Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Recap – Episode 6 – 10 Things We Loved About This Week’s Show



Aw. But we’ve barely said hello! :(

The first thing we loved about this week’s show turned that frown upside down:

- Bobby’s return.

After fretting…


…and packing his bags…


…and bidding adieu…


…Bobby Brown left boot camp to play some concert in Europe that posed a conflict to the CFC shooting schedule. It was all sadness and infuriation (the latter is especially so in reference to Jay, who hasn’t stopped handing Bobby his un-worked-out ass to him), but then magic happened:


…Bobby came running back and promptly botched his team’s lead in the challenge, losing this week’s Fit Factor points for them and earning the title of dead weight.


At this point he must have wondered if he should have even bothered coming back. Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad he did (anytime Bobby Brown is on my TV, it’s a good thing), but the triumph of his return took a major nosedive. I mean, like Bobby himself while attempting to manage the hay-bail hurdles, it barely even got off the ground.

- This:


- Tanisha’s team’s reaction to that:


Of course, far be it from anyone to react to something more dramatically than Tanisha who literally collapsed after the parachute pull…


She remained unresponsive for a good minute after falling to the ground, worrying…no one. That’ll teach them to force her to force herself against hurricane-level winds!

- Tennis-balling.


The agility section of this week’s challenge found Shar and Kaycee attempting to collect flags in a field while Harvey pelted them with tennis balls via a laucher. While this fun to watch…


…it was obviously more fun to do…


Oh, and note above how Kevin has about half of his head in his jacket, clearly because he didn’t want to see Shar get pelted. That’s sweet. By the end of the challenge…


…Kevin had lost his head entirely. On one hand, that poses many challenges. On the other, this week’s weigh-in was destined to be the best ever.

- Sebastian’s new ‘do.


Look who got a makeover! I’m not sure if he got both a weave and a treatment (as prescribed by Tanisha), but it was at least the latter. Upgrade y/y?

- Nicole’s new ‘do.


All she needs is the beer cans and she is her own Lady Gaga video.

- Dance-off!

Even though Sebastian was all…


…at the prospect. It ended up being all kinds of awesome:




…right back atcha, Seb!

- Jay’s intimate encounters…

Not only did he practically slick the floor down drooling over Joshua Allen…



…he then found himself in very close contact with Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora.


Sergio kept telling Jay to “come closer” before they boxed much to Jay’s discomfort/obvious delight. And really, since Jay spent so much time closeted, it’s nice to see him at absolute terms with his sexuality. His match was punctuated by a punch on the ass from Sergio…


It’s not a snake but it’ll do. This counts as action, right?

- Foxy boxing.


This is technique (and, given Kevin’s close proximity, possible revenge-fantasizing).

- The results.

Kevin’s goal was 3 lbs.; that’s exactly what he lost.


Tanisha’s goal was 4 lbs.; she lost 1.


Shar’s goal was 3 lbs.; that’s what she lost.


Sebastian’s goal was 4 lbs.; he lost 1.


Bobby’s goal was 4 lbs.; he lost 0.


Kaycee’s goal was 3 lbs.; she lost 4.


Nicole’s goal was 3 lbs.; she (yikes!) gained 3.


And, Jay’s goal was 4 lbs.; he lost 7.


This put him in first place…


…with Kevin immediately behind him.


The team scores, too, are extremely tight:


…which is kind of the best thing about the often disappointing results of this season. The disappointing is neck-and-neck!

I want also to point out the best, quote of the episode. This one’s just ahead of Shar’s “I worked out like a crackhead” — it edges that one out because of its eroticism. Regarding the wake-up calls that Bobby set up with Harvey and then refused to take, Harvey said, “Are you dagonne gonna f*** me in the ass and not even give me a reach around or something?”


For shame, Bobby. For shame. Next time you’re in that situation think to yourself, what would Sergio do?

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  1. Patrick says:

    I would love to meet shar,i think she is a very beautiful woman and i think we have a lot in common.

  2. alexis says:

    It was upsetting this week to see the red team members(except Shar) gang up on Jay as if he is doing something wrong as the team captain. Nicole and Bobby are not trying very hard to reach their goals and it would seem that they have some serious underlying problems stopping them… blaming someone else is not the answer. Jay and Shar are trememdous and they have taken responsiblity for what they are struggling with. It is very inspiring!
    Bobby’s comments about “kissing his Black )_#@!_#@`(%&@`~ I thought, were offensive- and rascist. No one else is walking around telling him to kiss their “white )_#@!_#@`(%&@`~ and if they did, I am sure your station would be bombarded with letters. I would never pay to purchase anything with him in it ever again.
    On the other hand, I have a new respect for most of the other people on the show since learning so much more about them… Like Tanisha and Kevin. Thanks for not editing that all out. :)

  3. nina says:

    tanisha needs to use an eliptical machine. for a black girl with a butt that big …it should be round and not flat. an eliptical will help round her butt. i am not even on the diet she is supposed to be on but i have lost 17 lbs. but i do go to the gym 5 days a week and workout 1 hr. i cant see why she is not losing the weight. she just need to quit the show. she is not serious about this. i wish i could have the opportunity she has. im sure i would have lost more than my 17lbs by now.

  4. brandon kyle says:

    I am sick of k fed ex crying every week. get over it. Also all the complaining needs to stop i see why Bobby, the baywatch girl and the bad girls careers are over, because of thier work ethic.

  5. Tiffany says:

    I applaude Jay for his weight loss, but Bobby said it right he is a “Snitch @#(&)@~+#@~*“* +`+`_~&“^%#(`##@ He needs to focus on himself and he might lose more weight. I love Shar. You are strong woman and I’m happy for you for getting over Kevin. He doesn’t deserve a woman like you anyway. Kevin your a sorry excuse yet a prime example of the men of today. You need to watch the Tyler Perry movie “Why did I Get Married” and learn about that 80/20 rule. Shar was your 80 and Brittany was your sad 20. Tanisha, you need to stop crying with your half fat @#(&)@~+#@~*“* Do the work and lose the weight or leave the show, because your bringing your team down.

  6. marzetta says:

    hello this marzetta franklin and i just want to say i think they are doing good i think if they keep doing good then they will be fits.

  7. marzetta says:

    i think shar are beautiiful because i am a big fan of here and i would love to meet her like a hug big fan so i can meet her i would

  8. Dian says:

    I just want to say to Shar! dont let anyone steal your joy. I am glad that you decided to do this show because it puts you in a bigger and brighter light as far as I’m concern. Your genuine heart shines through and show the most loving person/mother that you are. Do not give up on love. Not because one A-hole AKA Kevin made your life hell that means that there is not someone out there for you. I think after watching this show you look like the hero while he the villan. Some man out there is looking for someone with a heart of gold such as yours. Good Luck and all you do is keep on believing.

  9. shawnpatricksmom says:

    If these people really cared about their weight, they would follow the program! Love the show, but would like to see people who really tried. They need a bootcamp for real people. People who are not obese but want to loose the extra 10 pounds and keep it off.

  10. Melvina says:

    I really luv the red team and would luv to see them win. Bobby & Nicole: STOP EATING & DRINKING stuff that’s keeping you from losing the weight. At least, Bobby, do this for your kids. Nicole you may need to check out Celebrity Rehab instead of Fit Club. Jay & Shar is doing the damn thing with their weight. It’s sad that you two are just along for the ride.

  11. WIfe says:

    I agree that Nicole and Bobby need to take more responsibility for their own stuff. Telling Jay that he isn’t a good leader because he asked Bobby to step up in the challenge? Well, uh, Nicole, he was trying to help YOU because you said you were soooooo sick. You didn’t exactly mention that you should be doing it because that’s the exercise you do at home. Plus, Bobby left, so he should have had to do SOMETHING after JAY did TWO challenges (and won them both). Then, Jay is losing all sorts of weight, and you two are doing nothing. So Jay needs to worry more about JAY? Uh, seems like Jay has his !&!`&$_(^%++**$% together. Notice it’s only the two who continually make bad decisions that are blaming someone else? And by the way, he is the TEAM CAPTAIN. It’s his JOB to be concerned about the WHOLE TEAM. I will feel bad for him and Shar if your team wins. Because it will only be because of them and you will still get the money and prizes. I wish Tenesha could go to the red team, Shar could go to the blue, and Jay wins individual. That way, all the people who are obviously trying will win, and the people who aren’t, won’t win anything.

  12. Kathy says:

    I am so proud of Jay. I have been watching him and his work since Project Runway. He looks great!! I love how positive he tries to be. He really wants the best for his team but he is a little too considerate. Don’t change Jay keep it up! I’m also proud of Shar. She is doing great… and lady you do look fly!!

  13. Molly says:

    I think Kevin F, was great, I was impressed! I thought at first it was crazy for him to go on the show. This is the first time I watched it, I actually like it.

  14. Nikki says:

    Kevin really is an awful person. I really gave him the benefit of the doubt till this show. He doesn’t even seem to get it he ruined not only his life but his kids. I hope char kicks him where the sun don’t shine. Bobby as usual is blaming everyone else for his addiction and lets not talk about blondie. Shes straight up addict.

  15. dimplesw3 says:

    I believe Shar should get more self esteem for herself and hold her head up. She is a beautiful Woman with a heartache and needs help with getting that fixed and need to stop living in sadness. She is a wonderful woman inside and out and I’m happy to say I love watching her smile when she does.
    Self esteem boost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kimber says:

    the more I see of Bobby Brown the more I like him. Now I believe Whitney’s downfall was Whitney and not Bobby. He always seemed to be the level headed one and she always seemed so strung out. Bobby dont take that guys ^+%$#)+)*&$&$~@& on the show, I dont know his name but he acts like a big fat sissy

  17. rae says:

    I have to admit I couldn’t wait to watch the show to get a better look at Shar Jackson. and I think she is absolutely adorable. and I wander how federline could do what he did and have no remorse. If he hasn’t had any remorse by now hes not going to. I saw a coldness in his eyes, almost a resentment at the nerve of people for asking questions about Shar. well i got news for him she is the mother of his first born children. and has he even acknowledged that what britney did to him is what he first did to Shar. and when he was married to britney he was spending my like water, how much of that did he save out for Shar and those kids.

  18. rae says:

    The thing I love the most about sebastian is when he said he would never leave his children like his dad left him. and I can tell he doesnt think a hole lot of federlline for leaving Shar’s kids. I really admire sebastian for this. but I must say when he got in tanisha’s face, that bothered me. I lost a lot of respect for him when he did that

  19. rae says:

    does anyone remember jay from project runway. he is the one who marked up a photo of wendy peppers little girl. i thought that was so evil. she had a photo of her daughter and jay snuck in and marked up the photo. i hated him after that. he was also very abusive toward wendy pepper. so my question is….if jay was picked on in school then why did he treat her so terrible. why would vh1 allow someone like this on their show. why didn’t they invite wendy pepper on instead. i thought vh1 was better than mtv

  20. Diane says:

    I don’t think bobby brown is that serious about all this. maybe he just wants to be on tv. again.

  21. diane says:

    Harvey is hot. he can work me out any day in or out side the gym. unless he’s married.

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