Dr. Drew Brings Rehab And Sober House To The View



Dr. Drew and VH1′s Celebrity Rehab franchise took over The View today, on a special episode about women with addiction. On hand were Celebrity Rehab 3‘s Mindy McCready and Mackenzie Phillips (rocking her $50,000 makeover), Sex Rehab‘s Jennie Ketcham and Sober House‘s house leader Jennifer Gimenez. I was also there to snap some pictures and get the behind-the-scenes dirt, although there wasn’t much of the latter to be had. I guess the less dirt the better for anyone, especially recovering addicts. Everyone looked great, though (I can only assume that watching yourself in treatment can be very upgrade-inspiring), and everyone was completely approachable and friendly. I sat down for an impromptu interview with Mackenzie, which she agreed to on the spot (that will run later this week), talked blogging with Jennie (who regularly shares her life and thoughts on Becoming Jennie) and finally got to meet the remarkably warm Jenn, whom I’ve spoken to every week Sober House has been on since the beginning but only today got to meet.

In all, it was a nice time. Check the gallery below for proof, but before that, check out this clip from the taping, in which Drew handles the question of exploitation that seems to pop up almost every time anyone talks to him about these shows. The answer he gives is not only succinct, it’s pragmatic.

Also on hand were reps from the Partnership for a Drug Free America (see the gallery below). Drew showed off the Rx Locker, a product he endorses. Finally, behind-the-scenes shots are below!

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  1. tique says:

    Haven’t seen the view in a while — Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not aging well, by the looks of this photo!

  2. TS says:

    This comment is addressed to Dr. Drew. I just watched an episode from the new season of Sober House, and saw the House Manager, Jennifer Gimenez. Who does she think she is? She is a recovering addict herself, so I don’t know why she acts as if she’s better than everyone else. I saw her boss around everyone in the house, including Dr. Drew. Why doesn’t Dr. Drew take control of the situation, and put Ms. Gimenez in check. He even said she is not staff; she is living in the Sober House, as a former addict just like the other cast members. She needs to tone down the sarcasm, and remeber that she is a recovering addict just like everyone else. She needs to give respect to get respect.

  3. Juanita R says:

    The View and Dr. Drew

    After watching the View briefly yesterday on Wednesday March 17,10 and also watching CNN News early the following morning,and seeing Dr. Drew being interviewed by Anderson along with an analyast I do understand our nation is being effected by a huge drug epidemic amongst our children and all the way up to a full grown adult. My background is Native American Indian, and Hispanic. There is a history of substance abuse and mental abuse on my mothers side of the family. And as a recovered user of social drinking, I have seen so many drugs in our family destruct us and even my child who is now 19years of age. I’m just your average “Joe” living in a society that is crazy. I have a brother who is recovered from using heroine, and has one year sobriety. Who may I say has relapsed three to four times in the last three years. He has attended four different in-house facilities in MI. My daughter’s choice of drugs thru highschool were a mixture of pills, pot, and alcohol. I myself experienced with pot, and alcohol during my early years. I haven’t picked up a drink for five years. I don’t have a problem having a drink, but the things I’ve seen in my years and especially in the past five years of my life have caused me severe pain, paranoi and some people may thing and say I am crazy becuase I have developed a pattern of asking my nineteen year-old daughter who lives at college on a dorm are you staying away from drugs. My daughter is shared between two parents; Myself, and her father who I never married. My daughters father has used illegal drugs and alcohol for the past nineteen years of my daughters life. We as a couple used to together about maybe eighteen years ago or so and I can’t be exact. He has now escalated to a higher more stronger drug called crack- cocaine. My daughters fathers mother which is her grandma is a casual user of cocaine on a casual basis, who lives with my daughters father. My daughter shared with me recently this past weekend for spring break that its ok for her grandma to use cocaine sometime or casually. Because she would rather have her on cocaine than sleepers. Because she sleeps alot when shes on sleepers but is wide awake when using cocaine, and has energy to clean house, play cards with her young brothers, and the best thing is you can’t even tell that shes even using anything. She looks smooth and is calm. Also may I mention the fact that my daughters grandmother boyfriend is a current drug user and has been for the nineteen years I have known him. My daughter shares with me in privacy her pain because each and every time her father has had a relapse which is generally every two weeks off the top of my head. And note during these conversations that take place between my daughter and It that he will be attending an in-house facility treatment program, but the next will be the next and than the next time. There are two children in this house that are the ages of eight and nine years old or somewhere near this age. One of my daughters stepbrother talked about a crack pipe and said he knew how it looked. As a parent who has made several mistakes in my life, I’m not claiming to be a saint. I have faults, but I don’t have belief anymore when it comes to understanding this nations epidemic of drugs. I have become numb to my pain and fear. Also knowing family members, the father of my daughter too that can complete a thirty to ninety program and go back out and use within three weeks. Every thing in my body and mind wants to remove those kids out of that house, because they didn’t ask to be born. But I’m afraid to report anything or try to do something. I feel helpless. But what I dont understand is why has no blamed the fact that oxycontin, and many more pain meds that should be taking off the market completely along with other strong prescription pills that are being abused. You yourself as a doctor should know when your clients are sharing with you how addictive for example oxycontin is and to what extent they will travel or do to get there hands on it. This pill is so strong and powerful and using it you become addicted, and the next addiction is to higher more destructive drug. But why is it that these pills can’t come off the market? Is it because we as a society want our people doped up on pain meds because of back pain, surgery, minor surgery, and after a person has recovered from surgery that may or may not have been addicted is now addicted to this prescription pill, so therefore there is a need for this powerful pill that someone actually climbs mountains for, or may steal or lie to the doctor so they can get there next prescription, and if that doctor refuses to write out a prescription this persons going to find a easy doctor that will. No one on CNN, The View, Oprah Winfrey, Headline News, or MSNBC has mentioned during any of the interviews I have watched about isssues relating to this particular topic about how much money the pharmacuetical business is making due to these pills. Sales have to be sky rocket high if you catch my drift. The Pharmaceutical business must be making millions of dollars. But death and addiction doesn’t mean anything to them. They no nothing about pain, and protecting our children and adults. I no longer have belief in living a normal life in America anymore. I feel like at one time I’ve been fighting a army out there and there no one to fight the battle with me. These issues I thought could be worked out, but as a thirty seven year woman I became very stressed out, and became sick due to not being able to control my nerves. In my opinion there aren’t enough drug facilities in the United States that can help people that have no insurance and if you do have an insurance plan from an employer you may be able to stay for two to three weeks in a in-facility treatment program. Unless you have means to obtain a better facility like the Betty Ford and you need to be rich, right if your a middleclass or poor person that particular facility can’t take you. Right? Or if your some sort of celebrity or famous musician you may be able to attend a top notch substance abuse treatment program. If you get where I’am coming from. now thats something huh! Some of our states like Detroit, MI. Boston, SouthDakota, Chicago are filled with a huge epidemic of illegal drugs and our children are dying everyday due to this epidemic. I live in an average world everyday and most of the time I am grateful for living each and every day of my life, but I have lost all belief when its come to this subject. And I truly mean this with desperate pain. I cry, things hurt me inside, I worry, I grieve, and I blame myself each and everyday of my life because maybe as a young parent I could have been better or did things different. But I realize I am fighting the in-evitable. We as a nation might as well sell crack cocaine, heroine, speed, and all of these drugs at the drive-thru pharmacist. Do u get it! Meaning its easy to buy these drugs. But Why just help the rich? What about the poor and middleclass out here. I live in realty and as a resident of the wayne county area in MI. its a disaster. No one in the political field can help or eat a little lighter to give a little more to really what is a serious problem. But maybe its to late. Except for the rich.

  4. Kaitlyn... says:

    So I didnt watch the view but im actually watching sober house as I type this, I’ve watched a lot of each season of both sober house and celeb rehab. I’m a young addict myself so I really identify with almost every patient on these programs.I really want to address Kari Ann, every time I saw her on celebrity rehab she just made my blood boil, she made me so angry why cant she just cooperate? Then today I saw her on sober house and I realized something, shes just like I am every time I relapse(which is about once every year since I was 15, I’m now almost 24) she wants help but she wants to feel like she has someone on her team. I’m not gonna say “Oh I wish I could help her” She needs a team member who really understands her and isnt gonna put up with her b.s. Some people might look at these people and say “why are they %#!++%*^_&#~@!&#) ing this is so easy”. Its not I have never in my 9 years of being an addict have I been completely sober, I always replace the drugs with sex or alcohol. Thats the part that isnt easy and that most people who’ve never been threw it dont understand. Its so easy to stop takng pills stop smoking crack, but its not so easy to fill that void with something positive and non addicting. So before you judge these people and their actions really take a look at yourself because youre more like them than you think.

  5. Paula says:

    Jennifer has obviously has had her lips injected since last season’s show. It doesn’t fit her face at all. I love the job she’s doing – as she has to be tough on the show. Keep up the good work Dr. Drew. Your work is immeasurable, especially for those families you help give one more day of happiness to.

  6. theviewsucks says:

    Wow… I apologize in advance for the following rant, okay? I need to get this off my chest vent because I’m not at all happy with the results of this episode; it could have been so much more, and really helped so many people. But one more time, the show’s talent (or lack thereof) proved they just can’t get out of their own way.

    For starters, I am stunned and disappointed by the lack of depth, knowledge or compassion (or inability to pronounce Hispanic sir names) displayed by the women of The View on this episode. Do you gals ever get tired of blowing it? Shame on you!

    Love Dr. Drew and love his work. But was it me or did it seem like Dr. Drew had to “protect” his clients while they were being interviewed by these women? Kind of felt like he needed to jump in at awkward moments to answer the inappropriate questions for them. Each interview was noticeably uncomfortable, especially during Jenny Ketchum’s interview. Here’s my theory.

    So let’s give the “reality show mom of eight” a pass for her complete lack of ability and professionalism as an interviewer because she’s obviously out of her element. Why we care about this gal at all or why she’s getting paying gigs is hard to figure out.

    But the rest of the “professionals” were just as empty when it came to sympathy and grace. Just a wild guess, but perhaps Joy, Elizabeth, Sheri and Whoopi were so self conscience of their own addiction problems they couldn’t help coming off as judgmental, critical and insensitive. I understand Elizabeth just wants to talk over everybody and alienate all in her wake, but c’mon, really? Her inability to treat the delicate subject matter of addiction no different than say, health care or politics, might be why she receives so much critical press on this website. Being pushy and standoffish just seems to be her calling card.

    And Joy telling Jenny “what she needs to do” at the end of her interview was thoughtless and awkward at best. I had no idea Joy was a certified addiction specialist qualified to make a diagnosis! Just shameful, Joy. Hint: By keeping quiet, you’ll keep us guessing about your ignorance, rather than speaking and remove all doubt…

    Whoopi, this is probably not your fault… but if you’re going to close the segment and make a broad, blanket statement regarding the availability of addiction services like “there is help everywhere,” please at least provide resources (i.e. phone numbers or web addresses) where viewers can seek help or treatment. You missed a golden opportunity (and advertising dollars) by not promoting 12-step fellowships, self help or treatment centers. Any direction that could have possibly saved a life would have been appropriate.

    The View could have really accomplished something big by bringing the miracle of recovery into our living rooms with this episode. They had the guests to bring addiction and recovery to life in front of our very eyes. But they fell short and delivered a confusing mess. For goodness sakes, if you’re going to tackle the difficult subject of addiction, please step up to the plate all of you – Sheri, Elizabeth, Joy and Whoopi – and do some homework yourself rather than rely on a staff researcher cue card to ask inane and inappropriate questions.

    That’s the last show for me – I’ve finally had my fill of The View and their catlike personalities. Okay, I feel a little better now. Thanks for letting me share.


    I thought Mindy was going home to be with her child; however, I see from the new show, she is living with Kari Ann? What happened to her child?

  8. Jen says:

    I just watched this episode of The View, and it made my day better seeing how beautiful Mackenzie, Mindy, Jennie, and Jennifer are now. It seems like it is the kind of beauty beaming from the inside out and I am so proud that they’re in good places in their lives.
    I’m 23, but have this weird momma bear instinct when it comes to Jennifer, the house mom. When anyone gives her a hard time, I want to attack! I think Jennifer should consider writing a book- I think Oprah would be interested <3
    I think these women have such strength now and seem like such a force when they’re together that they should consider doing something good as a group, something to help others heal. Thank you all for making my day a little bit sunnier!
    PS Dr. Drew, thanks for helping them get there!

  9. Bekkyjo says:

    what a fabulous team

  10. injoylyfe says:


  11. scottj68 says:

    i watch all of dr. drew’s programs and would like to say that seth has a gift from god in his son.that boy has an amazing spirit and if seth doesnt get clean and dies from his addiction he will kill that boys special spirit,that should be reason enough to get sober.seth dont let this beat you.your son will do amazing things with his life and you should do your best to be there and see it.your boy is an inspiration to me and many others.

  12. Lynn says:

    Thanks to the producers/directors and Dr. DREW for this show – Sober House and the other show in Pasadena – Rehab T.V. show.
    This show helps me to understand the addict’s side of addition! And I am sure others are learning a lot too! I had a father who was an alcoholic. He did the best he could as a father and I have good childhood memories but in my early teens and until I was 30 he basically drank himself to death! It was just heart wrenching, horrible, awful to see him slowly kill himself!
    I felt like his mother and I was becoming obsessed with getting him in to A.A., treatment, etc…I got really, really angry and still have some anger but I the shows about this really help me to see the addict’s side of things. I feel for the addict now more than ever. Hey, I am not perfect either. I luckily am not any type of addict but honestly I have other problems like – not trusting anyone, and have a hard time making decisions and I struggle with depression and self esteem and a lot of that has to do with lack of my father’s parenting and or his sarcastic nature while drinking quite a lot.
    I am not an addict but the problems I have hold me back from enjoying life. I don’t know what you would call it…I guess they call it “adult child of an alcoholic” but I really hate that *)_!^*)&$&^(%+_ le. I always feel ridiculous when I feel down because I have so much to be grateful for etc…etc…but most the time I just cannot shake the serious, analytical, brain of mine! I am my own worst enemy.

    Sometimes I thought maybe it would have been better if I had some addiction because I don’t know what you call what I struggle with!
    I have good things going on but then I don’t have “normal” relationships. My whole family is pretty much a mess and I thought my dad’s side had the drama. Turns out my mother’s side is whacked and no addictions. Just wacked out over money etc…
    While the alcoholic is gone in my life…I still struggle with trusting any man – dating, I don’t trust people so i have a hard time with women friendships. I basically feel lonely and like I have a problem since I cannot seem to have any healthy relationships.

    I am all over the place here. And, I have gone to “Al-Anon” meetings…used to for years especially after my dad passed away at 53 yrs old. – I was 31 at the time.

    It’s been 10 years. While I am over the death of my father and try to think of the good times with him – I struggle living day to day.

    Here I am in my early 40s, single, not married – because i am scared to death to end up like every other marriage in my family – DIVORCED and I have no kids and decided I don’t want any anyway.

    Why is it some kids that grow up with this stuff turn out sooo darn successful and seem to just do so darn well in their lives? I just don’t get it….things i thought I would get over by now are still ongoing! Self-esteem, trust issues, etc..etc…
    I am constantly reading and analyzing and trying to change myself. Honestly, I am tired of it all.
    It would be great if other people could share their views growing up with these addictions and do they relate to me at all.

    I stopped al-anon…personally I am not joking…there were way to many unhealthy people in a lot of meetings. And surprise…a lot of co-dependent women who want to control others! There are so many women that want to “help” but really they want to take the focus off themselves and focus on my so called “recovery”.

    Judgment! That’s what I have the biggest fear of! And I just couldn’t take the meetings anymore!

    I don’t know what else to do..one day at a time I guess.

    Anyway…it’s just shocking I don’t drink myself. It just doesn’t do it for me.
    Drugs either – no desire for that ever.

  13. Lynn says:

    By the way, re: Sober House! Thank god for Jennifer G. – finally someone who is not taking it anymore! These people need the rules and Kari Ann seems to have one chance after another! I know she needs help, but I cannot stand her at all! She is so vile with her tongue saying such horrible things to people! And then complains she’s being disrespected? She has a few screws loose. And possibly the drugs are messing with her brain and yeah…she’s probably been doing drugs while in the Sober house too! It’s just sickening how she is to people.
    Jenn G. was sooo right.. she freaking needs to go to an institution! She is not doing well…she could end up in jail or dead if she is not hospitalized asap.
    And where is she now? This girl needs help and I pray her family or someone gets her hospitalized. She is not one bit cute…her personality is just vile!

    And Seth – gosh Seth – please…My father was an alcoholic…i am telling you please get it together! Reach deep inside yourself. You are a father..and your kid could end up messed up like you!!
    Please Seth – stop going in and out of these rehabs and just go all the way clean for ONCE!!
    You have so much going for you and your wife and kid are beautiful! I dont’ think you’re in the marriage now but get it together cause you’re slowly losing everything.

    Feeling everything all the time…that’s day to day living for me…and it aint easy, but I do not know any other way. I never drank much, tried some drugs once and hated it and I never partied much and no desire.
    Look i am still affected by the alcoholic in my life – my father…i am 42…your son could end up the same way as you…now GROW UP and BE A MAN and take responsibility for yourself! You are not some kid in a band anymore! This is LIFE!
    in San Diego, CA

  14. Ben S says:

    I like to know why there is all the hype about Dr Drew? How many real successes does he have under his belt. I think I know more sponsor’s of twelve step groups who have more successes than I know about. I wonder what the number is. I watched Celebrity Rehab and the first Sober House and can’t get myself to watch to much of the second one. The only thing I think that made a difference in the first Sober House was Jennifer Gimenez. What kind of Doctor running a sober house would allow his clients to go to clubs and porn conventions while still there newly clean and sober? I have been around 12 step programs for over three decades and I have been around what we call sober houses are three quarter house’s and I have yet heard him mention going to meetings or making self appraisals which we call the forth step and then confessing which we call the fifth step then comes the good part trying to clear the wreckage of our past by making amends. But the most important of all trying to help others like us. In some kind of way. I don’t know exactly how he does his therapy but I know one thing from having gone through the gamut of trying things all different ways coming always back to a twelve step program. That is because it offers so many things that I think are important, if you want to really live, by offering a spiritual program. The emphasis on helping others to me is the key component of staying clean and sober. All the psychiatrist and individual and group therapy that I have been to never did me any good till I sought a spiritual way of life. So again out of all the celebrities that Dr.Drew See’s how many stay clean and/or sober and for what length of time? I know the twelve step programs that i belong to by no means think they have the monopoly on recovery but that is where i see the happiest. I wish everyone who is at the sober house good wishes but if you don’t want it or at least make an effort towards sobriety and implement some spirituallity into your life, well, just good luck…..

  15. Ben S says:

    I just wanted to note one more thing that it saddens me to see anyone making money on some other persons addiction. I know there has to be some contract with the celebrities and Vh1 or whoever produces the show but the endangering lives of others like the steven adler thing last show allowing him back in over and over. I have lived in so-called sober houses and they are just not run that way. I think Dr.Drew takes these people back either because of some contract agreement or something simalar to that. He of all people knows you can’t force recovery on anyone. It is a shame people will use other peoples addiction to make money. The allowing the residents at sober house to go to the clubs and porn conventions just make me believe this even more almost like they want them to go to these places and relapse for better ratings. Shame on those who know better and allow this to happen. Recovery is not something to be taken lightly or to play with someone else’s. When I start hearing Dr. Drew threaten to kick individuals out who want to go to bars,clubs or porn conventions,start making them go to some meetings of some 12 step group or bring people to the house to have them and emphasize how important it is to clean house(admit our wrong doings) and clean up our past(making amends to the ones we harmed)then I will start believing he really wants to help people and not feed his ego and pockets.

  16. margaret sutphin says:

    I came across CRehab 3 and felt I was watching a train wreck…could not take my eyes off the addicts. At the end of the series, I realized these addicts are broken people and incapable of being fixed. Drugs and alcohol have damaged their brains beyond repair. Terribly sad to see talented people throw away their gifts…Tom Sizemore, in particular. He has lost everything, his career, home, looks…..is now a typical addict. My prediction is that all of them will be back on drugs or alcohol the minute they leave Sober House. They are being paid to participate, and so much of the show is contrived. If people are serious about getting help, and I have known a few, they go quietly to rehab, stay the course, and with support get on with their lives. Perhaps Drew Pinksy means well, but the commercialism detracts from the seriousness of the subject.The people I admire are the staff…Bob Forrest has much to offer.
    This is hard to say, but I find myself wondering if anyone cares if some of these spoiled, no talent, self-indulgent people survive or not. Most of them need to get out there and give back to the community; something not talked about enough on this sad show.

  17. Rosa says:

    I once thought that Drew did a good thing helping these people. Notice I didn’t say Dr? My then 16 yr said I don’t like him. I would not have let you go to treatment where he was. 2 yrs later I am still sober and I feel empathy for the addicts but honestly that rehab and sober house is SO UNHEALTHY. Its no wonder that these people relapse. They are not humbled, they still talk down to people. Kendra’s behavior was something else today. Kari Ann…..where do we start with that. Her behavior is tolerated by Drew and Drew makes the staff tolerate it. Loisha was fed up with it cuz you could see her rolling her eyes everytime KA did something stupid time after time. Shelly was underminded by Drew with the whole KA & Mike situation. Drew is doing these people a disservice everytime he gives them a 2nd chance which really is like the 6,7,9,10th chance. For example Seth. These people are getting paid to do the show. so Seth has gotten paid everytime he has been on the show. Hummmmmmmmm I wonder what he does with the money he gets from the show??? I can’t imagine maybe………..DRUG???? I know am sacrastic but honestly this whole thing to me has become a sham and more about ratings than about recovery. Drew has now stepped in for DMX well we know how well he does with celebrities. How about someone who really wants it Drew? How about a normal person who doesn’t feel entitled to getting juice when they get out of bed. Jen has been tough. GOOD FOR HER. There is no excuse for anyone to abuse the house manager.She too has her recovery to protect. At a real sober house NONE of this crap would be taking place. Wow I didn’t realize I was so frustrated and resentful. Guess it’s time for a 4th step. My part is watching this show. LOL. I still hope for recovery for these people I just don’t think they want it enough. I am really happy for 2 of Drew’s succes. GOOD JOB BRIDGETTE & RODNEY!!! They wanted it.

  18. clarky says:

    i think jennifer has to go. every other word out of her mouth has to do with kicking someone out. who is she? i have to agree with the quote from kari ann in which she says”i will not be talked down to by some fat cow. jennifer is not too easy on the eyes and should not even be allowed on camera. my favorite pics of jennifer are when she has a cigarette in her mouth…..she looks so lady like. but back to being serious, i think she is really jealous of all the better looking celebs and that is why she lashes out at them. face it jen…your 15 minutes was up a long time ago. lets just crawl back under the rock you crawled out from. your presence does nothing but harm the celebs recovery. you are the problem, not the solution.

  19. Karen says:

    Jennifer is the manager of that house! If she is too nice, all of those shelfish childish sick manipulative twisted messed-up exploitative addicts would abuse her. Nobody needs to put her in check! She is there to put people in check!

    On another topic, listen to what Drew says about Jennie Ketchum, the woman is in PORN and says herself that she “sucks d–k for a living”, of course she was going to try to exploit them. These people are not people of high moral character so to pity them so, and expect quality behavior is futile and naive on so many levels.

  20. Dr. Hamburg says:

    Actually, I think Jennifer looks attractive in that picture up above. I wish she would have not injected her lips, but whatever. At least, She lost weight and looks good. She doesn’t have to be gorgeous. She is not a movie star, she’s just trying to run a sober house and she looks better than Hiedi Fleis! Fleis looks like a monster! Mackenzie doesn’t look much better with all of that work she had done either. And they all look much better than Dennis Rodman, so for those of you cuttng down Jennifer’s looks, this show isn’t about looks. Watch another show if that’s what you want, you shallow pieces of crap.

  21. rex says:

    also sizemore and fleiss in the real world would never have been in the same tx facility..

    If patients sees this, look up Hazelden, Valley Hope, and go to a real treatment center.. Pinsky is doing this for publicity not your benefits.

    There are thousands of sober living facilities around this country that would help rather than hinder true recovery..

  22. Carolyn says:

    Kaitlyn (in this thread of notes)…. get a grip! I can handle my booze quite fine and am nothing like any of these addicts. These people are a world apart from me. They definitely need the help that they are receiving but a lot of their celeb. status gets in the way of them accepting the help. “DR” Drew would do better to focus on a house filled with non celeb people and let’s see how they would do through a season of this show. The celebs can afford the heavy treatment fees to get into a lot of these places. How about interviewing a group of addicts for the show who can’t afford one of these places and give a cast of them a chance for rehab and then sober living? This celeb stuff is off the walls anymore… they diet (Celeb Boot Camp) they drug/alcohol (Celeb Rehab/Sober Living) they dance (Dancing with the Stars) and they run reality shows. Enough of them already… we see them in our tv shows and movies, let’s see the ave. person in these places.

  23. klbree says:

    just adorable my favs! thanks for proving theres always room for success!

  24. klbree says:

    can someone responsible tell me what really happened, with the mindy and dumbass i mean kariann no one believes what comes out of her mouth so someone that decided to do this show needs to explain im getting kinda annoyed by this season. come on guys i know you can do better than this.

  25. klbree says:

    whoa!!! juanita r…..im going to be honest i didnt even read all that but you have been heard 10-4

  26. klbree says:

    HEIDI….bought damn time someone tells kari-ann hows its gonna be and of course she runs like a lil girl. just give her back to her mom and ask her to do it again. first time didnt work and now they know her weaknesses.

  27. cinzia says:

    Though I totally agree with Heidi’s feelings toward Cariann’s atempt to return, enough already with the victim whine. You’re just jealous that Tom showed a little compassion, though misplaced, toward another female. Let the past go, quit the self pity and start doing something positive. Like forgiving yourself for placing yourself in a relationship to endure the pain and abuse you did. Tom, I am so rooting for you, God love ya for the compassion toward Cariann, but realize she doesn’t want to help herself, she just wants everybody to “do” for her. Let her go, she’ll either get it or die. Dennis, for the love of God grow up and start acting like a man instead of a spoiled brat. Start thinking about setting an example for your children. Until you all realize what true responsibility is, like behaving like grown-ups, none of this is gonna work.

  28. A.E. says:

    I live with a recovering alcoholic. I love watching Dr. Drew’s shows as I receive hope and inspiration from seeing his clients progress. However, I’m wondering if in real life would it be allowed for two people such as Heidi and Tom to be placed in the same facility? I know the whole thing is over and done with now, but as I watch the tapings, it just seems unfair to everyone in the group to have had to live with the added stress of this difficult relationship. It would seem that except for the purpose of ratings and adding some drama, that normally housing two people with such a past would not be recommended. How would it really help any in the group to recover? Last night I felt like I was watching Jerry Springer, which I hate!!! I like the shows for the positive forward moving energy that I experience from them. That did not happen in the last episode especially and although it most likely doesn’t matter because I’m most likely a minority, I’ll probably stop watching if this crazy-making drama keeps up. It would seem healthier to heal a relationship later after they’ve worked on themselves for awhile, and the work on themselves seems stunted by the rawness of this past relationship. I hope they’re doing well today.

  29. Jenny B says:

    Ready Freddie I have wandered the same BUT I have read that her Mother has custody of the kid….besides she is to busy with her new beau and “fighting” this porno flick she has out…..(I’m sorry but I am SO disappointed that she allowed someone to film her having sex……) Did she not yell at Kari Ann for saying she was “just like her”????? Ahhhhh yeah thought so she IS just like her! Kari Ann made a sex home video as well!!! 2 peas in a pod!

  30. Gayle Myers says:

    To: Tom Sizemore

    You go guy! Heidi Fleiss deserves everything she has coming to her, due to her very nasty disposition. I am also from the Detroit area. If you see this message I can be reached at 1(248)588-2119. Take care.


  31. IMR says:

    I have the cure for these folks: Give each of them a tin cup, a piece of fishing line and a hook, then drop them 50 miles from civilization. Maybe the whiny babies will figure out what’s important when there’s no one to respond to their tantrums. I’m amazed anyone has the patience to put up with any of them.

  32. roberto telleria says:

    I sort of enjoy watching your programs related to adicted celebrities. I say enjoy, even though, it could be the wrong word to use in this case. I am a recovering alcoholic and have been in a recovery home for seven months, about fifteen years ago, been sober since. The problem I have with your show is that Dr Dre and stuff allow behavior, disrespect, violence and other negative behavior be part of the recivery experience which in reality, this behavior is what took the addicted person to the place where they are. I have not seen nor know of any recovery, transition home that would ever allow what goes on at your Tv Homes and it seems that even though it helps the addicted person to a point, the main focus of these shows is to make it more appealing to the audience than to seriously care for the people in need. Hope you give us a more realistic and serious recovery process in the future.

  33. Todd says:

    hedi and the a–hole mike star should both be dead they are worthless human beings and they do not matter they have always been nobodys who in the hell do they think they are i would love to meet these 2 idiots in a dark alley i’d be doing the world a favor want a couple of A–holes no respect for any\one and anything and it is not just because they are on drugs or coming down i am a recovering addict so i know the game these two think there _~@**$#_@(@@@&&@ dont stink heidi is ugly inside and out the wat they treat someone who is tryin to help is outragous and dr.drew is a huge +`@(~)#**#$#*%^ himself!! just die all of you please

  34. Heather says:

    Dr Drew said it when he mentioned that if Jen had been employed at the Rehab, her employment would have been terminated for the behavior she exhibited. Why wasn’t she asked to leave the Sober House? Loesha or Shelly should have been facilitating this house to begin with. Jen’s immature and self centered behavior is not supportive nor mentoring for these newly clean folks. She needs to go.

  35. Rhea Mitzel says:

    I was very sad how the show handled the ^^#(@~@+(__+!*$ ault on the house manager last evening. He not only verbally abused her but physically and all Dr. Drew said in the meeting with the clients was “the only thing you did wrong was not clean your room”. That was like my ex-husband saying to me “see what you made me do”,when he hit or punched me. Dr. Drew took the abuser’s side and not the victim’s side and just gave him permission to continue his abusive behavior.It made me so sad to watch, I will not watch the show again and I realize I am only one small person in your tv’s big world. What will it take, her really getting hurt. He called her a f-ing c*** more times than i could count,along with fat and ugly.Dr. Drew I am really ashamed that you condoned his actions and not your staffs, who were being abused.You just gave all of the abusive people one more excuse to use.

  36. alejandro says:

    this show and Drew are a joke. anyone familiar with a sober living enviroment knows that testing positive, verbal abuse, threats of violence, walking out, refusing to do chores are all grounds for immediate expulsion, period. I realize this is t.v show but,come on, try to at least keep it somewhat real. Drew, you are not doing those celebs any good by accepting them back without cosequences. you are by far their biggest enabler. oh, by the way Drew. back up your house mgr.

  37. Aleksandra says:

    The makeover on Mackenzie Philips looks GREAT!

  38. Rochelle says:

    Dr Drew, Celebrity Rehab 3 and Sober House,

    I would just like to thank all of you starting with Dr. Drew along with the cast of the Celebrity Rehab 3 and Sober House. I have been an addict and am now almost 3 months sober do to your show and myself. Your show inspired me so much and the cast although yes they are getting paid and are on tv have no idea how much they inspire people and how many people actually care about if they are going to live or die do to an addiction. I am a 30 year old female and honestly was at the point in my addiction where I wanted to let it kill me. It became a slow suicide almost for me and I was letting it happen. I also could not control it but knew what it was doing to me the whole time. When I started watching season 3 of Celebrity Rehab for some reason it really affected me and I am thankful that it did. I honestly feel like that with the cast putting themselves out there and watching and hearing the things I feel hit home. Then listenening to Dr. Drew it was like he was speaking to me at times and it wanted me to be able to have him help me but I don’t have money or connections to get his help so I decided I would let him help me through the show and I am glad to say I did that cause I am now sober. I still have a long road ahead of me but my life is changing everyday and it only keeps getting easier and better even along with my daily struggles with life that brought to drug use. I am now working on my health and happiness and continuing to be drug free thanks to this show and some of my friends. I have searched for a way to contact Dr. Drew to thank him so hopefully this messages reaches him and the cast. Thank you all for helping me while you were helping yourselves and I wich the best for all of you and hope you all continue to be sober.

  39. rehabbing houses says:

    rehabbing houses is like you buy a houses for a specific price and the you rehab it for you to be able to sell it for a better price.Thats the time you will get a profit