Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch – Meet Heather



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  1. samaat says:

    top 5 nice…

  2. WALTRON11 says:

    Don’t worry sweetie if you don’t make it on the show your PLAN B (working @toosies in Miami Gardens) is just as good if not better. Just pep up in the Champagne Room and keep your rate reasonable and you’ll be fine ;-)… LOL!

  3. WALTRON11 says:

    Oops, I made a typo in my previous comment…. @Tootsies***

  4. marcus says:

    decent face but horrible boob job. You need a re-do ma!

  5. PATRON183 says:

    I know homies that smashed this chic for money, but I smashed for $280, and it was a total waste of time… I would’ve been better setting my $$$ on fire and watching it burn…. She is no ultimate catch, more like ultimate waste!!!

  6. jav23 says:

    Heather aka Haile let me skeet skeet !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. mushmush says:

    thats my girl. keep doin ur thang hailey. mwahh xoxoxox aka avanti ;-)

  8. KaT says:

    Four words “Pole In the Basement” HOE

  9. david says:

    girls at tootsies make big money. its all about the clean hustlers playing these pigs. so some of the girls at tootsies make there big clean money. so if u a broke ^)*!)#)^!$#~@+~*& or have both parents dont judge cause im sure u couldnt work in that industry and keep ur legs and mouth closed and still make a stack pluss a night playing these guys not even doing rooms. to all the straight dancers out there!

  10. C says:

    Sexy as Hell. Look at her in the episodes. The girls has a demon body!

  11. cameron says:

    you got the biggest booty ever why did chad send you home

  12. djyung says:

    Come on chad. This heather is the real deal.