Let’s Talk About Pep Recap – Episode 7 – Let’s Back Up



When Kittie thinks you have gone too far, you have gone too far.

Kittie’s date for this week’s Let’s Talk About Pep seemed almost like a parody of a bad blind date. Jacque set up Kittie with one of her co-workers at the radio station. He’s a comedian, he’s outrageous, and he sounded like a perfect match, as the girls observed during their weekly brunch postmortem. But opposites attract (©MC Skat Kat), and Kittie was repelled.

In fact, her date, Steve was more wildly predictable than wild. Some of his moves:

He tried to motor boat her, as seen above.

He pulled the old “let me show you how to hold a pool cue, girl” move.


The classic “let me point at your ass crack” move. He yelled, “Look it’s Christmas!” while pointing. I guess this was better than, “It’s a full moon!” or “Did you break your butt? Because it’s cracked.” Which are all things that dads say.

Then he did a spit take, a move Bob Hope eliminated from his stand up routine sometime in the last century. Sure, that wasn’t that long ago. Point is, Bob Hope is dead.

All this made Kittie question Jacque’s judgment, which is fine — it needed to be questioned this episode.

Jacque went out again with Joel, the thirtysomething magazine writer with no children. But before she met up with him, she (the former CNN reporter) decided to do a little research.

Turned out that an attractive thirtysomething single man with a cool job who lives in Manhattan and knows how to cook had women leaving him messages on Facebook. Jacque was curious about this, but didn’t really worry until she saw Joel describe one woman as a “freak a leek” on his Facebook wall (Facebook walls are the new bathroom stalls).



This is where Joel should have done a spit take. Their date took place at a winery, arguably the last place where it’s still okay to do spit takes.

Jacque asked if he’d ever call her that, which was the silliest worry about ever, especially after last week’s confession. Instead of explaining to her why that wasn’t so bad, he should have just showed her Chat Roulette. There are much worse things on the internet.

Sadly, this was probably Jacque’s last date with Joel.

Now, much of the show has been about Pep finding a middle ground between the old, wild Pep and the new, celibate one. So while chef/doctor Tom had been a nice change of pace, she said that until he made a commitment, she would still date other people, and he was free to as well. Except Tom’s probably not dating other people. Dude can’t be making five-course dinners for women all over the city, how’d he have time to see/cook for patients/restaurant patrons?

Anyway Pep’s date was an expert on the human body, sort of. A model/personal trainer (less college than chef/doctor, I bet), Sid brought out the old-school Pep, as her friends observed. I mean, she’s always loved a man who keeps in shape.


Pep: That is…it’s like…
Sid: Thank you.


After dinner they went to a club, where it was VIP and bottle service, just like Pep remembered. And she backed it up, just like she used to.



But during brunch she confessed that their end-of-date kiss didn’t take her breath away (even if his muscles left her speechless), a sure sign that Sid isn’t the one. Though she might schedule a few personal training sessions with him.

Could nice-guy Tom really win Pep over?

Check out more shots from this week’s Let’s Talk About Pep.

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– Jessica Suarez

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