VH1 To Resurrect Unplugged With Adam Lambert


adam-lambert-unplugged-2001VH1′s Unplugged, the award-winning music series, is returning with eight all new episodes for VH1, MTV and CMT. The first performer? None other than Adam Lambert, our most beloved American Idol contestant ever, who had not only planted his sparkle-seed in our earholes from the moment he opened his 24K-gold lips, but had also managed to stick a feather-cork in our heartholes following our two interviews together.

Continue reading Adam Lambert Unplugged at BestWeekEver.tv.

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  1. leon fowler says:


  2. Sherry says:

    I have heard this on March 10, but what time? VH1 or Classic? I can’t find it on your schedule?

  3. Cheryl says:

    This is huge! Why can’t I find out what time this airs?!? I can’t miss it!

  4. SHARON DORMAN says:


  5. JSkinbark says:

    I understand that this will only be shown online, and not on TV, but where on the VH1 web site and when (time) will it be showing? The lack of information regarding this monumental event in a bit disturbing. How do Adams fans know where to find him if no one is talking.

  6. Brenda says:

    I have so been looking forward to seeing Adam performing on “Unplugged”. I have checked every the schedule on MTV and VH1. Where is it? How can we see it? How come there is no way to find this show? More information please!!!!

  7. Kay says:

    This is getting frustrating. So many people have been looking forward to this and no one has any info on when VH1 is going to download the songs online for viewing or when we can watch this amazing performer (and band) on TV.

  8. Ali15 says:

    VH1, what are you doing? Your own website text says you’re resurrecting Unplugged with Adam’s videos and now you’re not showing them on TV? What happened? Who screwed up? You would have had stunning viewership. Someone needs to be fired for shocking stupidity. He’s out winning the hearts of millions in the Trans Pacific and you can’t figure out a way to air his stunning videos. . . You can’t even promote when the online videos will break. No wonder you’ve lost your luster.

  9. Rick says:

    VH1 really screwed up again.

  10. Angell girl says:

    Adam Lambert has the best voice and when he sings nothing else matters he reminds me of the 70s and those were the best times of my life!!!

  11. gramma s says:

    I am not good with computers and going crazy trying to find out how to see Adam Lambert. Very frustrating.

  12. Cyndi says:

    How come this was not advertised anywhere. Here it is 2 days later and I just found out about it. I guess they don’t need ratings?

  13. timjustin says:

    airs April 9th on VH1