Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch – Meet Rubi



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  1. BRENDA MILLER says:

    I watched the entirer show and think chad picked a few good’ ones and only one right’ one, tell him to watchout he chose also a few skanks. But i think he did pick the right one, and that is rubi, she is sexy,has style,fits his size,seems intelligent, that accent is niceee,can dance her nice butt off, probably can cook; i bet,and the chemistry showed so much i felt it in my living room! she will be the last one standing, im looking for any betts.

  2. samaat says:

    showstopper numero uno finito

  3. chasity says:

    this woman is breathtakingly beautiful!!! why is she on a dating show??? how is it that shes not ALREADY married to some successful man out there??

  4. Julian says:

    Estas biien Paisa :)

  5. The Good Doctor says:

    If I had to pick one, then Rubi is it. Hands down,from the ones you chose of the 16 ladies left. But you Missed out on so many BLACK FINE LADIES with what Rubi, has, as well as being (Beautiful), My Brother.

  6. Melania says:

    She looks much better in the show! Her dress here is so tacky, her hair looks horrible and most of all she has no ~*__(%)&$$+(#&! especially for a latina!!

  7. anthony says:


    is stunning! Very beautiful, attractive, smart and intelligent! She knows that she is a catch!

  8. oscar says:

    rubi is hot but so is tara and brittany.

  9. Scott says:

    Rubi is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and could have a career as an actress, or my wife if she wants to have a family.

  10. Smoovo says:

    Super sexy hot latina. The other girls aren’t even in her league. Race has nothin to do with it, sexy is sexy and she has it. Loved her lil fall to earth though and how it brought out her sexy even more.

  11. cameron says:

    rubi is the sexiest latino and i hope you win

  12. affliction2700 says:

    I think spanish women r the most beautiful women and Ruby is great hands down. How can you not be short of breath looking at her

  13. fasho411 says:

    I have only gotten to catch the show with the remaining four. Rubi is definately beautiful as Tara and Tiphoni. Rubi attacks Tara more because she is competition where as she depends on Brittany to be the mouth in public. I believe Rubi have good family values. If he wanted a person who would challenge him nor kiss up to him he would have have Tara remained as one of the last two against Rubi. Sorry Brittany does look like Sean Penn. Tiphoni was too shy to speak up.

  14. Fernando says:

    Que mujer mas hermosa I envy you ochocinco ….

  15. 2011670 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2011670! SCK was here