Let’s Talk About Pep Recap – Episode 6 – It’s Going Down


So this four-year-celibacy thing is starting to get to Pep.


At the beginning of this week’s Let’s Talk About Pep, Jacque interpreted this painting to be a sort of “urban fantasy.” And Pep saw a man’s “thing-thing.” I think the the lack of sex might have caused her to regress here–otherwise there’s no explanation for using the word “thing-thing” (though it’s a nice companion word to “va-jay-jay”). It was cute anyway.

Jacque, however, needed to pro-gress. She was still working on meeting the right man and starting a family, but she confessed to Pep and her other friends that she had never had an orgasm.




This was after Jacque’s other confession: she doesn’t like men performing oral sex on her either. “What the hell is going on in America today?” Kittie asked (after picking her jaw up from the plate). According to my research (thanks drphil.com!), 10-15 percetn of women have never had an orgasm. Although, was Dr. Phil taking the survey? That’d probably put any woman off.

This must have truly disturbed Kittie, who had spent the whole week indulging her oral fixation, to Pep’s anger. This started on their double date with Pep’s doctor/chef interest Tom, and a friend of Kittie’s. Tom made the mistake of calling the pre-appetizer course the “amuse-bouche.” This set Kittie up for a range of double-entendres and faux pas. According to Jacque she broke all the “girlfriend” rules. Rules like:

– Drinking a little too much.

Yeah, I mean, it’s Kittie. She likes to have fun. She takes home doggie bags back from first dates.

– Teasing her friend’s date way too early.

“What else does your palette recognize? I mean, once you’re done with the food don’t you get hungry for anything else?” she asked Tom.


– Making herself the center of attention.

Then, went they went out bowling, she blamed Tom’s poor game on not getting any sex from Pep.”He ain’t gettin no p****,” she announced. Tom got plenty of Kittie though.

– Comparing tongues with your friend’s date.

Probably wasn’t a rule, but it probably didn’t need to be one until Kittie did it.

Pep took Kittie to the bathroom for a talk. “He ain’t from Compton, he ain’t hood,” Pep told Kittie. Or reminded Kittie. She probably did not forget that Tom was not from the hood. Pep pointed out that Tom was a doctor/chef (though, if he owns a restaurant he’s more of a chef/doctor). She just didn’t care. She likes to, how do you say, épater le bourgeois? Tom being a doctor (chef) just made it more fun.


Some things about Joumana’s date and Jacqui’s non-date.

Jacqui forwent this week’s date so she could go to an orgasm class. “Am I the only newcomer?” “You will be.” Zing! You have to have a sense of humor if you’re running an orgasm class and you wear these sandals.

If Markuann, Kittie’s foot-loving date, took this class instead, he’d be walking for his diploma right now. Also: if these weren’t guys’ feet.

Joumana went on a date with a boxer whose nickname is “Hollywood Hino.” He’s also featured on Essence.com’s “Eyecandy of the Month,” page, where he says girls fall in love with his personality first. Let’s close by checking out a little bit of his personality:



Check out screen caps from this week’s episode:

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— Jessica Suarez

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