Shar Jackson On K-Fed, Tabloid Fame


Shar Jackson recently stopped by the VH1 digital office to talk about her life on and off Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. Obviously, we had to talk to her about sharing the screen with ex Kevin Federline. Above, she talks about the curse of being constantly associated with her ex, and explains why she didn’t try to break that by walking off the show once she saw that they’d be sharing screen time. Below is an offshoot of that discussion, in which Shar discusses being a “tabloid celebrity,” and why she accepts no responsibility for that designation:

You can see the rest of our interview with Shar at its video page.

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  1. tina s says:

    girl look you can make it. just keep your head up. he is not that fine anyway. there are many many fine things out there. look at nelly. he is a bad boy but he will do for you for now. if you ever come to sc there are some FINE ones here like my brothers. good luck in life

  2. Dhs says:

    I really admire the maturity and respect Shar and Kevin display for one another and theirselves. They are a great example of how co-parenting should be done. Although they are not perfect, their are clearly devoted to their children.

    Shar clearly has some unresolved feelings, but I see Kevin is sensitive to her and is trying to better himself. I know we don’t see everything that is done and said, but from what I have seen so far, I have learned a little from their situation. I have 2 children from my marriage that ended 14 years ago (I am 40) and they act more mature than I did at their age and I didn’t have all the pressure of tabloids and fame.

    Thanks for being the example that you are!

  3. Mishelle says:

    Go shar go on girl, she seems like a very honest person, but then again she is a actress so who knows.

    SWAGGTALK100 – what you rockin?

  4. ahotcutiepie says:


  5. bridget says:

    I LOVVEE U SHAR!!!! Keep ya head up girl!!! Ur lookin good to ma!! I’m in the process of coming out of a depression as well. It really sucks, at least u have ur kids to help u get through, all i have is my cats, and they dont talk much!lol. i know u get lonley too, when they are gone. Anyway, hoping u the best, u can get through this, Kevin is a nice guy i think, and things will work out, its just longer and harder in the limelight. Hey, is Sebastian really as cute as he looks on t.v.? i think hes cute. take care girl! much love!!!

  6. c says:

    Hey Shar, I wish you much luck and continue taking the high road when dealing with Kevin. You are certainly demonstrating great restraint and class. More power to you and prayer will help … God answers all prayers.

  7. tee says:

    4real you got the best part of that dude (kids)looks like that the only thing he,s good @!!!!!!!

  8. michele says:

    I think Shar and Kevin are having so much trouble because they are with the wrong people. They should be together

  9. lkr0210 says:

    Would somebody tell Shar Jackson to QUIT WHINING??? Good LORD, she acts like she’s the first person to ever get dumped and to ever get cheated on!!! MY GOD IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS shut up and move on!!!!

    She’s NOT the first person to ever have her life in the spotlight yet she whines like she’s the only one that’s ever had to deal with it!! She says she doesn’t want Kevin back then SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!! I’m so over her and her constant “Kevin leeeefffft me, Kevin has a girlfriend, I’m aaaallllll alone …” She gets on my last nerve!!!

  10. susan says:

    I’m tired of Shar and her whining. It’s been 5 years . Get a life!!!! Kudos for Kevin staying out of her whining. He’s not bashing anyone and ignores her digs at him. There supposed to be there to lose weight not have a pity party. Well 1 of thems there for the right reason. Hoping the remainder of the season is minus Shar Pity Party Whining!!!!!

  11. SharFan1 says:

    So where do I sign up for win a date with Shar?!?!? She is finally ready to date! I’m so excited!

  12. Curtis Mouton says:

    Shar, You are a beautiful woman. You need a normal guy like myself. Someone who appreciates you. I saw the show. I saw your daughter give you the heads up on dating. It would be good if I were to meet you. I seem like a sweet and caring woman. I to am a family oriented guy. I am 31 with no kids. Just being safe and waiting on the right YOU.

  13. tammy says:

    shar u r a good person from wat i have seen u take care of ur children k-fed apparently dont u just keep fighting the good fight i respect u alot good luck

  14. katie says:

    I myself am tired of hearing Shar whine and complain about her failed relationship with Kevin. I thought this show was celebrity fit club, not the lets listen to Shar whine!!!! In every episode this season when they talk to her it is all about her relationship with Kevin. I would like to see her shut up and get on track with the show,you don’t see Kevin talkin about it.She says she don’t want him back, but i think she does or she would shut up!!!! She is NOT the first to be dumped and she won’t be the last,so lets get on with celebrity fit club!!!! Kevin has a girlfriend so Shar needs to GROW UP and get on with her life!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she just want a lil fame, cause he is more famous then her. I think if she hadn’t been with Kevin we probably wouldn’t know who she is now. Kevin made her famous!!!!

  15. amanda d says:

    shar u are beautiful and strong!

  16. Kimo says:

    This message is for Shar.You are a beautiful woman and you need to move on with your life.Life is like driving a car,the more you keep looking in the rearview mirror behind you sooner or later you are going to crash.There is nothing behind you that is a bad experience is worth crashing for,so focus on the road ahead and know in your heart that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.Realize that you are one of the select people that are a celebrity,while others are out there really struggling to make ends meet.In my eye’s from what I see is that a lot of celebrities are a bunch of big cry babies and I hope everyone has a chance to see how rediculous they look,especially that Skreeh character.What a joke.Stay tough.

  17. kimber says:

    First I would like to address VH1, why in the hell did you have Federline’s new girlfriend on there? very inconsiderate. Now as for Shar she is 100x more beautiful then his albino eyed girlfriend. furthermore he’s a piece of !%~)+*#*_#!)*$`# He has no remorse for leaving Shar pregnant 2x. He’s my least favorite on the show. He has no personality and is a big fat +`(*@+@))&&~!_+

  18. JON says:


  19. Dee says:

    For all the Shar bashers. I guess you have never had your heart CRUSHED by someone. I am sure that you got over it in 2 weeks. So why would you understand? Who elsed do you know of taht was int he spot light for YEARS over a jacked up relationship? If she has unresolved issues and there is a life coach there, why not express it?

    He got his back when he was kicked to the curb by Brit. I would never trust him.

  20. Tyffanii says:

    I really give hand claps to Shar Jackson for over comming the obsticles in her life. I can just imagine how hard it was to find your way through all of that unwanted and unnecessary drama. I watched Celebrety Fit Club to see you overcome the hurt of what Kevin did to you and I am glad you decided to stay and heal from that. I don’t know if Kevin really appologized to you or not but move from this as a stronger woman, mother and friend to you and your family! Keep on being positive and keep on being you and look at the good example you are showing your children. I don’t know if you have the Lord in your life but Donnie McClurkin recorded this song just for US girls who have been pushed down and kicked while we were down the song is “We fall down but we get up” That has helped me a many a day and I can see that not only have you gotten up and dusted off the dirt (hurt/pain) but you have taken the first steps to VICTORY! I will keep you and your family in my prayers! If noone has said this to you I am going to say it I AM PROUD OF YOU!

  21. Wende says:

    You are too beautiful (inside and out) for all that. I hope you do find love again, one that fulfills instead of taking away.

    Best of luck to you.