Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch – Meet Tara



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  1. chasity says:


  2. Sig says:


  3. bobbie says:

    Tara is challenging, and I think that Chad enjoys a challenge, and she is beautiful the whole package!!!

  4. shaypoo says:

    shes two-faced how you talk &$%(*@@&&&)@~)$( about chad really? -_-

  5. barbie says:

    shes so lik me haha i love her humor
    shes so prutty
    and you guy under way under me ur jelous cuz ur ugly haha why do u care wat she does

  6. fasho411 says:

    Tara, definately hott. Yes she does give off the vibe of unseriousness. Hey she is competing but she doesn’t want o compete for fakeness. I believe Tara knows what seriousness is and knows when to display it. I like her because she didn’t kiss up nor pretend to be serious on command on cam because Chad demands. The rest are puppets. His lost Tara. It’s TV. Tara will be back. The mother didn’t meet two of them so it wasn’t fair. Brittany is lucky because the mother would have notice bulliness and manly appearance. Nor did the mother get to meet Tara, which Tara wouldn’t have kiss up to Mama neither. I miss seeing Tara already.