Have A Martini Minute With Jessica Simpson


jessica-head-candling-200x2Last night on VH1, Jessica Simpson‘s brand new reality show The Price of Beauty debuted at 10 PM. And would you believe it? I had the opportunity to clink tini glasses with Jessica in a very special beauty-obsessed installment of “Martini Minute.” And it’s amazing the things I learn in our time together. For example, we get the scoop on that ingenious ear candling TwitVid. Also, she shares a certain bit of information with us that has convinced me to pack my bags and move to Uganda… U-ganda be kidding me! Only we are not kidding at all.

Watch Martini Minute with Jessica Simpson at BestWeekEver.tv.

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  1. Was a Fan says:

    You have a great idea. Your treatment of this idea was not good. You blew it. All eyes were on you, and it was embarrassing to see you handle this opportunity so foolishly. You were silly.

  2. Joyce Barrows says:

    I had recorded the show for the reason to see this is not a show about a stuck up Jessica. To my surprise when I watched the show, I felt very different about Jessica personality. I’ve learned she is not stuck up and I was being very byus about her and I felt ashamed for being judgemental. This give me more of a reason, do not believe everything you hear or read. If I had the oppertunity to apologize to her I would. I would want to do it in person for the reason, there are so many people out there like me who makes there byuss comments based on what we read or comments we hear on TV shows and we are not giving the famous person a chance. I cried when I watch the first show, and I had no plans on watching it again. I was courious and I did not get disappointed. Jessica really reach out to the people she was talking to and interviewing. When the lady of the show was trying to lighten her skin then she ends up damaging her skin, I cried because of the reaction of Jessica and her friends reaction. I was so moved. I also was moved at the fact she tried on the neck chains knowing she could of brought so injury to herself trying it on. Then with the message, it hurt, I have been there for a painful message that I ended up in the ER Hospital for a pain shot. What I am basically saying is that, Jessica was being real and I really appreciated that, and I want to watch the show all the time now. For many women like me, who do try to find the beauty within, a show like this is important. I am not a beautiful woman but I am not ugly either. I struggle with my weight, I hope she touches on the subject of weight being a part of the beauty within. I am 170 lbs, and this is the larges I have ever been. I was married to a man who made me feel beautiful all the time, no matter what I looked like when I woke up in the morning til the time I went to bed at night. Then he past away, I had to be out in the dating field again. I was married for ten years. For ten years I was the beautiful woman my husband told me I was. In high school when it came time for picture day, I was always asked if they could keep one of the photos for dispay because I was beautiful. The only time in my life I felt beautiful was when I was married. Like I said, when I had to go out in the dating field again, it became a whole different story. There was this one time I met a man, he made me feel beatiful, he kept telling me that all night of the dance. Once this other more prettier woman came along, I no longer excisted and that hurt my self-esteme, the idea of maybe still feeling pretty went out the door and it stood that way until I met my new husband. To be honest about that between me and you, my husband exwife is not beautiful inside or out and she was a 300 to 400 lb woman when he was married to her. Far as I see that is why I am beartiful to him. He tells me when I broke up with my oldest daughter father, a lot of men wanted to date me, but they did not want to cross the line of being friends with my ex. My oldest daughter father, I dated him from the age of 14 off and on to many times for the next 15 years. I was a fool, but during the times I was with him, he would always tell me I am so beautiful, I dress nice and have a wonderful personality in the world, and we even carved our name on a tree. But he had this nasty habit of always looking at other woman and making comments to his friends. (example: Joe, south west in green.) like I did not understand what he was saying. I would look also, there goes a woman with long hair, that was important to him. She would have the perfect body. Then he and his friends would grab there crotch and make these ooing sounds. Then he would tell me it is a man thing, and I am the one he loves. Deep inside it hurt like hell, and times I would go off crying and nobody would know. The worse part of this, because I did not feel I had the beauty I wanted, I went on the diet spree, taking pills, and not just one kind. Then I began in excersice like crazy. I would come home from work, feed the kids supper, then I would hop on my bike and work out in an unhealthy way. I ended up with a nerve damage in my body, I lost the use of my leg for almost a year. To end this story of a comment, the show touched home for me in a way I needed to see the responses of the people on the show, both parties, Jessica and the people she in interacting with. I began searching for the beauty in me again while I was watching the show. I believe alot of woman are going to have a story to tell like me, because she is really tapping into a deep emotion woman tend to put away deep inside of then and let men just treat them they way they do. Woman self-esteem has been tarnished for such a long time. I am so looking forward to watching the next show. My 18 year old daughter loved it also, she is really beautiful and I am not saying this because I am her mom. She does not feel that way, because everytime she in interested in someone, that someone finds someone more prettier than her. I cannot believe that happens, she has long hair, green eyes, very long eyelashes, thin, athletic, good grades in school, maybe that is it. She is a good girl. What I say to her about her beauty does not sinkin. I am her mom and kids think mom are suppose to say nice things. Jessica show is hitting the spot in woman. The heart, soul, looks inside and out, the emotions, what is needed the most to make all this work is convincing the mind.


  3. Kilikina says:

    God bless Jessica Simpson. She is an amazing and beautiful person I am so proud of her all the things that she has been through and she expresses herself in such a carefree happy manor. I am so happy that no matter what you still carry yourself with pride and charisma. I love your happy goofy ways. keep at it sister.

  4. mel says:

    I have always adored Jessica Simpson, even back in the day of The Newlyweds. I think she is beautiful the way she is.I am glad she is doing this show to show everyone that being skinny is not what it should be like. Everyone is different in their own way, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m glad she is showing that! To Jessica, when all the tabloids were printing and showing pictures of you supposedly gaining weight, I think you never have looked better. Keep your head up and just be you!!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Thank you! As an American woman who has many insecurities it is incredible to see Jessica trying to understand what real true beauty is, just like all the rest of us!! I was so inspired to hear her say she is now looking more within herselto realize a woman’s real beauty. That comment really hit home with me! I now think I too need to look inside at what I have, and not on the outside at what people see. When they get to know me they will know my true beauty, and it’s not the way I look! Thank you!

  6. jody says:

    Jessica I love to watch you no matter what the stupid people say about you your so beautiful inside and outside you make me laugh your just adorable! All my life I went through being compared to my 2 skinny sister and still 34 I hate myself I avoid mirrors and had a baby 18 months ago and hate me even more they left asponge in me had 2 surgerys back to back and watching you helps just a little because inside a am a beatuiful person just wish my outside matched my inside! love this show I watch it with my daughter who is 14 and has self esteem issues even though I tell her as much as I can how beatuful she is my poor son is just like me 11 and heavier than everybody else bless his heart it breaks my heart! I wish the world was not always like this for girls and even the boys!!! thank you for your show your great lots of love