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Below, Melissa, the most recently eliminated contestant on A Basement Affair, talks about her emotional departure, being known as “The Crusher,” and why her loyalty to Dana was more loyalty to her own well-being than an actual alliance.

How was your time on the show?

I had a great time. It was so much fun! The experience alone [was worth it] — meeting all different people and putting yourself in this situation. I was taking a chance on life, you know? It was fun, it was a great experience and I wouldn’t take it back for the world.

You cried when you were eliminated. Were you genuinely disappointed?

It was more like a lot of emotion. I had a lot of connections with the girls. I was really upset when I cried because I felt like I was misunderstood as this Minnesota girl. It’s like, come on, do you really think I want four kids badly misbehaving? I don’t think that’s anybody’s dream! I was sad that he didn’t get to see the funny me, because all of the girls got to see that side of me, so they were thinking that this skit was funny. Frank thought it was a nightmare. Leaving was emotional. I don’t know why nobody else cried.

Were you disappointed that you never ended up going out on a date with Frank?

Absolutely. I mean, I wasn’t there to get married and find true love, but I was there to date someone, and I never even got a date. So there was another reason why he never really got to see that side of me. He never had that one-on-one time with me, really.

What did you think of his mom calling your play “white trash?”

I was really disappointed. I like Susan so much, and I was so sad that she said that. I don’t think I’m white trash, and I didn’t portray myself as white trash ever.

How about the Dana situation? It seemed like everyone was turning against her, but you stayed relatively loyal to her.

Yeah, I don’t know. Me and Dana were bunk buddies. We had become friends, and then she started going crazy on everybody. At that time, I didn’t want her to turn on me and get all crazy on me, so I tried to stay friends with her so she wouldn’t go all crazy on me.

So it was more of a defense than a loyalty thing?

Oh, totally. It was like, “Oh, dude, this bitch is crazy!” I was friends with Melody and all of those people, that’s why I went and told her about what Dana was saying because it was like, “Dude, Dana is crazy! But I don’t want her turning on me!”

And she never did. I know she had some interviews where she was a little bit disparaging, but for the part you guys stayed cool, right?

Yeah, I mean we don’t really talk anymore. But it was in the past and you can’t really take it back. Watching the show, I don’t know what her motives were, you know? Watching her and the things she says in her interviews, she seems very different than the person I had known her as. I mean, for me, I’m a Minnesota girl; we always give everybody the benefit of the doubt. That’s why I didn’t try to create a lot of drama. In Minnesota we’re nice, and everybody’s friends until they turn on you. So for me to watch it was a little disappointing.

When Frank asked you who you thought he should eliminate, you said Felicia. And in your interview you said that because you didn’t want to rock the boat with Dana. But was there a reason why you picked Felicia specifically?

I picked Felicia because she was so smart and I didn’t feel like she and Frank would be right for each other. So my answer was more of a “Frank, no, I don’t think this girl is right for you.” It wasn’t because of all of the drama in the house. It was really what I felt. It wasn’t anything against her, because I like her a lot and we still stay in touch. But it was like, “Hey, I honestly don’t feel like you and Frank would be together in the long run.”

So it was an honest answer, really.

Oh yeah. It wasn’t that, “Dana’s crazy and she has all of these issues with anger management and there’s all of this drama.” There’s going to be drama. Hello, there’s fifteen girls living in one house! I just didn’t see Frank and Felicia together in the long run. Also, I felt like I could explain to Felicia better, “Hey this is how I feel,” rather than Dana, who I thought would stab me or something. I didn’t know I was going to be eliminated when I said that, but with the dynamic of the house, I was doing it for my benefit.

It seemed like the only girl you really got into it with was Cathy.

Yeah. After we worked together in the challenge, I think we learned that we were similar in how we’re kind of loud and like to have a good time. So I think before that it was like, “Whoa, this girl is drinking and being all crazy!” And, I guess, the sleeping together part. I still think that’s true.

It’s funny to me because she never denied it. Usually on these shows, it’s like, “I never slept with him! You shouldn’t be spreading that!” But here it was like, “You shouldn’t be spreading around the truth…”

I was awake all night long, and I saw that she wasn’t in her bed. I was like, “You guys, I seriously think she’s down there! Blah blah blah!” I heard something during the night, and then I said what I said. I wasn’t trying to start beef with her. When I confronted her about it, she never even denied it.

When Frank confronted you about that and you said, “Oh, I was just jealous,” I thought it was big of you.

I say the truth. Watching me on TV, I’m not disappointed, because it’s me. I like to eat, I’m a Minnesota girl, I like to have a good time. They can’t show all sides of you, but I tried to be honest and who I am. I feel like I was one of the realest girls on the show, watching them on TV, and knowing how they were in the house. It’s so different because you get to watch their interviews. You get taken aback by not only what they said, but how they’re saying it. I felt like I was probably one of the realest ones.

From now on, you’ll be known to the world as “The Crusher.” How does that feel?

Oh, I love it! It’s great! I used to play softball for years. And, you know, it’s coed softball, so you’re hanging out, having a good time, drinking beers. And they’d call me “The Crusher” because I could hit the ball super far for a girl. One day we’re drinking and I said, “You guys want to see something crushed?!” And I stuck a beer can in my shirt and crushed it. And ever since then, I was called “The Crusher.” It’s funny, because they don’t show everything that was involved in our special talents. I’m a bartender, so I was flipping bottles and stuff for Frank. The crushing was just my finale. They only show that part, but that’s OK because I did that, too.

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