Jennifer’s Side Of Sober House – Season 2, Episode 1



As she did last season, house manager Jennifer Gimenez is set to give us her weekly take on each episode of Sober House with Dr. Drew starting with the premiere episode. Below, Jenn talks about the new batch of recovering addicts she’s signed up to watch over, her past association with both Tom and Heidi, Dennis Rodman’s resistance and, of course, Kari Ann’s lashing out.

What were your thoughts on going into the season?

When I found out who was coming in, I knew they would be really rough. I knew they were going to be smart. I felt like I wanted to do things differently [than last season]. I felt like I grew a lot from the first season and from running the house the first time. I was very scared the first time. And I think the second time I was stronger. Last season I was kind of passive aggressive, and that’s not how people have been with my sobriety.

Was this shot in a different house?

Yes, it this is in a different house.

Did you prefer this one or the other?

This was easier because my room was on the same floor as them, so I was able to hear more of what was going on and was able to, you know, be more present with them. It was such a beautiful house. I mean, we got to see the whole city, and there’s something beautiful about that to just wake up and see the city and the ocean and mountains. At night, it was kind of mind-blowing.

You have a history with Tom Sizemore.

Yes, I do. I was actually in treatment with Tom about five years ago. He was not nice to me in treatment. We definitely bumped heads a lot, but we were both really sick at the time.

Tom checks in, and you find a crack pipe among his stuff. That’s a hell of a way to start the show.

I knew that Tom was really trying in rehab, and I heard that he had stayed sober. But when searching his stuff, the first thing I see is a mirror, and then I see a crack pipe, and there’s some dust on the mirror. And I’m like, “Oh no, here we go. It’s going to go bad quick.” But I had gloves on, so I was very happy about that. It was like, nothing can harm me here.

Had you known anyone else on this show previously?

Besides Seth? I had worked with Heidi Fleiss 12 or 14 years ago. I had done a thing for Inside Edition, and King’s World had paid me to do her lingerie ad. I had met her for maybe a few of hours that day. We talked about that a little, but I didn’t know her know her.

Were you concerned about sharing space with both her and Tom together?

I really wasn’t for it, but it wasn’t my decision to do that. I don’t think you’d have that in treatment normally. Like, if my brother or my boyfriend and I went into treatment together, we won’t be able to go into the same facility or the same area. I knew a lot about Heidi and Tom’s history. I knew from the things I’ve read and what Tom had told me from before. I knew I’d have to stay focused and not take sides. I was there to help them transition into the real world.

Would you say that Dennis posed a challenge as far as earning his respect?

Dennis was definitely out to test me, and had tested me the most to earn his respect. Heidi was another one, as well. Heidi wouldn’t show it very quickly, she definitely watches and observes every movement, but Dennis was coming in with a game plan. I had heard about Kari Ann, but I had not heard all about Kari Ann. I knew that she was explosive on Sex Rehab, and I knew that she had a drug problem and she came clean with it, so I was like, oh, maybe she’s willing now. I had no idea what to expect from her as she walked in. I mean, literally she walked in the sweetest thing possible on earth. She blew everyone away with the “Hi”s, “How are you”s, and the hugs. She was just this cute, little mousy girl. By the time we got up the stairs…there was a blink and boom. She had turned into another person.

She certainly didn’t take kindly to the drug test.

She was like, “I’m really clean,” but I saw her behavior. There were a lot of fast movements, but yet she was trying to manage it. When she didn’t test clean, she turned quickly. And I mean, come on, the stuff that she was saying was so childish. If you’re a drug addict, you know that you can’t get second-hand meth positive from somebody unless they’re shoving it down your throat and you don’t know it.

Things got worse from there. She soon requested that you fetch her juice.

I didn’t know the history about the juice , but the last thing I was going to be was her maid. When I watched Sex Rehab and Celebrity Rehab 3, I was dying, to see her ask for juice all those times before she did me. She was just so disrespectful, and she was so crazy. That woman has some serious, serious issues. From that moment I was like, she doesn’t belong here. Like, there’s no way I can help her. I understand the process of people having to kick, but I’m not equipped to watch people cope with detox. I’m not a doctor.

At this point, did you feel like you were in over your head?

I was really concerned because the other cast members knew her, and I thought they may take her side. But I knew I had to stand my ground and I then saw that Heidi and Jenny and Kendra looked at me with awe in their eyes. They were kind of like, “Oh my god, she stood up to her so quick.” I’m not a tech. I’m not a person that does this for a living. I don’t know the tools, but I definitely won’t let people put me down like that. I knew that I was fighting against this disease and I’m totally powerless against it, but when these residents walked in, there was a determination that they did want to get sober, and they did want to stay sober. I really saw that in the house. I even saw it in Dennis, because he wouldn’t leave. If you see him when he signs the paper, it’s night time.

Kari Ann called you “fat,” and I know just from talking to you that your weight is a sensitive issue. I bet she sensed that, too, and went for the jugular.

I knew that they were going to say mean things. I have lost a lot of weight, so I was OK walking into the show where I was at. Making fun of my weight was so last season. Please. Come up with something better. And if you’re going to call me a b*** or a c***, seriously, come up with something better. They’ve already called me that. There’s really nothing they could call me that would hurt me at that point. Kari Ann literally just finished saying how thin I was and how great I looked and how she was so happy for me, so I knew I was dealing with instability at that point. Many personalities. I was dealing with several.

Did you have any other early impressions of this group?

I was blown away by Jennie. Jennie walked in, and the minute she hugged me, I was like, “Oh my god, this girl really wants it. She wants recovery, so hopefully she stays this way.” I really saw and felt a foundation in her, and there were a lot of sweet moments with her even from the get-go. Jennie was there to win. Kendra was very fragile. She is sweet, and very fragile. I knew Tom was going to be a handful. I just knew I was going to have to watch him. He’s a great actor, and that’s one of the things I kept saying about Tom when we were in treatment was, “All you keep doing is acting.” I knew I wasn’t going to get the real Tom yet. There defiantly wasn’t a moment that I didn’t have to be on my toes. I mean, for the 20 hours that I was awake every day, I was on my toes. I knew that it was going to be a challenge, and that it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride. I think you’ll see that as you see the show. In the morning, things are good. Mid-day, all right. Night, horrible. There’s not a boring moment on the show, but I’m really grateful that I had this experience.

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  1. Jen says:

    Watching Kari Ann on TV makes me have this hatred towards people. It’s distgusting! How did she get this way? I don’t think she’s hit rock bottom yet. I feel like she’d have a different “druggie” outlook if she had hit rock bottom. Let her go PLEASE-see if she can survive on her own without getting beat down on the streets talking like she does to people. I think a couple people need to be in a psych ward and not a sober house, but I wish them all the best.

    Good luck, Jennifer! You’re role is not an easy one, but I bet the reward you get from seeing the committed ones stay sober is HUGE! Keep the faith <3

  2. Michelle says:

    I am sooooo sick of Kari-Ann’s behavior, who the hell does this chick think she is?? she’s a fricking child, i cannot stand her and I really, really hope that Jen sticks her ground and kicks this UGLY HO BAG *@@*(_%~+*!+%!^#* out on her NO WORKING #^`$&%#%$)#+%__ what the hell is she even doing for a living, other than telling people what she wants…”I want it, I want it, she’s a spoiled child who obviously has never had anyone say no to her before she deserves exactly what she gets, and PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THIS $)$!$&@(*(**$(^#^ HER OWN SHOW!!… On another note, I’m a past addict, and I was soooo heartbroken that Mike used drugs again…every time he wants to use drugs he should replay the video of Nancy pleading with all the drug addicts to stop and how she lost her son…I understand addiction, and how hard it is, but please don’t just use this as just some TV stunt, this show could save your lives, and CHANGE YOUR LIVES FOR THE BETTER!! i love the show, and will be here for all of you…Mike, stay strong!! Tom, just take it day by day, stay away from Heidi, she’s got her own issues, don’t make them yours, and Dennis, just get lost, you AIN’T NEVER GONNA BE SOBER!! YOU NEVER SEE YOUR KIDS NOW ANYWAYS SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT IN TRYING TO START SEEING THEM NOW!! HYPOCRITE! Stay strong Jen, you’ve got a tough crowd on your hands…Mike, I’m sure you’ve got alot of people routing for you!! I’m one of them…I’m here for you buddy!! you can do it :)

  3. eddie g says:

    there is no way you are fat.that kari ann isnt to nice of a person but i hope the best for her maybe she is nicer sober.

  4. sfblchic4u says:

    WOW! Again, Kari Ann is up to her old tricks. Addict or no addict this chick is a piece of work. Unstable and very immature. I feel bad and my heart goes out to everyone on Sober living trying to get the help they need. But this individual, I have no pity for. You have a tough job Jenn and your a great women for doing this. Also, you look great! Keep up the good work.

  5. celina says:

    I love what Jen said, when it came to her sobriety-Passive Aggresive people were not a part of her life, im so glad to hear that thru her experience in last years season, she intends to instill discipline and structure..thats the only way they’ll get it -they have to want it, and be willing to do the work, whatever it takes. I chased my sobriety like i chased my high. ‘One day at time, sometimes second by second, keep it simple, let go and let god and my favorite- easy does it’–these cliches really work. Jen, as you well know, it’s one alcoholic helping another, even if only one, the seeds planted, their lives will never be the same and not only do we do it for them, it keeps us Sober—Keep your head up and thank you for trudging the road with us.

  6. a wri says:

    LOVE AND ADORATION TO JENNIFER GIMENEZ~ Beautiful woman, I was inspired to acknowledge you because of your strength- just saw the 1st episode of sober house, season 2, I must honour you as a messenger of light/love/God/hope,etc. AND YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!! YOU GO GIRL. SO MUCH LOVE, RESPECT, PRAISE AND PRAYERS– to you; you are truely a champion of life and hope (*especially for those who struggle with addition*****) Jennifer, I know you’ll not see this, but I had to exhault my admiration, none the less — to the universe, to God, and hopefully to your soul. I hope you know, and are told often, how awesome,special, inspirational,and NEEDED, you are. God bless you, Jen….

  7. Marti W says:

    For some reason, both the Celebrity Rehab and Sober House programs totally engage me – I am riveted to the screen. I hope you continue to stand up to Kari Ann. I feel for her and understand that her horribly mean comments are a defense mechanism, but always felt that allowing her to break rules didn’t do justice to the other participants. If Sober House is a slice of real life, then “real life” for Kari Ann means dealing with the world NOT catering to her demands. I wish her recovery but sheesh…enough already.

  8. chris says:

    This opp that you all are giving people is a gift. If i hafe to watch this one (~~#_$^#$_~(%$*(^ who wants juice one more time i will never watch again it is like spending to much time on someone and negleting the people who really care you are enabling f an a . Just another addict that will never get tv ratings but is crying out for halp. Go ahead and send the response you do to all e mails like mine . Send that (~~#_$^#$_~(%$*(^ the e mail you are sending me in her juice. If i have to see yall kiss this (~~#_$^#$_~(%$*(^ es #@@~@(“@#()__) one more time you wasting 100 peoples lives who will at least try. Some times you need to respect your employees.

  9. Laura says:

    I would first like to say that Kari Ann did NOTHING to deserve to graduate from rehab and now she gets to be on a 3rd show to abuse everyone more! I am soooo grateful that Jen finally said what is true… she is a psycho! A hateful, mean, awful, horrible excuse for a human being. Being an addict only goes so far as an excuse for her deplorable behavior. After that, she is just a heinous witch! She isn’t nice, she is manipulative. She is nice when she wants something and when she doesn’t get it, the real Kari Ann shows herself for who she truly is. If this show is really about helping people, then she should be removed and put in lockdown in a psych ward! She has no business being on TV or with other addicts who are actually trying to stay sober. When is Dr. Drew going to do the right thing or is she allowed to stay just for ratings? Oh, I forgot… it’s “show business” IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

  10. Valerie says:

    Jennifer, I have the greatest sympathy for you, especially dealing with that Kari Ann. Her biggest problem is that she is a Narcisist. The whole world revolves around her. She needs to grow up more than anything, drugs, sex, or alcohol. there is absolutely no excuse for her behavior, comin’ down, isn’t even an excuse. Dr. Drew seems to think her behavior is drug related, and to some extent it is, but if you took all the drugs away for many months, she would stil exhibit the same behavior, because, she needs to grow up.She seems to think the world owes her something, what exactly I’m not sure.

  11. Abel says:

    I know that the right thing, the moral thing, is to be compassionate towards junkies; however, Kari Ann needs to be left in the gutter. Some people cannot be saved and I believe, from what is being presented on the show, that she is one of those people. Some people shouldn’t be saved. She is obviously broken: mentally, spiritually, physically. Kari Ann has nothing to offer inside or out. Those out to save her should help others that deserve help. That need help. Do not waste your time on this loser. Take away her cheap jewelry, tacky wardrobe, and nappy weave and you are left with an ugly mental patient. Actually, Vh1 that is a great idea for a show: celebrity psycho ward. Gather up all the D list celebutards and put them in a straight jacket and let them babble on and on.

  12. Poops Alot says:

    Enough on the Kari Ann comments. Did anyone expect some revelatory turn-around? BTW, once again this show is completely inaccurate about life in a real sober house. I wonder how long until they go out to the clubs like last season :roll eyes:

  13. Bev says:

    Kari Must Go Away because with the drama and nonsense that she creates, she is taking precious time away from those that are serious about living a clean and normal life. It has taken much strength for them to get to the Sober House. Kari Ann does not belong there because she is not mentally ready to quit. She belongs in detox somewhere……….anywhere else but there.

  14. Brenda says:

    Thank you VH1 and Dr. Drew.., I have quit smoking cigs. and use your show as inspiration…Good Luck to All in the Sober House 2 show…..

  15. Rebg says:

    Wow, Jenn! So proud of you for having the guts to come back for another season, especially since this group seems pretty volatile. Kari Ann sure does know how to push everyone’s buttons…including mine. I see all the ugliness that everyone else sees, but I also keep thinking about how sick she must really be, and how much pain she must be in for having ruined her life and relationships like she has. Other bloggers have worried about the other people in the house having a bad reaction to her, and it hindering, or even sabotaging, their recovery. The truth is, there are lots of Kari Ann’s out there, and to live sober in the world outside rehab, or sober house, you are gonna have to be able to deal with them and not let them trigger you. I loved your comment about Dennis Rodman not leaving, and eventually signing his paperwork. I noticed that too. It said he’s still fighting his demons, but that day, he won. Maybe it’s just that accepting it means dealing with it…no more hiding and pretending. That’s when the REAL work starts. Heidi seems to still be struggling with her loneliness, which means sober house was an excellent choice for her. Wish I could tell her that she doesn’t have to be alone. One day she will be able to trust people again…and then she will pick people who are worthy of that trust. Seth/Shifty worries me. He seems like a sweetie, but that won’t keep him alive. I am concerned that he keeps thinking “just one more time.” It’s like russian roulette…one of these times that “gun” is gonna go off. Mike Starr also worries me. This guy’s addiction seems so strong. From what I understand he uses just about anything, and has been for years. Plus, he’s been in rehab tons of times. God love him, though, because he keeps coming back. Tom Sizemore breaks my heart. I know, I know, he IS a great actor, and maybe part of my reaction is because of that. But he just gets to me. I want it for him so darn bad. Hopefully, HE wants it more than anything else in the world. I don’t know alot about Jennie or Kendra (did not watch Sex Rehab), but I’m praying for them, just as I am praying for everyone in recovery, and for the people trying to help them stay there.

  16. Mary O says:

    Jenn, you look so beautiful! I love your hair! And you just look so healthy and great! I’m so happy for you! And you inspire me! And boy, did you see Kari Ann for what she is within the first few minutes.

    Anyway, just wanted to say you look fabulous!

  17. raggie34 says:

    jen truly is such a kind wonderful beautiful person its so nice to see some one with such kindness on tv

  18. Ree says:

    can’t wait to see that little diva wannabe Kari Ann kicked out on her no-talent butt. she’s just in this for the publicity to try and jumpstart her non-existant career. she thinks this behavior will want people to want to work with her? guess its the drugs hahaha it aint gonna HAPPEN

  19. Kirsten says:

    Hi, my name is Kirsten Stembridge, I’m thirty-nine years old. I love the rehab/sober house shows because I too once had a problem but was able to pull through it but I now have some what of a weight problem. I want y’all to know that I hate, hate, hate, Kari Ann!!! She needs to grow up and realize that she is not perfect and stop putting people down, she always says “respect me” and where the hell is the respect for other people. She is a nobody, I mean who cares that she was a miss teen and it was like what, many years back. Ughhh, she really gets under my skin. I give all of you counselors so much respect for dealing with what y’all deal with. I personally do not think her attitude is because of drugs, I think she is super spoiled, and ugly as hell inside and out!! Please share this with her because she needs to check herself:). Stop putting people down, someone somewhere will put her in her place and it won’t be a pretty sight so she should really learn to love all shapes and sizes and chill out! Thanks for listening:)

  20. michelle w says:

    Its obviously we all HATE Kari Ann, but all this hatred, is just going to KEEP HER ON THE SHOW!! I am losing respect for Dr. Drew that he keeps her on and allows her to completely disrespect EVERYONE. If this keeps up, I WILL NOT WATCH THIS SHOW ANYMORE, AND I DON’T BELIEVE I AM ALONE AS YOU CAN READ, EVERYONE IS SICK OF THAT UGLY GIRL KARI ANN

  21. MyMarie says:

    Is allowing this chick, Kari Ann to get away with these antics part of her therapy? It seems since she been on the scene she got one staff person fired, almost got 3 guys kicked out of rehab, and from the previews she is going to get you in trouble. However, all she has to do is be nice for 30 seconds and we hear “Kari Ann is doing so well, she only **^$(~*#_@#~“!*@ ed slapped one person today?” “She’s irritable” “She’s crashing” weep, weep, poor Kari Ann. … This girl needs an entire personality transplant. Before you allow her into Sober House I think she needs to be housebroken first.
    This is great drama for a reality show, but does it really good for the other patients?

  22. Karen says:

    When we watch the show we all should be thankful that we are not dealing with their desease. I have to say that I have alot of respect that I never had before for Dennis Rodman and the other cast members. I see a very nice and kind spirit in Dennis that has been shielded by some painful memories of his past…

    Keep up the good work all of you!

  23. Heather77 says:

    I have alot of respect for you Jennifer. You do a hard job to help better others lives. And no matter what the patients may tell you, you are pretty inside and out and they will one day understand that you had the best intentions for them the whole time. I have the most respect for you, God Bless Jennifer.

  24. Ex-viewer says:

    Jennifer, I really hope that you share this with Dr. Drew, who seems to have his head up his butt when it comes to KA. Because Drew keeps coddling and making excuses for her, she is getting what she wants- attention, tv exposure, and payment. She is severely mentally ill and needs that kind of help. The fact that he keeps giving her second and third chances is disgusting and counterproductive. I hope you gave him hell about putting that girl in your care.

    And Drew’s constant willingness to impart any real deserved consequences is the reason I will not be watching this show.

  25. Carolyn says:

    Hi gal, I realize the season is already over now as we are watching this. I saw a clip where Dr. Drew is talking with you about verbal abuse and being let go. I hope they didn’t let you go during the season. I just can’t imagine how hard it must be to be in your shoes and get all this verbal abuse and not give it back to them.

  26. kim says:

    Of the episodes that I saw, I am very proud of you. You held your ground and that is what people need. Stay strong. I am glad that Dennis stayed. I think for most of these people (celebrities), I think that deep down they are embarassed of where they are. It is a lot to admit that you need help. So I am glad that he decided to stay. You could tell that he was fighting with some inner demons. I still find it funny that he did not leave though and stayed outside all that time.

  27. Ginger says:

    Kari Ann acts this way because her demanding behavior was tolerated in rehab. The staff brought juice to her room and had to put up with her verbal abuse. She was allowed to graduate with her peers, even though she broke the rules time after time and didn’t participate in all the meetings and activities.

    In the Sober House, she asked Jennifer to give her some respect, yet she called Jen a “fat $~(#~#@~^*`($#)+_ If you want to see how committed she is to getting and remaining sober, put her in a program without cameras on her. I’ll bet she wouldn’t last one day.

  28. Mojo says:

    Jennifer~Stick to your guns girl! Keep lettin em know who’s the large and in charge ##^+&`+&)$+!^~+*@ That’s right I hear them cuttin you down because of your size but I must say you look great compared to last season it looks like you’ve found a great work out routine keep it up! As a former addict I’m sure you can relate these people need your help…especially Kari Ann Ugh? what’s her problem? LOL obviously she’s an addict, borderline psycho, its so sad she was actually once crowned a beauty queen, Yuck, she should be ashamed of herself. I definitely wouldn’t want my daughter growing up and looking up to a beauty queen like that for a role model. Anyway you definitely make a difference in their lives they just don’t know it yet! Best of Luck! Hang in There!!

  29. Donnie says:

    How many celebrities in the shows lifetime has STAYED sober since leaving treatment?

  30. Donnie says:

    Jennifer, I also admire u very much and ur hot!!…LOL…i am glad Dennis stayed i hope that the future shows…show him getting back on track..however it looks like according to the previews hes off the “wagon” drinking??…:( sad i hate this disease i have it myself…the crack n coke i can stay away but the alchohol???? huh..aghhhhh…hate hate…i wish i could come out there w you guys..i was clean n sober for 18 mnths back in 2003 relapsed and been tryin ever since to get back…:( please help!!

  31. donnie says:

    Jennifer i am in admiration of u on the show and you are so Hot!…LOL…I was so glad to see Dennis finally sign and come aboard your gorgeous ship. I wish i could …I hope he stays,but i thionk i see him off the wagon? in a clip out drinkin…bummer,but i can relate….i battle the same demons as dennis..i can stay away from the coke n crack but the alcohol???huh..auggggg…i was clean n sober for 18 months back in 2003 relapsed and been tryin ever since to get back…Help!! wish i could come out there its so beautiful and need to just go away somewhere for like 90days min. good luck on the rest of your days and Peace n Love..:)

  32. donnie says:

    Jen and Staff,
    So sorry about the repeat comment!! didnt think the first one went. Fell like and idiot…sorry again

  33. Anne K. says:

    So many people on Celebrity Rehab you don’t like or think you don’t like but you fall in love with their humanity and their stories. Who knew that I’d really come to like Heidi Fleiss or Mike Starr? Tom Sizemore? I couldn’t even watch Mackenzie Phillips on Oprah and she’s now the most wonderful ex-addict I know. Every season, you develop so much affection for them because they are willing to put themselves out there. Seth, Amber Smith, Mindy, Jessica Sierra, Brigitte, and all of the others I’m rooting for. Heck, I’m even rooting for Dennis.

    BUT, Kari Ann…leave and don’t get sober. We won’t miss you. Underneath the veneer is a black heart.

    Dr. Drew said it was the drugs talking. Then, why at the Graduation was Kari Ann such a b***h to Mackenzie if it’s just drugs? Mack’s more successful than you’ll ever be. Hope she wins and you don’t.

    Even Jeff Conaway was more sympathetic. And, that’s saying something.

  34. Ryan says:

    Kari Ann is a fame ~&~^#(_&@+@(&!$)! I saw something on TV where she was doing a song about rehab. She’s just trying to cash in just like Mary Carey. They don’t give a damn about anything, especially their friends and family. They are emotional zombies. They are completely emotionally detached and have nothing to offer the world except pain and destruction. They are beyond help. I have lost respect for Dr. Drew because he allows this behavior. He gives the statement of “even though most will relapse I will not give up (for the ones that don’t). I disagree 100%. He is allowing himself to be used by Kari Ann over and over and puts up with stuff a normal rehab place would not put up with. He is allowing her to antagonize the staff and reduce the chances of everyone else’s sobriety. This is done for ratings by the producers because they feel a villain like her means ratings. I don’t agree with this. If Kari Ann leaves this doesn’t mean ratings will drop. Why don’t you kick someone like Kari Ann out and send someone in who hasn’t relapsed 10 times and is not a fame ~&~^#(_&@+@(&!$)! The only reason why any of those guys/friends of Kari Ann you see taking her to rehab or picking her up from rehab is because she gives them what they want. I saw no girls in her posse. No human being would put up with her unless they got something out of her and for a guy it’s only one thing. And she isn’t that pretty. She is 6 out of 10 at best and with that personality she is 0 out of 10. Kari Ann is a monster and proof in my opinion that some people don’t deserve help. This also goes for Rodman, Sizemore and others. These celebrities just like Cori Haim have been giving chances upon chances upon chances…they have been to top rehab places like the one at Sober House…staying in mansions with the best medical care, recourses and support that an average citizen would NEVER EVER be able to get into/afford. And they failed over and over and over. They lost everything: finances, friends, self respect, and family. What rehab and sober house don’t touch on enough is how many lives they’ve destroyed. I don’t feel sorry for people like that who relapse over and over and over and lose their battle. How many friends, acquaintances and family members they have hurt mentally, physically and financially. Jennifer is not fat. I’d be proud to have her on my arm.

  35. Shannon says:

    I love you Jennifer. I loved you during the first season. You are so strong and I admire you for so many reasons. I totally dig that you don’t take any crap from ANYONE, but yet are very compassionate and willing to listen open mindedly! Keep up the good work!

  36. L says:

    My husband and I have cancelled our DVR series recording and Keri Ann is the sole reason. We were faithful viewers of Rehab and Sober House but she ruined it. We can no longer stand her behavior and feel that watching the show encourages her despicable actions. Whenever I see her I think of cancer, nasty, deadly, foul cancer. I pray for her family, that they are able love her despite all that she has done. I hope all families are as understanding and kind as I hope her family must be.

  37. candee says:

    my name is Candee I enjoy watching in action I have a lot of respect for him I myself have 13 years clean I have helped many people in sobriety opened my home a safe haven I have I am going to school to be a drug therapist I do not like this Jen person didn’t like here last season feel the same this season I WOULD NOT RISK MY SOBRIETY GOING INTO HER “SOBER LOVING HOUSE” I truely believe she has NO business running a sober living. Shes RUDE ARROGENT AND FULL OF HERSELF. All I can say is I hope its an act for the cameras and she doesn’t really act that way

  38. candee says:

    Dr.Drew it supposed to say

  39. Stephanie says:

    I love watching Sober House and all it’s drama! I think Kari Ann got what she deserved when her sex video was leaked and I hope Mindy was the one who leaked it!However, I think the two other celebrities involved with her hit an all time low by choising her to be a part of their threesome. This couple is expecting a child now so I hope they get their priorities straight. Kari Ann is a nasty skank who no longer deserves the help of Dr. Drew or VH1 in getting sober. I think she was only involved in these shows to keep her D list standing somewhat current. If she truly wanted to get sober she would work the program that has been so generously given to her. I think it’s great Jennifer stood her ground and kicked her out. Jennifer looks great and I hope that crazy, slut Kari Ann didn’t get her spirit down.
    On another note, why is Kari Ann considered a celebrity?
    She is no longer miss teen USA. Other than sleeping with celebrities what gives her that &&@$_$@(#()(_%$ le?

  40. hil says:

    I have never blogged in my life but the show tonight really irritated me. I am from a upper middle clas family who had a drug addict and I have dealt with it and the end result is that they are healthly, luckly, and going to college. I wish the people on the show saw really how much impac they have on the people watching the show. The perception they have of middle class americans working 50 hours a week, watching the show tonight is scewed and they think it is benieth them I agree it is evident that everyone of these idviduals have talents that have stood out from the rest. When it comes down to it they are just like the rest of america and have issues. Deal with it! it is was it is and they need to buck up and do what you need to do. My family member that was addicted did what they needed to do and I have done what I needed to do, so why can’t you with the millions you have? I really hope you all the best and hope that you have the best intentions for what you were given, rehab.

  41. Maureen B says:

    Kari Ann needs a psych eval! She act like she’s autistic (high functioning) or has Aspergers syndrome! Her meth anger behavior has triggered disturbing psychological problems! She may benefit from some psych meds!

  42. Peggy says:

    I too am in recovery (14 years) and find it really upsetting that Dr. Drew continues to enable and exploit Kari Ann. Clearly, she is good for ratings, but is she good for the other people who are trying to get better? Do you sacrifice the sobreity of many to take a tiny change on one (who clearly does not want it)? You can’t make someone want it. Let her go hit bottom. You keep rescuing her from the bottom, knocking on her door. I see the faces of the other who ARE trying to get/stay sober and it breaks my heart. How long did they sit there and wait for group on the show last night? They all just sat there waiting for her? Are you kidding me? Does their sobriety mean nothing? You reward Kari Ann for being late, and you punish the others for being on time by delaying group for her. Very disfunctional show.

  43. brandon says:

    jennifer your a snob an a **~%“(+`)$@&_+$( you act like your better then everyone an your not keri ann was right about you remember your *(~*)@%`&%+$@_~+ does stink

  44. Lori says:

    Jenn should not have been put in charge of the house. She admits she has never had any training related to rehab. Kari Ann is no picnic, but she is being controled by her addiction. What is Jenn’s excuse for the abusive language she uses towards Kari Ann and for that matter several of the other housemates. How sad for the whole house to have their “rolemodle” be so insecure that she attacts during a crisis instead of helping.

  45. Affectionate_beauty says:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  46. KT says:

    Mike is a creepy dude!!! I am not an acohol and drug counselor, but Mike is not appropriate for that setting. Constantly allowing him to avoid responsibility for his behavior is what got him into that situation in the first place. Good luck Jen!

  47. Frances says:

    I think Jennifer is letting her emotions get the best of her. Mike is extremely sick. Arguing with Mike is comparable to arguing with a child at this time in his recovery. I was impressed with his will power to not lose it on her which took a lot of strength. I slso feel the group in the house does not have any respect for Jen which puts her in a bad position. I don’t think she is helping with their recovery at this point. I do have to say that it would take an extremely strong person emotionally and physically to deal with the people in the house.

  48. Debbi says:

    This really is for Dr. Drew. While I love and admire him, enough already with these was-been celebrities and their not only childish but disrespectful behavior. I am an alcoholic. I went to AA meetings on my own, nobody holding my home. I came home and had to work on my addiction daily, by myself with nobody leading the way and not in a great fantastic house in Hollywood, just in my little nothing of a house on my own. I have been sober for almost 7 years, no relapse, not once. When I have issues with my addiction I hit my knees, I don’t get to call anybody and have anybody wait on me. I maintained a full-time job all the way through my recovery and continue on with it today. These so-called stars are much more concerned with getting their own way than they are with overcoming their addiction(s). The only one in that house I actually see making it is Jenny. The others don’t stand a chance out their in the real world and heaven forbid if they actually had to get a real job, an 8 to 5 like I have. Everybody except Jenny needs to be drop-kicked out of their and thrown back into the real world. I don’t know why this show is called a reality show because there is absolutely nothing REAL about it. They live like pigs because they have always been catered to and waited on. I don’t blame Jennifer for exploding, my goodness she is babysitting a house full of whining toddlers. Dr. Drew please help people who actually want to get better and quit wasting everybody’s time and money on those who don’t like these spoiled brats! Good luck to Jenny, you are the only one who actually has a chance…………..God bless you!

  49. bekkah says:

    I hate to say it Jennifer, but you are not emotionally fit to do this job. You are also not their mother you are suppose to help guide. You should be fired for your own behaviour and language towards Mike. He is sick, and you obviously are sicker then all these people.

  50. tylean210 says:

    why do they treat these adults nlike a bunch of babies!!!!!!!!! they let them get away with murder!!!!! no wonder they all go to rehab if this is how they let them act!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Julie says:

    Hey Jen,I just wanna let you know that there are people out here who really admire your courage. Imean its got to be tremendously difficult to run a house full of addicts when you are a recovering addict yourself. I think you showed tremendous patience considering what you had to deal with on a daily basis and even when the thing with Mike went down and you were at the point where it was like-look i’ve had enough! you didnt quit and you made it through.You should be really proud of yourself. You have such a good heart,I think you are a terrific human being,don’t you ever let anyone tell you different!God Bless You Girl!

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