Examining Rehab 3 With Dr. Drew – Episode 7


Above, Dr. Drew shares his thoughts on the most recent episode of Celebrity Rehab 3: Mike Starr’s guilt over Lane Staley’s death, friends & family day and Heidi’s abrupt departure from rehab.

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  1. Cat says:

    Tonights episode with very emotional. I’ve been watching Dr Drew’s Rehab since day one…this time around my heart aches for those in rehab. Even Dr Drew had tears in his eyes numerous times. I can only hope and pray they see the light at the end of the tunnel…there really is a light!!…one day at a time. Good Luck!

  2. Ruthann says:

    I am so angry at Drew. Did he not realize how hard that exercise would be for Heidi? There she was telling him the one thing she felt so deeply was loneliness and that feeling was just magnified by the family experience. After everything she has been through and all the people she has known and made happy and been unable to connect to what a painful reminder that she still feels so alone and unable to connect and finding a way to bridge that connection and trust people and just feel vulnerable and worth something for who you are, the good, the bad and the ugly. To never get an apology for being hurt, for being left alone when you really needed someone, through the hard times and knowing you have to fend for yourself because in the end it’s like a reminder…lesson learned you can’t depend upon anyone but yourself. You don’t know how to get that connection you so desperately crave so why bother, it’s not the drugs, it’s the emptiness and then to have that one crutch, the bird taken away was just too much and Heidi is not a dumb woman, she realizes all of that…the vulnerability and hurt were just too much. I “pray” to God you hang in there Heidi, you are worth so much more. I’ve not had any of your experiences (good or bad), but I feel your loneliness and pride and it is a struggle. Please hang in there. I hope one day I can bridge that gap too, because isn’t that the way to true happiness?

  3. leslie hackett says:

    I am a recovering addict myself. A little over two years and in watching this series, it kinda gives me a continual booster shot and I am so thankful for that. I relate to so much that happens on this show. Heidi, I hate that you walked away on tonights show, I really grew to care about you and want you to have the serenity that I have found. Tom Sizemore, my, my, my, you have hit it hard and if you put as much into your recovery as you put into getting high, you will be a unstoppable force!!! Mac, I watched you as a child and kinda followed you into mishap on my own, your a wonderful inspiration now. Mindy, you have the voice of an angel and i pray that you work through your D.V. because i relate to you on that level for when you spoke of being chocked, it gave me a chance to work through my own experience with D.V., its hard but it can be done and we deserve to live too. Joey, stay clean and be a good father, work on the anger issue, children are the most important thing we can be blessed with and in staying clean, your child will have the opportunity to prosper. Carri Ann, I knew when I watched sex rehab what your problem was because i felt alot like you when I did meth but hun, i speak from the bottom of my heart when I say you HAVE to take a good look at yourself and find peace and kindness, you will never be happy till you do. Mike Starr, you have gotten my attention in such a big way, I have literally even grown a little crush on you while watching you evolve this season, I hope to God you stay sober, continue to grow and forgive yourself and when your ready to try on a dating… look for me in Roswell, New Mexico, I dont believe I could disappoint you and Im ready in my sobriety to meet people, I will be waiting for you!!!LOL
    Dr. Drew, thankyou for all that you do and thanks to God for blessing celebrities and everyone else you touch!!! Your incredible!!!

  4. craig hillmann says:

    hi my hame is craig and i’am a coke addict i have been and addict for 34 really long years i have been clean for 2 years now by the grace of god i’ve been watching for a while now and i never like tom before but since he came to you i’ve watched his struggle and i feel he has come a long way(still a long ways to go)but i can’t help crying when i see his pain because i’ve been there i had a stroke about 7yrs ago i smoked 18 rocks in about 6hrs my x-wife found me but i had been alone as you might guess addiction HELLO and i started back a week later lost every thing over and over so i’am wrighting this for you tom as well as my self you can and need to do this for those who love you i hope you see this much love. your new friend craig

  5. Sarah says:

    Ruthann- I think your comments about Mackenzie are way off track. I don’t believe the relationship was consensual. She was a drug user (thanks to her father)and though he may not have held her down and forced her, she still lacked the power and mind set to say no. This had nothing to do with power play. What do you think Mackenzie would have gained from such an act? More drugs? Better inheritance? Come on. Dr. Drew is right on the money about this.

  6. jerra says:

    does anyone know the name of the aritst and the song that was played at the beginning?
    it goes,
    i put on my usual, i packed a picture for my cubical, all i can think about is you, im still bleeding.
    I tried google. and lyrics websites and i cant find it.
    email me at jerra09@hotmail.com
    if you have the info PLEASE Thanks :)

  7. Ana says:

    What am i supposed to do? I need help. I wish this show would give us more “What to do” and not just give us a show. I like it anyway, and am addicted to watching every new episode.

  8. Charlie says:

    I just watched the episode and my heart goes out to everyone that is struggling with an addiction to many emotions going through me right now i’m at a loss for words. I lost my sister at 16 she was 20, my entire family has a problem i’m the lucky one they say. I just wanted to say i appretiate this show so much been watching it since the start. Never posted anything before but this episode really changed my view on some things and i’m so greatful. One day at a time guys and girls best of luck to all of you.

  9. Florence Nightengale says:

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Dr. Pinsky…thanks for taking care of Starr…

    And to Sizemore, you still got it goin’ on….

  10. Maureen says:

    MacKenzie, Mindy, Lisa, Tom and Joey, you are incredibly strong and an inspiration to us all. Please don’t give up the fight, it’s the most important thing you will ever do in your life.

    Mike, my heart is aching for you. I hope that Nancy has brought you some peace and you can release yourself of the guilt that you’ve carried all these years. I’m sure that a lot of people played a role in Layne’s death, but no one greater than Layne himself. You are very special and I hope that you can honor Layne by choosing the best that life has to offer. Stay strong.

  11. todd says:

    Mike, remember puget sound j.r. high??? David jensen, and S.A.T.O. ??????????

  12. Ron says:

    Dennis, You sit there and light up your cigar and sit and smoke it putting on this fake fasaud,like your sophisticated.Here your wife was being sincere about your relationship and all you could do is giggle like a little school girl.Dennis news flash your in your 40s get rid of the stuff in your face and start acting your age.There is alot more to being a dad and a man then giving them money.

  13. Hope says:

    Dr. Drew this season has gripped my heart with loving support for everyone. I pray that all will be celebrating sobriety a lifetime of success in all ways possible!

  14. Laura Spaeth says:

    In this episode, I thought that Roesha’s tone of voice to Heidi was harsh, asking to have her bird leave was heartless. After all, this is her family and it was like telling her to have a family member leave. I would have done the same thing that Heidi did.

    I think Roesha owes an apology to Heidi. She is not above anyone else, just because of her position.

    Would it have been so wrong for the bird to be with her at the luncheon, one of the most crucial parts of the program.

  15. Grace says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more heartfelt television series covering such a complicated subject matter. To witness everyone’s pain on the show is almost too much; I have so much empathy. When Tom Sizemore wept over the film of the cast’s younger years, I could see how filled he was with heartache. I am so glad Mike Starr was sitting next to him, offering friendship and support. I was absolutely relieved when Dr. Pinsky came over to Tom and wrapped his arms around him in a huge demonstration of humanity and support. I love that one-by-one, many of the other cast members came over to Tom, to reach out, to envelop him in his obviously overwhelming pain.

    I thought I was going to pass-out with my own heart swelling with such feeling, sadness, support, fear, deep sorrow and compassion for Tom. I totally got his comment he repeatedly kept saying, “Look how young we were…”

    I pray, OH MAN HOW I PRAY, that each of these cast members will be met with some greater mercy and will be spared any further hurt, pain and darkness and go on to find the strength to beat their addictions.

    I was so very sad that Heidi was not allowed to keep her parrot with her. It was NOT causing any distraction and it was so beautiful to see her interacting so naturally and movingly. I detest the caretaker that treated the situation with such a complete lack of insight and grace.
    I became sincerely attached to Heidi and I care about her very much.

  16. Cherish says:

    I have to say, I would love to email these folks and lend my support. How can we do that?

  17. Darla says:

    Last night’s show was beyond any of the reality stuff I’ve seen… it left me feeling emotionally raw.. and it gave addicts a deeply human face…. To see everyone young, hopeful, vibrant, talented,and free… and to watch the transformation to addict, convict and just plain down-and-out was heart-wrenching… Each person’s story is individual, but in the end, everyone winds up alone, hurting and dead inside…. My instinctual nature is to scoop everyone up and bring them home and get them clean, feed them, love them and give them their lives back… The show, for me, was a testimony to the good work of Dr Drew and his staff…You are not just changing addicts, you are changing lives… the lives of the participants in the program as well as their friends and families. There must surely be a special place in Heaven (if Heaven indeed exists) for you all… ?

  18. Jo says:

    When Dr. Drew was talking with Mike Starr, he said that he knew Mike’s disease very, very well and that being a doctor does not preclude being an addict.

    Was Dr. Drew saying he had been and addict?

  19. smitty says:

    Mike Starr,
    Maybe the best way for you to honor Layne at this point, is to do what he was unable to do. Forgive yourself and save your own life. And remember, just because you accept Layne’s death and move on, does NOT mean that you’ll forget him or that you love him any less. Layne will never be forgotten and neither will you.

    There are strangers in the world who love you and are really pulling for you and your recovery.

  20. jane says:

    Layne is spelled with a Y

  21. candace says:

    Tom Sizemore is such a huge talent. I really hope he gets better and gets back to doing what he does best – making great movies. I think he could be like Robert Downey Jr. and come back bigger and better than ever. The video retrospective was so poignant and so intense. It’s such hard work, to recover – and It’s a real nail biter watching Tom and hoping he sticks with it – such a talented guy!

  22. Renee says:

    I think Celeb Rehab is an exceptionally moving show that puts those that we all idolize and give them a human and imperfect platform. You are still our hero’s – please don”t ever forget that. Millions of your fans are out here watching and praying for you and your families. I was especially moved watching Tom Sizemore tonight. You really need to know how many fans you have that are crazy about your work – you have a long life ahead of you and we will all see you rise again. Your talent is exceptional…. and regardless of what you said at the dinner – your still young and still a hottie !!
    To the entire cast my prayers are with you and thank you for being brave enough to be on a show like this that puts your deepest emotional struggles out there so others may learn from you!

  23. Susan says:

    This is one of the best shows on TV. I am so amazed at how real Mac, Mindy, Heidi, Tom, Lisa, Joey and Mike are. I truly know you are good people and pray you all make it and find the lives you dream of having. It is so hard when you have no money, family support, and fake friends who use you. Dennis, I really try to see the good in you but cant find it. When you arrived on the first day, your little kids were standing in front of you hugging your legs and you were a pig. You never even put your arms around them. It is so clear that they are terrified of you and probably with good reason. Let your wife and children go on without you, because you are destroying them. You arent there to get help and will probably end up dead in some hookers hotel room, which would be no loss. And Kari Ann, OMG! Well, Mackenzie said it all. Someone needs to knock you on your ^!(_!)~!*)&%*!^ And honestly, beautiful you are not. The other women on the show would run circles around you even without the hair dos and caked on eye liner. Until you learn to treat people with respect, I honestly dont give a hoot if you make it either.

  24. Shark says:

    What was the big deal about Heidi keeping the bird (her family)…the nordic chick needs to remember that not addictions have the same affect.

    What was her drug of choice and what did she do to obtain it without paying…she needs to STFU and allow Heidi to feel like she is a member of the big pictures family…shame on the nordic broad.

  25. skeptical sam says:

    You people are all such unbelievable saps. The people are getting paid 200,000 dollars to do this fakery. Shelly? She now has an agent! None of them give a crap about sobriety and are only in it for the money. Wake up and stop watching this drivel now!

  26. brinalee says:

    As a recoverying addict I would somehow like very much to be able to email some of the cast members just to lend my support.Is this something that can be done or is this show just another fake reality show with people just playing roles?

  27. Steve (MN) says:

    Dr. Drew. I wanted to let you know that I feel you are doing a wonderful job, along with the celebrities, to help them with each of their problems. Although, I just started watching your show “Celebrity Rehab”, If you could let them know that they have done the right thing by coming to you for help. I had a family member who needed help with his drug problems and he is now doing well after 2 years of recovery. I am asking each of the celbrities to be proud of themselves and each other for their progress. Tom & Mike, I hope when you are both completed with your rehab, that you two need to keep in touch. You two have created a bond that trandsens help for one another to stay sober. My brother had his family. You two need each other for support. As a disabled Veteran, I go through pain everyday, and if it wasen’t for my wife and God, I don’t think I would able to make each day a welcomed day. So, with that in mind, I am proud of you all and please stay in touch with Dr. Drew. He is a wonderful person and I don’t think there are a lot of people out there with his integrity. Therefore, from this Disabled Veteran, I wish you all the best in your adventures to come. Please let them be great ones. Love you all..Steve (MN)

  28. kim says:

    MacKenzie, sorry for the loss of ur cute little dog:( Pets are part of our families and teach us so much about unconditional love. Remember, Dog is God spelled backwards. Ur positive attitude is such an *@_&!*_(!`@)*%* et to the others. You have set the tone of encouragment and support which is what recovery is all about. This is how we understand our worth, it comes from loving others and in turn ourselves. Take care, I’m pulling for U:)and everyone in the group.

  29. Mike says:

    Dr. Drew I think you are doing a great job with all the celbebritys and I’m praying for everyone but I’m praying even more Tom Sizemore because I think he is one great guy and actor and I know we will see him again in the movies with your help. This world needs more Dr. Drews.

  30. Tabetha says:

    I was became angered when it seemed to me that Heidi was forced to remove her beautiful bird from the dinner area. Heidi didn’t have family there to see her. To Heidi the bird is her family, and for her to be told by that girl to take bird outside or across the street was not cool at all. I don’t think Heidi was isolating herself again she missed her bird(s).How would anyone feel that the one person/animal that brings you happiness is taken away when you only have a limited time with them? Heidi had every right to react the way she did. Plus that girl should have just backed off and waited for Drew to confront her before she got up and walked out. I understand being alone in a room full of people I care about. I think that girl pushed way too hard. I think Drew should check the tapes on that whole situation.Thank you for taking time to read my comment and I’m proud of everyone there especially Tom. May you ALL find your correct path to Happiness.

  31. TV_watch-r says:

    Why does Heidi Fleiss look like that? What happenned to her face & lips? I do not understand why she looks the way she does. Is that bad surgery?

  32. Laura says:

    I am a big fan of Celebrity Rehab. It is a truly inspirational show for anyone with addiction issues. The Family Weekend Episode is truly groundbreaking tv. To be able to witness Layne’s mother expressing her forgiveness and compassion for Mike plus physically see this emotional burden being lifted from his shoulders was very moving. Mac’s interaction with her pug and her son at the vet’s office truly shows the everyday things we addicts still need to face and keep clean. As a recovering alcoholic with over 4 yrs of soberity, this program definitely shows the rest of the world what addiction is like from the inside out. The slideshow and song for this episode was thought provoking. The slides, in my opinion, let the patients see where they came from, where they went and how that good person is still inside them somewhere waiting to get back out. Please keep up the great work you are doing and continue to inspire all those that watch!!

  33. LISA says:

    MIKE STARR: You mentioned that if you had become a doctor, you might have been healthier.. you are a fabulous musician, but who’s to say you couldn’t also become a doctor if you wished? I quit school at 16 and got my GED soon thereafter. The next fifteen years or so were spent living a wild life in which everyone was expendable. I felt nothing and was afraid of nothing. Trust and respect (or fear) comprised my world; I finally woke up at age 30 after deciding that the life I chose was getting me nowhere and applied to college. Today, I am finishing up my master’s degree and looking forward to acceptance into a doctoral program. I would have never in a million years predicted that this is where I’d end up.. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s never too late to give school a chance or just to learn new things. The world is full of interesting adventures/subjects/people that have probably escaped your notice. You seem to be a very sweet guy whose feelings and commitments run deep; with your dedication, I think you’d be a perfect candidate for a college education if you wished to pursue it. Stay strong, my friend; you are in my prayers :)

  34. SHERI says:

    Every time I watch the “family weekend” episode, I start crying. Seeing Tom Sizemore cry, and I think, realize how much time has passed, and hopefully, how much he has lost, is compelling. I think of all the celebrity in this “Rehab”, who has lost the most, is Tom. He was a superstar, not a Super Rock Star wannabe, like Rodman, one hit wonder, Mindy, washed up 70s actor, McKenzie, or Cari Ann,Lisa,Heidi, who became, what I call, underdog one night celebrities because of their wacked out behavior. Tom can still come back and be a Robert Downey Jr. If he cleans up his act, shakes loose of his “housemate”, and never looks back.
    I have been a photojournalist for a long time. I have seen rock stars melt down right in front of me. I have seen the best of the best, crumble. It is possible to recover from this and be better, be stronger, and set a REAL LIFE example of what NOT to do.
    Good Luck, Tom. Those that matter, are pulling for you…get back to Hollywood, your movie career is waiting.

  35. Octavia 868 says:

    Hi! I would like to email Mike Starr. Would you pass this email to him? I am struggling with methadone also and I would like to know what it was like for him to come off of it and how he is feeling today. Regards, Octavia.

  36. Amanda says:

    Mike Starr is super hot…damn when he was young he looked like a model! Get sober Mike and find a good girl to take care of you…I know I would! And damn was Layne hot too….I wish I was older back in the 90′s I could’ve been a fan. Stay clean!! You’re still beautiful.

  37. Pauline Scalco says:

    I would like to know when they are finally going to diagnos Kari Ann with Aspergers. That kid definitely has issues with acceptable social behavior along with all her other issues. It was apparent when she was in the store wanting the dragon and how she interrupts people and is the center of her own universe. It is painful to watch her.

  38. Lolita says:

    Cari Ann needs to grow up. She acts like such a kid seeking attention.

  39. amber says:

    I think that shelly cares nothing about these people or there problems. she has delt with addicts so long i think she forgot that not everyone is a bad person. if anybody needs some compasion wouldnt you think it was someone who is going through this hard time. im just saying you shouldnt treat everyone the same. not all people are scammers and bad people and thats how you treat them all. the other counselors on the show don’t act like that. maybe this job might not be for her.

  40. Helen Carpenter says:

    The only reason i’ve been watching this season is only because of Mike Starr. I’m a huge lover of Alice in Chains, they are a huge part of my life. I feel Mike should know just how great he was and still is. the music he helped make was amazing to me. Just because he lost his band doesn’t mean he should give up. And as of Layne, i ofcourse did not know him but the effect he has on my life is without words. When I heard his voice it’s so powerful that nothing matters but that song i’m hearing. Mike lost someone very fond to him, so did I. My brother too overdosed about 3 years ago, methadone at that. He is the reason I love alice in chains so much including Mike starr. if I could tell him one thing, it’s his life is worthwhile and he should not stop believing in himself. This episode was the best one yet because i knew what was going on with nancy and Mike. Its sad these days not alot of people know of Alice in Chains but with that sad, this episode I thought deserved a comment. My only point is to reach out to the one guy who isn’t really known on the show for what he’s done and to let him know that he is truely a great person. He should get back into music because that right there could help ease his pains.

  41. Celeste says:

    I love watching this show & seeing how the persons are progressing. They aren’t “celebrities” as they go through this process. They are real people struggling to get clean. Well, everyone but Dennis. Pity because the man had a gift in bball & could really inspire young people.
    Nice comradeship among the ladies this season. Mac deserves credit for that. Heidi is just amazing. More to her than the rough exterior and harsh tongue. Bet she has a heart of gold.
    I hope that this is the last show that you, Dr. Drew air Kari Ann. She isn’t ready and is undeserving of this golden opportunity. Her whining and loathsome attitude is just bad viewing.
    Looking forward to their graduation and to see who you will be helping next season.

  42. Iomoio says:

    A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my website. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this. Thank you!