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We finally caught up with the costume-wearing, smiling-dog-owning Renee, who was eliminated on last week’s episode of A Basement Affair. Below, she talks about being targeted by the other girls, her competitive spirit, her suggested costume fetish and why it’s important to maintain a sense of humor about yourself (especially if you’re on VH1).

What are your thoughts on this experience, looking back on it?

I wouldn’t trade the actual experience for anything in the world. It was so surreal to me and I still find it hard to believe that I did this. A lot of the girls have been on TV before, they’ve been on music videos, or have been models and all that. I haven’t done any of that. I’m just a normal person. I’ve done theater and acting but I didn’t have an agent or anything. Through editing, sometimes you see things that are you, but just in bits and pieces — you don’t see the entire you, and that probably was the hardest thing for me to accept. After a while, it was like, at least I’m begin portrayed as something. At least they will remember who I am. At least I made people laugh. At least they will remember who Renee is, whether it’ good or its bad.

Let’s talk about that: do you think your portrayal was bad?

I wouldn’t call it bad — I do think it’s funny. They don’t show a lot of who I really am. I have been looking for love, yes, but I am not desperate. I have plenty of guys that are interested in me and I’m not interested in them. In Episode 2, I said “I don’t need a man, I just want one.” I am independent, I live alone, I take care of myself, I take care of my own bills…I don’t need anybody in my life. It’s impossible to show 24 hours in a single episode, so you don’t see Frank relating to me and my experiences, like when I said to him, “I am a part of the mile high club and I like sex on the beach.” That is all very true, however, you don’t hear him tell me about his crazy experiences first. You don’t hear him tell me about how sexual of a guy he is, you don’t hear any of that. What I said was mild in comparison.

Did you feel bullied on the show?

Absolutely. How could I not? You could feel the tension in the house. Really, I felt like I had two choices: I could sit back and watch everybody else make their moves and have their time, or I could do something about it. I chose to take chances when a lot of the other girls were there more for each other than they were to actually get to know Frank. I wasn’t trying to get under anybody’s toes. I was in a competition and I think a lot of people forget that that’s what you’re there for. You’re not there to make out with each other, you’re there to find love, and you’re there to be with Frank. I told the girls straight out, if you’re not there for Frank then I’m going to tell him. I thought that was being honest with them. They all turned against me and I did feel it, so that was very difficult.

You had all this one-on-one time with Frank, he made you his spy…and then you were eliminated. Where did it go wrong?

All the girls got to his head, I’d have to say. I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did. I am a strong person, but I went through probably the most emotional abuse out of that whole entire house. I had no idea how brutal they could be. I knew people could be catty but I couldn’t believe how catty and I couldn’t believe how jealous these girls were. At the end of the day, I think actually makes me look better because I wasn’t like that. I can’t please the world. If people don’t like me, they don’t like me and that’s fine. Their comments were really just catty and retarded to me. Like, “Oh she needs to fix her nails,” or “Oh her bra is sticking out. I want to tell her but I am not going to.” That’s just lame. That’s just retarded. Whatever.

I think what may have started the rift was your story condemning women for going on TV to advance their careers.

Of course, we were all there for TV. Anyone who tells you, “Oh I didn’t want to be on TV,” that was on Frank the Entertainer is f***ing lying. The difference between me and maybe the other girls in the house is I was open to whatever happened after TV. I was open life after that the fact. If Frank and I got along and wanted to date, hey, great. But with somebody like Dana or 90 percent of the women on VH1, they’re not really open to anything that happened. They are just putting on a show.

So you were competitive for a reason, not just for the sake of being competitive?

I liked Frank. I was enjoying getting to know him as a person, and I wanted to continue to get to know him. I thought he was a very cool guy. I still do. I wish him nothing but the best. I wish the Maresca family nothing but the best. In the beginning, I did feel a connection with Frank. When I won the talent competition and found out that I had things in common with him. I liked his family so much and the experience of being there.

What was up with the “old barmaid” out fit you busted out?

I know how it came across on TV: that I am this crazy sexual addict or something. That was a Playboy costume, first of all. It was cute, it was meant to be funny. I am a silly person. I am not taking myself seriously. I figured, why not? I thought I was getting eliminated anyway, so I figured that I might as well be entertaining while doing it, and who knows maybe he’ll keep me around because he’ll be so shocked.

Was that based in reality, though? Are you a costume fetishist?

No, not really. I think they are fun and funny. I think when I go to a costume party everyone turns their heads and looks. It’s funny. I think they’re cute, but no.

In addition to being accused of snitching, people called you “weird.” Do you agree? Are you weird?

Everybody is a little weird, but in comparison to the other girls, some of them were really weird. Maybe it was weird that I was a real person. Maybe it was weird that I was extremely competitive. I think I was targeted because it was easy since I am not a mean person. I was not the type of person to start s*** out of nowhere. I am not the type of person to start arguing with you over nothing, like Dana was. I always tried to watch what I said. Even in my interviews, I would think about it. I would think, How would so-and-so feel if this was said about them? How would I feel if it was said about me? I always put myself in another person’s shoes. I shouldn’t have been that way because now looking back, I see what other girls have said about me and they didn’t care about my feelings. They said whatever the f*** they wanted. Basically some of them wanted more airtime and that’s why they targeted me but it backfired on all of them because I got the most airtime on the show, so ha!

So you’re happy you did the show?

Oh yeah, I would not trade the experience of the show for anything in the world. I had wanted to do television since I was a little kid. Doing the show is something I will never forget, ever. The experience of it was a once in a lifetime…well, hopefully more than once, I hope to get on something else. Even though I am perceived as needy and blah blah blah, I laugh at myself. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then life isn’t worth living.

Keep up with Renee via her Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Pete Gas says:

    Renee was definitely the cutest and most fun person there. Will be missed.

  2. Roger says:


  3. kate says:

    renees probably the only real girl on that house. the rest (like always) are fake as their boobs. she had a sense of humor and wasnt like all the other “barbie dolls” with their huge noses and sticks up their a$ses…

  4. Garrett says:

    She was the most beautiful and sweet. I never seen her hurt anyone while on the show. Frank’s loss.

  5. BonishkaRai says:

    i thought she was too crazy, but she did make pretty good tv.

  6. handsomejacob says:

    If she has her own show, sign me up! Even if I didn’t win I know we’d at least have fun together!

  7. 98Degrees says:

    Honestly, Renee was by far the best looking girl on the show. Like it’s not even close, and that’s why the other girls were so quick to talk behind her back because they knew she could (and should) have won the show. Renee was real, and she def deserves to be on something else….seriously shes way too cute to let go of!!! mwahhhhhhhhh

  8. PeteGas says:

    I think she made enough of an impression that she will show up again on something like I love Money or Charm School.

  9. AngelasAshes says:

    I strongly dislike when someone says “retarded” to describe something negatively. Similar to calling something/someone “gay”.

    Think before you speak everyone!

  10. Proper Usage of Words says:

    Yes Angela I agree 2 that the word “retarded” probably shouldn’t be used but I don’t think it was said to demean the people who were diagnosed with mental @*&`~%~*@@~!&$*($~ ation years ago. A lot of people are unaware of what is acceptible to say & what is not because it seems to change all of the time. Still working for 30 years now taking care of the developmentally challenged & they were labelled as Mentally @*&`~%~*@@~!&$*($~ ed 20 years ago or less and not everyone felt it was demeaning then. Just like we have had handicapped parking but its the physically challenged, etc. now. I think the most important issue here is treating everyone with respect no matter what challenges or race that they may have. A word is a word and it only offends if it is intended to do so or you simply are offended of the word itself. Is there a book to keep up to as to what not to say today? I think pretty soon we will not be able to use the words “fat” or “skinny” or “stupid” or “dum” in the near future but people will be allowed to say “f***k. Also, maybe they will ban words like that from a Dictionary.

    On another note, this show was very humorous & have immensely enjoyed it so far. Hope a similar show is in the works.

  11. SamMarq says:

    not the prettiest…but the craziest…and not in a good way.

  12. haileyjay says:

    im sure she wants to come across as a good girl, but what about those bonus clips. her tellin frank she wants him 2 smack his d*ck across her face. talk about degrading. talk about trashy. talk about desprate. i wont miss her. i miss annie :(

  13. joshcars says:

    I think she’s the cutest, and frank played her because she was honest and sweet. Hopefully she’s does better than him.

  14. ADFJ says:

    Pete Gas
    98Degrees (all a.k.a Renee)

    From living with this broad in the house, we all know how she works and we all know any admiration that is shown for her on this site is coming straight from her mouth and her mouth alone. No one can stand her or that fame wh@rish ego!

  15. jackie says:

    I liked her. She was real and I related to her. Who wants a guy in a basement anyways?

  16. Jerryhogrider says:

    yeah no. just no.

    hasta la vista, loser. get slapped in the face by that &#%@!

  17. JUSTIN TYMES says:

    U were a ray of sunshine 2 me even on a cloudy day. Thank you.

  18. Leslie Soto says:

    Don’t worry keep your head up. People like to down everyone but you did something and now everyone knows you. So if others dont like it too bad. YOU GO GIRL!

  19. Kyle says:

    adfj = dana

  20. PVADarrell says:

    see you next tuesday

  21. TV_watch-r says:

    Renee pretty? I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I agree with Roger because I immediately thought psycho koo koo when I saw her. Why is Dana’s immature bi-polar +&)!*#^++%#(&#( still there? And Dana’s mom is ignorant & uneducated it sounds. That’s what’s wrong with Dana, her mom is crazy!

  22. Mirror_mirror says:

    Beauty REALLY is in the eyes of the beholder, TV_Watch-r.

    You guys keep saying Annie needs a nose job. But have you seen Renee’s shnoz? She looks like a deformed piglet who rolls around in her own @#$%! She is probably even more deformed on the inside!!

  23. Mr. Clean says:

    OMFG, Those comments R quite scarry. Do u have a stalker on your hands or what? No kidding around, people like that can be dangerous. U R so adorable 2 & luved U on this show. Let me know if U need some computer help Babe in the near future. Would B glad to help out.

  24. Trisha Kane says:

    U SEEM LIKE A tiny girl WITH A BIG HEART!!!! I liked your silly side. Hope U find someone who deserves U.

  25. Rusty Reagan says:



    RUSTY :)

  26. Eyes 4- U says:

    LUV, LUV, LUV , The Gurl!!!!!! Frank must have been drunk/confused when he sent ya home. Miss seeing ya and bet he does too.

  27. Comp Techs R #1 says:

    Hey Danny Sm. Blueb*lls – What gives? R U not well? Need glases? Stalking just isn’t right, man. Must have stayed up all nite thinkin bout yor rhimes. Take a rest & take yor meds 2?

    This gurl wuz my 1st pick & my fav………… so beat it! Hope U don’t mind Lil Ren, I jus had 2 react.

  28. Keith says:

    I think she’s really cute, but too young for Frank.

  29. unknown says:

    Kyle = Kyle from tool academy ADFJ some people can stand her on this site I have no %#($*+(&*%^!&($+ ing clue why Annie, Renne, and Dana are the craziest people on the show.

  30. speakdatruth says:

    Cathy Nardone was in a hip hop video this past summer where she showed alot of “skin”. She was a total bimbo there just like on the show…poor girl. The link to the video is You gonna have to log in to youtube cuz the video got flagged for “inappropriate content” so you can imagine what the hell she was doing in that video lmao

  31. allred1273 says:

    I dont know what Franks problem is but Renee can show up at my door anytime she wants wearing any god damn thing she wants! She is gorgeous! I hope she reads this so she can e-mail me and I’ll treat her right. Trust me, Im better looking, sing better, and i dont live at my parents house.

  32. Stacey says:

    They should not have been so cruel to her. She was nice. Even ANNIE was not so nice to her!!! Terrible. What a shame. They should not do SO MUCH EDITING either. Why didn’t we see Frank talking to her about all his crazy adventures before we see her talking about the mile high club? I mean?! WTF?

    Dana is a bully. She looks like an over grown little girl.

  33. Michelle says:

    I agree with AngelesAshes on the R word. Not good. Very insensitive.

  34. Frank's Dad is not a Perv says:

    Frank’s Dad is such a good man. He’s around all these scantilly clad girls and he is so well behaved, he doesn’t even as much as get a twinkle in his eye or raise an eyebrow. Annie was “rapping” about p—ys and d—s, b–w j-bs, and c—ing in mouths, and he was not even perving. He doesn’t even hug the chicks when they leave, only Mrs. Maresca does.

    As for Frank, he wants a bad girl, a sex freak like the rest of his girls have been unless he chooses Melody. I don’t think he inherited the morals of his parents.

    Dana is a bully! She’s knock kneed and LITERALLY FACED THE CAMERA; she positioned her WHOLE body toward the camera, after her “thank you baby” and accepting the key. Watch it.

  35. LAughing says:

    Um ya we all know renee the fame *+%##(*@*+*&`&@~^ drama club nerd is leaving these comments! She is a weirdo and always has been! Her mouth is always nervously twitching when she talks! Come on she was wearing black boots from 1999 that she kept wearing to the eliminations. This is the girl who _(!%$&)&**^%@))~ herself in school and carried it up to the barrel to throw it out.GOOD RIDDANCE best choice u ever made frank!

  36. The Last Caller says:

    “LAUGHING”, WOW U R Very Mistaken. Don’t want to blow ur mind, There r many fans, that love this Li’L Gal. Buddy it Seems U r hurtin in some way & Yor jeolousy is def showing! Time 2 move on now, C’mon. Stop being an attantion sucker.

  37. FRIED TWINKIES says:

    Looking forward to a reunion show so that we can see you again. You were so comical and real. I love, love, love, this show. Good Luck in making your decision, Frank.

  38. Stevesgirl79 says:

    Renee would not trade the experience of dressing like a bar maid, while also making a fool out of herself in front of the whole country as she was lying on top of Frank telling him she wanted him to smack his you know what on her face. She called it D*ck Therapy. Renee came across as a complete and utter pervert. She never had any hanky panky in a plane either. She might claim to be sexually experienced in real life, but this girl has as much spunk in the bedroom as a 90 year old man without his Cialis. And do not let her fool you, I’m close with her ” ex-second fiance” and he told me that she has like 30 play girl costumes and is clueless on how to act sexy in them. Just look at her when she dressed up for Frank. Doesn’t sound like she was telling the truth in her interview, but then again when is it like Renee to be truthful period. Notice how all the truthful comments about her keep getting deleted. She’s probably threatening to the VH1 producers to pull the comments or else she is going to sue them or hurt herself. This girl seriously can’t handle any criticism. Little does she know that everyone who watched the show thinks she’s a fool. Keep working at your watch store, you are a shop girl and will continue to be a shop girl forever that invests in cheap costumes and to much makeup. How about investing in a personality, a soul and natural good looks?

  39. Loving Da Drew says:

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, To da X-tremes long winded OCD comment,
    Give up drugs now – C Dr. Drew, he’s da best, then rite yur book on it. Speedy Recovry to ya sugar.