Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 5 – Faces of Tasia


You have one guess to figure out who has put this worried look on Fantasia’s face:


Not that you’d even need it. I’m sure you’d be able to tell exactly who it is with your eyes closed…

Obviously, it’s Teeny. But to understand why Fantasia’s stress over him is significant, you have to understand her frame of mind before it came about. You can see right on her face that we start the show with…


…joy. Working on a track she received on a demo CD last episode, Fantasia is in her element. “I’m just happy that I’m recording once again. I love it. It’s beautiful,” she gushes. She loves that song! Whoo!

Her bliss is interrupted when Ricco asks her to guest on his track. He just signed to Grand Hustle and wants to do something big, so he enlists his sister, even though just two episodes ago, he broke off with her (musically) in a bid for “independency.” Nonetheless, Tasia gamely agrees to guest on her brother’s joint. You don’t even need to see her face to know that being reunited feels so good.

The real problems start as a result of Fantasia inviting Teeny along for the ride:


You can see how excited Ricco is just to have him in the studio. After Fantasia suggests including Teeny on the track…



…the excitement mounts:


However, as Teeny struggles with the fundamentals of melody and rhythm…


…Ricco is clearly entertained…


Is that a banana in your mouth, or are you just happy to see your brother fail? No matter: for at least one of its members, joy is restored to the Barrino clan.

Completely (and thankfully) unrelated to all of this (but still keeping things in the family), here’s Tasia’s proud-mama face:


Zion’s teacher informs Tasia that her daughter is a “joy” to be around, and that she’s particularly good at math and art. Fantasia is so proud that she cries:


You know who else is a joy to be around? Fantasia. Seriously, I’m not just saying this because I work for VH1, but this woman is so nice. She’s so proud of the people in her life, regardless of their (at times, considerable) limitations. She never gets even close to snapping when any of them inevitably test her patience. She’d do anything for them. Take for example when Ricco, Teeny and Tasia hit a bar for a fun night out and Teeny gets drunk, decides it’s time to perform and makes a complete fool of himself…


Any normal person, now beyond fed up with Teeny’s antics, would take delight in his embarrassing spectacle, ahem…


…ahem. But even though Fantasia dons her business-as-usual face to talk about this incident…


…she transcends the situation and once again bails Teeny out, by joining him onstage and salvaging his “performance.”


Phenomenal woman, that’s she.

And, what’s more amazing is that she’s interested in becoming even more phenomenal by investing in self-improvement. She isn’t content to rest on her laurels.


As her daughter is studying, so will Fantasia, who is now determined to get her GED, doggone it.

But it won’t come easy — here’s Tasia’s lazy face:


That’s not my judgment — in this shot, she’s answering her tutor Tia’s question, “Do you like reading?” by saying, “Yeah…well, I’m a lazy reader!” Luckily, she has an active imagination to make up for it: she informs Tia that GED stands for Grown Educated Diva.

And speaking of doggone, that’s exactly the word she uses when Ryan suggests Tasia take Teeny on the road with her.


“I’ll be doggone if I take some drama on the road!” For that, we need a doggone-it face…


With her nails substituting for actual canines, this will serve nicely.

Anyway, Tasia takes him, and it seems that they aren’t touring the country as much as hurtling toward disaster. Teeny pledges to take over whether he gets it right or wrong (that ethos makes so much sense coming from him), and at the first show, he’s told merely to observe, but in fact…


…he gets up on stage. Weirdly, Tasia’s fears are for naught: Teeny does just fine singing Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy.” Again, we see joy beaming from Tasia’s face…


It’s funny how music makes everything so cyclical. And rewarding.

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