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As she did last season, house manager Jennifer Gimenez is set to give us her weekly take on each episode of Sober House with Dr. Drew. Below, Jenn talks about the second episode of the show: Kari Ann’s departure, Seth’s return and Mike’s opiate withdrawal.

The first major event of this episode involves Kari Ann hitting a camera man on the way to the Sober House. They notified you of this while she was in transit, right?

Yeah. The thing is with this, the crew members do not talk to anyone in the cast. This guy did not deserve to be hit, not that anyone ever does, but Kari Ann hit one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. It was just completely unfair. At that point, it wasn’t that I wanted to kick her out because I just didn’t like her, but she had gone out of her way to make this such an impossible situation and experience for everyone. I said in Episode 1 that I didn’t think that she was fit to be at the Sober House. I really think that she wasn’t well psychologically. I’m not a doctor but obviously she wasn’t well, and that hitting just proved it. This wasn’t about recovery for her, and it wasn’t about wanting to get better. It was just about causing drama. And I know that there’s always somebody that wants to make great TV and be that person, but this isn’t about that. This is about life and death. This is about people wanting to learn to live, and she wasn’t helping.

The physical altercation, though, was the concrete transgression you needed to kick her out, right?

Well, it was more like, at that moment I went, “I was right.” What if she were to hurt herself or another cast member? She was just so uncooperative with any situation, of anything, period. She wasn’t wanting to participate in any of the things that we were asking her to do, and it’s like you know what? We don’t have time for that.

Given all of the horrible things that she said to you last episode and this episode, was it satisfying to throw her out?

No, it wasn’t satisfying…What can I say? I just felt like this level of care wasn’t for her, so it was like…I don’t know.

Was it like a relief?

You know, there was a bit of a relief in the sense that I knew that if Kari Ann continued and stayed in that house, it was just going to cause more chaos, and we were only on Day 2. If we started off that way, it wasn’t going to ever stop. This is not a show about Kari Ann. This is a show about showing people how they recover and early sobriety and the vulnerability and the lessons of that situation. And I go back to that life-and-death thing, because this is not a joke. If the disease is alive in the house, everyone is going down. If I allow pardon that behavior, what’s next? She pushed the envelope way too far.

This episode weirdly associates Mindy McCready with Kari Ann’s so-called “sex-tape scandal.” What was your take on that?

Well, I don’t know. I feel that it was very unfair to have that being talked about when Mindy wasn’t there to defend her side. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, and no one else does. No matter what, this drama wasn’t about a solution — Kari Ann just lived in the problem. And even Dr. Drew was trying to tell her in his one-on-one with her to focus on herself, and she didn’t want to take any part of it. She wanted to just play the blame game. I just didn’t feel it was fair on Mindy’s side, and look, Kari Ann says a lot of things.

Also in this episode, you introduced the idea that everybody’s going to have to get a job, and Dennis and Tom were the most resistant.

Dennis is resistant at all time. I really think it’s just him trying to push the envelope. He’s a game player. Dennis wants to see how far he can go to see how far he can get away with things. Dennis ended up having the most touching work experience out of everyone, and he didn’t want to do it initially. Tom was down, too. He was in it. He was folding laundry, cleaning up dirty stuff, he was doing the deal. We have 7 Deadly Sins in our 12-step community, and one of them is sloth, and when push comes to shove, those guys were down. They were there. They did what they were supposed to do. Yes, they’re resistant, but that’s alcoholic and addict behavior. I don’t want to get on the treadmill, I don’t want to do certain things, but I’ve got to do it. A lot of alcoholic and addict behavior is, “I want it here and I want it now and I want it my way,” instead of doing it the right way and having to work for it.

What was going through your mind when it was proposed that Seth enter the Sober House?

It was really hard for me because Seth had been with me on Sober House last season, and we have history that goes back 10 years. Every time Seth relapses, it really breaks me. There’s a little piece of my heart that breaks, because I love him so much and he’s such a great guy. But at this point, it’s like, is it really going to work this time? And I believe in miracles. I was hopeless, and now I’m not. I have hope today. And maybe the light will come into his eyes, I don’t know. I was resistant to him returning because I know it hadn’t worked before, and I took a lot of personal interest because I love him so much. It’s like, how much more can I give him? I have to set my boundaries and I have to let go. We have to let go, and we can detach with love and tolerance. I can detach and love him from afar until he was ready to get better.

Drew said that he worried that by letting Seth come back so much, he’d gotten to the point where he was enabling him. Were you concerned about that as well?

Absolutely. Seth knows how to get to me because we have history, and he knows how to be the sweet guy by just blinking his eyes. But I have to be strong with him. I have to forget that in a weird way, he’s kind of like family. I have to forget that we have so much history, and I have to put that aside. I have to be the person that’s enforcing the rules. I realized that if Seth was going to come back this time, I was going to have to be very hard on him. I didn’t have to laugh at everything, and I didn’t have to go chase him if he wanted to relapse.

Where do you draw the line then between helping and enabling?

It’s a very slippery slope. I’m learning to draw the lines. I’m learning through my experiences on a daily basis. Seth and I, we get into it. He tells me to stop being so hard on him. I was told by Dr. Drew that I was not allowed to have Shifty in the house, I was allowed to have Seth. That allowed me to have a line and a boundary with him. I wanted no part of Shifty Shellshock, because that guy killed my friend Seth. I didn’t want the persona, I wanted the human being Seth.

The final major part of the episode is Mike’s Suboxone request. He was getting hit hard by his withdrawal at that point. Were you worried at all by his behavior?

I was worried, yeah. Day 2 was when Mike started with the, “F*** you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you, I’m in pain.” I get the pain for a couple of days, but so does everyone else, and they’re not asking for drugs. I understood from Dr. Drew that Mike was going to have a hard kick, but he knew going into the house, too. He had already been asking me all day long about the meds, and I was like, “Oh, no.” I was told that he was a little rough and I started seeing that. More will be revealed as the show goes on…

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  1. Cristina in Tampa says:

    I wonder how LONG VH-1 is going to allow Carrie Ann P. (from Sober House) to demonstrate, on National TV, just how truly INSANE she is? You would think that this poor girl would have someone who is even remotely compassionate enough to want to “protect” her from revealing the extent of her mental illness!

  2. Cris says:

    Maybe the NEXT time Celeb Rehab and/or Sober House is hard pressed to find someone to “scholarship” through their program in exchange for a role on the show…they shouldn’t WASTE the spot on someone who is so beyond insane, crazy, busted in the head and psychotic as Carrie Ann P-whatever! It’s obvious to the most clueless person that her NEEDS are far beyond a rehab or a soberhouse, she needs a long-term facility or institution where she can just bounce herself off of walls, etc. and not hurt anyone else but her sorry self!

  3. Karen says:

    I feel that Seth should have had to return to rehab and not the sober house,the same with Kari Ann,when they leave and get high they should have to begin again in rehab,they jepordize the sobrity of the house,when they return after getting high.I wouldnt want Jenifers job,I would probably be harder than she is.They are there for a purpose,their not there to be coddled and have their hands held.I respect what they are trying to do,this is a very serious thing.

  4. Pam Martin says:

    God bless you, Jennifer, and all the staff! And the poor camera people! If the residents don’t want to be filmed, perhaps they should call it a day and leave. I suspect the addicts knew the “rules” before they accepted the treatment. I @%()@#^&!#!$$*+ ume that the program is at no cost to them, and if that is the case, they should be so grateful trained professionals are there to help them. The disrespect is outrageous! Most of the addicts behave like six year olds. I understand they are “hurting” and “emotionally sensitive,” but direct the anger where it belongs. They really need to grow up. Kudos to those who did their volunteer work without complaint and SHAME on those who thought they were “too cool” for labor. They should also stop threatening to leave and just leave. This behavior is tedious and boring. Open up a slot and give this gift to someone who would really appreciate it. Good luck, Jennifer.

  5. john c. says:

    They need to make a show with just the KRAZY people like kari and mike, get 5 more and let them duke it out…What a primetime program! Put them in the same house as the jersey kids. MAN talk about ratings!!!!

    It’s all about the fun?

  6. Michael says:

    Thank the good Lord Jen kicked that slut Kari Ann out. Jen is so beautiful inside and out. I think Dr Drew is a tool and clearly he has a “thing” for Kari Ann, as he continually exposes his staff and patients to Kari Ann’s abuse. If Kari Ann can read, she should just off herself and do the world a favor – not kidding.

  7. Ryan says:

    So Kari Ann +`~(%#~^&`$(!^! aults someone, gets kicked out and then on the preview for the next episode she is invited back in!? You are wrong Dr. Drew for allowing that. You are saying that +`~(%#~^&`$(!^! ault is okay. If I was admitted to Pasadena Recovery and I +`~(%#~^&`$(!^! aulted someone, would I be invited back? No I wouldn’t. But she is special. You enable her behavior Dr. Drew. She thinks she is special with special rules and you seem to agree Dr. Drew. If I was the camera man I would file charges against her and have her arrested and sue her. She is always the victim, victim, victim. You know what? A lot of women have gone through a lot of stuff. A lot of women have been raped, but they don’t turn out to be a monster like Kari Ann. Jenn was right. She doesn’t belong is sober house. She belongs in a mental institution. Lock Kari Ann in a mental institution and throw away the key. We don’t want to see her ugly face anymore. It is so funny to watch some of the celebrities work. They remind me of every other teenager in southern California that comes from an upper middle to upper class family. Completely worthless. They would starve in the real world. What a coincidence that Seth calls Dr. Drew just as Sober House is just starting to film. Gotta get that Sober House appearance fee Seth.

  8. PJ says:

    Yea it”s seems obvious that Kari Ann has had a psychotic breakdown from the use of the drugs.It”s seems obvious she is need of mental health professionals.But what the heck is going on with Jen? Sorry Jen, you got a house full of sick just don’t go kicking sick people out on the streets. Not every addict kicks drugs the same..remember you got how many personalities up in there? Jen also has a way of aggravating the issues too. Lets be real.

  9. JLS says:

    It’s clear Kari Ann is beyond this kind of help. She is riddled with psychosis even beyond being a drug addict. I think her family ought to consider a conservatorship just like they did with Britney Spears. And finally, to allow Kari Ann to stay in Sober House is putting all of the others at risk. Their safety is a real concern to me.

  10. Lola says:

    Thank God Kari Ann is gone! All she does is disrupt everyone else’s efforts at sobriety. Its all about her and her acting out. It doesn’t seem like she ever did the work to “graduate” from rehab and go on to sober living. She’s a pain in the `!+^&__&!#)@&($ for everyone. I really enjoyed watching celebrity rehab because I learned so much and really came to like and understand each of the residents. Until Kari Ann came along. Then there was no time to see the rehab process because it was all about Kari Ann and her acting out. I am SO glad she is off Sober House. But it looks like from the previews, she may be back. Too bad.

  11. Cleavy says:

    Kari Ann is a lock for I Love Money 4

  12. Mike says:

    Mike is such a PUNK. Can you imagine him tossing bales of hay.

  13. Ashely says:

    Vh1 should bring back the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards for 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. maverick says:

    Hope that theres people left for the final show

  15. mnchick says:

    OK, how many times are they going to let Kari Ann keep coming back to Rehab and Sober House? The girl needs so much more than just kicking her habit…she needs some serious psychological help! I am not saying that maliciously either. Looks like gets to come back and my question is: How much more help can they really give her??? And what is the benefit for everyone else with her coming back to the house? I don’t get it at all. She needs inpatient psychiatric care in my not-a-doctor but only going off what I see on TV opinion.

    Jen: You are wonderful and I adore you! You kept your cool so much better with Kari Ann and Mike than I would have been able to and for that alone you are a saint!

    I really wish the best for everyone there. I really do. Maybe especially Kari Ann. In their own way I truly believe that the other’s have the tools to make it. Even Mike Starr who is so horribly addicted. It is so painfully obvious that Kari Ann has so much more going on than what anyone else can possibly know and that she just loves being the victim and making others miserable. When someone is like that, there is something so much more going on beneath the surface and more help is needed than just detoxing and drug rehab IMO (and of course, not a doctor. I can only go off of what I see on TV). She needs so much help and is so bratty and spoiled and miserable that she wants others to be miserable too and that is so sad. I really do hope she gets the help she needs. For the person who said she should off herself I think that saying that is uncalled for. She is a nasty person but look deeper and see that people like that need more help than we can know.

  16. Jason(Islandhopper72) says:

    I would like to say first and foremost that it’s a great thing that Dr. Drew and Jennifer and the rest of the staff are doing at SoberHouse, my deepest heartfelt respect and appreciation. Ok, now I have to rant just a bit….my girlfriend watches your show EVERY episode….I, for the first time, watched it with her on Thursday Mar 18th 2010…..Let me also say I’m a recovering addict/alcohilic myself…..I liked the program, however the part I did not like is simply this: These celeb addicts get to stay in a multi million dollar home, get first rate medical/psychological tx, I mean there are MILLIONS of people in America who would kill to get the chance these guys have. I saw people totally unappreciative of the very unique and special chance they have there at Sober House. I literally got physically ill watching these adult brats throw temper tantrums about doing chores or going to group…I mean When I started my recovery process it was because I wanted it…and I see these guys and I’m saddened by the countless uninsured americans struggling with addiction and WANT help but can’t afford it. And you have guys like Mike “whoever”, the bassist from Alice In Chains acting like a baby and hitting cameramen….someone needs to smack that guy! And that girl who hit the cameraman too, what are these people thinking??? Also there was a guy who called Dr. Drew who had been in Soberhouse before, forget his name but he has alot of tatoos and the program said his last time at Soberhouse he was caught smoking crack on the roof?? Honestly, I know Dr. Drew has a huge heart, but I predict trouble with that guy….bottomline here is that it seems the vast majority of these celeb clowns are looking for a free ride and to get fed and pampered and rested up so they can just throw a fit one day, find an excuse to relapse, and hit the streets again….When I first got into recovery my bills didn’t stop, my job didn’t stop, people I loved counted on me and I went to work sick and shaking like a leaf and when I see these guys I seriously think they(meaning the few who act out), have the emotional capacity of a 10 yr old…I say good for you Jennifer…don’t put up with their crap and I am 100% sure their are countless people dying(literally) to take their spot and accept the special gift being offered. Overall I like the show and the concept, what is hard to take is watching these”adult” celebs act like kids….if I was in charge for 1 day I would put them all on the street and say “good luck”….Sorry for ranting, I just have been there and I NEVER had a posh and cozy place like that to work on and focus on recovery and when I see these spoiled disillusioned “celebs” not realizing how extremely fortunate they are to have this chance to focus on their recovery, AND to inspire countless others by being role models and setting a good example… it makes me sad. Alot of people look up to the folks in Soberhouse, as most Americans do to celebreties, and quite frankly I have lost ALOT of respect for these guys…If they ever wanna hear about a poor, broke, uninsured “commoner’s” story of recovery they can contact me anytime. They think they have it rough? I’ll tell them all about what adiction is when you’re an uninsured guy with no family and friends,left home at 15, and amazed I’m alive today at 37….And the girl who didn’t wanna do laundry for fear of catching some disease? Where was that concern in the midst of her active addiction…..Wake up and smell the coffee girl…you’re nothing special and I hope you find your bottom before it’s too late…..Ok, I’ll end this on a good note…Kudos to Heidi Fleiss for sucking it up and cleaning the toilets…two thumbs up!!! Ok, I’m done, thanks for listening and I’ll keep watching:)…..Jason H.

  17. Bev says:

    Okay, this has been the Kari Ann show and I think that is how she has planned it. She has no real talent and this is her tiny moment of fame.
    What I can’t understand is Dr. Drew and his attitude toward her. She bats her eyes, pouts her lips, and he agrees with whatever she says. He is fast losing credibility. Rules are for everyone, she should follow them and not be allowed to abuse others verbally and physically.

  18. Carter Burger says:

    First off, until Kari Ann is held accountable for her actions, she’s not going to change. Is that photog gonna press charges against her? And why keep letting her come back when her attitude does not change? I’m afraid that Kari Ann is going to run across someone one day that is going to clean her clock when she hits them.

    You can tell these people are far removed from reality. I have done every one of those jobs in my past. I didn’t walk out because I had to clean the john, or because I had to do laundry. You do your job and you do it to the best of your ability. Nobody owes anyone anything and there is no job beneath anyone. The sympathy I had for these people from Celebrity Rehab is quickly evaporating with this episode, particularly with Mike and Heidi.

    Jennifer, you are an awesome woman to take on this task of straightening these prima donnas out. And you should be honored for putting up with Kari Ann and Mike’s BS. You rock girl, if you are ever in Louisville, look me up. ;-)

  19. Terry says:

    I’m starting to feel that all the drama is for ratings. I mean, come on….Carrie Anne again? Seriously? The girl is a psychotic &$_!)+%_^`*@~&@*$ that should be held on a 5150! She should have been arrested. I could tell from the very first day in rehab she was NOT serious about sobriety. And I don’t care what happened to her in her past….it’s time she grows up. I think 90% of people have been either abused or molested or raped and I’m sick of her using that as an excuse all the time. Or should I say Dr. DREW using that as an excuse all the time with her and others. And she’s not the only one that doesn’t deserve to be there.

    I keep saying this, and I’ll say it again: If you’re serious about sobriety, DON’T do it on ‘REHAB’ where all the cameras are! If you do, you’re only doing it for exposure and attention as far as I’m concerned. Get real and get serious about sobriety, people! Dr. Drew, take this show off the air…….this isn’t right. There are documentaries that can show what addiction can do to you. There’s no need for your reality show. Besides, there’s really nothing real about it, anyways.

  20. Susan says:


    The work you do with alcoholics and addicts is very commendable – I couldn’t do it for a living and I’ve been sober for over a decade. But here’s the thing: this disease is about more than the drink or drug. You probably know that it centers in the mind.

    We all have different symptoms of the disease. Kari Anne displays anger but there’s the same stuff under that we all have. There’s always fear and hurt under anger.

    I think you developed a resentment against Kari Anne (oh, yeah, we are never cured – I still get them too) and as a result of that resentment, you wanted her out.

    She is as sick as any of us and needs what is known in AA as the “psychic change” – a way to view life from an entire different angle.

    She deserves to heal just like we all do. I hope she finds the right help, which in CA are people studying and practicing the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (it’s a design for living which true alcoholics – and non-alcoholics benefit terrifically from.) I’m really posting this for kari Anne’s benefit, so that she doesn’t suffer going in and out of hospitals and trying different meds forever and live a lousy life. That girl can become as fulfilled and helpful as the next woman…

    Thank you again for all the help you give to our kind! We all are just doing the very best we can at whatever place we are at and with whatever tools we have today :)

  21. Susan (Again) says:

    OK, I missed the last of the clip – where Kari Anne is said as having “psychosis” and “needs an institution”.

    This ticks me off, because the American public sees this show and will continue to misunderstand the disease and we will continue to be stigmatized.

    People like us (I’m a drug addict too – “polysubstance abuser” – whatever) do not belong in institutions. And those of us who present with intense anger in the beginning (or even as years go on) get mistreated in the very environments that should KNOW this disease better!

    That girl must have been so much further hurt at being thrown out of that House, and probably feels extremely frustrated and hopeless. I worry for her and hope someone with a solution is put in her path.

  22. Linda Brown says:

    I KNEW Kari Ann was not gonna make it at Sober House! Now I know they say addicts are selfish, but she takes it to a whole new level and she is beyond any help Dr Drew and Jen can give her and why doesn’t he see that and commit her somewhere against her will before she severely injures or kills someone? She needs a lot of therapy that a TV doctor is not going to be able to provide and she has proven this since she was on Sex Rehab and he talks about enabling Seth? He kicked her out after the altercation with the staff member who should have never been fired, he chose Kari Ann over a dedicated employee and this greatly upset me, and then she calls and whines and he goes to her house and she whines about doing meth and boom, she is back at the clinic whereas if this was a REAL addiction center who do not coddle their pts, she would have been banned for life and then she acts up again, refuses to do her program and then he lets her graduate and go to Sober House and she isn’t there but a minute and already gets into with Jen? What makes these so called celebs any different from Joe the Junkie at an inner city rehab where there isn’t a pool and tennis courts? They aren’t but they are so spoiled that they think they can work their program the way THEY WANT and watching last night’s episode with Kendra acting like a complete jerk, like she is too good to wash clothes, but this is a woman who made money having SEX with hundreds of people???? Like spreading her legs is a dandy way to make a living, but helping out at a mission is beneath her? She made me want to slap her! I was pleasantly surprised at Dennis and he actually did good, he never complained, he manned up and moved all that hay and I was impressed!!! Now I give a little credit to Heidi, but she is another one who made millions selling SEX, but thought she was too good to wash a toilet? And Mike? I had so hoped he would make it, but he apparently has not totally felt the rocks yet, and I fear when he does, it will be too late and he will be either so sick on his deathbed or will do one hit and never wake up and what a waste, he was so talented and I really thought when Layne’s mother gave him her blessing, he would understand that his overdose was not his fault and be able to gain sobriety and live a good life. Tom, I don’t think he is gonna make it either, he did try at the mission, but he has to face reality, that movie producers are not banging down his door and he might have to get a REAL JOB IN THE REAL WORLD! And then comes SETH AGAIN! He uses Dr Drew as a crutch and when he whines, here comes Dr Drew and what was up with that enabling thing? He let him come back and he will do exactly what he has always done, he will clean up and then go right back to using again and he uses his son as an excuse and it is pathetic! These people are not ready to achieve sobriety and they have so much and appreciate none of it and some down and out guy on the street wishes he could have a tenth of what they just throw away.

  23. Anna Morrison says:

    Dr. Drew is enabling Carrie Ann, she is a drug addict, she is cruel, spoiled. The sobriety of the others, is at danger because of her, instead of helping all the others, they are chancing Carrie Ann around. She is getting all the attention and thats what she wants. Throw her out, she is not there for the sobriety, she is there for the camera. No one wants to work with her, she can’t hold a job. She needs to be in front and she is getting what she wants, “center of attention”. I have two daughters, addicts, they want attention, and the dont’ want to be sober, just have everyone serve them. It is the addiction, the lies, stealing, and when caught, they are the best actors. Throw her out, let the others deal with their soberity.

  24. ccrystal_hadit says:

    Change the name of the show to “Keri Ann’s drug addict show”, she can’t deal with her sex addition, or drug, now Sober house. Show this generation of what a crazy, nasty, girl, continually, gets on these shows. That way we don’t have to watch it. Who is she sleeping with to get on these shows. Is this our generation of young women, they get paid to act so nasty, cruel, really cruel to everyone.

  25. Yvonne says:

    I do not know how you put up with her while she was there. You were not mean to her – you just made her be the one thing she never has been made to be – responsible. What a spolied rotten little brat. I had a crappy childhood too but I don’t act like her. How come when she called you fat you didn’t turn around and use Winston Churchill’s line? Once when someone called him fat he said “Madam, I may be fat, but you are stupid. I can lose weight, but you will always be stupid.” Kari Ann bites off the hand and head of everyone who is trying to help her and I for one am tired of her tirades – Glad she’s gone.

  26. Patricia says:

    While my heart goes out to everyone trying to face their demons and kick their addictions, I must say that when intolerable behavior and continuing drug/alcohol abuse (Keri Ann) puts the rest of Sober House occupants (staff and cameramen included) they need to leave. Keri Ann obviously needed a longer stay in Rehab and with her own shrink on call. I cannot believe that when Keri Ann smacked the staff in the Rehab facility she was allowed to put the sobriety at risk of those in Sober house. She really needs to deal with her narcissism(sp?) She also needs to come to grips with the fact that she is a victimizer, not a victim. “I need some juice.” Get off your behind and get your own juice.
    Jennifer you are truly a good friend and sounding board to everyone in the house. Those who are interested in getting better seem to be grateful for your kindness and interest in their sobriety. I like Dr. Drew but he really needs to back you up more. There is a fine line between helping and enabling. I know. I loved an alcoholic man very much. I went to Al-anon. He went into a really fine facility in Hawaii on Oahu for 45 days. They did their best but he died years later. Wouldn’t face his demons. I can’t believe the abuse you take with such uncommon grace. Keep up the good work.

  27. MaMaMia55 says:

    I Luv Jenn, she has to be a very strong willed person, cause I know that I could never put up with all of those peoples attitudes, I would start swinging at them !! God Bless You Jenn G.

  28. Betty Lopez says:

    Jennifer has so many problems of her know and she should keep her problems to herself and start helping those people there in the sober house and not kick people out when someone has temper etc. I know what I’m talking because I was in a hospital for drugs and drinking alot almost all of my life. Jennifer please slow down and start helping those people that need real help from you and please stop kicking those people out everytime you don’t like them, I know because I have seen you on tv alot and what your doing to those people that needs help to stay sober and go back out into the world and get a job just like everyone out there.
    Jennifer please be real nice to these people that needs help to stay clean and sober.
    Please leave Carrie Ann P.alone and please stop talking her behind her back,how would you all fill if people out there were talking you all all time? Shame on you all.

  29. Linda Bee says:

    Love you Jenn, you have alot to deal w/ this year. You look fabulous and NOT FAT. Carri Ann is a loser. I don’t feel sorry for her. I know what its like to abuse, I take scrips for anxiety and I dont always use them the way its says on the bottle. If i get get pain meds or sleeping meds I take 8 instead of the dose it should. Then I hate myself. I CAN overcome this. Its just, when??? Love ya!

  30. Rose says:

    These people are spoiled overindulged individuals who don’t deserve any of this. I know “regular” people who would kill for a stab a treatment….ANY treatment. How about just plain REHAB for normal people. Most of these people are D list anyway-at best.

  31. Betsy Lerner says:

    Karri-Ann is the poster child for borderline personality disorder. The psychological treatment for an individual with BPD, is extremely different from that of someone who is not suffering from BPD.

    As a mother of a child with BPD, I know what works and what doesn’t work and being confrontational, punitive, etc., all the behaviors I saw in Dr. Drew, Jennifer, and the various staff members in rehab are NOT going to have a positive outcome for someone like Karri-Ann. It will only serve exaserbate that situation. I am very surprised to observe how all these professionals, including, Dr. Drew, treated Karri-Ann. Borderline Personality Disorder is such a challenge to deal with and a real struggle for the those around the person as well as the person suffering from it.

    Once again, what I observed in terms of treatment goes against all the recommended moded of treatment for this disorder.

    Has Dr. Drew never heard of DBT when it comes to treating this disorder – very disaapointing to watch this show this season.

  32. Nik says:

    I used to LOVE & LIVE for this show, Dr. Drew, VH1 & Jenn–HOWEVER: I believe this to be the LAST season I will EVER watch this CRAP!!!

    WHY? It is ABSOLUTELY embarrassing to watch a bunch of SPOILED ROTTEN @%@%&)$*^^^`)%* ES who cannot HUMBLE themselves and realize how LUCKY they are to have a SAFE place to “make the transformation”….

    EVERYTHING…I mean EVERYTHING is “beneath” these idiots!!!

    I myself have battled my OWN demons without such “luxuries” as a GORGEOUS home in L.A…with a beautiful view…OH, what’s that? YOU HAVE TO TAKE A JOB–A MENIAL LABOR JOB??? POOR $_^`_*!^(&__&*^( ING YOU!!!

    I have had friends and loved ones DIE on the streets who would have LOVED to have had the CHANCE you have been given…because YOU are SOMEONE–or so you “think”–(it’s really only perception, eh?) In reality? You are an ABSOLUTE NOBODY!! Each one of you–no different than the other–because, in addiction, WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME FREAKING GUTTER, YOU FOOLS!!!!

    So, you’ve made millions? You’ve also WASTED money, time, lives, and others on your SELFISH ADDICTION….

    This show…now–especially this particular SEASON NEEDS to be RE-titled THE BIGGEST LOSERS….

    Jenn? I love you–You ROCK!! May the sun always follow you wherever you go–you do what most couldn’t stomach…how you do it–I will NEVER know.

    This show USED to give me HOPE, make me cry after EVERY episode and be THANKFUL for my sobriety….

    I realize it’s time to watch GARBAGE like this when it makes ME want to go and grab a bottle of whiskey, drink it, then throw it through the damn television!!

    Farewell, “Slobber House”–YOU HAVE FAILED!!

  33. STACY EASTLAND says:

    Jen,I am a recovering addict myself.I have not been clean to long but I am a big fan of the show & Dr. Drew & of course of you.I can only imagine how hard your job is emotionally & phisically.I can also imagine @ the end of the day you feel so good about yourself because you helped some one that day.Antway,I plan to help someone one day when I have a little more sober time under my belt.But I admire you so much I think what you are doing is great and yea,as far as Kari Ann goes who does like her.She is nothing but a drama queen and wants everything to be all about her.You handled that situation alot better than any one else would have.
    I would really like to hear some encouraging words from you.Once again I think you are great,keep up the good work.Stacy Eastlnd P.S look me up on facebook please

  34. Amazing Grace of Central New York says:

    Dr Drew I like your shows hopeful shows a different light of HOLY wood when a young stir is growing up some think running off seem to think it is land of milk and
    honey. I have never been to Ca. (long story) 10 years on and off being homeless in NY State some times in winter it aint no fun this sober house will have been in the can several months that we are see now on time warner cable. But some of these folks need a good douse of what happens in the real world well it is geting late and I got ta go good luck ta ya All
    Grace of central new york

  35. Arthur says:

    The only thing most of those doped up losers are trying to rehab is their pathetic career outlook. Are people really supposed to believe that Seth is in a life or death crisis with an addiction? Really? Riddle me this, Batman, how did he last another year following last year’s drama? C’mon. This is a silly tv show. All of ‘em know how to attract attention. I believe the motto is that there’s no such thing as bad press. They’re all actors. Wake up people, this whole thing is a work. When people in the real world get drunk, they don’t run in to see Dr. Drew the next day claiming addiction. When somebody in Hollywood gets a snoot full, they do, especially when they are trying to get publicity. Dr. Drew is a shameless presshog. He should focus his treatment efforts towards trying to help real people with real problems. Oh, there’s no fame and less fortune with that strategy. My mistake.

  36. angela t says:

    obviously kari-anne has used her sexuality to get her way.Shes a pathetic manipulater and don’t think she cares one bit about living sober.The girl needs a wrangler to rope her in.Is her manager on crack?What about her family? the girl’s seriously broken & I’m sure it didn’t happen overnight.She’s like 20 and lived the life of a 40 yr old.Hopefully she likes solitude cause nobodys gonna put up with her +@~@$%$+_&**$`$@

  37. boo says:

    I am in recovery and I work with addicts and alcoholics and I have a different take on this than most of you. Honestly, Kari Ann doesn’t seem all that crazy too me. I mean try and keep in in context she is pretty much only a few days sober off meth when we see her almost every time on camera. I mean have you seen people trying to kick meth? They act crazy. She is just being “normal.” Also, I think Jennifer acted extremely inappropriate. I am confused about her role, is she a treatment professional, or is she just their head roommate? Because it was unprofessional for her to make it so personal with Kari Ann. I mean did she think that pushing back towards a girl who was irritated and angry who was kicking meth was going to end up well? Um, no. Also, what was the point. Being professional is about setting boundaries and walking away at the right times and staying calm. People like Will “the muscle” act very professional on the show; unfortunately, Jennifer, not so much, but then again that might not be her role and she may not be trained.

    But all this makes me more and more frustrated with the show. You have two people in sober house who are clearly in the wrong level of care. Kari Ann and Mike should still be in inpatient and they serve only to create drama at the sober house/outpatient level. It is irresponsible and more importantly unethical to put them there. It also infuriates me that Dr. Drew is making Mike fast taper off his Suboxone which is commonly taken by addicts for YEARS under medical supervision as a replacement therapy. Most MDs would not be having him kick it now; it makes no sense, puts him at extremely high risk of relapse.

    I believe firmly in blame the program/plan not the patient for failure. Drug addiction is the one field we commonly go the other way. Imagine if we did that with other diseases…….Oh yeah, these people are like 3 weeks, 4 weeks sober if they didn’t relapse in the interim, in sober land that is very little time……

  38. tony says:

    These people are worthless!. They will not take responsibility with their lives. let them back out on the street to really hit bottom!
    Jennifer takes her recovery seriously.
    Jennifer K seems to though the jury is still out.
    The rest ….. let them go work it the hard way.

    ton,y recently relapsed alcohol

  39. jr says:

    Kari Ann has a mental illness and I can see that this road will probably take her eventially to prison. The next show Dr Drew should do about psychotic house with Kari Ann coming in first to her padded cell and a gag order. I feel so sorry for her family, I’m sure that’s why only her two brothers showed up for her. G O D help her embarrassed family members. What a H e l l having her in their home. She has aged so quickly and looking so worn out at such a young age. She is dying from the outside in.

  40. lyric says:

    Oh Jen God Blesss you my child. A couple would drive me right over the edge.
    How would anyone feel safe when Kariann and Mike are in the house. Are the knives locked up?

  41. Sharon says:

    After watching the sober house episodes, I just HAVE to say that I don’t think Jennifer has any business running “managing” a sober living home!, esspecially with only 4 years of sobriety herself! I’ve got 15 years, and she would drive me crazy! She, herself is still a baby when it comes to sobriety! Her attitude really stinks! I love you Dr. Drew!, but… please find someone else to run the house! Your going to end up having no one left in the house at the rate she is going! She needs to stick with acting, or whatever else she can do.. (as she says.. get a real job!) I’m sorry.. I just wouldn’t want someone I love in that house… and trust me.. I know what goes on in sober living…. I’ve been there!!

  42. Donna says:

    I am appalled that these Celebs feel beneath Blue Collar work. Look Blue Collar workers are who put them where they are at. If you can’t do what WE do every day then WHY should we support your freakin career (High Life Lifestyle) I say we tell them to KISS our `*!^^@@@~&**#*^ You aren’t below us WE made/MAKE YOU Show us some Respect!!!!

  43. Brina Lee says:

    Im sorry but I was one of the people who truley enjoyed this show (at first)Being a recovering addict I wqould take what I needed from the show & apply it to my own life.
    However…its JUST NOT RIGHT..I know I know the shows already taped etc…but come on and get real….EVERYONE & ANYONE who has been in a recovery group KNOWS that Kerri-Ann or whatever her name is…WOULD NEVER EVER been given more than 1 chance.
    \Why try to help someone who clearly doesnt have an addiction problem,but a mental illness.
    But I guess she makes for interesting TV.She should hang onto that I guess because its so clear shes just trying to stay in the spotlight.
    My heart hurts for the ones really trying.She is a cancer that needs to be CUT OUT for good

  44. tonya says:

    I do appreciate that these people have a disease called addiction, however most of them seem to have a sense of entitlement and that they should somehow be treated better than “everyday” people. Well I’m here to say to each and every person in Sober House, that’s just not the case.
    You people are your own worst enemies! You are not better, different or entitled to being treated any different/better than any other human being on this planet. Kari Ann, girl grow up! Its not all about YOU all the time. You say you let Mindy move in with you because she was lonely and didn’t want to be alone, I say Bull Crap! YOU didn’t want to be alone and feel lonely, and there’s quite possibly some serious truth to Mindy saying to you that everyone leaves you, your &%)^&*($%@~`&&) istants and your boyfriend. You chase them all away by the way you treat people. Stop trying to manipulate everyone and every situation to suit yourself. Stop crying every time you don’t get your way or someone calls you on you BS. People do exactly want they want to do and you my dear are no exception. Now to all the members;about the getting a job, guess what most able-bodied people have JOBS! So suck it up folks and get in there and do what’s asked of you. These work things are not about trying to humiliate anyone. Its about teaching you some HUMILITY, completely different lesson to learn! Get off your pity pots and DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE FOR SOMEONE BESIDES YOURSELVES!!!! Its also about giving you structure to your day. If you want to REALLY CHANGE and stop the addictive behavior and get on with living a productive and peaceful life that makes you contributing members of society and worth something not only to your friends, family, children, but to be worth something good TO YOURSELVES. Good luck in your fight for your lives!

  45. Beth says:

    I am sitting here with my husband watching the show. We DVR it every week. I work in a pharmacy and see some times how far people are willing to go for addiction to prescription drugs. I find the show very compelling, at times.
    I agree Cari Anne needed to go. However, her manager should be arrested for not having her committed. There is so much more wrong with her than just drug or sex addiction.

    My real reason for writing today though, is that we are in the middle of the job episode. I am appalled at the comments that the “cast” are making about having to go to work. I could only wish my job was “disposable”. But, I am trying to support a family of 6 on less than $35000/year. If I were to stop filling someone’s prescription to put lip gloss on, I would be fired. Please don’t tell me that it is the addiction. I wish that these people had to come walk a mile in my shoes. And if I am not mistaken, wasn’t Tom homeless? I don’t hear of any big movie exec’s banging down the door to hire him. Dennis, you can’t even understand what the hell he is saying, that they have to put subtitles in. And they don’t want to “work”. Please.

  46. Holly says:

    I was shocked that Mindy didn’t continue on with Sober House. At graduation she said she would go to Al-Anon. That was a red flag.

    Jen has a tough job – my guess is that she gets paid well.

  47. CStar20 says:

    I totally agree with everyone else who is sick and tired of that stupid *#@`@&~`)&^%_$!`! Kari Ann! If they don’t seriously get rid of her once and for all, I don’t think I can stomach watching this show anymore! Everytime she comes on the screen, I just cringe because her behavior is repulsive and disgusting. I know this sounds bad, but her behavior makes me just sort of hope she goes and OD’s somewhere. What a shame that we lost Brittany Murphy, but still have Kari Ann around!

  48. Rachel says:

    Kari Ann needs to grow up. I get the point that she is stuggling to stay sober, but she really has more issues than Jen or anyone else can handle. She needs a hospital. Mike on the other hand is normally a loving person. He is trying hard to come off drugs. It’s a difficult thing to do and I commend him for trying. Once he gets thru this with-draw, I think he will to great. Good luck Mike! As for the other house members, good luck staying sober! Seth……Make is work this time dude. Youre in my prayers.

  49. Samantha5355 says:

    I think all of the talk about Kari Ann needing to he “institutionalized” and “committed” is a little dated. She needs a responsible, reputable doctor who can diagnose her mental health problems properly, and then supervise her medication. Addicts don’t get too worked up about Lithium and other such mood-stabilizing medications. It’s not: “Ooh, I’ll take 12 instead of one, because I want to be wildly stable!”

  50. Katy P says:

    Think it’s good that Jen was firm with Kari Ann and got rid of the chaos. It does seem she needs more and more help. One has to remember she’s younger than many of the addicts and may need several rehabs and psychological diagnosis before she gets better. These are her first stabs at sobriety and she hasn’t hit rock bottom; she’s not surrendered completely. Question: I am continually amazed at the amount of abuse CR and SH Staff take from patients. If Jen can read this question, how do you stay sober with such emotional turmoil and chaos in the SH 1 and 2? Doesn’t it trigger you and wouldn’t that much chaos and nastiness be the worst environment for other drug addicts to stay sober? You often seem overwhelmed and in tears and I wonder if it’s worth it to you? Why put yourself through it? I also wonder, with sex addicts and males in the house, who take every opportunity to find a vulnerabitly, why do you show cleavage and skin? While you are a very attactive woman, it doesn’t seem like the best choice – to be taken seriously, in that setting.

  51. Richard H. says:

    I’ve watched all the rehab’s & sober~house’s. Being a recovered drug addict of 30+ years of hard use… shooting up heroin, LSD, meth, and sometimes whatever I could draw up through cotton, clean for the better part of 15 years (with slight relaps for sexcapades… now I just don‘t have sex anymore) Not being a celebrity, I had to quit to stop going to prison. Loose all My friends, and be a single Dad for a 3 year old and 15 year old. And all I can say is it seems to Me that you all are selfish, self-centered ungrateful people, and if it were not for your celebrity… you would be in prison or dead, dealing with your own life-mistakes like the rest of us “real people”. I still dream of slammin’ dope… I can still taste the LSD out of the blue for no reason. I wish I knew how to have a relationship with another person that did not include speed… but I can not because I don’t know how, I have never, and probably never will because I can not afford Dr. Drew’s help.
    Sooo, I may be lonely, I am alone and unsuccessful… but I am not a slave to drugs. I’ve done that and have been raising My sons and as far as I’m concerned I have a right to be proud… and ya~all should be ashamed of yourselves for the pathetic behavior you’ve shown for all of Us to judge.
    I have given up everything to be sober… what have you all done except act “poorly” for the camera? It’s funny every time somebody says they are going to leave or gets booted for bad actions, your first impulse is to go to somebody else trying to beat the demon and say “I’m gonna use” , “ I’m gonna get high”… what a bucket full of babies… it really goes along way to prove how undeserving you really are.
    A Little Prison Goes Along Way! say it aint so Hidey… you know what I’m talking about!(I see you trying… don’t get suckerd into following the weak~lames)
    Mackinzie… Great Job! You embraced the program as a gift and opportunity, you deserve good things.

  52. Rosa says:

    once thought that Drew did a good thing helping these people. Notice I didn’t say Dr? My then 16 yr said I don’t like him. I would not have let you go to treatment where he was. 2 yrs later I am still sober and I feel empathy for the addicts but honestly that rehab and sober house is SO UNHEALTHY. Its no wonder that these people relapse. They are not humbled, they still talk down to people. Kendra’s behavior was something else today. Kari Ann…..where do we start with that. Her behavior is tolerated by Drew and Drew makes the staff tolerate it. Loisha was fed up with it cuz you could see her rolling her eyes everytime KA did something stupid time after time. Shelly was underminded by Drew with the whole KA & Mike situation. Drew is doing these people a disservice everytime he gives them a 2nd chance which really is like the 6,7,9,10th chance. For example Seth. These people are getting paid to do the show. so Seth has gotten paid everytime he has been on the show. Hummmmmmmmm I wonder what he does with the money he gets from the show??? I can’t imagine maybe………..DRUG???? I know am sacrastic but honestly this whole thing to me has become a sham and more about ratings than about recovery. Drew has now stepped in for DMX well we know how well he does with celebrities. How about someone who really wants it Drew? How about a normal person who doesn’t feel entitled to getting juice when they get out of bed. Jen has been tough. GOOD FOR HER. There is no excuse for anyone to abuse the house manager.She too has her recovery to protect. At a real sober house NONE of this crap would be taking place. Wow I didn’t realize I was so frustrated and resentful. Guess it’s time for a 4th step. My part is watching this show. LOL. I still hope for recovery for these people I just don’t think they want it enough. I am really happy for 2 of Drew’s succes. GOOD JOB BRIDGETTE & RODNEY!!! They wanted it.

  53. cinzia says:

    I will no longer watch this show. At first viewing I thought it would be helpful to see others that had so many opportunities throw away help and act like spoiled children. Jennifer you are a saint and have patience way beyond the average person. The few selfish,rude and narcissistic people that are behaving badly should be thrown out in the street and let them die. They don’t deserve the help they are given. It’s obvious that they have no concept of what responsibility is. I had always thought that celebrities had a special kind of strength but have come to realize the few that you have there with that ugly behavior wouldn’t last a day in my shoes, handling the heavy burdens I carry-SOBER!!!! Please get rid of the ones that obviously don’t want the help and concentrate on the admirable ones that do. Good luck.

  54. Sam says:


  55. chris says:

    OMG Send Jenifer away. She is way to insecure to be on this TV show. I think the camera people should be slapped around sometimes. This is cruel what they do to these addicts.

  56. Carolyn says:

    Kari Ann has mental problems that cannot be helped at Sober House. So does Heidi Fleiss (I will say that til I hear she’s undergone testing to rule it out). I think it’s horrible that Tom left the House last night and do hope he’s returning. He has a good heart. Heidi is just down right awful. But back to Kari.

    Put her in the right facility and see if she doesn’t get better. I wish Heidi would have shut her stupid mouth with Kari Ann and just let the house make the decision.

  57. TDW says:

    Carrie Ann is a sick +@!!#)`+~#*~+%@&# She belongs in a straight jacket. She talks to people any way she wants to because she’s evidently never had her #*$*!*%^@_)`!%~ beat. She needs a woman to take their fist and start beating her face in. Where I come from, she wouldn’t last ten minutes. She is on this show to be on T.V. and get paid for being a drama queen, a +@!!#)`+~#*~+%@&# and being the center of attention. Always! the center of attention. She needs to be in a psychiatric facility and treated with anti-psychotic medication. Soberhouse is definitely not the place for her. She’s disrupting the whole show and she knows it. This isn’t the Carrie Ann show, nor good T.V. The best thing for her is to go where she belongs. In a hospital and under the care of a good Psychiatrist and team of counselors. IN A STRAIGHT JACKET WITH DUCT TAPE OVER HER MOUTH!!!!! Bama girl!

  58. Johanna says:

    Jen needs to spend less time trying to throw people out of sober living! The point in sober livongis to learn to live without whatever substance(s) they are addicted to not to be treated like children. The world is not designed to be addict proof it is absolutley the other way around. Most of these people have careers that are going to take them places that are going to test there sobriety. I feel like sober living for this group of people should be teaching them how to cope and deal with there everyday situations. Not taking away telephones and kicking them out. Jen needs to also take to some classes in class.

  59. lisa says:

    Am I the only one who saw that Tom Seizmore’s arm was TIED OFF when Bob walked into his bedroom??? Then they say they don’t see any evidence of drugs? WTF? I’m starting to think this might be BS.

  60. neo says:

    why haven’t you kept up with your blog??? we’d love to hear more of your professional opinons…hahahahahahaha

  61. Aud says:

    Kari Ann is a waste of space, period. For a supposed beauty queen, she is UGLY both inside and out. She doesn’t want help of any kind, she has just realized that she can’t ride her teen crown forever and needs money. Her family must be so embarrassed – and not over her drug addiction, but for the horrible, mean person that she is.

  62. JerseyCityGirl says:

    Jennifer should not be alone in that house, she should have at least 2 other people helping manage that house. These 2 people should be certified in alcohol and drug counseling. They are running all over her and not respecting her!!! Its absolutely a crazy, unhealthy, and dsyfunctional environment!!!

    In the real world, a drug and alcohol program does not allow its patients/residents verbally abuse the staff!!!

  63. Leslee M says:

    I too wonder why Jen dresses so provacatively and why Dr. Drew and the administration of the rehab facililty don’t address the issue of blatant immodesty. The fact that Jen dresses like this completely blows my mind. So many of these female patients have serious sexual abuse histories. I would think that teaching them (yes…by insisting) that they have some respect for their own bodies by covering them appropriately would be a huge help in the recovery process. Frankly, they come off as desperate tramps, including Jenn. I always get a kick out of Dr. Drew’s one-on-one’s with a girl who breasts are practically in his face. Why don’t they simply create a rule of no cleavage and bellies in the facility. It might be an interesting first experience for many of them to understand that they still exist without exposing so much skin. I recently thought how cool it would be to get Staci and Clinton from “What Not to Wear” to come in and make over the people in rehab and help them see different sides of themselves. I don’t want to focus only on the women. They men often dress just as trashy. They all pretty much come across as trashy people.