Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 5 – Faces of Tasia


You have one guess to figure out who has put this worried look on Fantasia’s face:


Not that you’d even need it. I’m sure you’d be able to tell exactly who it is with your eyes closed…

Obviously, it’s Teeny. But to understand why Fantasia’s stress over him is significant, you have to understand her frame of mind before it came about. You can see right on her face that we start the show with…


…joy. Working on a track she received on a demo CD last episode, Fantasia is in her element. “I’m just happy that I’m recording once again. I love it. It’s beautiful,” she gushes. She loves that song! Whoo!

Her bliss is interrupted when Ricco asks her to guest on his track. He just signed to Grand Hustle and wants to do something big, so he enlists his sister, even though just two episodes ago, he broke off with her (musically) in a bid for “independency.” Nonetheless, Tasia gamely agrees to guest on her brother’s joint. You don’t even need to see her face to know that being reunited feels so good.

The real problems start as a result of Fantasia inviting Teeny along for the ride:


You can see how excited Ricco is just to have him in the studio. After Fantasia suggests including Teeny on the track…



…the excitement mounts:


However, as Teeny struggles with the fundamentals of melody and rhythm…


…Ricco is clearly entertained…


Is that a banana in your mouth, or are you just happy to see your brother fail? No matter: for at least one of its members, joy is restored to the Barrino clan.

Completely (and thankfully) unrelated to all of this (but still keeping things in the family), here’s Tasia’s proud-mama face:


Zion’s teacher informs Tasia that her daughter is a “joy” to be around, and that she’s particularly good at math and art. Fantasia is so proud that she cries:


You know who else is a joy to be around? Fantasia. Seriously, I’m not just saying this because I work for VH1, but this woman is so nice. She’s so proud of the people in her life, regardless of their (at times, considerable) limitations. She never gets even close to snapping when any of them inevitably test her patience. She’d do anything for them. Take for example when Ricco, Teeny and Tasia hit a bar for a fun night out and Teeny gets drunk, decides it’s time to perform and makes a complete fool of himself…


Any normal person, now beyond fed up with Teeny’s antics, would take delight in his embarrassing spectacle, ahem…


…ahem. But even though Fantasia dons her business-as-usual face to talk about this incident…


…she transcends the situation and once again bails Teeny out, by joining him onstage and salvaging his “performance.”


Phenomenal woman, that’s she.

And, what’s more amazing is that she’s interested in becoming even more phenomenal by investing in self-improvement. She isn’t content to rest on her laurels.


As her daughter is studying, so will Fantasia, who is now determined to get her GED, doggone it.

But it won’t come easy — here’s Tasia’s lazy face:


That’s not my judgment — in this shot, she’s answering her tutor Tia’s question, “Do you like reading?” by saying, “Yeah…well, I’m a lazy reader!” Luckily, she has an active imagination to make up for it: she informs Tia that GED stands for Grown Educated Diva.

And speaking of doggone, that’s exactly the word she uses when Ryan suggests Tasia take Teeny on the road with her.


“I’ll be doggone if I take some drama on the road!” For that, we need a doggone-it face…


With her nails substituting for actual canines, this will serve nicely.

Anyway, Tasia takes him, and it seems that they aren’t touring the country as much as hurtling toward disaster. Teeny pledges to take over whether he gets it right or wrong (that ethos makes so much sense coming from him), and at the first show, he’s told merely to observe, but in fact…


…he gets up on stage. Weirdly, Tasia’s fears are for naught: Teeny does just fine singing Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy.” Again, we see joy beaming from Tasia’s face…


It’s funny how music makes everything so cyclical. And rewarding.

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  1. Resharra Caldwell says:

    Dear Fantasia I love your show but also I learn alot to. I really admire the way you have a big heart and the fact that you keep on pushing even through all the thungs that come your way but thats life a big puzzle once you put it together and you think your done it falls apart and you have to start all over unitl its complete agin but anyway thats enough of my small words I have been watching your show dont be mad but I feel like you are to soft on your brother teeny he acts as if hes puffy or something I feel like you need to give him tough luv and let him be a man I notice that everyone else doesnt really fool wit him to much and I see why I was told your best teacher is yourself and he needs to teach his self how to become a man its not your job to always save him and he plays on your soft heart I feel only from watching the show but I know thats your brother and you want to keep your family together but he needs to grow up what if you would have not recieved this wonderful blessing from god where teeny be or you or your family I feel like you have a wonderful spirit and god has truley looked out for his angel but Im just a common person wit my own views and opions. I really respect you as a women,mother,sister,daughter,and friend to your family and I have some of your forgive ways and I fell like the only person can judge you is god but also while your on earth and liveing life you make your own decesions and I think you need to just give him tough luv.but that concludes me much luv and respect to miss tasia tanks for letting me voice my opion.

  2. blaknmild says:

    That teeny just get under my skin he talks 2 much when dont know $#*`$#*)^)&_^&$& about recording listen man plz before it 2 late. LOve your show tasia

  3. mushmouth759 says:

    To God be the Glory. I started following your journey because the kids were watching it. I am your moms age.
    I did’nt watch American Idol, but when you won, my nephew was so hyped because you sang a song called summertime. He said it gave him goosebumps. So I pulled it up on the computer. I love Xavier and Zion. Even though he is the uncle, she is more like his little sister. He teased her about the doll, she put her fist up. She knew he was playing. Teeny your family loves you. But you must learn to take constructive critisicism. If you hit a wrong note listen and stop fussing. Thank you, Thank you! He’s done enough. Yall take care of Tasia, because she is taking care of all of yall.

  4. AngelFace says:

    Ms. Fantasia, Love Love Love Your Voice
    First and Foremost you are a Remarkable Woman for wanting to change and turn your life around for the sake of yourself and your little girl. You are becoming a Role Model for Young Ladies of all shapes, sizes and colors. You are letting them know that it is okay to make mistakes, but as long as you pick yourself up from those mistakes and learn from them to become something better in life. I commend you on Self-Perseverance and Self-Growth. Some people never achieve that, with or without money, they just never get there. Congratulations on Loving Yourself!!!

    Your brother Joe is a Slave to Himself. Obviously he has definitely watched entirely to many videos of what he thinks a BOSS is Supposed to be.
    He is a Disgrace as a MAN, a Provider, and as a Big Brother. He has literally Mimicked Videos to there entirety, and has failed to recognize that those Rappers and Singers regardless of their Images can do whatever it is they choose to do because they are Actually Bosses of some Real Life Long Money. They can pay for whatever they want. They are not living off their Little Sister and Throwing Tantrums because she is tired of taking care of a Self-Proclaimed Grown Man, who has nothing.

    He is a Clone of everything Hip-Hop, a wanderer in Falsehood and it is sickening. So many Black Men walk around like that and really think that it is Okay. It only brings Ignorance to our Young Black Men who wish everyday that they could buy themselves out of Poverty like the Rappers and Singers that they see on the Videos. But instead they have to Hustle Everyday for Their Money, hoping that Death doesn’t Beat Them to the Finish Line Before They Actually Reach Their Goal of Making It Out of The Hood.
    Your brother has been truly blessed to have received such Love and Communion from You, that you wanted him to be able to have things he probably never would have had if it wasn’t for your GOD GIVEN TALENT as a WONDERFUL and IMMACULATE SINGER. He should act more grateful and appreciative, not booty kissing or simping, but act as a caring brother should. YOU AREN’T HIS WOMAN, but HE DEFINITELY ACTS LIKE YOU ARE….ALL DAY YUCK!!!

    Out of all you, Ricco really shines as a Man taking charge of his Life. He has understood how you gave him an Opportunity to sing with you, and now that he is venturing off and doing his own music, he is Smart and Responsible enough to share the LOVE back with YOU.
    To me that is a HUGE Thank You Sis. I agree Totally with Ricco, to stop carrying Joe along as if he is some Baby that hasn’t learn how to walk yet.

    Joe is a BULLY and a PUNK, and where I am from, Dudes like him get moked moked out everyday for being a POSER and Not Having No Respect for Hard Working Hustlers.
    I understand that is your brother, your family, your blood, but ask YOURSELF FOR REAL MS. FANTASIA,

    I Love your Singing and the Refreshing Spirit that Comes With It, God Bless You God Bless Your Life

  5. Kimber says:

    Is Fantasia just doing this show to get the money that she despeately needs? I think so! :)

  6. Nadine says:

    Hi Fantasia,

    My name is Nadine Smith. I am from the Island of Jamaica. My friends and I adore you from American Idol until now, I remember the finals as if it was yesterday, my friends and I did not go to school that evening because we would have missed the finals, that how much we love you.

    I want to say to yow remain focus, do not lose sight of your dream. You are a good person and you deserve to be happy. We love your reality show and anxiously awaiting your new album.

    Love and kissed from Nadine and friend from Jamaica

  7. Mindy says:

    Kimber asked “Is Fantasia just doing this show to get the money that she despeately needs? I think so!” Duh!!! Don’t we all desparately need money to live? Don’t you work to make money? Don’t be silly. Entertainment is her job and as such when she does shows, television or stage she gets paid. Of course, she wants and needs to make money. Don’t look down on her and write degrading comments just to get a laugh about someone you don’t know. She is simply trying to make a living like you and I. You try living in this world with no money, see how far you get. At least she is making strides to make a better life for herself and her family, don’t disrespect because of that. Ya’ll keep playing Fantasia cheap if you want to. A whole bunch of you are in for a few surprises. She is a very smart and beautiful young woman. Have a little compassion.

    By the way, I love the Faces of Tasia. One of my favorite things. The show rocks too.

  8. mmartin says:

    Love the show and your voice. You have truly talented. However, I agree with almost everyone and you need to do some tough love on Teeny. He is grown, and still act likes a kid. At least your other brother is trying to do something, Teeny is just going to let you take care of him. I know its hard, but you should have never invited him back in the house. No respectable woman is going to want to be with a man who is 30 and living at home with his sister no matter who she is.

  9. Tfaith says:


    I have watched your rise to stardom for many years.
    I rooted you on when you were on AI and cried with you when you won. You and Jennifer Hudson were the only reason I bought a ticket in 2004 when your AI season went on the road. I respect your talent, discipline and hard work.

    You ARE “my friend in my head” although I’m old enough to be your mother.

    I understand fully your committment to is one of the things I admire about you..
    I want to share some pearls of wisdom with you about family and people in general…

    You CAN NOT save everybody, even when they are family.

    Your brother, Teny, is ill-tempered, not open to instruction, does not respect authority, arrogant, uses you for your position & wealth and is basically drunk off his a– most of the time.

    HE is going down in flames if he doesn’t get a grip & sweetie I don’t want to see you go down with him.

    YOU worked and continue to work hard to make it happen for yourself! NEVER let anyone, including Teny, make you feel guilty for what you have accomplished.

    YOU OWE NO ONE BUT GOD & ZION!!! You are NOT obligated to take care of ANYONE but YOU & ZION!
    Teny has issues that you WILL NOT be able to love away or buy away. HE has to work them out for himself and sometimes the most loving thing you can do for someone is to LET THEM GO.

    Teny is GROWN..time for him to “sink or swim”, “root little piggie or die”.

    Your older brother Rico knows this. Listen to him..

    Know the tactics of the weak & usery, i.e., when Teny said you were “not the same since winning the Idol” & when he said he felt he was not “supported”.

    All of this is designed to tug at your heat-strings and get what HE wants.

    YOU pay for the roof over his head.
    YOU paid for the car(s) he drives..(with no license unless that’s changed)
    YOU paid for the “studio” that he built freely with your money.
    YOU provide opportunities for him to hone his craft & get it together. He is talented but too ignorant to take full & POSITIVE advantage of the position he’s in!

    YOU pay for everything about him so if that’s not support I don’t know what is!!

    Don’t get sucked in..let Teny go. HE must find himself, recognize his shortcomings and do the work to make it better. YOU CAN NOT DO THAT FOR HIM!!

    Love you much and keep the faith!

    A FAN!

  10. Kimberly says:

    I still LOVE FANTASIA! I absolutely enjoy watching the show! Teeny is something else and RICO…Is something Handsome!!!! Yummy.. Greenville, NC Love ~ Kimberly

  11. Bonnie says:

    Fantasia~ You can do anything you want to do and have already done things you probably didn’t think you could-such as winning American Idol. Education IS the key and I’m so proud you are determined to get your GED and show Zion your example. I quit college after high school and returned after 23 years. It wasn’t easy, but I now have two degrees. It doesn’t matter what grade you test out at, it’s one day at a time. You can do it, girl. You’re an incredible role model especially for young girls who have their eyes on you. Go get it!

  12. AsH says:

    Hey Fantasia,

    I have been a big fan since American Idol. Im glad that you are determined to help Teeny & sticking beside your brother. If he would listen he might be able to get where he wants. He needs to learn to take constructive criticism better. No one is perfect, but life is a game and you have to play to win. People make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them and avoid making the same ones over & over. I hope he realizes that yall are ther to help & support him, but he has to listen. I know you have his best interest. I wish you all well in your career and continue to be a blessing to others.

  13. Murfreesboro,Tn. says:

    Tasia, continue to strive and go forward. Enjoy your show and get that GED girl and oh by the way never never, never look back.!!!! As for Teny be there, but only he can work it out. Sharon

  14. kawanisd-Cleveland OH says:

    What I think is that teeny need to grow a pair and get his own and Tasia needs to dust off her wings and let her brother fall off of them bbecause he is costing her to much money. He don’t care because it is not his ,if it was do you think that he would have spent it like he spent his sister’s HELL NO he would not have he know it, and she know it so let him roll on his own ..and oohhh yeah lets not for gert about RICCO with his sexxxy self I think any way, he got it together and if teeny had it like him then the problem would not be problems… Tasia keep this YOU ARE WHO YOU MAKE YOUSELF NOT NO ONE ELSE.

    sexxxykay FROM:
    cleveland OH email me RICCO i will email you back////

  15. Tameka says:

    I love this show I am a fan of her music and the show keep of the good work. And may god continue to bless you in all that you do.

  16. Gwenette skinner says:

    Hi Fantasia i love your show and your music my name is Gwenette but people call me Gwen for short i am a mother of six childern.I really admire the way you have a big heart and fact you keep on pushing your career.I been sick in the last couple of months im taking five diff ts of pills im trying to do all i can for myself.The one that i look upon is God he is the frist in my life pray every day and read my bible gose to chruch

  17. shelton says:

    Hi Fantasia I am a friend at as will as fan of your work. I to was a single parent with no diploma and I went back to school got my Ged and went on to collge and got diploma in Dialysis technologist which is basicaly a preson that work with poepe who have kidney faliure.
    I plan on going back t complet a nurseing degree in future. IF you cont. work at you will get your GED , use all your time wisely I know it want be easy but, keep the faith God will help yo through he will not put no more on you then you can bare

  18. tammy says:

    I hate Teeny!!!!!!!!!!
    If Fantasia doesn’t get rid of him I’m gonna stop watching her show. Teeny is such a loser. If she wants a comeback she shouldn’t put his meesed up voice on her albulm.And I like how he says he’s not trying to ride her coat tales. Everytine he introduces himself he says Fantasia’s brother. He will never amount to anything.
    Brother or not you can choose the people you want in your life.Fantasia, stop letting your mother talk you into keeping and supporting your loser brother. Stand up for yourself girl! Teeny is a Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. darlenesharon says:

    Thought this show is about Fantasia. I am sick of seeing her punk brother “Teeney”. She has done enough for him. She has a unique wonderful voice and needs to concentrate on herself.
    Everyone else has taken advantage enough!
    Put more of her in her show!!!

  20. Geprge says:


  21. Marvin Earl says:

    Why is Teeney on your show? We see more of him than you. We don’t want to see no grown man using his sister up.
    Get him off your show or change the name to “Teeney the Tiny”!

  22. Israel M. says:

    Fantasia, you are BACK!!! I am in love with Even Angels! This album will make you number 1! I always thought you were the best idol ever, but you never blew up in the way I knew you could…that is all about to change, you are destined to be a superstar! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and putting it into your music, I feel you so much when you sing. I’m tired of all these cookie-cutter artists like Beyonce and Lady Gaga and the same old, same old. You are a breath of fresh air in this industry and a true artist. I think your songs are going to crossover into mainstream pop and they will get you even more fans.

    Fantasia, keep being you! You are blessed and a true artist! You have no idea how much you are helping me in my life right now because I am going through some things. Your song, Even Angels, is so uplifting and seeing you on your show gives me strength to keep going and to keep my head up no matter what I’m facing!

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