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  1. jeff says:

    Seems very uptight, stuck up, and vague, what does she do for a living just live off of guys taking care of her. How easy it is being given everything. Man i wish i was in chads shoes. I would chose tiphani but i would have to go in on angela and crystal but there diggers so i wouldn’t choose them.

  2. david says:

    Is it true chad really doesn’t like black girls. There are definitely beautiful black women better than the white and hispanic women on these shows. It’s just the ones who go on here are not always that hot. Look at gabrielle union, halle berry, megan good, melyssa ford. Flavor flav had alot- seezins,hoopz,rayna, more. Ray j- chardonay, mz berry.

  3. yo mama says:

    dis girl is a gold diggin trick fo sho all she wants is da niggaz wit big *)****#&_`&#`!&$ s and phat wallets. nothin but trash

  4. Sarah says:

    now she is really a sweet girl she just knows what she wants in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look good Angie!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Hott baby girl! Aint a gold digger or she woulda stayed with her Ex! dumb hatin b*****

  6. Craps says:

    She has nice big fake @_$`@!*&(`*&&_~ ties..

  7. Andre says:

    Very beautiful girl!!! God Bless

  8. Lisa says:

    She is a kind of cute.

  9. scenario says:

    damn angela is hella fine how do you get in contact with her ?

  10. liz says:

    Angie Marie on facebook

  11. colletta says:

    Lol the fat girl beat her. lol