Daisy De La Hoya “Bawling And Inconsolable” Over Corey Haim’s Death



Daisy De La Hoya has taken to her Twitter to grieve over Corey Haim, with whom she was romantically involved in the weeks before his death, according to a source close to her. Yesterday morning, she tweeted, “I’m sooooooo devastated right now… This is the worst day ever I can’t believe this.” She followed that up with the message above and added today, “Early morning, interviews, I had hoped it could of been a dream…” According to the unnamed source, after being introduced to Haim via Corey Feldman, she and Haim went their first date two weeks ago and she became his “confidant over the last few weeks.” “Bawling and inconsolable” is nothing new for Daisy, whose reality TV career was practically defined by her waterworks, still, our sympathies go out to her as well as Haim’s family and friends. His life truly was tragic, but not more so than his death. [E! Online]

Update: Daisy has spoken to Radar about her association with Haim. “We just connected straight away, we had an automatic connection. I recognized that he was a lost soul, we had the same behavior patterns, we had a lot in common,” she says.

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  1. NICCI says:

    Im sorry for the loss of Corey Haim. But I really do not like Daisy…now De La Hoya. It seems she will do anything nd anyone for a lil limelight.

  2. Lane says:

    Wow……………. When or is there a DOL2?

  3. Elle says:

    That solves the reason for the drug overdose. It was suicide…I mean, dating that plastic surgery nightmare would send anyone over the edge

  4. Dawn says:

    I think it’s very sad! Daisy is a little screwed up.. but we are all screwed up in some way…she is just very needy and acts totally dumb..I pray the family will make peace with this and remember the good times with him…xoxox

  5. Mary L says:

    If you need back up for that tramp, give me a holler! I’m so disgusted she would do something like that, well she is trash. Pure trash! _$&(#&*`^^`&!$^_ you Daisy damn you!

  6. dude69 says:

    Daisy you are an ugly as* troll….Or weren’t you that doll chukie’s bride??Go and keep on sniffing them white lines you damn coke wh*re.Corey haim did not like white trash like you!!No way in hell!!!!!!

  7. Cinema says:

    Lol what a stupid ho you are, “kristin HAIM”. There is no Kristen Haim. How pathetic is it to pretend to be related to a dead person you don’t know, to pretend to have more credibility on insulting someone else you don’t know?

  8. Lucky Charms says:

    Oh man, if that is true, Daisy needs an %__*@*+`@#!!^_@ kicking!

    So sad about Corey… LOVED his movies… My heart goes out to his family.

  9. chanel says:

    Daisy .. to be straight up you have lust confused with love….And love just happens when u lest expect it… if u look for it then you’ll just keep finding it in all the wrong places

  10. Cinema says:

    hey vh1, its pretty disgusting that you guys put this link on your mainpage link montage thing so fast, when you almost never link to the blog, just to pretend like you’re somehow relevant to this tragedy.

  11. ashley {same} says:

    she will always be famous no matter wat!!! no body is perfect so stop pointin out others mistakes when u have mistakes t00!!!

    n im )~!@@+`!+@!!*_+ en 12 n i probably noe more about life that u pplz……n i appreciate it!!!!
    some body just died n uz decide to blame other ppl!!!!

  12. JoAnna says:

    I hope all of you commenting about “Kristin Haim” know that anyone can type any name into that name box and may not be that person. I mean, what are the odds that a relative of Corey’s would go on some random Vh1 blog and just happen to see this? Seriously?

    I could say I was London and say I wanted her back, does that affect her, no. LOL.

  13. splchk says:


  14. unknown says:

    That )%)&_`!^(()(##^! sounds fake as hell typical of daisy that’s probably one of the biggest reasons London break up with your !+`)&++!~+*)+^&

  15. Realasitcanbe says:

    Well looks like the second season of Dasiy of Love fails lol. They were suppose to start taping it in January and now it is only March. Go figure though cause really DAISY sucks. I have disliked ever ever since she was on Rock of Love. She is nothing but TRASH! London knew he could do so much better that why he got rid of her.

  16. xyvjqllhgq says:

    I am having a touggh time readijng yur site in Firefox 2.6, juyst thoughtf I migth let you know!

    videso onile

  17. Trace says:

    I know what it means to love so deeply and lose them. I fell in love with a lost soul myself and they took there life. I now have someone in my life that is so wonderful and love so much. But there is still no hope for that. I wish the world I could give this person and just see them happy for once. Love is so powerful and so painful all at the same time stay strong it give others hope. I’m hoping the person I love will come to there senses and love me back as deeply as I do them. Peace

  18. Mark G says:

    Daisy,from the bottom of my heart I tell you this from my soul.I understand the concept of pain the you’ve endured from your loss,my deepest apoligies are to you,I am very,very sorry that you had to go through that.This kind of stuff is not funny,and I know that they’re people laughing at you like it is.”IT’S NOT FUNNY!!!”I’m not one who’d laugh at you when you’re goin’ through pain.I except you for who you are,and I’ll love to meet you some day.I just wish that I was on your show competin’ for you with the other guys.My prayers and wishes goes out to you,Daisy.Your true fans loves you.