Dr. Drew Brings Rehab And Sober House To The View



Dr. Drew and VH1’s Celebrity Rehab franchise took over The View today, on a special episode about women with addiction. On hand were Celebrity Rehab 3‘s Mindy McCready and Mackenzie Phillips (rocking her $50,000 makeover), Sex Rehab‘s Jennie Ketcham and Sober House‘s house leader Jennifer Gimenez. I was also there to snap some pictures and get the behind-the-scenes dirt, although there wasn’t much of the latter to be had. I guess the less dirt the better for anyone, especially recovering addicts. Everyone looked great, though (I can only assume that watching yourself in treatment can be very upgrade-inspiring), and everyone was completely approachable and friendly. I sat down for an impromptu interview with Mackenzie, which she agreed to on the spot (that will run later this week), talked blogging with Jennie (who regularly shares her life and thoughts on Becoming Jennie) and finally got to meet the remarkably warm Jenn, whom I’ve spoken to every week Sober House has been on since the beginning but only today got to meet.

In all, it was a nice time. Check the gallery below for proof, but before that, check out this clip from the taping, in which Drew handles the question of exploitation that seems to pop up almost every time anyone talks to him about these shows. The answer he gives is not only succinct, it’s pragmatic.

Also on hand were reps from the Partnership for a Drug Free America (see the gallery below). Drew showed off the Rx Locker, a product he endorses. Finally, behind-the-scenes shots are below!

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