“I’m Not Here To Make Friends” Really Does Start At Home


In this week’s A Basement Affair recap, I jokingly noted that “the cycle of not being there to make friends starts at home,” in reference to Melody saying that she heard Dana’s mom said that she was going to beat Dana up if Dana didn’t beat Melody up. My hunch is proven in the clip above, in which Dana talks to her mom on the phone (“If I had an anger problem, I woulda been f***ed her up!”) and her mom at one point tells her, “You’re not there for them…you’re not there for them! You’re not trying to make a friend. You don’t need to make a friend.”

As “I’m not here to make friends” is my favorite reality TV cliche of all time, I can’t tell you how thrilled Dana’s constant invoking of the phrase make me. She is the I’m not here to make friendsest contestant ever. I especially love the nature/nurture angle that her mother has forged. So complicated and nuanced! These people are a gift to reality TV.

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