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A companion to our interview with Amanda, the first Tool to leave Tool Academy 3 talks Jewish princedom, wrestling boners and why Courtney’s show of force had nothing to do with him leaving the show. His words!

Even though you left the show without her, Amanda told me that you two stayed together, then ended things recently. So, what happened between the show and last week?

Like I said on the show, it’s been a long and rocky relationship. We did try to work things out on our own but honestly, I have too much on my plate. Between wrestling and my other business, I have no time for a full committed relationship and that’s what Amanda wants and deserves. I’m just not the guy now.

Did you get a chance to watch the episode?

Of course I watched the first show! It was really interesting because I watched it with Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, and a few others. I thought I stole the show. It was amazing to see how frustrated the other tools were that I took over and they couldn’t compete. They had to get a whole crew together just to step up to me and then what? They did nothing.

During the challenge you said that you were a “Jewish Prince” who didn’t have to work with Tools. Can you define Jewish Prince for me?

Jewish Prince, Jewish American Prince or Princess, a JAP, it used to be considered an anti-Semitic remark but for us, we find it humorous. It comes from having a pampered and wealthy background where we don’t do things the common man does. I would much rather hire a repair man than stare at tools for hours trying to figure out how to use them.

I think it’s pretty clear that it was the house, not your rocky relationship, that made you want to leave the show. What was it about your fellow Tools that made you want to leave?

Did you not see the show? They were neanderthals. They were jealous of my charm, charisma, and stage presence. They couldn’t handle that I had the best smile, hair, and natural body there. I live in my own mansion in Orlando as well as have a condo in Miami. I deal with people who I want to deal with and being in the Academy, I was stuck with a bunch of crazy Tools. Screw that!

A lot of viewers have said that it was your wrestling match against Courtney that made you leave the Academy. Were you trying to save face by leaving?

I have to laugh at that. The match was all fun and games for me. I took it easy on her and you see me smiling the whole way. When Courtney’s head dropped, I went to hook a choke and as she leaned up, I went up with her. For anyone in any fighting sport can see the guillotine choke and if those Tools want to think I was “pinned” there, then go ahead. It got them excited. Let the monkeys laugh. That had nothing to do with me leaving the house.

Do you regret leaving the show?

I was back and forth on whether or not I made the right move leaving the show. I’ve weighed the pros and cons and after lots of consideration, hell no! I am so glad I left. I should have left before the therapy and the challenge. I should have just stayed in Cancun. I was there to drink, party, and dance, ya know, I’m Chasyn Rance.

I remember Amanda saying you met on a Birthright trip, and they really encourage you to meet your future husband or wife during those. Was their pressure from your families or friends to make it work?

No way! We’re young. We both have divorced parents that understand that it takes time to find yourself before you can find your soul mate. Maybe you find the soul mate young but no rush to get married. I don’t plan on thinking about marriage until I’m 30 and that’s just thinking about it. If Amanda and I end up being together in the end, cool, awesome, she’s a great girl. But for now, I’m focused on my career and becoming one of the top wrestlers in the world.

I noticed that your real name is your wrestling name. Do you think that maybe part of the reason Amanda surprised you and put you on Tool Academy was because your wrestling personality and your offstage personality are starting to merge?

It’s not so much that my offstage and wrestling personage has merged, I just have different levels. I can relax at home and be cool and calm but if I get riled up, I turn it up a few levels. It’s all me you saw. When I go to the ring, that’s Chasyn Rance. When you see me in the grocery store, that’s Chasyn Rance. If you want to get in my face at the grocery store for some odd reason, the levels go up. I got fired up at a club last night when this girl wanted to take a picture with a “Tool” but she was rude about it. Sorry hon’, if you didn’t like what you saw, don’t talk to me. You don’t want an angry Chasyn especially in a social gathering like a club.

I think you need to clarify the whole erections-while-wrestling thing. Is this really true?

It’s more of a pre-match warm up. Also, I do kiss my girls before I start the match. It’s kind of a good luck thing. The girls do get a little excessive with the kiss sometimes so going behind the building before I wrestle is just a smart precautionary measure on my part.

Why wouldn’t you just wear a cup?

No one wears cups. They’re annoying, and it would limit my range of motion in the ring.

I saw that you have a bunch of wrestling appearances coming up.

I have matches coming up all over the U.S. as well as the Dominican Republic and other countries that I’m still finalizing. I’m most looking forward to an upcoming tour in Colombia because I haven’t wrestled there yet and I hear the women there are quite pretty.

Jacob talked constantly about wanting to get his wrestling career going. What would you recommend for him? Do you think he has a wrestling career in his future?

For anyone aspiring to become a professional wrestler, I have a great wrestling school in Orlando where you can learn from greats like Scott Hall, Larry Zbyszko, and, of course, me. As for Jacob, he should just give up unless his attitude changes drastically on Tool Academy and he wins the $100,000. Otherwise, he will still be the dumb neanderthal who writes checks that his bank won’t cash.

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— Jessica Suarez

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