“I’m Not Here To Make Friends” Really Does Start At Home


In this week’s A Basement Affair recap, I jokingly noted that “the cycle of not being there to make friends starts at home,” in reference to Melody saying that she heard Dana’s mom said that she was going to beat Dana up if Dana didn’t beat Melody up. My hunch is proven in the clip above, in which Dana talks to her mom on the phone (“If I had an anger problem, I woulda been f***ed her up!”) and her mom at one point tells her, “You’re not there for them…you’re not there for them! You’re not trying to make a friend. You don’t need to make a friend.”

As “I’m not here to make friends” is my favorite reality TV cliche of all time, I can’t tell you how thrilled Dana’s constant invoking of the phrase make me. She is the I’m not here to make friendsest contestant ever. I especially love the nature/nurture angle that her mother has forged. So complicated and nuanced! These people are a gift to reality TV.

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  1. PeteGas says:

    I think Dana’s mom is wrong and that Dana should in fact be making friends because only a friend will be able to love her enough to tell her she how badly she needs to see a hairdresser.

  2. PeteGas says:

    She’s right, she doesn’t need to make friends with anyone on the show, she just needs to make friends with a good hairdresser.

  3. Tylo says:

    wow she is nuts!

  4. Shasha says:

    haha my favorite for sure!! Team Dana!

  5. robp says:

    yes i agree Team Dana.. is she blind to the fact that she is always mad at someone? but i find her quite entertaining. my wife cracks up at her so bad! she is our favorite we are rooting for her!

  6. marz says:

    she is the realest girl on the show hands down

  7. conley says:

    I’m not a fan of Dana’s, but my husband watched the conversation of Melody and Frank over and over again – did she use the “n” word to describe Dana’s behavior? If someone knows what was bleeped out, please clue me in – very disappointing if that was Melody’s chosen adjective.

  8. Sharon says:

    thank you PeteGas…I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed the big huge oil stain, I mean roots showing on Dana’s head.

  9. raulking says:

    these other girls are just mad she keeps it a hundred and Frank aint man enough for her.. she need a man like me that knows how to handle her crazy #_*~+()_+)_$!+~ i like them feisty lol

  10. cocktailsandsand says:

    love the hair flip! you go girl

  11. Engagement Ring says:

    Sharon and PeteGas have about the hair, ok!!! She’s got dishwater brown hair up to her ears and the rest is blonde. It’s one thing to have roots, but these are not roots! This is her ENTIRE HEAD. Anyway, good for her, she’s focused. Maybe her Mom is just kidding about beating people up. Maybe she means it metaphorically. I think she’s a big bully.

    So are we the only ones that watch this show? I mean, it’s not in heavy rotation on Vh-1. All I ever see is Celebrity Bootcamp, Fantasia, Let’s talk about Pep, but I rarely ever see this show except on Sunday nights when it’s suppossed to be on. WTF?

  12. santergria says:

    god she reminds me of tiffany pollard and sister paterson!

  13. BonishkaRai says:

    dana seemed like a nice girl at first, but now that renee and annie are no longer there, she’s freakin crazy.

  14. Danaiscrazy says:

    ok so Dana and her mom are completely crazy and nuts. they are bad )*&@+)!`^~)`_$( i love them! i wish i had a mom cool like that!

  15. iheartchance says:

    hahahahahahaha am i in the twilight zone?!!!!!

  16. mommyandwife says:

    it’s very fun to laugh at… but i feel so bad for this young lady. she is just out of control due to bizarre parenting skills. i would never demand my daughter to do such things. i feel like there is some reasons for her and her mother’s logic so i will not judge. who knows what they have been through in their personal lives. i am just speechless at this relationship. i can’t even believe it. i have seen so much and never came across something so strange as this.

  17. jenny41292 says:

    I think Dana is insane she needs a serious reality check, she needs to stop being so fake and grow up. She most certainly has an anger problem.HELLOO!! her mom sounds like that’s where she gets it from. She is just inmature and needs to go home. She is not right for Frank.

  18. sandy says:

    Dana looks like a man, acts lik an idiot and is a jealous $$*`&#^^)*`~(^~%$ She needs to go ! and her dragqueen face! ew!

  19. John says:

    two words for Dana- white trash!
    what a loser !

  20. frankieMan says:

    She is funny as hell. i like how she says whats on her mind. when she didnt take that drink from melody’s hand that was hilarious!

  21. Tyrone says:

    Dana has a gunt!!!!

  22. Tyrone says:

    I want Dana to stick her nose up my %$%`+%*&_@@!~** and tickle my prostate!!

  23. jermane says:

    i hope medlody gose shes a snatch frank i would hate to
    see your heart breaking with a girl like dana shes a sweet heart shes your favorite

  24. oo says:

    dear frank melody is a drama oueen you shold send that thing home she was talking about you before she came on
    the show she called you a hoe frank melody is not who you think she is your heart belongs to dana in she really loves you melody is a lier a fake a cheat melody
    is no good im for real if you pick melody season 3 will
    be next year im not trying tell you what to do im just
    help you out with your descion i think you shold have
    keep annie shes diffent from melody im telling you im
    beeting you 100 that you dont pick melody

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