Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty/TRANSform Me East Coast Viewing Party


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  1. Lisa Plunkett says:

    I must say that I didn’t think I would like the Price of Beauty, but I really enjoyed it. As for Transform Me, I loved it. I would loved to be transformed by Laverne, Nina, and Jamie. Nicole looks beautiful now. Way to go ladies.

  2. mud dancing dragon says:

    The Price of Beauty;

    All i know is I spent too much money and i still am not up to standards??????
    Well I should have gotten a face reconstruction as My Father could get out of my face… See i look like my dad a little too much… for me and socity… now if I looked like my aunt it would not bre so bad. My husband thinks i look fine , but i am an artist and i know what is esticly pleasing to the eye…And it is not me… now i am poor and i can,t be adjusted so that the rest of my life could be pleasant.. no now i must be a martor for socity and be the wipping-boy of beauty.. ahhhh…. it,s so fustrating being emotionally abused and labled because of my big nose and weak chin.
    things were not so bad when times were a bit more kind.. but it,s a dog eat dog world. i know because i live it every day. good luck with your show.. and thank you for showing people that there is inner beauty too.

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