TRANSform Me: First Look



Check out the promo art for TRANSform Me, a new show coming to VH1 on Monday, March 15. It stars Laverne Cox of the first season of I Want To Work for Diddy, as well as two other transgender women. Some more information in the press release below:

VH1 and Left/Right Inc. have teamed up to create a new breed of fashion makeover show, TRANSform Me. Each half-hour episode follows the makeover of one woman badly in need of a transformation–on the outside and inside. The subjects quickly find out this won’t be your typical makeover. They’ll be transformed by three transgender women. The ultra-glamorous makeover team, led by Laverne Cox (VH1’s I Want to Work for Diddy) with Jamie Clayton and Nina Poon, travel across the country answering “style 911 calls” in their deluxe fashion ambulance, helping subjects find the right style–and the confidence that comes with it. The new eight-episode, 30-minute series is set to premiere March 15, 2010.

Even more detailed info can be found in our post announcing TRANSform Me. Check out one more promo shot below:


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  1. Jack says:

    Ill def e watching looks AWESOME!!! and i miss laverne.

  2. Elliot says:

    Keep up the momentum, VH1! This is definitely a high-heeled step in the right direction

  3. Monica says:

    LOVE IT! Yet another brilliant idea that looks to be entertaining! Can’t wait to watch.

  4. SHELDON says:

    Its sad that VH1 and Viacom have stooped this low for viewers. To be gay is one thing but for someone to dress up as another sex is creepy. Why cant they be comfortable in their own skin? This isnt something that we should promote to our youth or our future. Can you imagine being at a club in the city and taking home what you think is a girl, that would raise anybodys blood to boil. We need to take a deeper look into what this show represents and how it might effect those whose minds aren’t developed.

  5. Katie says:

    This show is doing way too much. Wow VH1, your pathetic.

  6. Olivia says:

    Is this show serious? So its not O.K for young girls to scarf and barf to be skinny but its alright for young men to tuck their &*!**@~^~^&#`($($ and pretend theyre a woman? SAD. VERY SAD.

  7. adam says:

    it isnt about the fact boys dress as girls. transgendered people were born into a different body than there brains function with. if a boy feels as if he should have been born as a woman. then transgender is the answer. they mass amounts of therapy and psychiatry before having the surgery to make sure its what they want. they arent drag queens who do tuck. they are women on the inside and they just live the lives they should live.

  8. Arylin says:

    As a transgendered individual, I have to say, you got it right adam. We need more shows that show TG people in a better light then the daytime talk shows that do more harm then good. I wish these girls the best of luck with their show. I know I will be watching. ^.^

  9. Lola says:

    how a muscular, 6’5″, 200 pounds dragqueen wearing a wig can advise a woman how to be a beautiful woman?

  10. Luz Pray says:

    I had the UNIQUE opportunity to work on this show on a very small scale, and was very impressed to see how these three very proffesional women, take the contestant by the hand,w/ out a script,and guide her to her OWN comfort,her own personal beauty.The fact that Laverne,Jamie and Nina have taken THEIR OWN PERSONAL journey and used it to guide others to thier truth,transgender or not , is refreshing! A perpective we probably would never get the chance to see!I think you all will be impreesed how delicatew the girls were w/ the girl getting the makeover,w/ out bumbarding her w/styl and fashion and being stars of the show. who r we to judge how someone’s personal beauty manifests.Beauty comesin all sizes,all textures,shapes and colors.Who better to be part of that intamate journey but some who actually knows what it’s like to not feel comfortable w/ yourself.I look forward to seeing TRANSform me do some pretty special stuff……

  11. Jenny Lynn says:

    Ok, I really need to know how to get in touch with the management to try and get on this show. I am a 35 year old mother of two from Alabama. I’m sure that will catch quite a few jokes alone, but, I have a very masculine build at 5’9″ and I have let my clothing follow suite. If anyone can help me look more feminine I believe these three can. My build is not the only thing, I have had so many peoples children live in my home over the past 7 years, I feel like i’ve helped raised half the county. I think i’ve lost my own sexuality being a mother. I want to feel like the feminine young woman I know I can be. Please Help

  12. Charlene says:

    Jamie Clayton amazes me. A true Beauty, inside and out!

  13. Tania says:

    Applause, applause, applause! I can’t wait to see Jamie and these ladies rockin’ it out! Wow, the camera LOVES you!!!

  14. Michelle says:

    This looks really good :D
    Although some people who are commenting this OBVIOUSLY dont know what “transgender” means, it’s nothing like cross dressing.
    Transgender and Transsexual are actual issues and if you were not such ignorent idoits you would educate yourself before &^~!@~(&`%*@+^+ uming what you dont know.

  15. Matthew Fincher says:

    I LOVE this!!!!!! Great idea!!!!!!

  16. JoAnna says:

    Adam, Michelle, and Arylin – I couldn’t agree more. Ignorance isn’t a pretty habit, kiddos, so please educate yourselves before commenting on how guys “pretend to be girls.” They are not pretending to be girls, if anything they are pretending to be the body they were born in for some type of acceptance and fear.

  17. Jenn says:

    Okay, TRANSgender women are NOT drag queens. Get it correct, a transgender person is someone who who fully accepts a gender identity that does not match his or her (*`)$@)~_&$#*%( igned gender.

    I’m quite impressed that VH1 has aired this show. People of the transgender community as well as many other similar communities have been oppressed throughout history. I think that many women can learn so much from these transgender women. Self esteem and confidence are virtues that transgender women have had to build up in stores and normal women cannot usually do for themselves. I’m excited about this show and what potential it has. From what I’ve seen so far, it is a wonderful show. I’m happy to see that these women have more compassion than many that have posted here.

  18. tatiana says:

    my mom realy needs to be transformed

  19. xanderfdierce says:

    These three ladies have already done and will do so much more for the LGBT community. I really enjoied watching this show. It’s witty, it educates poepple on transgender women. Most inmportant of all it helps women of all shapes, sizes, and colors know and feel that they have always been and will always be BEAUTIFUL.

  20. big c says:

    i dont know if nina still has a *#!!^)@!*#(~@#%@ but ide *#_*%^^%&%@$!+!$ the *~#$&$@*`)#^$^*# out of her lol

  21. Jessica Smith says:

    What a fantastic show! These are such beautiful women, and really represent what makes a woman beautiful. The way they touch and transform the lives of the women they meet is just awesome. When are they coming to my town??

  22. BiG C says:

    nina is a hottie i would totaly tap that ~@%&__*((_^+^$! lol

  23. BiG C says:

    nina is a hottie i would totaly tap that @@(_`*&$@%&!$%~

  24. Chyanne says:

    My youngest brother used to be my baby sister. He had all the surgery and is completely a man now. He was even married to a woman, but she cheated on him with his best friend. Transgendered people are not in drag. They feel they were born in the wrong body. If the women on this show are now women, they should act that way. They seem to be acting more like drag queens.

  25. Princessa says:

    I love your show, but i need your advice. I feel alive and happy, thin and beautiful inside, but when i see pictures of me, i look fat and ugly. how do i change this, i am still in high school and my goal is when i graduate to fully look and feel as wonderful as i do inside. i have constantly had problem with my wait and i am still losing weight. my friends say i look great, but when i see those pictures,i just cry. please tell me how i can change this.

  26. Kimmy B. says:

    This show is wonderful. Do we really have to wait until next week to see the next episode? :)

  27. Leti says:

    Where can i find out about the clothes and shoes featured on the show and what the hostesses are wearing?

  28. steph says:

    Fun show. The “girls” are great. Love to see their makeovers on a show, or have them transform a guy. Can’t wait till next week.

  29. Amber says:

    I watched the first episode where the girl had lost 55 pounds and didn’t find herself yet until this show found her. I have to say this touched a cord with myself as I gained weight from a recent pregnancy and lost myself in the process. Not sure how to feel about the show?? But I would like to know how she lost the 55 pounds because I am feeling desperate.

  30. Alex Gomez says:

    As a trans woman, I’m sort of biased yet, nonetheless, I truly loved the Transform Me debut. It’s so refreshing to see my sisters doing something positive with a good sense of humor. Plus, the show’s hosts are poised, confident and, dare I say, elegant. Love this show, VH-1!

  31. bewhoUcanbe says:

    love it gogirl

  32. ShyNSneaky says:


  33. tish says:

    I am a 100% black woman but i have strong facial hair that have no choice but to shave everyday i need to know what steps were done for you to get rid of it also my skin is discolored because of it but makeup doesnt cover what should i do because although my fiance hasnt really noticed it puts a damper on us traveling and by him being a trucker i never do road trips with him because i need a restroom every morning thank you for taking time to read this

  34. Jonathan says:

    I just caught this show on cable all I can say is Wow finally a VH1 show worth watching! Nina, Jamie and Lavern – keep up the good work! Congratulations on your own transformations and for helping others with theirs! Way to go ladies :)

  35. Lindsey says:

    ALL I can say is, IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! Being trans myself I am just SO glad that VH1 has started airing this show.Like I said, its about TIME!!!!! Lindsey

  36. Kerry says:

    I love the show I want to be on the show, as i was watching it i thought of the sexy women that is dying to come out of me but ive never let her, so how do i get on the show??

  37. Kenya says:

    I love the show, Keep it up!

  38. hallie petersohn says:

    I just wanna know so bad where the one girl that helps transform people got her purple dress. That was so cute and i just want to know where she got it. I’ve looked everywhere!

  39. Thompson says:

    I enjoyed show need makeover myself so I embrace new input …just lack implementation motivation and time

  40. Aviana says:

    Laverne is A W E S O M E. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. This is a great show!

  41. mary says:

    I just can not understand why the protagonist of the show is the only “lady” that doesn’t look like a woman, Laverne is not passing as a woman, so the show is just a dude in a dress advising women about how to dress! that’s the only way that society wants to see transgerder people, as “different people”, nor women or man, so, what is doing this show for transgender people??? would it be on air this show just with some transgender women passing as real women?…i don’t think so…. the man pretending to be a woman, that’s the show!!!

  42. Bonnie_Half-Elven says:

    Love the “Charlie’s Angels” style promo shot!

  43. Lesli says:

    Absolutely Fabulous! Way to go everyone! I was switching channels and happened across this show. The name caught my eye and the attitudes of the girls performing Christina’s makeover caught my heart.
    This show NEEDED to be made.
    It is incredible.
    It is amazing.
    Positive in every aspect.

  44. Tee says:

    What is the name of the store from the episode with Christina? Where is it located, I just love that dress she had on at her revealing!!!

  45. alexandra says:

    Nina Poon has the best style ever! were does she shop?

  46. Jonny says:

    Laverneeee! so ridiculous! you look like a quarterback in a dress! LOL!

  47. allanah says:

    i love it!

  48. LILLY says:

    I love it!

  49. Peaches says:

    Wish they would come to Kansas, I need a makeover bad… (I Need Help)

  50. li says:

    I adore these ‘gualy’s’ (guy/gals)! Ladies, You’re beautiful! After living to 30 w/ a descent figure and then thru illness and disability gaining 90lbs., I really identify w/ the women they’ve picked, and when the Ladies remind them that they have had to fight hard to be beautiful/weren’t born this way; its substance! You/I know they’re speaking from truth and really love that they are giving so much of themselves to women I identify w/. Thanks again VH1- you’re doing some service and putting out great material.

  51. Delicia says:

    I L.O.V.E. this show! This is a fantastic reality show for all women. Women and Transgendered Women. What I love about it is that these women are true at heart and you can see how genuine they feel for all the women they are helping. Fantastic! The fact that Laverne, Nina, and Jamie have all gone through changes of their own, really have a head’s up in helping other women to grow confidence and love themselves. I am definitely going to keep watching. BTW-I love all of your outfits!

  52. victoria says:

    iam trying to be on the show i have low self-esteem since i was young i dnt even like to look in the mirror please help me

  53. imelda says:

    hi i need some help i have a beautiful daughter but she thinks she is ugly shes seventeen years old no confidence in her self and that breaks my heart i want her to feel beautiful inside and out and i know your the only people that can do it please help my daughter

  54. peaches says:

    Please come to kansas city and help me WERK IT!!!!!Im so jealous of the girls that get transformed. I think that Laverene and her girls are GORGEOUS and I wanna makeover

  55. Shonna Crumley says:

    WOW you girls are really awesome at what you do!!! I cant believe how you have transformed, but I have a question? In 2004 I was in a nursing accident that broke my back in 3 places. I went in for surgery and came out paralized being placed in neurological ICU. I had 7 surgeries and finally I am back on my feet after going through staff infections, at home sitters, and care. Lets just say I have been through so much and have not felt beautiful in some time because of my journey. I have lost 3 children, and just had my last back surgery on Sept.16, 2009. Could you please help me and transform me into the person I once was before all of these things happened to me. I would love to surprise my husband, 4 living children, and just feel wonderful for a day. Dont get me wrong I feel very blessed to be were I am, but I just want to look like a star. Thanks and love your show.

  56. elizabeth says:

    HI!!!!!! i like your show and i watch it all ways… i wood like you to make me trans form me….. i live in denver colorado…. if you can tex me back…

  57. Jamie Hicks says:

    Hello, my name is Jamie and I am transgender.
    I have just began setting out on a lifelong journey to become my true self. I have a bit of a unique situation; I am for lack of a better term “straight” and I am planning to marry my fiance Lacey. We are deeply in love and mine and her family are completely accepting of my decision. I feel as though I was born transgender because I have always felt like I was a woman inside, but couldn’t let it out. I am now 25 years old, 6.0′ tall, and 130 pounds. I have been trying desperately to learn to control my emotions $+_!&%~`+)`+)@` ociated with presenting myself as a woman. I have also been honing my skills and working on the next steps that I will need to take to achieve my goal. I live in the small town of Tomball, Texas where I am literally the only trangender person. I was so completely terrified that people were going to discover that I was transgender, but now so many people know about me, and I have a good job as well. I guess my concern is that I am not being taken seriously as a woman, and I figured that since you three women are transgender; that maybe you could give me some inspiration that will help me to feel like more of the woman that I wish to become. It was so hard for me to accept what I was doing at first, but now I have seen a glimpse of my true potential. Though, I have been growing so frustrated lately due to my own insecurities of how I look, and how I percieve myself. Even though people have been complimenting me at work and social gatherings, I still look in the mirror I just feel like I havent changed one bit. When I am looking my best as a woman it changes me. I am able to relax, have fun, and feel like my soul and image are one. The problem is there are hardly any resources available to me because of where I live, and my financial situation. I have been struggling so hard to keep my head together while working towards my goal. I feel like anything I want to do towards being a woman has to always be put on the back burner because of so many things; such as my fiance’s hospital bills for her endometriosis, or my truck that breaks down every week, and so many bills. I never even have five dollars to myself for clothes or makeup much less money for laser hair removal for my face, or any other surgery for that matter. I just feel like I am constantly moving with two steps forward one step back and my dream is starting to fade into a nightmare. That is why I am asking for your help. Please help me to bring my inner beauty out to the surface, and show me what I have been blind to see.
    Thank you girls and God bless you!

    -Jamie Hicks

  58. Shawna says:

    I mean I get the show and why it Is important to have different shows that will relate to different lifestyles…. But this show is horrible. At least get some classier trasngenders to do the make over. It might have worked if the make-over-ee was a dude but she was a straight chick probably not wanting to look like a drag queen. And Diva was not the word for it!

  59. Jezebellix says:

    This show is the shiz!Laverne Cox is FIERCE!

  60. Patti says:

    I am a 43 year old divorcee with 2 beautiful girls. I live in KY. I wish you would come and Transform ME. My girls say I need it :) Love your show.

  61. 2727043 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2727043! SCK was here

  62. 1058694 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1058694! SCK was here

  63. 1995520 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1995520! SCK was here

  64. gabby says:

    i loveee this show…but the black trannie doesnt fit in with the other 2….shes too masculine they need somone more fem to fit with jamie and nina