Sober House 2 – Watch The Premiere!


The second season of Sober House with Dr. Drew premieres Thursday, March 11 at 10/9c on air, but you can watch it online now. You’ll be shocked to find out that it is fraught with drama and extremely percussive sound cues. Guess who’s causing trouble almost as soon as she enters the house! Go on, guess! You’ll never figure it out! Fine: Kari Ann. :(

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  1. Lesa says:

    Ugh, Kari Ann. She does not need a sober living facility, she needs THERAPY. She is a bratty, narcissistic, self-centered, fame-obsessed teenager in a woman’s body, and she needs some serious therapy away from the camera in order to address what is really wrong with her.

    That said, I am so glad to see Jennie from Sex Rehab again! She was my very favorite from that show. I only wish Phil Varone were going to be participating, too.

  2. Cristina in Tampa says:

    Oooooh no…I can’t believe that Dr. Drew is going to put BOTH the Sex and Drug addicts through the “Carrie Ann” drama AGAIN! I’m tellin’ ya, that girl could MAKE the most sober person start using! That just isn’t FAIR to those who are seriously into recovery! Why!!??? (Not to mention that it’s very hard for us viewers to watch her without wanting to puke too!)
    I agree with Lesa too…Cari Ann (sp?) is waaay beyond just “treatment”..she needs a very intense kind of mental treatment – a mental hospital – some place where she can be monitored 24/7 and treated like the fetus that she emulates. There’s no “morning juice service”…no “wipe my %`(^%#+)!~#`#~+ it’s too messy”….. I’m sure she presents a sort of challenge for Dr. Drew…but at the risk of the MATURE adults who have REAL and substantial LIVES at stake?

  3. Mark says:

    I’m not sure that the Sober House is gonna have any impact on this years celebrities, it seems to me that most of them..not all but most don’t really want to even be there must less stay sober, I do hope that somehow they can find whatever internal trigger they have to used drugs and turn it off and realize that they are gonna either die or wind up in jail/broke if they don’t. It just seems like they are the most ungrateful and truly wicked bunch I’ve seen in awhile. I will be praying for them and I will be praying for all of us.

  4. Maggie says:

    Why is that Kari Ann keeps getting away with all the bad behaviour and using and verbal abuse. For all their talk about following the rules and consequences — even the docs and staff give her carte blanche. Just kick her out and let her go OD already. She obviously doesn’t want to be there, has some SERIOUS mental issues (narcissism can’t be cured) that are amping up the attitude. That can’t be healthy for those who are really trying to get sober and make positive life changes.

  5. Inez says:

    I would send “that” Kari Ann to the—- ARMY.— Lets put her to scrub bathrooms with a toothbrush.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Go Jen!!!! Okay, I’ve never even heard of Karie Ann before any of these shows and somebody seriously needs to tell her that nobody knows her so stop acting like a diva-it’s pathetic. She doesn’t know how to interact with people at all, sober or not. VH1-please don’t put her on any other shows. I stopped watching Celebrity Rehab when she joined because I hated her from sex rehab. I can’t stand her and I don’t know how anyone else can. I hope she leaves this show because I like Sober House…fingers crossed!!

  7. mindy says:

    Kari Ann go get help!! Honestly i think this girl has the mentality of a 5 year old. Am I wrong?? My neice who is 5 acts better than this girl..Severe mental problems.. someone lock her up!

  8. Nicole says:

    I hope Mike Starr kicks his addiction. Seems like such a cool guy. Good luck Mike!!

  9. gayle says:

    Watching “Sober House” it reminds me when I first got clean in 1990. I thought it was all a game and I was invincible. After a few relapses I began to understand that I had a disease called addiction. Watching the “Sober House” it looks to me like it is all fun and games; and when a person relapses there are no consequences to their actions. This show needs to take a look at how these celebrities’ impact viewers. I would not want my teenager watching this show, because there are no consequences to these celebrities when they relapse. I do not see any recovery, it looks like to me that the celebrities are glorifying their addiction. Sober House is a joke!

  10. kit says:

    Sober house? Is this a joke? So let me see, hard core drug users go to a 3 week “rehab” (another joke) and then enter a Sober living house run by a woman who has zero control and nobody respects…men and women living together (dont know too many sober living facilities where the sexes mix) not to mention couples who used to date also rehabing together (especially doing rehab with someone who beat the crap out of you) Going out to nightclubs-wtf? And my favorite, storming out whenever you get mad, going home and using and getting to come back like nothing happened…crazy. I really would like to see all these people find sobriety-but this show is a joke to all the people really working hard every day to stay sober.