Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Recap – Episode 4 – 10 Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


War is hell. And, as it turns out…


…so is weight loss.

The first thing we loved this week?

- Sebastian’s meltdown (duh).

It started with poncho theft, progressed to camera assault…



…featured Harvey calling out immaturity…


…and ended with a swine-flu snot rocket…


Good show! Good show! It’s rare that we get to this level of extreme human behavior on Fit Club. Way to make the show work, Sebastian. (It’s needless to point out that the Blue Team didn’t win the challenge this week, right?)

Of course, it didn’t really end there. Because immediately following this display, there was…

- The “crazy contest.”

We’ve written about it already. The only thing left to say is, check out these reactions:


Classic! Jay is clearly as entertained as we are.

Oh, and also, I don’t think Sebastian was wrong for calling everyone out on repeatedly voting for themselves as dead weight. I don’t think it needed to go this far for him to prove his point, but that point isn’t invalidated as a result. Indecision and political correctness are the real dead weight.

- The crazy contest aftermath.


This involved Sebastian sitting around the mess table and sharing his logic for getting so unhinged: “If someone wants to say, ‘F*** you’ to me, then f*** you! F*** anyone that says that to me.” Keep in mind that before Tanisha said, “F*** you,” he said, “F*** you, VH1!”


That’s just to point out that the “F*** you” cycle sometimes begins with him. He’s more than just a retaliatory f***er. Don’t let him tell you different.

Also, in the aftermath, Tanisha took the opportunity to criticize Sebastian’s hair to her boyfriend:


“He need a weave, if you ask me. He need a f***in’ weave and a treatment. He need a lacefront, ’cause his ends are choppy, boo. Choppy.” When they met up…


…Sebastian’s hair spoke for itself. They met up, by the way, because Tanisha wanted to. She informed us that she’s never been the bigger person in a dispute (as she’s on Fit Club, surely she meant this figuratively), and it was heartening to see them squash their beef then and there.


Sebastian called her “the bigger man.” Not sure if that was a dig.

Oh, and speaking of hair:

- Tanisha’s various methods of weave preservation.




Girls going to visually dramatic lengths to keep their weaves from getting wet has to be in my Top 5 favorite recurring themes on VH1 (right after the splits and foot worship).

- This shot:


Adorable, y/y?

- Bobby’s glasses.


He looks really well-rested here (even though he’s talking about how he wanted to get back in bed instead of taking part in the challenge)! I blame the glasses.

- Bobby’s dad.


“Stop eating everything!” was Pops’ video message to Bobby, instantly reminding me why I loved this man so much on Being Bobby Brown. Really, this was almost perfect. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a cameo from Skenecia.

- Shar and Kevin awkwardness.


So far, they’ve done a great job of keeping their distance, thus keeping us out of their business, but there was no denying the tension that went down when Kevin’s current girlfriend gave him her motivational message, which included a message within the message from Kevin’s kids:


As if psychically linked to the situation, Kevin and Shar’s daughter Cassie cut said tension with this message to her mom:


“I hope you win and beat dad!”


The fact that even Kevin found this parental side-taking funny says a lot about his character, no?

- Step dancing.

Sebastian said, “I don’t get dancing.”


Sebastian was not wrong.

- The results.

Kaycee lost 5 lbs., beating her goal of 4.


Nicole lost 2, falling just short of her 3 lbs. goal.


Tanisha lost a whopping 7 – her goal was 4.


Jay met his goal and lost 4 lbs.


Kevin lost 4 lbs., beating his goal of 3.


Shar lost none; her goal was 3.


Bobby picked up a big boost of momentum, losing 5 lbs. His goal was 4.


Sebastian fell just 1 lb. short of his goal of 4 lbs.


Here are the team tallies:



Adjusted to include the challenge points it shows that…


…Blue is still in the lead. Look at how blissful Tanisha teems as she celebrates while holding Sebastian’s hand. I don’t know what I’m happier about: their reconciliation or their success as a team. Thank you Fit Club, for not making me have to choose.

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