Fantasia Experiences Racism, For Real



Over the weekend, TMZ reported that Fantasia came across a racist letter while going through her fan mail after a Los Angeles performance of The Color Purple last Friday. The note included racial slurs, as well as a line that read “go back where you came from and die.” Weirdly, the person who wrote the letter claims to have worked as security on American Idol while Fantasia was on it. With security like that, who needs threats?

The theater hosting The Color Purple has put stronger (presumably non-racist) security precautions into effect. Fantasia says, “I will not be defeated by one isolated person’s hatred.” Good for her, right? Also, what year is this again? I mean, I know it’s 2010, but when backwards crap like this happens, it makes me feel like we’re hurtling through time, back to the Antebellum South. [TMZ]

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  1. chas says:

    wow dats sad. FANATASIA STAY STRONG…….

  2. Rach says:

    Really classing it up there, eh? Lovely how whenever racism is mentioned the South comes up, even though there is a great deal more racism in “liberal” parts of the country such as the Pacific NW where gated community still have “no blacks” rules on the books.

    What happened to Fantasia sucks, but get a writer who can at least feign a lack of geographical prejudice to write these kinds of stories in the future.

  3. Rich Juzwiak says:

    Oh please. There’s no prejudice, because there’s no argument that the Antebellum South wasn’t a terrible place for black people. I was using an extreme example. It has no bearing of thousands of other examples that I could have used. Go find a real racist to use your blog-comment activism on.

  4. Rach says:

    Holy cow, triple negative.

    I didn’t say there was no racism, I said it’s irritating how every-freakin’-time something about racism comes up, people have to throw in a comment about the south.

    And “find a real racist”? Was your ^+(~_+)$*&`+~%( umption was that I was calling you a racist? How does my irritation constitute a label of racism, or even blog-comment activism?

  5. Lindy says:

    I bet you my first born that the person that sent that hideous letter to Fantasia is black. I bet you. Black folks so hung up on that dark skinned/light skinned thing, you know the entertainers with the European features. It’s disgusting. They never support their own. Anyway, I think Fantasia is a beautiful, adorable, loveable and personable individual. Whoever took the time to write that filth is in my book despicable.

    To Fantasia I’d like to say keep your head up. You are a super person. Don’t let the filth that some people feel they are entitled to say just because they can move you. You know the deal.

  6. Gigi says:

    I think Tasia is the cutest thing ever! Her soft spoken voice and vulnerable child like manner is adorable. How can you not like her? Chocolate sweetie, keep your head way up high to the sky cause that is how much bigger you are than the person filled with that kind of hate. Love you, girl!

  7. KennyFanOfTasia says:

    The night after the threat came out I saw her show. It was amazing! Fantasia, I am a number 1 fan of yours. I love you unconditionally. No one is perfect and thats what I love about you. Not afraid to show who you are. Keep it going Tasia. You are an amazing strong woman. I pray that you continue to build your career and not let people like that bring you down cuz the good out weighs the bad.

    Luv you Tasia,
    Kenny :)

  8. Celia says:

    Fantasia, girl, your are a beautiful human being and dont let none of those devils get you down. I have been watching your show and it is so refreshing to see your life and the amount of love you are surrounded by. No matter what pain is out there, please know that God is forever watching over and blessing you. Thank you for sharing your life.

    much love

  9. unwittingwitness says:

    Looking thru the channels, saw this debacle of a show for less than 60 seconds……I’m grateful I wasn’t struck blind…..looser….looser….good God…What does it take to get this garbage off the air….how did it get on in the first place????????

  10. Da' Zaria' says:

    fantasia that is sad.but as long as you stay strong and keep moving,because people are going to do things just for the simple fact.Who ever that is has to be only hating on what u have become.Just keep on praying and everything would be alright.

  11. tish says:

    I really like Fantasia and I think she is a really cute girl! But, oh my, can she get rid of her brother Teeny! He makes the show less than what it could be! Keep on keepin on Fantasia and keep the faith, but get rid of your obnoxious, over the top, ghetto brother, Teeny. I’d rather see more of Rico with his sexy self!! And why do Teeny have a bodyguard and Fantasia don’t! I’m not being a hater I just get tired of seeing him, I want more of Fantasia since this is, Fantasia for Real.