VH1 Tough Love Couples Cast Reveal


Tough Love 2 Couples

VH1 Tough Love is coming back, and this time the house is more crowded then ever! See, instead of setting a group of women on the path to successful romance, Master Matchmakers Steve and JoAnn Ward will be taking on couples this time. Check the brief press release below (it’s part of our April premieres announcement) and below that, get your first up-close look at the couples…

VH1 Tough Love is back with an all new twist! This time around, matchmaking mother and son team, Steve and JoAnn Ward, welcome six couples who are all on the brink of deciding whether to get engaged or break up. These couples represent various archetypes like The Drama-ramas, The High School Sweethearts and The Cheaters. Over the course of eight weeks, Steve and JoAnn will put these couples to the ultimate test to see if they are truly a perfect match. The couples will endure lessons designed to test their relationships on every level. From sex and temptation to money and communication, each episode’s lesson coincides with issues that make-or-break every relationship. At the end, each couple will be forced to take a long, hard look at their relationship in crisis. With Steve and JoAnn’s guidance, they will determine if they’re finally ready to take a big leap and get married or call it quits and move on. VH1 Tough Love Couples premieres on VH1 Monday, April 12 at 9:00 PM.

Dennis and Simone

Tough Love 2 Couples

Dustin and Courtney

Tough Love 2 Couples

Larry and Heather

Tough Love 2 Couples

Mario and Christina

Tough Love 2 Couples

Pawel and Danielle

Tough Love 2 Couples

Ryan and Axelle

Tough Love 2 Couples

And, of course Steve Ward

Tough Love 2 Couples

…and JoAnn Ward.

Tough Love 2 Couples

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  1. Axelle Rayrolles says:

    Let the FUN begin!

  2. Leslie Ann says:

    Yes!!!! So proud of my friends! Can’t Wait!!!!

  3. Heather says:


  4. Bee Saver says:

    Wow..I cannot WAIT to see this show!!! What a fierce looking cast!!!!!!

  5. Jazlyn says:

    Sooo cant wait for the show the cast looks great especially the HOT black guy!! : )

  6. PearlP says:

    I agree, he should be on GQ or something!

  7. Anne-Claire says:

    Go Axelle and Ryan

  8. Marco says:

    This is going to be fun!
    In bocca al lupo Axelle and Ryan

  9. Marco says:

    This is going to be fun!
    Good luck Axelle and Ryan

  10. Ahnold says:

    Paging Dr. #&_(($@%%+++(`( _ot!!

  11. Rose Tiffe says:

    Thank God Tommy said he wouldn’t do the show. I could totally see him trying to hook up with a couple of these girls.

  12. Ahnold says:

    Trying is a long way from succeeding.

  13. Curley says:

    I’m missing my tooth, does any know where I left it?

  14. Little Birdie says:

    Did you guys know that Sammy “Sweetheart” and Ronnie from the “Jersey Shore” wanted to be on the cast of Tough Love Couples but never got on the show.

    Something to think about.
    This show is going to ROCKKKKKK.

    Good Luck Guys.

  15. Axelle says:

    Arnold, Found a Toenail instead…

  16. toe nail says:

    I heard the toe nail gave that Mario guy good advice

  17. toe nail says:

    I am in a better place. I wasnt happy. I decided to leave. Ahnold kept me in a sock all the time, not cool.

  18. Kisha Jomes says:

    Cant wait to tune in and see Dennis & Simone awesome couple! Gooooo Guys!!!! : )

  19. SILVRBAK says:


  20. Me says:

    Go Court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Lexi says:

    Christina and Mario are sexy!!! Can’t wait to watch them rock out…love you guys i’m so happy for you!!! woooo

  22. Bobby says:

    Wow, this looks interesting already

  23. Leather says:

    I heard the bidets in the house were clogged due to over use

  24. John C says:

    So who were the big drinkers in the house?

  25. Tina says:

    Love you guys!!! My Maid of Honor Court and Dustin!!! : )Can’t wait to watch!

  26. jim harvey says:

    really like this show hope gose for years to come

  27. Ceasar says:

    Oh this is going to be good. And the light-skinned young lady, SIMONE, she is something fierce. I can’t wait to watch her, and of course the rest of the show as well, but SIMONE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, DENNIS, I HOPE YOU KEEP YOUR ARMS TIGHT AROUND HER.

  28. John T. says:

    How did th e french one end up there with this guy really?? got to watch i guess

  29. kate says:

    aw I love steve and joanne! I love that they are trying to make these couples go on good terms…Im excited for this show! glad to see it from both point of views, instead of just the male cheating, etc.

  30. correena says:

    How does my fiance and I get to qualify for tough love for couples?

  31. Alexis says:

    I freakin’ love this show. You and your mom are awesome.

  32. oneNonly Mexi says:

    Everytime I watch this show I wish that I was selected when I submited my application. In the past month me and my girlfriend,fiance/ex have seperated and I think Steve could of helped alot seeing what he has done in the past and in the first two shows of this season. I would be willing to see if by chance they will read this and contact me and my girlfriend,fiance/ex to see if there is a way for the both of us to reconcile our differences.

  33. Shavon Andrews says:

    Will there ba a tough love couples part2? And if so how can my mate and I go about applying>:)

  34. D.RAY says:


  35. Anna says:

    So if Steve’s so could at relationships is he happily married?

  36. Nikki says:

    This show is pretty amazing. But will there be another tough love with just women?

  37. sOnJohnBoLtaii says:

    Me and my husband love your show this is the first time we’ve ever watched it and it is amazing! We both learned alot from it. We have similar problems with all of the couples on this season! and it taught us alot to trust each other and now we are happily in love! Don’t stop your show! We love it! We learned alot so far!

  38. ernie says:

    To Steve,
    I can relate to more then half of these relationships. I’ve been in mine for more then eleven years off and on and I still don’t no what to do about it. I’ve been watching your show to see if i can get any help on mine but still can’t find it. Your doing a good job keep it up.

  39. Allison R says:

    Hi Steve and JoAnn,My name is Allison and my fiance’s name is Josh and we recently got into a huge argument about video games and his stupid childish card games and I feel as if I am coming in second to them and I understand that he just recently got his x-box360,but I really want him to grow up.I know men are children at heart,but at least men get other toys,like a motorcycle or an ATV.That’s how my father is still a child.The one thing Josh keeps mentioning is,”At least I have a job and bills to pay.”To me that isn’t growing up.I have had bills since I started working at 15 years old.Is there any advice that can help me get it through to him that I would like him to grow up just a little bit.

  40. Allison says:

    I love the show.

  41. Melissa says:

    Man, this show touches all the issues: favorite lines:
    “I’m not crazy,” by Axelle. She just had this gut feeling something was wrong and they fought hard, sure, but it was that nagging feeling she couldn’t get over. It hurts cause I know how much someone can make you feel like your crazy when you have a right to feel a certain way, cause he WAS lying!
    “What’s a friend to you? Someone that comes along and hooks up with someone when they are down?” Larry hit the nail on the head. That is not a real friend. Girls often want a guy friend to get male perspective and its sad that a lot of the time it cant happen!(especially if they ever took advantage of a vulnerable situation) In 1 year Heather will probably realize that this guy “friend” was not such a “good” friend, but rather someone she wishes she could call a friend and not a mistake.

  42. mili says:

    This is the only reality show I watch, love it!!!
    How about a men’s group?
    How about an older woman’s group? There are lots of us who never married and now seems too late.

  43. Angelina says:

    Heather how stupid could u possibly be? You have a good man in front of you. For you to say any of those hurtful things youu showed how stupid, spiteful, and fake of a person you are. I hope you’re man sees past the bs and realizes you keeping your “friend” Mike out of your life will only last till you get home, have a fight, and you show your true colors again…

  44. Suzette Briscoe says:

    Steve and Joann,
    I love this show and your spirit you should do a show for married couples that are going through tough situations because of this economy. Like the lost of income, or one spouse working and the other one is not. We all know that financial hardships can break up marriages, with this economy and it’s situation maybe some couples need to be reminded of why they are married. After the lost of a job,home etc. There are alot of couples out here who need your *^)“$_#%_$`@&~ istance. because Divorce is not the answer.

  45. Tara says:

    I love this show soo much, first you can tell that Ryan and Axelle were not going to work out, hes the worst boyfriend. I love christina and mario they are so cute together, he has such a heart. And Courtney needs to wake up and realize that she has a great man in front of her for 8 years i love Dustin and it will work out between them. And Pawel talks like hes 2.

  46. Bernadette Drew says:

    I love this show… I really like your counseling techniques… do you have anything on Marriage counseling or a bootcamp… next on tough love marriages…. lol I so need that…

  47. Southpaw says:

    I don’t watch this show, but over the long weekend, there was nothing to watch on Monday. With the exception of the couple with 2 children, none of these couples should be engaged. Talk about dysfunctional! What’s wrong with Christina (22)? Who wants to marry a 26-yr. old buffoon who “saved $300 to get an apt?”. Please. LMAO. Then there’s the high school SH’s..please, go find someone new and GROW. One minute she doesn’t want him because she wants to “explore” (for a better word)..then suddenly she’s accepting his proposal (huh?). Why? Because she couldn’t find someone new in 7 days? What a bunch of boobs. I knew the show would be ridiculous, which is why I’d never watch again. People like these groups just make me crazy. They need to get a life and MATURE first.

  48. agent99 says:

    when will stephen stop using his mother’s groomer and grow his eyebrows

  49. Kita says:

    Yea for my bff! go Court! and I heart ur comment Tina. lol. as for anyone trash talking Court and Dustin….deal with the fact that NO ONE has a perfect relationship. at least they are working on theirs! they have ALL my support! :)

  50. Sara says:

    i really need to sign up for this show…my boyfriend needs to learn how to treat me and how to talk to me better….we have a very unhealthy relationship..and from what i saw last season..its worse then all them put together!! for real!! i love him..but there has to be changes!

  51. Tom says:

    Axelle is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen. She really has that mysterious and sexy vibe about her. The dress she’s wearing above in the picture with everyone, is stunning.
    Ryan, I ++)~(`!+^!`~_^) ume you realize what you have, and how stupid you’d be if you didn’t try everything to work *)^@)&$^~%@`^`(^ out.
    Good luck, and Axelle; Please look me up if this thing with Ryan doesn’t work out.

  52. Jazmine says:

    I think that there should definitely be a Tough Love camp for people like me . . . married couples, whether young or old, who only in the beginnings of the marriage are already hitting things that are changing the marriage. Not miniscule things and I know that marriage isn’t easy but damn!

  53. Debet Durham says:

    Please bring back tough love

  54. Jamey says:

    I can’t wait till April. Tough Love needs to come on twice a year. I can’t take the suspense lol.

  55. Michelle says:

    when is tough love or tough love couples coming back on??? anyone know. thanks in advance!

  56. sdfadfasd says:

    thank you !i like it !

  57. 2259601 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2259601! SCK was here

  58. 1661905 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1661905! SCK was here

  59. Ashley says:

    Have u guys ever thought about doing a show about troubled married couples?