Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty/TRANSform Me West Coast Viewing Party


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  1. Kimmy B. says:

    This show is wonderful and inspiring!

  2. Kim says:

    This is by far the WORST show. I tried to give her a chance but she’s just a complete idiot. I used to think she’s really not that stupid but after this show, she IS that stupid and ignorant. How is it possible she can have such a bad show with a bunch of no names. Honestly, I feel stupid watching her so I won’t. First and last.

  3. Elsie says:

    The concept of this show sounded really interesting – but was very disappointing. I was really surprised by how rude they were in Thailand. They had a beautiful tour guide showing them local, authentic fare – what did Jessica and her pal do? Make extreme faces and gagging noises in front of the food vendor and everyone else on the street, crying when they were looking at the woman who had over bleached her face (why not try to be encouraging and suggest ways to help her instead of making her feel more like a freak) and the ultimate – disrespecting a meditating monk. You are almost 30, thought you were going to do something substantial, I was wrong.

  4. krayzieprincess says:

    I agree with Elsie. So immature NOT worth watching. I thought it was going to be great not watching people clown around when they should be serious NO THANK YOU VH1. BUT THANK FOR ALL THE OTHER MEANINGFUL SHOWS LIKE love and fitness is all i need to say. and again BRING BACK I LOVE MONEY,PLEASE

  5. Brad says:

    I think Jessica is an amazing woman. She is beautiful, funny, and talented. I think this show rocks and I hope we see much more of Jessica on TV. Jessica, listen to those close to you who tell you how fantastic you are.