Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty Recap – Episode 1 – Priceless Quotes


Hey look, it’s a rumple in the jungle:


Having Jessica Simpson curate world cultures is television’s answer to sugar helping the medicine go down — you enjoy it so much you forget that it’s good for you. Thank god The Price of Beauty allows Jessica to be herself in full, silly glory in the face of all this enriching, often heavy material. Via her words and reactions, this truly is her journey. We won’t be doing blow-by-blow recaps every week, just brief quote lists to bring you the unending stream of gems coming from pop culture’s newest Happy Archeologist.

She’s also pop culture’s most well-heeled archeologist…


I know I’m gonna fall but I still wear the heels,” said Jessica upon arriving in Thailand for this week’s tour of beauty. “It’s the risk of beauty,” answered her friend, hair stylist and tour companion Ken Paves. You might even say this endless loop of shoe choice leading to potential danger is the true price of beauty.


Thai massages, who knew they were such a source of hilarity? There’s the quote above as well as two more that were just perfect:


I had a knee in my back, a knee in my hamstring, a knee in my butt. Everyplace on my body had a knee or an elbow in it,” recalled Jessica. And then, even better: “I thought that Thai massages had happy endings. I was just wondering where mine was.” It’s safe to say, then, that there wasn’t an knee or elbow everywhere. Points off for overstatement — but just a few.

When confronted with the I-can’t-believe-that’s-a-delicacy delicacy of fried bugs at a Thai marketplace…


…Jessica found herself in a quandary: “I’m thinking to myself, ‘How are you going to do this Jessica? You can’t even eat salmon.’” Indeed — salmon doesn’t have legs to contend with. The retching and noises made by all confirmed that eating bugs is exactly as disgusting as it sounds. After watching that, I feel completely justified in my bugs-as-food prejudice. Culture! Who needs it?

Jessica, CaCee and Ken also were treated to a Thai mode of transportation.


A tuk-tuk is basically, what would you call it? I don’t even know. Wagon.” Said Jessica on the Thai mini-taxis. When she was done her explanation of tuk-tuking through the streets, she concluded, “I still don’t really know what a tuk-tuk is.” Well, you can’t learn something every time, I guess!

Speaking of modes of transportation:


Jessica recalled about her scrotum-esque pachyderm pick-up: “It was very empowering riding the elephant through Thailand. You definitely felt like you were high up.” That’s of course, because when on an elephant, you are high up.

Finally, Jessica, Ken and CaCee were fitted with mock-ups of gold bands a group of Thai women wear around their necks as a sign of beauty.


“I love this. I mean, I can’t see it, but it looks amazing from what I can see,” said CaCee. Just goes to show, folks, that anthropology is nothing without empirical evidence.

Also, check out this scene from this premiere episode, in which KaCee and Jessica crack up in the presence of a Buddhist monk while they’re supposed to be meditating. Since inappropriate laughter is my favorite kind, and since I spent many years in church stifling giggles that came out of nowhere and refused to leave (like an evil spirit that was cruisin’ for an exorcism), this really spoke to me:

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  1. Christine says:

    Bravo for this show, Jessica’s journey, and taking us along with her! I have never been a fan of Ms Simpson, but have found a new respect for her- in her resilience, in her journey to showcase beauty in different cultures, and to find peace with her own looks and issues. With all of the meaningless crap-reality tv shows, this is a rare gem that is not only sparkly, but has depth and value as well. THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. nvpokerbaby says:

    I feel that Jessica made a mockery out of her trip to Thailand. She had to know she would gag on the bug’s. She should have just passed. Then made a joke out of the meditation with the Monk. My husband is Thai and we felt she was disrespectfull and dumb. Seriously who wear’s high heel’s in the Jungle!

  3. Tina says:

    After seeing Jessica Simpson on Oprah promoting her new show on real beauty, I was excited to see something real on tv. Then watching the first episode the other night what a disappointment! It is just one big joke! Cracking jokes about scotum? Laughing during a visit with a monk during meditation? What is this all about? She is not serious about the subject, this is just another stupid reality show for her to make. Do not pretend you care about the subject Jessica, you are still just like everyone in Hollywood.

  4. Robert says:

    I do not find it funny to make jokes about other people’s traditions and culture. I thought this show was suppose to be about respecting others? Scrotum and gas jokes is not what I was looking for. This show was advertised wrong, it is not about what real beauty is, but more of a teenagers travels before she goes off to college. I will not be watching it again.

  5. lisa says:

    I do like this show and this new development in Jessica Simpsons personality. I see her in a bit of a new light, but she should possibly think about helping some of the unfortunate people she has encountered. They payed a huge price in the name of beauty and maybe Jessica and her team can help them rectify their situations.

  6. hawksrule says:

    Interesting show. I hope it doesn’t take Jessica long to realize that beauty is something you carry inside you, not something you find in a store or a bottle.

    At the end of the day, whether you put rings around your neck, bones through your nose, or saline in your chest, beauty is about attitude.

    I like that Jessica has a fun attitude towards these adventures, but you can still sense her need to seek acceptance and valuation. I hope she finds the confidence to realize that she is beautiful and special, as all people are.

  7. Blaze says:

    I think it is a good show. I do hope that she will become a bit more culturally adroit. Was the whole season pre-recorded? Or is this a dynamic program with developments as it progresses?
    The subject matter has only scratched the surface of planet earth, there are so many places and so many different cultures.
    Maybe, if Jessica doesn’t take the bat, someone else would be a straight shot.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’m a licensed massage therapist from OH and I perform Thai Massage. Although it did not look like it would be very comfortable, Thai Massage is very relaxing( a typical thai massage is 90 min and can go up to 3 hours) and there are many benefits from it because it involves a lot of stretching and energy work. Also, in America, Thai Massage is more gentle than than how it is performed in Thailand. I highly encourage people to try it!

  9. Gina says:

    I love it!!! I’ve been a fan of her for the past years since she started her career. She has a beautiful soul and looks. I wish more famous people would be more down to earth like her. Stay strong Jess.

  10. Claudia says:

    If Jessica wants to find out more about herself than this is the wrong way of doing this. She brings nothing to the table other than her inmaturity and still being dumb and very unlogical when it comes to travel attire. She can not focus on anything, laughs during meditation, hollers and jokes during a massage and her friend ken is not much better. I do see her female friend as a better person to talk to. she seems to be more mature and takes this thing more serious. I still think that Jessica has some growing up to do.I will not watch more of this ridiculous show.Despite the good subject Jessica is the typical dumb blond.

  11. Kimberly says:

    I just finished watching the first episode of this show and I thougt it was great. Jessica seem like a real person, and I believe that she does believe in the premise of this program. Reading others comments about her being disrespectful of traditions or just looking for a laugh I can only reaspond with, “What did you expect? It’s a television show!” The whole point is to be entertaining. Whould you watch it if it was boring and serious? It’s Jessica Simpson! She’s with her friends, going on a journey to find something out about others and herself. I feel sorry for people who cannot see the enthusium she feels for this project. I cannot imagine sitting on and elephant, with two of my good friends, and not making a joke. Isn’t that what friends do? You can have respect and also laugh about a situation.

    Enjoy her journey, she seems like she did.

  12. jenny says:

    I am Thailand and was very excited to hear that this would be her first stop. To say the least she did highlight the beauty of the country. But she is not very bright. Although I am not Buddhist I would have never laughed during meditation. They did so many things that I found to be borderline offensive. I applaud the efforts of showcasing my beautiful country and its people. Our everyday routine most certainly is new and different to her and the gang.

  13. Susan McMullin says:

    I watched the first episode and was really looking forward to it because I have some family that lives there. My brother is married to a Thai woman and they have 3 children. He has been there 20+ years. My sister-in-law is absolutely beautiful. She has a regimen she uses and none of them include eating the bugs and wierd crap. That is not standard for all Thais and I bet you the woman showing you around doesn’t eat them either. It is usually the poor that eat that stuff, or the those from up north. And to laugh with the Monks…. respect – there wasn’t any. If you are going to other countries you must respect their culture.

  14. annoyed says:

    I was really excited to tune in to Jessica Simpson’s new reality show the “Price of Beauty”. I tuned in to a episode of her in Thailand. I was so annoyed with how ignorant Jessica and her best friend Kacee are.Being a Asian American going back to the motherland I was embarrassed for them and felt horrible for my country how poorly they behaved. Eating bugs or worms in those country’s means survival weather they are selling them to eat or they are eating them themselves.Its not like they could just go to McDonalds around the corner for some its not a option its very expensive plus people there eat to live not live to eat.
    They are guests in another country and they acted immature and ignorant as there host politely showed them what foods are eaten in the country.Not only were they rude to there host but they were so obnoxious in the streets of Thailand. I couldn’t stand watching anymore.I thought she was on to something sharing different cultures and humbling herself. No wonder other country’s hate Americans. Jessica Simpson should not have a show like this.She doesn’t have the mental capacity to truly
    absorbed the beauty of another country nor the intelligence to share it with the rest of America.

  15. gaby214 says:

    Ok, I saw bits of the rerun today of Jessica’s show and hoping that maybe it will be interesting to watch. But it only showed how limited Jessica’s mental capacity is. She really doesn’t have anything interesting to say, she doesn’t need to be an Einstein but say something nice at least and something that she learned but nada. All she did was giggle and talk during the massage and giggle during meditation. That is so disrespectful. She reminds me of those girls in high school who doesn’t have anything better to say. She even said “we rode the tutu (semi-jeepney or open car) and up to now I still don’t know what a tutu is”. When she doesn’t get or understand something, instead of trying to understand it, she giggles. I am sorry but I don’t think all blondes are dumb but Jessica is definitely one.

  16. EKA says:

    Why is the full EPS.-1 deleted from here. I hope is not because of a thin skin Thai’s pride calling in. They should able to share and face the truth/fact. I agree some of Ms. Simpson conduct is rude, but still the eps.1 show the price of bauty that Thai women have to go through to get a lighter skin. They live in tropical area, the light skin would not be appropriate for the area. In States people are compromise of getting a skin cancer to have Thai’s tan skin tone. The even skin tone should be promote in Thai’s society,instead of lighter skin.

  17. Eka says:

    I was disappointed of Jessica, I though she would be more culture person than this; after all she is having a mean to travel and experience what life have to offer. She has been carried herself as fashionable person and have fashion-line made from those countries. This show higher education does matter, and money could not buy class and culture. Sorry Jess, I don’t mean to be mean, but just state the truth. Your social skill, culture, and class are in level of teenager that is asham since you’re close to 30 and have enought life exp..

  18. Tiffany says:

    It think the message behind this show is great. I am working to start a beauty revolution so that society finally realizes that beauty comes in all different sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicities, but most importantly lies within our hearts. If you want to learn more, visit my webiste at You can read the story about Jessica’s inspiration for creating this show under the “Media Mania” tab.

  19. Jacqueline says:

    I bought a major european brand label lotion thats only sold in that part of the world from Thailand on Ebay awhile ago. I can’t believe cosmetics are not gov’t regulated there..

  20. sonia says:

    I love Jessica and her show The Price Of Beauti! Cant wait to see more of this show:) i hate the woman who told Jessica that she show so much leg when Jessica was so nice and none jusgemental…and that crazy woman her self disrespected her calture by showing all her boobs….!!!! Jessica still was so calm and nice about it….your the best Jessica and so beautiful.

  21. Elea ackerson says:

    i love this show. im only 16 but i love how jessica shows the different kinds of beauty. This show makes me rethink about all the times my friends and i have talked about people because they wear funny clothes or their bigger or they dont look like us. it makes me sad because i have very judgemental friends and i am scared to truely be myself.

  22. Eliza says:

    i was really looking forward to seeing something enriching about different culture and what is deemed as beautiful. But this show was just horrible. Laughing at other peoples culture…gagging on food you knew you could not tolerate. Was there any thought at all in this show? So disappointing. And I liked Jessica Simpson before this. I guess hollywood mentality really is that shallow. Shame on Jessica and the producers of this show.