Secrets Of Aspen – Episode 8 Aftershow


The debut season of Secrets of Aspen is over, though the ending is a bit confusing: Did Brooke really make up with Laura? Did Kat leave Aspen for L.A.? Why did Star look so surprised all the time? Get the answers to none of these questions in this finale aftershow. In fact, Aspen’s greatest mystery remains unsolved: That mole? Laura “never said it was real.” But she didn’t say it was fake either.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s Secrets of Aspen Aftershow at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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– Jessica Suarez

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  1. Treeva says:

    Laura is a trouble maker. hater, compulsive LIAR, and a little bit scandolous. Ben is awesome!!! Erin is ghetto faboulous, Brooke gettn hated on bkuz,she don’t put her bizness out there for everybody to be in, Kat make up your mind… Nathan alot better looking than Alex and he seemed more fa sho. Can’t wait till next season to see where everybody ended up fa the winter. Love the show, I will be waiting..!!!

  2. Jane says:

    This show is really beneath VH1. It will (should) never last. Erin is not a socialite and isn’t even pretty enough to be on a show like this. VH1, come on!!! You can do better than this!!!

  3. mercedez says:

    yall got money yall need to by me new +^_$%&##(!%^@`$* but hay yall

  4. kelly says:

    Laura is lame. It’s like watching an old lady in high school.
    She’s so fake, she looks plastic. She is the most insecure, pathetic, childish person on tv right now!! LAME SHOW!!!

  5. Erica says:

    I actually like this show. I hope they are planning on having a second season. It goes to show that money can not buy happiness, but it does make life a little easier to live! These grown women are a complete trip to me. Ben OMG I love love love him he is like the gay best friend I’ve always wanted! Lauren wow get a life. So many lies so little time right? Lauren you are beautiful on the outside the inside aaah not so much. But we have to give her credit for making the show interesting so we will have to keep her around. Erin cute but a little blah. Brooke breath taking beauty. Classy not trashy(as long as the hooker rumor is not true). Kat she likes which ever guy is in front of her. She looks a little old to me but thats just my opinion. As far as the other characters they were just “extras” in my book I can not even remember their names!

  6. Dani says:

    Since when are a bunch of spoiled California snobs considered the “secret of aspen.” I grew up in Aspen and not one of the locals act like this. The true secrets about Aspen are the wonderful outdoors and the limitless possibilities to enjoy the beautiful Rockies. I CANNOT stand the stigma that is placed on Aspen by )@)%)(~(_&`(&@_ ociating our wonderful, tightly-knitted community with anyone on this show. These people make me want to throw up in my mouth, and I really hope this show does not see a second season. I know the entire community of Aspen is behind me in boycotting this monstrosity of “entertainment.” Not one person I know from Aspen is that materialistic and shallow. It’s the rich tourists from Texas, Southern California, etc. that give our town a bad name by treating the town and the locals like their disposable little playgrounds, completely desecrating our beloved town. It is shows like this that are destroying the budding generations and brainwashing them into living this empty and meaningless lives focused on drama and fashion and “friendship.” I’d like to the crew of this show shipped off to Rwanda for a month to survive, and then see how terrible their lives are, and what they really have to complain about. This show is trash.

  7. Brittney Cavallari says:

    This show was such a flop.