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Below is a primer for the second season of Sober House with Dr. Drew, which premieres tonight on VH1 at 10/9c (but is available for viewing online now). In our interview with Drew on the series, he talks about the assembled patients, combining those from Sex Rehab with those from Celebrity Rehab 3, the tumult of the season (as suggested by the show’s supertrailer) and, of course, the drama that tends to swirl wherever Kari Ann Peniche goes.

All signs point to this season of Sober House being tumultuous, at best. Do you think this season works as a model example of the worst-case scenario for sober living?

Sober living is supposed to be an intermediate stage between treatment and rejoining the world. It’s a place where people spend six to 12 to 24 months just going to meetings and learning to get up out of bed and do their laundry. That’s really all they should do for the first six months. If you throw in trying to get a job, and the stress of television cameras all over the place, and God knows what else, it gets a little hairy. Really, I just think this group needed a lot more time of just doing nothing. They were trying to do things and they were in withdrawal when they really needed to just sit back and do nothing. That’s eventually where we kind of end up.

Was there anyone from Celebrity Rehab 3 that you think should have signed up for this show but didn’t?

Mackenzie was the only one who shouldn’t have come to Sober House. Lisa didn’t need it, but would have benefited, and Mindy would have benefited. I thought Joey should have done it. I was sorry they didn’t do it.

Jennie is there not just because of sex addition, but also because of her substance issues, right? It’s not completely addressed on the premiere, but she does talk about that on her blog.

When you start getting into treatment for sex addiction, you usually find some kind of concomitant chemical addiction. And there are sober livings for sex addiction, too. Sex addition and substance addiction aren’t technically put together [in sober living], but you could. In Kendra’s case we uncovered a big chemical problem. That kind of came out during sober living. In Jennie’s case it wasn’t such a big deal. She had already been looking at it and going to AA meetings. She does have a chemical issue but her primary issue is still sex addiction.

Any thoughts on Tom Sizemore showing up to Sober House with a crack pipe?

I believed that he didn’t know he’d brought it. He had stuff all over the place. He’s a hardcore drug addict. He has something in every corner. Remember when he hid around the place when he first came to the Pasadena Recovery Center? He’s good. You never know when you might need some crack.

With this lower level of care, were there renewed concerns about having him in the same environment as Heidi Fleiss?

Their relationship was pretty good for most of the treatment [in Celebrity Rehab 3]. It started unraveling at the end and I kind of didn’t believe it because they were doing so well. I thought Heidi was taking things out on Tom when he was down. With them in Sober House, I expected things to kind of be OK and they of sort of were and sort of weren’t. I thought we could keep them maintain civilly and they kind of kept committed to it, by saying, “We’re fine. We’re gonna be cool. We’re good.”

Her final, damning speech to Tom in Celebrity Rehab 3 seemed to come out of left field.

That wasn’t the editing, either. It really was out of left field. I was shocked. I was just blown away. To be fair, Tom was sick most of the time and he wasn’t interacting a lot with her. I just thought it was a little flare-up, that it would be OK. I was kind of right and kind of wrong.

Mike comes into Sober House just off a relapse.

Mike is such a difficult case. His relapse was relatively mild, and he had been very motivated. Relapse is a part of his story, so with him our plan was: bring him in, settle him down.

Dennis comes in recharged with reluctance.

It was bizarre. It was like we were meeting for the first time all over again. “What do you mean, rules?” “What do you mean, ‘What do you mean?’ You are back in a treatment environment, Dennis. What are you talking about?” It was very bewildering. I just thought it was posturing and trouble for trouble’s sake.

Maybe that’s the way he interacts with new environments.

Interpretation is something I don’t waste time on. My attitude is: let’s just get through it.

I know that Sex Rehab, Celebrity Rehab 3 and this second season of Sober House were all shot back-to-back. Had Jennie and Kendra been in sober living between Sex Rehab and this show?

No, they’ve been out. Jennie had been working very hard in her recovery. They were kind of close friends, I thought. That relationship started having more trouble than any relationship [on the show]. I don’t know how much of that will make it to TV, but they really unravel.

Is there any precedent for taking off between rehab and sober living?

Each patient was dealt with differently. If I recall properly, Tom and Mike, for example, were put into a hospital, a residential facility, in between.

And Mike still relapsed?

There was a lot going on. I would have to look at the records to remember exactly what went on. My recollection is that I had them both over at Las Encinas. Mike, I think, just left, just took off and relapsed and he was willing again and came back to sober living. Each one was managed individually. Some stayed in treatment, some were able to go home. Some of them wouldn’t follow my direction but were sober enough to be able to go to sober living.

And then, there’s Kari Ann again. I know that you explain on the show that her extremely difficult behavior has to do with her meth relapse.

She is crazy on meth. She’s really bad. At that point, I was not clear that she was appropriate for this level of care. I had grave doubt. There’s a reality side to this, which is you do have somewhat of a distorted view of Kari Ann. On Celebrity Rehab 3, things were not as bad as they looked. On Sex Rehab and Sober House, though, they were. To be fair to Kari Ann, Sex Rehab was the wrong environment for her. Reasonably so, though: she is a sex addict. It’s not as though she shouldn’t have been there, it just wasn’t the right environment for her. In Celebrity Rehab, I know it’s hard for you to believe, but she did do well at first. She really did well and I was hopeful, and I wanted to give her a chance at Sober House. I didn’t know what the hell she had been doing in the days between, but what I was hearing kind of good things: that she was OK and Mindy was with her and blah blah blah. I was wrong.

She arrives to the house exhibiting her worst behavior.

Again, to give Kari Ann a break, I thought that she and Jenn maybe weren’t going to go so well. Part of that is Jenn, not that there is anything wrong with Jenn — I just knew their personalities were not going to work together. That’s some of what was going on, too.

So when you were addressing the group at the end of the first episode, what was going through your head? Had your hope diminished at that point?

No, it was basically the same: let’s start the process, get everybody landed, let’s get the treatment going. When you are putting eight or nine people together all at the same time, it adds a layer of stress for me. But it’s nothing surprising.

You often say that regarding these patients’ behavior. “Nothing new under the sun.”

Right, nothing new under the sun. Its just drug addicts being drug addicts. This was a scary season for me but I ended up feeling good about the experience that people had. It required much more intensive professional services than the usual sober living environment and we provided them. We did it because they needed them. I just recreated a treatment team and we gave very intensive services to them and it turned out OK. It was a little rocky getting going. I’m glad I’m not in it right now.

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  1. karen reed says:

    You guys are REALLY good at your job. Kari Ann is one of the rudest, foulest people I have ever seen. She needs more than Rehab. She needs a personality transplant. She is like a spoiled little brat. I would have brought her juice and thrown it all over her after she called me foul names!!

  2. gretchen says:

    I just want to know how much more abuse and sabotoge Kerry Ann will be allowed to dish out to the patients and staff of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, before Dr, Drew admits SHE is a Dual-Diagnosis candidate?!? In other words, she has serious psychological problems!! As well as drug addiction. Dr. Drew if you truly are trying to help her, get her the psychiatric care she so desperately needs. It should not be all about TV ratings.

  3. Sandy says:

    Dr.Drew, thank you for all that you do for your patients! Drugs are very hard for some people to shake. I have done them, and I have friends that still do so I know how they effect people. Kari Ann has to be the worse case I have seen! What a little ~))`~#$`)~#_~~~)` Theres no excuses for why she treats people like she does! She needs a good old fashion `+*#@#*~!^%@~^( whipping! I’ll pray for her! She certainly has some deep wounds! I just want to say that I love this show and I hope and pray that they let go of what makes them do what they do! I am sober! Thank you Jesus!!!!!

  4. Shelby says:

    I think this show is wonderful. I have a friend who is a crack addict and Celebrity Rehab and Sober House are doing so much to help me understand what is really going on. I want to learn as much as I can and do whatever I can to be supportive without enabling this to continue. Thank You Dr. Drew!

  5. kaecie says:

    Kari Ann is unbelievable. She has the face of an angel and the personality of Satan. I believe she requires inpatient psychiatric care. Talk about a case of arrested development! Isn’t she a little old to be acting like a petulant child?

  6. erin says:

    your show made me realize i have a drinking problem…your such an inspiation to me…..you made go to therapy to get help …..so thank you from the bottom of my heart

  7. Stephanie M says:

    Dr Drew is a big joke,look at him when talking to people he be trying not to smile with his one liner self and that #(#!(@_!(#@*`^~ hole jenfer who is so rude and mad who talk to other people behind their back is not right for the job.She make everything about her because she think she get power and how can they get sober when they have to look at her face,gross

  8. travis says:

    i wish i could have the chance to speek the world of god to them all..and help them wake thank you dr drew and staff for all your hard work

  9. Simon Hancock says:

    Dr Drew:

    I am a former, severe drug addict. I have a great habit of talking to people with drug habits to take them to the other side of recovery. Give me a moment with some of your people, the reason ask this is some of your patients, are people I know. Give me a chance.

    Thank you for your time –

    Best regards, Simon Hancock

  10. lisa j. says:

    Dear Denis , I wish u could understand how many people are pulling 4 u and Ur sobriety. My Dad wuz an alcholic for most of my life az a child. I have watched U play basketball beside my Dad since the Detroit Dayz and read Ur book. As a fan of ur life I want u 2 succeed in this az well. U r a Champion @ heart. u cand do this too. i do understand its difficult and challenging, all good will come to You and ur children from ur sobriety, All of us who have been ur fans for soooo many yearswant 2 see U get these rings of sobriety. Peace Be unto U.

  11. celina says:

    I’d love to tell them, ‘go ahead and try some controlled drinking and lets see if they make it back…but you know, I get that feeling of just not being comfortable in my own skin= restless, irritable and discontented–you are touching so many more than you know…

  12. Teresa says:

    I’m confused…Kari Ann was asked to leave the house, then in the next segment, you see her at the meeting. It almost seems that Dr. Drew is condoning her behavior. You make rules, stick to them…shes like a spoiled child in need of discipline. Whats the point of making rules if you don’t follow them? I thought rehab was a place for people that WANTED help. Kari Ann acts as if she is forced to be there. Maybe shes bi-polar, I believe there is medication for that…haha

    Lets keep it real..we all know that these “celebrity’s” are getting paid big bucks to be on these shows. This is Kari Ann’s third try with Dr Drew. Its just a job, a paycheck to her, and apparently she hates her job, but…she is the STAR of the show!! Such the DIVA, “go get me a juice, and don’t argue with me.” The more drama she creates, the better the ratings.

  13. Lisa says:

    I think they should dial down the pain junkie part of these shows. Maybe that’s what sells TV, but it doesn’t seem helpful. Even Dr. Drew ought to get some zen, he puddles up way too quickly. Maybe he needs some downtime. It’s coming off as a pain junkie paradise with themes of injustice and self pity keeping everyone on a pain continuum and mostly a bunch of out-of-work actors cheesing it up for the camera.

  14. leanne says:

    Kari Ann has some serious anger issues. Do you think it is just because of the addiction or do you think that could be a chemical imbalance?

  15. Jolin says:

    Why are celebrities more important than the rest of the world, they are given everything, and then some. We all have problems, we all have issues, and yet we the un-famous are forced to deal with our problems in places where you do not get the red carpet treatment. We are not any less important than these people. We all have choices in life, I choose to be happy, sad, mad, or an addict. We all have had things like sexual abuse, mental and even physical abuse, no one has a perfect upbringing. And yet lets break out the red carpet for the celebrity addicts. Lets cater to them even more. People are people, no one person is any more important than the next. As with many of you we are all survivors of something, and all have sad tales to tell. It is mot limited to the celebrity. I over came some huge addictions in my life, as well as abuse of all kinds. Just like everyone else.
    Kari Ann..She is a piece of S***. Anyone with that attitude deserves a slapping up, as does the person raising her, no one should be allowed to act like that. EVER! A good show for future is to take the spoiled celebs and have em trade place with everyday people. People with real struggles on top of addictions. My guess they may appreciate their celeb status and perhaps worry about giving back instead of always taking.
    Dr. Drew is great, but as someone once told me, you can’t save em all.

  16. Sofi says:

    Kari Ann makes good TV. It’s would be hard for me to believe that she is on Sober House for any other reason. Sober House is suppose to be a safe, supportive environment with hard-line boundaries in which recovering addicts can learn how to re-enter the world as recovering, sober people. Reintegrating people in recovery are like babes in the woods. If Kari Ann was “business as usual” while at Sober House, she endangered the serenity, sobriety and reintegration process of the others. That would not be acceptable in any successful, legitimate place of recovery. Kari Ann needs powerful consequences in appropriate return for her behavior and not the “breaks” or rewards of celebrity. (Can anyone tell me why she’s a celebrity)?

    I’m pulling for the people that want sobriety. When I see an unnecessary obstacle in their way, such as Kari Ann, I get nervous for them. I do understand that she is ill and may have a dual diagnosis. My opinion is that she needs a lot more help than TV can give her.

  17. designereyes says:

    It’s very entertaining to watch Kari Ann, but it’s easy to see that she is a deeply broken and sad person. Her anger is meant for her abusers but she lets it out on innocent bystanders. She’s VERY lucky to have a second, and third and fourth chance with the amazing Dr. Drew. If she could only appreciate how blessed she is!

    Celeb REhab 3 was some of the most moving and compelling TV I have ever watched! I cried with those patients and felt connected to them even though I have never been an addict. I am looking forward to this season of Sober House and are praying for all of their recoveries.

  18. justjane says:

    Come on, this is pure entertainment. Real rehabs put you on blackout in the beginning (no cell phones ever). They don’t allow correspondence or visits from anyone you used with. They also don’t put X lovers in the same program because the focus is SUPPOSED to be about you and your addiction. These are people with drug problems that have no other way of staying in the limelight. To me, putting them on camera is like giving them a fix. Sad because the 1st season, I bought into the hype. Now its as appealing as the Octomom.

  19. justjane says:

    Shelby: If you really want to understand what your friend is going thru and understand addiction better, go to Narcanon. It’s like Alanon but deals with people who care for someone with substance abuse. It will teach you how not to enable the person and understand the disease. You can get info from your local health dept. Unless your friend is rich, the rehab he or she will go to will be much different. When your friend comes out, you can give more support by attending OPEN meetings together. I wish you both luck.

  20. Glo says:

    Kari Ann was she a former Miss Teen USA. What a disgrace to the Beauty Pageant World. She should take a good look at herself calling the other ladies fat and ugly. Her thin figure is due to the drugs she uses. Her face looks like she’s in her forties. What a waste

  21. sherry says:

    Kari Ann appears to have a borderline personality disorder.

  22. Sharon says:

    I can’t wait to see how Kari Ann enjoys prison..I doubt the staff there is going to allow her any “juice-time”!

  23. MyMarie says:

    How true any of this is, who knows. . . however, I would like an explanation why someone, like a Kari Ann Peniche is given a free pass by everyone, when she acts the way she does? The biggest insult is to find that these people may even benefit financially from this show. I know people who care for the sick and the elderly, volunteer all their life, who have never done an illegal drug in their life, who are not cared for or about as much as these people. How, Dr. Drew can you say you care about these people, they weren’t forced fed illegal drugs, they did this all on their own, or because they followed the crowd. I can see you wanting to cure them, however to “care” for them to the point you can call them “friend” baffles me. They don’t deserve it or more importantly, they didn’t earn it.

  24. Vicki says:

    I am just wondering about Kari Ann. I think she needs help EXTREMELY BAD if not only for drugs, but to also learn social behavior. I know when you get the drugs taken care of you usually treat people differently. She has not, I haven’t seen a change in her at all. At what or who’s expense does her treatment have to cost someone? I am surprised at Dr. Drew he knows her behavior, I would think she needs one on one therapy drug, sex whatever she needs then put her around others. She needs something, probably not anything in front of a camera at this point, get help first. What exactly makes HER a celebrity anyway? The rest of them I understand. But her? The first time I have ever heard of her was sex rehab, her behavior in that not any better.

  25. April says:

    Dr Drew,
    Kari Ann should not be on this show nor even at the point where she should be in a Sober House. She needs long term treatment and not on camera. I imagine she would not consent to something like that because possibly she has not hit rock bottom. She needs some intense help and to put her in the Sober House and expect the other residents and Jenn to endure her is utterly crazy. I find the rehab show and the sober house very disturbing. (Yes, I know I don’t have to watch it). Gosh you more then anyone else knows that 21 days in a rehab center really is not enough for these people. The bunch on the past rehab show were some serious hard core drug users and not only that they have been using for a very long time. After all that time and all that use most are still not even thinking clearly after 21 days. Then they go to this Sober House in the Hollywood Hills where they can just walk down the street and get what ever they want. Yes, I realize they are adults and they will choose their own path and make their own choices, but really should any of these people on this show be at the point where they are living in a sober house? I have a 17 year old that comes from a good loving caring family and he is already struggling with addiction. Unfortunately drugs are just way to easy for people to get these days. At the age of 16 he was put in an intensive outpatient rehab program for 3 months. He did nothing but go to school and then to rehab and was on lock down at home. He did excellent in the program and was clean the entire 3 months he was there. Came out went back to the same environment and only took 2 weeks before he was using again. He was attending NA and AA meetings and therapy with an addiction specialist, but this was not enough. As a few months went on things started to get bad again. Because my son is the most important thing in our lives we made the choice to send him to a Wilderness Camp where he spent 65 days in the Wilderness of Utah (Awesome program!!). He was in a great place physically and mentally after those 65 days. But even then we knew we could not bring him back home and let him finish his senior year in highschool. We know he would have went through a “Honeymoon” phase and then probably would have went pack to what he was doing. It is so hard for them to break old habits and break away from the people they thing are their friends. After the Wilderness camp we sent him to a Theraputic Boarding School where he is not thriving. He has great grades and is looking towards his future. All we can do now is hope that after a year of being gone from this environment when he comes home his head is clear and he stays focused on his goals and future. He knows he will continue meetings and therapy to stay on that path. I know for alot of people this kind of treatment is unfortunately out of reach due to cost. We are an average middle class family and insurance didn’t pay for any of this. We have wiped out our savings and a good portion of our retirement 401k plan to pay for all of this. But when you love your child unconditionally you do what you have to do! So after all of this babbling on what I am trying to say is these people need more help and more intense treatment then what they are getting. I am not saying at all that you are not good at what you do, what I am saying is make it more intense and more caring and not just make it look like it is all about TV, which sometimes in my personal opinion it seems like it is. Also what about doing a show not with celebrities, what about teens in the real world and what this horrible drug crisis in our country is doing to them?
    Just my personal thoughts….I really hope you get to read this Dr. Drew.

  26. Nancy says:

    Kari Ann was miserably anxious to get to her house to check on Mindy but was asked to return to Sober House instead. That’s good but it explains why she lashed out at the camera guy–still no excuse. Hope she comes back. Of everyone, she seems the most needy. But there seems to be psychological issues even Sober House can’t deal with. The girl (Kendra?) who refused to do the laundry seems like a real spoiled brat. Like Kari Ann! What egos! Someone must’ve given into their demands early in life.

  27. Nancy says:

    Almost forgot, Dr. Drew, enough with the f-bombs. I speak that way too but it’s just not docterly.

  28. Melanie Montgomery says:

    The ‘progress’ by some of your ‘patients’you continue to mention just isn’t showing Dr.Drew. Sorry, but for this show, you keep trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Never seen such immature behavior, although I’m aware that we don’t ‘grow up’ while using/drinking, this is far beyond that.
    The anger most addicts have at CelebRehab/SH is so over the top, it’s more about ‘not getting my way and being able to use or drink when I want to’, than making a few remarks about ‘bad things happened in childhood’ that are keeping me prisoner to mood altering chemicals.
    The show tolerates so much, it allows the others to see it and repeat practically anything, especially cursing out, attacking the camera folks, (they deserve combat pay)and do it again and again as the last one who did it got away with doing it. After this happens ten times, it’s not ‘shocking to the viewers’ anymore, now it’s just ‘what anyone can do to anyone there, anytime they want without consequences’.

    Well, not sure I can watch much more, the message to those considering ‘recovery/treatment’ is to behave badly, be forgiven, scary and violent attacks are fine and we never talk about the awful remarks made by these folks, ever. We just keep understanding them and saying ‘look at your progress’. ? Huh?
    Anything goes on CR/SH, anything. Run away. Use. Refuse rules. Threaten. Insult. Lie. Abuse others. Violence ok on bad days. On and On. It’s become Hollywood v what treatment is about and calling SOME progress is happening based on a few ‘weak remarks/comments’ by the men/women, now and again. In between their usual ‘entitled’ attitudes.
    Not sure how much longer or how long Peniche can possibly be tolerated, let back in, treated like she’s ‘trying’ when she’s anything but, then given another chance, told ‘she’s making so much progress’..YIKES. Not seen by any living human yet.
    Like and respect you Dr.D. for what you’re involved in but it’s not ‘fostering growth and sobriety’, it’s just more of the bad behavior and bending rules for some of these sad, messed up folks, helping them to stay messed up. Letting them back in isn’t working, usually doesn’t til the behavior is addressed. Dr. Phil calls it ‘vomit speech’, constant and tolerated, as though it’s just ‘that’s how she/he is’. Yawn. Next?
    These folks need to follow rules/regulations/acceptable behavior, explained up front, as more than ‘don’t be violent’, as they know what that means but don’t have to over at your place. Consequences? Nah. Good for ratings.
    Clearly you break the rules by wanting sobriety more for them then they want it for themselves. Yes, death is the outcome, jail, insanity, ruined lives, but allowing them to continue abusing the people in the world around them only makes sure that’ll happen. Soon.

  29. JT says:


    The saying that best describes the “antics” of all these celebs is “easy come, easy go!” Do they have to PAY for any of this??? On top of that they are probably getting paid to be on this show. Oh, and by the way, in the end we might remodel your house to also show you how much we care. BROTHER! All we ask is that you just act spoiled, lazy, rude etc etc. Wait a minute, it’s not acting. That’s how they are 24/7! Does it really suprise anyone that most of these “special” addics relapse? As in their “real” lives, everything is handed to them; top drawer accommondations, first class service. They they’re being told they’re just like everyone else who is addicted! As usual, there’s no interest in the dull, mudane struggle of the non-celeb addict. Someone who has to WORK, pay their own way, and kick this addiction without the benefit of knowing there’s a team of $`!^$+!&@(#%_`~ istants to do their dirty work for them. Somehow I just can’t relate…

  30. Kathy says:

    kari Ann reallys needs help but i don’t think this is the right setting. Tom and Heidi should of never been put in the same setting toghter it’s like you wanted them to both fail.

  31. kathy says:

    Heidi you need to take a long look in the mirror and see that you are no better than ANYONE there. You are a mean skank.

  32. 1955nurse says:

    Just finished watching the episoe of “Sober House” w/the Waterfall and I just had to make a comment – I’m not sure if I can even watch ANY more of this! Dr. Drew – are you SERIOuS? You allow this misfit band of Drug-addicts/alcoholic/sex addicts enough rope to hang themselves. I would be amazed if “Shifty”, Mike or Tom Sizemore are even still alive @ this time next year. These people didn’t even do enough work while IN-Patient to actually graduate from a “REAL” treatment program – then you throw them all together in a Mansion w/close proximity to L.A. and everyone acts all shocked when they continue to act like Drug addicts/Alcoholics & Sex addicts!!!?!?!?But here’s what made me comment – Does ANYONE watch the raw footage of this crap on a regular basis? You have a recovering addict working in the House (which is difficult enough & a danger to her own recovery!) and the clients in this house are allowed to treat her in a way that no reputable treatment facility/ 1/2 way house would stand for. And why? Because they are “Celebs”? So far I’ve seen Jen get very little support from the “so-called Professional staff”. all while these people “play” @ recovery! Maybe Dr. Drew should worry less about where his next book, show or million dollar paycheck is coming from and a bit more about the actual PEoplE he is supposed to be helping. (Send them to Hazelden-they’ll have that “I’m a celebrity” crap worked out of them in no time!)And in case you’re wondering… yes I’m a recovering alcoholic since June 1985 by the Grace of God and the fellowhip of a “not-for-profit” organization and treatment @ Hazelden – where I learned I was also suffering from “Terminal Uniqueness”! Give your House Managers some support and quit babying the clients or we’ll all be reading their obituaries…… Just sayin’…………..

  33. Leslie White says:

    As I watch the show (sober house) I think “what a bunch or over-indulged, spoiled, self-centered, ego-tistical ^#`))))+~+_%^@& es.” Your problems are no different than anyones elses only you’ve had the opportunity to spend a little more for the pleasures then get it published on TV….I say “get the hell over yourselves” “grow the hell up” and get in the “real world” (like everyone else) I understand your in pain, sometimes I feel like I see it and can feel it in Mike Starr, my maternal insticnct is to hold him and cry with him then “paddle his ^#`))))+~+_%^@& it makes me sick when you say your “teaching them laundry, and how to take care of themselves” they are grown, over-paid celebs that is just going to pay someone to do it for them after the show…if you want to teach them anything, teach them to say “no to themselves”…

  34. Patricia says:

    Wow, this season is painful to watch. Dr. Drew and staff have their hands full. I sometimes wonder if we are all seeing the same show. Heidi is undermining the whole house. Now her anger is aimed at Jennifer. It seems she got called on her animosity towards Tom and now she has backed off of him so she is buzzing in Mike’s ear. Why is she allowed to do this to her? Mike’s aggressive behavior is a direct result of Heidi egging him on. I understand they all need some leeway, but come on. She is not serious about her sobriety. I think only one or two, maybe three are serious in that house. And as long as they can focus on Jennifer’s “negativity” they don’t have to deal with their own stuff because (as usual) they are the “victim.” Isn’t that what got them where they are today? Jennifer needs a medal and some help. Dr. Drew needs to back her up with those in the house and not be so “sympathetic” to the patients. It only emboldens their bad behavior and their grip on their resistance to treatment. Either there are rules and they have to follow them or not. And Mike saying, “I am really not up to it right now” doesn’t cut it. Gag me.

  35. June says:

    After watching more of tonight’s episode, I would like to respond to Heidi’s malicious comment at group. Jennifer could certainly teach Heidi manners, and how to be a human being if Heidi if she were teachable. Heidi cannot learn from anyone because she does NOT want to change. Only one person stood up for Jennifer at group and that is because she is really trying and sees everyone’s bad attitude and how they are ganging up on Jennifer because they don’t want to own their own stuff. When does Jennifer get some back up from Dr. Drew? I am amazed at Dr. Drew’s attitude at Jennifer. When is he going to tell the clients that their behavior is intolerable and their addictions don’t excuse their abuse?

  36. Beverly Ford says:

    I admire Dr. Drew’s passion for these addicts but I don’t think he is doing them any favors by allowing the unacceptable behavior displayed. Especially from Mike Star. He is a walking poster for unstable and I don’t think it is fair to expect Jennifer to reason with him.
    I didn’t see any consequences given to Mike or anyone else for their behavior either. How will these people ever learn that they can’t live on life’s terms with any success with taking responsibility for their behavior.
    At this rate, they are going to walk out of there just as immature and clueless as they entered. The only person who I’ve seen any humility from is the girl who stood up for Jennifer. And if Dr. Drew won’t support his house manager then how can she ever manage these people. If he’s not going to let her manage than he should call her the house manager. He totally under mined her when he let Mike come back with no consequences and when I said that she was overwhelmed in front of the whole group. That is not how you support your team. I love Dr. Drew but I think he is dangerously close to enabling this bunch. I’ve lived with enough addicts to know if you give them an inch they’ll take a mile and then some. Compassion is important but not more important than teaching personal responsibility. Jennifer deserves better.

  37. Pat Goldberg says:

    I can’t believe that any of these people are in a Sober Living House. They should have remained in re-hab much longer than they did. I am beginning to think that this is all for the sake of making money off of people’s misery. They are all has been’s and they must be looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Shame on Dr. Drew. This is no way to show the frailties of the human spirit coming off of drugs. Heidi is just plain mean, Dennis is smug, Mike needs psychiatric help, Tom is sweet but weak, Jenny is fighting hard, Kendra is diva, and Jenn is crazy for staying to look after this wild group. She should quit. I started watching this show because my son is an addict and all I can say is I am glad he is getting help behind closed doors.