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We haven’t spoken to Dr. Drew in a while, so we thought it’d be a good time to check in with him about what’s gone down on Celebrity Rehab 3 so far. Below, Drew talks seizures, misanthropy, Sizemore and, in an illuminating turn, Kari Ann’s progress. According to Drew, what you’re seeing on TV is only part of the story…

When we last saw Kari Ann on Sex Rehab, she was being sent away from the Pasadena Recovery Center because she needed a higher level of care.

She needed different care, yes.

She needed different care for sex rehab, or just in general?

Sex rehab. We didn’t know that she was a drug addict. We just knew that something was wrong, something wasn’t working. She needed a different kind of treatment. At that moment, she needed something more intensive. Now, she didn’t go for it, but she survived it. I didn’t know what was going to happen to her. Then she came clean about her drug addiction, so at that point, I offered her treatment for that. If you put someone in the right environment for the right diagnosis, they tend to do a lot better. And she does to a lot better. You don’t see that: the editing is just going to show all of her problems.

Clearly, I’m not a doctor or a psychic, but I could predict that what we end up seeing is what would happen: the fact that she doesn’t get along with people, and that everybody seems to have a problem with her. She seems like a distraction, to me.

Well, the actual distraction she caused lasted maybe two days out of her entire treatment. We tried to get her back in the game, and she actually came around.

I know that you’re completely professional and you don’t hold things against people, but it surprised me that Sex Rehab sort of broke the forth wall in a way when she said, “Dr. Drew, you’re a TV doctor!” and stormed out of the room. She questioned your legitimacy, and you don’t hold that against her, obviously.

No. Given her personality type, she was trying to reach for things that she knew would be the most hurtful. She’s sick and needs help, and I’m a doctor and I help patients. It’s pretty simple. If she’s willing to go with the program and follow instructions and try again. You don’t even want to know the things I’ve seen people do to staff, and we readmit them again. But that’s drug addiction. When people are in their disease, they can be horrible. And guess what? I’ve had people far worse than her, who have made me frightened for my life, who are now people I admire and are doing very well.

Speaking of that, Shelly bore a lot of the brunt of the Kari Ann storm in Sex Rehab, and we see her going through that again. Shelly actually says that Kari Ann has an inability to function in this environment.

She has trouble functioning in this environment, that’s for sure.

Was there ever any question in your mind about what this might do to the good of the group?

She was part of the group. And she was welcome and did well. There were long stretches of time where she didn’t do anything, when nothing happened. She participated.

I’d just like to touch on some other things that happened over the course of the season. Mindy McCready’s seizure was extremely unnerving. She seemed to recover well after that, though?

Yeah, amazingly. She’s had these before, this was not her first seizure. What I was worried about was the shoulder dislocation. You only see her a couple of days later wearing that brace. But there are about four of five days missing on TV, where a lot stuff happened with Kari Ann and Mindy. Good stuff happened, and it just didn’t go on TV. I was afraid that Mindy was going to be on pain meds, because when they reset her shoulder in the hospital, she was screaming. I could hear her screaming outside, it was so painful for her. But she agreed not to use the meds, and she didn’t. She maintained the drug-free environment, and her shoulder did OK. She forgot to tell me that she had a seizure disorder. I was so pissed at her! “Oh, I just forgot…” OK, well, thanks…

I assume Mackenzie was mortified for laughing at Mindy initially.

Oh yeah, it was terrible. And you can see why she thought she was goofing around.

Any overall thoughts on Mackenzie?

I had trouble figuring out why Mackenzie was staying sober. She understood the program, but I didn’t get the sense that there was a deep participation, you know? I eventually got to see the relationships she had operating in her life, and how connected she was to people. And then it became clear to me that she’s able to have real good quality close relationships, and her program has given her that, and that’s why she stayed sober.

There’s something about her that I find myself really drawn to watching it for some reason. She’s just particularly sympathetic to me.

Yeah, she’s awesome. And I think that’s why she came clean with her story: because she wanted to be seen as who she is. Not as, “Oh, just that drug addict. Mackenzie’s in trouble again.”

What about Tom? Here’s something that popped up in the comments a lot: people that that when Monroe kissed him when she came to visit him, she had passed him drugs.

No. I don’t think so. She actually tested clean when she was admitted, if I remember right.

I did think it was surprising that she was the one urging him to stay in rehab.

Yeah, she did. She was a good force for him, and she triggered him. It was a sight to behold. That was something else. What you didn’t see because it didn’t show up on camera was that the sweat was just dripping off his nose. It would just drip off him, he was craving so intensely.

Monroe is a lot more supportive than we’ve seen in other co-dependent relationships.

At this stage, yes. At this stage. With an addict, it’s not as though you can say, “This person is a problem, and this person is a participant.” It changes day to day.

Dennis Rodman finally admitted that he’s an alcoholic in last week’s episode. Did you think that he’s sincere about it?

Yeah. I just don’t think he appreciates what it means. “Yeah, I’m an alcoholic, but it’s still under control. No big deal.” He’s like, “You don’t understand, I’m Dennis Rodman. I’m an alcoholic, but I’m special.” And we call that “terminal uniqueness.” You’ve gotta watch out for that.

I thought that Heidi Fleiss, in a nutshell, was when she came out and says, “Boy, I hate people!”

I don’t believe that. Some people I believe when they say that, but I don’t believe that with her. I believe she may feel that right now, on top of a deep loneliness and emptiness, and she may kind of hate people, but she doesn’t really hate people.

It seems that her very publicized former job would require her to be somewhat of a people person. She has it in her, right?

Yeah, she does have it in her, but to be clear, she has no problem exploiting people. By the same token, she can still appreciate other people’s pain. She really does. I remember that one scene with Mackenzie when she talks about her dad. That was extraordinary. I had never seen that until I saw it on television, and I thought that’s why Heidi is a likable person; she’s got that in her.

In last week’s episode Brigitte Nielsen, Rodney King, Jessica Sierra and Amber Smith visited the current Rehabbers. Would you say that those are the Top 4 Celebrity Rehab success stories?

No. It wasn’t my decision to bring those exact four back. Nikki McKibbin is an extraordinary story, Mike Starr is doing fantastic right now. Heidi may end up being a success story. Jessica may be the biggest success story because she was so bad. I would definitely put Jessica on that list.

Brigitte is always the one that I think of.

Yeah, maybe. But Brigitte struggles. I consider the success stories as not only the people who are not using, but the people who are really engaged in recovery. Then I know there’s not going to be any more trouble. If they’re not actively involved, then I know they’re going to slip around a bit. They’re going to be OK, but stuff’s going to happen, I’m sure. I haven’t had any contact with Rodney for a while, and that makes me nervous. He drifts away with people and does poorly. He may come right on back, but… Jessica spent a year in treatment, sponsored people, went to meetings everyday. Amber’s probably covered the most territory, I think. She had so many emotions, and so much stuff she had to go through. So, for sure, Amber is good. There are a bunch of success stories. Really about half the people are doing quite well.

And that’s against the odds, right?

That’s amazing. Amazing. Remember, these are people that really weren’t motivated. They just wanted to make money and be on TV.

And yet, the naysayers still say nay.

Yeah, they still want to say it’s an exploitation. You know, I think it just triggers in people their own discomfort in watching difficult material. Therefore, because it’s uncomfortable and triggers their own stuff, they don’t want to watch it. It makes them feel like they shouldn’t watch it. I mean, why do you watch plastic surgery shows, or medical shows? They’ve been on TV forever. It’s the same thing.

And sort of what I’ve gathered through the years is that nothing is ideal. Even in the Times Magazine article, you talk about the compromises you have to make, and the greater good that comes out of it.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I adore what Dr Drew and his staff do for these people! Keep up the good work, all people are worth it!

  2. b palatucci says:

    this comment is for tom siezmore. i pray for him every night. to see his breakdown during mindy’s song was heart breaking. i wanted to reach into my tv and hold him and remind him that its not to late to be that great actor and man again. you can do this tom!!! i wish you all the best.

  3. terry foose says:

    hello everyone — Season 3 and Dr Drew,

    Im a grateful sober alcoholic -one day at a time — almost 25 years sober — I love what you’re doing to help all the celebrities –seek life without using !!

    May you all be blessed with GOD’s GRACE — this season 3 group — is amazing and I want to inspire you all to have faith within yourselves and KNOW that you will have a life second to none —— staying clean & sober ———- love, another alcoholic

  4. Jack says:

    When will the Sober House 2 cast be announced? because durning celebrity rehab last night they said it will be airing March 11!!!! Im so excited

  5. counselor says:

    I watch this show and cry. My father was an addict. He died of Aids due to sharing needles. I never realize how much pain I keep hidden inside. This show is the best show for the whole world to see. I miss him terribly and wish each and every one the best of luck. I heal along with the cast of heroes. For them to allow us to share their struggle with them is healing for me. Thank you,

  6. TotalBlammBlamm says:

    Just wanting to add my voice here to the others by saying my heart goes out to these poor people and all others suffering from crippling addiction. This show leaves me raw with emotion. My heart breaks for these folks, and their families, who love them so very much. Please, if any of the cast read this – we are all cheering and pulling for you out here. Also, for the rest of the fans and people commenting, especially those brave enough to admit they have addiction issues, may you have much good fortune and be surrounded always by love and hope… as long as you are alive, there is hope. YOU are VALUABLE in this world. WE NEED YOU. All of us contribute SOMETHING and drugs and alcohol addition only screw that up. I’ll say it again: WE NEED YOU. I NEED YOU. Blessings to all… Dr. Drew and staff, keep up the great (albeit difficult) work you do!

  7. randomusername says:

    This is addressed to Dr. Drew or the folks who read this board on his behalf. I have mixed feelings about you & your work. On one hand, I think you’ve done some excellent work in educating the public about addiction and how domestic violence and abuse can affect both addiction & relationships. Kudos on that. I think the scenes with Mike Starr during the family weekend were a great example of that.

    In the interest of self-disclosure, my parents were active alcoholics growing up. For mom, pretty much just alcohol & then Xanax after years of sobriety when she had a life threatening illness. Dad was addicted to alcohol, cocaine & prescription pain killers. The both started recovery when I was in my early 20s. My brother got arrested three different times for crimes while under the influence. The first was a minor urinating in public (jail overnight when he urinated a second time outside the police station), then a stolen car/DWI (probation & court order to go to AA) and after ending a decade of sobriety, sexual ^%)%()@!&$&_+~_ ault (the woman was too out of it, which was filmed by him (she appeared either sleeping or passed out in the film). Which got him about 2 years in jail. He’s not drinking now.

    Then, there’s the really, IMO, exploitative side of Celebrity Rehab. Again, Mike Starr provides a really good example of this. When he was nearing a psychotic break, which just seemed to be exacerbated by the cameras, doesn’t there come a time to shut off the cameras in the best interest of the patients?

    While I realize some of KariAnn’s behavior can be provocative, when she started opening up about things in group (e.g. talking about her mother always telling her to wear makeup), why didn’t you step in and gently let MacKenzie know to back off? I’ve been to a number of AlAnon meetings and between that and what my family members have told me, MacKenzie was doing what they refer to in 12 step programs as “taking someone else’s inventory” or “cross talking”. Why was that permitted?

    And seeing as she was diagnosed with ADHD and has experienced trauma which would likely induce PTSD, is anyone working with her on self-soothing and self-calming? I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early 40s and while I haven’t been screened for PTSD (witnessed a fair amount of domestic violence growing up, regular emotional abuse and sometimes physical abuse), I have experienced trauma related anxiety (seeing a therapist for that and other things). I identified with both her and Heidi in the Family Visit show. I’ve never taken meds for ADHD (they didn’t diagnose or treat it when I was a kid). And even without going through withdrawal, I found that store extemely overwhelming. For folks who don’t have ADHD or PTSD or anxiety related trauma, all I can liken it to is like an inner car alarm going off at random. You know that startled, jumpy feeling? It’s like that for PTSD/trauma. If it keeps going off and you can’t focus on anything else, it’s like that for ADHD.

    Just as we do things to address the car alarm, such as moving to another room to sleep or calling the non-emergency police number or getting better insulated windows, shouldn’t we be doing things to address the inner car alarm? Given it’s the inner car alarm which drives so many to self-medicate? What happened to things like ballet for Mary and yoga for Jeff? I thought those were both excellent examples of teaching people how to handle their car alarms without medication. Or just general coping skills?

    For example, why take a detoxing ADHD person into that store environment? Why not take her someplace calmer and more soothing. To be honest, even though I work and commute long hours, I do my grocery shopping during the week when I get home from work. There are less people and less stocking of shelves going on. All of which make it easier for me to handle. And when I’ve gone on weekends, sometimes I have to leave because it’s too overwhelming.

    Which brings me to the constant comments about isolation and aloneness. Sometimes folks with ADHD or PTSD or trauma related anxiety just need to withdraw for a bit and regroup. Yes, isolation and aloneness can be symptoms of something amiss, but sometimes there just a much needed break. Why isn’t a distinction made?

    I can see why Heidi needed a break. The whole thing had to be very triggering, just seeing families.

    And I know this last bit is kind of controversial. I in no way intend this as bashing AA. My brother would not be able to stay alive and out of jail without it. My father wouldn’t have been able to stop using without it.

    That said, I see some things where treatment of PTSD and trauma related anxiety conflict with 12 Step Programs, which you have said is the only alternative to death. The ones I’ve noticed:

    1) The whole “be of service” and specifically to the families. My experience has been there may be one or two abusers in a family. But there are also plenty of people who either stand by and do nothing or actively join in in scapegoating a family member who is being mistreated. I was scapegoated in my family by my mother and brother (emotionally). There’s been all sorts of crazy making and drama, which continues now that they’re not drinking or using other substances. I wonder how many of your patients are in same or worse circumstances? Do you really think telling them to be of “service” to people who encouraged or at least enabled their abuse is healing or healthy?

    2) The look at your part, three fingers pointing back at you. While I think people can learn from bad experiences, I think many of my points re: scapegoating apply here as well.

    3) the bits about anger. The problem with many of us is we haven’t been allowed to express our anger. Telling us not to express it is counterproductive and be downright helpful. How about channeling it appropriately and in a non-destructive manner? Writing is my favorite way to do this.

    4) The we are powerless bit. Hell no, I’ve been powerless most of my freakin’ life, I’m just starting to take some of it back (but I promise to use it for good :) How about some empowerment?

    5) That put some “gratitude in your attitude” nonsense. I’m grateful I’ve done ok despite the odds. Good friends, close extended family (father’s dead and had to cut off mom & bro), grad degree, job I love, own my own home & car, hobbies & interests. But everytime I heard that idiotic saying at an AlAnon meeting, I fantasize about tracking down the moron who coined it and telling them I was going to put some madditude in their platitude while choking the life from them slowly.

    6) Group think present in 12 step meetings, including AlAnon. Is this really healthy for people who have been scapegoated?

    I wouldn’t care so much except that so much of the mental health profession has bought into the 12 steps that it’s hard to find a therapist who’s not a rabid 12 stepper (or at least that’s been my experience). I have no problem with therapists recommending it for people who may be helped by it or even suggesting it for most people. But my experience has been if you start saying you’re not comfortable with 12 step programs you get disapproval. I’m actually lying to my current therapist about this (being really vague about meeting attendance & throwing jargon around), because he’s been really helpful otherwise.

  8. randomusername says:

    couldn’t seem to post testing

  9. bruce says:

    Damn i wish i could get help like this =| i can kinda relate to some of the meth addict’s problems. Not many people understand what its like. Wish it was like “if you truly wanted to quit you would”

  10. Carin & Scott Hess says:

    My Husband & I are and always have been fans of Alice in Chains, and we want to give Mike Starr all of our love and support at this time! I am completely heart broken for him. I can only say that I knew the GREAT and gone way too soon, Lane Staley, for his amazeing talent, I miss hearing his voice so much, we as fans only get to enjoy past recordings, and I just can’t imagine having him as my best friend! Alice in Chains was a very special band and my heart is absolutely bereaking for you MIKE STARR !! Dr. Drew seems to be an awesome man, I hope he can cure you! The world needs you!! I have no idea what you and Jerry Cantrells friendship is like, but we would sure LOVE to see you back with the group! When I watched this weeks episode, I couldn’t belive Lanes Mother was there, he really resembles her, I haven’t cried that hard in a long, long time. I am so, very glad that you got to make peace with her.I think that she should be in your life, and your own Mother, so sweet. They all LOVE YOU!I’m sure that Lanes Mom thinks of you as her own. Listening to her speak just about killed me, and I don’t think that she would have been there if she didn’t care so much about you, and getiing you cured. When I see you with your head phones on, I try to imagine what album or song you are hearing right then. Alice in Chains songs have outstanding lyrics, and I pray that it helps you to hear them, I cry just about every time I hear Down in a Hole, and now I will forever think if you and the leaps and bounds you are making in your life right now. I’m sorry to make this note so long , but I just can’t stand not telling you how much we love you!! We are total strangers goin through life but I want you to know that we care so much!! Some people love Elvis, I loved Lane Staley, and getting to know you on Celb Rehab has made me see why you and Lane were best friends, brothers. Thank You for your own great talent, there is nothing better than the bass guitar in the song Would, I want to hear more form you in the future!!! I want to give you a hug and tell you that it will all be O.K. I hope that you get to read this, because I am sending it to you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you were my friend, I would fight to help you, I know on one episode you said that people *&**^_(##(“$&#$ ing suck! And so many do! But there are those that care about complete strangers! Like my self and my husband. Please take care of your self Mike Starr, I love you man. SO many incredible talents have been taken from this world, we don’t want to lose you! Sincerely, from South Bend Indiana.

  11. soblessed says:

    Just watched some of the family episode last night and wow!! You all are awesome!! In one hand I see how far they have come but my heart still aches for the struggles they have gone through and the ones they still face. Life is too short to live with regrets and guilt-we all mess up but what makes us special is we have the ability to learn and try and move on. All of you are beautiful people who have led very public lives which magnifies your mistakes and problems. Its ok to feel discourged but its not ok to stay in that constant state. Our past does not define who we are but it can destroy us if we let it. Don’t let a short moment (whether it be days or years) in your life determine who or what you will be in the present. I love all of you and appreciate what Dr. Drew is doing. And there is a very real God who loves you:)

  12. derina says:

    I think that Kari Ann’s behavior should have been called out. The ‘turning tables’ on others was definitely a manipulative move done over and over again. As a mother, that behavior was totally unacceptable whether you are a drug addict or not. Ascting like a spoilt bradt isn’t even the tip of the iceberg for that child. I’m afraid a good old fashion spanking done with love is what that child needs

  13. Holly says:

    I haven’t gone to meetings in a while resulting in some consequences, however, I will get myself back there. Watching your show has inspired me and reminded what a negative impact isolation has on my life. Thank you.

  14. Kellogg, PhD says:

    Thank you Dr. Drew for Celeb Rehab.

    As a recovering compulsive overeater/food-aholic/addict (thanks to OA, AA, and All Addicts Anon) and confronting other ghosts from my past, the 12-step program (and the fellowship of meetings with “like kinds”) literally saved my life (2-year coin in June).
    Does Celeb Rehab (even though severely edited to be made-interesting-for-TV) represent the hardest and most pivotal step of all 12 steps = Step # 4? Peeling back those “proverbial” onion layers takes gumption and courage and finally is so emotionally uplifting. Personally, Recovery is an on-going Epiphany. Your clients are soooo blessed to have you as their therapist. Ever consider working for the VA to help us veterans get individual therapy? Northern Arizona needs you.

    Thanks you for showing that addicts can come through the other side. Recovery lasts a lifetime (I constantly go back to #4 and get more submerged crap out, and move onto #5, 6…12 again and again).
    Surprising at how many layers that darned proverbial onion has…

    I love your term “terminal uniqueness” in reference to Diva Dennis Rodman. Narcissism seems to affect so many men these days (Tiger, J. Edwards, Spitzer, Madoff, Rodman, OJ, etc.).

    Is there something in the “water”?

  15. Donald says:

    I have been an addict for ten years and i really hate my life right now.Every week i tell myself i am going to quit and i never do.My mother and father have both died and i cant afford therapy but i just wanted to say that your show really helps me,the familyepisode moved me and i will try to use that for some strength.Thanks

  16. Robin says:

    Just finished watching Family episode. Wow, best show on television! Wishing all of you love and support, hang in there.

  17. Sharon says:

    I believe Dr. Drew is honestly doing his job from the heart, even if it is on TV. If even one person watching is compelled to seek treatment, it’s worth it. Dennis Rodman is still in denial and I think he admitted to alcoholism just to shut people up. No one gets to me more than Tom Sizemore. He was/is such a handsome man when he’s clean and I hope with all my heart he never uses again and then makes a huge return to making movies with that handsome face. I, too would like to be able to email some of these people and offer support – is that possible? and oh – I’ve watched Mindy singing that song at least 20 times. It is beautiful.

  18. Tammeegirl says:

    OMG, Tom!!!! I love Tom, he is such an amazing actor and such a handsome man (when clean). Tom listen, you still have many many years ahead of you to live your life to the fullest. You CAN and WILL be a vital actor if that is what you choose. With life experience and pain, you will have all of that to draw upon when acting which only makes you a richer actor with more depth! When he was so visibly moved during Mindy’s song, and all those photos of him in much younger days…oh I was crying so hard. Ohhhhh I pray he sees in hisself, what I see in him. Believe in yourself Tom, you can do it! Just know that you must surround yourself with CLEAN friends and supporters. If anyone uses around you….RUN the other way! Seriously. I can’t wait to see you in movies in the future! You are frickin hot!!

  19. Renee Carter says:

    Dr. Drew: It doesn’t seem quite “ethic” for the once ‘hippie-actor generation’ to go all old school on us. The hippies M. Douglas/G.Hawn/S.Spielberg/and on and on, all used to spout off about the unfair practice of nepotism “in the business”. Now, they have been doing the exact same thing (only worse). G.Paltrow is Spielberg and Douglas’ godchild or something. Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson are G. Hawn’s children who happened to have nose jobs and other things prior to “breaking into the business”. G. Hawn recommended that S.Spielberg break up with actress A.Irving: He did and had an affair and then later married K.Capshaw (aka K.Nail). G.Hawn slept with S.Spielberg during an early movie together. M.Douglas was supposedly caught in the act with Hawn when M.Douglas was married to his first wife who suffered from M.’s frequent sexual addictive affairs. (per the Enquirer) not me. So, this is heavy counseling stuff. Help Hollywood, Dr. Drew.

  20. Logan Myrehn says:

    I have a comment for mike starr. I am a huge alice n chains fan. I was listening to a song called dont follow today and i thought of mikes situation. If you listen the words it kind of has a cool message. i dont know who receives these messages or reads them, but if he can see this and listen to the song, he might get a little more peace of mind. Good luck mike.

  21. tdc says:

    I hope they all pull through this. I am especially pulling for Tom Sizemore. I hope he gets clean and can get work again. He is a great actor.

  22. Bonnie B says:

    My friends and I gather to watch Celebrity Rehab as we did with Sex Rehab. We would LOVE an update on where the Sex rehabbers are at — will that come? And, a one hour special with Dr. Drew on addiction would rock.

  23. nerdywhitegirl says:

    Thank you Dr. Drew and staff at PRC for helping these human beings. Sometimes we forget just how human celebs are and how they can stumble in life like every other person.

    Tom, you are an amazing, talented, and very handsome man. Please, please, please dont give up. Through your eyes, I can see the sober, kind, and caring person you really are. I cried and prayed for you when I saw the raw emotion you displayed during and after Mindi’s song. Yes, we all used to be so young, but you still have so much life left and so much to give. Please don’t ever stop fighting for your sobriety. I will be praying for you everyday! XOXO and be well.

    Heidi, I also pray for you. It breaks my heart to think of you feeling alone. You have a beautiful soul and I know it will take quite some time for you to trust others with your feelings again, but hang in there I REALLY believe in you. Just take one day at a time and give people a chance again. I will remember you in my prayers daily. XOXO and be well.

  24. TV_watch-r says:

    What is wrong with Heidi’s face? Why does her face & lips look like that?

  25. Cheryl says:

    I have watched each episode during this season of Celeb Rehab 3 and no one pulls at my heartstrings more than Mike Starr. I want so badly for him to get sober. He is a very smart, talented, artistic man.

    Mackenzie Phillips is awesome too. I cried with her when she had to say goodbye to her dog–what a tough, tough day!!

    And Heidi–she is such a little child in a woman’s body. I just want to hug her and tell her it will be alright.

    I realized that before this show I did not feel so kindly toward anyone who was a known drug addict. Now I realize more than ever that many are talented, smart people who are facing demons that I can’t even imagine.

  26. Whatever says:

    “All people are worth it”. Yeah, whatever. The world can do without many f’d up people. Period! Self destructive ones and those that inflict destruction on ther others have no place in my world.

    Heidi is a terrible person. She doesn’t even have an addiction problem, she’s just a b—h. Period. Plain and simple.

    The show is a farce.

  27. Fender says:

    If you actually read this article, you would have seen that Dr. Drew clearly states that Kari Ann came around, was participating was very nice to Mindy and only truly caused two days of distraction during her entire treatment. The editors edit to make some look worse than others. They can make anyone appear to be worse or nicer than they actually are. Also, if you read this article, you would have read that Drew specifically emphasizes that Heidi is an exploiter of people. She’s a user and she’s not likeable to me at all.

  28. Carol Ness says:

    I would reall like to know the reason and signnificace o the hosile treament ofthe st aff especially the woman, toward HEidi a bo ut her b ird. Why ws she so harshly treated in light of some other pati ents a bominable behavior? I do know pretend kindess wo uld do nothing to faci litae Heidi particular reac ion to her troubled life, bt she is too intelligetn, sensitive and intuitive to be led to mental health regardin her denial of people in favor of birds. I think,and I am not a professional. Heidi was wronngl treated by the woman staff and her dialou e wit h Dr. Drew about how sh e felt. t hat somethin srange had hapene and s he wanted isolation again. The staffer a while back that was fi red for a ttacking Keri Ann had to be let go.

  29. faye richard says:

    Dr Drew <

    I want to thank you for your show, iam sure this helps alot of people who are addicted and don”t think they are ,, ie like dennis,,,

    any way this is for mike starr your hot
    and your strong . good for u to go into treatment and get the help you need. i pray every day for you and tom
    i know you to will make it .. good luck

  30. Rachel says:

    I have really enjoyed watching all of your shows since they have been on. It has helped me to understand me better. I am not an addict, but I had things that happened to me in my chidhood by relatives. Watching your shows have helped me to deal with those underlying issues. Thanks for all that you do.

  31. TiffanyfromCAN says:

    I have been watching and really enjoy listening to Heidi. She is a very interesting and unique woman. There are so many people, that can probably relate to her closeness, with animals. It’s simpler, rewarding and there is never an issue of trust. I don’t think her relationship with her birds, should be minimized. They are a protection, for someone who has been used and abused. They are what keeps her alive. It makes me sad, to see how alone she is, but I can understand her choice. I wonder, if Heidi, has ever considered painting? Parrots? It might help her, explore the inner feelings, as to why she loves them and what they represent inside herself. My original opinion of Heidi, was always driven by media coverage. It has now changed, based on hearing her own voice and in seeing her struggles. I very much admire her now. I hope she gets my message. Hold on to your strength Heidi. From my perspective, I see those parrots, as your inner strength. It and they, keep you alive. Peace to you my friend. Tiffany :)

  32. Scott Bates says:

    I’ve seen where the other guys from Alice in Chains think that the show is exploitive. I can see where they see that, but I don’t think they know how many people get inspiration from the show. Just getting the idea in someone’s head, the seed, is worth the exploitation. It’s not as if they weren’t getting exploited before the show. At least it might be doing some good now!

  33. Pamela says:

    Please get Leif Garrett on this show! He’s struggled for years with his addiction and truly needs the help!

  34. tammi says:

    i know how these folks are feeling. i can relate. i know how hard it is to quit, but unlike these folks i had no support, maybe thats y i relapsed so often. when the world turns against u and u feel so alone. when people u thought were friends bring drugs and alcohol over to celebrate ur release from rehab. the stupid thing is i was in rehab for 13 days and was released because i showed no withdrawal symptoms. stupid huh? ive been doin it for 17 yrs and noticed when i dont have 1 i substitute. but i realized it was time to grow up. now im working on my psych degree because i want to help those that arent as strong as me. that have been through hell and back to many times. ive had to deal with people telling me i would never make it. who wants help from some1 who has to see a shrink? and this was said to me last summer (2009) they can shove it because for the first time in my life i have a dream, a goal, and a purpose in life. so far ive passed all my classes with an A. a 4.0 gpa. i have never done this well in school. and i have never felt this good about myself.
    respect to all those who admit they have a problem and seek help because u cant help those who dont want to help themselves. dennis rodman is only there because the courts made him and u can tell. he has a big ego and that is whats keeping him back. its really sad that he refuses to see how he hurts every one around him. my ex husband is the same way but he took it to an extreme because he made me into an addict to control me but he never counted on the fact that im a fighter and because of that i am finally free. my attitude towards life has changed im glad to be here.
    no one ever said life was fair or easy, its the way u deal with it that makes the difference. god never dumps on us more than we can handle. feels like it sometimes, i just take a few deep breaths and take it one step at a time.

  35. chris says:

    tyvm drew your show has been alot of help to me …

  36. Morgan says:

    Dr. Drew I just can’t seem to understand why you keep catering to Kari Ann. There are never any consequences for her actions and that is part of her problem! She has her own room, which it seems she is NEVER required to clean. Everytime they have shown her room it’s disgusting! She talks down to people, acts like a spoiled brat, and is given everything she wants! The episode where she was whining about the cigs? PLEASE! She should have been told that that’s what she gets and whining WILL NOT get her anything else! Instead she is catered to and given what she wants! I just do not see how that helps her at all!

    Where is Lisa? Has she dropped off the rehab facility?

    And then that brings me to Heidi and Tom. I cannot believe that you let him in the rehab facility knowing what had happened between those too!! He practically beat her head in! Then you let him into rehab and she’s suppose to deal with getting off drugs and learning to relate to others and you bring in the one person who has not only caused her bodily harm, but broken her trust. YOU Dr. Drew broke her trust in my eyes by doing that! How is she suppose to treat a mean that puts her in the same room with someone who has beaten her? I mean really!?!?!

  37. outdoorlove2 says:

    this is for all the people in rehab there.. i love you guys.. i think you guys are so strong.. i too have been thru it.. the last episode tore me up.. i cried hard.. mindy your song was just to awesome.. it hit home.. and big big hugs to all you guys.. you will make it thru it.

  38. Bob Burd says:

    This particular season is the first time I’ve watched, and I must say that I look forward to each episode. I have battled alcoholism for over ten years and spent time in the Texas Penitentiary for multiple DUI’s. I have been through residential rehab, outpaitient treatment, and am currently on probation. Many of my personal freedoms are gone and have lost my career as a teacher, my home, and my marriage. Your show helps me every Thursday to always see that I am not alone in my battle. If I could say one thing to the cast members, it would be that life can and will be good for them again if the do just one thing–stay sober TODAY! I admire Dr. Drew and the staff so much for the love and compassion they show in so many ways. It is my wish to someday be able to do waht they do and help addicts rediscover who they are and the many gifts they have. It would be a dream of mine to be able to visit anytime with anyone $!_$%$&`_^(_^+% ociated with the show and express how it has impacted my life. God Bless You, Bob Burd
    Denton, TX

  39. Jessica says:

    I cry throughout almost every episode. It is all so very real and something I see around me all the time. I am particuarly drawn to Mike Starr. I lost my best friend last year and he seems like they could have been brothers. They have the same facial expressions, attitudes, and issues. It is like watching my friend again alive and I am broken down each time I see him. He has huge potential just like my friend did. I hope and pray that he makes it through this. Watching him with his friends mother, and him listening to the old alice in chians to hear his friends voice just echos inside me and I so very moved by him. I wish there was some way we could send them messages. What an excellent show for doing this and helping people. No one else should die from these horrible addictions. It starts out fun until people start to die and lives are ruined. I hope this show has impacted everyone elsein the same way it has effected me. I pray for all of the people and hold a special place in my heart for Mike Starr. I will always supprt and follow his life and career and hope the best for him. Hang in there…at the darkest hour of the night comes the dawn.

  40. Pat says:

    Love Heidi and relate. I have friends and family, but none are supportive. My pets are my support, and I think of them as family. I’d have been hurt too if I’d been treated that way, being told her only real support and family( that being her bird)was not welcome and she had to go across the street. Everyone saying it was cause she was feeling close to people and running from it- nope-she probably is feeling close. But it isn’t why she left. Her “family” support was not only unwelcome but a “distraction.” And I cried with MacKenzie losing Max too. Good luck to all

  41. TINA S says:

    WHY???? this shows you that money cant buy you everything

  42. lesley says:

    huge fan. I agree with McKenzie that Kari Ann has more going on with her than just addiction. Something is not quite right with her. She needs more to be learn she can’t whine her way through life. I would love to see a followup show to see how everyone is doing. I seem particularily drawn to the rocker guys. Their stories, Phil’s mom, Mike’s friend, the drummer from last season. Their pain is so real. Lots of respect for all of them (except maybe Kari Ann).

  43. smudge says:

    Does anyone know how much these people get paid to be on this show? Money is definitely a great motivator and thats why I think Dennis Rodman is the most believeable of all. Jail or rehab? Duh. Did the show contact him or what? Not like he needs the money.
    Dr Drew this group was walking all over you and your staff. Just because they are addicts (and trust me I come from a long line of alcoholics) no one should be subjected to the disrespect this group showed your staff. This is the last season for me Drew. Rehab is not catered meals, field trips and luxurious dining for families. 30 days is detox. Period.

  44. Beth says:

    I really admire the show and watch faithfuly. The treatment of Shelly and the rest of the staff cause me great concern. It sounds like they are not backed up with any decisions they make. Personally, I felt that Kari Ann (the spoil, troublemaking brat) should be sent home and Mike stay. I was glad to see her take off at the end of this show. I just hope NO ONE goes and begs her to come back. She doesn’t deserve it!! She has been so horrible to everyone of the girls and manuplative of the guys. I am glad that Heidi came back. She really needs a friend/buddy long term. I’m so proud of all the rest (I won’t name them all). Keep up the good work.
    What happened to the guy in the wheelchair that was in so much pain last season. He broke my heart. I too, have had 3 back surgeries and am on Morphine Sulphate. But I am very careful and do not take more than the Dr. orders. It does not get rid of the pain, but makes it so I can at least function on some level. I think there are so many of us that have legitimate pain and need help how to manage it and not slip into drug addiction. It would be too easy to fantasize about not being in pain for 24 hours. THis show has helped me, but if they don’t start putting in real consequences for the bahviors of the patients and Dr. Drew starts backing but Shelly and the other ladies he has helping him, I may not continue to watch it next season.

  45. randomusername says:

    @Carol Ness, that’s interesting. I notice that with both Heidi & Kari Ann. I’m not saying Kari Ann’s behavior should be tolerated, there should be consequences for it. But there are real judgmental tones and facial expressions used with the two of them which aren’t used with other people acting out, such as Mike or Tom.

    And it extends to the female patients too. Yes Kari Ann was wrong to initiate the “bikini painting”. But Mike was wrong to accept the invite. Both Tom and Dennis declined. Hearing Mindy, MacKenzie & Lisa discuss it was interesting. They blamed it totally on Kari Ann, absolving Mike of all responsibility in the incident.

    Then in group, they didn’t even stick to the issue at hand, they started blaming women like Kari for all abuse men do to women. At least Bob stepped in to call Mindy on that. Actually Mindy and Lisa, if you want to know why men abuse women, it’s partially because people like you don’t hold men responsible for their own behavior, so they know they can get away with groping women, etc. I’m not saying what Mike did was abuse as it was consenting, though obviously against the rules. But the fact that the 3 of them dismiss all of his responsibility in the incident is part of the problem. Too bad Heidi wasn’t back in time for group, it would’ve been interesting to see if she aligned with those 3. I give Joey, Tom & Mike credit for recognizing Mike’s part in it and not trying to put it all on Kari Ann.

    Mindy kept talking over Kari Ann when she even tried to answer her question and mentioned that she had suffered some of the same abuse. Then Mindy shouted at Kari Ann not to compare herself to Mindy. At least Dr. Drew stepped in this time. Then Mindy was all concerned when Kari Ann was leaving.

    Also, did you notice the expression on the tall woman’s face (can’t remember her name) when Heidi tested clean after her return? She looked kind of angry and disappointed. Wouldn’t relief that a patient came back clean be a more appropriate expression?

    And regarding Heidi, news reports have quoted the sheriff’s office as saying she wasn’t driving, she was a passenger. So which is it? Did she lie to the police at the scene or is the show exploiting the accident and changing details?

  46. meanyleeny says:

    Cari Ann is a cut and dry case of borderline personality disorder and dr drew totally played into her manipulative ways.

  47. Mike S. says:

    Hello Dr Drew. My name is Mike and I look forward every week to watch the show. I am friends with Bill Wilson & Dr. Bob. I have been trying to find out a way to send you an e-mail but having a hard time doing that. I look forward on looking for the new show that is coming up. I really like what the cast is doing there and lok forward to get more results out of your show. keep up the good work.

  48. Deb says:

    Alcoholism runs in my family and sometimes watching celebrity rehab can be very painful. It brings up a lot of feelings. Check-out a newly sober family member’s latest blog at

  49. fluffnstuff says:

    As a struggling addict of 8 years, I often find myself arguing with a “nay sayer” that this show is taking advantage of people at their lowest. That may or may not be. But, for me, I do pay attention to the actual ideas and procedures…and especially the actions of the addicts themselves. So many times I find myself shaking my head in agreement upon seeing or hearing something that I absolutely relate to. I also feel as if I am getting that much closer to seeking out help and/or seriously starting the battle with sincerety.

  50. alpough says:

    I watch your show off and on and i feel that because the patients are celeberties with addictions they are treated with kid gloves. I have worked in rehab and it wasn’t the for celeberties,(but on occcasion we did have famous persons as patience) and they wer never given the kind of teatment i see on your show…I do realize it’s television whow and you need a certain type of drama to keep it interesting…although addicts don’t need to make up any drama..they are drama..example of kid gloves when the female patient didn’t want to take part in the exercise with the was allowed..she was all upset and as soon and you said okay and left, she was smiling and the drama was over. I feel that it would have helped her…although she often said what she didn’t want to do…some of the other patience have done this also.maybe not so much on this season…but if it’s all about the show and ratings may I understand…

    a sometimes viewer and a parent of a recovered child over 13years now.

  51. Skye says:

    Having watched Kari Ann’s behavior on Sex Rehab and the current show, I have to wonder if her bad girl behavior isn’t tolerated for the entertainment value, i.e., the one you love to hate. She really is very, very disturbed. Her level of manipulation and confrontational style are so deep seated, can she ever get well? Does she actually have any real relationships? I hope we have seen the last of her on these rehab shows. I love to watch people who are struggling with their issues and truly making break throughs. It is inspiring and all of us can learn from those who are really trying. This last episode with Kari Ann’s sexually acting out felt very weird to me. Very voyeuristic. Why help promote this pathetic girl’s “bad girl”career. I don’t think it should have been aired. I’m not a prude, I just think Kari Ann has gotten through life by being sexually inappropriate, her early sexual abuse is now part of how she interfaces with the world. Some one needs to censor this girl. By airing her recent behavior, you have contributed to her decline.

  52. Rebecca says:

    Wow…guess I am surprised at how much I like this show, and how invested I’ve become in these people. I want so badly to see them do well for themselves. Living clean is both so damn hard, and so damn worth it. I poured alcohol all over my pain, and not only did it not get better, but alcohol just made it all worse by causing more pain (with some rage and depression thrown in for good measure). Being clean means no more black outs where I invariably did some horribly embarrassing stuff, or hurt someone I love. It means facing life with all it’s pain and glory…straight on, with no filters. It means no more shame, no more hiding, no more lying, no more guilt. It means no more blaming others for my stuff, and no more pretending I don’t need others, and I don’t need help. Dennis…so worried for you. Your denial will kill you, and the world wants you here. Heidi…you break my heart, girl. Your loneliness is heart wretching to see. Equally hard to watch is your fear at opening yourself to caring for other people. It’s something that speaks to me. This may help…remember that there ARE people out there that you can love, and that are trustworthy. When your thinking is clear, you will be able to tell the difference between those people, and the ones who aren’t worth your time. Just keep trying to reach out and don’t give up on humans :-) Mike Starr…if your friend had lived instead of you, would you want him to feel guilty, and try to destroy himself? I don’t think so. You survived, guy, and that is a beautiful blessing. Mac…speaking of survivors! Damn, girl, I can’t believe all you’ve faced, and done, and lived through, and you are still here! Reaching out to others is going to be a huge blessing in your life…keep doing it. Kari Ann…oh, hon, you sooo push my buttons. And I see I’m not the only one. I realize that my reaction to you says more about me than I’d like to admit. I’ve been that manipulative, and hurtful to others. It’s something NONE of us wants to see in ourselves. It looks like when things get too intense, or painful, or too close to the truth, you want to run, get away, change the subject, get mean, be demanding, whatever…anything to not feel that fear of facing truth and pain. Hey, babe, here’s a fact…it won’t kill you. I promise. Drug abuse, sex abuse; now those will, indeed, kill you. Someone once told me that the more a person “acts out”, the more pain they are in. If that’s true, you must be in emotional hell, and no one deserves that. Mindy…so glad to see that you are realizing that you don’t, and never did, deserve the abuse you suffered at the hands of your ex. Leave all that behind you where it belongs. Always remember that you are so worthy of love…the kind that doesn’t hurt. Tom…you are breaking my heart. Somehow, it feels like you are so very desperate, and in such need of this help. Watching you over the years stand toe to toe with your addiction, and fail over and over, is so sad, it’s beyond my words. I can see that you want it, and yet it keeps slipping through your grasp. I believe you are stronger than you realize…I believe that you can grab hold of sobriety with both hands, and hang on for all you are worth. The thing is, you’ve got to believe it, Tom. Dr. Drew, Shelly, Loesha, staff…beautiful work you are doing. Keep fighting the good fight.

  53. Lisa Rivera says:

    I love this show!! My fiance is a recovering alcoholic. He has no problem admitting it because, as he states “he is not proud of it, but he is no longer ashamed.” This show is an inspiration to him through his recovery. He has been clean since May 2007; 2 months shy of 3 years. We watch this show together every Sunday as it helps us bond and talk about his experiences while he was “running around the world for 30 years.” He has so many stories that I do not have the space for on this page. :) So in a nutshell, he has lived in many countries throughout the world and met many people, thus learning many languages throughout his journey and having the ability to adapt to different environments. Although I see him as lucky for his experiences, much of it is a blur to him because he was always high and drunk. When he returned to the states he was homeless for many years. Taking bird baths in McDonalds restrooms and doing anything for alcohol rather than eating food. I am proud to say that he is now an Animal Care Officer. He transports homeless animals to adoptive homes. He says that they have a second opportunity at life, just as he did. He also rescues abused animals, just like he was. He calls them his conglomerates. He knows how they feel and he loves to have the ability to make a difference in their lives. Thanks to the Doe Fund, he has conquered his addiction, has been able to maintain his own apartment, grown a tiny plant into a beautiful full bloomed flower plant, is raising 2 dogs and is happily engaged to me!!! He has been on the local news several times, met the mayor of nyc, Mayor Bloomberg and so much more. His life has changed drastically and all the thanks to his ability to control the monkey on his back, as he calls it. His next goal is to work at a place where he can help drug abusers (that are willing to get help). Is there any advice that you may have for him as far as geting into this type of occupation? I think he would be great and his story would be of so much help to other people that are living through what he has been through and overcome. I know that his story would be motivational and make a difference in someone’s life.

  54. SHARON FOSTER says:


  55. Julie Lipham says:

    As for the Celebrity rehab show being exploited I disagree.
    It may not reveal all that happens in rehab; and you wont ever know till you have been in rehab!! It is crazy insane!! I have a lot of respect for all the #+_*@++$()_+)(@ istants that are on Celebrity rehab! After viewing Keri Ann I wanted to say “I am not watching this”! But she reminded me of how hateful and bossy I was when I was “coming down”.
    Just seeing that and feeling the anger helps me stay away from meth and continue to not worry about how I will remain sober!
    Thank you Dr. Drew and your staff!

  56. 3395758 says:

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