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The second season of the Celebrity Rehab spin-off Sober House is set to premiere on VH1 on Thursday, March 11 at 10/9c. Read about it in the press release below, and check out the cast, which combines patients from Celebrity Rehab and Sex Rehab.

Addicts enter rehab as an emergency measure geared at saving their lives. But what happens after the twenty-one days of intensive, in-patient treatment are complete? Sober House with Dr. Drew chronicles the all-important transitional period beyond the safety of rehab when the real work begins and patients initiate their move back into society. World-renowned addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky facilitates the continued path to healing for several of his most challenging patients in eight new episodes of Sober House with Dr. Drew. The new season is set to premiere on Thursday, March 11 at 10pm.

A sober living house is an interim step on the path to sobriety where addicts can live in a supervised and sober environment with structure and rules, i.e. mandatory curfews, chores and therapeutic meetings. In this show, celebrity addicts, most of whom have spent the better part of their lives in the throws of addiction, will learn how to essentially start their lives over from the ground up. In many cases, successfully maintaining sobriety requires patients to alter everything about their previous lives when they were actively addicted to alcohol and other drugs. This could include changing jobs, eliminating friends and even abandoning loved ones who are deemed toxic to their sobriety.

Dr. Drew and his staff will keep a watchful eye over all that goes on at the Sober House. Throughout the course of the experience, patients will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Drew in both one-on-one and group counseling sessions in an effort to understand and solidify their sobriety.

In the end, we will witness the real life struggles of these celebrity patients whose sobriety hangs by a thread as they experience the pressures of daily life outside of rehab. Dr. Drew and his team will strive to give the patients the tools they need to maintain sobriety when they leave the house and return to the public eye of their celebrity lives.

Cast below!

If you’ve been watching, you should be familiar with the celebs below, and what they’ve done with their lives, but just in case you aren’t, we’ve included their bios, as well.

Jennifer Gimenez (Sober House)


Jenn Gimenez is a model and actress. She has appeared in music videos for Tupac Shakur, Babyface and Mick Jagger as well on the big-screen in films such as Blow, Vanilla Sky, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. She has made television appearances on The Bold and The Beautiful and Karen Sisco. As a recovering addict herself, Gimenez continues her role as the House Manager on the second season of VH1′s Sober House.

Dennis Rodman (Celebrity Rehab 3)


Dennis Rodman is retired from the NBA where he won five championships, led the league in rebounds for a record 7 consecutive years, and was twice voted NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Known as one of the original “Bad Boys” of the league, he also developed an outlandish persona of multi-colored hair, dozens of tattoos and earrings and garnered the nickname, “The Worm.” As his career wound down, however, he soon became more famous for his wild behavior—affairs with Madonna, a drunken marriage to Carmen Electra that was annulled after 10 days, and out-of-control parties that often ended with the arrival of the police. In 2008, he was arrested for a domestic violence charge. He is a binge drinker who feels he has his alcohol abuse “under control”. Dennis was court ordered to go to rehab, and after completing treatment in the third season of Celebrity Rehab, Dennis continues his recovery in Sober House.

Heidi Fleiss (Celebrity Rehab 3)


Known as the “Hollywood Madam,” in 1997 Heidi was convicted in connection with her prostitution ring with charges including procuring and tax evasion. Her ring reportedly had numerous famous and wealthy clients. She was sentenced to 37 months in prison for tax evasion (the pandering charges were dropped), but served just 21. Her original three-year sentence prompted wide outrage at her harsh punishment, while her customers had not been punished. Since getting out of prison Heidi has moved to Nevada where she lives in the desert with dozens of exotic birds. Dr. Drew treated Heidi for a severe addiction to methamphetamines in Celebrity Rehab 3, and now Heidi continues her journey toward sobriety in Sober House.

Jennie Ketcham (Sex Rehab)


Adult Entertainer Jennifer grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her late teens, she adopted the identity of Penny Flame and became one of the most financially successful porn and web-cam actors in the world. Jenny renounced pornography while in treatment with Dr. Drew on Sex Rehab, and now she continues her struggle for sexual sobriety in Sober House.

Kari Ann Peniche (Sex Rehab, Celebrity Rehab 3)


Kari Ann Peniche held the Miss Oregon Teen USA and the Miss United States Teen USA titles. When nude photos of Kari Ann appeared in Playboy, she was stripped of her United States title. Kari Ann became a patient on VH1′s Sex Rehab, but was removed from the show early because of her erratic behavior. Soon afterwards it was learned that her bad behavior was caused by her drug ?addiction to crystal meth, which Dr. Drew felt should be addressed immediately. Had they been aware of this from the beginning, Dr. Drew would have had her tackle her drug addiction before tackling her sex addiction. After successfully completing Celebrity Rehab, Kari Ann now continues her journey at the Sober House.

Kendra Jade Rossi (Sex Rehab)


Model/dancer Kendra moved to Southern California in her early 20′s and quickly became a superstar in adult films. She’s been a darling of the tabloids and linked to Hollywood’s rich and famous, using this notoriety to get out of porn and into feature dancing, but at the same time she fell into heavy alcohol use. Kendra left porn altogether eight years ago and married musician Lukas Rossi. She now manages his career and runs an animal rescue. After being treated by Dr. Drew for sex addiction in Sex Rehab, where it was discovered she also had an alcohol abuse problem, Kendra is now continuing her quest for sobriety in Sober House.

Mike Starr (Celebrity Rehab 3)


Mike Starr was the original bassist for the popular 90′s rock band Alice in Chains from 1987 to 1993, when he was asked to leave the band by the other members. Mike’s problems with drug abuse took a dark turn and from that year on he has faced a mounting variety of drug possession, DUI and property-destruction charges. A veteran of 30 stints in drug rehabilitation facilities, Mike’s drugs of choice include heroin, methadone, crystal meth, cocaine and pot. He was treated by Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab 3 and continues is journey on Sober House.

Seth Binzer (Celebrity Rehab, Celebrity Rehab 2, Sober House)


Seth Binzer, better known as “Shifty,” is a recording artist who co-founded the musical group Crazy Town in 1995. The group’s single “Butterfly” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2001. In 2004 he collaborated with DJ Paul Oakenfield on the top 10 single “Starry Eyed Surprise.” Seth was treated by Dr. Drew on the first season of Celebrity Rehab, then again in the second season, and he continued on in the first season of Sober House. Each time Dr. Drew has treated Seth he has relapsed, and once again he’s reached out to Dr. Drew for help.

Tom Sizemore (Celebrity Rehab 3)


Tom is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles in war films such Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. He has long battled drug addiction and was convicted in 2003 of assault and battery against his girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss, but the charges were later overturned. Sizemore has been in and out of jail and drug treatment centers repeatedly. Dr. Drew treated Tom for his drug addiction in Celebrity Rehab 3, and now Tom continues his fight for sobriety in Sober House.

Sober House premieres Thursday, March 11 at 10/9c on VH1.

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  1. Elle says:

    Bleh, more Kari Ann? I know she brings the drama, but to me she just detracts from the whole thing because she doesn’t seem to be a part of the whole process. Thrilled to see Mike Starr and Tom Sizemore listed, though. Really rooting for both of them.

  2. lauren13 says:

    I can’t believe that once again keri ann gets another chance.

  3. caroline says:

    the madness will be comming when Kari ann and Mike Starr are in the same house

  4. anna says:

    Dear Jen, Good luck with Kari Ann. Love, The Viewing Audience.

  5. kat says:

    Kari Ann needs psychological help. Dr. Drew is so lenient with her in these re-habs, I don’t think she is progressing at all.

  6. Gerri in Philadelphia says:

    So glad to see Tom and Mike!! I really feel for them, and I hope they achieve sobriety. I wonder if Dennis is being court ordered. I wish all of them good luck!

  7. vitel says:

    Kari ann? Again? Uugghh I’m over it. Count me out.

  8. patty says:

    This kind of ruined the end of Celebrity Rehab for me but it is nice to see Rodman actually taking his recovery a step further. It’s also good to see some like Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fliess who really need the help there. Kari Ann needs a psych ward and some discipline, not rehab, IMO. She has real issues unrelated to addictions and she is such a downer on these shows. I think she’s there for the drama (and exposure) not for any actual help.

  9. cf says:

    So glad to see Dennis continue his treatment. when he first got to CR, he couldn’t even admit he had a problem.
    I’m also glad to see Shifty although not glad he relapsed.

  10. Mimi says:

    Mike Starr,
    You deserve a real woman. Dont mess with the crazy girl please.

  11. Michele White says:

    Wow! I just caught the family episode and between Mindy’s song and watching all of the group’s reactions brought me to tears! I hope they all stay in touch and continue the support of each other. I will keep you all in my prayers. God Bless!

  12. Karen F says:

    I can’t believe Kari Ann is on Sober House. A little of her goes a LONG LONG way. Dr. Drew should treat those that want and appreciate the help and not those who are looking to jump start their non existing careers. Make her go away already….

  13. Jennifer says:

    I would love to see Seth get his life together. I would also love to see Kari Ann get her spoiled *^**_@!$^#$+(&^ kicked. Thats my anger management problem. She must be gettin paid because that %_*~%+%^*&`#_)@^( does not want help. She should be thankful she is gettin free help. Some people would love that opportunity. I don’t think she wants help but I hope she accepts it. Good luck everyone.

  14. kathy says:

    Please, please get rid of Kari Ann. I am so over her – she is not even trying. I wish the others well; but she should’ve been kicked out long ago.

  15. Amy says:

    UGGHH!! More Kari Ann, she is sooo annoying, not to mention cruel and rude to the resident techs who only want to help her. She threw a vase at one lady them threw a drink in Shelley’s face. She should not have even been allowed to participate in Celebrity Rehab 3, and should have been kicked out for exposing her genitals and the painted bikini incident. I also hear that there was unshown drama between her and Mindy McReady during the filming of CR3. I am happy to see that Heidi, Dennis, and Tom are going to the Sober house, I just hope that Heidi and Tom can get along.

  16. tina s says:

    tom is and was sexy, dennis grt help, no matter what anybody says you have to first want it. if you look at your self and see how you look, you will see that you need the help too.

  17. Robyn says:

    wow. more karianne? anyone wanna bet on who the first person to relapse is?

  18. Judith says:

    Glad to see many of these, but disappointed not to see Amber and Phil. I would have liked to know what happened to them and if they ever got together.

  19. LAREID says:

    Kari Ann is a horrible person. Period. I can watch her. I’m out.

  20. steve bracken says:

    I’m glad to see the new cast. I also wish them all the best. Even Kari Ann. Everyone is being too hard on her. she deserves the same oppurtunity to “get straight” as everyone else.

  21. DLinc says:

    Kari Ann is the most important person there, yes she is a pain. Some learn quickly some don’t, but if she does not get it SHE WILL DIE….it is not in our time she gets this it is in her time…with a lot of patience from staff…Bless you guys..

  22. Judi says:

    Kari Ann should have gone straight back to Sex Rehab.

  23. iz says:

    Does Kari Ann actually have a problem or does she just show up to these rehab reality shows for money and TV face time?

  24. patrice says:

    i hope Seth gets it together this time.

  25. Suzy says:

    I am glad to see Dennis Rodman, I think he needs to really take a good look at his demons and deal with them, he is NOT ready to leave rehab, I am believer that any successful rehab experience needs to be at least 90 days. But, Kari Ann needs one on one therapy at least three days a week, she is seriously ill and her self esteem is so low that she hides it with being an attention grabbing child, who acts like this is a high school play. She needs serious help and I’m not sure a group situation will help her, I pray for those that are trying to get better to keep their distance from her. Jenn blessings for the work you do, it is a special calling.

  26. Rox1SMF says:

    Can’t wait for this. Please, oh please, let Jennie kick Kari Ann’s whiny butt!

  27. Christine says:

    Why do we have to watch Kari Ann again? We are all tired of her temper tantrums and meltdowns. She takes over the whole show and for the true fans that love the show and want to see everyone get healthy and succeed she ruins the whole positive experience. She can not interact with others and it is so annoying to watch. This is the third show she is on- enough already! Her disrespect for others is not desserving of being part of that show!!!!

  28. HelloKitty says:

    Kari Ann needs help so she deserves to get it just like everyone else…

  29. Holly says:

    so sick of seeing these stupid people and this stupid show!!!!!!

  30. Keli says:

    Kari Ann…please. She seems like a fame #`$+#^~*#!$+^`!*^ she doesnt really want to get clean…she wants it her way, like a spoiled child. She never takes part in most group activities anyway. She needs a rehab, that isnt televised. Her 15 mins are up!!!

  31. DavinaDD says:

    I’m so happy that Dennis is going along with the treatment, I’m hoping he gains alot of insight. I can tell that he is a good sensitive guy he deserves good friends that care about him as a person not his persona.GO DENNIS!

  32. jennifer says:

    I’m very glad tom sizemore will be in sober house. And karriann has some mental problems. She doesn’t need rehab she needs an intervention where they send her to lock down. I like her but she seriously needs lock down.

  33. MoonWashedRose says:

    Kari Ann Left Rehab On Last Nights Episode And SHould NEver Have Been Allowed In Or Given Special treatment And As It Appears For At Least The Fourth Or fifth Time Drew Will Beg HEr To Come Back And She Will Get Special treatment And Everyone Else Who Wants To BE There And IS Trying Will HAve To Deal With Her Getting Special Treatment And BEing Catered To. She Doesnt Want To Be There And Doesnt Deserve To Be. She Left Loesha Told Her You Leave And Your Discharged I Know Drew Wants To Make Everyone Sober But She No Longer Deserves His Help. Mike Was Wrong Because HE Shouldnt HAve Did The Bikini Thing, BUt She Totally Initiated It, And Mike Was Genuinely Sorry And Really Wants To BE There And He Said Whatever It Takes, And She Just Left And Doesnt Care. I Wish She Would Have Been Kicked Out, And If Drew Makes His Other Patients Have To Deal With HEr IN Sober House, Its Not Fair To Them And May Delay Thier Treatment And Recovery, Truthfully.I Wish Dr. Drew Or The Producers And Writers Of The Show, especially Drew Would Read These Comments.

  34. JoAnn says:

    Kari Ann is horrible. She needs way more than a stay at Sober House! She seems to be allowed to do whatever, whenever she wants to. That’s why she is the way she is!
    That part of her has never changed, Sex Rehab, Drug Rehab and now Sober Living, not looking forward to it!

  35. Cricket says:

    I agree that KariAnne needs some serious psychological help. Maybe THAT needs to be tackled first.
    My heart goes out to all of these people AND their families. I wish them all the best.

  36. Suzie Q says:

    I hope they ALL overcome their addictions. I am especially pulling for Tom Sizemore to change his life. In many ways he reminds me of Robert Downey Jr.

  37. Michelle says:

    So excited except for Kari Ann, her attitude sucks and her disrespectful behavior doesn’t make her worthy of repetitive help. Where is Andy $)#@!_&+^))&##%_ he is so lovable, make him the house Dad.


  38. LACIE says:


  39. LACIE says:

    kari ann needs to stop being such a a-hole. i mean if she really wanted to get sober and start a life i would think she should have known that showing her #_&)+*+$)$)`%+* s and stuff to men in rehab is wrong.! good luck with her!

    i hope you would give heidi my good comments about her!
    ill be watching

  40. Tom says:

    I really hope the best for all the celebrities, but especially Mindy, Tom and Mike. Mike really seems like such a nice guy and could have an amazing life, if he can overcome his addiction. Tom is a great actor, I hope he can get back to where he once was and be comfortable in his life again. Mindy seems to be such a sweet person and I hope she can get past all this and back into her music again and have a long, happy, successful life. To all the rest I also wish peace and happiness to you. As for Kari Ann, I feel sorry for her. I think she really doesn’t know what she wants and the only way for her to feel whole is to try anything to get attention. She really reminds me of a spoiled child, who needs some serious discipline in her life. Shelly, I think you are an amazing person and thank you for helping others with their addictions after conquering your own. Dr. Drew, please keep helping people, it is why you are here.

  41. JUSTINE SMITH says:


  42. Fiesta says:

    Oh, thank god you didn’t have that horrible Duncan Roy in Sober House. I would not have watched. Love who you did select…well, except Mike

  43. shaeshae says:

    I’m so happy to see Mike is continuing his treatment.

  44. wanda heisler says:

    cant wait to see this program have been following the dr. drew shows

  45. cajunmeme says:

    I can not believe that Kari Ann is going to go to Sober House.
    In the real world of a rehab she would have never been able to stay with the things she has done.
    This is so unfair to those that really want to get sober.She is a danger to those.
    Please don’t tell me that David is going to be coming back into this as well.
    I have to wonder if Kari Ann is not there for the money.
    This is wrong.
    She is a spoiled brat and thinks the rules do not apply to her. Oh and a slut as well.

  46. splchk says:

    it’s THROES of addiction


    THROWS of addiction

  47. Louisa says:

    This, and Celebrity Rehab, are AWESOME programs. I make them MANDATORY viewing for my kids to show the downside of “fame”. They do a tremendous service for helping to PREVENT addiction in youth. THANKS!!!

  48. Maria says:

    I’m sad that Mackenzie Phillips won’t be at Sober House, but I believe in her that she will do very well, she has done it before and she will do it again. I love her she’s the best and she’s real. Best of luck to her. I’m glad to see that Heidi Fleiss will be there, I love her she’s cool and real and speaks her mind which I love in a person. She’s strong, she had her own business, she’s gonna do well I believe in her and I do understand where she’s coming from, I wish her luck. Tom Sizemore and Mike Starr, my heart goes out to them. Love Tom Sizemore, love his acting and yes I saw all of his films. Hey Tom, I know you will do well and you will get back on your feet and back to what you do best and that is acting, entertaining us because man, you’re good, don’t you forget that. Mike Starr, you’re cool and so lay back, which I like. You have a lot on your plate, but man I know you can do it. I want you to do it and go back to what you love to do and that is play your music. Yeah, you might have to start slowly, but man you are gonna do it and it will make you happy. Dennis Rodman, I’m glad to see that you have admitted that you have a problem and bring that you are above everyone or everything, because all it really said to me was that you are insecure of yourself, so you had to feel as if you’re above everything. Man, I feel you I don’t believe your hype, but I’m just being honest. I’ve seen people like you with that attitude and it only makes them look like insecure kids that can’t handle their problem, but hey I believe that you will change that attitude and be actually nice to people, especially to your kids, which it doesn’t show the closest or anything, looks as if the kids were afraid to get near you in case you might be upset or something. Again, I’m no expert, but I am a mother & grandmother, so I can sense some. I’m not picking on you, just letting you know that I believe in you that you will do good in recovery and you will change for the better and believe me your kids will love you for it, please remember your kids love you so much I’m sure you know, I do wish you lots of luck. I wish you all best of luck with your sobriety and family. Please take advantage of this, some of us don’t have the means for it, that we have to somehow do it ourselves that it takes so long, so please take advantage and please follow all the rules go to meetings and please please be nice to everyone that is trying to help you all, Dr. Drew is the best and he cares about all of you, and that is a good thing. His staffs are great, I praise them because as you all know they have to deal with all different attitudes, anger, and everything else that comes. Keri Ann, don’t like you, you’re rude with everyone and with the staff as if you are Queen, I don’t see any progress with you, but then again I’m not Dr. Drew, but I do believe that you have been given too many chances and you don’t even appreciate it nor even apologizes to all you have hurt and call them bad names. You are a spoil brat like a two year old with a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. Then it hit me, you are in your twenties and at times some twentysomething don’t know how to act, they think they are grown but have no clue. Maybe you weren’t deciplined when you were young and everything was handed to you and that is why you act like a child. So, I’m hoping you take this seriously because in the real world they are people who don’t have money to get the help that you are getting, other people will show their appreciation I hope you get to show it and not be a spoil brat with all the others, I know you’re sick, but others are too and don’t act like spoil brats, so I wish you luck, too. Wish you all the best of luck I will be watching and praying for all of you. Dr. Drew you are the best at what you do, please keep doing it because it helps me, too, I’m broke need some support so this is why I love seeing your show to get the knowledge you bring and the others as well, too. Thanks so much. Peace & Love

  49. Cami says:

    Yuck…Kari Ann…My respect and admiration went down by 50% when Dr Drew brought her back. She needs much more intensive help than a 28 day spin dry can do. Not once have I seen her have to abide by any of the rules like the rest of the group. she’s bad news…not even a good Drama Queen, plus she’s not even easy on the eyes. She’s a spoiled, immature, irresponsible brat. I just hope the rest of the group can have the patience and tolerance to get thru another stint w this little bimbo. She needs to crawl back under that rock that she came from. Hope Mike can get some real clarity in his life and keep moving away from this one…Kari Ann is bad news. Good Luck to Mac, Dennis, Mike, Tom, Mindy and the rest of the deserve a good, sober life.

  50. LHove says:

    I love these shows. They are a reminder that fame, money and things do not make you happy. Look at what it’s done to all these people.

    I’ve never gone to rehab, but couldn’t they exercise? It seems like they sit around smoking cigarettes. If they were moving, breathing and sweating they would feel a lot better.

    Dr. Drew please put a work out regime on their schedules, it couldn’t hurt.

    And Kari Ann should be kicked off the show. She is going to torture everyone in the sober house.

  51. Jackie says:

    I seen the show tonight where you had a dinner for family. Dont remember her name but she sang a song that se wrote in jail. Just thought I would let you know how much that moved me. I even cried. Good job!!!!.LET GO AND LET GOD!. Those are words to live by.

  52. methadonia says:

    Pharmocotherapy rocks methadone ! Rehab is a money spinner !AA SUCK SO DOES NA CULT!

  53. LOOSE CANNON says:


  54. Beaus Mom says:

    Kari Ann has some serious chronic mental health issues. A stint or two in rehab isn’t going to help her much. I hope that Dr. Drew hooks her up with some very good out patient treatment. Jackie, it was Mindy McCready who wrote that song. My heart goes out to these group of people. I think they are mostly good hearted, and have gotten themselves into a hell of a mess. I hope they can stick with treatment and their support groups or meetings and get well.

  55. Misty says:

    Cami, I completely agree. I have not one bit of respect for that girl. She is just trying to get more attention by being on this show. She doesn’t care about getting clean. They other ones are awesome. I am so glad to see that they are getting themselves back on track.

  56. Desiree says:

    So glad Mike Starr is continuing treatment, I hope he makes it love alice in chains, i’m really glad when nancy layne’s mother came to support mike on CR.
    Mikey i hope you make it.

    Kariann needs therapy not sober huse imean she left rehab so what is sober house going to do if she does not want to stay sober.

    I’m sad to see seth on there again but i hope he gets the help he needs and stays sober.

  57. a says:

    kari ann will make everyone on that show relapse… if i lived with her i would want to use to forget her

  58. Lola says:

    Kari Ann IS a hot mess. I really don’t think that girl WANTS help, she just wants attention. She’s a huge slut…and I don’t think its because of her drug addiction. She’s just slutty period.

  59. sheila says:

    did I miss something or did Kari Ann leave Celebrity Rehab? How do they consider her as successfully completing that show? She needs more help than this kind of rehab/sober living environment can offer her. She needs intensive individual treatment for a LONG time before she can viably function in a group setting. Her borderline and narcissistic personality behaviors in both Sex Rehab and Celebrity Rehab amply prove that. I was looking forward to Sober House, but now, not so much. She’s annoying, irritating, aggravating, and takes away from the other participants’ any chance of having a good sober living experience. Now, the show will be all about Kari Ann and her antics, not the other rehab participants’ work on their recovery.

  60. Anna says:

    I am continually moved by the courage that each of these people have. I do not pity them and I do not judge them. They are all human. I am proud of them for being open and sharing their lives with the world. I have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol but I have loved people who were and have buried my brother because of addiction. It’s not pretty for them, it’s not pretty for the people who love them. What is pretty inside and out are those who fight it and keep fighting no matter how many times they fall or how many times someone in their life is expecting them to fall. They are soldiers in a warfare against their addiction and they deserve nothing more than support of those around them. Keep up the good work, all of you…not just the celebrity’s we get to know through this series on VH1 but all the survivors out there who know deep down that they matter and they are worth every effort it takes on their part and others to be safe and loved and SOBER!

  61. AliveinNC says:

    I completely agree with all the comments regarding Kari Ann. I am beginning to wonder if there is something going on with her and Drew. (I have a lot of respect for him, as a healer and pro-active therapist, however I just can’t seem to get my mind around why she is continually allowed to disrespect and degrade the staff and her fellow peers. I think she might need to switch Dr.s to get some REAL help. (Perhaps when Dr. Phil is done with Katherine and Alexandra from the Dr. Phil family, he could take a shot at Kari Ann.) :) Cheers!

  62. bill mcc says:

    as a recovering man of 19yrs i truly admire the cast members for joining “sober house”.It’s hard enough to work a program but to do it on national television is amazing!!!!!! Good luck to you all and Kari-Ann remember
    try to be nicer to the people around you it will make working a program eaiser i speak from experience!!!!!!

    BILL M.

    from experience!!!!!!

  63. Cassi says:

    It worrries me about the people who are NOT here that are on Celebrity Rehab this season, like Mindy and Joey. I guess both of them and Mac have children, but I’m curious to see why Lisa decided not to go. I really hope everyone stays sober.

  64. Breanna Nicole says:

    I am so proud of everyone who decided to continue their journey of recovery. It isnt easy and seems like its never ending, but life is much clearer when your sober. Stay strong and keep your heads up!!! Kisses, Breanna

  65. Kendra says:

    My father used to be a drug addict, and it strongly affected me. Watching these shows are a little bittersweet for me, because I admire the stars while they try to find sobriety, but I remember the hard times I had when my father used to be addicted. I pray for the best for everyone.

    Parents who are addicted to drugs, you might not realize how much this affects your children. A good book I read was: “A Hole in my Heart,” which was written by a 14 year old boy while his mother battled a drug addiction as well. The book is available on, and I hope it helps you all like it helped me.

  66. jenealle says:

    I love this show…I am a recovering addict myself.It is not an easy road and addiction is like being in prison in your own mind.The brightside is there is hope.I wish all of them the best in recovery and life,even kari ann.She is a lil brat however she needs the help more than you know all this crap she is doing is just a wall,I am sure she is scared to let go.God bless all of you and one day at a time is all you gotta do!

  67. Theresa says:

    After watching the entire 3rd season of Celeb. Rehab I have grown to respect and adore each and every cast member. Although, Kari Ann IS a spoiled BRAT, she has her own demons to deal with. My heart really goes out to Tom, Mac, Mindy, and Rod. Tom specifically, was knocking on deaths door. In addition, Mac, whom I’ve followed over the years was barely treading water. It has become one of my goals to meet Mac. The vast knowledge she encompasses, not only on life, but addiction and family dysfunction is profound. Mac has a lot to offer our world and we whom have been touched by addiction either via a family member or ourselves, need to sit up and listen. My daughters soinning out of control and I am lost! Her beauty is worldly and her personality is tantilizing. Woman not only hate her but want to be her. I truly feel for beautiful woman. They spend sometime in their lives alone due to crass evil woman who dont have natural beauty. They have not learned that beauty comes from within! Not making excuses for my daughter, simply acknowledging the obvious. Mac, if your charitable generosity flares and you wish to give back, I will LISTEN!!
    Thank you for inspiration!
    Theresa Dedeaux
    Henderson, NV

  68. ChristineFF says:

    I hope Tom Sizemore and Mike Starr make it.This is going to be tough with Shifty and porn stars!

  69. Karen says:

    I wish all of you the best of luck.. Especially you Tom. You are a doll, and I beleive in you being a 45yr old addict,myself clean only for a year… JUST DO IT BABE. Heide, keep your NASTY UNINTELLIGENT, RUDE, IGNORANT, COMMENTS TO YOURSELF OR BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR BIRDS.. YOU ARE A MEAN LADY WHO I DO NOT THINK IS REALLY IN THIS TO WIN IT. KARI ANN, I am a mother of a daughter your age, God Bless you, and I can ONLY PRAY since you ARE still so very young and beautiful, that you put all into this. Drugs will ruin your lovely face and one day you will wake up, look in the mirror and say, WOW HOW DID I GET SO OLD AND UGLY? drugs. I love and support you 100% Mike, GROW UP, GET A BRAIN SCAN, ACCEPT THE THINGS YOUR CAN NOT CHANGE.. LIKE LANE’S DEATH, (may he rest in peace) Dennis, You Rock, you KNOW deep down, what you must do. Look at your beautiful wife and children… the pain you have caused, I KNOW YOU CAN FIX IT.. O’h and Heide, Tom is not the PIG….YOUR ARE NASTY CHICK.. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN SHUT UP

  70. Angie says:

    I really cannot wait for this show to air!!! Hopefuly some people that I know not mentioning any names will watch it and learn from it!!! For myself I’ve been clean and sober for a long,and hard 18 years!!! I have messed up in the first 2 years,so that is why it is 18years now. I do like this show it also help me to stay infocus and I do learn different things here and there. But I do have something to say to Dennis… get off that high horse of yours and relize for yourself and your children that YOU ARE AN ACHOLIC!!! the faster you relize this the faster you can work on your sobrity…I am rooting for you big guy!!!As for Tom and Mike I really hope for the best!!! Kari-Ann GROW-UP YOU ARE NOT MISS TEEN ANYMORE!!!As for Seth …I was really rooting for you. I understand that one can slip up but man what about your son??? You really need to focus while you can life is really short!!! Well I am rooting for everyone plus I guess a prayer or two won’t hurt?!!!

  71. Steppin Razor says:

    To Lola and the rest

    Regarding Kari Ann

    Yes, it’s easy to dislike Kari Ann and call her names, but go back and watch sex rehab. Remember what she’s been through and remember that this is TV.

    We’re probably not seeing her full truth and Dr. Drew has expressed on Loveline that a lot of the timeframe stuff is off. Apparently Kari Ann wasn’t really #_(@~+#&`_`+`^$`_ y THAT long.

    Besides she’s had an EFFin rough life, and at least she seems to be trying to do something positive about that now. Drugs and trauma like that can often stop or slow down personal growth.

    I should know. I was repeatedly molested sometime between age 2 & 6. I’m 23 now and I still suck my thumb like the toddler I probably was when it happened. Sh*t like that messes up a person’s development.

    Some of these comments are absolutely infuriating!

    So you know what people? Maybe you should leave Kari Ann the @$)`*$&@@#*%+~+& alone! Maybe she’s doing the best she can considering where she’s been and what’s been done to her.

  72. Linda Belfort says:

    I always liked Dennis Rodman because he knows he has issues but he cannot let go of his demons for anyone but for himself. I believe he will allow himself to see who he TRULY IS and SEE that Dennis Rodman is a GOOD SOUL and he does not want to SEE HIS children walk his path. DR will gain soo much if he faces and defeats no one else’s opinion but his own.

    Heidi Fleiss is the most sarcastic and really intellegent woman. I know Dr. Drew understood why she selected birds as her companion. It’s hard to be real to people and realistically birds can fly away but they don’t if taken care of. However, they cannot say words that will hurt you judge and most of all constant attention.
    I don’t know how to explain how I want Heidi to EXCEED in her recovery. I wish she understood that she is a smart business woman.
    When she first sat with Dr. Drew she told Dr. Drew he had alot to work on. I think Heidi allowed herself to forget that she needs to be treated as a woman with feelings and not a connection and that bothers her to ignore who she really knows she is capable of being.

    No one brought Heidi to where she is, she as a woman allowed herself to be in a world she was not in control and she knows she could kick $$*#!#@$*~`#+!# if she allows herself to. I admire Heidi and if I would ever have the chance to meet Heidi I would be honored.

    Tom Sizemore understood who he was on drugs and I applaud him for allowing himself to be humble enough to let us see that he wants to stop destroying himself. When Mindy McCready told him, when you smile your a star, Tom has such an attractive smile and he can continue where he left off if he gives himself that chance. Tom just allowed drugs to rule him because he had access to it.
    Again he needs to want within himself. I think he has alot if he can stop running.

    Lisa D’Amato her childhood will always be in her heart and mind. And Lisa has been the most peaceful person because she wants to change how she feels. I believe she can. Lisa lights up when she smiles when she wants to smile, it’s not fake, I wish her the best as she deserves happiness and peace within her heart.

    Mike, wow you had no control of your best friend’s life. You couldn’t you didn’t have control of your own life. If you loved your best friend and respect him, the only way you can honor him is by helping yourself.

    Mackenzie Phillips, wow I always always adored you. Leave the past behind and remember you were not an adult when you became a victim in the hands of someone that gave life to you. Two adults failed you. I think your a fantastic person. Remember, no one has the right to judge and if they do why? At the end of the day it’s between you and someone higher than us. Keep in touch with all the cast members, I know Dennis n you will be friends.

    Kari Ann, I don’t believe her. I think she needs more than sober living. She had no regards in Sober House for not only the staff, Mike’s sobriety. That phony “I didn’t know” than went to her room when instructed without a fit?
    Kari Ann said she likes to please men or boys than why is it necessary to hang on to pain and disrespect women that had nothing to do with what her mother didn’t protect her from?
    Than to attack Mackenzie at the graduation, was that so we can all see her react again and her PR make more money from her? Kari Ann needs to face her mother and her father and stop blaming others that had nothing to do with her past.

  73. Emmaline says:

    I am really rooting for Heidi, Tom and Dennis. (Kari Ann needs to be in a psych facility.) It was obvious Heidi and Tom still have feelings for each other even when at each other’s throats – too bad they didn’t meet AFTER rehab. I think they might have made a happy, loving couple at another time. I hope Tom stays sober; he DESERVES to have a sober life. And Heidi has a lot to give; I think she has been betrayed so much in her life that now she can only trust birds! She deserves a good, happy and enriched life. I liked her much more than I thought I would. But Dennis, he is so special in so many ways, I liked him best and most of all. He needs to tap into himself and use the gifts God gave him. Mindy was right: Dennis has the biggest heart of all. I NEVER liked him until Celebrity Rehab. Now I wish I was his sister.

  74. chamom says:

    I am so disappointed with this show. I believed in the beginning it was a sincere attempt to help celebrities with addictions, but the crap with Kari Anne just proved it was just another tv series out for ratings. Either that or Dr Drew needs to check himself for sex addiction, because there is no way to justify Kari Anne’s biased treatment. Kari Anne is a worthless addition to humanity, and her absense from the gene pool would be a benefit. Also, when the total of people who would think that your passing would actually be a lost is under 20, how much effort should put into keeping you alive? Give up on her, I, amoung thousands of others are sick of her, and having her on tv is nothing short of polution.

  75. Emmaline says:

    Another thought just crossed my mind. Kari Ann is so dysfunctional, I wonder why Dr. Drew is sympathetic to her. She is only a distraction to the other participants in the rehab program. She doesn’t PARTICIPATE, Dr. Drew. I can’t be the only one who sees that. Even your STAFF sees that.

    I don’t understand why you give her a spot in your program when there must be other, more serious rehab candidates available.

    Kari Ann is a sociopathic narcissistic exhibitionist and if I can see that, and I’m no shrink, what purpose does it serve giving her a TELEVISION outlet as a forum to indulge her attention seeking behavior? And more incredibly, giving her a media outlet like a “celebrity” drug rehab program to indulge that behavior over the air waves. A program created by a PSYCHIATRIST?

    Kari Ann Peniche is not now, and never was, a celebrity. She’s a pathetic wannabe, a skank, and a stone loser. (IMHO, she doesn’t have a sexual addiction, BTW, she’s just a slut. There’s a difference. Tiger Woods has a sex addiction; David Duchovny has a sex addiction. Neither one of them pull out there @*^()&~&^$+#+(*`@ es and wave them at a TV audience. I’m surprised you can’t see the difference. We viewers who have no training can see that.)

    Dr. Drew, WHAT were you thinking? Why are you wasting your time (and OURS) and your education and talent on this nut-job? Seriously, are you physically attracted to that nasty thing?

  76. bill says:

    I watched for fun and then realized the serious nature of the addiction these people have. First, they have alot of guts to be on TV to say they are f….ed up. They are people that we know and have enjoyed seeing in some events in our lives. It hurt me to see them in this fashion and said to myself often thank “SOMEONE” that i didnt do that path. Second, I hope that what these notable folks learned, will be a help to many others with these type of issues and realize their is much help for those that want it. Kerri Ann excluded.Good luck to these folks and anyone that has these type of issues!

  77. Stella says:

    Celebrity Rehab should be mandatory for anyone interested in ‘sampling’ drugs. Thanks to all celebrities willing to share their struggles with us here, and to the staff for sharing their stories, offering help and proof that sobriety is possible. It’s hard work like Shelly and Dr. Drew often say, but compared to living life as an alcoholic or addict, sobriety is relatively easy. At the least, does anybody really want to _@(+!#)~`___`~) ociate with all the predators out there in the underworld? Life will be so much better for them, sober. They already look so much healthier! We don’t consider Celebrity Rehab to be entertainment. It’s real and life changing. Educational and inspiring. So what’s up with MISS TOXIC TEEN Kari Ann? We hope she gets the help she needs, but not like this. She threatens to derail the efforts of others, because she’s f***ing BORED? WHY is she allowed to act the way she acts, say what she says, and dress the way she does with her _@(+!#)~`___`~) hanging out? Seriously, having this rude, nasty, foulmouthed, underdressed, hateful, manipulative, doing anything for attention, sociopathic, female on this program—undermines the integrity of both this program and Dr. Drew. It’s risking the sobriety of the others and is a distraction to staff and patients. Wonder if the network forced Dr. Pinsky to allow her back so the ratings may go up?? Anybody else ponder that thought? Give the rotten, poisonous girl her own show if you think any one would watch. She’s dangerous to everybody there, her deceptive smile lures them in, the same smile spits them out. She’s full of hate and seeks r evenge. Hello! Psych 101. Open your texts, look up the word ‘sociopath’, is her photo there? If Sober House is to have any credibility, she won’t be there. Sincerely hope she gets all the help she needs, but not at the expense of others.

  78. ConfusedInFl says:

    When was Sober House filmed? One of the cast members I just saw yesterday? I hung with this person prior to their stint in rehab and this person is back in action so to say. I was so happy to see them go through this process.
    I love the show and love Dr. Drew. But I am now questioning things.

  79. ConfusedInFl says:

    When was Sober House filmed? I am confused. I have watched the series and was so happy to see all these people make such progress. Especially a certain someone. I was able to get to know an individual from the show both straight and under the influence. When I saw them on the show I was thrilled they were getting help even if they may have been in a bit of denial. A very nice person sober.
    I saw them yesterday at one of their usual hangouts or hideaways. Why?
    I am wondering if the whole show has wrapped or have they just left or not followed through?

  80. redgate says:

    Here we go again. I realized that having recovering addicts in the same environment trying to stay sober with the same amount of sobriety is necessary because it’s similar to how it will be when they return home. There will be challenges EVERYWHERE. If you could stay sober living in the same house as Kari Ann, I think you can make it. I love the show, I try to remember that the participants are being paid for their drama and Drew hopefully puts a bottom line in place for actual patients that aren’t being paid to get sober. What’s the motivation to get sober if everything works when you aren’t? The show intervention’s Jeff Van Vonderan makes it clear: When the addicts problem becomes their problem instead of yours, chances go up that they will get better. Still, love the exposure of baffling addiction on tv even though it isn’t perfect and LOVE Drew, he is wonderful.

  81. lynda says:

    hi everyone big up for all those people who decided to go in sobber house. Tom we love yu and want you back on movies you make the right decision dude and this time i feel like it is for real do it for yu, your kids, and people who care about you !!!!!!!!!don’t give up man it is never to late to do the right thing. kari anne you are a __`(_%`^#_%%++`(_ an don’t deserve to be in sobber house all the rest is cool big up!!!!!!

  82. Mary Hanus says:

    Am so excited about the return of Sober House and to see how all will respond to their environments. Am especially concerned with the return of Seth “shiftey”. He has always been in my prayers. Very concerned about Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss. For them, I have gut feel that they have true feelings for each other and that they will overcome. In the words of Monroe” Heidi, who? I hear her name everyday”. Pray for Mike, Got a hotspot online about him, he meets his current girlfriend, awesome! Looking so forward to tmwr.!

  83. amazed says:

    I have loved watching all the shows of CR and SH, and truley care about the future of the cast’s sobriety and their future. Loved the care that Dr. Drew and the staff has shown. But seeing that Kari-Ann is being ALLOWED to stay in Sober House shows me that the CARE of this show is seriously fake and a slap in the face. Now its just cheesy. Nice try but… You’ve lost me. I hope others follow.

  84. someone says:

    These strong men and women are so brave. So many people have the same problems and they would never ask for help. I am proud of all of you! Stick to it! Keep up the good work! You are all so special and dear and have really touched many lives with your heart wrenching struggles. I hope you know how many people care about you all and want you to succeed! I am rooting for all of you! God Bless!


    Kara <3

  85. BHower says:

    I feel for everyone there….especially Mike Starr and Tom Sizemore….Kari Ann I would like to ^*`*@@($+&%!*“*_ slap for all her spoiled temper tantrums..I give Kudos to Dr Drew for all the care he gives his patients and to not give up on anyone of them, no matter how childish.

  86. Janie says:

    Holy crap Dr. Drew!! You are indeed a saint for putting up with the likes of Heidi Fleiss & Kari Ann – especially Kari Ann. She is nothing but a little has-been, or more appropriately, a never-was, ain’t-never-gonna-be! She doesn’t want to get clean. She is just looking for her 15 minutes and she doesn’t even deserve 5. She does nothing but create drama wherever she goes. She says that everybody hates her. No wonder!! She mistreats everybody. I realize that she may have addiction issues, but so the others and you don’t see them acting like @$$holes. She is lying and manipulative and needs to be held accountable like everybody else. Get a grip Drew! Concentrate your efforts on the ones who want and deserve sobriety! And to Mike Starr – you are an extremely kind, sweet and caring person. You really deserve sooo much better than that little twit!

  87. RACHAEL8382 says:

    I haven’t even watched the last few minutes of the first show and I’m already about to barf over Kari stupid Ann! Here’s a pointer on why your life might be unmanageable, you are unmanageable and live no where in reality. Your a pathetic lump of poop that needs juice and no one to look at you when you wake up, are you a fing toddler or what? I wonder if she reads these blogs cause everyone thinks the same thing!The day you realize how immature you are you’ll probably won’t be around anymore!

  88. Lauren says:

    Ok so i never blog but watching sober house right now has me so worked up that i totally feel the need to let my feelings out. WHAT THE )#~@`*!*~`$@`~(^ IS WITH KERRI ANN? I’m a tolerant person, but honestly i want to jump through the screen and strangle that girl. I totally agree with the comments below. That _+@+_((`~~!&+&$** does not deserve anything that is being handed to her. I don’t care if you are on drugs, there is absolutely no reason to treat anyone the way she treats the people on that show. All i have to say is GO )#~@`*!*~`$@`~(^ YOURSELF KERRI ANN

  89. Souche in PA says:

    Okay, Sober House is underway. I appreciate all of you guys returning. I think Jennifer needs additional house help, especially for KeriAnn. She should really meet my friend Donna. She’s been doing personal care for elderly and mental clients for years and I’ve seen her over manipulate the best of twisted minds and still be their best friend! Keri Ann isn’t spoiled, her brain is irrational, Dr. Drew called it when he said, “she’s like this when she’s comming off high.” Jennifer, expecting rational behavior from someone testing positive isn’t right. You should re-think how you handle patients returning in this condition and not treat them like the sober patients. No extra points for the patients returning and testing positive!

  90. Lisa W says:

    Guys, I cannot stand Jenn. There is a difference between tough love and pushing peoples buttons. I totally understand Kerry. I’m sorry but some people ache and they move slow when they get up. Sometimes it takes me two hours to get around in the morning and I don’t want people looking at me until I’m ready either. Also, not ALL drug users are liars. Jesus Christ, give people their dignity. Tom Sizemore was telling the truth and I knew he was, you could see in his skin that he was clean. One of the other patients probably stuck that pipe in his bag. I really hate the way counselors say all drug users are liars because they are not. A lot of them are, but a lot of times they are telling the truth. Believe them until you’re given a reason not to believe them. I feel Tom Sizemore has been very very honest. The one I’m the most worried about is Mac Attack. Doesn’t anyone realize that she was “pleasing” the doctors and staff? We weren’t seeing the real her, we were seeing the Mac that desperately wants to please people. I’m SURE she went home and used the day she got cut loose and the cameras were off. Her and Mike need much more serious long term care. Also, I just want to say that I love Denise Rodman. I love the way he thinks about things and then compromises. He is 10 times more famous than anyone else that’s ever been on the show and yet he is less confrontational and maintains his dignity. All I can say is Jenn, if you run Denise off shame on you. I personally think Jenn is not strong enough to be running Sober House. I think her own addiction is still at the surface to fresh. Bob needs to be running Sober House.

  91. Wardgrl33 says:

    I have just lost respect for dr. Drew. WTF? Karri Ann is a horrible attention seeker. There is no excuse for her. He continues to enable her, I’m starting to wonder why she gets to treat people disrepectfully with no consequences. I feel sorry for everyone who has to put up with her during this “reality” show. It’s obvious she is only there to get camera time.

  92. Antonina says:

    Dr. Drew taut me something that I never completely understood. It was when he was telling Tom Sizemore that the disease was talking to him. Not only was it talking to him but it was unfolding visually right before my eyes. Now I understand what he is talking about. Addiction of any sort can do this to any person. Thank you Dr. Drew, Tom Sizemore and Monroe for bringing this to light for me. Now I can explain this better to some people I know who are going through addiction.

  93. tommy says:

    dr drew do you realize people r saying u must be having some kind of relationship with that demon kari ann, there are so many other people that need help and want help why are you thinking she even wants help, she has NEVER went by any rules, i mean whats the purpose for giving her any of your time , plz get her off the show she makes it impossible for me to watch this show without and learn about addiction, i am definitely not alone on this

  94. Debbie says:

    I watched the show just a few minutes ago and I can’t believe all the stuff Keri Ann gets away with! Jennifer is really going to have to put her foot down with her. Who does she think she is asking Jen to get her juice! I know that i would have a really hard time dealing with Keri Ann, I would have a hard time not smacking her. I think the show is going to be really good!

  95. Lisa W says:

    Mac Attack has had to learn to survive and she is very good at stuffing and “playing the role,” that is expected of her. She’s tough as nails, that’s why it’s gone on as long as it has. She buckled down and went into survival mode on the show. Did you see her face when Kari Ann insulted her at graduation, she sucked it up and stuffed it down. I hope someday she feels safe enough to let her real feelings out and I hope she can then trust someone to really help her. It’s going to be ugly, but if she doesn’t let it out she’s going to die, and she knows it. Mac, it was horrible what happened to you, God bless your soul. No one should have to endure what you’ve endured. A lot of people out here love you and are rooting for you. The best revenge you can have is to have a good healthy life. Don’t let evil win, find that strength down in yourself to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and survive this thing. I know you can do it. It’s not going to be easy but you can make it. Surrender to the process. You’ll need long term medication and care and love but you will have it.

  96. Kat says:

    I am really hoping this season of sober house goes very well and the whole group participates, which I know is going to be hard, especially for Kari Ann. I have faith in this group!!! Good Luck to them all!!

  97. Andi says:

    Honestly Dr. Drew, I love you and love what you try to do for these people but Kari Ann??? Seriously??? She is (in my opinion) so far away from something like sober living that I just hope she doesn’t cause others who really want it to fall. She has been HORRIBLE to every staff member, every roomate/patient, every one. She was Miss Jr. Miss or whatever her little %~`)#!+~$*@!$@+ le was not QUEEN OF SHEEBA! I think everything she does is done for attention, the leaving rehab, tossing her pipes just to go out and show up to Sober Living high. I feel sorry for her family and anyone else who has to deal with her. If I were you, her manager, family, publicist I would turn my back on her and let her antics go UN NOTICED for a while then maybe she will wisen up and take this seriously….. Honestly cant stand her.

  98. DAPOPSTER says:

    every1 needs to cut kari ann sum slack…she will come around if she really wants help if not she will die from this disease

  99. Vanessa, MO says:

    I have become so intrigued with the recovery process for all of these people, the fact that they are celebrities is irrelevent. I understand Heidi and her devotion to her animals, I share that same dvotion for my animals. At the party, when they forced her to get rid of the bird, that was wrong, that bird is her family, just like everyone else had family there. They should of just left her alone about it. It would have been different, if she had several birds there. The only thing Heidi needs to consider is, if something happens to her, where are they all going to go. It might be good to stop collecting them. I’m pullin for you Heidi. I want you to succeed and be happy, I know you cando it.

  100. Valerie says:

    Kari Ann needs more help than what is available to her at the SH. She needs intense therapy. I don’t believe she even comprehends the horrible way she treats people. To her it’s normal and I doubt she has much guilt or shame about the behavior. She is deep into her sickness and other people simply don’t matter, in fact I think, her inner thoughts are, I’ll get you before you get me. She probably has had rare occasion too experience unconditional love. I’m not sure she even knows what it is. By the way I didn’t see her on Sex Rehab, And I know very little about her. I’ve seen her maybe 4 times on Celeb Rehab.

    I believe in you Kari Ann, and not everyone wants to hurt you. I know that you can and will experience unconditional love, just believe and you will.

  101. diane says:

    How can the other patients get the help they need with that @^~++^$$^(#+&)$(@ Kari Ann. It’s hard to believe that the whole thing is real when Dr. Drew allows her to stay.
    Hate her. I can hardly stand to watch the show with her on it.

  102. Effie says:

    My kids think I’m crazy, I watch Celeberty Rehab and Sober Living and cry. My prayer life is stronger, my appreciation for life is greater. I am so glad I didn’t go deeper into drugs. I’m thankful for my family and the love they have for me. I want so badly to help others.
    Some say why would a celeberty need drugs they want for nothing. Want and need are two different things. We all need privacy. Could imagine waking up everyday smothered by strangers. Yes, they chose this career but I still believe celeberties deserve a break.

  103. mla says:

    Kari Ann has the worst Borderline Personality Disorder that I have ever witnessed and I am a psych nurse for many years. It is unfortunate that the other patients’ sobriety will suffer because of her “usually untreatable” mental illness. She destroys everything around her and has no concept of others. If there is any hope for her, and I seriously doubt that there can be anytime soon, it is not in this venue. By broadcasting her pathology, she is achieving the attention seeking manipulation that she so thrives on, and rather than helping her, this venue merely exacerbates her severe mental illness. Please tell me that someone will hold fast to the consequence that she will learn from which is exile until she realizes that she is the cause of all of her problems and that she must learn how to fit into society based on long-term behavioral therapy guidelines. This is such a very sick individual. So unfair to the others who voluntarily seek sobriety as a last chance to lead a productive life.

  104. Aurelia Rose says:

    I agree with Mia. Kari Ann has some serious mental issues and I think she needs to be in the hospital. I think she is making all of her problems up. According to her mother, she had a nice, normal childhood and was never raped. I tend to believe her mom because when Kari Ann talked about it to Dr. Drew, she showed absolutely no emotion and had no details to give (who, where, was it someone she knew, etc. Things that would go into the story) She HAD NO story. It was like she was reading it off of a list or something. Her whole thing is “Look at me!! Please!!” I think she is making Dr. Drew look bad too. She seems to have him wrapped around her little finger, he lets her treat the other people terribly and then he gives her whatever she demands. Dr. Drew, she is playing you!! Don’t fall for it just because she is young and questionably attractive!!! (My sister calls her “The Mole”) Do you have a crush on her or something? She has absolutely no redeeming qualities as a human being and should not be on television. Just by being on the show, she is being rewarded for her bad behavior.
    Heidi is by far the smartest and most interesting, and Mackenzie was a quality person who had a bad dad and a crazy life. A trillion Kari Anns would not equal one of those ladies. THey have been through the ringer and have come out the other side, keeping a sense of humor, compassion for others, and a type of grace that only women who have endured a lot in their lives can possibly have. Kari Ann could have learned something from them in rehab, instead of treating them horridly. Kari Ann is walking trash.

  105. cheryl says:

    I have been sober a number of years and about 10-12 years ago took a group of sober young ladies to hear another sober sponsee sing at a chinese restraunt over on the marina in seattle. We ran into Mike Starr who continued to be harrassing even though we expressed we were all sober he thought we were teasing him and didn’t get why anyone would be sober. I wish him all the luck and strength he can muster even though he did some really inappropriate things that evening. It was a hell of a learning experience for these girls young in sobriety.

  106. Starlitblond says:

    I can not see why anyone would have to put up with that little !$&#+(+~*$)@!^)`~ kariann. What a nasty, horrible person. Who in the hell does she think she is.. miss us teen whater! No more chances for her. Her karma is going to bury if she doesn’t get shot by someone first. I am so glad that Jen is standing strong.. but if she loses her job because of her.. that would be so wrong. Hey Dr Drew…kick her out! Immediately.. the lying, abusive, ugly souled !$&#+(+~*$)@!^)`~ I never talk this way.. let alone post these words anywhere) I just can’t stand it anymore. someone’s got to do something for the serenity of the house. but as the previews have just showed.. serenity? right… this should be a good one.

  107. Victoria Drake says:

    Take those cell phones away from them. Let them have them during designated times. They clutch onto them like they’re addicted to them and use them for an excuse to avoid whoever’s in the room.

  108. sledge says:

    I wish the rehab show would combine celebrities with non-celebs. I love the show, but it would be very eye opening if these celebs were grouped with people like me. I am a re-tired firefighter / medic (50 yrs old). I broke my back several years ago and i am addicted to pain meds and sleeping pills. Everday i take atleast 3000 mg of Darvon. If i don’t have Darvon, i take 1200 or more mg of over the counter sleeping pills. I can’t afford re-hab and when i did go to a program 10 years ago, they told me i was cured after 3 days. As soon as my insurance ran out, they said i could go home. I have never trusted doctors after that, untill i started following the show. I wish i had the opportunity to go thru a program like yours. Some of the celebs on the show don’t realize the real world. They need to visit my world………..kickrox

  109. Valerie says:

    I think calling Keri Ann “walking trash” is a bit harsh. She has “big” issues, but she’s also very young. Some of this behavior is learned, I’m not sure she ever learned how to be respectful. It seems to me that the biggest thing she learned in her young life is that appearance is everything. Ya, appearance is important, but there are alot of beautiful people out there that are complete idiots when it comes to socialization, ya know be kind to people, even if you are in a bad mood, you can still be polite. Not Keri Ann.

    I’m still pulling for her, I want her to make the most of her life. Just like the rest of them

  110. Jillian says:

    As a recovering person I think that it is beyond the pale to have Heidi and Tom in treatment together in any context, as they have a previous romantic relationship. Add domestic violence into the equation, and what little respect I had for Dr. Drew has turned into disgust. This would not be tolerated at any “real” recovery institute and drawls attention away from the real issue which is the devestating consequences of addiction. Shame on Dr. Drew and VH1

  111. JK Monroe says:

    I spent a decade living and working in Hollywood as a production coordinator for one of the major tv networks, and, oh, I’m also a recovering addict. I cannot believe how the staff coddles this Kari Ann. Hollywood treats these celebs with kid gloves and let’s them get away with murder. I (thank God) got sober on the east coast where it’s all about knowledge of the disease, treatment and recovery. Period. This is a joke of an attempt at rehab. God help these folks & I hope they make it but someone needs to put their foot down, cut out the bull & treat this like the life & death situation that it is.

  112. joey chitwood says:

    Great start , I am thinking the clients would be easy after 27 days or whatever they got in so far. But recovery is messy just like life is messy . Love the new show , I am glad to see Jennifer back . Doesn’t she look great?! SOBER and beautiful . Just as she should all the cast looks pretty good considering …

    looking forward to a great show , wishing them well in recovery!

  113. inez says:

    Lets put Kari Ann to clean durty bathrooms with a toothbrush.

  114. eesha says:

    kerri anne is a dumb @#$%^ i have the whole cast in my prayers but that little girl is an idiot and all i can pray is that she #@#$%^ just leaves this show so i dont have to c her face anymore. please some one just sock her in the face and kick her *#@#`_&_@_@#@^_ out of the sober house please!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Sebastian says:

    If I have to see another episode with Kari Anne in it, I will blow my f*****g brains out!. Of all the years that I had been using and been sober, I have never met such a horrible, ugly thing as her. With the respect for everyone else that has posted a similar response like mine, please kick her off the show. She does not need to get a bigger head than she already has. Let the psych ward take her because she definitely has mental disorders where she believes that she is above everyone else. Good job, Jen, for being the one to tell her to get her own juice. You are a very hot looking woman and am very happy when you stood up to her. That’s what she needs more of because all she knows is to try to bring the ladies down and manipulate the men.

  116. Debbie Talada says:

    Love you Dr. Drew, you are doing such wonderful work, I love the show an can so relate as I know so well about recovery. Gotta tell you an all the cast thank you as it all helps me stay clean an sober. It has been several yrs for me but, that can bring me 1 minute closer to using. As far as Kari Anne well she just makes me realize I don’t won’t to go there. Some are sicker than others an some have to die for others to live and I personally hope she soon learns it is a we program, as a I program got her where she is!I really believe she takes my attention an time away fro those who really want it. I was so happy Tom tested clean as the fear in his eyes showed he had no clue that the pipe was in his bag… He is trying so hard to get it this time as many others. Mackenzie and all the other ladies & gentlemen this season, what a brave strong wonderful group not to mention a inspiring group.
    Dr. Drew and crew stay blessed 1 knot in the rope at a time. lol (hey it works) Hugsss & love

  117. JULIE DONOVAN says:

    i agree about Kari Ann. Way too many chances. I’d have her out in a minute. Really pulling for Tom, Mike, Heidi, Dennis and the rest of the house. They need to recognize the treatment as a blessing. How many of us need Dr. Drew in our lives? The fortunate ones have that chance, if I had the chance. I’d take it. Love the show, wish I could benefit from the same treatment. Blessings Dr. Drew and staff. Julie

  118. melissa says:

    Have to agree w/ Mia – KariAnn needs to be psychologically stabalized before any treatment will work. Needs a stay in a psych facility not sober living. Drew isn’t doing her any favors putting her in that environment before her psych issues are ironed out. Drew is the wrong sort of MD for the case.

  119. Kevin says:

    Dr. Drew, Would you please kick that stupid ^*@)^“+^$)#^#*~# Kari Ann out on her $$_$(*_)$%^%@_~ The world would be a better place without her! I really really wish one of the other patients would kick her $$_$(*_)$%^%@_~ She dont need sober house, she needs to be in a mental health facility! Trust me I know because i work a one!!!!!!!!!

  120. Linda Brown says:

    I totally agree with Mia. Kari Ann has Borderline disorder just like my sister and she acts just like Kari most of the time, not getting along with people, thinks everyone is out to get her and has a bad temper and she spent 39 years in institutions before being sent to a $&*_%+“$((!_~# isted living home where she has thrived, but Borderline patients often cause their own chaos and every time I call her, I have to listen to a litany of complaints regarding staff who she feels dissed her in some fashion, or she did not get to go somewhere the secnd she asked, and she has had a hard time keeping even the simplest job and this is Kari Ann too. Sober House is the not place for her, she needs intense therapy that DR Drew can not possibly give her and I don’t understand why he keeps letting the little beast back into the center and now Sober House and I just KNEW she was gonna clash with Jenn? She is a spoiled rotten little beast who refuses to take responsibility for herself and I understand she was raped when she was younger, so was I, but I refused to be a victim and am a survivor and I realize some people never can let it go, but in her case, I think she is digging the camera, maybe hoping for a career as a MEAN GIRL? I think she will hinder the others in their sobriety, she should have been booted out of the center the minute she refused to do something and Dr Drew coddles these people and I can’t help but wonder if he does this with ALL the pts that can afford to go the center or is it just the celebs and the camera? I remember last Sober House, Jenn allowed some of them like Amber and Seth go CLUBBING? No real rehab even allows pts out unless it is to a sober social activity or an outside meeting and I could not see my ex-boyfriend for 4 months as he needed intense therapy for his alcohol addictions and he has been sober 4 years now and I am so proud of him even though we did not last. And no way did they let him go out to a freaking club!! I kinda figure all of them are gonna relapse anyway and I probably am not gonna be wrong.

  121. Lee says:

    I just want to say that I am truly rooting for Tom Sizemore. Such a talented man! I wish that there was a way for me to know he will get this message. I am praying for you every day, Tom. Keep on keeping on!
    Looking forward to seeing you healthy and working in film again.

  122. godiva de maus says:

    One thing I am thankful for is this show. I’m not an addict, but I grew up during the “age of addiction” and have family and friends who are. By watching this show I was able to “connect the dots” to perplexing behaviors I’d noted in friends and family and see events in a new light… one that removes me from being hurt by it… but as a whole package of the illness.

    I’ve lost friendships over the hurtful vengeful things addicts will do when they are “dry” or “high” and, true to form, the addict always found a way to blame the other. This blame game and acting out hurt me at the time…. but as I watch this show… it’s like I can see a little of this person I knew and a little of that person I knew and so on.

    I grew up in a house where my parents barely drank alcohol, much less even thought about drug use. At school drugs and alcohol were pervasive… and oh so part of the culture… so much so, that looking back on it, it was hard to get a baseline on what normal behavior was.

    This show does a great service.

  123. cooler8494 says:

    I have tried to help a few people in my life with addiction problems. There are some who I am very proud of, and then there is this one like Kari Ann. Everything, I mean everything, was everybody else’s fault, especially if you dared to say no to her. She would try to blackmail me, bust up my things(which meant nothing to her because she never earned anything in her life!) abuse me, cut herself and threaten to bang on the neighbors door saying I was beating her, basically punishing my attempt at doing something good for another human being. I gave up on her, because she was just evil. As is Kari anne. I will still help people if asked, but I won’t go through that ever again. Kari Anne needs to be left on a street corner somewhere. Where she belongs.

  124. Greg says:

    I am so disgusted to see that Kari Ann has joined the cast of Sober House. Seriously, are stints on Celebrity Rehab the only job that David Weintraub can get his clients? And what is Celebrity Rehab’s connection to David Weintraub since most of the “celebrities” who have appeared on Celebrity Rehab are his clients.

  125. Kelly says:

    Kudos to those who are furthering their recovery, but this message goes out to Jennie, I’m not quite sure why but I feel a connection to her and I just wnated to put a shout out to her and let her know my thoughts and pryaers are out to her and her fellow cast as they continue thier recovery.

    Dr. Drew…continue your great work.

  126. EH says:

    Jennifer looks great and will need help dealing with some in this group. Jennifer is the reason you can not stop trying to help people. God bless you Jenn.

    Hopefully shows like this makes young kids think about starting up. Some in this group, we will hear about in years to come in a bad way like many people (celebs or not) before them and after them.

  127. DSPSResearch says:

    Has anyone explored the idea that Kari Ann might have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome complicating her other issues?

    Her difficulty waking up in the morning seems like more than just someone crashing from meth. She’s even developed coping strategies to deal with it, like drinking juice upon waking. This is typical of people with a delayed sleep phase who have to learn to conform to a “normal” daytime circadian rhythm when their bodies quite simply aren’t ready to wake up yet.

    Of course, we don’t know whether or not she has the same sleep/wake issues when she’s sober, or when they developed in her life course. But I’m a sociologist who is doing research on DSPS, and the “morning issues” sound so familiar that I’m shocked this hasn’t at least come up as a possibility on the show.

    Chronic sleep deprivation from DSPS can really make life challenging – especially if there are other issues like addiction to deal with on top of it. It could be a factor in her attitude and her trouble interacting with other people. It could even be a factor in her choice of meth, given the stimulant properties of that drug.

    I hope she’s evaluated for it at some point. It could make a big difference for her.

  128. Eric says:

    Jennifer all the best to you and the crew for dealing with this group. Jennifer you look great and hopefully the group can see if they clean up their acts what a life they COULD have.

    The down side is that for every Jenn there are many people (celebs or NOT) that go the other way and drive themselves to meet their maker. Hopefully many younger kids by watching this never start up, but sadly that is not reality – ones that want to will

    but again all the best to Jenn and stay strong (not for just the show).

  129. fred says:

    dr. drew -is there something going on between you and kari doctor in their right mine would let her screw up the sober process like you are doing.think of the other clients and get rid of her `)#)_+_!)%!$~+~

  130. lisa braumbo says:

    Kari Ann might make good tv, but she is a mess…it is so sad to see how she treats people, no matter if she is coming down from drugs…she needs to be in a lockdown facility…

  131. Sarah says:

    I have managed a sober house and have been sober for over 7 yrs. Jenn, I am right there with you, Kari Ann was lucky that she got that 5 minutes. Dr. Drew, Kari Anne is a immature spoiled little brat that actually started getting you wrapped around her little finger and one of thee days her looks will not be there anymore to get her anywhere. She didn’t make past Miss teen U.S.A did she!

  132. Emily says:

    Was Kari Ann doing meth while in sex rehab? Dr Drew said she only pulled the juice stuff when she was on meth, but how did she do it when in sex rehab. She was a great girl when she detoxed in celebrity rehab, but once she was back on drugs, it was the same Kari Ann as was in sex rehab. So how did she get the drugs in to sex rehab?

  133. Kelly says:

    I cant help but really be so irritated by Kari Ann. She is such an ugly person I dont even care if she gets sober. I actually want her to just go off and die. Someone so rude, cruel, and insulting brings such evil into this world, we would all be much better without her. I hope the next time I hear about an overdose in LA; its her.

  134. kari ann hater says:

    I really enjoy the show and hope almost everyone makes it through life with their sobriety intact. I don’t know if any of the cast reads this, but I’m going to express my thoughts anyway. Heidi, I really think you are a good person and I hope that you find the happiness you so deserve. Dennis, it seems that it takes a lot to reach you, but when someone really needs you, you are there for them. I hope you and your family can make it through this tough time and continue with life as a happy, intact family. Tom, great job taking responsibility for your actions. I really believe that you can make a good life for yourself and wish you the best. Mike, you are such a nice person with a good, but beat up heart. I hope you can remain sober and get back to the music soon. You are VERY talented! Seth, I would love to see you succeed with your sobriety. If you don’t, you already know what will happen. I would actually cry if I heard that you died. To the folks that were in sex rehab, I didn’t watch the Sex Rehab show, but I wish you the best life has to offer and keep up your good, but tough work. Of course, I saved the worst for last. kari ann (not capitalized on purpose because she doesn’t even deserve that) I think the world would be better off with out you. That may sound harsh, but honestly, the air you breathe is robbing someone else of that air. You are a total waste of a decent human body.

  135. reality101 says:

    Kari Ann is so disturbed and her illness goes way beyond the scope of this sober house.It is not fair to the other people who are trying to get work on their sobriety. She has a severe psychological problem and she needs intensive therapy. All she is getting is validation for her illness through Dr.Drew’s passivity.

  136. Sharon says:

    I am watching CSI Miami repeats tonight and there’s an episode with Tom on it. I am pulling for you man! Good luck, you deserve to be happy! Get your stuff together and get back on the big or little screen. Talented guy.

  137. This Fire says:

    Kari Ann is a miserable, selfish, self-centered waste of time. She should just overdose and be done with it, saving the world and herself from her miserable continued existence.

  138. Daisy72762 says:

    Jeez…Dennis Rodman is an IDIOT,Heidi is a major 2face )`+%%+(%&!@`_+~)+ and KariAnn is just a !$+^_%!@!~$*(#~% in psycho!!!!

  139. tammyb says:

    karri ann needs mental help before she can fully recover from her addiction if she dont get the mental help shes gonna be right back in rehab or worse….

  140. melissa says:

    i have faith that mike star will make it thru this. he seems to be a deep person..i can see deep hurt in his eyes and once he puts his mind to it and gets angry at the demons that have taken over his life….he will succeed. Mike im proud that you are still fighting for yourself. you can do it. i watch the show and i see your struggles. you ave fans that love u and you are able to make it thru this . keep trying sweetie!!

  141. DeeDee says:

    Well .. I’m joining the others who have voiced opinions about Kari Ann. When I watched the show the other night, I too wondered .. why is she on this show .. and what is wrong w/Dr. Drew? Bottom line .. she sells tickets, or in the case of the show .. people tune in to see what horrible thing she’s going to do tonight, who is she going to offend tonight? Otherwise they would never have allowed her in the SB to begin with. She is a total user (not just drugs) and is in turn being “used” by the show. Her drug use has nothing to do with her mean nasty personality. That’s just who she is. I’m sure long term drug use has definitely screwed up her brain .. but I think she was pretty screwed up to begin with.

  142. laurie says:

    This is a message for Tom.. I am so proud of you.. I have been watching rehab and sober house now for the last two years and for some reason your story has hit me the most. You can do this please stay strong I miss seeing you on the big screen, Saving Private Ryan being one of my favorite movies. You were born to entertain so get yourself well and do what the good lord had planned for you and act.

  143. Sally says:

    First, Tom, I’m rooting for you. I really want to see you get your life together. It’s your choice brother. Second, when Kari starts the whining and fake crying I want to scream. No one is doing her any good at all from what I see. Dennis, I used to watch you play hoops and just be amazed at what you could do. Can’t that become what you do with rehab? Be the best at being sober? I hope you can. Mike, dude, I see you. I see your sweet heart and kind ways. They are blurry though because of the #+_(@&~_)@)%`^)^ you put yourself through. Take care. Be strong. Play your music. I hope the best for all of you and I will be watching.

  144. Tracee says:

    I think that Kari-Ann needs serious medication such as Lamictal, trileptal and wellbutrin combined. I have been sober for 6 years and I was a Kari-Ann (maybe not that severe) but I know I wasnt a very good person.And doing drugs was my form of self-medicating. But now that I am on meds and sober I am a completely different person. Loving and kind almost to a fault. I think that Kari-Ann needs hospitalization to get regulated on meds for her well being. Keeping her on the show may make for “good ratings”, and the drama is “entertainment” but she needs serious help and there is nothing entertaining about her situation AT ALL! She is a beautiful girl and she will be okay if she gets the proper channels of treatment! Good Luck to all of the cast and God Bless you all!!

  145. Marc says:

    Karri Ann needs a swift kick straight up her *+++@&()~_%(`@% Her attitude makes her disgustingly ugly. She abuses the patients and staff and she thinks everyone owes her something. Come on. I know she really needs help but you guys need to stop enabling this *+*(%(~(%(+$%^+^@ She only like that because she continues to get away with it. I’d seriously kick her *+++@&()~_%(`@% out and let her fend for herself. And if she ever wants to return, I’d shut the door in her face but not before giving her a huge, nasty piece of my mind. Kick that *+*(%(~(%(+$%^+^@ off the show. She’s interfering with the rehabilitation of the others. I’d really love to see them fully recover especially Tom and Mike.

  146. Marc says:

    I think you guys should put Karri ann into an induced coma and let her live the rest of her life that way. But before you do that, make her sign her organs away… Please get her the KCUF off the show. She really SKCUF it up.

  147. daringdo says:

    I’ve not seen any eposides of the sex rehab show, but just started watching Sober House. Part of the season opener had a recap of something Kendra said, that she’s had sex with so many people she didn’t love, just to feel loved. Tears spurted from my eyes. I’ve never heard it encapsulated that concisely before. I am 45 and still struggle with this. Thank you, Kendra, for iterating it so well.

  148. Carolyn says:

    Wow, Seth is back again. How many stints does he get to do before someone sends him to something with less admiration and stricter for him? He needs something more structured obviously.

    Seeing these people through there addictions really makes you want to reach out to them and encourage them. All except for Kari Ann. Wow is she mental or what? Dr. Drew should be able to see through her by now. How many staff members does she need to drive to the end (and possibly getting themselves fired) because of her?

    I’m big time rooting for Dennis. I really think he’s going to see the importance of sober living in his life here. Like Rodney King… I hope they help Dennis’ living situation to be less of the party atmosphere and more of a family living situation. I hope that he and his wife are able to be back together again and that his family is reunited.

    It looks like Kendra is gonna have a hard time and I hope that things work out ok for her. She made the realization about the alcohol also in her life besides the sex. She’s wanting more therapy and I hope it’s there for her or she may just give up on the whole thing.

    Being in the public eye must be very hard for some and I’m sure that those damn cameras in your face all the time is way more than just annoying. I wish that some more of them from Sex Rehab and Celebrity Rehab had made the commitment to come here.

    After seeing Andy %_`%~~(+(+@~&)%( on House Arrest, that guy could sure use another round of Sober Living. He’s a mess (no matter how he tries to disguise it) and Dr. Drew was right in telling him that he needs to be on some meds like Depakote. That guy really needs some help beyond this… more like (and I say this in a loving way) mental health. Same with Kari Ann and Heidi. I look into Heidi’s eyes and I listen to her and just can feel that she needs mental health as well as all of this.

    Best Wishes!

  149. just42day Ben S says:

    The biggest gift I have ever received in life is being a addict/alcoholic. I have used heroin for almost thirty years and alcohol longer along with any opiate I could find on the way and even smoking crack the last fifteen years of my addiction. I say it is a gift because I don’t believe I would of ever found a life where I made true friends and relationships with people who actually care. A circle of friends and aquaintances that would lend a helping hand without sticking it out afterward wanting to be paid back. A way of life where it is about giving not taking. I have learned through the 12 step program I am in that we as addicts do only have two choices in our lives. We either keep using trying to blot out our existence by using and drinking and having society confront us we escape more by isolation from it by using. Boy I could really relate to Dennis’s attitude when confronted with signing that piece of paper and Kari’s getting out of bed episode. That took me back to the day’s when I was upset with everything, blaming everyone for everything. On edge all the time. Just thinking deep down when could I be able to use again. Being driven by that thought and only by that thought. Wow what a way to live. Ball and chain for sure man. That is why I am so grateful for being able to give then to be all up in my head thinking it is all about me. That poor me I can’t use anymore, I might as well get a gun and a rope and kill myself thing. I really did not just because of the drugs but the lifestyle think life was over. I didn’t realize there were people out there that were hurting more than I was and didn’t even use. So I would suggest to the celebrities who think it is all about going to clubs and bars or parties that there are things you could do that would be so beneficial and help in the spiritual way of life which is our second option to our lives like Dennis for one teaching maybe kids who are sick or less fortunate than other kids basketball or Heidi to talk to young woman who are walking the streets along with going to some kind of 12 step meetings. The power of giving is what some call God. The relief I have had from myself by trying to give back to the very thing that saved my life is like,Wow unexplainable, almost like getting high in itself. I don’t wish any addict of any thing thier addicted to bad luck but I really have to question why some of the people are at sober house? Do you guys want to get clean or not, do you want to find a way of life where it is not all about you. Man that is one place I don’t want to be at again. That is why to this day I pray to want to not want,along with who I can help today. That gets me out of myself and from all the millions of ways and good idea’s I had of trying to find a way either of using sucessfully or not using without help and failed it is the giving part of this thing that helps in the crunch time. So use the force(12 step), we really would like to see success not see who going out to a club this week and relapsing, come on dr drew….

  150. VH1junkie says:

    Seriously, I don’t understand why people have let Kari Ann act like the spoiled strung out little @^$#@ that she is. KICK HER OUT. I honestly cannot stand her.

  151. Me says:

    Keri Ann needs to be punched in the face by Karma. If Karma won’t do it then I will! Jenn you totally ROCK!!!!!

  152. bmmontgomery says:

    I agree with everyone that kari ann needs out! She needs something like a dual rehab to treat her for her mental illness. How many great staff members need to be lost to this girl. As a recovering addict myself I relate to a lot of these experiences but her actions are uncalled for. I sometimes have to change the channel because I can not stand her, she is a very hateful person.

  153. Rob says:

    I have watched every episode of this series since it started. I am an alcoholic / prescription opiate addict on disability. I started with substance use when I was 18 and finally got hold of drinking in May of 2003 and opiates in 06′. I struggle every single day of my life. I don’t have benefit of councelers or rehab which is why I gravitate to Dr. Dru’s shows. They are my rehab. I feel a strong connection with many of the people in the televised treatment. I only wish more hours of it were broadcast. I would watch it every day. Ask for help if you still use or drink and life is not good. Someone is there for you I swear it. Someone is there for everybody. Some people have to look a little harder but everybody has to ask. Please ask. Your worth it. Whatever you have done, whatever you think of yourself, you are worth saving and changing. Please try. I wish all the participants this season the best of luck. I’ll be watching.

  154. carianne p says:

    SHAME ON DR.DREW! I’m disgusted that so called beauty pagent queen is allowed to get away with the antics she has. She sexually harrassed the male patients in rehab and she verbally and physically abused the staff and other patients (yes, throwing things at other people is abuse). I’m sure Keri Ann is good for ratings, but it’s a mockery of what rehab/soberiety is. I’m embarrassed to share the same first name as that horrible person. I’m sorry for anyone that is thinking of rehab and is turned off by the idea of having to deal with someone like that.

  155. Ally says:

    On Kari Ann: the phrase dual diagnosed doesn’t even begin to describe her behavior. Does she know how sick she really is? Such a shame, she can’t advance without attacking others. So disturbed…

  156. Ally says:

    Can anyone recommend good books for 2nd stage recovery, after the 1st year stuff? I just read Tweak, by Nic Sheff. It is extremely raw and gritty and honest. I loved it! Anyone read anything like that?

  157. sharelle says:

    I really understand the drug and alcohol addiction. I am becoming an addictions counselor. I wish the best for all. The house manager and the tech know what they are doing. i hope the patients will follow the instruction of them and realize they have to change everything about themselves. I lost my 22year old baby brother to this disease! please You really don’t want your families to fell this way like we do. If you only knew the damages you leave behind because you refuseto surrender. Good Luck.

  158. michael wilson says:

    I think you guys are so nice to Karri ann but she is a %`@%_$~+_&*)^!%~ to you guys you sould kick her out or somthing just saying i love the show a lot its a good show i watch it all the time i cant what to see all of it its one of my favorite shows im happy its on tv i like Dr. Drew he is so cool and nice also Jennifer Gimenez is so cool and fun to wach i dont know how sober house would be with out her she keeps them in there place i think Kari Ann is the cutest on the show and Kendra Jade Rossi is cute 2 Dennis Rodman is one of my favorite people on it hes so cool but Jennifer Gimenez is so smart and watching sober house has helped me kinda because im 18 and im trying to stop drinking and smokeing weed and its not as easy as i thought it would be but out of all the drugs i do drinking is the hardest to stop and watching the people how they was befor thay was in sober house makes me not want to be like that and i hop it helps me and wow sex rehab was odd i cant beleave karri ann let peopl paint on her that was odd but she needs lots of help i hop all the people gets the hlep thay need and i wish all the people best of luck and il comment more later ttyl

  159. kristi s. says:


  160. bill dully says:

    where is amber she should be in every episode HOT!!!!!!

  161. DBristowD says:

    I agree with the gazillion posts regarding Kerri Ann. A big part of mental health and sobriety is accountability and having consequences for our actions. and Drew just throws that right out the window with her., it has made me question the integrity of the show and his integrity as a doctor. He has not done her any favors, that is for sure. It reaks of exploitation. Can you imagine how lonely she is? Self fullfilling prophecy- she immediately &%(^`)%(%^#`!)* umes everyone hates her and puts up this huge front and lashes out to keep from being hurt- and in the process causes those that may genuinely want to care for her hate her. She has been deeply injured, given zero coping skills, zero life skills, zero interpersonal skills, and is stunted at about age 9. She self medicates to fill the void in her life and to quiet the self hating voice in her head. She is sad, needs real help, and real love- and this show is not the venue for that and any real doc would know that. I’m sad that I’ve lost respect for Drew because of this. He has hurt her, not helped.

  162. siscnskt says:

    kari ann is rude and disrespectful and way too many people have given her power to act this way when she is coming down. she is clearly not ready for sober house. for her to be thrown out of sex rehab and now sober house she needs psychiatric help to get to the root of her problems. her demands and put downs to people show she is self-centered, disrespectful and ill-mannered to say the least. not everybody is at her beck and call and if she wasnt coming down it might occur to her that it is not everybody it is her. she lashes out at everyone and she turns it around as if they are the ones lashing out and disrespecting her. maybe jail would be better for her.

  163. dorothy shelton says:

    No one will stand up to Kari ann for her conduct she should be confronted by everyone she does not deserve to be there.I am rooting for Tom Sizemore to continue clean I do not have musc but my family would take care of him to remain sober

  164. sandy says:

    i just watched the show and wow i was sooo happy that kariann was leaving.. and than nexts weeks preveiw shows her coming bk..please say its a lie..please please..dont let her bk on the gets so old watching her mouth flap…and every hr she is %*@_+_(`@%*$*$(%$ ng and leaving..if she got high.thats her fault she choose to do it and she choose to leave ..tell her NO NO NO she isnt coming bk..i truley belive she DONT want help she just was us veiwers to suffer looking at her ugly troll face..and another anyone belives someone let a sex tape of her leak..we all know who let it leak and it was her ..or one of her multiple personalitys… she makes the show not worth watching ..So any so glad that shifty decided to come bk on..i truley hope this time it works for him..dennis is doing ok..but still battling but aT least he is still going forword…mike..i feel bad for you i have been there done that just hang tight.. it will get easier i hope for u..i love the show ,but come on enough is enough..kariann is gotta go ..let her go to a diff that does not air on t.v. and i bet you would find out she wouldnt even go because she is there for only one reason and its not to get sober..and we all know that mean old mindy is picking on how dare mindy do that.. i mean who would ever pick on kariann.. well as far as she is concerded the world picks on her so its realy no surprise that she would run that thing on her face called a mouth

  165. Vikki says:

    Please Dr. Drew fire Jennifer Gimenez! She irritates everyone around her by just acting like she thinks she is better than they are. (Several people won’t watch the show because of her.)

    If you are handed everything and catered to the way Kerri Ann has most people would act the same way. Part of it is the drug, the other is just being spoiled all her life. She has no reason to want to grow up and live in the real world.

  166. Tonia A. says:

    I am sooo glad that they kicked Kari Ann out of Sober House! I hope the soft hearted Dr. Drew does NOT let her back IN!!! Like Jenn said she need an”Institution” not a “Sober House”! I hope Mike makes it through the end of Sober House, as for he is struggling to stay clean. I have used Suboxone for an Opiate addiction. I fused correctly the withdrawl from this drug is not that severe, or at least, was not for me. I Thank God for Suboxone, as it helped me kick my opiate addction of 10yrs.

  167. Emmaline says:

    I just watched the second episode of Sober House II. I am so GLAD that Skari Ann got kicked out. Finally. What a menace. She needs to be institutionalized. (I was beginning to wonder about you, Dr. Drew.) Also, is it me or does this Sober House environment seem to be incredibly chaotic? I am mystified at the absolute non-interest the patients have in doing day labor. When you see people reject doing what is a normal work day for other people, you KNOW you can’t help them. And Mike Starr – why is he back? He “used” after CR, went through ANOTHER detox and was allowed into SH. Look at his attitude: hostile, aggressive, dangerous. He and that pathetic Tattoo Man, Seth, should be back in Celebrity Rehab! At this point, I don’t think ANY OF THEM will be able to stop doing their “drug” of choice. Their bottom line is this: They have no self control. None. Nada. Zip. They look to me like two-bit junkies that check in and out of the ER until one day they check in but they don’t check out. Like the ^%@^@+_$@$@(*&!^ roaches in the ^%@^@+_$@$@(*&!^ roach Hotel.

  168. Rhonda says:

    I am very disturbed by Kari Ann Peniche’s attitude. She was disruptive on the last two shows you had her on and she is becoming more physically and verbally abusive. I understand she is on this show to help boost ratings, but please…That does not make for good TV. What is sadder yet is that people allow her behavior to continue. Someone needs to put that little girl in her place and let her know the consequences of her actions, good and bad.
    She should not also be allowed to bash Jennifer Gimenez, she is ONLY there to lead the way, not to baby sit ill mannered children. I have been blessed in my life and have not had the misfortune of any sort of addition and my heart goes out to everyone that suffers the affects from whatever addition they may possess. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  169. K!llaKay says:

    cari is awesome.!

  170. Dee says:

    Karri Ann is a child. Put her in the nursery and lock the door. Spare the world any further exposure to her tantrums!

  171. Debbie Talada says:

    Yes at this point Kari Anne, well I think we all have had our share. She has done things the rest of us would have been arrested. Another, She has not hit a bottom hard enough to even be real about wanting to get clean. I think when all is said an done Tom Sizemore top one of very few who make it. Mike Starr, he has a hard road to pave. I got to say he has the desire. Heidi is hanging on well but resentment will kill you. Geess if I could just wiggle my nose an make them all get it! One thing is I don’t hear much recovery talk from them which is odd. (Like one day at a time, ect. or signs up with sayings) The working thing this week, for a humble experience was great idea. Dr. Drew, the conversation with Seth was awesome and to the point, at the same time a tough thing to do. Rodman Just hangs on thank God. The poor CAMERA MAN he is just trying to do his job. Hope it was not serious. Stay Blessed all…

  172. cheryl says:

    I guess this show is not staged. Sorry, but this is television and Hollywood is about make believe. Anyway, I watched the different personalities work at their ##@+_@(++!_*@`@ igned jobs. I was deeply touched by Heidi’s attitude about cleaning the toilet, and then accepting criticism and redoing her work. She had a beautiful smile on her face, and I saw a beautiful soul looking out of her eyes. I’ve been catching this show off and on for some time, and Heidi has had such a hard look on her face, but tonight she became a beautiful woman inside and out. She portrayed humility, plain and simple. I’m working on my own stuff, and I know pride is my problem. She’s given me inspiration and motivation for letting go and having that kind of peace I believe I saw in her on tonight’s show. Please give her this message if it is allowed. God bless you guys.

  173. Sebastian says:

    I just watched the second episode of Sober House and was so happy that Kari Ann got kicked out. Love you, Jen – you rock! The last week, everytime the first episode would come on, I made sure that I turned the channel especially whenever Kari Ann was on. I have also lost some respect for Dr. Drew in that he would even consider letting her back into his facility. What she needs is a Psychiatrist specializing in Borderline Personality Disorders. When she talks about how everyone is always out to get her, I thought it was the other way around. When she said that words can hurt and that they are powerful, I thought that she needed to take a close look at how she uses words to hurt others. If she truly understands that saying, she needs to live by that and when she doesn’t, one day she will look in the mirror and see a white,pasty,fat,ugly old woman staring right back at her. Mike Starr was right on when he said that she doesn’t look like miss teen whatever but she just looks wierd. That’s karma aready visiting Kari Ann at her house. I also don’t buy her accusations of Mindy McCready leaking this so called sex tape. I believe that Kari Ann orchestrated the whole thing and then set out to smear Mindy’s name. It’s a desperate attempt on Kari Ann’s part to become famous. Okay, enough about the black hole in the room. I think Heidi Fleiss rocks! She cracks me up with her funny comments and she’s just one cool woman. She’s a smart business woman who is a very loyal person but I get that you lose her trust, it will take forever to gain it back. Three years in the pen was a little harsh and I didn’t think she deserved that much time. I felt like somebody was trying to make an example out of her because she had balls enough to not say who her clients were. She knows what’s up with people. Having already dealt with some heavy duty people who were screwed up in the head, I don’t blame her for not wanting to be around people. Tom Sizemore shouldn’t have lied about not abusing Heidi. His ex-wife said that he had physically abused her too so if he minimizes his actions, then no wonder why Heidi doesn’t like him. I also love Jennifer a.k.a Penny Flame. She looks so good this season. Really healthy and she also has a great personality. I know that she will be a great success in anything she puts her mind to. I respect her alot. I also hope that Mike Starr keeps on working on getting clean. We already lost Layne Stayley and I can’t bear the thought of losing him. What alot of these celebs don’t understand is that there are alot of people who are rooting for them to get better so that they could share their talents with us for just a little bit longer. I hope that they can all get the help they need and if Heidi hasn’t yet gotten help from the trauma of being abused by a man she once was in love with, I hope she does so that she could heal quicker. Good luck to Tom Sizemore as well. He needs help also for his abuse issues. Will is great. He has such a good heart and is also funny. I love watching him. Also, I just saw that Kari Ann might be coming back. If she does, I’m done watching. Her 5 minutes of fame is over and I would rather move on to other more productive non-toxic things in my life. Thank God I don’t have to be an `$!&`@)~%~*^$@) hole to get what I want in my life.

  174. Terri says:

    I have been watching this show and right now, I hurt for Mike, heroin, methadone and than Suboxone? It took me 8 months to get clean from 1mg per day of that drug and frankly I will never be the same. I do not know which is worse, the Sub or the Methadone, but I wish someone would of just tied me down for a few weeks of withdrawal than to deal with what Sub. has done. I wish him luck and strength- Hell My DOC didn’t kill me, but the cure almost did.

  175. Janet Detwiler says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually posting something to this stupid blog. As if any of us hold all the answers for everyone else in the world…no offense. I’m a year and a half off Crystal (20+ year run), and am coming up on a year sober (35 years). I watched this show when I was in early recovery. I’m a socially-phobic person, and have many of the characteristics seen in every one of these people. That said, this show is not helpful. I thought it was, but it is damaging the lives of the people who participate, and it is damaging every 12-step program that exists, and while I know that Dr. Drew “means well,” this should stop. How is someone like Kari Ann EVER going to be able to attend meetings after this. Do we all agree that they might do her some good? Do we all agree that everyone should have a shot at life? This damn show screwed her, and this damn show has screwed the possibility of a safe and sane,working 12-step program for everyone who has participated. Quick question…is someone who is using ABLE to sign contracts that are binding? That is morally and ethically wrong. Look…Kari Ann bugged the sh*t out of me too, but what I saw happen last night was appalling. Personally, I blame her low-life manager for ever getting her into this. But a big shout out Shame on you to Dr. Drew. SHAME ON YOU. You mean well, but this show is WRONG. May this be the last season this show airs. You are NOT helping 12-step programs with this BS. There! I feel better now. Good luck and good fortune to all, you are worth it, so choose abstinence. It’s the toughest thing you’ll ever do, and well worth the effort ~ Janet

  176. Babzuptown says:

    Wow. Some of the posts below acknowlege Karri Ann is sick, but then go on to say “throw her out”, “Punch her in the face.” That’s sad commentary on our society. She responds to Drew. She’s looking for help and she clearly doesn’t know how to go about it. And maybe she does need mental health care. The person who would punch her in the face is no better off. I don’t care for the way Jen talks to people. She is hard and unprofessional. What’s this with, “I hope Karri Ann leaves soon.” Should this person be working with sick people. She’s a thug.

  177. Steve V. says:

    Kari Ann…what a loser! Mike Starr…what apussy… great job Dr Drew! Does this show actually do any good, other than lining Pinsky”s pockets? Mike Starr, 30 times in treatment and they put him in another 21 day treatment. What a joke. Kari Ann and Starr should be institutionalized along with Binzer. Dr. Drew really should look at what he’s doing here. Really, what is the success rate for this so called treatment? Does anyone know? I guess as long as no one gets cured, Pinsky keeps the beds full! To the everyone on that show…Sack up and take care of yourselves. No one else can do it for you!

  178. Emmaline says:

    When I posted earlier this week, I was in a very negative place and I said some pretty harsh things. I’m STILL glad Psycho Skari is off the show. She is one twisted sistah. LOL. But I wish all the others so much good luck and positive thoughts. Especially Heidi and Dennis. I’ve grown to really like Heidi as a person. I never thought I’d like her and now she’s just so lovable (well, like a lovable foul-mouthed porcupine maybe). She doesn’t give herself much credit and she should. I think she’s got a tender heart and gentle vulnerability that she’s learned to hide way down deep inside. Dennis seems that way, too. And Tom, old darling, I can see that you are digging yourself out one shovelful at a time, and I send you all good thoughts that pretty soon YOU WILL FEEL the warmth of daylight and your hole won’t seem so big. Mike Starr? Dude, I don’t think you really want to live, and that’s so sad. Do you really think you’ll never accomplish anything again? Quit looking backwards. My gram used to say if you’re looking backwards, you can’t see what you’re running into! So true. To the porn star: Honey girl, is porn really all you can do with your life? You seem like a nice kid. Change your course. But the Bimbo in the high heels, Kendra Whatever, ummm . . . girlfriend, you have a pretty outside but you don’t seem to have much depth inside. Putting on MAKEUP and being a snob in a MISSION? What is the matter with you? Were you raised by wolves? But for the grace of God, you could be living there. One last thing: people (not you, Heidi, Porn Girl, Tattoo Man or Dennis), you know those menial jobs you were doing? Some people have to do that EVERY DAY. Remember that. EVERY DAY. If you keep on the path you are keeping on, you may end up doing that very job yourself some day and every day, and thank God you’ve got it. My gramps once walked 35 blocks each way to drive for a mobster in the depression to support his wife and 3 little girls and was thankful to do it. He had no money for bus fare until he would get paid. BTW, the mob guy gave him $20 for bus fare after a few days, and bought him $50 shoes (in 1933) and said, “Nobody drives for me with cheap shoes.” I love that story.

  179. recovering addict says:

    Do these people get paid for doing this show? If so that’s why most of them are on it. This is the most pussified treatment I have ever seen. Maybe Dr. Drew would be good for someone who is a pot smoker or sex addict but not for hard core druggies, this treatment is so weak and 30 days and then a small stint in sober house does not cut it for those hard core addicts that have been using for 20 years and more…I was in a treatment facility for a year and in out patient for a year more, I worked hard at my recovery, we did groups every day. Thank God I’m clean now for 17years. If all the treatment I had was what they show you on this show I would never have gotten clean. Those people like Mike and Tom need to go to a real program if they really want to work on thier addiction. Kari ann is a very mentally ill human being, she needs to be institutionalized. God bless them all and good luck…..

  180. claire says:

    i agree that karri ann should be put in a coma or be punched in the face…. she is such a drama queen and loves to play the victim…. i dont believe anything she says and i dont know why dr drew is so sensitive with her he needs to tell her to shut up GROW UP and act like a lady. when she was on sex rehab and the lady grabbed her hair and threw her it was awesome and it is what she deserved! she always says she is the one who everyone is attacking but HELLO!! ur the `_@+`)&)%*$@#`$+_ and whats sad is she watches the show and thinks the way she acts is okay….. she needs a straight jacket and a padded room

  181. kickchick says:

    I hope Kari Ann stays away. How old is she? She has got to be the most annoying, childish, selfish CHILD.
    She’s mean, nasty and I do not believe that’s all due to addiction. Then she tries to play the poor cutsey little victim!
    I don’t and never did drink but if I had to live w/ her, I think I’d start! LOL

  182. Claudia w. says:

    Kari Ann is screaming for love so badly, its almost sick to watch. She must have never been in a true friendship or relationship with anybody. Hope she finds her way and lets people finally in instead of scaring everybody away.
    As far as the ‘working’ addicts on the show, its time to not act like spoiled brats when you have to work. Obviously you are not at your low point yet. Quit chasing that high you got off being famous, you are not that special, volunter at a cancer clinic with kids f.e. and then re-evaluate your life from there.
    Its hard to overcome addiction, been there, done that, sober since a long time, but you have to want to work. Not a good example for the rest out there.
    Good job for Jenn, she is a very good recovering addict, a little to strict as a chief for the soberhouse though. But i love her a lot.

  183. Mr. Phsuzy Phsyco says:

    I hope they revisit that sweet sweet angel Kari Ann! I feel like she’ll never marry me now. What a cow! She contradicticted herself about every time they showed her on camera. “Jenny was a ~~)&#`_*%+“+@**+ to me, and I was nice to her.” I laughed till I needed a fresh towel! She will be missed. What’s with these puds not wanting to work? Wouldn’t you want to be out of the looney bin for a little bit? Rodman’s group handled that great. Why couldn’t Kendra? She’s ussually pretty good about stuff. I mean Mike Star’s just one sick puppy ,but she could have held it together more @ the mission. Just think,when they go back to the mission maybe they’ll be washing Kari Ann’s sheets ha ha ha! Thanks for the appauling laugh Skanki Ann! I never enjoyed your back muffins more than when you walked off!

  184. Judy says:

    I know I’m going to get a ration for saying this, but I think Karri Ann needs to be given a little more credit than she’s been getting. There have been a few rare instances where another side of Karri Ann was allowed into the final edit. During “graduation” she said to Mackenzi Phillips, “I used to call you my Mama Mack when I first got here.” So obviously there were some kind of warm and fuzzy moments she had that landed on the editing floor. Why wasn’t that shown?

    They showed Mindy as being this warm, loving, talented woman who Karri Ann took a special liking to, to the point of allowing Mindy to stay at her home while Karri Ann was in sober house. Mindy said at “graduation” that her son really needed his mother so she was going to put off sober house. Karri Ann’s charity and concern seemed not just to be brushed aside, but she was not even allowed back to her home to get Mindy out, who had already sent Karri Ann two threatening texts. Karri Ann said she was concerned because Mindy had access to her hard drive and she was concerned about Mindy going through her office and gathering compromising photos.

    Karri Ann now has to deal with her worst nightmare of videos and photos making their way to the internet because of Mindy. Dr. Drew had instructed his drivers to take Karri Ann directly to sober house because she “couldn’t do anything about Mindy anyway.” So she was wisked off to sober house when she was going crazy with worry. How does anyone expect her to not go off when she has this on her mind?

    I’ve seen an account where Karri Ann tried to get a word in edgewise during a group session and everyone was talking to her louder and louder until she left the room. How many other times did she try to defend herself when she felt attacked?

    I think what we’re seeing is not the whole story. I’m not saying that Karri Ann is totally innocent. That’s way far removed from the real picture. But I think she works for her attention by being outrageous and the cameras and the director (and to a large extent, Dr. Drew) are allowing this behavior to rule the day.

    I don’t think Karri Ann “just explodes.” I think she has been urged on by everyone around her because it makes for good television. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t need to see someone with a hot button get pressed til she explodes to bring what they think is entertainment to my television. The girl needs a lot of help, but she’s in the last place that will serve it up to her. They only used her for their own ratings. It comes awfully close to looking like a Jerry Springer episode. I think all of them are being used for this purposed, but Karri Ann got the worst of it the most. Sorry, Dr. Drew.

  185. Mark says:

    Please VH1, please do not let Kari Ann participate in any further shows. She offers nothing to the show. She is a complete drain on any person’s soul. She ruins every show with her whining, and I(along with many others I’m sure) refuse to watch another episode or show with her involved. I, like others, enjoy these shows, but never again as long as she’s involved. Thanks

  186. Jo says:

    I don’t think it’s healthy for newly sober people like Jen to be responsible for people in treatment. She is clearly not well enough to separate her ego from what’s good for the patient. She takes things way too personally. Her dislikes and likes are irrelevant to whether people should be there or not. Dr. Drew seems to have very poor judgment regarding the individuals he chooses to watch over the addicts. Last season she was lying in bed with the patients. This is unprofessional behavior. If someone’s sickness feeds her ego then they will get preferential treatment and if not she will try to provoke them until they are forced to leave. Really disturbing individual.

  187. Michelle says:

    Gah. Kari Ann is such a drama queen. Go ahead and let her die! People like her don’t deserve to live. Why %^%$&#@(!^&+~~@% ing be hateful. She is seriously STUPID!!! Drug problem or not, rude #&`@&^“%)$)!`% skanks deserve to be hung and made fun of!!! Talk about a Fat Cow wow look in the mirror you total sack of poo!!!! SKANK!!!!

  188. Sidney says:

    Isn’t there a padded cell somewhere in that house that you could put Kari Ann in …. and throw away the key. If i recall ….. she didn’t treat people so nice when she off the Meth.

  189. Dachsie Lover says:

    Is anyone else confused by the Kari Ann/Mindy McCready friendship besides me? In Celebrity Rehab Mindy made it clear that she couldn’t stand Kari Ann, although I seem to recall that she had kind words for her on the last episode. I find it very strange that Mindy would be staying at Kari Ann’s house while she was at Sober House. WHAT is going on with that? I read somewhere that Kari Ann was kicked out of Celebrity Rehab because she stole money from Mindy during the show. I don’t recall seeing that but maybe I missed an episode. I find it very troubling that any recovering addict would choose to $#__)!$%$(~%@~~ ociate herself that closely with someone as mentally unbalanced as Kari Ann after getting out of Celebrity Rehab, especially after having been exposed to all of K.A’s antics for all of those weeks. Being closely $#__)!$%$(~%@~~ ociated with that woman would be enough to make anyone relapse! Does anyone else agree?

  190. Emmaline says:

    To all the defenders of Kari Ann out there: Bless your hearts. You must have never met a narcissistic sociopath before. There’s no “kind side.” There is only one side to those sociopaths, and that is the “Me side.” She is a young version of an old woman I know. Incorrigible. Without conscience. No moral compass; none at ALL. They use you and then use YOU and then use you OVER THERE and then kick you aside like dead leaves when you finally wake up and say, “Enough.” I guarantee there are piles of bodies in Skari Ann’s past. When I watch her, I can anticipate the next thing she’ll say. I am always right. Always. NS are a drain on the universe. We should practice euthanasia on people like her. Did you now they make great serial killers? Really. Look it up. What is she, 23, 24? By now she’s got three thousand strikes against her, and she should be put out of the ball game of life. Bye, bye narcissistic sociopath. This won’t hurt a bit. LOL.

  191. Jenn says:

    I Hope Seth can do it this time. I’m in your corner Seth.
    I hope they all can do it. Kari Ann needs to be in a different place, she thinks she’s better than everyone else.

  192. Sabrina says:

    I am so glad to see Seth back. As a recovering Meth addict, I feel for Seth so much and wish that I could be there to help him. I have a young child much like Seth dose and knowing how drugs affect our childrens lives is the biggest wake up call that one can have. Every time that I see people relapse, it reminds me that if I’m not dilligent, that could be me relapsing and loosing everything agian.

  193. gary says:

    I am really rooting for Tom & Dennis because they seem to me the most geniune, but it sickens me to watch some of the others behavior especially now that they are sober. I understand the struggles with alchohol and drug addiction and how hard it is to stay sober, but that did not result in making me a $^#))^^&&`^_%_* or a prima donna to the world around me. Shame on this program for glorifying this type of behavior because these people dont really know just how good they have it.

  194. Kay says:

    I just watched the episode where the people in sober house were asked to work. By the footage that was shown, I could not help but feel that the model Kendra was lazy and disrepectful to the person that she was asked to work with.
    Just based on what happened in this episode, I was surprised at how many of the people who were resistant to the idea of working actually performed the given tasks. Such as Tom and Dennis and I really was impressed with Heidi. I would not have wanted to do what she did but she did it without complaint!
    It is interesting to me how she complained about how dirty and disgusting the place was but instead of initially removing herself from the environment, she chose instead to apply her lipgloss in the enviroment that she was so repulsed by! Ridiculous, I suppose her attitude works in her real life.

  195. kay says:

    I am sooo hoping that Heidi, Dennis, Tom, and Mike ge the help they need and are able to go on and live successful lives. They seem to be working hard to be sucessful. Even though they have all be resistant to treatment at some points, I think they really are trying to recover.
    I watched all of Celebrity Rehab this season, first time ever, and hoped that Mindy McCreedy would go to Sober House also.

  196. lindsay says:

    @marc-i totally agree! im so sick of watching this piece of )__#@)&(!~@~*`)^ every week! shes a lost cause. its SICKENING to watch the way drew caters to this little #()`*+*)&@(%@%~)^ es every whim! NOBODY else would be allowed to go home every other day to get high and then come right back to treatment! everybody walks on eggshells cuz shes such a witty bitty baby girl. its nauseating to watch! she needs her ~#@++*)%_^~#%%^ BEAT!

  197. Lauren says:

    Kari Ann is the biggest spoiled #^&)*@`&!_#+%++~@ I have ever seen. She ought to have to clean toilets in a womans prison, lol! If anyone gets my goat, its this little punk.

  198. travis wayne says:

    I think they are all do n great except kari ann needs to take responsibility for her own actions and grow up…

  199. Tonya says:

    I totally agree with the others about Kari Ann. She is a piece of trash. Dr. Drew needs to listen to Jenn! Jenn has kicked her out of the house, and Dr. Drew lets her back in, only to verbally &##~~%$`)(+*(@( ault Jenn and everyone else AGAIN! Jenn definitely has more patience than I do! I would have planted Kari Ann where she stood!
    I almost stopped watching the show because of Kari Ann. But now I conveniently plan my snack and potty breaks when she is on the screen.

  200. adam vance says:

    jennifer is very closed minded and has no business managing a sober house, I predict many relapses because of her lack of compassion and “better than thow” attitude.

  201. misty says:

    I’m happy that Cari Ann is out of the house maybe the other people will be able to focus on what they need to do. I have watched Seth through out his treatment and relapses i hope he get it this time i think he is a wonderful artist and has a true heart. Good luck to all of them.

  202. lori says:

    keri ann just needs help,she has a lot of walls up. Jen, chill out dont react so much,they depend on you to be stable.

  203. eflye says:

    I cannot believe Kari Ann is allowed to come back AGAIN this week? What is wrong with these people? She is mentally ill and absolutely can’t get along with anyone. She uses sobriety to get her little 15 minutes of fame which makes me sick. I love this show and love watching the process of sobriety, but i am done now that vh1 or Dr. Drew is allowing her back again. This is f****** ridiculous! Kari Ann is a prostitute. She has sex for money for a living. She is also SEVERELY mentally ill. She will do anything to get on TV. This is a joke! I am finally done with this show. Thanks Dr. Drew.This really derails everyone elses shot at recovery.

  204. rhonda southern says:

    I watch Celebrity Rehab and Sober House religiously and the one thing that I know for sure is that Carrie Ann needs to go. This girl is only on these shows for the attention it is bringing to her; good or bad! I can’t stand to hear her whiney little voice or see her blow up at everyone. It is very obvious that she does not want help, just lots of attention. Give her the boot. Kick her $_~$^@`$)`$`_(# to the curb, PLEASE!

  205. jake says:

    I adore Jennifer! I’m not sure how she doesn’t go insane with that crazy dirty looking woman Kariann. Why would Mindy move in with her! Kariann looks so worn out. I would be afraid of being stabbed in the back while I slept. I not sure why Dr. Drew isn’t pressing charges on her. First from the show Celeb Rehab for throwing a vase at the employee then punching the camera man. She is very physically and verbally abusive. She will end up in jail soon and her fake tears won’t get her out of it. Her parents need to put her in an instituation as a 51/50 now before more people get hurt. Mindy go to sober house now that Karia is gone

  206. cj says:

    Cari Anns drug is causing havoc. She needs a brain scan for brain damage she is definitely mentally ill. She simply needs all the attention or she gets vile and evil. I feel so sorry for her family….what an embarassment. Mike also has a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality like his mother said. I love all the others especially Jenifer, Hiedi, Kendra and Jenny…I miss Mac and Mindy sooooo much. Love to see Seth again, make it for your baby boy Halo and get back with your beatiful wife!

  207. joseph deutsch says:

    I hope that the photographer presses charges on Kari ann. She needs to clean toilets in jail to learn some humility. I’d like to see how long her attitude would last with some tough jailbird broads!

  208. NEO says:


  209. CC says:

    It is hard to watch this group battle with Jenn the house manager. Why is she so awful? What is her role? Certainly not not the people who are there trying to stay sober. Get rid of her there will be more successes and less crazy fights. She is combative and confrontational.

  210. lori says:

    Jenn should not have been put in charge of the house. She admits she has never had any training related to rehab. Kari Ann is no picnic, but she is being controled by her addiction. What is Jenn’s excuse for the abusive language she uses towards Kari Ann and for that matter several of the other housemates. How sad for the whole house to have their “rolemodle” be so insecure that she attacts during a crisis instead of helping.

  211. neo says:

    why does everyone take this so seriously? this is train wreck tv.
    in the real world, one must be fully detoxed to enter a sober house environment. any aggressive physical contact is grounds for immediate expulsion.
    Not here.
    Drew wants ratings. he wants to deliver a show.

  212. 18YearsSober says:

    I don’t understand why some people are still detoxing in the Sober House. Shouldn’t they be done with that in order to qualify to live there?? Shouldn’t they still be in rehab if they’re still using? Mike and Kari Ann might stand a better chance if they’d spent more time in rehab. And to keep bringing them back after @)+)*#%@@(%!%@` aulting the staff… that just doesn’t make sense. How is that teaching them how to behave in the real world, post addiction? There must be other rehabs and sober houses in California. Dr. Drew is doing his best to keep them all alive, but at some point he has to let them go.

  213. Brittney says:

    Kari Ann needs help!!! She is being controlled by her addiction. This is why she lashes out and is very confrontational towards everyone. I think that they are all being very cruel when she tries to come back for help and they all threaten to leave if she stays. She’s ill and this is the place she needs to be to get help. Plus she is the youngest in the group she is just so lost in a world where she is misunderstood. How would you feel if you where constantly being attacked while battling with sobriety? Everyone deserves another chance no matter how many.

  214. Jennifer Blachura says:

    Tom Sizemore is a wonderful actor, I hope and pray that he is able to beat his addition. He needs to know how much his fans want to see him back making films agian. Tom can do it and there are a lot of people rutting for him. Go Tom!!!!! :)

  215. Keith says:

    The last time I went to traffic school for a speeding ticket they showed us a video. It was a very old video on safe driving; so outdated it had become a what NOT to do video. So we were told to watch it and learn what NOT to do when driving. That’s exactly what Sober House is. It’s a what NOT to do program on getting sober. Where are the consequences? Where is the real will to get sober? Instead the patients have placed all the owness on the instructors to try and GET THEM sober everything else be damned. I’m a sober addict and I used to like the show but its degenerated into a soap opera with product placement. Too bad

  216. Petra says:

    Thank you so much guys for sharing your struggles. I have been sober for 18 months, and watching your show is like an A.A. meeting.It is a reminder to me that I do not want to have to go through the early stages of recovery ever again. Hang in there and keep your humility. It will keep you sober and alive. Love you all so much and am praying and pulling for you all.

  217. Amy says:

    I’m REALLY pulling for these guys, mainly Mike. I’ve never cared for Alice in Chains, but there is something about Mike that has me pulling for him. As for Kari Ann, get over yourself! She needs more help then this show can give her.

  218. Tinkerbell says:

    I am so sick of watching Kari Ann. I realize my professional opinion doesn’t matter to Dr. Drew, but any appreciation or credibility he had from me watching the process is lost after letting this little girl manipulate this show. She apparently needs the money for her drug use and I wouldn’t doubt that certain people getting a little on the side from her. I am not frightened for her. She doesn’t need Sober House — she need PSYCHIATRIC IN PATIENT TREATMENT. She would never qualify for outpatient treatment where I work. It would inpatient committment or nothing at all. He tries to make people think he’s so compassionate — they thought Kari Ann would bring ratings to watch her attacks and “bring me juice”…she was a teen queen but she needs to learn she is nothing in this world acting like that.

  219. Mary Enkler says:

    I don’t understand the medical need to immediately detox a long term heroin – methodone addict from suboxone. Shouldn’t Mike be tapered off very slowly? THis should take 2 months or more.. Why make the guy suffer?

  220. lauren says:

    I am a big fan of Dr Drew. but the show i think is taking a turn for the worse. This whole thing smells like $$$producers/Network wanting ratings, and i get that, but todays episode felt like Dr Drew and Bob’s hands were tied. If they are expected to patch everything up it is an impossible job. bringing Kari Ann back was ridiculous. and the therapy session looked out of control for the first time ever. some of these camoflaged, producer choices will definitely result in people loosing respect for Dr Drew who i believe works really hards and cares. Kari Ann is very very very very very sick and it is beyond the drugs, that is almost managable but her attitude is unbelievable and unless it is the way the show is being edited for sensationalism she has no redeaming qualities and TV healing is not the place for her. it is amazing to me that someone hasn’t beat her TO DEATH up until now and i hate that i am getting on the KariAnn haters bandwagon but she is so provocative and the only reason i am interested in her is hoping for a resolution and that she sees the light (it is disturbing to me that i am rooting for someone to kick the living crap out of her or she dies). Anyway i trusted the integrity of the show and the rehab process and today was just a freakin’ mess….all of it. i DO NOT BELIEVE that these actions were in the best interest of rehabilitation and healing and therefore the show really is being reduced to a crappy reality soap opera with a bunch of victims. PRODUCERS stop being A–holes and let Dr Drew and Bob do their job helping people. thats why we tune in. There are some awesome people with deep wounds that we all would like to see healed and there are people who watch that can learn and heal too, but not if you insist that the staff sell out

  221. sandy says:

    im soglad kariann is bout time..did she really think they would want her back..please with her fake she needs help but more in the lines of mental help there is somthing very wrong with her ..she wanted bk on the show so she could get her ugly mug bk on t.v. umm nope everyone has enough she though maybe if she cried everyone would feel bad..i say good for heidi for standing her ground and giving it to her and saying the truth nobody like kariann and she was bad for glad she is goneeeee…so anywho hope the best to all of you, Jen please find a betta punishment..(like maybe do the dishes for a week) the writting punishment was kinda lame..sorry but there not kids they might respect you more if you try talking to them ,than at them..i think what you do is great but your all kinda learning you gotta be realistic…treat them like adults dont try to punish them like children..keep up the great work!!

  222. Donna R says:

    Shifty is the sexiest, hottest man I think to walk the streets. How those girls in that house can keep from jumping his bones is beyond me. lol

  223. sidd says:

    my main problem is with …hiedi fliss…who the hell she think she is….where was she at for midnight curfew, and where were the cameras at on her like they were on dennis mike and jenna….I hope and pray for all of them especially tom sizemore I just hope hollywood gives him a second chance like they did his friend robert downing jr…..good luck tom im praying for you brother….don’t let hiedi’s bull#### bring you down…

  224. Keith says:

    i cant believe they even thought about bring Keri Ann back and would risk all the other members of the house who are early on in recovery with her behaviors..There is no way she is even close to being stable enough to be in a sober living environment..They should know this..She needs long term inpatient Tx..I work in the field and believe in 2nd chance but Keri Ann has held people emotionally hostage on every show and gets to keep doing it..She needs people in her life who set healthy boundaries with her..i pray she gets help..Hope all the people hang in there and take it one day at a time..

  225. Sebastian says:

    Finally!!! Somebody with enough balls to tell it like it is. Heidi and Dennis said everything that I had wanted to say to Kari Ann’s face for a long time. What a great relief I am feeling right now. Hoping to never have to see, read or hear anything about KA for as long as I live. Thankyou to Heidi, Dennis and anybody else who helped make the decision to not bring that master manipulator back onto this show. This show was great before her, and now hopefully it will get better without her and that we, the audience don’t have to deal with the little witch. Notice how the patients were doing great before little miss diva decided that she wanted to come back. Seriously, why WOULD she want to live in an environment where nobody likes her? Oh yes, the cameras, she loves the cameras. She should listen to Drew and try another alternate method of treatment, like getting a Psyciatrist and maybe getting on some medication that would stable her a#% out. That would really improve her life as well as anyone who has to deal with her.

  226. Sebastian says:

    I just want to mention that Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands. I use to listen to them 24/7 when I had the time. The death of Layne Staley was so sad and unnecesary that I don’t think I can handle losing Mike Starr as well. I know that going through withdrawal is a very painful process. I just want to wish you the best because you deserve to have a life that doesn’t include drugs. You are so damned talented and so many people would give up their left nut to have your kind of talent. Please don’t give up on this process. Just please, take one step at a time and know that we are all rooting for your recovery. We love you and want to hear you play your bass again. Good luck to you, man, you definitely deserve it.

  227. Beth says:

    Can I ask why the people who have left such awful comments on here watch this show? Is it some kind of joke to you? Those of us who have been through the hell of rehab, and even more hell-ish sober living, watch it and cry. Sometimes tears of joy and sometimes tears of anguish. But not laugh. I truly hope none of you ever have to go through this, or have a loved one go through it. (And to be perfectly honest, the idiots leaving those comments are most likely in need of it which is why they are demeaning it.) And you will do it in private, not in the public eye. These people, although compensated well for appearing in the show, are more brave than most. Even Kari Ann. I do agree that she needs psychiatric help that regular rehab can’t give her and she threatens the sobriety of everyone on that show with her presence. And Heidi and Tom need to be separated. It is hard enough not sabotaging yourself in sobriety without having someone else trying to sabotage you too. Keep in mind, not only are all these people trying to get sober, but they are doing this all under the duress of legal battles, child custody, death, divorces, homelessness…these stressors alone can cause a normal person to use self-destructive coping techniques. (Over-eating, over-exercising, over-working, over-sleeping, etc.) As many of you suggest, take your own advice: take responsibility for yourselves and look at yourselves more closely. Then you might not judge so harshly.

  228. Emmaline says:

    Episode 2 was so crazy. This environment seems to me to be very chaotic. The “patients” just sit around the table and smoke. Where’s the work they should be doing to stay sober? I mean, time on their hands must be the devil’s playground, right? And what’s with D, Porn Girl and Mike (“Hi, I’m Mike Starr, the bassist for Alice in Chains.”) going to a CLUB their first Saturday out? This is SOOooooo NOT how halfway houses work. I realize you need celebrities to get viewers but really, Dr. Drew, you make this “sober house” look like a sad attempt at the real thing. I’d bet $1 million (if I had it) that Skari Ann will be back at the “Sober House” before the season is over crying her crocodile tears. She’s a narcissistic sociopath, dontchaknow, and she’s playing you like a yo-yo. Come here, go away; come here, go away. I mean you are losing your street cred, Doc, “treating” her: “I hope she finds the help she desperately needs . . .” LOL. Focus on the people sitting around the table and smokin’. Most of them should not even be OUT of rehab or didn’t you notice that? Everything for the show, I suppose.

  229. Emmaline says:

    Also, I should mention that I think addiction rehab for Kari Ann is a waste of time. Even if she got sober, which she won’t, she would still be useless because of her NS. Really. Just imagine her in 20 years. She’ll still be a drama queen and a drain on people’s lives if she’s still on earth. Which she probably will be. NS kill OTHER people, never themselves, come to think of it. LOL. Dr. Drew, come on, tell people about narcissistic sociopaths, how addiction rehabilitation never cures their basic problem. Or maybe you could have a celebrity show about NS. Now THAT would be a show.

  230. Beth says:

    One more thing about sober house…those who go through rehab and live sober need to fill up their lives with new activities. Boredom and idleness are the number one triggers. Why don’t they DO anything? New hobbies, exercise, dance classes, volunteer work that THEY want to do (not ~$^$#&%`(!~~$_@ igned), art classes, a new sport… Mostly we see them just sitting around, “staying stuck in your own head” as my group used to say. When you focus out of yourself it is much easier to manage the disease, so why don’t they ever do anything? Anyone else notice that? I try to keep so busy that I don’t have enough time or I’m too tired to drink. Structure and routine are so important at that stage. I wonder if they even read what we write? I hope so…

  231. clare t says:

    first let me say that it looks like some dont care if they get sober.My daughter needs help but cant get in anywhere because of money.She is doing ok some months and others not so well.So if these spoiled,selfish and rich people dont want it then my daughter would gladly take their place for treatment. She needs to go to rehab because she has had an eating disorder since she was 15.She is now 27 and still at home with us but has been working for 3yrs now.Still not good enough coverage to go to rehab.why not offer it to someone who wants it but cant afford it instead of people who have alot of money and get paid to do rehab.why would they even try when they get rewarded for being addicts.

  232. What I Think says:

    I hope Kari Ann is off for good! She has some deep psychological problems and needs some long-term in-patient treatment. She is hateful and petty and just brings everybody else down. Heidi, Dennis, Mike, Tom and Jenny K rock. I hope they don’t bring Kari Ann back. Enough is enough. She can ditch it out, but she sure can’t take it.

  233. neo says:

    crazy kari ann is the show! love watching this crazy bi*ch.
    gotta love a halfway house that let’s it’s residents go to bars.
    gotta love all these posts that actually think this is how a real halfway house operates…it’s not! it’s a show!
    …and drew sucks! for exploiting these peeps.

  234. peggy sullivan says:

    Is Heidi Fleiss’s drug habit directly related to the fact that she has no boyfriend as she says? Also any of the recovering addicts that verbally ~(!+&*(*&`+_`#+ ault people in danger of a relapse? In other words are lifestyle and how you communicate with others the reasons for a relapse?

  235. Debbie Talada says:

    Kari Ann at this point, she need tough love, She wants attention, an most of all she wants someone to fix her. Let her hit bottom for once in her life.
    Dr. Drew I love all you do an Jen also, but it seems as though TV sobriety has turned into TV DRAMA! This far in the program I think the monkey is off there backs some and they could focus more on recovery. Except for Mike, due to meds being changed ect. I have a lot of thoughts but I am going to hang on and see the out come of it all first. I will say… A house of DRY addicts is dangerous!

  236. Emmaline says:

    Geesh, I sounded pretty pretty negative in my last posts. Bad day. I do wonder why Jenn is running Sober House. More appropriately, shouldn’t Bob be running it? He has more experience. I like Jenn but is she really ready to run a halfway house; the residents don’t seem to respect her like they do Bob and Will. I do wish all the people good luck in their recovery, though. Especially Mike and Tom. Mike, dude, after you get well, and you can if you want to, find something to do with your life NOW. That’s maybe why you keep relapsing? Because you can’t bear not being Mike-Starr-bassist-for-Alice-in-Chains anymore? You sell yourself short if you think you have no other options. And, Tom, you look so sick and frail sometimes; you need to take care of your body for those little boys of yours, besides the rehab, I mean. Eat good healthy food and get some exercise, go to the beach and sit in the sun. I think you are really trying hard and I hope God helps you find your way. Dennis, you can be so eloquent sometimes, so real and true. You need help learning to reveal yourself because you have a natural wisdom that is rare. Of all the “patients,” I think YOU are the most strong. You and Heidi. Heidi ran a hugely successful business at a very young age! Heidi, use that common sense you have and open some OTHER kind of business, one that gets you involved and makes you feel good about yourself. (And I don’t mean settling for that skunk as a boyfriend, the one who runs the !(^+@^+%^@&&__$)~ house ranch in Nevada.) You have to go outside your house to meet people. Maybe a bird store or a plant and garden center that features exotic birds? An ice cream shop, maybe? LOL. Fill some need in your town that will make you proud of yourself. I’m really pulling for you. You deserve to be happy and have a rich and full life. The rest of you, keep on truckin’ on, I guess. Blessings and peace.

  237. dan puckett says:

    i am really pulling for tom i am also an addict like him

  238. sassyneighbor says:

    I have been where they are.But nobody came back and got me when i left. Or checked on me after the treatment.As far as i am concerned all they want is your money and your insurance medicaid slumlords.I hate when a doctor asked me what do you think you should be on . it is like dam if i knew that whhy would i be here.
    I attracted the sickest doctors like i attracted the sickest men.I might as well have been using.My pesonalities are in every direction right now.
    ^j^ angelz on your pillowz ^j^

  239. Randy O says:

    Been to multiple rehabs and have been sober for nearly 10 years. It all boils down to your level of commitment. There are lots of people who need it, but its those that WANT it that persevere. It is work, no doubt about it but well worth the effort. Most of my friends give up. Why? I believe that the nature of an addict is to look for the quick fix, the instant solution. That don’t last, and if it did there wouldn’t be a problem now would there. Drugs meet needs. But drugs do it in disempowering ways. I needed to find, to discover is a better word what mine were. It takes a lot of soul searching and once you find what your purpose is on this earth, things start to fall into place. Im hoping the best for these celebs but I feel they spend too much time thinking about what they are losing and not enough time on what they will gain from living a clean and sober life. This ain’t no dress rehearsal, we have one life. Why spend it making yourself so miserable. Enough of my rant. Thanks for listening. Randy

  240. Chamom says:

    Thank you Heidi. I am so glad Kari Ann is gone, I just wish she would leave the human gene pool completely, but as long as she isn’t invading my life by being on one of my favorite shows, I am very grateful. I’m not sure if this is “reality” or just another show out for ratings, but at least with Kari Ann gone, it is much more believable. No respectable rehab would put up with such a waste. It was starting to make me wonder if Dr Drew was the real sex addict in all of this.

  241. Chamom says:

    Thank you Jen. You seem to have grown up and become stronger than last season. These people need firm guidance. Sobriety is not a walk in the park, and they will need all your strict adherance to the rules to even start to make it in real life. Drugs are illegal, doing them is breaking the law, and forcing them to obey the rules is a baby step toward learning to obey the law.

  242. Steve says:

    I have respected Dr. Drew for sometime. I now feel he has sold out to TV. The show sober house does not represent any treatment I’ve seen. Where is the recovery? Where is setting boundaries? What about 12 step meetings, sponsors?
    The members are clearly self centered as are most people in early recovery. How about teaching members about being an example of recovery rather than tearing each other a part. No wonder many relapse. If you are thinking about getting sober please don’t think this show is an example of what treatment or recovery is like or about.

  243. danderu says:

    My wife and I love to watch the show, and pull for the people to get clean and sober, but the whole Kari Ann returns fiasco has left a sour taste in our mouths. We’ve lost respect for Dr. Drew and Bob–they should have known better, and if it was a producer driven decision, they should have pulled the plug on the show. It’s about the residents’ rehab, not ratings, or else what is the point? If Drew really wanted to help Kari Ann, get in real psych treatment where there are no cameras.
    Kudos to Jenn (and to Shelly on Rehab) for the crap they take trying to help these people. We wish the residents the best, and hope they all beat their addictions.

  244. Marley says:

    Has anyone considered that Kari Ann Penache has BPD ???

  245. Kallie says:

    Is this show for the ratings or for the clients recovery? I really don’t know after the whole Kari Ann return once again. And does anyone else agree that on the latest episode when Bob went to Tom’s girlfriends apt. that it looked like his arm was tied off bit they tried to blurr it out?

  246. WhatThe Hell? says:

    Glad to see that Kari Ann’s attempt to return to Sober House was summarily rejected, particularly by Heidi. Even if Heidi didn’t express it in the most polite terms, I’m proud of her for expressing herself. Kari Ann obviously suffers from deep, complex psychological disorders and would be better served in intense, ongoing treatment, not in Sober House, where her presence jeopardizes everyone else’s recovery. As an aside, what IS Kari Ann’s fixation on juice? She talks about juice in every single episode and seems to be constantly asking others to bring her juice.

  247. Robin says:

    Kari Ann does have borderline personality disorder. I am a therapist and have watched her from the beginning. For those of you who do not know about personality disoders, just google it and you will understand. I also think Heidi has the same disorder. Kari Ann needs help but not from this show.

  248. Debbie Talada says:

    Kellie, I also saw the rubber tied on the arm. In fact it broke my heart as I’m really pulling for him. I did not even think they put that whole scene together well trying to cover it all up. Which recovery has to be about honesty. Where are the steps coming in play here. With out working the steps I personally can’t see a lot of recovery going to come out of all this over time. There is a lot of buzz on boards all over the net & it’s about the same stuff over an over. Someone asked do they get paid, without giving names, one received 200,000.00
    for 3 weeks in Cel. Rehab & 200.000.00 for sober house with is about the same length of time. On one side i understand why they get payed but as a recovery person myself, there is no amount of $$$$ to get one sober an clean nor can you buy either one. The only way to truly get it is WANT, HARD WORK, A HIGHER POWER, & everything in between. The band on the arm thing & play it off like we would not notice really created a creditability of the recovery process with me. Regardless I will continue to watch the show & pray they all stay clean.

  249. Scott says:

    Of all the patients, Jennie Ketcham is the most engaging and inspiring. She’s by far the most intelligent, genuine member of the group, and she’s clearly the most dedicated to her recovery. Why VH1 gives her one minute of airtime to every ten minutes they give that C-word Kari Ann is totally beyond me.

  250. neo says:

    Re Kallie’s Comment:

  251. scott says:

    heart broken crack head ho kari is not on show. no more fun to watch.
    all you pseudo professionals, this little hooker is not bi polar. she’s just a plain old ++`#!*^`%*)@~&($ head.
    whatever happened to monroe? maybe she can take kari into her stable

  252. jamie says:

    STILL, WILL MISS THAT LITTLE *&(!@#!`+%!@)^`(

  253. JANET says:


  254. BarbraJean says:

    Jen, I just wanted to say hey and it’s great to see you still in the sober mix. Also, you’ve lost some weight and you look healthier and you seem to be doing great. You know, the ups and downs happen but you seem to stand strong through it all.

    I think what Heidi stated to Kari Ann, regardless of Tom and that situation, had to be said by someone. I like Bob but he seems to not be the right guy for the position he’s in. But I think that Kari Ann desperately needs a mental health intervention coupled with a 30-90 day in-patient detox and rehab program. It is obvious to me that the situation that continues to play out with her is just going to keep repeating and repeating and repeating until someone notices that continually trying the SAME fix over and over isn’t working and something new needs to happen for her.

    I also want to say that I am really impressed with all the patients (I don’t like to call them a ‘cast’ because this is real-life, not a movie), putting up with cameras in their faces in the face of their worst appearances and personalities during detox and rehab. I sure couldn’t do it. I’d be hitting camera people too. Some can handle it better than others.

    The opiate withdrawals should not be equated with say meth recovery. Opiate recovery is much different and much harder and much more painful. It is worse on every level. And to have cameras there all the time, in your face would be extremely hard to live with.

    That’s it…..I’m babbling.

    Keep on doing the right thing and take care and I’m here if anyone needs an ear and not a mouthpiece.

    Peace and balance,


  255. Michelle Pierson says:

    I am a recovering addict and have been in more rehabs than I care to mention. I am also a huge fan of celebrity rehab/sober house but what goes on there is so unrealistic. I understand it’s about ratings but when one of these celebs ends up dead because of their disease Dr. Drew may wish he had put their recovery first. Jennifer is a joke and wouldn’t survive in a real recovery house for one day. (never let them make you cry Jen)If she simply took Kari anne to the side and set her straight on who was in charge from the start it would have been a different dynamic- KA is nothing w/o an audience. Bob is the only one in touch with reality and I’m sure he is embarrassed at times to be ~_@+`+!*@@+&%~+ ociated with this bunch. Going to bars, even after years of recovery, is setting these addicts up for failure. 25 years of addiction, 3 years in the penitentiary, 3 1/2 years clean, brand new human services degree—- give me Jen’s job! People will watch people get better and be entertained. call me dr. drew!

  256. michelle says:

    i pray 4 all of them . been there done that it’s gonna be harder because their around more. but they can do it only if they want it stay strong

  257. danielle says:


  258. AnnaMarie says:

    kari ann knew bad behavior not getting up to be with group verbal abuse of patients and staff would eventually get her kicked out thereby giving her the excuse she needs to use it is not uncommon for patients to sabotage their own recovery but they often need to blame others for their drug use she knew she knew

  259. neo says:

    yo danielle…sober up before you post.
    Go heidi…just love that a convicted madam bi!tch slaps the crack head ho kari.
    Kari, how does it feel when druggies, drunks, convicted felons feel you are beneath them.
    drew sold his soul. karma sucks drew.

  260. NEO says:


  261. jgm48 says:

    Let’s face it, if this were a normal drug Rehab most of these narcissistic, self indulgent clowns would’ve been out long ago. “I need juice”! Give me a break. Can you imagine being at Hazelden or The Betty Ford Clinic and telling the Counselor that you need juice to get out of bed and then proceed to throw a profanity laced tantrum when you don’t get your way.
    It may make for good TV but Dr. Drew is not helping these addicts one bit. Humility is a big part of the program which is why Rehab Centers require all participants to do daily chores, attend sessions and most importantly, be on time for everything and show the fellow addicts respect. To do otherwise is akin to enabling their sick, addictive behavior.
    Truth is, Kari Ann wouldn’t of lasted 2 days in Rehab with her erratic behavior, constant relapses and disrespectful treatment of others. I think that rigid rules and a structured environment are even more essential to these celebs who are used to being pampered and indulged without ever really having to earn anyone’s respect. To continue to feed their narcissistic whims is to tell them that “it’s OK to act the way you’ve been acting.” Coming and going to-and-from rehab or sober living every time you get upset is NEVER tolerated in the real world because it jeopardizes everyone’s sobriety.
    If Dr. Drew truly wants to help these clowns then he needs to insist on humility and respect from each towards each other and towards the staff, which represents authority. I sympathize with Kari Ann but truth be told, she should be in a very structured, clinical environment because her behavior would never be tolerated in a real rehab setting or especially in a sober living environment. How can you expect her to function there when she never even made it out of rehab successfully with changed behavior and a good set of coping mechanisms.
    My only question is “which one will die first”?

  262. roxy h. says:

    get that `*&(_@!^@$!_&&_`$ kari ann off the show before she dicombobulates everyones progress. that `*&(_@!^@$!_&&_`$ needs help fast.

  263. Bruce says:

    You know what . . . all these people are garbage.
    The addicts, Dr. Drew and the concept of this show are so arrogant and insulting to the whole issue of addiction. There are so many people in real crisis and jeopardy without the means for help or anyone to help them.
    America wake up, can you imagine how much good could be done with the resources wasted on these people, some of whom presenting addictions is that are probably symptoms of some very serious mental issues that are physically based.
    Do you know why there aren’t any commercials or public service ads for drug abuse related efforts?

  264. Emmaline says:

    This latest episode (with all the physical bullying) makes me wonder why these people are even OUT OF REHAB. I’ve never seen such a chaotic, violent rehab halfway-house environment in my life; how could anyone get/stay well there, or even motivated? I like Jenn but I don’t think she’s any where near qualified yet to run this group. They need Bob running the group or even Will. Dr. Drew said earlier, “If you see me at Sober House, someone needs CPR.” Well, Doc, this Sober House needs CPR. Where the h-e-double hockey sticks are you? This “house” is falling apart pretty fast. It’s definitely a Code Blue, Dude.

  265. Gene E/alcholic/addict says:

    please,please will somebody stand up and tell these people,that are just people .like you and me.Until they get humble and realize the world doesnt revovle around them they will never have long term soberity.I had 9 years clean and sober,i worked with inmates on recovery behind bars,i worked on anger management with inmates,i was ^&+`)%@~++(#&_& it house manager at a sober half way house.The moment I forgot were i came from i relapsed.It took me two and half years to find my weay back.I have 8 months , thank god.One day at a time.I really think the people on this show need someone with a simple approach to this.To have patience and understanding of what its like to be addicted to anything and everything.It seem like the staff is challenged by the residents and wants confrontation.You have to have rules but also they are adults .If you treat people like spoiled children thats what you get.This all just my opion.So thats all for now.I would love a chance to work in this envioroment.

  266. Debbie Talada says:

    OMG Recovery or not everyone has a breaking point & Heidi needs to back off like I’ve said before work a friggin PROGRAM FOLKS. Tom has tryed so hard to get his life back as he says, Yes he has left but came back clean an continued to grow. I will finally use the word I have thought for along time that describes Heidi JEALOUSY, which is one of the big triggers, along with misery loves company.
    I agree a lot of what Gene E/alcholic/addict
    Good stuff there.
    And Mike well, he don’t even try to get out of his own way to grow. Sobriety is not about just being clean & Dry, It is a way of life, which takes a lot of work.
    And Jenn, right, wrong or indifferent You can only offer to them the sad thing is you can’t make them want it. This stuff would never go in any recovery place I no of. How disruptive to all those who want it… It is only by the Grace of a higher power that everyone of you have not relapsed.

  267. Maria says:

    Heidi is a joke. She is a used up ? who had her day. She looks like crap all the time. Who would have her? Today she just had to push Tom’s buttons.She showed how evil she really is. She is the one with the problems. Tom moved on and she is upset that he has. She was left at the side of the road. Heidi needs to move on and get a life.
    Mike is sick and I think that he needs more help then what he is getting. I wish him luck with his recovery. He has a long hard road ahead.

  268. msjings says:

    First, Its been obvious from the start that Heidi is still hung up on Tom. She was clearly excited to see him, all was well..til the girlfriend popped up.Then the claws came out. Now, again, on sober house shes repeating the same pattern. Her jealousy gets the better of her and she gets vicious.Considering their history,if anyone were really interested in Tom or Heidi’s recovery they’d have never put them in the house together.Then again…it promises drama! Also, Heidi has been given 2 passes for bailing & doing drugs now. WTF? That combined with being allowed to attack Tom for whatever reason shouldn’t be tolerated. I truly wished I could reach through the screen and wring her neck for stepping in tonight(right after testing + for drugs) and pushing the button that set Tom off once again. Its as if shes only there to be around him or to torment him when shes jealous. Nevertheless, its affecting his recovery.I truly enjoyed watching him as an actor and hope that somehow he’ll find the strength to beat his addictions.RDJ is proof that it can be done.BTW..I totally saw the band around his arm & was waiting for Bob to say something about it but he just acted as tho it wasn’t there.It was there. And it happened right after he was attacked by Heidi and left group. She wants him to fail. And it looks like he will if she doesn’t leave.

  269. Compassionate & Concerned says:

    Kari… needs a 7 day detox program and then a one year program that is in a lock down facility for co-occurring or dual diagnosis treatment of her mental health issues, sex addiction, meth addiction, and severe low self-esteem. Then she needs to move into a transitional home where they have recovery oriented activities. She is from Oregon and there are great programs there for her. After hitting the camera man, the best thing they could have done for her is send her to jail to get her clean and have someone work in her behalf to get her true help.

    As for some of the comments people post… it doesn’t do any good to judge and verbally abuse any of these people…

    as for the recent human services graduate…. hahaha did they teach you in your educational program to talk like that about others in the same field as you state you are in? I am educated in this field specifically and I can guarantee that I am in no place to judge Jenn and neither are you as she has recovery, celebrity status, and can relate to the house participants in ways you cannot. You would not be interested in helping these people but making a name for yourself. Good luck.

  270. tp says:

    Heidi is so obviously still in love with Tom.After she saw his gf on the last show, she flipped out. And after she felt he flirted with KA ,she lashed out yet again. I did see the band on Toms arm, also thought it odd that Bob didn’t mention it at all. Pretty sure that was after Heidi had taunted him into leaving and noone said anything to shut her up or stop him from leaving. She has bailed and come back 2xs, tested + for drugs and only impeeds Tom’s recovery. The way she ran downstairs to push his buttons just at the right momkent tonight made me so angry. If she can’t have Tom, shes gonna make sure he fails at sobriety by pushing his buttons and setting him off over and over again. She needs to leave. She sux. He doesn’t. And about Kari Ann.. She never won the Miss Teen USA pageant,she won some knock-off of no importance. Trust, she’d have never won a reputable _))&)#_#^(~+~^( le. there’s a real interview in Miss Teen USA and she’d have been kicked out within 2 minutes of opening her crazy , ignorant mouth.You see, winning the national pageant requires that one wins her state pageant first, and any reputable pageant would’ve picked up on her psychosis and ditched her long before sending her on to compete nationally.And the idea that she’d have ever been capable of winning Miss Teen USA is laughable.Shes far to paranoid to stand alone in front of a panel of judges and have them ask her questions for 10 minutes. “GO GET ME SOME JUICE”, “What are you looking at fat a** B*****” ,wouldn’t likely go over too well. There are thousands of tacky pageants and winning them is usually no big fete. Which leads me to this question..If the photos of her and McSteamy & wife came out after her being on celebrity rehab, then what qualified her to be a “celebrity” rehab-er? Miss USA Teen (or whatever its called) does not a celebrity make. Who the hell is she and why does she or anyone else think shes a celebrity?LMAO what a joke.

  271. Danderu says:

    What a sad sight last night’s show was. What’s going on is wrong on so many levels it’s almost impossible to list them. The house is out of control, sorry Jenn and Will. I realize we’re only seeing 45 minutes out of 12-24 hours, but what we see is drama, confrontation, sniping, jealousy, etc. It may make good TV, but it’s terrible recovery, and I thought that’s what the show is about–people’s recovery.
    Tom and Heidi should not be in the same house. Mike should be in a secure unit and examined for a mental disorder. Tom should not be allowed to berate Mike–intervention was called for immediately; Heidi should have been locked in her room pending Drew’s arrival; Dennis should have been made to rewrite his “essay;” residents should be tested immediately upon arriving from anywhere; confrontations such as Tom’s and Mike’s should have been done in group–it wasn’t that Tom was wrong to call Mike out, but do it in a safer environment.
    I’ve worked in psych units, and you do not allow confrontations, let alone allow someone to scream into another’s face. You don’t allow antagonists on the same unit. Actions have consequences; rules must be strictly enforced.
    Drew may have a heart of compassion, but one look at this train wreck of a sober house and I can only conclude that ratings win over recovery. He needs to do a lot of soul searching himself.

  272. T. Spain says:

    This “show” is very disappointing. Why continue to foster the shame based moral postering ideas the general public continue to believe? This is a progressive, chronic disease. Patients need be educated about the progression of their illness. Talking about feelings at this junture does nothing, they need to understand the physiological causes behind the feelings.
    I agree why set boundaries then continually allow them to be broken. This disease doesn’t waffle, Sober is the wrong word for this house.

  273. Angela says:

    I am so tired of hearing people say that Kari Ann has BPD. Maybe she does but her biggest problem is that she is a spoiled little girl, who’s looks have always gotten her what she wanted. She is going to have a rude awakening in a few years when her looks where off and she’s all alone because she burned all her bridges and treated people like she was above them. I am a recovering addict so I have walked down this same path and drugs do make you act like you normally wouldn’t but that is not Kari Ann’s only problem. Her biggest problem is she is just a ((^+^+$+($&%%)(^%

  274. Donna M says:

    This is for MIKE STAR. We love you Mike, we know you can get better (at your own pace, your own time), Its not easy, its so worth it, You are such a genuine kind man, yeah you can be a little shaky around the camera crew but its very clear to see you are a really great guy who has so much living to do. I pray for your recovery every night before bed. I am a single mom of one beautiful daughter. My daughter has a rare type of cancer called Neurofibromatosis. NF type 1. Not good, shes fighting to be healthy. think about that next time you want to get high. These kids fighting for their lives, sick by no choice. I use to joke with anyone who would listen to me, that i would make a great drug addict, because of all the crap i go through. (joke), I do know from experience what it feels like to kick perks and suboxone. that drug is evil and man what a horrible kick it is but ive been clean a while now and have no desire thank the LOrd, I go to church on sunday and bible study on wed night. I feel the Lord will keep us strong. Go to him Mike, He will help you. Im very sure. Be strong. We have faith in you, we love you Mike.

    God loves you too.
    best of luck
    Donna M (BOSTON MASS,)

  275. connie says:

    hi my son and was on drug really bad now he not on drug he be clean for 4 yrs

  276. mark says:

    I hope and pray that each and everyone of them conquer there demons i was a meth addict for over 20years, I have been clean and sober for 12years and i hope the best for all of them. It a long and hard road but it can be done

  277. tuvslyke says:

    Kudos to jgm 48: Soberhouse=safehouse. This is clearly not the case. Physical and verbal abuse is rampant here, and adverse to anyones recovery. Heidi is just as guilty of abuse as anyone else who uses physical threats. She clearly knows where the lines are drawn and uses her weapon of choice to cut people. Survival skills, one and all. Not intending to single out, am stupified no one has mentioned it, is all. I love the show, and indeed, that is first and foremost what soberhouse is. That being said, I watch this show and glean what I can from it, discard the rest – which is perhaps what should be done with these prima-donnas.

  278. Cathy says:

    I think Kari Ann has a lot of issues that this show cannot address. I hope she finds the help she needs. This most recent episode was a rather strange one….Heidi – I was pulling for her at one time, but I think she’s become too cruel to Tom. Lots of drama here!

  279. mla500 says:

    Mike is truly brain damaged. His flat affect, inappropriate social skills and delayed processing indicate irreversible organic damage. Tom, on the other hand, still has time. He has anger management issues that can be treated with CBT and long term therapy….IF he stays sober and on track. Tom is just a classic KING BABY at the moment and very labile which is to be expected this early in recovery. Thank God that KariAnn is gone for now. I truly hope that she receives the help for her severe Borderline Personality Disorder. She is so very, very ill and has absolutely no insight into her pathology. She is truly a difficult case…and has no business on tv….needs to take her VH1 earnings and check into intensive in-patient treatment for years…and then maybe????there would be a slight glimmer of hope. Such a very sick individual.

  280. Michael says:

    Jenn, I watch your show and I think that you are a lifesaving miracle that I both admire and respect. My brother died 20 years ago from a herion overdose and I wish he could have met someone like you . I miss him everyday and watching you do such a tough job it makes me realize how hard this disease is to deal with every day. I would love to meet you and tell you that there are people out there who you help just by providing a window to your dedication and inspiration. Thank You

  281. jc says:

    has drew completely lost his cred yet? hope so. first he tried to make money as a love/relationship expert (remember that anyone?) and failing that, he falls on the idea to find sick and broke “celebrities” to go on camera with their illness. cute.
    kari uses and is brought back.
    heidi uses and in his call with jen (another nut) states she has to go elsewhere…why? because she won’t take her top off?

  282. Candace Ventra, CADC II says:

    I can’t believe I am watching a so-called professional organization break confidentiality laws left and right! The lame “house Manager” who is in need of serious training in how to manage a sober living, tests a client who comes up positive for 3 drugs and she walks down to the common area and tells all the other clients she is dirty and with what drugs!!! a blantent breach of the Federal Confidentiality Laws not to mention she claims she is worried this relapse will trigger the whoile house yet SHE is the one spreading the wildfire by telling everyone the drugs etc. That triggered alot of people it was obvious in their body language. The house manager has serious control issues, says it is not her job to keep people from walking away yet at the end she tells Sizemore “I get it” and puts her arms around him and says “I’m going to take care of this” doing the very thing she said “is not her job” when he wanted to leave over his cell phone. And tell her to put a bra on…she is too top heavy to go bra-less and hug the men to her chest…not to mention unprofessional. She needs to be a role-mnodel for others yet she gossips and has no clue how to treat the clients like adults instead of her “flock”. Dr. Drew, I am seriously disappointed in you that you chose a so-called celebrity over a professional to run your SLE.

  283. david p says:

    This show isn’t about recovery, it is exploitation for entertainment and profit. These people are in a life or death crossroad. They are standing at the turning point.

    Two requirements are needed to start the process of recovery. The person must have reached some type of “bottom”, and ego deflation AT DEPTH. We reach bottom only when we stop digging, and often that is six feet under. But these “celebrities” stand no chance as long as they feel entitled, different, better, etc. than us common folk.

    THE legacy 12 step program only works if we work it. Rarely have we seen a person fail that has thoroughly followed our path. Bill W. reflected that he would have not used “rarely” if he had to do over.

    Sadly, I see comments of how 12 step programs don’t work. There are MILLIONS of people that are proof that they do work, one day at a time. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of THE legacy 12 step program. Being beamed into millions of households hardly fits that requirement.

    Recovery that works evolved from the Four Absolutes. Absolute HONESTY, Absolute UNSELFISHNESS, Absolute PURITY, and Absolute LOVE. By that measure alone, there is little evidence that SURRENDER has occurred.

    Call the show “Sober House”, but there is NO SOBRIETY.

    All I can do for those still in turmoil is pray they decide that recovery is the most important thing in their lives, and is a life or death decision.

  284. Candace V says:

    I just read what the gal said about “judging” people in our field…humm we are bound by CAADAC to report anyone working in this field who is unprofessional or “doing Harm”. This isn’t about don’t speak ill of a peer but about saving lives and I don’t need to be able to “RELATE” like a celebrity cuz this disease doesn’t give a damn who you are where you’ve been how much you used!!! I can relate because I am a recovering addict with over 16 years clean from a 25 year heroin addiction. Thats where the compassion and empathy comes in… not Hey look at us we were famous until drugs…this isn’t we need help because we’re famous although that mentality is a tx issue it is secondary to the disease. I imagine they had addiction issues before they were “famous”. Thats why we work hand and hand with Psyches etc. because we do not know if it is a drug induced psychosis or organic damage due to sub abuse or if the mental heaslth issues came before the disease and PT> are using to manage their MH issues…basically, did the egg come before the chicken. And Remember TX is not 12 step retoric. The 12-steps are support and aftercare…. It’s too bad that this disease is not being taken seriously…my son and his wife died of accidental overdoses in 2007 together. He had 3 years clean when he decided to relapse. I have extensive experience and education and I couldn’t “save” him…I have been broken ever since…I hate this damn disease…flirting with one yet has been more powerful than this disease…and I doubt anyone ever will…

  285. Emmaline says:

    I watched the latest episode again yesterday and what a train wreck! This is no Sober House. It should be called Drama House. Or Chaos House. Or Sittin’ ‘Round The Table And +!!)+#*(~%^%%*`)%# in’ and Smokin’ House. None of these people DO anything. Don’t they go to meetings? Aren’t they REQUIRED to go to meetings while in a halfway house? Also, please tell me the significance of Tom’s “bracelet” – what does that mean?? BTW, I think it was cruel of Drew to put Heidi and Tom in the same chaotic insane environment (Celebrity Rehab was more controlled) when they are trying to stay sober. This “Sober House” is a pathetic fake. I know this show was filmed earlier, right? If ANY of these people are still sober today on April 3 in real life, I’d be very surprised. No, I’d be stunned.

  286. Kesha says:

    Show is very interesting. Soooooo tired of the winers “Kendra”. Very proud of Tom, Heidi and Seth so far. Mike may need a bit more privacy right now. His frustration is understandable. If you aren’t grateful for the opportunity, leave. There are so many people who do not have this as an option. I see it must be mentally and emotionally challenging but the only person getting the benefit of this program is you. Give a “non celeb a chance, I bet they would appreciate it.

  287. Mom says:

    The house is a three ring circus.
    I hope that Jen can find a co-manager who has sober/clean time and an even temperament. Someone who will set clear boundaries and then follow through (without the seemingly gleeful delight in the failure of others).
    There is disfunction because the heart of the house is dysfunctional.
    Set the water mark by example. Be gracious despite circumstance. Be firm and clear. Stop wavering Jen!

  288. Candace Ventra, CADC II, DOT-SAP, DV Specialist, Relapse Preventionist (Gorski) says:

    Is anyone familiar with the HIPPA laws in your organization?? anyhow, Commenting on our peers in this field and reporting people who are detremental to clients is mandatory and required by CAADAC and NAADAC because as you (well maybe not) know our first rule of thumb is “DO NO HARM”. I believe constructive critisium is healthy because if someone who works in this field is not open to feedback? That scares me as we need to stay TEACHABLE…having a CADC or any other credential does not mean we are “well” or “cured” means we compl;eted our education and went on to pass our state written and oral exams. But, hands on is where the rubber hits the road.Thats why we are required to have 4,000 to 6,000 hours of hands-on experience in all 12-core functions with a working knowledge of the 46 global criterias of the 12 core functions in the 5 domains. Working knowledge of Relapse Prevention strategies, Domestic Violence and Parenting Without Violence is critical depending on the client’s exit/aftercare issues. We are mandated to take Ethics annually to stay qualified as AOD Counselors. It’s about time they folded mental health into/with substance abuse issues. The similarities are so close that addict/alcoholic is interchangeable with Domestic abuser/DV cycle; denial,I’m the victim, blaming, the honeymoon period with the tension-building and abuse stage. Treating addicts is just as tricky as the disease itself. If ongoing recovery is to happen in that SLE, you need someone who is not looking for validation from the clients, is not on a power trip, treats everyone the same and role-models her own recovery through positive behaviors. “Jennifer” would make a good “assistant house parent”… she is not ready for the responsibility of House Manager until she can confront in a firm but fair manner the clients, keep certain information to herself or at a House Meeting and stay teachable not to mention keep her hands off the clients. (She hugs them like their sponsor or best friend which are mixed messages)I wish these clients the best. Most clients tell me they feel the safest when being held accountable and there is consistent structure and reliable staff.

  289. Elizabeth Mathisen says:

    Truly some of these guys are not ready for sober living, they still need rehab.Heidi and tom shouldn’t even be in the same treatment facility. I feel bad for Jennifer i don’t know if she can handle all this bull . To many games going on.

  290. jc says:

    Again i ask, has drew lost his credibility? of course he has. i hope HIS celebrity and money soothe his conscience if he ever develops one.
    Jen…make more meetings…alot more meetings. just don’t see your recovery in evidence here. you are certainly not trained for this.
    still, the burden falls to drew who is trained. shame on you.

  291. Cathy says:

    I just read the best post from jgm48 on April 1st. I agree that to really recover these people need to have a little humility and gratitude. Watching the episode where they had to “God-forbid” work one day outside their comfort zone was sad yet laughable.

    I’m routing for them, but they need to let go of their arrogance and realize we are all just people surviving on this planet.

    I think a little anger managment is needed, too. They don’t know how to deal in stressful situations.

    Live in the layers of life, not in the litter!!

  292. Kimberly says:

    latest episode when Bob went to Tom’s girlfriends apt. that it looked like his arm was tied off bit they tried to blurr it out?
    I too saw it but thought I was just “seeing things” even though I pressed the rewind on my remote and paused it…then they make him “blow” in this hand held device when he walzed in at 12:30 on the Curfew episode?? Why didn’t he pee in a cup like Mike Starr? If anyone is using or had the oportunity to use was Tom when he left the house. Bob had a very hard time waking Tom and herion users are just that…Knocked out.
    I love Dennis on the show…also agree that Kari is NOTHING but ratings with her crazy mean behavior. She’s just a “C” in my book and I don’t use that word on many women. Heidi and Toms past…Well in my opinion I do not think they should be with in 500 feet of one another.

  293. Janey49 says:

    Dear Tom;

    Maybe you don’t think things can be okay! They can, just
    keep it simple! You are a wonderful person, actor, with so
    much personality. I can see your tenderness and pain. Tom
    I don’t know you but and pulling for you. I would love to
    see you return to acting where you shine! Please realize many people whom don’t even know you are routing for you! Take it slow and easy it will work out just give it time and
    you will heal and life will be worth everything!

  294. Trish says:

    To Tom S. Look at tha way you go off at everyone, before you go off on Mike. i think your on a pitty trip to..just get over it and get on with getting better…Good luck Tom ..and to you all

  295. Hope says:

    4/4/10 Ok, so Tom is having a bit of a meltdown. Kari Ann should be in a rubber room, not a sober house. Poor Mike should be in a more clinical setting to make his severe detox more bearable and monitored better. And I know they need structure and consequences in the sober house, but honey, come on, that Jennifer Jiminez is a beeeoootttchh on a power trip. Just because she’s a recovering so-called celebrity, must she be the queen bee/”b” in this house where everyone’s recovery is so fragile? There’s got to be someone better, even if it happened to be someone who’s not a celebrity (I really don’t think she qualifies as one anyway.) Just MHO

  296. look it up says:

    This is just a tv show folks. It’s not a real sober house. Okay ? Their goal as a tv show is get the highest ratings possible, so they can charge more for their commercial time. That’s how it works. “show business”

    It is an entertaining show for sure. But we’d be fool to take it in any way seriously. I mean if these people really wanted to get sober they would go to a real rehab. Not one that is broadcast on television. I can see how they’d do it for the money though. We all need to get paid.

    And Tom Sizemore, the guy seems like he’s method acting, auditioning for his next role – “you ain’t no bad dude !” lol. seriously. some of the best acting I’ve seen from him to be honest.

  297. scott says:

    wake up all.
    mike is a terminal jerk with a drug addiction. that’s all.
    kari is a low rent hollywood wanna be. she is not bi polar.
    drew is a manipulator who has chosen to make millions by ditching his hypocratic oath.

  298. jamie says:

    tom…get a job acting. come up for an award and bring monroe to the oscars.
    now that i’d pay to see!
    (haven’t you noticed she’s a ghetto crack head ho?…no one will ever deny you really did hit bottom)

  299. suz says:

    Good luck gang. You should be commended…put EVERYTHING into this!!!

  300. Jackie says:

    Wow,none of the employed persons have any professional credentials?… that’s just plain wrong if they don’t, being a former addict doesn’t make them qualified at all. Just the blind leading the Blind… Is Dr. Drew really a licensed MD?

  301. Dena Sherman says:

    I was a patient of Dr. Drew in ’97 at PRC. I’m very pleased to see more substantive therapeutic help for the patients by Jenn the “house mom”. I would like to see a bit more, addressing how people newly sober (like myself… again) deal with people we must be around as a part daily life (Sober House), healthy ways to deal with cravings, the AA/NA program etc. By the way, why aren’t these folks going to meetings everyday? Thanks for bringing light to such a serious problem…………..

  302. chris says:


  303. CHRIS says:


  304. Debbie Talada says:

    Well I have thought a few more days on this since last show. From the beginning I have asked an wondered where is the recovery programs here? Why are these people not talking the talk an walking the walk? I don’t ever hear recovery talk or other treating others as if they were in recovery. I got to say Tom did show compassion then got blasted for it. I bet BILL W. is turning over in his grave. If I knew I needed to get sober/clean an watched this show, in a sick mind I would say to myself GEEEES AND I THINK I HAVE ISSUES, An then go on mt way. Thank God I know real recovery. Also, it is very misleading to go out an find real sick ex famous people, offer them big bucks ($200,000,000) for every 3 weeks in programs that place them on TV to be exploit them for self gratification an or financial gain. Tom is the only one I have seen who has really battled an tried. Recovery an relapse is a very serious issue. Sober House is totally out of control. How many will have to die out there is what I would like to no, before this show gets it!

  305. jolita says:

    Hey- It’s so late that I should be sleeping but I cannot…. to many reasons. One-Ilike you show but I think it is to late. It is very important to me and I think to other people too . But this show is repeated on Thuesday till… It’s not fare to people how is trying to be sober … Are you trying to get more people to treatments and get more benefits? I think it is not right. You should have you shows ( for a week) on Sunday from 5 PM. Besides that you should have people not just celeb.. I know I need treatment same treatment.

  306. Jason says:

    Tom didn’t you say Mike was psychotic?

  307. williamquietbear says:

    Geeeze Tom, you were almost a decent guy for a moment trying to encourage Mike that he could “make it” until you launched all of your misdirected anger at Heidi at Mike. You should be bounced out for threatening another patient with physical violence. In any real rehab/recovery center, these full of themselves pampered self-important celebrities would have been kicked out for gross violation of the rules; using alcohol, drugs, refusal to participate and criminal acts of violence. The most honest member of the group is the ex-Madam and she too broke her contract by “using.” Rent a clue, celebrities. What you do is not all that important in the real world. Now grow up and take some responsibility for yourself. Doctor Drew and Bob are enabling these losers and only Jen seems to understand sobriety requires honesty and action. BTW, I’m 35 years clean and sober without one single relapse. Anyone can make it. Not everyone will choose to make it. Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink.

  308. neo says:

    bring kari ann back as house manager! now that’s a show i’d watch!

  309. carol says:




  310. Justin says:

    This show is highly entertaining. And by the way, I’d like to see Tom Sizemore in more movies, not Rehab Reality BS. I didn’t even realize he had been out of acting until I saw this show last night. I’m thinking it puts a dent in any work he might do in the future. The rest of the cast… I’ve never even heard of.

  311. aggie says:


  312. heartman says:

    Are these “celebrities” really making 200,000,000 for being on Sober House?

  313. Debbie says:

    ok come on, Tom is a ticking time bomb,I thought he was a really nice guy and I felt bad for him because he kept getting hell from heidi.I thought he was gonna freak out on her, which he should, not Mike. Heidi and Tom should definately not be together at the same house. When Tom gets mad he gets really ugly. It’s all make believe. Heidi is such a ^#&_`^$@~_^%$@#*& when she found out Tom was broke that was it…She was all over him before. And why does Seth appear in every season…I wish them all luck with their recovery

  314. Emmaline says:

    Watching Tom and Heidi together, it is not difficult to see they have deep feelings for each other (and not all of them are angry feelings. Those two should be receiving counseling TOGETHER to resolve their anger at each other. If you hate someone, you are not “over” them unless you have no feelings left except, “Goodbye and have a good life.” They each threaten the other’s sobriety. So, hey you two – Tom and Heidi – if you can’t be friends, at least remember the love you once had for each other and use THAT emotion to wish your old partner good luck in their sobriety for the time being. Make a truce to put aside your bad feelings for now and just cope with your OWN work to stay sober. You two have shared some very bad times, but you shared some very good times, too, I would imagine, and use those feelings to wish the other a long-time recovery. If you were both SOBER when you met, you might have been able to have a good relationship. Your addictions got in the way of that. Hasn’t anyone ever said that to you two before? Don’t hate each other; hate the addictions that are killing you.

  315. Sara says:

    Heidi is such a waste of space. She is so very evil and I think she just is still trying to want people to care that she is important. She is NOT! I was in an abusive relationship for a long time and you move on in life. She is a terrible person to be messing with Tom Sizemore’s sobriety for her own petty reasons. My lord she is hideous looking.

  316. noname says:

    My heart felt love and prayers go out to all in the house. I am on my own with my strugle…just me and God. Sometimes He sees fit for me to hurt and I’m ok with that cause its time to grow. Growing hurts.Seeing you guys makes me hurt…and hurt for you. the show reminds me of what I came from. I turned on every thing and everyone for the high. I have been given another chance and so have you. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me stronger! Don’t give up…ever!

  317. allie says:

    RE: Trish Says:

    April 4th, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    To Tom S. Look at tha way you go off at everyone, before you go off on Mike. i think your on a pitty trip to..just get over it and get on with getting better…Good luck Tom ..and to you all

    the only reason he went off on mike, is cause heidi is so harsh on him. Its pretty obvious that he got mad at her, and took it out on mike. you really think he’d act like that towards heidi.? Nope, he cant. so hes sassy nd shiit to everyone else. get over it, their addicts, it happends.

  318. Doc_Martin says:

    WTF is wrong with bulldog?(Jen) She is a instigator and has absolutely no business being in the position she is in. She acts worse than the residents. I can plainly see she is immature and just flat out lies to make herself look like “the victim” I hope to God she gets fired before she derails one of these peoples sobriety. If I see her bulldog stare one more time I’ll puke. She can lose as much weight as she wants but there is no cure for ugly and she is one ugly woman inside and out.

  319. Don says:

    After nearly 25 years of being clean & sober, and 20 years working in the substance abuse field of practice as an addictions counselor and a clinical social worker all I can say regarding sober house is, RU Kidding me? Is that the best PRC and the “sober house” can offer. WOW…

  320. mm says:

    i hate jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!let will do it!!!!

  321. from one to another says:

    For Mike & Tom: Honest to $“()@__&#!~))%~ you guys GOTTA stay clean because this has got to be your last chance to LIVE. I’m probably fubar, but honest to God(or honest to myself), I’m pinning my hopes on you to make it. In bad/ugly times just remember how you felt about yourself when you used, and all the Hell that goes with worrying about your next fix–and where you’ll come up with the money this time. Remember? Keep that thought always. Alot of people are waiting to see how you all come out of this and when you stay sober, you give us all hope. AND REMEMBER there WAS a time in your life when you DIDN”T use, and you functioned fine. You weren’t born w/a needle in your arm ya know. Best wishes

  322. kariannfan says:

    i miss kari ann, she was so damn sexy-beautiful! i think guys tend to love her and women tend to hate her. but i think guys attraction to her is sort of like a moth to a flame, we know she will burn us up and chew us out, but that beautiful face and moody/sassy little personality of hers are just to much to resist. i also hope she gets beck into nude modeling, a body like hers should be shown off!

  323. Aaron T says:

    I have been through almost 20 years of addiction and I feel it is almost impossible to get a group of addicts to stay sober and to maintain to live sober, if not everyone is on the same page. One bad apple will ruin the whole group. These lives are more important then ratings on TV. Get rid of the ones dragging the others down. No Tolerance! God bless them and all the recovering addicts.

  324. Lara says:

    I’ve never commented on a tv show or blogged about anything really but I just watched the banana slapping episode of sober house & was appalled by Kendra’s behavior. She is a self-centered little snatch face. It was a trigger for Jenny. She explained that & asked them to stop. Kendra said she can’t read minds,. Well dumbass u didn’t have to. She told you. Saying it was her problem not yours was so rude and blatantly disrespectful especially as a fellow sex addict. Remember ur and KariAnne’s issue? How flippin selfish and inconsiderate… just cuz you wanted to flirt with Seth and slap him and be slapped by him with a flippin banana peel. How do you not get that what you were doing was sexual. It was blatantly sexual. By calling her rude & disrespectful by being super stoked to go to a waterfall was beyond hypocritical. So what if she was annoying about it? Your complaint about that was a flippin joke. You were beyond disrespectful. And your +%&^~%@&&(%~&(__& y little attitude at the waterfall, even before Jenny got into it with you, made me want to reach through the screen and slap you. Shut up and sit there and let other people enjoy themselves instead of ceaselessly whining about how stupid it is. You looked so disgusted… about your housemates enjoying rock climbing. God, do you enjoy anything besides staying in bed all day, boning, & smoking? I woulda called you KariAnne too. Except you’re worse than her because she’s got a mental illness… obviously. You don’t. You consciously disrespected her trigger and consciously decided to be a negative nancy and spread your misery to your housemates on their adventure. Have you worked out or done a sport a single day in your life? No one likes people who pull that %@%)`!_(&)!+_!)~ who are so inconsiderate, and who are so boring… no matter how hot you are. Being kind, understanding and adventurous is attractive. I love Jenny because she embodies this and I’ve thought so even before this episode. Her attitude is so positive and outgoing with an awesome smile and bright eyes. She’s also a visibly caring person. I also just wanted to say that the house leader Jennifer is awesome. I couldn’t deal with people that treated me so horribly. From Seth +%&^~%@&&(%~&(__& ing and being totally disrespectful (like a baby) about taking out the garbage, to Mike calling you horrible names and smoking in the house, to Dennis who has said straight up that he wants to push you to see how crazy you’ll get. You never did and I really hope all of these people appreciate you as much as you deserve. You truly are an angel. Sincerely, Lara

  325. Gail says:

    Dr. Drew seems to always be on the mens’ side when problems arise, except for when it was Kari Ann. (Sex addict, meth addict and SERIOUS WHACKO.) All the s–t that she put everyone else through, and Dr. Drew was always patting her hiney. I also think Tom Sizemore,and Mike should have had their arces booted LONG ago. They act like 2 yr. olds. I think Heidi has shown more maturity then any ONE of the GUYS in the house.

  326. tiny says:

    Yes folks rehab is this crazy! Alcoholics and drug addicts are not normal people, we have a disorder its called addiction. The craziness you see on SH is for real these folks are selfish and only think of themselves..Tom/Heidi you 2 need to be as far away from one another as you can get. Jennifer you may be sober/clean but your no pro at dealing with sick people.

  327. Craig says:

    I would really like to meet Kari Ann….I think I could be a good friend to her and help her out. Is there a way to get a hold of her??

  328. RAFreitas says:

    This is the first time I have commented publicly on Anything! Tom I feel for you, what is bothering me is how Heidi treats Tom. She keeps accusing him of abuse, and believe me, I KNOW it’s not right, but my gut tells me she provoked him. I saw it happen to a family member, he was provoked (I am not condoning the behavior) but she needs to be held accountable too!

  329. noel wedder says:


    I believe Tom Sizemore is a superb actor. Very, very believable. I have followed his career for some time now.

    That said you might ask Tom why he felt the need to lie about his Detroit background. He was not a ‘ghetto’ child.
    His background (according to his bio) is upper middle class. His father was/is a lawyer/psychologist; his mother an omsbudsman (sp?).

    I hope to god he gets straight and can live the life he has always wanted.


  330. grandma says:

    OK, let me see if I’ve got this right…All I have to do is get high on some drug – be a ho or madam for awhile, drink a few drinks and I get to go to a beautiful home in sunny Cal and the wonderful weather of LA. Sit around in a hot tub with a bunch of pierced up tatooed has-beens and listen to them whine while sitting around looking at a breathtaking view lounging in a hot tub or pool. Bring it on. Meanwhile I am a 61 year old grandmother who is so stressed out from taking care of a recovering addict/alcoholic in a modest, run down midwest home in the middle of winter, with a daughter who being teated for menatl health issues who has lost her children (my beloved grandchildren) to their controlling, 32 year old father and his pregnant teenage wife. I can’t be “addicted” because no one would put up with it – they expect me to “DEAL” – so ya bring it on. I can’t afford my dental insurance anymore, so I guess being on meth or smack lets you get beautiful veneers to go with grotesque tatoos and piercings – I’ll do it for a month, you stupid (and in your words from a 61 year old) f***ing, blue b***, imature b****es and pr***s. I could use the break before I lose my mind here Hey Dr. Drew for half the money you spend on these idiots I could fix up my home and get my teeth fixed and afford decent mental health care for my child. Please, give me a break. You stupid people. Send them to me, I’ll give them a dose of reality TV. And that includes you too Jennifer – get some balls or get out – oh ya, you don’t want to leave that nice life either, do you? Put on another slut outfit with your boobs hanging out and you stay on the show no matter what.

  331. susan says:

    These people are the worst addicts I have ever seen in Dr. Drew’s show. Disprectful, rude, psyochitc ( especially mike) and babies. They can’t do any chores? An important factor not introduced to this series is addiction is only part of their problem. There is a mental issue which is what has driven them to this state of being – for example, bi-polar. It’s all about self medicating.

  332. jeanne says:

    Ok i never post on this but just watching this episode..first and most ridiculous what is up with Jennifer tongue coming in and out and she is not a good sober coach to have watching that house, she is rude and flippant and plays favorites get rid of her. Heidi who i personally knew when she was young living at home trying to get girls to be hookers, i narked on her to some parents of girls she was trying to take down..i never told anyone when she was arrested, but that scum was a scum before she was on drugs does not care for anyone..i watched her feed young girls drugs to @+%@)%)@^%)@+*~` them up to get to be hookers..she use to call and harrass me, until i called in a favor and never heard from her again. I hope she can admit to herself one day all the bad things she did, find you believe in prostitution but she pimped drugs to them as well to mess them up for her own money making ways..confess and forgive liar she is. tom what has happened to you..i hope you get cleaned up. heidi should be kicked out for all her harrassing to him. later and god bless…i finally just wanted people to know how evil she was back in the day.

  333. Debbie Talada says:

    Jenny calling Kendra–Kari Ann, Was that really in a script or another moment of insanity? There is a fine example of NOT working the steps all 12 of them. Ok well trying out the 13th step with Jenny climbing on Shifty as he was laying on couch was ok but, Jenny had flashback to past from slapping another with a banana skin. “Jealousy” is my word not flashback. ROTFLMAO… Just another day of sobriety in paradise of the wanna be rich & famous again. I hope & pray that all of you find the true sober houses called AA/NA meetings where all walks of people in life come together work harder than ever before to get there real life back just for themselves not for Tv $$$$$$$ fame ect.

  334. Emmaline says:

    If Sober House 2 is helping any of these people, I just can’t see it. Except for Dennis. Dennis and Will should be running the place. LOL. Kendra: WHY did you go on the waterfall trip, anyway? You were in a foul mood and should have stayed back with the other losers who would NEVER seek out a natural high over a chemical one. Jennie The Porn Girl was like a happy little bird, chirping and excited and you were just MEAN to her. It was a healthy excursion to have fun, and all who went DID have fun except you. You were such a brat. Free advice: When you’re in a bad mood, stay in your room. Jenn G. is NOT a good house manager, though, too erratic and emotionally labile. Don’t get me wrong, I like her; this just isn’t her cup of tea. Dennis is the ONLY ONE who I think (and maybe Porn Girl) has a snowball’s chance in hell of coming out on top. I think Dennis should start his OWN REHAB FACILITY. He has a kind heart and more common sense than ANYONE ELSE in the place. Next episode, it looks like Dr. Drew goes after him. HUH? The whole place is blowing up around Drew and he’s focused on Dennis? Dr. Drew: you need to go back to the drawing board on addiction rehabilitation and halfway houses. Or else you need to be at SH every day to ride shotgun. This group effort at sobriety is so poorly run and dysfunctional, it’s actually stunning.

  335. Yolande Sullivan says:

    I have been sober for a number of years and if I had to deal with Jennifer I would still be using. She is not posative or supportive. She just stands back stirs the pot and waits for it to boil over.

  336. Karen Glancy says:

    25 years sober…6 weeks in treatment…lots of AA. This show is seriously disturbing. I see no sobriety. Most of the people should have been kicked out long ago. Jen has too little sobriety to put up with the abuse heaped on her. Addicts need tough love not pampering. I am disappointed in Dr. Drew.

  337. donkey says:

    So let me get this straight: men and women together? Two people with a history of !^+%%+!~$#~)@^& ault on each other in the same place? Shifty just walks into a sober house with no treatment (again). Heidi uses and gets to stay. Mike !^+%%+!~$#~)@^& aults people and stays? I think Dr. Drew needs to get help for his ego addiction. He is an embarrassment to recovery. These situations would never be allowed in the real world. Oh yea. One rule was that they had to get a job. But hey they didn’t want to work. So they don’t have to.

  338. Dan says:

    We are really rooting for Tom Seizmore, he really appears to want it this time. Sometimes you need to hit bottom before you bounce back.
    If Heidi F. would get off the battering thing, whether it happened or not MOVE ON!! thats all she ever does is figure out how to sabatoge Tom. He’s clearly the better man.
    Don’t you think they should talk more about recovery like going to AA meetings? Dr. Drew is a JOKE

  339. carrie says:

    you guys can do it. i was an addict for years and know what it is liketo go through recovery. you guys have people out here that are rooting for you i believe in you. A little tip from me, if you ever in a situation where you feel like you might slip, think about using, or whatever, just stop where you are at and PRAY. PRAY till the urge is over. i do it many times in grocery stores, malls, i even pull over on side of the road and pray if i am driving. who cares who is watching, cause in reality you are doing this for yourself. Being sober is so much better than using. I am pulling for all of you LoVe carrie

  340. neo says:

    they are not going to talk about 12 step meetings. one of the traditions of 12 step meetings is that you do not publicly align yourself with them. while drew is a a major joke, he is still affiliated with a REAL rehab center and will not violate a 12 step tradition.
    all these residents would have been expelled for varying reasons from any REAL TC except for jennie.
    so, sit back, enjoy the show and BRING KARI ANN THE CRACK HO BACK!!!

  341. mike says:

    I’ve watched this season very intently and care for all of you on the show. To see these addictions tear lives apart I don’t wish on anyone. My problem is what’s next. After the addiction you all look like there is an emptiness of what now. I hope you all will look spiritually within and open the door to Christ your creator who’s at your door heartbroke knocking, hoping you’ll open a relationship with him. He truly is the only one that can bring forever healing. Mike, Tom I’ve always looked up to you guys and would love to see God transform you. Just investigate for yourselves and see for yourselves. A good Bible taught church would be a place to start. I will pray for you all. God wants the best for you but not without him at the center.

  342. Michelle ballard says:

    To Tom Sizemore as I am watching Private Ryan I am amazed that you even let Heidi Fleiss even jeopardize your recovery! Get back to your old self, it’s there if you look! god bless you and your recovery!

  343. Rachel Feldman says:

    I wish all the best to all of these guys. .. well except Heidi.. I am just not sure there is much to redeem there… but that is why I am not God! Go Tom! We want to see you back on the screen .. and Dennis… ohhhhhhhh Dennis.. man of many fantasies in the 90′s… I think maybe you needed the good doc back then.. : )
    Good luck peeps..

  344. Gen says:

    I am a recovering codependent, and although you all may not think that it has any comparison to your addictions, it was just as detrimental in my life as yours have been to you. One thing I have learned is that pain and heartache are all relative. Some people can really hanlde a lot before they break…others are less tolerant. Believe that you are here for a reason and you are getting a 2nd 3rd or 4th…chance to live your destiny. I want to tell all of you how happy I am to see all of you trying to fix your addictions, because in the end you are the only ones who can. I hope the best for each one of you on your journey of recovery and thank you for being examples.

    Tom: Your doing great. Your behavior was unacceptable, but you took responsibility and apologized. Believe in yourself and you will get there.

    Heidi: Come on, leave Tom alone. You have every right to be angry for what happened to you, but don’t continue to beat him up over it. For your own sake, move on. You deserve to let it go and move on. I see the pain in you, I am sorry you have been so sad and alone, but in order to NOT be alone, you have to let people in. This leaves you vulnerable to getting hurt, but it will be necessaary for your recovery. Part of your recovery is to learn how to get hurt and not turn to drugs to make it feel better. You are a good person, you have something in there…I can see it. You can do this.

    Dennis: I heard you used to eat at the The Omlette Parlor in Newport Beach, on 17th. I used to frequent that place too. I lived there in Costs Mesa for 15 years. Sorry I missed you. I have read your autoboigraphy, followed your career, I loved to watch you. It may not mean much, but I am proud of you for admitting your addiction -it is the first step. Keep it up!

    Mike: Hunny! I just want to hug you. I’ve no idea in a million years what it must feel like to be coming off methodone, but as Drew discribes it, it must be horrible. I think you are doing really well, but you have to believe in yourself and that you deserve it. Alice in Chains was a great band, and the music was intrgral to my college life. The music will live on, and you have to move on. You are talented and you can move on and be successful. Believe in yourself.

    Kendra: I don’t know your story as well since I did not watch Sex Addiction, but I know a little about it. I believe, although not diagnosed, that my ex-husband has some sex addiction tendencies…he is a serial cheater. It broke my heart and perpetuated my codependent issues. You can do this too, you are worth it.

    Jen: Same for you, I don’t know as much of your story, but I want to say that I am proud of you for leaving the hot tub. You were very strong not to get caught up in it even thought it was a trigger for you. I’m not trying to act like I am anything, to say I am proud of you, but from one recovering addict to another, great job — I hope to always be as strong in the face of my trigger.

    Seth: I proud of you man. I have seen you on passed shows, and I think you are really serious about it this time. Keep up the great work.

    I just want to be encouraging to all of you and anyone else out there fighting your demons! God Bless and best wishes to everyone.

    Drew and Staff: Drew, I used to listen to you on Love Line back in the day! I encourage you to keep doing the good things you do for all the people you, and the Pasedena Recovery Center, help. I have close family, friends and myself who are recovering from substance abuse and other diseases such as codependence and sexual addiction or are still addicted to drugs and alcohol. Watching your show is inspiring…it helps me to know that I am not the only one and it helps me in my own recovery, because I am learning from the celebrties as they get through their recovery. Thank you.

  345. John says:

    This show is really a shame. I really agree with the negative statements towards Drew. I won’t call him anything but that — seriously a doctor? This is not right to do this to people that are dying of the disease of addition. It’s definitely doing the recovering community a disservice.

    I know it’s hollywood and all but this is on par with the national enquirer.

  346. Margo P says:

    Myself I think that if Heidi would leave Tom alone things would work much nicer for the whole house. I say this because I myself was a batter woman. I mean if she did not provoke him, tom would leave her alone. Thank you.

  347. neo says:

    drew sucks

  348. Mary says:

    I like Tom Sizemore and Dennis Rodman. Of the two, I think Dennis has his feet more on the ground and I like that he doesn’t get angry, fight, badmouth people or disrespect them as some of the others do. I think Tom is a wonderful person. He is very intelligent and was absolutely correct in his @)^@&&%&@__^(^( essment of Mike needing to be in a psyc ward instead of the Sober House. Tom should move away from California, get his head on straight and realize he CAN be successful again without drugs: all he needs to do is visualize himself as a “normal, capable, successful” individual and he will be able to BE that person. He’s strong!! He also needs to just “walk away” from the slut of a girlfriend he has, search for why he can be violent so he can stop that kind of behavior and channel his energies into a fully, happy, well-adjusted, and super successful person – visualize it; it will happen, Tom!!

    Also, Dr. Drew needs to get rid of Heidi slut Fleis: she sucks and has no other goal than to make everyone else as miserable as she looks and is. GET RID OF HER!! Send her back to that miserable place she lives – Pahrump!!

    The other person who needs to go is Kendra – she is a drama queen and has no intentions of stopping her lifestyle. Let her be the slut she made herself and quit babying her she doesn’t need it- she’s faking!!

  349. Nancy says:

    hey there Tom…you rock…love your acting performances…think you just need to find some peace of mind…something that has the same emotional effect as the drugs…but is completelty healthy..You seem to have a habit of hooking up with really trashy women(no offence)you are awesome and can do much better for yourself…
    think you just need some compassion and some time to get yourself strong….good luck to you…

  350. Emmaline says:

    Heidi yanks Tom’s chain because she is still so angry at him from her spousal abuse. And I have no doubt Tom abused Heidi. He loses control easily and becomes violent. I know violence; my father was a violent drunk. ANYTHING triggers violence in a violent addict. Enter Tom Sizemore. He STILL cannot admit he beat up Heidi and that is why Heidi is still furious. I don’t care if his conviction was overturned. You can see how quickly he loses control and becomes violent. I think he needs to acknowledge that. He can’t move on because he doesn’t concede he is violent and that he also has no impulse control.

    I hope he stays sober. I saw Blackhawk Down and Striking Distance again this weekend; he is a talented actor. But talented actors without control do not have much success. They always sabotage their recovery and become self-destructive.

    The question you need to ask yourself, Tom Sizemore, is why don’t you think you deserve to be successful and happy? You were on top of the world SOBER – what made you take that first step downward? A little voice in your head that said, “You don’t deserve this. Truck it up, Dude.”

    And then when God sent you those dear little boys, you looked at them and decided drugs were more attractive?
    Do you want them to grow up to be like Daddy? To be addicts when they’re the age you are now? That’s quite a legacy to give them.

  351. Neo says:

    Jens breakdown was cute. She srunched her face, covered it, sobbed, rocked back and forth and try as I might, could not detect even one tear. Next week looks good. Sham drew is going to lace into her for her behavior. Sorta like the pot calling the kettle black

  352. Amy says:

    I’m very sad with Dr. Drew’s decision to have Heidi and Tom in the same house. Anyone who has watched can see that they can’t be in the same room together and this affects them getting sober and staying this way. It’s a shame that VH1 is allowing this just for the show :(
    Tom…Heidi is a nasty hateful person. Don’t give her any more of your thoughts and time!

  353. Lil' K says:

    I have been watching Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab since it began. When sober house aired, I was excited to see the many addicts take a step forward on thier journey of recovery. I have seen, however, the insanity of addiction reer its ugly head time nad time again. Addiction is an insidious disease and no one who lives with it is ever safe from its reaches, no matter how much time one may have. I empathize with Jen, the house manager, but cannot fathom why an educated man like Dr. Drew would put her in charge of a group of addicts seeking a new way of life. I like her and respect that she is making efforts to stay clean but she is not far enough removed from her disease and hence the resident’s disease to deal with the problems that arise amongst the clients. I often see her participate in their insanity and even instigate it on occasion. I think that there needs to be a house manager that has no personal connection to any of these individuals and one who is more focued on recovery as a whole. Until that time, I do not think the residents will even have a real chance. I know a house full of addict can be challenging and I commend her for taking on the task. However, I also know there are many recovering addicts who are not celebrities that would serve better in that position… Just my thoughts!

  354. frankie says:

    Hey guys. Tom Sizemore. Your the man and one hell of an actor. I would love to see you make a great come back like Robert Downey. Your talent and acting skill will never go away so please stay strong and get back on the big screen. You have always been one of my favorite actors and looking forward to seeing you on the big screen again.

    Mike Star. I was actually at one of your fist big concert shows. Alice in Chains played as an opening act for Vanhalen. Remember Mike? At the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, NY. Well I was there and it was my first concert I ever went to. It was awesome and I remember you. Would love to see you get back on stage. Good bassists are to come by.

    Stay cool guys. Stay sober. I been clean off of Heroin/Cocaine for 6 years and 4 months now. I been there guys I know what its like. Take care

  355. Max says:

    Hang in there Tom your the only one worth saving, F#*& Heidi she’s no good.
    Good luck Were all pulling for you.

  356. Salisha says:

    To Tom Sizemore: We are really pulling for you. You have so much to live for. Treat yourself well, you deserve it.

  357. Michele says:

    Congrats to all of you. Keep in the fight and have faith. Tom keep going. Can’t wait to see you on the big screen again.

  358. Ben Scharf says:

    I would just like to say I have been around all sorts of recovery techniques for over 36 years and have witnessed all kinds of miracles and crap to be quite frank.The twelve step groups that I now really belong to after trying every other way conceivable don’t claim to have a monopoly on recovery.For me that is where I ended up and watching sober house I’m glad I never stuck it out trying to continue using psychologists, therapists and psychiatrist,individual and group therapy along with co-ed sober house’s. Number one there is a reason that they don’t exist in numbers like they used to. If they do they’re only in it for the money. When a individual first starts to get clean their feelings and desires come full surface like a end of a severed power line things start to wake up if you know what I mean. I really am, well no I’m not surprised that this all seems to turn out to be about money or ratings not actually caring about any of the so-called celebs. I first started watching this in hopes that it was a real recovery house concerned for every individual there and being it had celebs in it made it interesting to see how they would fare. After the first one and seeing how many times Steven was allowed to get away with what he was doing reassured that my thinking was right. That it was nothing more than a so-called doctor with an inflated ego that really just cares about the money or you would for one not put Jennifer into the situations that you have.Having to put up with spoiled kids, I have to say, Mike with the smoking in the house and walking out all slow like he’s some tough guy trying to show someone their not going to tell him what to do, Seth with the chores and than trying to make it look like he doesn’t mind doing everyone Else’s let alone his, come on man grow up. Tom letting the movies get to his head to the point where he really thinks he’s tough, drooling and spitting all over Mike calling him out to fight to maybe convince Mike and himself he still is tough or something and all because of some woman he supposedly beat up on got to him. Man there is no excuse for letting that behavior go on. Yes I take into consideration that they where at one time or another in a higher paying social bracket then some of us and looked upon as something more than the average human being because of that and their image was on a screen, but those who have been there, mine close to 38 years of alcoholism tied in with 28 of those a heroin addict and trying to quit by methadone for nine years of those 28 only to return back to a heroin and crack addiction at the same time giving up alcohol years earlier due to one too many D.T.’s have been through probably because we couldn’t get money legally always to support our habits had to live a little tougher life in that respect, There should be like the many sober houses I have been “No Violence” at all. No threatening bodily harm on another client or immediate termination of there stay. Also when you use in a real sober type house you don’t get to stay if anything you would have to at least go into treatment again before you could come back otherwise you are doing the very things that kills us alcoholics and addicts, co-signing what we call it. A form of co-dependency or better still enabling. And enabling kills addicts and alcoholics. Drew should know this if he has studied addiction at all. I have come to realize from not just my experience but witnessing countless attempts of staying clean and sober by hundreds that I know that if you want to be happy while clean and sober there is one thing for sure that has to be in the picture and that is finding a spiritual basis of life. I cannot believe these people are not going to meetings, not being encouraged to find someone who has experience in staying clean to sponsor, sort of speak, them and not practicing humility by the form that is above all forms for staying clean and sober and that is by giving back. See that is why 12 step groups are so successful because they offer all that at one place. Going to meetings allows you to experience that source of strength by being around others like ourselves(the herd instinct) sharing with each other in common peril is a powerful form of strength which tell an individual they are not a freak of nature that there is others who have done what they have done and maybe worse in a lot of cases. Then service work which is helping out at meetings making coffee or getting the doughnuts or cake and setting up for a meeting. These two things alone combined may seem too simple or incomprehensible to even fathom that it could help anyone in anyway but yet it helps millions. The meetings alone being able to gather with others who are just trying to do what we are doing which is just trying to make it another day without using. Then the inventory of oneself and the confession of that inventory of resentments the addict might have towards someone and finding out they had a part to play in it after all is a true freedom. That is time when the blame game is closing to an end. Then amends to people we have hurt and the best trying to help someone who is hurting like you once did is truly the biggest gift of all. These things are simply called humility,ego-deflation and service work to our fellow sufferers. Through all the years I wasted thinking that drugs were doing for me what I couldn’t for myself and I was going to find a way to use them successfully has only came to an end by getting out of myself and letting go of I, or Me. But watching sober house I don’t even see really anyone who is all tied up in “I” or them I should say like I said the way you try to keep people there that should be ousted leads me and countless others in the conclusion that it is the ratings or the contract you signed that you are truly concerned about otherwise you would not allow these people to kill themselves by letting them get away with what they do, the first sober house they’re going clubbing and to porn conventions instead of meetings or something similar. Number one you really have to want to get clean or make an attempt to also you shouldn’t have co-ed sober houses where their concentration is jilted by distracting bikini’s or banana slapping in a hot tub, come on now, at least have the respect of the jealous girl who said it was bothering her probably because Seth wasn’t slapping her with his banana, you noticed the next day she jumped on him to go to the waterfalls, that is just what I mean when I talk about distractions. Do you guys want to get clean or not. Quit fighting with eachother cause you just look like spoiled kids on this end and if you want to get high don’t waste someone time that maybe could be there that really wants to. Because you know what, this is a life or death thing and death is permanent. Life isn’t about you it is about what you can do for someone else. That is what it is suppose to be about..Get with the program drew Quit putting Jens sobriety on the line and then threaten to fire her because you are the one responsible for her losing her temper…The thing that I call living is just being satisfied knowing i got no one else to blame….Ben S

  359. Daneen says:

    Being a recovering addict (meth,and achohol)and haveing friends that r either in recovery or trying to find recovery or some way to become sober .I see some of them and my self in this seasons cast more so then the last. To Jen G please just give up and stop trying to control everyone and everything that is going on around you .You are not perfect nor r they .Just stop stressing yourself out over the minor details,like seth and the trash please just get off your but and do it your self.Quit kicking out everyone because they dont act or do what you want them to do.Remember everyones addiction is differant and they act what if they dont want to clean their room right now they have to live in it.Its like I tell my 15 yr old son If your not going to clean it then shut the damn door.worry about your self and mor major issues like Heidi constantly trying to sabatoge Toms sobritey because she is bitter and lonley .She knows she can drag him down ,because they lived together before,therfore she knows his triggers and you just let it happen.seperate them ,They do not need to learn to live as a couple any longer they have been seperated for 7 rs let it go keep her away from him .she is miserable and lashing out at him ,to make him feeel as miserable as her.She does not want to see him suceed or be happy because ,she is not any of these thhings .Honestly I truley see you slipping,and you seem to be jeprdizing our sobritity,by trying to control every aspect of everyone in that still act out as an addict by trying to control everything.maybe you have some underlying ocd issues you and Dr,drew need to explore.

  360. Terri says:

    Tom, every single week I just watch hoping that you do not give up. When you screamed “I’m fighting for my life” I sobbed. I can’t imagine what you are going through and having to have Heidi there to rejoice when she gets to you, it makes me angry to watch this. Know that you have many people rooting for you. You will once again have everything back, your house, your dreams, your career and mostly, your sobriety.

  361. J. Marencik says:

    This is the first year that I have watched Sober House with Jenn Gimenez as House Manager… As I’m watching this TV Show, I honestly do not think that Jenn is ready to take the Role as the House Manager. She is an agitator. These people are “trying” to kick their addiction and I believe that Jenn will inhibit them from becoming Sober. Jenn is not handling her job properly. I can see Jenn being the cause of some of the patients in the Sober House to go use. She needs to stop hounding. Example: When Mike didn’t want to clean his room at the moment that Jenn wanted him to. She should have told him ONCE that he has to clean his room before he leaves the House. And left it at that. Not get in his face. The Sober House is out of control. She needs help.

    I lived with my fiancés addiction for many years. I have learned what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Unfortunately, my fiancés addiction got the best of him.. He was killed in a car accident that he caused 2 years ago. With leaving 2 people injured.

    J. Marencik

  362. France says:

    I’m a therapist. Dr. Pinsky is fabulous. But I can’t begin to understand why so many staff – Jenn is the worst – are so quick to play into and even create power struggles. They are very poorly trained and have many apparently unresolved issues.

    I believe having people of this caliber badly short changes the clients, depriving them of the expertise they deserve. They’ve admittedly come looking for help. They don’t need staff playing out their power issues with them.

  363. sue greg says:

    Just viewed the most recent episode…I was director of emer services mental health…the house manager here should be fired. Her interactions with the patients exacerbates any problems. I’ve seen this repeatedly with non-trained personnel. I think Dr. Drew should have fired her from this position. I’m shocked that he reviewed the tapes and allowed her to remain in her position. She is not equipped to do this job.

  364. rmoore says:


  365. RMOORE says:


  366. Emmaline says:

    Ben Scharf: Dude, I nominate you to run Sober House 3. Your testimony was positively, may I say it? – sobering. And heartfelt. Not to mention how much truth oozed out of every pore.

    If I had the money, I’d have you run a (believable) non-profit rehab facility for me. God bless you, Ben Scharf. X0X0X

  367. susan says:

    Jen hang in girl the spoiled stuck up whatevers will see in the end you wanted the best for all of them our home and other in our circle love you and feel your pain even when Dr.Drew talked to you it was just shocking he should see the rest of the footage we all love you way to go

  368. Tina says:

    I’m glad to finally see Dr.Drew addressing Jenn Gimenez’s negativity towards the others in the house. I’m also glad to see Louisha? there.

  369. Jessica says:

    I love watching all te episodes evenif they re reruns! I just got out of a 9 month treatmant center in Wyoming and I’ve been sober for 14 months today! So I understan where all addicts are coming from!i love the show and hope the best for everyone in recovery

  370. ron says:

    Mike Starr is a piece of sh*t. Why waste time on this loser.

  371. jaaay says:

    Mike shuda cleaned his FN room!!!!He needs to get over it. He’s an $`*)_!@$$@&&`*& hple! Jens rite 100%!!!!

  372. Ron says:

    I can’t believe Dr. Drew sold out Jennifer. This batch of wacko’s would break anybody. Starting with the drug crazed Cari, who is the worst human being in the World to Heidi Fleiss who is just a pig. And again why bother with Mike Starr? He will never be sober and he will never change. You were wrong Dr. Drew. Terribly wrong. Jennifer, you did the best you could with this batch of scum.

  373. jaay says:


  374. George A. says:

    I cant believe how inaccurately the disease of Mr. Starr is being perceived. I keep hearing the members of the house such as Mr. Sizemore and Ms. Jimenez voice their frustration at the fact that Starr keeps complaining of being “dopesick”. Their contention is that “well, he has been off drugs now, for fifty some-odd days, so he should be well over any drug related illness. That is totally wrong!! I am a methadone patient and I can tell you with absolute certainty that anyone with an addiction such as Mr. Starr can well expect to go through witdrawals for upto six months. Ask any methadone maintenance worker or nurse. That is a fact. Methadone is the worst drug to detox from in the known universe. I’m not saying that Starr deserves a bragging right, but he does belong in a different echelon of drug abusers compared to the bubble gummers in this season’s house.(possibly excluding Sizemore, but i seriously doubt it since Starr hung with Layne Staley, who was a notorious Heavy narcotic user and my personal musical idol.)

  375. Kathy says:

    Not understanding why these residents signed a house rule contract, but have not abided by ANY of them… If you do drugs you are out,,bye Heidi,,, violent behavior * Mike Starr the constant problem of the house*,BYE, and poor Jenn.. Look at all the nonsense she has had to put up with. People can’t handle one teenage drug addict, yet all these Celebrity drug addicts keep pushing the envelope and DR. DREW you are another problem.. You told them no one would chase after of them, yet you send Will out after that abusive, drug addict Mike??? Certain people are affecting the other residents recovery… Jenn should have backed away, but Dr. DREW, you should have backed her up. And, Seth I see where your loyalty lies… I would have thought you would have stuck up for her, instead you road the Jen bashing train… This is becoming exploitation at its worst!

  376. JAAAY says:

    Omg!!!! I need your help. PLEASE.

  377. Ralph says:


    I know you mean well, but this is not a religious forum. There are many avenues that do not involve a god.

    take care dude

  378. Cindy says:

    I think Jen is a horrible house manager , sober living is about being out in the real world ,not having to answer to “mom” . She is to much ,get rid of her she treats them like little kids and does not respect them . I know because I have been sober for 25 yrs.

  379. Cindy says:

    I think Jen is a horrible house manager , sober living is about being out in the real world ,not having to answer to “mom” . She is to much ,get rid of her she treats them like little kids and does not respect them . I know because I have been sober for 25 yrs.

  380. Shane says:

    I agree with Ben Scharf. I feel sorry for Jen J. and hope her sobriety is not at risk. I have never seen such behavior in a “supposed” sober house. I didn’t want to rip anyone but, I can’t help it – Mike is a has been loser, filled with immature excuses when he doesn’t feel like doing something. The real world doesn’t work the way they seem to think it does. The only one who seems to see it is Jen J. Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t lose her cool a long time ago. NA/AA meetings are certainly needed here. Good luck to those who truly want it (the 2 Jens, maybe Tom). Hit a few meetings, I’m praying for you all.

  381. mary says:

    get rid if the house keeper she is picking on mike i think thats his name she has to go if i only could spell better i would write just what i mean . GOD bless you for what you are doing. i’m 81 years old after seeing how with all your heart you are trying so hard to cure these sick people you have to be blessed. if i could talk to you on the phone i would explane better. mary

  382. Debbie Talada says:

    I’m so glad to hear recovery talk a lot more this week. What I saw was Mike put his arm around you NOT HIT YOU JEN… Either way no one has the right to touch another person.
    Jen, I realize this is extremely stressful an very grateful you now have help. As it is hard to share what you have been given so freely in recovery when you are burnt out an angry with the very ones you are trying to help. And I like to note, I totally see why.
    Most of the ones in the house never at least in many years have not had to lift a finger to do anything for them self, So they are spoiled. Mike just flat out wants to do what he wants when he wants an uses addiction as a excuse.
    Recovery is about change, chores is change.
    This is one of my favorite saying..,

    If you always do,
    what you always did,
    you always get,
    what you always got…

    I do agree with fact that meditation is just that, issues with chores ect. should be the meeting before the meeting so that maybe then after meditation everyone has landed back on there feet.
    Rodman, nice to see you remove that hugh EGO a side with Dr. Drew just for a min or so.

    Tom Sizemore, You look so much healthier than when this all began. Keep up the good work.
    It works if you work it,
    If you don’t then you have not had enough yet.
    Dr. Drew, wonderful job you are doing here helping Jen out and working with residents.

  383. Jen says:

    Has anybody tested Jenn Gimenez? I think she has relapsed

  384. Chris says:

    Dr. Drew is an enabler.. He changes the rules all the time, I don’t think he really cares about the safety of the house. He wants good tv so his show will be relavent and watched.

    While Jenn is annoying and at fault at times, no one should have to endure the abuse she has this season. Invading personal boundaries like Mike has is not acceptable no matter what and Dr. Drew keeps him on the show because it makes good tv.

  385. eliz Mathisen says:

    I’m glad Jennifer is going to get some help in the house, Mike is a bit too much actually he’s terrible. Jenn’s losing it, it will be good for her to have someone sane to talk to.

  386. elaine says:

    jen is out of line with mike, she has no idea how to deal with these people who are trying get clean, dr drew should see that she is sooo unequiped. i get so sick watching her, i want the house to stay sober but she would make me want to smoke crack if i had to live with her. she is power hungry. get ride of he dr drew or im done watching the show.

  387. Victoria says:

    Jennifer is a good person that is working on her own recovery. But, I don’t think she is equipped to run the
    sober house. She does not have the skills. She was clearly
    harassing Mike. It was hard to watch and he handled it
    well. I thought Dr. Drew was going to fire her, as she
    should have been. Why isn’t there a professional running
    the sober house? These people need a constant connection
    with a professional at this stage. Jen is disrespectful
    and inappropriate. She needs to go.

  388. Katie S. says:

    I feel Jen is getting a raw deal and Dr. Drew should be backing her up as to regards as what has been happening at the sober house…. Kary got kicked out and not able to return because of her behavior and Mike, and Heidi gets reward for their bad behavior that is not fair. The residents should listen to Jen and obey the rules Mike is always angry and Heidi just sabotages hers and everyone’s recovery. Jen I admire you for what you do and support you. I just think its unfair that you get treated very badly by everyone.

  389. janette says:

    It is no wonder celebrities go in and out of rehab with this bunch. Half are forced there by court and don’t want to be there. Most think the world revolves around them and they treat people like crap. Mike is a has-been who threw his talent away to lose it all to dope…what a dope. And he is abusive. And Heidi is a trouble maker…and a cold woman…who gives plastic surgery a bad name. Dr. Drew, putting Jen in that house with Heidi and Tom together at all is purely about ratings and not to help anyone. My sister is a long time heroin (and whatever) addict. I know some of the game. Mike, you are abusive and Heidi, you are disrespectful and you stir up trouble. Shame on all of you…you might get the big bucks Dr. Drew, but you are an addict’s dream.

  390. Bradley says:

    When is someone going to realize that Mike’s problem is NOT that he is still withdrawing? Mike has severe rapid-cycling mood swings which are very atypical of people with either bi-polar or psychosis. He NEEDS psych medications to regulate his brain activity. Psych meds changed my life completely within 2 months, and I haven’t drank or drugged since. After going thru 4 unsuccessful rehabs, that’s what finally did the trick for me.

    Best of luck to everyone, tho. I love the shows because it makes me remember from where I came. I don’t ever want to forget how low I went. :D

  391. smc says:

    If Drew himself doesn’t uphold the house rules, letting people back in after they’ve used, been violent, etc… how does he expect Jen to do it? If I had to put up with that bunch, I’d have lost it a long time ago. The group doesn’t respect her because Drew doesn’t respect her and/or back her up.

    Drew: I totally lost respect for you when you didn’t back up Jen.

    Mike: GROW UP! Clean your room you big baby. Follow the rules!

    Heidi: You are alone because you are abusive and hateful.

    Tom: Walk away from Heidi. She is a soul sucker.

    Kendra: You are a spoiled brat. What’s with the overpuffed mouth?

    Seth: Get with the program or get out.

    Dennis: Man up. You are an alcoholic. It will kill you. Face it and get with the program.

    Jen J: You have the best chance of anyone in that house of making it. You go!

    Jen G: Let the house become a pig sty and let them live like pigs. The only problem is that you would have to live like one too. This group is extremely abusive to you. You do NOT deserve that. Drew should have had your back. Instead, he acted like a (%~(~@*#*+&!~)$$$

  392. janette says:

    This Sober House is a nuthouse and I blame Dr. Drew Pinsky. If you can’t see that Tom and Heidi should NOT be in the same room, much less the same house, then you need help. Mike Starr, who only wants his music career back-which I might remind him gave him a hellacious addiction and that’s about all he has to show for it-is not in it to get better but for the fame of t.v. only. Heidi is a cold hearted, troubled soul, who does not want Jen’s or any one else’s help–guess ‘cuz she’s done such a great job helping herself. God help those poor helpless birds. Dennis is only there because he has to be–court ordered, or it will look better when he faces his “wife abuse court case”–you know, the “Charlie Sheen Celebrity Rehab”. Kendra is a )^+$(#$`^**#@%)*& with big fake boobs–big deal in Southern Cal. Seth, you are at least seemingly in it to try to beat it this time–but still wonder if you don’t have a love of camera and t.v. publicity. I am rooting for Tom Sizemore and Jenny–they have my prayers for success because I do think they get it–life gave them opportunity which they squandered and they need a good life path restored regardless of fame. Kari Ann, you needed to leave this house–never should have been brought back to rehab much less at Sober House and sorry, if you continue your path of destruction and utter )^+$(#$`^**#@%)*& iness, then so be it. You had your ten minutes of fame. Ten minutes longer than it should have been. You go Tom and Jenny–you gotta make it–the alternative is to lose you and that’s final. Dr. Drew, I believe you failed Jen and the process for these “celebs” in exchange for ratings. Shame on you.

  393. Tina says:

    I just want to say. How lucky everbody is with a safe place to go. When I walkeed out of rehab , about 23 1/2 years ago. I had to move in with family, with my 2
    very yong baby’s. While my husband was doing his 30 days. Just going to the store I could run into 2 to 3 people I knew an there way to party, I would shake because it was so hard to face everyday sober. I would go home and nobody would be there to talk to. The normal people have no clue. So take time and use very minute you have with the poeple walking in you path, its priceless. Just remember 90 meeting in 90 day,it work. I know.

  394. neo says:

    boring episode. needs kari ann. jen is nuts. drew is a sham. mike is a jerk. tom is funny. kendra is classless. dennis is cool. shady is shady. heidi is great.

  395. dame tush says:

    that guy with the hat sponsors alot of peeps LA way. he actually helps people.

  396. dixie says:

    Bet Jen wouldn’t have got up in Kari Ann’s grill like that! Jen’s a bully. A frickin pitbull inside and out. Although its good TV to have a troll like that on the show, Drew should feel some shame to let his staff treat patients like that. I guess even professionalism has a price. And God why do they put the camera up in Jen’s face everytime she’s on!?!

  397. tina says:

    lil k is spot on with her comment. I watch this show and I can’t believe how far vh1 will go for ratings. heidi and tom should not be recovering in the same house together and i’m glad for the most part they seem to be keeping their distance from each other. everyone is in rehab on sober house and all realize how dr drew is exploiting them all. dennis has said it on several occasions and it’s obvious everyone else is in agreement with him. i pray for them all, and hope that without this show they will all prevail over this disease.

  398. Carolyn says:

    This message is in support of Dennis Rodman and I would appreciate anyone who can pass this along to him. Dennis, I am a 38 year old stay at home mom who has lived in Georgia my entire life. I have never emailed a celebrity and I watch very little reality television, other than an occasional episode of 19 Kids and Counting. I caught an episode of Sober House tonight and for some reason I just felt such a tug on my spirit urging me to write to you. I saw the episode that was filmed the night that you entered the house, and to be honest, I thought you were such a “butthead” and I just thought, if he’s going to be so stubborn and obstinate about every single little house rule (such as the contract), then why doesn’t he just go home. I saw you as this huge scary guy who was looking for confrontation in any form that he could find it…I would even go so far as to say that I saw you as intentionally defying authority especially because you wanted it to be clear that you would not answer to anyone, and especially to anyone that is white.

    But tonight, in the episode where you went to court and then met with Dr. Drew in the TV room, I felt a real connection to you. It was almost as if, for just a minute, I didn’t see this huge black guy lashing out at the world with a chip on his shoulder and a drink in his hand, I didn’t see the guy on the video who was talking ugly and disrespectfully to the females in the room, I didn’t see the celebrity with the “i don’t give a sh*t attitude…I believe I saw your spirit, I saw a fellow human being, I saw someone who has a good heart, a sincere conscience, and the same vulnerabilities that all of us live with. I really felt like I just “got you”…really got you, not the tabloid/Hollywood version of Dennis, but the human being version. I believe that the reason you drink and lash out at the world is because you feel that people are not coming around you to really try to know the real Dennis, or because they even care to get to know you as a person…they are there for a piece of the pie…for what Dennis can give to them, a little money, a good time, a great party, a few minutes of fame, some stories to tell their friends, a one night stand, a photo op, a good tabloid article…otherwise, why would they wait until four in the morning to show up in the first place, why would they come to your room and just sit around drinking and partying…they don’t come to get to know Dennis, they come to have a great time and see what Dennis can provide for them. If they really wanted to know you, the real you, they would show up early, show up sober, and not come with their greedy expectations of what they can get out of you. I honestly believe that you have a sincere heart and that the realization of the greed in human beings is hurtful to you…so you drink hoping to numb those feelings and make them hurt a little less. Once drunk, you sit around looking at everyone and without the filters that our brain provides us with in our sober state, you become angry, disgusted and enraged that those people want to use you up. So, before they can use you up, or even try to, you step up to the plate and take the first swing, downgrading women and making suggestions as to what you might use them for, and so forth and so on. Or sometimes, you become so enraged that you have lashed out physically at other people. Later, when you’re sober, you feel guilty and ashamed of your behavior because it is not the way that you really want to treat people, but you have learned to protect yourself and hurt them and eat them alive before they can do it to you. And again, when you get around people and see that they are there to see what they can get out of Dennis, again, you drink to dull this ugly realization and thus a vicious cycle is created. You are just like the rest of us Dennis, the way that God created all of us, with the innate desire to be loved, acknowledged and understood. The movie Avatar said this best when it showed the characters that fell in love, but instead of saying “i love you”, they said something far deeper and more meaningful, they said “I see YOU!”. I think that is the deepest desire and need within us all…to be seen, to be gotten and I feel that you hurt because people don’t “see” you. They see a character, an athlete, a really tall guy, they see money, they see fame, they see an alchoholic even, but they don’t see YOU.

    Maybe I’m way off base, but I felt that from you tonight, it just came from within you through the television and straight into my heart and I had to write this to let you know, that I do believe I “saw” you. God bless you Dennis and don’t give up. Surround yourself by those precious few (or even one or two) people who get you, who sincerely love you and care for Dennis the human being and separate yourself from all of the toxic leaches that want to use you. An ATM machine cannot keep handing out withdrawals when there are never any deposits being made and human beings are just the same. Allow people who want to give back to be close to you and don’t give up…don’t ever give up! There is still sincerity in the world, there is still empathy and compassion! I wish you only the best, please don’t be disheartened with all of humanity…things will turn around for you, I honestly feel that in my spirit. God Bless you Dennis…I will keep you in my prayers…you are going to be okay!

    Carolyn from GA

  399. elipants says:

    i’m so glad that dr. drew confronted jenn about her behavior. however, i really don’t think her behavior is the kind that can change overnight. this is why i think loesha (spelling?) should take over her job. it’s really not right for the patients to be exposed to jenn’s drama/emotional chaos. i don’t think mike should act so immaturely, but she really took it too far. he also did not hit her with the bike. she really is a mess and needs to stop getting patients against eachother. i think what kendra said is true. a meditation should be something positive, not some crazy way for jenn to vent her frustration. please PLEASE GET RID OF JENN! she’s too much of a codependent control freak. loesha is awesome. hopefully she stays with them. also, it’s good that will got a chance to talk to mike. he’s kinda like a father figure to people and much more helpful than jenn. i think the patients should be doing more activities to enhance their lives, no?

  400. Emmaline says:

    The latest episode, where Jenn/Mike have a stand-off, is pretty sad. Dr. Drew, you were wrong to cater to Mike’s behavior. YOU put Jenn in as house manager, by HERSELF from the very beginning; you are responsible for her becoming overwhelmed. Jenn should never have been running SH2 by herself, without professionals there to help her. And Mike’s behavior – not to mention his acting out – has been outrageous from the beginning. I notice you don’t call HIM out; you just criticize the way Jenn handled it. She is not equipped to handle a halfway house for drug addicts at this point in her life. What were you thinking? Mike Starr would challenge the patience of an experienced professional. I notice YOU don’t hang out at the SH and keep an eye on things. And I notice you didn’t hold MIKE responsible for his actions, either. You should have held him accountable for his behavior, not praise him for not exploding. Jenn gets publicly humiliated; Mike gets praised. How does that make sense? (There is something mesmerizing about watching this train wreck show, though. I watch it every week and marvel at the new drama.) And Tom is starting to look super-healthy! But Tom, jeesh, pick up after yourself; you are not a king.

  401. Laurie says:

    I think Jenn needs to get help herself. This show is bringing out the worst in her. She is putting the clients in danger .playing house mother. SHe is losing respect and afer watching the incident with Mike.I am really really concerned about the clients welfare. Dr Drew you better get a handle and bring a proff. into that house. THese clients are sick and it looks like its going to be a uphill battle with all involved. It would be a shame to lose one of these clients over cleaning thier room. Its wrong to drill a person in crisis like Mike was in. I just pray DR DRew you will take time from all your interviews and limelight and help these clients and watch over this situation better.

  402. Yasmeen Abdullah says:

    I am appalled at Dr. Drew for the way he is treating Jennifer. He is aware that she is not a professional and yet he allowed her to be in that house alone with several recovering addicts who have over active personalities. He set her up for failure. I am grateful that she did not relaspse. She is just as sick as they are…when will clinicians begin to care about addicts?
    Former addicts are constantly put in positions where they are commanded to help another addict maintain sobriety. Ms. Fleiss put it very simply…when she said Jennifer could not teach her anything about life or sobriety. I agree with her. The woman is sick and maniplative. I was annoyed by the way she treats the residents. Jennifer really needs counseling herself. Dr. Drew she never should have been in that house alone…even though it did boost your ratings. You showed your inhumanity to man.

  403. 1 ISLANDLADY says:

    Heidi is really nasty and loves to wind people up and sit back and watch the explosions. I love, love, love Dennis Rodman. He is a great guy and I pray for him to really turn it around and make it. He has a lot to offer the world.

  404. SandyNM says:

    I have never written in any forum before but feel the need to tell everyone that I grew up in an alcoholic home and I understand the struggles. My father was a wonderful man but when he had his episodes he had the luxury of a blackout whereas we lived through them and remembered them. After several tries he made it to sobriety and spent the last 10 years of his life helping others with their recovery. I know from experience that it is possible to get on the other side of addiction and that life goes on without the “black cloud” you live under now. My wishes and prayers go out to you all at Sober House and I am rooting for you all.

  405. Kay Easterling says:

    Dr. Drew,
    I know deep down that Dennis Rodman is a good guy. I read an article in Guideposts, when he was at basketball camp. He was a teenager who met a young man whose brother was accidentally killed. He took this young white boy under his wing and helped him overcome his grief. The parents were so grateful, he would spend weekends and holidays with them. They felt like he was part of the family and loved him for helping their son. I think you should remind him of this time in his life. It might help.

  406. Tom says:

    Sober House appears to be a pretty wimpy excuse for sober living. In my 24 years of sobriety, I have never seen such a group of spoiled brats all gathered in one group. The integrity of this sober living program seems to be continually compromised by an overly lenient approach to the treatment of the addicts. And this permissive approach does seem tied in part at least to making for soap operaish drama that fuels tv ratings.

    Dr. Dru is an accomplished therapist, one of the best addiction specialists in the country, a strong guy, and he definitely knows how to make lots of dough while staying in the process of helping people. Accolades are due him for sending the addicts to 12 step meetings and maintaining the anonymity of the 12 step programs by not filming any of those activities. But it’s just as obvious that he’s not a master manager and has made some grievous errors in handling the underpowered rehab program that has lots of gloss on the outside, but little in the way of real guts.

    Jen is a devoted person in recovery, but lacks the know-how to handle the brats. Good that he recognized her trouble and threw more support to her, but she never should have been hired for the job without sufficient back-up.

    There seems to be little to no structure established that provides a supported way to build the much needed everyday discipline skills that the mega-indulged addicts need. A program consultant of some kind is really needed to establish a stronger program and Dr. Dru needs some type of management coach to avoid making sophomoric errors like not being clear whether the house manager has the authority to throw people out (or not).

    Finally viewers should be reminded that long-term sobriety is very difficult to predict and those who seem most sincere about their recovery are not always the ones that succeed. Sometimes the struggles and upsets that people face are actually providing the foundation for sustained recovery.

  407. Laurie says:

    Poor Jen, what a group to care for-She should of had help from the beginning-glad to see reinforcements on board now, Dr. Drew, what were you thinking to leave Rodman, Mike, Heidi, Kari Ann, alone with Jenn? They all act like their mental age is 12-16, one that age is bad enough but 4????? They all sat their and told you how negative she was, typical addict behavior its always somebodys elses fault, if they did what they were supposed to they wouldnt of had any negativity. Bunch of immature twits and poor Jen is supposed to change them, most of them dont want to change.

  408. MEgirlME :) says:

    Jen is a dumb %+@&)##!@^$~%)~`# I don’t want to see her face anymore. When someone is up in my face and following me around like she was with Mike it drives me insane. Yes, he’s difficult, but besides addiction, there are still people who have to deal with other issues, if you suffer from manic depression or depression, etc it’s even harder to deal with and the people around you to deal with. I feel bad for Jen, BUT her DUMB )$#^&(!)!&&($_! knows !@(!(@)(~@*~+(!) about psychology!!! She needs to learn because in her situation, just cuz your a recovering addict who’s been through !@(!(@)(~@*~+(!) and have been around people who do !@(!(@)(~@*~+(!) and have all sorts of personalities doesn’t mean she knows how to deal with people!!!! Mike did awesome cuz it’s so easy to flip out on someone who follows u and nags u. So, clearly she can’t handle this and for her sake i hope she doesn’t start using whatever she used to do again, although it would be kind of funny. Well, actually it wouldn’t be at all seriously talking. And WHY would dr drew back up Jen?????? clearly u have NO addiction or mental issues…and it seems a few of you are closed minded…OPEN YOUR MIND, sorry we’re not all freakin perfect. You have noooo idea (from what it seems) what trying to get over addiction AND emotional disorders. Depression completely takes over your body in a physical way, and if for that day ur just suffering from minor depression it takes a while to get your body to not feel stiff and’ve really gotta move around and sometime that takes 10 hrs till u can start to feel better.

    Ok and this is TV so all you people gotta realize some of this !@(!(@)(~@*~+(!) is for ratings. Im not saying I agree with it. And Jen, although I feel bad for her a little little little bit, I thought it was great when Mike told her how ugggly she is. She’s not soooo bad with a lot of makeup, and i feel so bad saying it but she is U-G-L-Y, I think it’s her personality most the time that makes her more ugly. Ugh i have so much to say, im tired, maybe tomorrow,,,oh but Kari Ann, although she’s a meanie pants %+@&)##!@^$~%)~`# i felt real bad when Heidi told her to get out…she had enough guts to come back, and they both did meth, it’s freaking hard as crap to get off, I wish Heidi just ignored Kari Ann..unless of course Kari ann wasn’t even serious about getting clean.

  409. C says:

    DR. Drew if that is what you can all yourself. You are the worst Dr. I have ever seen. This seasons cast does not care about what you say or how you say it. They completely disregard your house mother. And you still let them stay. Mike, seriously needs mental help, and you still allow him to come back.. All of them do not play by the rules. What kind of Dr. are you. If I EVER NEED HELP, I WOULD NOT CONTACT YOU. You like yo look all serious and sad when you talk to your patients, but to me it is all an act. What goog are you doing. How about teaching these people that “HEY I KNOW YOU ARE ADDICTS, BUT REMEMBER WHAT WE LEARNED IN GRAD SCHOOL!!!! TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT!!!!” I think that if this bunch learns that it will go A LOOOOOOOOng way. Jennifer get out while you still can!!!!!

  410. Jullianna says:

    Jen is just so ugly with those doctor made lips.I can’t stand her. I think she is such a fake. She needs to be off camera. Her lips are so scary to look at. Dumb #!%~$_*`#&`!$)!+ I do like Tom a lot and I believe he has a lot of potential.I really hope he makes it through. Mike Starr will never sober up. He is done and will never be in a band again. He doesn’t want any help. He loves his drugs too much. He loves his drugs so much more than himself.

  411. hedgehog dilemma says:

    Tom Sizemore rules, taken it back to Blue Steel.

    Jennie Ketcham is such a sweetheart <3 <3 <3 Good Luck!

    I’m almost convinced Dennis Rodman is human.

  412. Andrea says:

    Quick positive comment for Dennis. Watched the sober jobs episode today where Dennis and a group were workin on a farm. Dennis, I`ve been watchin the show for a while and I could tell you enjoyed that and were havin` an awesome time. Those are your roots man from when you were a kid livin` in Oaklahoma. I know tons has happened since then and you probably had issues feelin you didn`t belong there when you were young, but maybe you should get involved somehow in that kind of atmosphere. Buy a farm or ranch somewhere and enjoy being out there. I bet it would be great for your sobriety, being out in the fresh air and getting tons of exercise. Be well man, you can do this. Watched you back in the Bulls `hayday`. You are awesome. That team with you, Mike, Scottie and Phil had to be one of the most phenominal times in sports history.

  413. Ndones says:

    To Jen, you are too controlling and do not treat the people you care for as adults you treat them as children which is counterproductive to respect. How do you expect to gain any respect if you continue to treat these clients, your peers as immature, children. Jen, please grow up.

  414. Sherry Kris says:

    I’m siding with the druggies/alcoholics …. Jen should go!!!


    My view is that Jen be more com here self with them and in stead of &^#+#*@~+$@$&*!~* ing go to explaining in a sincer manner. but for Jen she know everything can not go smoth all the time and I know that can be very up setting for her. She does very good some time but she needs to control her self for her own good.griping don’t get it loving does Mary Joyce Johnson Dayton Ohio hang in there Jen and all of you I know its tuff Sinccerley Take car of you no one eles will .

  416. ej says:

    Wow, what a beautiful letter Carolyn wrote to Dennis Rodman on 4/16…I feel the same compassion for Tom Sizemore…hope he stays sober. I cannot believe how many notes are on here about how ugly people think Jen is–what a bunch of cruel people are out in this world. Unbelievable. Jen, I think you are beautiful and so glad you are staying sober with this bunch of lazy @`&%*#)~*+(!*$~ es in this house.(Tom, you failed big time when you walked off and left that mess in the kitchen-inexcusable) Heidi and Mike acted like work was beneath them…don’t think they ever fulfilled their jobs that one day. Kendra was appalled by doing laundry–gee, an everyday chore, but not for the “ice princess”. These “catered-to” celebs need to do a “grunt” job everyday and have less “smoke breaks” and “abuse times”..I mean really,.. just who IS calling the shots in this house..I’d say the manipulating addicts! That’s real life…work. And then they can return to that beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills that none of them have any longer….let a little reality shed some light on them, hopefully…

  417. Mary says:

    Jen, I used to be a House Manager in a rehab center here in my city. I feel for you. Al of those on here complaining that you are treating the houseguests as babies, well newsflash, THEY ARE BABIES. They stopped growing the day they picked up their first drug. Now they need to stop being coddled and tough love needs to set it. GROW UP. And Jen, when they get abusive, walk away from them, they arent worth your time until they realize it is THEIR problem and not yours.

  418. Emmaline says:

    Hey, Dennis – that idea about you buying yourself a farm is a good one. It would be great for your kids, too, and a good healthy place for you to unwind. Maybe you could start a country place where you could knock some sense into troubled kids’ heads. They’d respect you before they arrived, you know? You have a lot of street cred.

    I have SOOOoooo changed my mind about who I thought Dennis Rodman was. You have too much good in you to use it just on yourself. Really. If you believe in God, and I hope that you do, do you really think God made you special just to fend off skanks in clubs?

    You have a lot of power, Dennis; you need to use it in a positive way, in a BIG way. Use it in a way that is as big as you are.

  419. cheech says:

    Heidi seems to take pleasure in other peoples pain-watch her expressions. She seems very ,very mean. Mike-GROW UP. You lied to Dr. Drew about the scene with Jennifer. You’re always whining about something and breaking the rules. So many on this show are SPOILED babies.

  420. neo says:

    who keeps saying jens lips are fake? if she were into plastic surgery, she would have had her nose done first

  421. Emmaline says:

    I wish people would stop making hurtful remarks about Jenn’s appearance. I might think she is overwhelmed in her duties as House Manager but I wouldn’t say something about her personal appearance. It’s cruel and unkind.

    Besides, bottom line: what do YOU look like? How would you like YOUR picture posted up here for millions to see and criticize?

    Why would anyone want to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose?

  422. Harper says:

    Boy, Neo, you are one mean human being. You may not like Jenn’s style as house manager, but why do you have to put the person down? Guess you must think you are superior to the rest of the world. Shameful.

  423. TDWS says:

    I think a bunch of drug addicts don’t need to be all together in the same house, miserable and at each others throats. Heidi is always trying to instigate trouble with Tom. Dennis thinking he’s so cool when he’s not. Kendra & Seth in a hot tub slapping each other with a banana peel? What kind of stupid something is that? Jennifer getting freaked out by them and acting freaky. Mike is permanently fried. He obviously has a mental illness. A total waste of time in this facility. And Jen isn’t handling things too well. Especially Mike. I couldn’t handle him either. Jen needs to back off but when Mike is talking filth and disrespect, I would make Mike afraid to lay down at night. He would be afraid to turn his back on me and he’d leave for fear of his life. Mike’s lack of respect for every one around him, hitting a camera man, all the “F” you and flipping “birds”. He doesn’t need to get paid and be on T.V. to act like he does. He’s not cool, he’s disgusting. I think he and Carrie Ann should hook up and disappear into their own world. And after all Heidi has said about Tom beating her, then she wants to sit with Mike and run down Jen & smile & go along with him while he’s saying he would like to hit Jen in the lip, calling her the “c” word? If Mike was saying that to Heidi she would freak out. Dr. Drew needs to grow some balls and get rid of the people that are only there to be on T.V. and get paid. Weed out the ones that need to be treated for psychiatric disorders and send them on to other places better suited for them. They all have detoxed and the true person is showing.I hated to see Tom lose his cool but if anybody deserved it, it was Mike. Maybe they can have another spin off with some of them in hospitals. Celebrity Psych Ward!

  424. Shelly says:

    Jen G.
    Although it may not seem like it, people have your back. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that you deserve more respect. You a helping to facilitate an opportunity for people to transition to a better life. This must take a severe toll on you and your heart. Your ability to see and remember your original purpose of helping people like you. It must be hard with people like H.F. saying that “there is nothing in this world that this woman can teach me!” with an attitude like that you both have a long hard road ahead. I hope things get better for all of you in the house. Keep your chin up, you are doing a good thing!

  425. John N says:

    Jennifer I am very proud of you. I commend you on your recovery. The last drink and drug I had was on 14February1998. I can see you take pride in your work and am willing to help those that need your help. In the work we do success is rare. You are a success. YOU CHOOSE A DIFFICULT #!`#`+`+~&+$%`~ IGNMENT THAT PUT YOUR OWN RECOERY AT RISK and you are succedding. Success is measured in the fact that you AND MOST OF YOUR PATIENTS ARE RECOVERING. NOW I pray for them to see how grateful they are. ANYTHING i CAN EVER DO TO HELP LET ME KNOW. John

  426. neo says:

    righto harper…and now tell me you really believe this show is indicative of “any” real reahab anywhere. drew who unfortunately runs a rehab has done a great disservice to recovery. what he fails to state anytime and/or at any point is this is not indicative of a sober house. except for one resident, they would have all been tossed out on rules violations.
    why doesn’t jen have anyone to fall back on as she stated to drew? where is her sober circle. she signed up, she’s being grossly overpaid for her performance and she can take what gets dishes out.

  427. neo says:

    one more thing harper…what is jen doing reciting from the how it works chapter in the bb on tv. she should know better than to publically alingn herself with an anonymous program…WHY???…because now people watching the show can believe that this is what four years sober in an anonymous program sounds and looks like…IT DOES NOT. she contracted to DO A SHOW you dimwit. also…any person who uses their sobriety as a club to insult someone else is in big trouble. real trouble…more trouble than someone saying she has had no plastic surgery…just look at her.

  428. Harper says:

    Hey Neo, thanks for the name calling. I saw on an earlier post of yours that you miss Kari Ann. I can see why.

  429. Harper says:

    Gotta say to you Neo that I looked back at earlier posts and I do agree with your posts on 4/1. You seem to have alot of knowledge on rehab and sober living…I just have an addict sister that has yet to seriously consider kicking the habit…..after 40 years.

  430. Tracy500 says:

    This is just too painful to watch anymore. Does anyone really deeply care if these people get the right help? If this is how Dr. Drew treats addicts on a regular basis, it’s no wonder their relapse rate is so high. Are they getting help from a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist? Dr. Drew can only do so much.

    Heidi/Tom – seems like the producers were totally responsible for this. It makes me uncomfortable that they have to be in the same place.

    The fact that they’ve never addressed the fact that Mike ties his whole identity up in being the drummer for Alice in Chains makes me sad. He’ll never beat his addiction until he finds more value to his life.

    Dr. Drew is a great sympathizer/big lipper, but these people need professional psychological care.

    And what about Kari Ann? I know she’s frustrating and mean, but more so, I found it exceedingly cruel that they would have her there when the residents debated on bringing her back. Why kind of sadists are running this show??? They could have debated it in private. If that wouldn’t make her run home and use drugs, I don’t know what would.

    I have admired Dr. Drew for many years, but I’m starting to wonder about his judgement when he allows these types of things to happen. I’m going to finish out this season because I’m vested in it, but I’m not watching again. I think it’s a cruel, cruel show.

  431. kacey says:

    “Let us be thankful for the fools.But for them the rest of us could not succeed” Mark Twain said it.I heartily agree.

  432. neo says:

    shut up harper, it’s a show. if you are looking for insight, attend a meeting. your sister is lucky to be alive after 40 years. go to alanon you freak. watching this show for insight is ridiculous. back tracking my posts tells me your nuts. no wonder your sister uses. plan a family intervention you freak if you really care for our sis.
    and stop calling jen ugly and saying her lips are fake. if she cared about plastic surgery, she would have gotten that muslin nose fixed first.

  433. Emmaline says:

    Neo: Regarding Jenn’s nose, were you trying to say Muslim nose or muslin nose? What is a muslin nose, anyway? For that matter, what is a Muslim nose? You are, Neo – and I mean this sincerely – a pimple on the butt of humanity. Or, no, maybe a fly on the dung heap of humanity.

  434. Harper says:

    Hey Neo–I NEVER said Jen was ugly or anything about big lips. That was you. I am not watching this show for insight on handling addiction for my sis…and I certainly wasn’t backtracking to read “your” posts–I had not seen the beginning of the show so was just reading others thoughts. You and I do not think alike about very much. Have a nice life.

  435. Twilight says:

    I have been watching and I’m quite disappointed in Dr. Drew. I feel sorry for Jen. Every decision she has made, Dr. Drew disregarded. He has continuously underminded her authority, there is really no wonder the house is in such chaos. Mike has really issues and he needs more help than Jen or Dr. Drew can give him.

  436. G chown says:

    As a Piston fan, I remember Dennis he was raised by a white family. Where are they in this process? Also Coach Daly who took Dennis under his wing…I wonder because I look to this show as a recovering alcoholic

  437. brian says:

    I really want to see Tom make it. What a great actor

  438. noname says:

    Hmmm…Seth’s “friend” is high as a kite couple days before he is to leave the sober house–what part of that spells relapse. Going and hiding under the covers upstairs was a real solution. Wonder what the success rate for the Pasadena Recovery Center/Sober House is?

  439. Bob says:

    Watched last night’s Sober House episode where they threw a “sober” party for their family and friends. A porn star gets too wasted and tests positive for cocaine and benzos. Along with this porn star is her companion another porn star named, Eva Ellington. Apparently they’re invited by Seth, or excuse me, “Shifty,” (which is who he is). Ellington openly displays bottles of Jack Daniels on her website, and blogs about her partying. She even refers to herself as “one fasinating @&(&^`+#*!#&$&^^# demonstrating her spelling capabilities. Are these people supporting Seth’s or other people’s recovery? I highly doubt it. I realize it’s Hollywood, but I think it’s more for ratings!

  440. sh says:

    GREAT Train Wreck TV. Last two episodes boring. What’s with all the Jen bashing? She’s an actress pure and simple. Signed a contract and is doing a show.

  441. Bob says:

    Sizey is great! If it weren’t for his addictions he would be the next De Niro or Pacino. He’s got what it takes and both Di Niro and Pacino know it. There are very few real, serious dramatic actors these days and Sizemore is desperately needed back at his work.

  442. Emmaline says:

    One episode left of Sober House after this one. And this one was a doozy. Shifty’s party invites include users and abusers? So much for Seth’s recovery. Tom and girlfriend in new place – yeah, that’ll work. Dumps that druggie girlfriend, he maybe stands a chance. Porn Girl and Hooter Girl, maybe. Maybe. Mike Starr is mentally ill now: fried-egg brain, I imagine. No hope there. He died when his friend, Layne, died. Just his body is left now. And he’ll kill that if he can. Dennis? Only honest one in the group. I sure hope Dennis does well; I think he will. And to have him reunite with his mom on camera; that was one sad manipulation, Drew Pinsky. A lot of emotion and problems there; why did you feel the need to make it public? Now Jenn . . . Jenn is using her acting skills now, pretending to be an elegant “House Manager”; all the life has gone out of her since you didn’t back her up with Mike Starr. She was embarrassed that day; you looked like a small man, a very, very small man. I lost a lot of respect for you after that episode. You should have called this show: “Dr. Drew Pays Celebrities To Try To Pretend That They Are Going Through Drug Rehab.”

  443. Emmaline says:

    Oops. I forgot Heidi. I think Heidi will land on her feet. She’s like a cat with nine lives. I just wish she would find something to do with her life that doesn’t involve prostitution (I hear her new boyfriend is the owner of a prostitution ranch). Something with her love of birds and maybe plants – get her outside and involved with other people. I think prison did her in. But, Heidi, friend, you are still living in a prison, only this one you made yourself. Do something for someone else. Volunteer somewhere. Anything where you are not thinking (brooding) about yourself.

  444. thor says:

    Does anyone know the name of the pukey porn girl?First and last of her porn name please.

  445. KellyCorene says:

    Hang in there Mike, we’re rooting for you.

  446. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  447. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  448. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  449. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  450. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  451. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  452. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  453. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  454. NANETTE JOHNSON says:


  455. AdamC says:

    Why doesn’t the psychiatrist in this show ever wear socks?

  456. kathy says:

    Heidi is mean and evil. She LOVES watching other people hurt. She is a total LOSER, but has the cajones to call Tom a loser. What has she done to better herself? Too many spoiled babies on the show-Mike, Kari, Heidi, etc.

  457. kevin says:

    i watch and enjoy the show very much. as a fellow addict its hard to watch when the odd one messes up
    its been a long hard road and im not rich best of luck to them all…… gets easier

  458. noname says:

    I noticed the no socks for the “shrink” too. Guess watching a train wreck makes you focus on the little details. Can’t help any of them so…hmmm…no socks on the supposed non-train wreck takes the focus. Ha.

  459. Emmaline says:

    Nanette: Please stop posting ALL IN CAPS. It’s very hard to read. Thank you.

  460. no says:

    thorr: her names Jenna Moretti.

  461. Cathy S says:

    Tom and Dennis
    I have been watching you both this season and want to give my support for the progress you are both making and for your future success.

    I would like to offer my friendship if you need it. I don’t want anything from you other than that. I do not want any publicity or any money and will not accept if it offered. Just friendship. I am not perfect, but won’t go into any more detail in this public forum. Please contact me if you would like a friend. Check me out on fb for more info. I am for real. I would like to let you know that there are people out here who are not users and publicity freaks.

    What you are doing is probably the hardest thing you have ever done in your life and I congratulate you for the progress you have made. But it is going to be hard for a long time. You are valued and loved for the individuals that you are aside from all the claptrap surrounding you. Just want you to know that you have some out here who only wish you well and want you to succeed.

    Talk to Drew. He can contact me and check me out and all that, I have no problem with that. I just want to help and show support. Hang in there guys.

    From out here in the real sober world
    Cathy S

  462. Nicole says:

    After watching many episodes of Sober House, I’ve come to the conclusion that many so called “stars” are completely delusional when it comes to the “real world”. Mike uses his pick up line “I’m in the band “Alice in Chains” to TRY to get chicks. HILARIOUS! He is more than addicted, he’s psychotic too. He has a ental problem. Heidi looks like she’s been road hard and put to bed wet. Let her go back to Nevada and stick with her birds, who cares. Dennis is in complete denial. Kendra is a “star” in her own mind. She’s a paid porn pig. I’ve seen Tom Sizemore on Larry King recently, he looks very healthy and serene, finally. Seth for you after this “3 strikes and you’re out”! So be strong 4 you and your family. Miss Teen whatever her name is has be catered to all her life, well honey you’re a sex addict/junkie. Jenny “Penny flame” is the only one I see really trying to get straight in more ways than one. Dr. Drew you should back your people more. Jenn needed you and all you talked about was termination. How many people would put up with a bunch of misfits. They (most) are from the land of misfit toys. Mike is disgusting and he has the audacity to call someone else ugly? He’s a joke. His comment “look at your face”, endlessly, well Mike look at your face and body for that matter, and your verbal insults are degrading. Tom Sizemore should have kicked your $%*`#%)~#~^@`~! maybe then you would SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Kendra thinks she’s a bad $%*`#%)~#~^@`~! you’re supposed to be a woman, not a tough guy. Please stop being so friggin needy with your man. He’s not all that, but he’s supporting you in your effort. All of you are very dark, insecure people. I hope most of you get it together before you die, but in the end that choice is yours. Heidi wants a “rich man” take a look in the mirror Heidi, you would be lucky to find a man, as opinionated and obnoxious you are. You crack me up, you think you’re all that, well that body has been through the washer, dryer. Do yourself a favor, hit the gym workout and maybe you’ll find a man, not a rich one, but nevertheless a man. If that’s not what you want stick with your birds in the desert in Nevada. Good luck to all of you, but I don’t think you’ll all stay strait, nevertheless good luck and think long and hard before you get high again. THINK!!!

  463. Emmaline says:

    Dr. Drew does not wear socks because he is so cool. Uncool docs wear socks (like, your family doctor probably wears socks). Cool docs (Doc Hollywood docs) do not wear socks.

  464. TrainWreckTV says:

    I am glad this Sober House is coming to a close. I will not make the mistake of watching any future episodes. It is too painful to watch. There is more to life than t.v. ratings. These are real people and paying them to be “helped” with addiction is an oxymoron. Seth’s porn friends was a real eye-opener–after three times and he still doesn’t get it. Someone said it already…those i thought would make it probably won’t and those i didn’t think might, but nothing is certain with addiction. Who knows…maybe Kari Ann made it not being in this Sober House. I hope you all do make it…to not is a drug-induced suicide.

  465. william stephenson says:

    I think you are all very brave to air your problems out for the world to see, and think this show is excellent. Having 15 yrs of being clean and sober myself. Let me tell you it is a better life. My prayers go out to each of you.

  466. Alex says:

    Tom Sizemore – You’re an amazing actor and I’m looking forward to seeing you in another film soon. You can do it! I believe in you. You’re worth it.

  467. lisa says:

    i just wanted to say how INSANELY PROUD and DELIGHTED to see steven adler make it, and do brilliantly on tonight’s show! if he can make it, so can mike starr! i’m routing for you guys!!!!

  468. noname says:

    It appears that alot of this show was just an act. The whole Heidi/Tom drama was a sham for the ratings. I hope Tom and Heidi match up, Shifty and Kendra, Mike and Kari Ann…they deserve each other.

  469. Jeanne says:

    I love celebrity rehab and sober house. Dr. Drew and his staff are the best.

    I lost my husband to drug addiction and I pray so much for the addicts and the staff too. Seth reminds me so much of my husband. He seems kind and gentle and I am so pulling for him.
    Best of luck to all the folks trying to get sober. Take it One Day at a Time and stay in touch with your higher power.


  470. Kari says:

    I just want to wish all of you the best of luck after Sober House. I work in the field and see the daily struggles dependent people have. I have rooted for all of you since Rehab and just want you all to know that I pray for your successes!! You are stronger than most and deserve a happy sober and clean life.


  471. Kari says:

    I was THRILLED to see Steve last night!!! STEVE…I am so proud of you!! Keep it up cause life will just keep getting better and better, believe me!!


  472. TLC says:

    Why do all these people still smoke cigarettes??!! Cigs are soooo bad for you…they mite not alter your mind, but they kill your body. Do none of these people not take cigarette addicition serious.

  473. Guy says:

    What a collection of losers. Porn sluts, drunks, addicts, once and never again rock stars. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than most of these people have of getting their lives in order. That would require at least a LITTLE discipline, self-reliance, self-restraint, and personal responsibility. I don’t see it happening. Probably the two most distasteful moments were a) when Mike verbally $&!~#~#^@`$&^)$ aulted Jennifer, and b) when Jenny (the porn slut) proudly proclaimed she had no shame for what she had done. Of course not. That would require morals and a conscience.

  474. Jacy says:

    I hope everyone is doing well. I love Tom’s movies. I am cheering for you all. Please take care of yourselves. I will pray for you.

    Take good care.
    Thank you Dr, Drew for caring for them.
    Thank you Jennifer. Hold on. You are the right person for these people. Don’t give up. They need you.

    Love, Jacy

  475. noname says:

    Sadly, it seems that their addiction is to the camera also…the fame, being a “star”…but that is so temporary…the world forgets so quickly. I hope for the best….

  476. Raylene says:

    I just started watching Sober House to pass the time and I got stuck on it.When I look at my newphew I see Seth “Shifty” and my heart goes out to them both. My nephew has a problem, but is in denial. He has a daughter now and doesn’t see what he is doing to her by his actions. My prayers go out to Shifty and his recovery!Maybe my newphew will ask for help like you Seth! I really hope you do it this time!

  477. Joe Jam says:

    Just want to let Kendra no she’s smokin hot and keep up the good work I’m dealing with addition and don’t know how to get away from it

  478. jennifer c says:


  479. Trisha says:

    This is for the girls of sober living, JEN, ENDRA and HEIDI! I love all of you and you give me so much hope that i can live sober. Your not fake or try to pretend that its easy. I am on methadone maintenance and have been for a while. I am clean as far ase using driugs but now i fight with coming off of methadone. its sooo hard and nobody seems to understand. I go to work every day and have lead a good normal life since being on a methadone clinic. I have suffered through depression and am trying to come down slowly off this medication that i have to takw daily. You ladies give me hope. Jennifer, The words you said on the last show touched me deeply and I truely beleive WE can do anything we really want! I will be watching for you, as I feel you touced me and have given me hope that I CAN DO THIS LAST PART!
    my BEST to all of you! Trisha <3

  480. Trisha says:

    Kerri ann is just a miserable hateful girl who thinks she is above other people. sweetheart, you cant hold anything next to these BEAUTIFUL BRAVE AND WONDERFUL LOVING WOMAN. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL, IF I WAS IN REHAB WITH YOU I WOULD HAVE DRAGGED YOUR FAKE _`!+_(!~##&#`*& HAIR OUT OUT AND LAUGHED IN YOUR FACE! Until you grow up and learn life isnt about you only maybe you will get a shot at a normal healthy life! your pathetic!

  481. Kathleen says:

    Dear Dr. Drew,

    I don’t know if you read these postings or not but, I wanted to tell you that you touch my heart. You are an incredible Dr who truly has compassion and caring in your heart to help those who need you. I admire your understanding and ability to work with all people. I hope you always do this type of work because clearly this is your gift. Your purpose is to (+@(@)@@&@&++~) ist others in their recovery. You are truly amazing! :)

    Kathleen (London, Ontario)

  482. Emmaline says:

    Well, now that Sober House 2 is finished, what are we going to kvetch about? Sad face.

  483. Emmaline says:

    Oh, yeah. To Kathleen: Geez, Kathleen, cut the bullspit. Dr. Drew is not Albert Schweitzer. He’s just a celebridoc (okay, so he’s a little cute). He’s not going to save your life any time soon, or even be your pen-pal, you halfwit.

  484. angela sturdevant says:

    It is may 5,2010
    i just watched the episode with the rock concert and cried it was totally awesome. So is the work you guy’s are doing.

  485. cathy thurlow says:

    I think that sober house is a wonderful thing that you all are doing and i wish you all the best. my heart goes out to tom sizemore. hang in there tom you are worth the trouble and the pain that you are going through.

  486. lynn says:

    Tom I am rooting for you!

    Handsome likable and talented. I love all the bad #*_##&!`%!^`!*&^ like the next guy but damn, I really think your meant for something better- I’ll be waiting to see you on the big screen!!


  487. Von says:

    I was watching a rerun of CSI Miami on AETV tonight & Tom Sizemore was on it, he did a great job. I am not sure but I think this was taped after Celebrity Rehab that Tom was on. I really hope he does well & get his life back, he is a really good actor.

    I also hope to see Mike Starr beat this thing. He is a great bass player…I would like to see him get back into the music scene. But they will both need to be careful because both areas of work has tempatation, they will just have to take 1 day at a time.

    Best wishes to everybody that was in rehab I really wish all of you the best.

  488. charmaine lomond says:

    I am really enjoying this tv show. I have never tried any
    drugs but I am learning the effects of them on this show.
    I am rooting for all the people on the show to stay off drugs and alcohol. You get to care about the people on the
    show, some you like better than others but are hoping they
    all get sober. hope you keep up the great work Dr. Drew and

  489. Norma says:

    Mike from the show needs more help than just Sober House, he definitely has more issues going on than just drugs, it really shows that he has mental issues and should be put in a mental hospital for awhile to get medications to help him

  490. Shan says:

    I am not one to comment on television shows, etc but what I saw in the episode tonight, May 9, concerned me. I found the feedback provided to Jennifer by Dr Drew was not very helpful or supportive. It was insulting when Dr Drew almost excused the way Jennifer reacted by saying she was not a professional. Jennifer is in a difficult position as she tries to deal with a group of people, many whom are difficult and in a couple of cases purposefully manipulative. She must live with these individuals but remain professional which is difficult for even the most seasoned social workers yet she was not given any credit for how well she handles this.
    Dr Drew should be supportive to her and even if he is not in agreement with every action taken, he should not allow himself to take sides and dismiss her authority completely as he did when he told the group and Mike that he could return. As a professional he should have facilitated the process that would likely provide the same outcome but not undermine Jennifer’s authority in from of the others. It is obvious that some individuals are already trying to manipulate the way things happen as is obvious with the way Heidi manipulate Mike to take a stand against Jennifer which likely contributed to the problem that arose. As the house mother Jennifer should have authority and it should not be undermined in front of others as it will create further problems as the group recognnizes that Jennifer truly does not make decisions and as long as they can get Dr Drew on their side, Jennifer’s authority and feelings are irrelevant.
    I understand the situation was difficult but as a professional Dr Drew should be able to bring about the desired outcome with undermining anyone’s authority and not make his staff, (or house mother as it would seem that such a position is not considered a staff position when clearly it should be) feel powerless. Bringing in help for Jennifer was a great idea but timing is everything since the way it was done this time feeds directly into the manipulation being done by Heida as she basically pushed this with her comments about Jennifer’s actions and it also sends a message to Jen that she is not capable of dealing with the house. Waiting and introducing another staff at a time that is negotiated with Jennifer and with Jennifer have some say as to how this would happen, would have helped show support for Jennifer, leave her with some self esteem and not further allow Heidi to manipulate the environment for her own amusement.

  491. lori says:

    OMG anybody that has had anything to do with recovery knows that Dr. Drew handled tonight all wrong. I guess I was a bit niave. I thought that this show although “hollywood” at least tried to give a glimpse of what recovery is like.Dr. Drew is a con. I won’t be watching anymore.

  492. Valerie says:

    This is a great show and my best to the people who are there to put themselves out here for all to watch! Especially Stephen Adler and Mike Starr who are battling HEAVY addictions. My heart is there for all the cast who is trying to get their life back together!!!Everyone is a great inspiration for others in similar life styles to “do something about it” I could only imagine what it would be like to put your personal business out in public-but I hope all these people remember THEY HAVE ALOT OF FANS ROOTING FOR THEM!!!And THANK YOU!!! STAY STRONG!! the only person in this series no one understands is the MISS TEEN USA. She has a respect problem over and beyond the realms of reality. I have not seen anything positive or inspiring about her and if anything she has threatens others sobriety. That is all worth mentioning about her!! But again to the rest….hope to see you back in your professions and having the good lives you all deserve!!!(Would love to see Sizemore back on the screen!!!!)and the rock and rollers playing their songs!! And so on…

  493. HN says:

    I know Dr.Drew is trying to get people off drugs but this show contradicts this premise. Most of the participants do not belong in a “sober house” setting. Their drug histories are long and many have psychological problems which hinder any progress. It is not possible to turn hard core abusers into non abusers in a short time span. As a Probation Officer I would refer hard core users to long term residential treatment programs. The best were Impact House, Cri-Help and the Tarzana Residential Treatment Center. I hope they are still around. These programs were of 9 to 12 month duration. They had strict rules which had to be followed. I saw chaos and a pattern of tolerance of disruptive behavior in “sober house.” In order to rehabilitate a person he/she must first by habilitated. They must learn to abide by the rules everyday people obey. Simple things like doing chores, showing respect of others and staff and maintaining personal hygiene. Even making your own bed indicates emerging responsibility. Long term programs start with “baby steps” which will eventually lead to developing self respect and inner controls. The miniscule time these residents spent in “sober house” will hopefully show them alternatives. However most are in need of the long term treatment I have mentioned.

  494. Helena says:

    I’m watching one of the final episodes with Ms. Jiminez engaging some of the male residents in her own inimitable style which, in my opinion, is totally inappropriate and unprofessional. Dr. Drew seems to have a large cadre of extremely capable people in his midst; yet Ms. Jiminez is making the big bucks as House Manager. Therefore, I’m left to $%^$`~^$`)@`&+^ ume that she’s there to provoke the residents in order to create drama to hook viewers. If that is the case, and that’s certainly how it appears, it’s really unfair to the residents and not the proper way to support their transition to a life of sobriety. She’s relatively new to sobriety herself and as a consequence she simply hasn’t learned or grown enough emotionally or spiritually to be able to handle the pressure of the position she’s in. Humility is key for someone doing that kind of work and she hasn’t lived sober long enough to have learned this. I quit drinking 24 yrs. ago, on my own, with very little help other than therapy. I had serious drug and alcohol problems but never had an intervention, never went to rehab, never lived in a sober house and I didn’t go the 12 step meeting route. I don’t knock any of that; it works for a lot of people but it’s not the only way to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. I’ve been lucky to have always found the right therapist at the right time and today I’m in a wonderful place. It’s a long, hard road and change does not happen overnight. If you find what works for you and you have a bit of luck and a great deal of patience you’ll find that small, incremental changes are possible. Time is of the essence and IMO, Ms. Jiminez just hasn’t had enough time living sober to be of any help to anyone else. In fact, she could do more harm than good if she’s allowed to continue in that position.

  495. terry says:

    Im not a celeberty but ive struggled with addictions 4 year,s,,I wish i coud get paid 2 go into rehab,,,,Unforthuntly i quit on my own desire 2 stop,,

  496. jasy says:

    hollywood is a toilet

  497. arlene says:

    What has happened to seth so far is he still clean?

  498. BeenThere says:

    When are people going to wake up and realize that everything you see on so-called “reality” tv is at least partly fake just to get better ratings? Do you honestly believe any reputable rehab would allow losers like that Kari-Ann Peniche (? Or many others over the four seasons) get away with their crap? That’s WHY psychotics like her are on there in the first place, to stir things up! I laugh at how people talk about Dr.Drew as if he’s a great doctor…I myself wonder if he is even a real doctor. I mean, if he`s behind hiring some fame junkie with no real credibility as his house manager on that Sober House mess, then he`s obviously more concerned with ratings than anything else. I don`t know, I just cannot believe so many people just don`t get it. Do you think Operation Repo is also real…LOL

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