Chad Ocho Cinco’s Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch: Coming Soon To VH1!



VH1, JUMA and 51 Minds are teaming up for a new breed of dating show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, which will feature women from all over the United States competing for the heart of notorious Cincinnati Bengals star player Chad Ocho Cinco. Details on the series, which is set to bow in July, and its format are in the press release below:

Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco (formerly Chad Johnson) is using his off-season to pursue happiness off the field in his new VH1 reality show Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. The series is a mix of Ocho Cinco’s on-field charisma blended with the drama of the dating pool played out in a bracket-style dating tournament. The 10 episode, one-hour series is set to premiere in July 2010.

One of the NFL’s brightest stars, 32-year-old Ocho Cinco has been selected to the Pro Bowl six times and named an All-Pro three times. He legally changed his surname from Johnson to Ocho Cinco prior to the 2008 regular season to reflect the number 85 on his Bengals uniform. In the 2009 season, Ocho Cinco caught 72 passes for 1,047 yards and nine touchdowns. An avid user of social networks, Ocho Cinco has close to one million followers on Twitter and hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook.

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch will start with Ocho Cinco finding his “first 85″ by traveling all over the country meeting women that may be interested in dating him. Then, during the first episode, he will narrow the playing field down to the sweet sixteen – four women from each of the four regions of the country – Northern, Western, Southern and Central Divisions. The sixteen chosen women will be invited to join Ocho Cinco for the rest of the tournament-style dating competition.

Once the competition begins, Ocho Cinco will follow a tournament bracket where each of the ladies will have an opportunity to spend quality time with him while also facing off against one another in double-dates. The winner of each dating face-off will receive a game ball from Ocho Cinco and move on to the next round of the tournament, while the loser goes home. Ultimately the sweet sixteen will be narrowed down to eight and then the final four. In the end, the championship date between the two remaining women will result in Ocho Cinco awarding his chosen love the coveted Championship Ring. Hopefully, she turns out to be his greatest catch this season!

“Chad Ocho Cinco is one of the most electrifying individuals in sports today. His bigger than life personality on and off the field and his notorious skills as a social networker, connecting daily with his fans, makes him a perfect fit for VH1,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, VH1. “This show will not only give viewers a look inside his professional life, but also reveal his softer more romantic side when playing a very different kind of game.”

VH1’s Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch is executive produced by Bob Horowitz and Lewis Fenton (for JUMA Entertainment) and Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego (for 51 Minds Entertainment, LLC. an Endemol Company). Ben Samek and Matt Odgers also executive produce for the series and the company. Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes, and Kristen Kelly oversee the series for VH1.

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  1. Now that's funny right there! says:


  2. Lane says:

    Sounds okayyyy but BRING I LOVE MONEY 4 BACK VH1! Your Ratings are crap without it! Get it!?

  3. thugbone says:

    This is going to be the grestest dating show VH1 will ever have. I am looking for to this one!!!!!

  4. Can't Wait says:

    I think it will be great, I can’t wait to watch it!!!! I am also looking forward to this. I have never watched ANY of your dating shows before. Couldn’t stand NEW YORK NEW YORK she was a straight up skank!!!!

  5. unknown says:

    Lane your 100% right Bring I Love Money 4 damn that ryan.

  6. roller says:

    how do u become a contestant on a thing like this?

  7. india says:

    i want to be in it, im looking for loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick me pick me, lololololol

  8. PhatZPhi says:

    How do I get on this show???!!??!

  9. diddy says:

    great jobbbb chadddd

  10. Taylor Lucas says:

    Im trying to figure out how I apply…

  11. jazz says:

    keysha richard from p.a. tx. should be on this show…yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Nicole Kitching says:

    If anyone needs help applying to the show I can help you. Just hit me up on facebook under Nicole Kitching(Michigan State University) and I can help you apply for the show. Good luck to everyone!!!

  13. Tifffany M. Delgado says:

    i am a barely 21 year old criminql justice studet cery much interested in at least becoming one of the 85 contestants who may become one of the last sixteen who will do anything to win Chad Ochocinco’s heart. Oh did i mention i am the niece of a State of Illinois Senator.

  14. Jake says:

    i think ashley williams would be a great candidate for this show. she’s smart, funny, sexy, and has a wonderful sense of humor.

  15. Liyou05 says: a call back the same day and was asked to come for an audition the next day in LA..people there are great, they said i should get a call back in two wks, and this is the wk they should be calling me =) ..The show is set to start taping in mid May till mid June, and should be airing in July. Hope you all get to see me on the show =)

  16. Kat says:

    I LOOOOOOOOVE HIM! He should not do this Im right here Columbus Ohio

  17. Liz says:

    My sister auditioned for the show. Good luck lil sis!!!!!!!!

  18. dressia says:

    hello i did a face to face interview for this show and was very confident i got it but its now april 29 and i aint heard nothing has anyone else?

  19. Pretty Girl says:

    I auditioned in Chicago, not that many girls showed up. I thought I had a great chance as well but I haven’t heard anything. I don’t think the show will be filming in May because Chad is still doing dancing with the stars. I hope I get a chance to date Ocho!!

  20. kemmie77 says:

    how do u get a chance to win chads heart????

  21. Jennifer B. says:

    How do you get to be on the show?? I am sooooo interested in getting to know Chad. He to me seems like the perfect catch.

  22. BengalChic says:

    Seriously Chad.. Just play football !!!! All this TV Celebrity (^%@%_)#$@`!^`~% is interfering with your football career.. The Bengals don’t pay you millions for nothing ..

  23. Sunshine Johnson says:

    I auditioned in NY March 29th but have not heard anything

  24. Tammy says:

    Hate to hear he is on this show. I thought that he and Cheryl had a real love connection. How he doesn”t let her go she is a beauty and would be a good girl for him. Just my opinion not as if it counts

  25. Liyou05 says:

    I got casted on the show =) ..were going to be taping the first episode May31st in LA..out of 85 Chad is only going to pick 16, so hopefully i make that cut!

  26. Liyou05 says:

    BTW i auditioned April 14th and barely recieved my call back May if you auditioned you may get a call back some time soon!

  27. trubble says:

    I find it rather stupid to do this show.. when he has found his match in cherryl burk.. so why not let him out of his contact and let him date her instead. Because we all know in the end of the day, he will end up with her anyways!!

  28. nary kaya says:


  29. Jeff says:

    Life is too short to pass up a true chance at love (Cheryl), for a chance to date star struck women who want 15 minutes of fame. Chad, I understand that you are trying to set things up for when your football career is over, but somethings are worth the risk. Keep this is mind as you participate in this “show”. The premise of these dating shows is getting pretty old. If you can find someone that you can laugh with, argue with, are attracted to, and have genuine feelings for, then you have to hold on to it and not let it go for money or publicity.

  30. DominicanaNegra says:


  31. ___Alias___ says:

    I think its really sad, that you try to find a life partner like this….you seem to be a careing person…probably this show will not make any good for your soul, will kill a lots from what you are as human…and the girls who go there…hmm…will love to be with you for the fame…my opinion…take it or drop it

  32. UmNOOo says:

    Um i will definantly not be supporting this self-hating negro! VH1 FAIL!

  33. true531 says:

    Not true about no blacks on dating show.My cousin audition and said chad was a true gentleman. The producers picked the 16. Chad wanted a mixture , but girls he was compatible with .He could only pick 16 out of 85 . Not all one color will make it. This story started with a girl that was let go and now she’s spreading lies. She was hurt he didn;t pick her so she starts a twitter sight saying Chad don’t want blacks on his show. NOt True. Not true

  34. might boycott says:

    I might boycott this show. Heard he doesn’t like black girls. Also heard he chose two of the ghettoest girls to represent black women ONLY after being forced by producers to desegregate his line up. If this is true, this is disappointing. I can’t watch a self loathing black man on TV; it’s sad. I’ll checkout the first one to see if the rumors are true (because I love VH1 reality shows) and if they are…smh

    Oh yea, bring back I love Money 4

  35. Lindsay says:

    one of my good friends are taping for this show right now!!!!

  36. jessica says:

    Don’t watch this stupid show, if I could I would boycott it! TMZ interviewed him an asked why none of the girls are black, his answer just stupid!!!! He implied that black girls have no style, and are not good looking, %)+##@()$_+`@@* hole, hope the white b¥£€* cheats on his stupid %)+##@()$_+`@@*

  37. GET A LIFE!! says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I’m a beautiful, educated, AFRICAN-AMERICAN woman who makes my own money and does for myself! I think shows like this are so degrading!! GET A LIFE WOMEN!! This man doesn’t give a da*n about any of you! He’s just lookin for a quick smash and his 15 minutes of fame. Please, go out and do something worthwhile with your lives. Because once the show is over, you’ll be forgotten just like the rest. Unless you move on to flashing your !_~!*(`_@##^!_% in some magazine or being in some rappers video. This is just a disgrace. I’m going to pray for all of you.

    P.S.- This guy isn’t even cute and gives a bad name to the good black men of the world (eventhough they are few and far between). But if you are willing to open your legs for a D&G bag because you feel that that’s all you are worth, then have a ball…

  38. GET A LIFE!! says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I’m a beautiful, educated, AFRICAN-AMERICAN woman who makes my own money and does for myself! I think shows like this are so degrading!! GET A LIFE WOMEN!! This man doesn’t give a da*n about any of you! He’s just lookin for a quick smash and his 15 minutes of fame. Please, go out and do something worthwhile with your lives. Because once the show is over, you’ll be forgotten just like the rest. Unless you move on to flashing your ^&(&+)~_*&__*%! in some magazine or being in some rappers video. This is just a disgrace. I’m going to pray for all of you.

    P.S.- This guy isn’t even cute and gives a bad name to the good black men of the world (eventhough they are few and far between). But if you are willing to open your legs for a D&G bag because you feel that that’s all you are worth, then have a ball…

  39. Savannah says:


  40. quill says:

    I was on a delta flight with a girl that said she was on the show and left. Hopefully she was not a pick because she was a rude, obnoxious human being that had no manners or considerations for others. Especially the language that came from her mouth when my children where seated directly in front her.

  41. Greg S. says:

    LMAO, wow can’t win a championship, yet gets his own show. Sounds fimilar, anyway make room for another dating show with 20 contestants and only one black girl,LOL.

    These Brothas killing me, when are they going to start saying how much these cats get paid to do these shows, cause its fake as hell.

  42. Rene says:

    another vh1 dating show? Lol we all kno how its gonna end. The last girl he picks is going to fall in love with him saying she cant wait to be him. He’s going to act like he cares. Few weeks later you’ll be reading on twitter that they broke up

  43. Bootylicious says:

    Chad is HOT. WHO DEY

  44. Sheri says:

    You are so fine Chad Ocho Cinco. But besides that I hope you find real love and not just a gold-digger looking to get hookup with a nigga for a free ride. If things don’t workout look me up Love U. Sheri

  45. Paige says:

    I tuned into this show not knowing who this guy was, but that’s because I’m not into sports. I had no preconceived notions about this man. However, after the 1st 10min. of the show, I realized that this is just another case of a Black man who doesn’t accept himself and who had identity issues. It’s funny that the darker complexed men like this are, the more White chics they feel they have to have. I noticed that when he was picking the girls, in talking to “Rubi” he asked her if she was Latina and he pointed towards himself and said, “Si, Me Mexican”. Negro, if you are Mexican, then I am Michael Jackson! He doesn’t want to accept that he’s Black/African American and is standing there darker than the majority of us…not that dark is bad, actually it’s extremely beautiful. The majority of these chics gag at the thought of men like this “pawing” all over them & have parents that would ordinarily disown them, but because he is “paid”, they TOLERATE men like this. I would like to see him seek counseling and establish a relationship w/ the True God so that he can attempt to end the self hatred. Then, they throw in the ghetto Black chic that was about to argue over a bed and show how ignorant she is!…funny how they pick these kinds of chics to represent the rest of us. The fact is that the majority of us are quite the opposite but I admit “we” are strong-willed and wouldn’t accept the crap that men like this dish out in a relationship. Most important, we’d fuss a lot more, but we’d have your back in a genuine sense and IF we had to divorce a man like this, we’d be less likely to try to take your ends like the majority of White chics will do. You had a plan to work hard and earn money in a sport…YOU disown yourself and your race and that’s YOUR plan, but don’t forget, these chics have agendas as well, and trust that they’re “plan” is to let you impregnate them to stabilize income for both themselves AND they’re parents/other family members. Just another slave trap, you only appear to be “freed”. I hope those Black chics do more research the next time they try out for a show featuring someone who will make them feel “less than”.

  46. Yolanda says:

    I will not give this show or TO show one rating and I would suggest that black women tune out–look at what they continue to do to them-but look how they treat black women–then look at TO same thing–all white–let the white race support them-sis they can date who they want to but we dont have to support them financially-these sell out bro are so not orginal–sis cant you see how they use us for their financially means–if they want white that fine–but blacks I think we need to step back and really take a look at this–first it was flavor flav-then two bro from I love New York-then TO and not ocho–I mean I love supporting blacks but when they are not support us I draw a line–now again I am not hating but they have earn their last dollar from me-I will no longer show my daughters and sons that its ok to support people that use women–so the hell with these shows–black women lets back out of these shows–remember Ocho said black women need not apply-he wasnt lying-this guy took in a women that wouldnt be honest with her father and a women that was trying to give TO her number over balck women-just bc they were the right color–wow-black women and men that know their history will understand this!

  47. Nicki says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is confused as to the propaganda of the television shows such as these. “Black” love is not really the thing no more and if television shows can keep showing “Black” men who are not interested in “Black” women than that validates everything and further separates “Black” love. The television show wouldn’t be successful if they didn’t show reason’s why “Black” men prefer non-”Black” woman. So of course they would pick the most ghetto, loud women to represent black women as a whole. (Remember they have to relay this message to the whole world)

  48. Deborah says:

    He obviously has self hatred issues! Why in the hell did he only pick a few black women! I won’t be watching anymore! I am sick and tired of men like him who forget where they came from……he sucks!

  49. SexxyBrown says:

    Anyway, I do not watch the show. I don’t to see another show that has 70% white, 20% lat/asian, and 5% black women. I want to see more of us sistas on the reality shows than a bunch of non black money hungry #^&_+&~~@)~^+&$+@ es. Every reality show I’ve seen so far has more of latina or more of white. I’m very disgusted with vh1.

  50. Sarah says:

    VH1 should rename this show The Jigaboo That Wanted A White Woman, or the The Jigaboo That Hated Himself For Being Black, or Hey, I’m Not Black, or I Love White Women. Ocho is a disgrace to all black people. I hope he knows that these women only want fame and fortune and that he is so ugly, he could never get any of them without his football fortune.

  51. Jobi says:

    Sarah. U okay? U sound so bitter. Jigaboo? Disgrace to all black people? Why so serious? So melodramatic:O C’mon Sarah, Relax:). There are PLENTY of men out there to get upset over ONE man’s preferences. Expanding one’s horizons helps. I wonder if you’ve ever been attracted to someone outside your ethnicity. Did you act out on it? If not, why? We’re all human right? Isn’t this the human race? I do agree with you that most these women (perhaps all) just want fame and fortune but it is his life. Oh well. Take care:)

  52. MzKiyah says:

    After hearing many comments about Chad ‘Ochocincos’ new series and his self-hatred of his own race, I finally tuned in just to see for myself. And it’s true, another black man ashamed of his heritage when he should be ashamed of his ignorance because that’s what he is. In the very first episode it’s obvious that he really wants nothing to do with a black woman and wishes that he was some other race other than black. He even asks one girl if she was Puerto Rican and tells her that he’s part MEXICAN??!! HA!! And then he woke up!!! Just because he changed his last name from Johnson (that name was TOO BLACK for him, I’m sure) to ‘Ochocinco’ doesn’t make him any less black. NEWSFLASH CHAD: YOU ARE BLACK!!! I don’t care what you change your name to or how many white/Hispanic women you date…YOU ARE STILL BLACK!!! Now don’t get me wrong, people should have the right to date whomever they choose but to purposely exclude your own race because of your deep-rooted self-loathing IS WRONG! The reason why he hasn’t had much luck in love is probably because he’s looking for the wrong things to begin with. I would encourage all black women not to watch or support this show…and Chad, get the help you need BROTHER!!!

  53. Jasmine Terry says:

    Honestly this show is funny to me but i enjoy watching it. All the commments do seem about race which is a big factor. I think chad and jazmine would be great together. I do feel like he should stick to his own race but if not ok. If he didn’t have money i find it hard to believe that anybody would be on his side but a SISTER! From what i recall he’s right out of the city of miami and he went to central right in the ghetto. Im just keeping it real and it is what it is. Im not just talking to be talking i understand his life style because my dad played for 7 years in the NFL also. So if chad has a problem with this comment he can come see me!

  54. niecy says:


  55. Keisha says:

    I wonder if he really looking for love or a good time.

  56. nate says:

    all you black chicks are trippin whats wrong with a latino i thought all yal wanted was a black man not to get a white women now its evreybody then yal wander why no black men want you

  57. sabri says:

    Its so wrong how the media do black women on these shows. They highlight black men that are into white women. When you have a dating show with a white man 95% of his selection are not black women. I am all for mixture, what is this teaching younger children who dont fit those features. I am all for the younger children not being able to see more of themselves on television, now it’s almost as if they have to compare themselves to these women. And to the man who made the comment about black men not wanting us, I am happily married to a strong black man who is happy with himself.

  58. j woo says:

    chad, dude it’s your show, it’s your life, but what ever you do just make sure u have things in proper place in your life cause marriage is a big step an to do it more then once is even bigger. man have fun but remember there are those out there who will never let u live your decision down so, for me an my son’s who watch the show choose carefully dude you’re in troubled water according to some……

  59. yulvonna says:

    I agree with both Sarah & Mzkiaya!!! Its clear that Chad is so not happy with who he is.He has that Dark Man Syndrome!! He was not accepted as that cute guy that every “Bright Skinned Girl” was looking for. So this is his way of feeling like “Bright or Light” is whats right. But at the end of the day he still is that Dark Brother just with money. Why is it that whenever our black men makes it big the first thing they do is get a white women. Let’s see, Tiger Wood’s, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley,T.O. and let’s not forget “O.J.” Come on on black men, how many white athletes or movies stars, run out in search of a black woman to put on their arms. When will you all realize that marrying a white women does not make you a white man. It is truely a slap in the face to “The Strong Black Woman” that struggled to raise U???????

  60. Grata says:

    Hey VH1, why bother casting Black Women? As tokens or simply to humiliate them.
    Ocho, you should sace us time and eliminate the Black women quickly, we know you don’t want them.

  61. Jan Ringold says:

    Ok, so here it is yall, it’s sad to see what is going on in the black community and even sader to see the unbridled disrespect you hear from so many who are not of color. How would you feel as a black women, who’s men are being brainwashed to believe that the outside matters more than the inside and to watch your children (mostly men) being killed in the street. It’s (to say the least)unsettling. What Chad doesn’t realize is that he may think he is free and that all of his money is under his control, but when he realizes that the whole reason for his brainwashing is to have his (and i use this term loosely)finances rerouted, surcumvented, or just plain kept in white society, he’ll be broke from being married to a white women and have nothing to show for it in the way of his community because it will be spent in HER commnuity. This is not the era of Obama because black men have not taken their righful place. They scared and brainwashed. This is post Bush that’s why it’s so sad everywhere. People haven’t gotten that bad taste out of their mouths. But sisters, let’s start looking like sistas again, and being sistas and bring our men back to us. Cause we know nobody puts it down like a Sista! holla.

  62. Sheri says:

    First off the man is not ugly.. And what is wrong with him wanting to date outside his race?? That doesn’t make him a disgrace. Now I can’t say that it would be true love with these women but that’s his choice to make.. I think you are just hating on this man..

  63. star says:

    Honestly I dont see why everyone is trying to find love on television. The truth is after he chooses and the show is over the chances of them being together is slim to none. Its sad. Love is so overrated these days. When its real you know and you dont need to have a television show to find it.



  65. Davisha says:

    i dnt have nunthing negative to say about him. i love chad ochocino johnson actually and he is not ugly at all. i think he a dark sexy smart handsome black man looking for love like everybody else. And i DON’T think he just looking to have a good time with these women. (i hope he not). It’s ok to have a sho w about finding love because it’s not easy. And i dont think he would be just having a good time with that ring he got for the winner. i believe he’s tha real deal though foreal.i hope he not playing around like ray j and flav. no body wants to b hurt!

  66. pamela says:

    well how i see it that i don’t see how any black man can sit there and try to actually deny a black woman over a white woman because if anything thaey are in it for the fame and not for him any way but the diffrence between a white woman and a black woman is that a white woman want it all wit the fame or she aint stuttin him a black woman will stick with you through it all but they rather look over the woman but one day they will see when its too late…..

  67. Amy says:

    All these comments are a JOKE! be real.. it does not matter the race of a person its the maturity and capability of a person. how can u as a black woman know how a white woman would act or do, and how can u as a white woman know what black woman will do .. its the grade of the woman not the color of their skin. this is exactly why there are so many problems in society now. People focus on ALL the wrong things. He lik what he like, you dont hear white women complaining about the white men who only date black women or the black men who wont date white woman.. i mean serious grow up! who are u to judge? i know plenty from ALL races that are the opposite of all that u say or think. Color is just a mask. cut us open we all the same. Maybe you should post how mad you are that chad seems to lik the brainless, money hungry hoochies!! REGARDLESS of color…

  68. mimi says:

    These blogs regarding race are so inane. If Ochocinco’s preference is dating white women then so be it. We all have our preferences. Some people don’t see color they look at the character. It might also be that he likes dating outside of his race. I have friends from different backgrounds that are open and they like dating outside of their race. They love to experience the novelty!If it’s the case where his mind is colonized and he’s not cultured then just empathize with the man.

  69. tatii says:

    i freaking loveee youuu ocho sinco..

  70. Steff says:

    OMG I am watching this for the first time. These women are so boring! Only reason I am still watching is because I am starting to find their witty comments (sarcasm) so amusing. I dont care who finds love with who.. and I dont think anyone should judge someone by who or what type of woman they date. But DAMN, cant you at least pick some chicks with personalities! I dont care about color, religion, or anything but give me someone on the show with some substance to watch or root for.

  71. mike says:

    color should never be an issue. its 85′s show, let do what he wants. boom

  72. Giselle says:

    I love Chad.. he is just a person who is looking for love, but on the real though I don’t think you can really find true love on a reality show like that because most of those women are phony and just there for the fame and obviously for his money. If I were Chad I would pick Jasmine because she seem like she’s real, down to earth, funny, and a strong woman that he needs. What really upsets me is that he keeps picking the wrong girls that shoulda been elliminated from the beginning but it is what it is.
    I think he should line those girls up with no make up or nothing cus i really don’t think they look good without those heavy painting on their faces. haha

  73. warriorbride says:

    Ocho Cinco says that he is the perfect catch, Child please, he smokes, drinks, cusses, tell me what does he have that would make him a great catch, he’s vain, conceited, arrogant, pridful, all that money don’t mean NOTHING, if he doesn’t have Jesus in his life. I will tell you what a perfect catch is, a man that Doesn’t cuss, smoke, drink and doesn’t cheat, is humble, loves the Lord with all his soul, strength and heart and doen’t have daddy moma’s, hello. “It’s easier for a camel to go through a eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God! You can’t take your money with you when you die and all that money means nothing when you burn in hell for putting satan first.

  74. Jerrry says:

    Chad Johnson is an incredible athlete. He dazzles fans with those magic hands and his sprinter like speed and his showboating after the fact. All Chad really is is a better T.O., nothing more. Now Chad claims he wants to find the right lady and settle down and live happily ever after. There is one flaw in this BS, Chad likes the ladies and that isn’t going to change. Like T.O. Chad always finds a way to feed his inflated ego and the one to get hurt out of all this BS is the unlucky lady to win the draft. If she was my family I would make sure by any means necessary that Chad Johnson never had the chance to hurt her.

  75. CouClipper says:

    Me thinks Katie was too much for Ocho Cinco to handle. She wasn’t like most of the empty headed teases on the show. Most of them are all mouth and no style. Definitely couldnt be accused of bing a “Lady”.

  76. dama says:

    I love Rubi..I think is the most beautiful …. in genuine and LATINA!!!!! IS DRAMA FREEE…and i font think that she is in this show about “the club” all people has work..and that don’t mean anything to me…. latinas know better ;)

  77. for real says:

    I think all of the people out there should watch Tyra Banks show and look at all the black women that comes on the show and see how their treated and how some of them act on T.V. and some one out their tell me why a lot of our black women have to wear WIGs long WIGs ? Is it to look like white women ? and why the attitudes very nasty attitudes? Now look at Chads show what do you see? 3 black women and two have a lot of hate and two wear WIGs or fake hair then take a look at some of the white women on the show Their now better most of them are Fake as well, This show is for making money 1st and if there’s any love that would be left to see!!!!!!!! and lady’s their are fake and bad in every Race. Just for one moment put your self on T.V. and your having the time of your life and your Black, what do you think women and even men would say about you ? because your too fake or you have an Attitude they would all ways find some thing bad to say because their not happy with them self’s. I will tell you this ( I was once told find someone who is cute and her ATTITUDE makes her beautiful. ) now relax your minds and be glad your not on T.V making your selfs look BAD.

  78. PattyCake says:

    I can’t continue to watch these dating shows where successful black men always having to chose between these bimbo white women – always blonde blue eyes OR exotic looking – from spain, italy or whatever. Isn’t black skin not good enough for you, evidently not. Take TO for instance, he went out with a beautiful black victoria secret model who had strong values and her own money. BUT that was not good enough for TO. He wanted to date a young white girl who was a waitress and going to school, just out of high school. Go figure. I’m not saying this because I am prejudice, but it really irks me to the 9th power. Successful beautiful black women still don’t have a chance with a successful black men, they still choose the good looking no brain white women.

  79. Green says:

    Why can’t it just be that this man has a preference? I can not understand why it always has to be turned into a racial issue. Isn’t it racist to conform one race to another? I am sooo sick of African American woman categorized amongst themselves as “A STRONG BLACK WOMAN.” Why are you strong or stronger than me? I am a Latin woman that too has had to work very hard. Struggling through many hardships in life to get where I want to be, but I don’t feel compelled to to call myself “A STRONG LATIN WOMAN.” I am proud of my race and do not feel offended when a Latin man dates a different ethnicity, who cares!

  80. 2GOod2BetRu says:

    I believe Chad is a very handsome guy who decided to experience love outside the race. What I cannot fathom is the lack of his selfish way during the taping of the women of how he was infuriated when he saw black women. How would he feel if it was the other way around that men look at the women in his family like that? But I believe all races are beautiful. If Chad is interesting outside of his race, so be it. If he picked one of these ladies, I wish him success in his relationship, who would I want him to choose? Let’s see….NONE…this dating game is so unreal and full of bullshi** women acting like a chicken with its head cut off…COME ON LADIES…. ACT LIKE A GROWN UP NOT A CHILD CRYING FOR SOME CANDY. He needs to look for love elsewhere not on National Television by a professionalism, but if you doing it for***FAME and MONEY ***I understand but all I can say is that watching it is kind of interesting and entertaining, keep the VH1 rating score up! GO BENGALS! NOTES TO SELF: (CHAD) Treat Black women with respect and with love ‘cuz that’s how your mama raised you to do…** (WINK) **

  81. Cody-Ann says:

    did anyone watch the first three episodes?

  82. Jennifer says:

    Give a sistah a chance.

  83. dylan robertson says:

    have you *+#(_^`(^^))_`!# any of them

  84. Demeita says:

    Wow! I would like to learn more about B12. He is very handsome.

  85. sherri says:

    get way past rubi please ….move on 2 the next show u no the bengals…..our bengal need yur attention…women come and go..wait until yur 40…..please?

  86. prettykitty says:

    Come on people, it’s television! This AA Sista is tired of people playing the race card! Love has no color! Let’s keep it real ladies, if a MAN came into your life and he’s treating you like the QUEEN you should be treated like, you mean to tell me that you will turn him away because he’s not the right color!!!! Am I the only one who’s aware of the MAN SHORTAGE!!!!! Chad, keep doing your thing and make VH1 ratings stay up. I personally wish they will give B Twice more tv play! Now that’s a sexxxxxxxy MAN!!!!! KISS THE BABY!!

  87. Birdie says:

    I think that the show is pure entertainment. Clearly he is not here to find the “perfect” woman or a quality relationship. God forbid he looks for someone who challenges him makes him think about the how to be the best person he can be. To grow and change for the better, etc. He allows the women to talk about each other in front of one another without checking them. Where is the class and composure these people should have? Clearly they were raised by a pack of wolves.

  88. porscha says:

    i think he is super fine and has a great body i would love to get some of that OMG

  89. saylove says:

    first of all Chad ocho is a sell out, and it is easy for you to make that commment crissy, because of your race(white). Black women don’t care who this losser is dating.Black women do not like white men, or any other race of men usually. Some are just starting to date out of thier race do to shortage, not preference. Black women Usally will not date a black man who has dated white women, because they need to fell like they are a preference in a society that downgrdes them and uplifts every other race of women. They need to know that that desire is their for them. All these women on the show just want chads money. He know that, it is all a game. You do not see a lot of black women on their, because they don’t want him.

  90. Rachel says:

    I actually really love the show!!! I think it’s great that a professional athlete is going outside his boundaries to find love. It’s hard enough with that pressure but to try and find love with all your business already laid out, that is true strength. I truly hope he finds someone he loves and they return the love. It is hard these days to just trust what you see, it’s so much more. I like the challenges he puts in front of these girls/ women. you will find the right one no matter what the costs!!!

  91. Kendall says:

    Haha, I freakin love Tara! I kinda hate Britney cause she seems pretty fake. But Tare is hilarious I love how she’s herself and doesn’t really care about there opinions.<33(:

  92. rochelle says:

    I hope the things that i have been reading about this guy aren’t true re: that he is against having women of color on his show

  93. concern viewer says:

    Is it me or does chad need speech lessons. I mean he chopping up words and making them up as he go. which leads me to beleive these women he’s dating must not be to bright.

  94. Duck says:

    Do your thang Chad. Forget what all these haters are saying they’re just mad because they are not in your shoes. For all you white people out there Im half black and white, so I consider myself black. When your black you are proud to be black. Ive never seen 1 thing said or done by Chad that brings it to my attention that he hates his race. Matter of fact if you listen and know what our language barrier means,, How we talk. act and carry our swag then you would wanna be black too.Ive dated black women and white women and Im married to a white women. So all you people who dislike interacial relationships come n c me. Chads a man, a professional someone who youll never be so leave him alone and quit hatin. We have a name for those of you who hate and your called HATERS!!!!!!! much love Chad!

  95. Ursula Griest says:

    I really like the show,I could see how hard it would be to choose someone,when its a short time but Tiphani is the best one!!!!Shes classy,smart,poiseed,elegant and she real!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. wangare says:

    I watch your show every time and soo far Tiffany is the chic who u make a great couple together. Tiffany and u jus too cute……….hie if all fails thu drop me an email LOL

  97. JC says:

    It’s like watching a car wreck. You know you shouldn’t look but you just have to. Good luck to Ocho who says he’s looking for love

    Hmmm…I wonder what he means by “love.”

  98. CHRIS says:


  99. Jervese says:


  100. Niqui says:

    I love you Ocho!!!! I really think you should be with Ruby. She is beautiful and she seems has a very positive atitude not just towards you but towards life.

  101. Diva says:

    I think that Chad should at least try and give the African American females on the show a chance. He seems to want to be friends with them and kiss and love all on the White women. I mean race really don’t matter but when making life decisions like these everyone should be given a fair chance.

  102. Ms. Jazzy says:

    Chad are you serious about Tara tied butt. She would never be able to confront a strong African American woman, if I was Heather, I would told her “Child Please” talking about somebody being “broken”…Tara is hiding something…please get her off before the last TWO face off… This is coming from a strong Africa American single mother with AA, BS, M.Ed and aspiring towards another master degree…

  103. Rudeboy says:

    Chad is a damnnnnnnnnn fool !…at first I had respect for him as he dwindled down the ladies, but after his selection tonight of ” Becky ( Tara ) ” over Heather… a sister with Looks,Brains,ASS, & Hips for a dingbat, groupie that merely wants to keep up with her race’s main thing in life…Money!…Chad you are not a brother, you are a 3/4 brother !

  104. sef says:

    wat an idiot, anybody can see dat tara is a fake!! she talks about u behind ur back, n u still keep dat frggn two face..jaz and ruby r both ur suit, n now dat u put jaz out of the picture, ur stuck wit girls who cud care less about who u r but more wat u do!! cnt believe u let her go..she was ur perfect suit. frggn fool

  105. Eazy says:

    Man i was with u until u let the only real mf go… brah on sum real #(##&_(#`$`+@$~~ that girl was bucking from jump cuz she had 2 get them `~`+`#~^%!$^^!(@ eaters off her back. then when she finally drop her guard and try to show u wat she can do u let her go and then u got the nerve to be crying. fool its 2 late now, that was a real mf and u dropped that ball… SN: keep doing ur thang brah, u that dude 4sho. ( bradenton, fl)

  106. ann says:

    Rubi seems to be the only female there with any class so you should pick her then see what happens…..she is pretty and appears to be a true individual. The other ladies are silly and have no style what so ever especially that Tara……good luck!

  107. keli says:

    Put some class in your life and pick Rubi who is 100% woman with alot of style, class, and manners…..she is beautiful and has her act together. The real of those females are silly girls especially that Tara who is there just to be seen on tv…..Rubi has it going on!!

  108. martha says:

    People! People! People! what does the color of one’s skin have to do with anything??? He is free to love/like anyone he wants so leave the color of skin out of this….white men fall in love with black women which is no big deal…..PICK RUBI…..she is one class act….all the rest are silly with no style….

  109. Elain says:

    Hey Chad, I love your show and I think you’re real and down to earth. Truly you are a great catch. I don’t know why Tara is still on your show. She appears to be very superficial and not a good fit for you. What’s going on with you and her? I think you know which woman you want, I guess you have to string the other women along to fullfill the contract obligation. I think Ruby is manipulative. If you date her she will treat you like a puppet and she will control the strings. If you choose Ruby, she will get what she wants and needs from you and eventually leave you. Seems she has an ulterior motive, be careful.

  110. sexishi says:

    Awwh come on Chad, u know u catching feelings for Jazmine, why u let her go? Yall look good together and the way u look at her shows u like her. get the sista back on the show.

  111. Loretta says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with dating outside your race. You like what you like. But I do see something wrong if Chad thinks any of these shallow women, black or white, are really there because they like him. It’s because of the money. If he really wants to meet a nice girl, it won’t be this way. I don’t see him permanently with any of them. By the end of football season, he’ll be chasing someone else. And I don’t think if a person does date outside their race, that they somehow don’t want to be black.

  112. toni says:

    jasmine was a nice girl and u didnot give her a chance u dont know what u want

  113. danny says:

    chad those women are all fake…get off the show and come see me…i love u!

  114. corliss lee says:

    Chad, yes, everyone thinks Rubi is the one, she seem almost perfect, but as we ALL know, there’s no such thing/person. Even my daughter saw your preference from the door, and she’s a well rounded, beautiful, 27 year old, independent women who works for a radio station in Phladelphia, who does’nt watch the show unless I have it on when she comes to my home. Anyway, I’ve grown to appreciate you for who you seem to be while watching this show, and all I know is there is someone for you that can truly relate to the man you say you have grown to be. At least drop in a spot that’s not so popular. You may find yourself draw to someone who is strong enough to handle you and the fame, but not be overwhelmed by it (can make a true home for both of you). Women like my daughter have had to deal with, and get to know celebs on all levels in order to do her job, and realizes we are all just human beings, bottomline, and need to be handled (respected), appreciated and loved.

    56 years old mother in Philly. Yes, I occasionally watch really shows. I work in social services and I’m drawn to shows with people attempting to deal with real life situations! So sue me!

  115. Bobo says:

    I’ve seen it all now…..Chad, you’re a damn fool. Anyone could see that Jasmine is in love with you – the two of you were perfect for each other. Go back and watch the tape of your interaction with her. Problem is, that you’re double guessing what their motives are; “Jasmine didn’t cook for me when she first got here”….wtf?? Dude, you’re all caught up in how things/people should look and act and not what’s in your heart. Well that’s too bad because all that’s left are manipulators and posers.

  116. Yunuen says:

    i think he should Stay with Rubi…But NO NO to Tara!

  117. Martina says:

    I like Tiphani. Somethings up with Ruby, now I support my latina sisters but she’s not it. Please send Tara home SOON!! Good luck this season, your on my fantasy football team. You and T.O. will be interesting to watch.

  118. jameisha clark says:

    chad this is jameisha from kingston jamaica,my friends and i watch your show every sundays and we did not like when you sent home jazmine because she is the only one in the house that was there for u she is a down to earth person who understands you and your life.she is a type of girl that would get along with your children,who cooks, cleans and would have for you and your life.she is the only one that was in the house for u and i realy hope you could bring her back. your biggest fan from the caribbean ‘child please’

  119. kajay mclean says:

    jazmine is the one for u .please bring her on the show back please.

  120. Ms. Jazzy says:

    Chad…Chad…mini camp must had you in the sun for a long period of time b/c you are still spending money and time on Tara…you can’t be the Mr.NINCOMPOOP of the year…I can’t say I love the show ,but just to pass time by,then yes I will still watch…

  121. Shauna says:

    I don’t know what Chad is really looking for in a woman to be companion but it really doesn’t seem to feel that any of these women really show true love and affection for him and vise versa. I think Tara is only continuing the show to keep the show interesting and filled with drama but he won’t choose her. Rubi is beautiful on the outside but I still don’t see a true love connection there. She doesn’t seemn to really be so excited about life or you Chad.. like Chad quoted,”she seems too comfortable which may be good or a bad thing”. I’m a teacher and I see through people immediately and I don’t see a woman up there that is wanting to really be in it with you Chad for the long haul. My opinion would have been the flute player : she seemed like a sweet gal.

  122. Hershey says:


  123. Hershey says:


  124. Shirley says:

    I really can’t wrap my mind around why Chad would still hold on to Tara after seeing the tape. It is as if he is begging this woman to show him some real concern and feelings.That is so weak he shouldn’t have to do that! Come on she is not that special with that nasty attitude and such arrogance which makes her less attractive. I thought it was cool that he ending up with a variety of almost every culture at the end but Tara does not make anyone of any race look good.

  125. latina36 says:

    ocho!!!!! go with ruby she is the girl you looking for .them other girls hate on her cause she is honest and verry goodlooking compare to those other girls on the show.

  126. Yaya says:

    My daughters and I are fans of the show and watch weekly. Tonight we gave it up, your decision to keep Tara another week seems to be alittle over the top for us. We recognize it’s just a reality show but it was fun to see Chad pick through women that came close to someone suitable and interesting to you. To me in keeping her another week says that stupidity over honesty is what you may be looking for in a women. Can she really prove her seriousness at this point in one week?

  127. angie says:

    Chad should definitely send Tara home. The most sincere one on there is Rubi. Rubi and Chad will make a beautiful couple.

  128. rinita says:

    i think jasmine was the best fit for you..ruby,tiffany, tara, and the other gurl are not for you.

  129. Demi Moore says:

    omg i love this show i jus truley hope that he doest pick Tara…think about it do you want her around your children every other word that comes out of her mouth is bad…Ruby is the real ULTIMATE CATCH…shes real….jus please i hope he doesnt pick that ditsy girl Tara….

  130. Malalala says:

    I don’t know if Chad will read this, but I need to say this somewhere. So Chad, wherever you are read this carefully:
    You need to give Tara some cash, kick her out onto the streets where she can find a cab, go home to her mother or brother or whatever and never bother you, your girls, or your fans EVER again! Her voice, her attitude, her face all bother me so damn much!!! Honestly, it’s not fair to the other girls who really want you for who you are. Every other girl talked about how beautiful and sweet you are. All Tara ever talks about is how the other girls suck and she’s the best. She’s so conceited and annoying! Honestly, I don’t see what you, or anyone, sees in her! Bottom line is

  131. galeann says:

    Hey chad.I am from Guyana live in brooklyn.I am not a football fan but i start looking at your TV how u say child tiphani.that girl ruby is up to something,I think u should give a african American woman a safe.its all up to you

  132. kevieo says:

    Hey Ochocinco, my friend in watching your show last night
    it is obvious to me that the best woman for you is”RUBI”.Why 1) she’s beautiful,2)Gorgeous,3)sexy, and 4)carries her self like a real woman should. And not just because she has a latin side, but my man if you never ever made love to a latin woman, then you’re in for a big surprise. On the other hand the psychologist read her as being “Naive” may be a little,but I don’t see that as being a real problem, only naive to the fact of the life style of a NFL player. She can learn quickly and adjust accordingly. At this point she has true feelings for you and she is trying to show you that true to lite. However “Tara” is a BIG joke, she doesn’t take you for real and she has a sneaky side to her , I can see it every time I watch your show. Now Tiffany,she’s a nice girl but don’t really see you as being in a long term relationship if choosen. And last but not lease, Britt, she has a nice beautiful shape, sexy but after hearing about the son’s father, that may be a severe problem. 1) Being a black man and attempting to become a stepfather to a white man’s son and being involved with a black man, I could see termoil due to jealousy and hatetred because of who you are and what you do. And the father not being able to give him or be with him the way he may want to. Also there could be some racial overtones from the family in reference to the situation.
    As a little bit older guy,I can see what you you are looking for in a long term relationship, and it’s not easy to find the love of your life. You sparked a quick flare with Rubi, that saids a lot. Because once the heart leads the eyes to the visual connection, then back to the nerves for the feelings, then that is where it all starts from. “RUBI” is the one, trust me my brother I don’t think you would regret my choice!!. peace

  133. MS. STEWART says:


  134. Sugar-Cane says:

    Hey I agree with Ms. Diva, everyone you allow to be on your show should be able to recieve a fair chance. It is obvious that you prefer to date outside your race, so why even have a select African-American women… what was that 10 or 20 percent African American, versus 92% Caucasian… hmmm I think you need to re-evaluate your decisions in life…

    Sounds like a contract agreement… was it MANDATORY for you to include at least 1 African American orrrrr… uh I do not understand.

  135. Jennifer says:

    I think TARA need to go home she shouldnt have any made it this far…and Chad I think you should bring Jazmin back and have the last match up between Rubi and Jazmin cause they both REAL…

  136. lena says:

    I feel like your thinking with the wrong head chad. Choose with your heart and not with your, well you know what i mean. lol You seem like a good catch but be careful what you catch. Remember everything that glitters is not gold. I think you should have gave heather , jazz , and tiphani more of a chance and i feel like you were so stupid for keeping Tara around. Good sex is not everything she made a fool out of you.

  137. real talk says:

    what is really up with this dumb a… man? that tara chick is a racist and no one sees it. i am so shocked at the denseness! wow men like that still exist! this tara person constantly makes racist, sarcastic, denegrating remarks, and gets away with it and that fake a…laugh. i got it! maybe she’s a ploy to help with his popularity and the show ratings… even his bald mama is obsessed.

  138. real talk says:

    i see my comments were not published. whyyyyyyyy? chad just sitting there looking at that less than star tara. come on chad that really is embarassing, acting all adoring while she makes racist in your face! too much!i know this must be some sick joke, as you act like it’s 1865 and you drool for the unattainable. the therapist even told you that the chick is antagonizing,(did she need to speak ebonics to you?)the therapist even saw her disrespect,racist, sarcastic,arrogant,rude ,denegrating demeanor. plus she’s ignorant,she plays so much because she’s insecure about her dumbness(no brain). oh! but that’s not a part of the search is it?

  139. JCKitten says:

    Chad first let me begin by saying, that your show has let the world see what a sweet, down to earth, and awesome guy you really are. I have not however, been crazy about all of your choices thus far. While I agree that Tiphani seemed a little young, she let her nerves get the best of her.But she would have been a great match for you. As for Rubi no one can deny her ultimate beauty. But I think your attraction to her has more to do with her looks. You are being led by your brain downstairs not the one on top neck and shoulders. She will be a nice trophy wife, but does not have much else to offer you.I really dont think she can keep up with you.Since tiph is gone, Brittany is my front runner. But regardless of what I think, I know it’s really your choice & life. I really wish you the best of luck. Stay awesome & sweet. Katt from JC

  140. PATTI says:


  141. B..... says:

    I think he shouldent pick no one his girl is not there yet…..

  142. Kass says:

    Ocho keeping Tara around shows how dense he really is. What a waste of a reality show. VH1 why do you keep picking these type of people ? Like FlavaFlav and Brett Michaels ?
    I love the Jersey Shore because it’s funny and yes their vain in their own way but they still have and are funny at the same time.

  143. edub says:

    I live in the MIA Chad is with Eveline of Basketball wives.
    Chads just collecting a check and getting some face time. One of the female staff on the show already stated that Ocho Cinco wanted to get rid of the sister’s to begin with. If he marries it wont be a black woman.

  144. millan says:

    hello chad i rill love ur show nw u a left with tough decission to make the two remaing gals both a be4 u make ur final choice think i jst like rubi shes da best gal for u ma’m

  145. Jennifer says:

    I think you should pick Brittany because I think you two hit it off from the beginning and even though Rubi was your number one pick doesn’t mean you have to stick with your number one. I mean number ones sometimes fall short, which in this hand I think Rubi is. You and Brittany have more in common than you and Rubi.

  146. shanda says:

    I love your show!!!!!! wow it’s a story all within itself, Chad, i’ve been watching your show from the door and personally i don’t think any of those women are good for you,(just my opinon,) i feel that love isn’t something you go looking for I believe love ALWAYS finds you. To be honest i don’t think that any of those females that enter that house was in it for the love, maybe a little fame, lmao….. chad just remember behind every great man is a wonderful woman and behind a wonderful woman is a powerful nation, so if that woman can’t or won’t stand behind you thru every thing then you know what to do…. and remember love don’t have a color so all you ppl who say that he needs to find a blk woman, please stop!!!! if that’s what he likes then so be it…. good kuck in letting love find you…..

  147. ityd says:


  148. coco says:

    Ruby looks like a midget with crossed eyes. She looks like if she eats too much cake she would blow up.

  149. Denise says:

    Ocho, watched your show. Surely u knew Ruby was only there to further her career. Your not her soul mate. Just cha-ching. I think Brittany was really down for you, How can u dismiss her for having a legitimate child with a husband who’s cares about his child. And you have all those illegitimate children? What drain will that be to Ruby. i.e. she doesn’t care. all about the Benjamins!

  150. Denise says:

    Oh yeah, you brothers that hate black women cause when were in school they told you about your ashey hands or you look crusty. I was an athlete in school 5’6′ 4th grade had an Eddie monster, licked my lips all the time so they were always chapped and scabbed. cryed when I made the varsity basketball team as a freshmen. Brothers weren’t feeling me either. Mainly because I could beat them in any sporting event. Tomboy. But I still luv them. Strong sister cause I was a challenge to them. To you and T.O. Hard for me to fathom how u 2 don’t want a sister for a soul mate when the women that raised you 2 are STRONG BLACK WOMEN! Not hating, I still luv you both!

  151. PA Black Diva says:

    Hey Chad, I watched your show and you choose the the right person. Rubi has class and carries herself very well. she is beautiful with makeup and without, all the other females (Black & White)wears a ton of makeup and cannot go without it. I wonder what they look like without that fake hair and without makeup.Too much fake everything with the others.
    From day one to last night Rubi has been true to herself.

  152. keep it real says:

    ocho cinco should be seen frequently taking his 4 kids out to dinner, to the park, etc..instead of hearing about him spending $10,000 on strangers for a dinner…

    again, all about him…being a father goes beyond the financial..a child will remember the QUALITY

  153. tina says:

    hello does any one know if chad & rubi are even still togeather???

  154. KRISSY says:


  155. black says:

    Sell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. monquie says:

    what happen to black is beautiful, I hope she with yo ass when the money runs out.DOnt come back to the sisters.

  157. Noah from attract women help says:

    I’ve written about it in my website, this kind of men will have no problem dating gorgeous women. They body language is so revealing, just have a look at his eye contact, he is confident , strong and is goal oriented, so much quality women look for in men.

  158. latyasha nemons says:

    Hello Chadd if you are reading this I only want to say that on your show I totaly believe that you made real choices and you seem very true and sweet. I noticed that you obviously wasnt to attracted to Jazmine but you concidered her feelongs and that was soooo human of you comming from a man of your stature and from me to you for you to know you have one person in me who really appreciates and and takes notice to your heart. Thanks for having a heart and you are appreciated. Have a great life baby boy. You deserve it and may God continue to bless you.

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  160. Sportscar says:

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