lesbian, and neither one was just in need of a good man to turn them straight.

So even though she had much in common with them, she was alone in the house right from the beginning, where her bed seemed isolated.


– Chaysn became a drop-out.


This semester of Tool Academy had another first: it was the first time a Tool had left the Academy on his own. And while the guy was, as far as his ego went, the first among equals, something told me it wasn’t just the idea of Tool Academy that turned him off.

Toward the end of the episode, the show’s dropout, Chasyn, was challenged to a wrestling match by the show’s lone lesbian Tool, Courtney. Courtney easily pined Chasyn (he’s a semi-pro wrestler), who left both the show and his girlfriend behind just a little bit later. It was only after that we got to see him wrestling other Tools and losing. But it seemed like he didn’t get upset until he got pinned…by a girl.

Some other things I noticed:

– Tommy really wanted you to know he’s a good guy.

But he was subtle. Check out his prominent “Stay true” tattoo on display as he lies about his relationship status.

toolacademy301-vh100062And later he wore rosary beads to therapy.

– The fast breakdown on Tool Academy.

Angelo realized his girlfriend must love him if she brought him to Tool Academy and he instantly broke down. It seemed so fast, but probably happened after three hours of off-camera therapy.


– Glowsticking as a mistress.

Daniel was this episode’s “Glow stick Tool.” He may not have muscles like most of the other Tools, but his glowsticking skills were really impressive. Which was too bad. Like, if Daniel was the world’s top skier, or the world’s top runner, then he’d be “driven” instead of a “Tool.” But because he’s the world’s best at this, he’s on Tool Academy, instead of Peak Season: Vancouver.


Check out some more shots from this week’s episode:

View Photo Gallery

– Jessica Suarez

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  1. Cody Roberts says:
  2. george says:

    why arent there any good looking people on this show?

  3. Andrew says:

    This is a first that there are two girls. So many twists that I thought M Night Shamalyan was directing this episode (I had to say it). Jacob is an fing hypocrite for criticizing someone else’s relationship when his own is in the toilet.

  4. unknown says:

    Very different than the other 2 seasons I didn’t watch season 1 yet 2 lesbians 1 of them is on the boy’s side and a slut tool also on the boy’s side caveman aka Jacob is a hypocrite like Andrew said wasn’t he also one of the guys that wanted to &(#@&#`!%#)&)_(# the slut tool and other girls now the guys don’t want to &(#@&#`!%#)&)_(# her anymore since their girls are here that Chasyn is to %#_&(`!+@$&+_^&@ y I call him a version 2 Charm Charm was %#_&(`!+@$&+_^&@ y but at least he didn’t quit these tools makes Charm look good.

  5. anonymous says:

    George – It’s VH1, it’s the next step toward MTV, you really can’t expect much.

  6. Alex says:

    Personally, I think she is the best looking one on the show. I know its pointless to really mention this, but if I could have a chance to prove to her that there are good guys out there, I would gladly take it and risk my heart to try and heal her’s.

  7. Amy says:

    what was up with Chasyn he was soo gross? too bad he quit that shows he obviously didn’t care about his g/f she is better off without him

  8. KARI says:

    Jacob is a freakin NEANDER LMAO, fits him welll.


  9. MJ says:

    Yeah Jacob isout of control, he wont go far at all..roid rage maybe

  10. Reu says:

    Poor Jennavecia, I hope she and Kyle win.

  11. Evan says:

    I would love to get Jacob in front of me and try to explain that a girl that you had your hands all over, and were hoping to jump into bed with, does not become a slut or `^@*%#%_)!~&#~#%( just because your girlfriend shows up.

    It’s such a double standard. He’s so hypocritical it makes me sick. He’s afraid of his girlfriend so he has to lie and make it look like it was all her. Atypical and pathetic.

    But being he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks I’m sure all of this wouldn’t sink in.

  12. Taz says:

    Chasyn is a total douchebag. And since when does a wrestler go out to the wring w/an erection (like he told everyone!!) to roll around w/other men? Sounds like he may be a bit confused-perhaps we’ll see him on Tool Academy 12 as part 1 of a male triangle.

    Tool Academy 12: A Love Triangle: For the first Tool Academy ever, same sex 3-way couples try to fix their 3rd wheel tools!!

  13. jackie says:

    jennavecia is such a @@“!#)))%!(^&*+^ i mean she made kyle sleep with anguy just to get money when she was stuck at a motel 6 in ohio back in october 2008. so i dont feel sorry for the couple i mean she is a nobody and always will be a nobody. would you lie to your own kid on thanksgiving just to be on tv show, she did poor jenni harper her real name dont be fooled by her i hope jacob and his girl wins

  14. Tracy says:

    Hey Jessica! Thank you soooo much for pointing out all the male/female double standards that were raging in this episode. It’s unfortunate that most people are still going to accept double standards even after they’ve been pointed out numerous times, but it’s great to see a VH1 blog that’s intelligent and fun.

  15. lalacheree says:

    where do they get these ppl??? do they just recycle cast members from other show?? jennavecia was on bad girls club…shes far from a tool…shes trash…actually trash is even too good for her….shes the dirt at the bottom of a landfill….watch her season of bgc and u will see why i say that…

  16. lauren says:

    if those glow sticks had been on fire I would’ve been more impressed.

  17. Kaitlyn says:

    Jennavecia gets screwed by the typical double-standard: men are allowed to sleep around as much as they want, that’s called sowing their oats. But if a woman has any sort of sexual liberation, she’s a slut. And they way they so aggressively ganged up on her, it was as textbook as a special on Animal Planet.

  18. Talie says:

    Ugh Tools. Personally, Kyle is looking good compared to them. Hope he drops his “tool” and finds someone who deserves him

  19. Allison says:

    Chaysyn is a *+`+~(~^_))$@`*(# I can’t believe he walked out on Amanda. She is so sweet. He can’t even wrestle, rule # 1: never take your feet off the ground by leaping into your opponent’s arms DUMBASS! He’s a fake. I hope the best for Amanda and I sincerely hope she is strong enough to just leave him in the dust.

  20. Allison says:

    Chaysyn is a $&_^~)&+)+_^$&@*# I can’t believe he walked out on Amanda. She is so sweet. He can’t even wrestle, rule # 1: never take your feet off the ground by leaping into your opponent’s arms DUMBASS! He’s a fake. I hope the best for Amanda and I sincerely hope she is strong enough to just leave him in the dust.

  21. viki says:

    “jennavecia is such a @@“!#)))%!(^&*+^ i mean she made kyle sleep with anguy just to get money when she was stuck at a motel 6 in ohio back in october 2008″ kyle gay

  22. Dre says:

    This show is full of crap!! it took only 15 sec for me to change the channel.. season 1 was the best! Jennavecia is a reality __(&`++`)*!~@&(&@

  23. Jackie says:

    Wow…women everywhere, remember Chaysn’s face…he is a TRUE douchebag and a COMPLETE TOOL leaving that way.

  24. jennavecia says:

    follow jennavecia on twitter

  25. larry says:

    this is the first time in my life I have ever written to a TV show or charecter, but after watching that little bug eyed moron cry, I had to write to get my anger or frustration out. I think his name was Angelo, what a f#$%kin putz, he looked like the kid should have been on that other travesty Joisy show. What an idiot

  26. Jennavecia says:

    Jennavecia Is My Girl And I Don’t Think That She’s A Slut!!!!!!!!!!Now,Jacob Is My Babe And My Husband And I Love It When He Says”Bo Shoca Loca”!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh,And I Love It When Jennavecia Said I Wouldn’t Want To Say Good Night To You Hot Guys I’d Rather Say Good Morning!!!!!!!!!

  27. tim says:

    Is Jennavecia the girl from the A&E show the bad girls club

  28. Laura says:

    Is it not obvious to the producers of this show that guy Angelo and his girlfriend are totally full of it? They are faking! He goes all out to be the “worst” boyfriend ever right from the start and then instantly he’s the sorriest person ever and wants to do everything he can to make it right? In this last episode he even said, “I want to win” during his little talk with the camera. They are fake and full of it and I can’t believe the casting people didn’t see that. That is also the worst fake crying I have ever seen in my life.

  29. Amiee371 says:

    bored already. Put me on the show at least we won’t have to see people who played on the bad girls club on here.

  30. jon says:

    well jennavecia and kyle are married and they are losers in vegas kyle dumbed a good girl for jennavecia who is not agood mom and doesn’t care about no one but her self. as the show goes on you will see how fake they both are.


    Daniel are you from Huntsville Alabama?

  32. NuAwlinz says:

    i think they should show cheron more. she’s gorgeous.

  33. NuAwlinz says:

    More Cheron, PLEASE!!

  34. Paige says:

    I love this show but some of the guys on here are `&%+$`+^+^(&!!!& ing ridiculous. Jacob is annoying `&%+$`+^+^(&!!!& he is the biggest tool there how does he have any right to judge another persons relationship when his is so muffed up. He thinks hes the &^(%%_#$+$(+~_#( and hes NOT! he really needs to check himself i hope he gets sent home and that his girlfriend leaves him because he will never change. Chaysin was stupid to but he left becuase he didnt have the balls to stay and he got beat up by a girl so good job chaysin your a tool.

  35. Sarah says:

    You are so selfish and messed up. When you freaked out over a plastic baby, i felt so bad for your boyfriend. He seems way too good for you. I really feel bad for him..
    The rest of the cast seems pathetic.. but he actually seems like a really good person who got sucked into a sad relationship where he is manipulated by sex.

    I hope to god he is free from jennavecia hell

  36. Elise says:

    Me and my boyfriend are THRILLED that jennavecia’s dirty @&(*%(~+)~(!!_~ got kicked off!@! She is literally the dirtiest c@*# I have ever seen in my life!! I hope she does see this and realize how disgusting and embarrassing she is! Good job hooker the world knows you’re a slut now!!!!!!!!!

  37. TINIQUE says:


  38. Natalie says:

    I Wanted Ya To Winn Yuh Nd Kylee Cuz U Frumm All the People In the House Should Of Won Cuz U Needed Help To change And Thats What u Gott. Everybody Else Didnt Change At All So Idk What DaT lady Wuz Thinking Lmfaoo Well To My Opinion Yuh Did Changee. And The Thinq Dat Made Me Think U Changed Is Cuz u Didnt Change For Da Money u Changed For Da Trust of Ur Bf Kyle And To Gain Is Luve Back Dat He Had For Yuh jennavecia I Think Ur Mad Kool L0l Bhur Pplz In This Bich Gotta Understand They Have No Right To Call U A Slut And Wuteva Cuz Wut Ever U Did Wuz All In Da Pastt So Idk Why they Holdin Dat Against Yuhh Thats So Dumb No Ones Fhuckin Perfect People Make Mistakes In there Lifee … Okayy Hope Yuh And kyle The BEST.. pCEE

  39. Mel says:

    First of all, do u have any common sense what so ever!? omg, reading ur blog was the most irritating thing ive ever been through in my life. Do you know how to spell? or speak? are u some kind of cave woman or something. Have u ever had any interaction with human society? Ok, moving on, people hate Jennavecia not bc of what she did in the past. well actually thats a huge part of it bc it was really screwed up, but bc she WASNT SORRY BOUT WHAT SHE DID. SHE LAUGHED OVER THE THINGS SHE DID IN THE PAST YOU IDIOT! and yet for some reason u think shes a good girl, and all this other garbage…if she was such a good girl, how come every photo u see of Kyle from TA3 he’s depressed as hell, and u can just see the pain in his eyes. The pain in his eyes was just a MINOR reflection of what he was feeling on the inside, that he cudnt express bc everytune he did, that slut made him feel stupid. She didnt change at all. If anything she advanced from bad to worse. As we speak I can guarantee shes cheating on her man right now, with some other dude. I dont get how you think she changed. She laughed at all the things she did, and continued to do. RIGHT IN FRONT OF KYLE and AT Kyle. she laughed AT KYLE. Hes so much better than her. She’s the spaun of Satan if not worth. NO good worthless peice of crap. And she will die that way too. Natalie, u seem to have jsut as many issues as she does. if not more considering u support her. Wow, just when u think u heard it all. Kyle, I wish u the best, but know ur not gonna get it from that pathetic excuse for a HUMAN called Jennavecia!

  40. courtney says:

    he a cry baby

  41. Mike says:

    I think these people should just get a job !

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